The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 17, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS , ,.. , ., mi n- ' ar i" - .4, nmi mi j --,... TlieFairnimint teytfTTijzhn. w.FE to end r;-'' dieting or exercise. Some - , LAWS CUT l-l 1 II W S Briten Gassed Wcwan He Loved, In- j succeeded. They were the per Reduced H you Goodyear Tires and Tubes they have ever been and quality is your opportunity to equip wonderful tires with a world rurHshod en Monda; and Thursdays' A. S . ROBERTA Mir- Melwas Robert?, Associate. 0-.oe: Mr!n iNo Res B.ack SS2-1 tELETHONES scRsoRtrnoN rates i Within Irelisr..) Ore year Six months 1.25 t'2 Three kw tOutsi -eMar.a. , $3.00 Ore year Six tnor.ths Three norths A;. s.-.-vr:rtvrs in a-5.- f.-oc; paper i-;..ti-- eWcoutttirmed at xx : ; a long ITh 1 rnces r H M H H X H H H H H X H N X M i H i H We can now offer at prices the lowest the highest. This your car with these wide reputation for service- Goodyear S.mooth Tread, Goodyear AlUWeather Goodyear All-Weather Goodyear Cord. All-Weather Goodyear Cord, All-Weather ass TO"- E.0. W. V. M M M M M mileage and uninterupted M M N M H N M M N M M H M H N Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing Mgr. Phone 226 30X.1, was $12..r0, now $!.8r Tread, 30x3, was $14.50, now .$12.35 Tread, 30x3 1-2, was $17.50, now $11.75 Tread, 30x3 1-2, va9 $24.50, now $18.00 Trend, 32x4, was $40.30, iow.. $32.40 (vriMv.o'i of so.' n- sen less rvr-.ewal ts received prior to expiration date. Ellis Auto Supply Er.terv as se,d-eass matter at the ivJtv-ce at ra'rr.u-vtr.t, Ir.d xir.-icr the Act ef Congress ef March S, tUAXSWRM ATIOX. Tir.-.c, ar.d so inx-cr.tior. s'oxx y rir.fr5 the chavees en the xx ay ere 'iTOS. Not i;v.(-,v.''v the days xxhen ' the sf chestr.vrt tree the vilare sr.vthy stands." But it is ro far Tires, Fowler, 5ti-etch to the day ef the xiac h'ach- The largest American exdtar cen-sr-.::h s'-on xxi'h its ? , Tha,l a net pnfit ef $5,1512 in rl-s :rtcd, its hi.!oxvr.$ . l.SttJ-2 the rear mmmmmmmmkmmmmmmmum I ------ si?ter.t exeteisos. or the possessors of i'l powers strong enough to turn the thought fivm fat-buiM;ng food, j Pant Biese of Chicago has a brand ;r:ew scheme. Riese used to he one of these heavy, 'weights of the bay-whMow tyre. Now he isn't. Had the surplus fat cist etT. ted en Recently when he was eper-j for appendicitis, the surgeon sliced from Riese 0 pounds of excess tonnage. : r:. 't foot ever so nntcn hotter,' . . t . , . t time I am able I ,, j on on my tap. say?. "For the fir ro r.oM my tittle so Which, too, s appreciated hy his little '; VOI R WLt.AR. i Men.her xx hen xeu wsevt to huy exl- : lar? at txxri-for-a -quarter? ; For years ar.U years that tvas the standard price. j But no lor.per. The thin strips ef linen xvent up to a quarter apiece. Noxv it is proposed ' to t"st the price to 35 cents. It i true that the price of linen has risen. S t has laWr eest. But also, it is trvie ' lHfotv. ts dividends xvre 150 ier uvr last vear than thev we-e for the year l?tS. tt, 1920 surpht?, - tAW5 dertveiation, all expenses and xixidends hax-e heen suhtractexl, xxas more than IfSV per cent larger than for the year Truly the quarter cet'ar pay-? better than the txvo-for-a-quarter! The Esther Circle xf the Methviist Fpisxvpal church, will hold market Saturday at Swift s Cream Station. " NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS t c . v, . t ui.vv ft . h m . w m . . Vi. V J eatmn tn 1 nursdav s issue must hereafter reach The News e-Rici? not ater than Welnes!ay noxm. This is made nvessary because ef the much increased amount ef work en publication days eeeastoned hy the largvty increased eireailatixxn ef The New s. Cxxrrespnvlenee reaching The News eRic later than Wednesday noon, and not published in Thursday issue will appear in Mowdav- issue. 