The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 19, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1936
Page 6
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The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Face 6 As Kelley Received High Honors TOURNEY ENTERS SECOND ROUND CLASSIFIED ADS Dr. G. R. McGUIRE Chiropractor X-ray Her vie. Pn Inter frfiduat0. Itlnt kiimn fSlnrt GEHRIG BEATING RECORDS MADE BY BABE RUTH LECAL NOTICES .1-1 L ,1 ' -v. "... .,u ;A .Larry Kelley toma W alter TVS' ? v V f 1 m I Larrupin' Lou Leads Yankee in Mark-Setting Spree During '36 Season, Remain Iron Horse NKW YOitK, Iie- i'.t : ti. hn'tU-H hi biH -niUed : t-oe lr .t,i t.mj. Lhij ;iiij(.', won hoi:- t. U. New yM V V; iik'--. may n n-n ni'ist of tb' r"id.' d'!'diid to linbe Huili Larruin' l.ot h;i ' d . I,:mf it. iriOM i th- m.ifk- e.t;iblj-i.M t the in;ifi-w Ktablited by t U' V.i!i'r ill ':;( wb-ri. a- a i'Hiu, lic-y j(i' j tK-d or bfI.e :: r' (. K ;inl Ui ' 7 and tied ej-hi world hen.:-ina f'l.K. No wonder b;iw);,,,! ni' n ll 'he real -At'T !!' the J-'ril-f !j.y;J,.:- a r, w ftr .jw Hi hi' Vt'Uif'll'y M run bis i i !I unftroken rs'rin of nj'-ijt j- t'((ic gaiU'f to 1" he it' '( l:V- VJik-; 'ii!v!iu in :ii b ?is' I'i'i ruii and one of tb-ee piavrs making at 40 jjoin ,f. In fact, be I-d t be b-;.? w it ij i'.i hOlil"jB. liev-otfK fall He bi a lu-r mark by nwkinif more than 4 no' total dan-K for th" fifth time and lied another by driving in more than 150 runs for the sixth time. Of ourw be naturally had a hand In other jjw tam mark s-jch a the Yau ke-s' nvord of hin int. 1 On or more honu-is for the lot h b1 ra i g J 1 1 sea fo n : making 13 homer: in two consecutive games; j w homers in six utraiht garrw-s; 25 run hatted in in a tingle tame; moj-t JiomerB for a season. Jh2: mo-1 runs 'h ' W rj in f o r a nea k-ui . 5 : rn ot extfa b;tne )ijts. r. - b ; ai:1 most total bane. 2.703. He who wijfx'K to know tlie roa'j tlirough the rnojntcijris must ak thosw who Irvr. a!rridv 1 r-.. i Curl J.unen mid Jim M'-CIunic of IforkviH" l ill lield the l('Kt Bcore. with l.'jr.N. hh tin howlers' doubles loill llif 111 Mt ellt IlltO the KiTJIIlfl ei k-end of play H the I'ical at)e)-f tfiduy. number of new entianifl will Im n miiarkiiiK them down tit ft e veni n; and (Sunday. !trtii w bile i h fliaiiHH aren't tlifiui b i'h Went v lib yet. They wllf journey to the (llinoiff elty for a i etui n match tomorrow afternoon S u nd ;ty. Ier. 27, t Im S e-t SliopM'i b have m mat h & bed tiled here w it h the c a cd.i nut ti Teire HdlUte. whtrb haw the h)b'-,1 aM aye i 2 I h tin ti it I' Hmn at the Yum county seat, (in the am dat, at Z J'l p. fn . a quintet of ttofcbiK Irom jirazil Kill apjMar h i e to t a it on u h at e -r 1 ui "Ai-;laih-" the bo fl together. I and only one that ean aiMauKuifeii iijUh-j( head aud tailR. Q hat in the difereiice in wind reijjstanee otfend by a wan and a horw-? A. KijjEifJ eeru gene ra 1 1 y a ree thai a bo rise off era more wind resiot-ance. Q. li you think Johnny fJillM-it Would le a iiMt yx'key for ifWIUft A -No. iiiiri j a inaFii-T with t wo-year-oldri, but Jeie is in h is middle twenties. Q. iid you fver ee a man ver sus horise raee? A. No. Nor did 1 ev-r bee a ihre-Je-gyed 'alf. an with IJti'-oljj's profile on it. tmr a Kbai'-iua brush that had been in ue for hflv yearn. MWH ;MK TODAVS ( ,iitinu-d ITotn face Five) Bowling Results t When Larry Kelley, Yale star end. received the Heurman trophy for being "the most valuable all-around player of the 134 football e son ". hi proud mother, Mrs. Lawrence W. Kelley, ngtit, a on hand for the' presentation, made In New York by Walter Conwell, center, president of New York Athletic club. .Safe as Bagful lMxtl, VTH I. l I I HI-1' Notice Is hereby uiven that Hie Loral Alcoholic Heveniise Hoard of Vermillion County. ludiKiia. w,ll. at :i'0 A. M. on the iith day of January. 1S37, at the Cleik's office.. Court llouhe. 111 the Town or Newport, in said County, begin Investigation of the application of (he fol-lowinK named person. reiUe8tln the issue lo the applicant, at tile location hereinafter set out. of the Alcoholic Ueverage Permit of the claws hereinafter designated and will, at said time and place, receive Information concerning the fitness of said applicant, and the proHeiy of iuini; the Permit applied for to such applicant at the premise named: , Augusta liiidwell. 23725. fltes-laorant and Hotel). sox-tof North Ninth Btreet, Clinton Beer, Wine Retailer. Kaid Investigation wilt be oen to the rublic, and public participation IB requested. AI'OMOMC nKVKRAGE COMMISSION OF INDIANA, By: R. A. SHIRLBY. Secretary. PAIL I'. FRY. Excise Administrator. 1219-2636 NOTICK OK FINAL KETTL$;.MKXT OK KST.4TK i Notice is hereby given - to the creditors, heirs aud legatees of John S. Wright, deceaed, to appear In Vermillion Circuit Court, held at Newport, Indiana, on the Cth day of January, 1937, and show cause, if, any, why the Final Settlement Ac-1 counts with the estate of said de cedent should not be approved; and said beira are notified to then and there make proofs of heirship, and receive their distributive r-ftares. Witness, (he Clerk of arid Court, this 10th day of lecember, 1936. EVERETT E. RHOADES. Clerk Vermillion Circuit Court. 1212-19-2636 WHEAT GOES TO RECORD HIGH ON FOREIGN BUYING CCoDtlnuec Tom rg it iron Anrfiitiua, iJ)Uujijcrd tljf market, as did a report H-aly has raib-d ;te estimate on import legiiirejuieiitu by 25,(1011,000 butsiu-lB. A rhica-rjo Jinn was advirj ,y it n ArKentiua off'u-t today tbat approximate I x bunhpl of n-w crop wheat, or one-third of that .country's exporlabUj KurpluK. bun already own sjld abroad. SEARCHERS FAIL TO FIND SECOND MISSING AIRSHIP Continued from Page 1) parent clue developed uothiiiK. While the search to the Boutli and west of Salt Lake for the Wenl.eru Air Kxprests Jinnr was at J roctitig liundredtj of additional volunteers, a New air mystery was developing C00 miles north of h(jre, where Northwest Air Jinn all-metal, low-winged transport plane disappeared with two pilots aboard. The ship dropped from sight on & flight from Missoula, Mont., to Spokane, Wash. DAYS itSHOP (behind the. CNRDTMAf I SPAL 1 I907 Pir ouaf" modified 2 tuberculin test w . . ., J I ' ' fly Mikey fcuiiiji if irmn mm, mmmi,w:4a)&t They're very cunning and bit timid just now, but it won't be long before Betty find Mikey, two cubs born to ft Uoness in Chicago's Unceln Tark xt, will be a dangerous choice for anyone seeking a coujle of petal Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Flret dajr of Insertion: 8c for each reading: line (one column line, like one of Ihi'sel. Next two day Insertion: the name lc charge you set three day at double the coat of the first dar). Next three daya Insertion: the ante 8c r liar He (you get whole week, aix daya, at three time the cost of one Insertion). Each group of three day thera-aftiT. 8c a line. IUak Ks (Ilk thla), 10c per line. . All claMlfled ad bnludlnff nmo-riuna and uuHt-rm of all kinds must be paid In dvanr tnoae br rrdular cwtumm who acrotiole are paid monthly or tlnase from or-aianluitloB abase bills must be l-lenrpd before belnic paid. In tim Utter eawe (he peraun aoklng (lie publlratioa of tbe notice will be held responsible for It payment. FOn SALE Turkeys. IS to 20 pounds. Haalit. Stcn 181, Clinton-Tcrre Haute road. Turkeys, 10 pounds an UB- r"at tur keys, dressed or on foot. J. D. Sturm, bans, phone 4-D. 13K Electric range, excellent condition. Very reasonable. 1353 South Third street. 