1 hwht i - 13 II 1 1 FOR IMMEDIATE ACCEPTANCE fl 5 i ii ii II ersb'os ws to e'fer these tw re to cur readers. Both etTcrs itixTe i II II ner v' expires LVcemhcr If yA-u are already ine udcsl . j j S i i i : i ' , K-r.oxvs, the t-r-ctr-a:, the spark xxev. the s:ex-: --srarrc norscsr.oe c horsesV., andthosr-r Vrste.a iviodtovvhkh xxas an esler ef ammor.ia and the svcr.t ef bnir.rir horses noots. The xir.ape h'acksmiths -and a rv.chty r.-..-.r. i he," xxas the viUapo tinker. Ue f.xvl exrrythir.c. But x::h ?. his tnevha'Acal ah-iVdy he is h-eir.f rush.el Cut hy a nexv type. The irapo V-Avk-s-vitH shcp exevpt in a vevv few r":-.ecs, has nndertvre a vh:-r.iv. a transformation. The! B'.t.r- -or Vx- t calcine m.'tor. trrr.ed into a garage. There-y ".athe a.t an ovy Avty'.cne wx.ving j r'-int inst?.V.e The horses ef the n rlow h?xe Vcen rer'aoo-l hy a tractor j lha nexer nec.s a horseshoe. I Why, theixe isnt even a horseshoe j h.Ani"ir aS x o the x!ocr for gyved Ivtck! Fx thcres a ha-f do?en brcken- t! Vut in fivnt,v fov-vss ef re re re rat -en within the xier.Ve d,v rs. The sicn ef the -Yv.'agv B'aek-smith- t.oxx-a,tays, if not dispaycl e-n the - -r, VvhaV.y: xv .:. . if put in xx-owU sav, -Autos Repairexl and Fliv- xvrs Five-.. He likes his Vke, the g anagx? r ter da vs. .an, exen if ho has seen hct-for it exrncsse his husirVss his ahritr. CCTTtNt; tT OFF, Tox--stout persons hax-e seught toll! j, j ; "! For Sale! 1900 Feet Flooring 2900 Feet 2x12 Hackney Garage AUCTIONEER STOCK SAI.KS A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Fhone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rotvm over llahne Drug Store O r - ' -" m.; 1 to Ky's 'IVsttnl, (thissts Kit. TtiJ by St,te lejjistrH orVoMMTIHSTS D, C. C, PARIS Dr. EMIL FARIS "xrrlusively Optical Administrator's Public 1. the unders ncd. A.iininisl ratr Jab cf Grant eovtt.'.y, Indiana, will sell curabty Id. and Then Ended His Own Lite. "The doctor gixes anesthesia hi hopeless apMiy. The soldier spanks a thrust or a shot to a writhing cem- , rade. Any dxvent man shoots his ; w-omon folk to save them fcxMu dis- honor. , h , H. rvJ ton t,-tt bv t- u K.mnv for kiHhx- himself and h;s xxj,v n thoir Httie cottage at southhoroU.U, sajs an English ex chans. i Mrs. Eardloy xvas a hodess invalid, ; and her disease had developed to the . . , . . : pout xx here it became- necessary to f , t , nH h-k ,wuttty ., ,,.. In the letter front which the extracts whove are made, F.arxlley ; aidt "For txxo years now my xxlfe ha s . . . ... . t - Bvet tn nourir torment, ner exnii- i tion grxnvs daily xxorsx ran do nothing mfe for her; my xxill tv lixe and xxin is broken. Then is noth'ng be- fore her but the madhouse, without ex en the alleviation 1 haxne been aide txx bring. "Itoxvex-er human laxv may resrarxl the matter, my exmciencx justifies me; indxnl. t should live a coward in my oxxn esteem if I failed her in this extremity. Fx-en in h'.s sorrxxxv Farxlley thxmgh.t of those xxho wxutld riisxnr the tragedy, and in the letter he wrote the fr'end tilling lim of his determination, he added The hollies of tnyself and my dear xvife xxtll he round tocx-ther In the lit-t'e xtssSng t5n. threat care must he taken in enterics; the houses the xbvsslng rxxotn and exmnnunic-atmg bexltxHn xx IH be full of gas. , After hearing all the testimony and the reading of the letter the Jury fonnd that the dead man tok his oxxn bfe and that of his xvife white he was temporarily of nnownd mind and added an expression of sympathy with the relative. MAY COOL HOMES IN SUMMER Hungafian Engineer Mas Dec-ed aperaticn Scheme t Reale Temperature. Xnerlcans ntay sxm he living tn ie hous. The houses xxill not he the kind in xx hu h h-e is stotvd. but a new type et dxxvltir.g dc?ed by t.eotvoht ISM-lak, n etvncvr and eouui tot of Bn hpxtv ltnng;,ty. lie is eon, em -p'atirg buihhng a lnnto nvaniiactnr-Ing ttaiut tn Fhiladelphla so that the pxthlio xx Sit haxe a place to escape the sxxetterlng hNt xxtthout trxkk'ug shxtvxxarl Mf northxxatl. Mr. tV!Ak said that the housvs xxl!t Ih-' made xxf tnfmsotlal xstrth atnl c-ox--etvd xxi;h pvH-xnts tvticks. tn apat-anev they xxiU he stuilar to tlnwo use-.t hy the nat'xvs of Sntth Atnet-ie-a. xxho trx vtuotkey JiMC, xr xxatM hot-ties trade of potory, txx cxol tteir hotnes. Tb.e SxMth American uatixes pi a ex tn each xArer f a txxsnn a xxater Jug. and in a few moments the txtn is exvidx'sl by evaporation. Mr. INUak ds not gx into detail bxut his new plan, but statev tl ?t ho eatt rxgulate the xNllng of a hono itt sntttnmr in a shnilar tnamn r as that of hooting the same hui"rr. i In xx-$ntcr. He said hx xn make a hme as e-vwt as an ice x-eHar xm ti e ho;ev xlay in the yvar " at a cost x-f ptrxxxlmatey b wnt a day. Fhadcph;a Ihthtie Fexlr, Reached fcr H p Pcckets, Making of mxxxing pictures is rj'thxf a p.oxrlty In Ari?xa, and BNhxe nM-xlct,ts haxv ditneuhy in getting nxsl to sxHng gatnl;lx- cr vv xxvterti "tad nmn rushing around xxith artillery strapped on their WIts. Son-x of the tv'l oh.ltlmo xxs'ern ers are apt to J-.ttnp lo the wrvmg tnt- chov-on xxhx n a o the xxrp-a' Hnox te xxesterner gxv mi the xxanvvtlu tvr ttns reasxn a moving picture xxtupany, planning txx tge a holdup svno at the dep at oshern. rigid tulles south of here, had . . . ' .. .. than ten tintx" txefotv reaching the sta " " . . .. .. xxvJd I x stagext. in spite of this sev t t , r. ... .... ft., .t.. . ft i v iw-nnrrs x .v e;o iT,e-mi fvxr their hips xxhen the sbawxHt i-pearexl and had bx le exxnvlMeed by fellow Htss-ttgx?r that the InsMup xs xxt the real thtng.l.xs .ngele Ttnes, Cpteten. Yoleanle eploslcm are exxntmonty regarxlxxxl as the release et stores of etmrgy kept exmtinexl by external pres-sttre, ami bx4ter exploshm ami geyser entptlens are typh-al ef this class xxf outbreak. An eiert xxf the Cnttext State gexxlsln-ttl lalxxrabxry find that amxther ea of ephvs.tcns, that xxf esploslx mixture tike guni-oxx ler. are mt likely txx vn-ur In vtctnxs. Uut a thirxt class, that xxf explosive xMnpxxnnxls brxxtght Into cxntact with xxxygvn xxr water, t more prxxbhly the usual sxmrve xxf volcanic exphv slxns, and Is Illustrated by aluminum sesxjuViLhte finely divided brought Into