3S "Nil Way" bronie and wool felt weather stripping for windows. also door bottom strip. Meat saw blades now In stock. Volo Hardware Store, 283 N. th St. t3s Hens, dressed and delivered. Mrs. J. F. Carlin. Call 141 four-room block house with basement, located at Newport between C. & E t. depot and court-bouse. Very reasonable. Inquire at 226 North Tenth street. 8' For SaleCoal KM RTH VKI.VCOAL. I KIVKRKAL, MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK BKTTV NO. 5. HAIU.LV HlKr-MAN. PHONE tO. 4tf PA.P NOTICES Tlie Gift to personal friends should auajtest Ml. 1'liere is no gift o pertonai aw your pbojcrali. Arrange for silt now. (tudiner BUMUo. 4I" FOR RENT Rooms. 410 fcoulli th Bt. t37" FOUND fcilver niea-t an. fork. Call at Cliiit'ini- Markets INDIANAI'OLIB, atock: Dec. 19. Live- HOGS, 2 110": aVtuldovern 807: 225-Hik . 800- market generally Me? lower; jmi lire., fio. 20: 10.26; 200-226 lbs. 2011 lbs., $10.85; H0 25; 275-300 lbs. 180-200 tlO.80; 250-275 tl0.20; 825 lbs., $.0; 825-350 lbs.. .); 850-400 lbs., t. 70; 150-160 lbs.. f.ti5; 140-1S0 lbs.. t40; 130-140 lbs., t.16: 1 20-130 lbs., $8.90: 110-120 lbs., $8.5; 10U-11U Ion.. $8.40; sows, fa (Hjfa .,. top. $9.75. CATTLE. 50; calves. 25; compared with close of last week generally steady on all classeH excettt heifers; la.tter grades 25c higher: week's top yearling steers. $11.85; 1.325-Ib. averages. $11.50; best hellers, $10: closing bulk beef cows. $4.25(&4.75; cutter grades. $3.26 (ft 4.00 ; vealers. 50c lower, practical lop $1 1 50. HHKEP. 60; market nominal: fat lambs and yearlings steady; sheep 21c to 60c higher; late bulk led westerns. $9; natives, $8.75 down. CHICAGO. Dec. 19. Livestock: HOGS. 12.000; steady: holdovers 2.IMHI; top. $1016: bulk. $9.75& 1010; heavy. $9.76(8 10 15; medium. $9.8(i& 10.16: light. $9 60f& 10.00; light lights, fsr.0ft9.75; packing sows, $8.759.76; pigs, $7.0(& 9.25. CATTLE, 501); steady. Calves 100: steady. Reef steers: good and choice, $lo.on(&. 1 2.50: common and medium. $7.0010.041; yearlings. $9.00612.75. Butcher cattle heifers, $5.0091 1.50: cows. $4.25 J 7 00; bulls. $4,254(6.50; calves. $ 5.00 Ol 1 1.00; feeder aleerr. $4.60 4i8.25; slorker steers. $4 .50 fh 8.00 : stocker cows and heifers. $4.60 (&r 6.75. HHUKP, tot); steady: medium and choice lambs. $8.50(0 9.25; culls and common. $6.60gi8.00; yearlings. f ti,'.0u (& 8..00 : coftiinou aud choif:e ewes. $ 2.50 & 4.50 : feeder lambs, $6.00 it 8.00. CHICAGO. Dec. Id Further realizing and aelling on disappointing cables Imparted an easy undertone to tbe general grain list here today. Rye. however, was In demand and advanced Ar. Wheat opened T to lyc off. roru to c off and oaU 4 to .c off. Oneninr prices here: WHEAT: Dec.. 13ft 132"A-i : July. 118-118U. (CORN: (new) Dec.. I(i84 104-!: July. 10H-H: May. May. (old I May. 102V.-'; July. 98-,. OATB: May, 60 .-'i: July, 45 45". RVE. May. 113,2; July, 108. Harry Hay I1D 1H 110 Kuww Walker,... )24 I3!( 5 Holicrt liai !... 11 4 11 V 107 dim Maui-ljip .... 1 24 J4 110 Mount JailJ.8 .... ISO !3 11 Totals 27 06 040 'I'll- Iail- 'linf'Mifafi (;-ors.- -at-y .... lit 155 12" Anstjji Van Horn .115 124 11 Tom Kniith ' J 24 15!) 127 Harold Hoi 112 121 1 ! X Kn-1 Van Horn ...148 108 li-4 1'ot.als 3(J 727 77 Conwell Mrs. Keller . of Dynamite! Film Star Weds Burpriaing friends in the film colony, Gail Patrick, screen atar, became Mr. Robert Cobb, wife of a wealthy reaturateur. following auodeii elopement to Tia Juaiia. Meaving Our Mabits Habit is a cable; we weave a tin cad r.f it every day, and at least we can nut DreuK it. AtjSTGOtlP Of COURSE- EE&rOlE fJovC cwbStmaS THEES CHSrS TwlE OWES, I LITTi.E ELVES 6CEAK 7 THE WTTLES WITH ? - i GaU Patrlok 1937 AC RADIO Think cf it! A radio lor $39 95 ttsi Lritrjj you procranii from ail over ti vfor.d. Tunet tfc ectir 49 c.eer icreiga fcund acd ad pohce calls. Fwet ar.