such relattxtt with water In the electric fttmac that mechanical xleto natlxx eansr violent explxxsixxw. The dust et Mxxnt Fele may hav leet' nalogxHt tv th lumlnim sr-sxiwh w-bhK Cotxtnf IL ls Mr, lubwlte sxdf pm tn pwvtntr It xleesnt lvxr tnneh tmprvxxfteinent, btt h rertatttly I In emest. ltevr Ulhatr -It tlk t jrelf ball If h wre ihNKt- rtr fef dtHKv' lltmiltt i i ; ' ' ! , . ' , ' ' t ! j I HUNTING SEASON Bag Limit Now Includes Birds Killed by Persons Assisting the Hunters. AIRPLANE SHOOTING BARRED Tendency to Tighten Restrictions en Hunting ef Birds and Big Game la Shown in Federal and State Laws for 19J. Washington. A tendency to tlchten the restrictions on the hunting of tirds and big game is noted in the game laws for r.T, a summary ot which, both federal and state, has boon compiled hy the federal biological survey. Among the notable changes made during the present year was the amending of the migratory bird treaty act regulations xxith rv-speet to bag limits, amendment provides that the daily bag limit of any person shall hoxv Include "all birds taken by any other xersnn xxho for hire accompanies or assists him In taking migratory birds. This xvill put an end to the abuse of privileges under the regulations regarding the prescribed daily bag limits by persons wh claim that birds xxere killed by guides aecom- panytng them. Waterfowl Season. The federal xvaterfoxx I season for California xvas fixed from October 1 to January to, placing the old sea- ; sen of tvtober U to .January 4d. the ; season noxx- being the same under both ' federal and state laws. Regulation t. j gxxxernlnc the Issuance of federal sclent itlc lrtults, xvas amended to i thermit the Isvuanee of limited and spe- clal permits. State mentation harmon!ei tederal ! n st.:to laxvs ot xxatpt fox snul sho't I irls it Kansas and Oregon, and xn xx aterfoxx 1 in Pennsylvania and Uhodo ts'and: Wjoshlngton prxscribod a state- . xxide opn sca-.n on all migratory j game h'eds frotn October I to January j t. thus deviating from the federal rxsgulattons, xxhieh utersesle the state j laxv, cast of the Cascade mountain, j xx here it xxill now be possiK'o to htmt i tnigmtxxry game birds only from Oeto- ; bcr I to iHxcotnbvxf itt. without vlolat- ! ing either federal r state laxv; In; h'aho tl e opn season ot ndgratory ' game hlrtN has boon shorteuNd under ! state laxv txxo xx-eeVs by oetnng t eto- Nvr 1. instead of Setrnler u and extending to IVeemher 31, SV- Bar Airplanes, Idahw Kansas, Montana. braska. Oregon and Washingtott etaot- el legislation sindtar to tlm feleral rxgvlarien pxldb'ttng bunting from j airplanes. o!mado reduced the bag bnn't on ducks frxm to lo a day. j xs I tie Kansas Increased the limit from to .". In New Jersey reodMrds ; xxere protected at all ttne by be'ug ! iviael in the nongame class. The ! c-xnt so:sson fr v-obvok xxas short- j etnt n d xs In MMdgan. two xxe. kv J In Now York and ore month In Ver j mont. txoxxs werx prvtHted until j IV. 4 in Cdorado, sml H Katsas an j opx t season en thent xx as provided j In general, season on big game it,ir-t1N)'i miuI ho w w j flirt I '.or ! ... nd..t.,.l ls,.l l.kMV'wS V .xtx.x M) ?l ! M VMI' H Mv. txxifv ix I Micdgan. Montana, NVxada. North j Pnkota, South thtketa, Vermont and j in Washh-gton east of the taeades, Maine protected spike bucks and prv serlhed that oo of the txxo deer al-hoxed in the elgM torthern comt'es nntst bo an antlered buck. nl pro vided that in txxo ,t the counties nly j rodents mav hunt deer during t?