-i perlorm-ar.'. as ac Ui price. Roiled -top "iay-GOYrx" walnut cabinet. Fuii eiz fc" dynaiEic speaker. 5:-i 3-c&ior airp c dial with v:uer tuiuog. e it toiey! Big Trade-in Af.owance EASY TERMS H;v m-s tb fvrw 19?? A4o-il T '-1w C-. in i'simr W &r a 4 to 1 li b.. . . AC . . 1C . . fcc-'T 1,3 Aula tfow VJO O31vO0 00. H. J. Schrader & Co. 300 S. Main St Phorv 11 n'.nt Names l Indian Orijio 'J v. '?n1y-orje statts have name of Brandon Walsh 1.T TKPFfS tW WJ Rf CPS? IM THE -iV-r IP crr V REBEL BOMBERS AIDED BY FOG IN TODAY'S ATTACK fContinund from PaKe 1 I of four days ol luriuus lihiinK by formn column, wn- un'liyn;,wi duriiiK the lull today. Loyalist announced, lio-i'vi-r. tlint in a wid'1 tlirusl uorl IteaKt of 'j'oledo a leftist colunju took tlie villai-e of t'onejos. Itebel souree.s now explain that the naval sliellini! involvinc tlie I'llited Stales j-unliout Krie by I lie itiBUi-Kent Kspana was nut directed at tbe Auierieun bo;,t. Th' Kspana was fintiil al Invalisl juisilions on Mount Muse, mar Cijon. when the Krie steamed in'o the line ol lire, the rebels said CHINESE ELATED AS TIME NEARS TO FREE CHIANG (Continued from lage l) procHt d to crush the rebels. Chiang himself, through hi t'ru'iid itii former fellow -busing'-. ', n. Chiang Ting Wen. sen) wot d to Nankitig that he would be re-Inased at ti p. in. today. Vi Freident Before H'jshiufftun liecaust the vice president is president of tlie seriate, the United States bad km active VH e president. Adanie, before Washington assumed the presidency. iEi.Hl OP- VAE 1 Ipji 1- 4 ftetzt to be truly" TW.SI- are bu5V days lur tlit man tio installs telephones. So many people are ordering them. Housewives want a telephone because they're tired of ruoning to a store every time something's needed . . . youngsters say they can't keep their dates straight without it ... a proud grandmother must keep close check on a new grandson . . . others warn its protection in case of emergencies. There are many other reasons, and all of them reieal the pleasure and comenience a telephone can give. If you wish one in- j.-talled, or desire any information about tele- Jjj. phone service, call or visit the business Office. . INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY GOMEZ. CUBA'S POLITICAL HEAD, FACING OUSTER OoDtlnued from Pee l -e;.ejjnit i ves. and t he m!' e lasted for tetj minuter. During the uproar the , t. rj tal leriHK vere qunkly vacated the ;jf" taioiK fearing gun -play. a tnoxt of fhe repvt-'Keutat t vcb earned pistols. First SkeUb of 'lTncIe Sam' A sketch artist, whose name it lost to fame, made the first sketch of the lanky figure familiarly known as "Uncle Sam" during the war of 1812. Indiao Belief About fcuakef One of the common beliefs among the Indians of Ohio was that snakes turned into raccoons in the autumn and the raccoons into snakes in the spring. The belief originated with the redskins of tiie islands of Lake Krie who set out traps among the rocks to catch raccoons. In the winter the Indians would find raccoons in the traps but in the spring they found that most of their traps were filled with snakes, particularly rattlesnakes that were lining in ttie rocks. From this observation iney concluded that the animal changed into c reptile and vice versa. E fr EOC THE Stey PARAOt I . t m )rm i.v A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND By 111,1 ' JMIIIIU INAKf iOU HVOS-j I ITWOMlUlOA IAILES i ...... VOVOU WAMT TO Jr 1 --riCi; ( AU95 THE MAtX A "Jl po ChE.StwaS DP THE OlRiSTMASy ' i. I W (72EES?-' A;'M V55O0PS i r'-' .,.. . . I. I. n i . CITTLE TOS in roYL0 A2E AS 90 sf AN0 to??? ASAFiVI A CAMP SToSE, WE ftSGEST AMP 8gT CHRISTMAS IM THB IV -

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