-e t:st txxo weeks of the open season n moxso xxetv prxteetol for Rxe xxr lt Maine. nui-uo c . ... .ft . Sw:.rl4ind CrjtK t-id bv Student fr Un usual Act, tieneva. Sxvttteriand. The cantonal jrxoernment has erxletwl an Inquiry intxx an evitraxxrxllnary xxpeffttion erfortnexl by the chief mtxgexxn at a hxxspttal. who extracted the hee.rt frxMU a man named Pasehe, INtsche shot himself, the bullet piercing his heart. The surgeon spoke for t mlnuu tn the horrified students with the llw heart In his hands. At the end of the lecture, when the man wa dead, the student prolxvsted tw the urgexm, who dlstnlssexl their xxblextlon with the remark that the ixatlent wxxhl have dlexl anyhow within it fexv hnttr. Authorities ar not attstel with this explanation, while the victim's relative think xf brlngtng a civil action for damages. PICKS UP $20000 IN GEMS Brttronan Qlxfe Sheriff Itebben Loot Pound In Handkerchief in Freeftht Cor. Doll, Tex. "Diamonds valued at approximately JW.Wt blonirtng to lel wholesale Jewelry house, xvere take-n from n drummer trunk by rrxhher, who broke into the rallrtxad text at Uoye City, near hor, wher tho trunk wo ttored. About 1X000 worth ot th dlnnvxnd were turned ever to Sheriff Don lloroton tin followlnt day by ft broko tinan, who oold too foct4 tboai la ft frlrht ear. w rapped un hi a doxl Wue tataUkeixhtvl. , . ! 1 I j . Three Wonderful Clubbing DADp A IMQ E l- V Vl fl I N D We haxx? ?ust tnade a xl.eal which tnat na. e wor.ey -saving ep port unities v u a rrr xvf re?l vua.:ty pxt,V' Rations, at a pvtce that yvu w ill pxvb- NEW LAW FIRM Oren W. Dickey and Alfred Houston have formed a law nartnershin and have ollkes at 417-418 Class Hlock, Marion, Ind. Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in the Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES SI'KCiALTY Phono 1021, Route 0, Marion, Indian all u at our expense Xjt wiiropractors McAtee and McAtee Kairnmur.t Ollice Hours: Summitville - to o as.d Tuesday, Thurs- T to S p. m. day and Saturday Phone -vSO 8 to 11 a. m. TAD r 1 C-TTVlTrrVT rJTV. V-. 1. 1 JL11 1 Dentist X-RAY t I Rooms over Postoffice ) Hours S to 11:20 a. tn. 1 to 5 p. ro S Electrical Work House Wireing and Repair Work Marvin Davis PHONE 352 Sale Ores Hiatt Estate of the osteite of Orts Hiatt. deeensod. at the late residonce of said Ores plow; 5-hoe disc drill; Deering mower;. . t r ft ..... ... . M T.A-. Sn.BY.. Cleric it ." .y 1st n.xvr "-e c terxxt acatn. ir.-.s x' - Note the a. x ef the t a suhsex-.he to anv v ...V tie at ion. ine 'u. suhe:ntion? to it wiU he spevincN. xvu gvt er.e-w-at -xv ,.l BL-jutt--. 4K.k -Uag-g8-5aE-j ;h ioations CLUB NO. 12 BIG SUBSCRIPTION OFFER. jUintt, i miles south of Fairnu unU Ind.. ."i 1-4 miles north of Summitville, 1-4 tnio north ef I. U. T. Traction Stop No. 7 on TCKSDAY. NOVEMBER 29. 1921. Contmer.cint at 10 o'clock a. m., the following property to-vit: 5 HEAD OK HORSES One black mare, aga 11, weight about 1400; one black mn-t . lo. wei-fht, aluxut 1S00: ot.e Rav mare, ace 12. weight .nh.Mit- 1S00? -1?,fsJiS3 !'! .1. o . - ! - 0 'HI ,tV- r a -r- one Ray horse, age 3, weight about 1400; one black mare, aga 2, draft; one black horse, ago 3, draft. 9 HEAD OK CATTLE One Jersey cow, about 10 years old, fresh in December, a god milker; one red row, about 11 years old, fresh in April, a good s.xs s ...vHfcW 5 vt t 1 ?.r veare !.! fmeK tn A tmtiI a -vxv.I nwovAt rik J -- ---- - - ---- f I ,--: .vi!t!.'a Sft;iV 1IV- tt'.''vvi iix mm i v t t a - 4 vrvVt . I Vop i. f vril, Mack cow, T yxar old, giving milk; oifc yearling heifer; one yearling steer; Urn spring calves. 52 HEAD OK HOGS Six Puroc brood sows; 15 feeding shoats; 30 small shxxats of weaning ge; one Big Type Poland male hojr. tl Y AND C RAIN 11 or 12 tons Timothy and Clover hay; 100 shocks of crn and fodder; about 600 bushels of corn ul crib, good quality; 250 or 300-bushels of oats, A few bushels of wheat. KARMING IMPLEMENTS John Deere corn planter; stock cutter; 7-foot binder: five hole drill; harrow; two walkinir breakiner clows: Oliver 12-inch Yco Cct ALL FOUR cf Th$t MAGASUttHS nnd OUR NEWSPAPER h tor $2.65 Order AToxo tHt8 t-XCtPTtOWHl PfFtt 3 CCCD FPU A 8 HOItTTt W tEJO W ty,f fM-.O4-a04 nut t vrw vtro, -V. Art t?,-tt M--,-rmti syU e ntMi Kj s X tv(k Inmost Hf vrRtsk lest n the ct. cr yvvt accept, yeur If Fnlcss vtherxvise 1 1 s,svi-. ipt.en to each publication II t ilMothcr ltittjoui-iu! are Exceptional CLt ll ML tl rtrtpamnt New tTW a-eelk) lieroriat Review tjs nxnnths) TwWtAAYeek , CKdxlvnvTat Tlxe ttKtinder (WLtyw) Cxxd SltwW (MUty 0r Spe-1 hrfe, r 4 jZy iWlfli I ' ' ! ; J j ! gng breaking plow; John Deere sulky disc harrow; --row cultivator; single row cultivator; steel rollers; hay loader; hay tedder; end gate seeder; Weber wagon and box; ho, rack; gravel bed; buggy, good; buggy, old, double shovel; gaiVcn plow; lawn mower; lifting jack; tool grinder; spring; wagon; eisrht metal chicken coops; New Cypress water tank; binder twine; crosscut iaw: grain sacks; 3 to 4 tons hard coal; 40 rods 32-inch hog fence; pair boat, runner; fanning mill; scoop shovel atAl forks; 14-foot ladder; hay rope and fork; six A hog houses; set brass mounted team harness; set team harness; .n1 1 15 CirV barrr-. - miha ntke bnvn-.a. Hlanlrot- fnr OOStS! 80 rods ; Here Are Two that CLCR MV U FWmxat New CtkiMk,e,) TxW-Aselk viVfW-lVwvxNftat OritUn tlcrkl (WUy.) MeCll Mttit-n CMtMt m CtreVe (MtKly-) Relar Vbjv IS,tS 0t SpeeUl rrtes U.1 V " .. - - . - B .- ' . . . v. a.t. . ... t V barbed wire; cream seperator. Aid other articles not herein mentioned. Some potatoes; some canned fruit; 100 pound lard; 8 dozen hens; some young chickens. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE Base burner; soft coal burner; kitehen range; one rug 12x12, good; other rug 9x12; small rug; oite linoleum 12x15, cood; bed steads; bedding; bed springs; mattress; organ;, rocking chairs; dining chairs; couch; stands; tables; kitchen cabiifet; aewing-machine; cupboards: ward -robe; dishes; pons; skillets; washing machine; ringer and other articles too rAimerous to mention. TERMS OP SALE All sums of $10.00 and ever, ft credit of ix months will bo given with 6 intorosL ' , n1 Lunch served by Ladle Aid of Brethren 50? atSmnmitville. a. mi.nRETH. ADMINISTRATOR. Rrit M eeepta-eei ywr tVokt wttWt t TEto Fairmount Novo CHAS. T. PAKE-a, Attvraoy for Adwimiateator. PURL DHAN. AuetkTeT. lefftl Advui CccntoatlMcT 10, 17, 24. iMkM 4lVtSft)t Q

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