The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 14, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS t 1 i - STATE NOW HAS BIG I GOLDEN WEDDING Vt.4A.itA.iAA...A.iA.iAA.Mf FLEET OF TRUCKS A.HAPPY EVENT Official Vote in Tuesday's Election Because of an error, in transposition of captions, in the publication of the official vote of the towi election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, the table is again published, corrected. Handkerchiefs Another Consignment Received From Barclay and Anna Lindley Johnson! the "Federal Government t or 1 "lru"uc asiun in ineir I7 in Road Work California Home Guarded by a convoy of ten Indiaria On the evening of November 2, at their present home in Fullerton, Cal., National Guardsmen, George Bartiey, We Place On Sale This Week 1000 Hanlk'ehiifaen'' o .2. If. u chief of the motor transport of the j occurred the golden weddirfe anniver- j state highway department, has just j sary of Barclay and Ana Lindley j brought to Indiarapolis a train of fJohiison commemorated by thirty re- thiPty Class B., Liberty trucks, from latives arAl friends with suitable gifts ! JefFersonville. The train also carried J and a revival of old time memories ninety tons of supplies chiefly ex- j and associations. j I pensive motor parts, and the total ; At a fitting time, preceded by their j Ladies' Handkerchiefs at 50c, 25c, 15c, 10c, 5c rj Men's Handkerchiefs at 25c, 15c, 10c Ladies Pure Linen Handkerchiefs at 25c. FOR CLERK John R. Little FOR TRUSTEE Jasper A. Friend, R. S. Albert Riggs, D. Jhon L. Conrad, R. John A. Osborn, D. VV. Hortoi Ribble, R. William F. Davis, D. Roscoe W. Kircher, R. Albert Morris, D. value of the trucks arAl equipment is granddaughter, little Anna Johrson, : about $125,000, according to Lawrence-, carrying a huge yellow chrysanthe- J Lyons, department director. The mum, Barclay and Anra passed to the j consignment of trucks and equipment front of the room and again pligihted j is a part of an allotment to Indiana ' their marriage vows after the Friends j from the Federal govermeiJc, and will ceremony as they had done fifty j 261 225 110 200 127 218 120 226 114 279 540 540 236 461 227 124 234 210 410 139 144 271 237 455 215 120 240 227 453 211 128 242 See our special 5c value in Ladies' be used in state road construction and years before in the old Friends meet- j maintenance. ing house back in Indiana. Ther j There remains to be coi'voyed sev-j Thomas Newlin took from the chry-enty trailers with cargo bodies, which ! santhemum held by little Ama, two also have been released to the high- told rings and with appropriate words McM ASTERS SAYS i FRIEXDS GFVE surprise to "CAL" 1 The Bee Hive Cash Store .1 See Our Special Values in All Leather Shoes' "f STAR BRAND way department, and which Mr. Bart- gave one to each to be placed upon the jley will bring to Indianapolis withir? -finger of the other irf token of their i the next few weeks. A convoy of . plighted faith for their remaining psoldiers is necessary, highway officials years. He then followed with an ! explained, because of the value of the impressive prayer for the continued HE'S 86 YEARS YOUNG Works Every Day, Reads Without Classes and Thoroughly Enjoys Life at its Best "KS- SALLIK HOLLINGSWORTH Mrs. Sallie Hollii.sworth had a pleasant surprise perpertrated on her Thursday evening when a number of her friends came unannounced .to her home west of town to assist in the celebration' of her birthday anniver- , equapuent wnicn must De careiuny happiness of the bride aria groom. 7 iiVVfVVfVfVtiMv guarded enVoute and which guard con- Hearty congratulations from those tinued for one night after arrival of . present followed and the evening J. C. McMasters is celebrating his ; sary. Although Mrs. Hollingsworth 86th birthday anniversary today and j was r.V)t apprised of the coming of her . the train in Indianapolis until such j closed with a dairty collation of ice j I have been astonished by i .. v, mia Ko tot-crJ tn a u i .a tj ! in conversation with a representative ; guests, thev made it verv evidpnt that j . , . j ao lc 11 "a v. - - . . -" ticdiii tnu cane lul uy illC UllUCf UUb i - i ' - : i lint i-i i nr rv u.ivi rv, wv. it w rrMiii si nil oik' imii. , fTkA 4Tn ? - rrwnn? f torn T"vrvY51 TTTT ctftr. 1 4-. t 4UA?. A-rAM children were near j of The News stated that he is able to i they had arrived from the time they Xf W T A ! i iau ivuhuo .v. wnnwn..; ( turn seven tic. F. age. ' , to be present, Fred and family of 1 JumP UP ana cracK nis heels together j set foot on the porch until their de-was Yarba Linda, aiAi Geneva, who teaches i yet' and that he can read without parture. Taking possession of the t ' ' i . Have An Individual Suit Don't Be a Duplicate 1 A feature of the motor train T V 1 1 1 1 3 V A x v i i r fni irr:i iiiTn-mirnior i jir. aicMasters also holds house they immediately organized for Ann and Neal Navlor of Chicap-o were that the Standard Oil Company had . Spanish in Fullerton Junior College, j asses. oil scattered ! Amonti those present known to Fair- aown a Posluon Deing jamtor at the j a real good old fashioned time aiM oil scattered j Among! those present known to Fair- dinner tnicts of Mr ard Mr? T j vton ' tanks of gasoline and they played games, sang songs and all along the route to supply any j m0unt people were Peninah Binford 1 -ltlzen canK as well as Deing Nolder Thursday. tmr-ks in the event thev were cut off j and two daughters. Marv arAl Nannie i aD,e to m a 1UH day s work uPn -I am convinced of the superior from their supply line. Two expert j Pearson; Asenath and Elva S.eale of j the streets, which is a remarkable re-f th cy.t fnrm f! mechanics followed in the rear of the Whittier. Richard Haworth and wife. lcord' to gay tne least- Mr- McMas served refreshments. Those present were Miss Margaret Wells, Miss Nellia McCombs, Mrs. Sallie Heastoii1, Mrs. Rose Seale, Mrs. Addie Winslow and Mesdames Willard of i health practicc. Wm. Yore, M. D . line to give aid to any stragglers. and Mathan aTftl Anna uarretson ters fought in the Confederate army aiAl a few years ago when the state ; City Point, Ya. The Class B Liberty trucks are rfew, : La Habra. none having been run as much as one : of Indiana provided a way for the sol- I Johnson, John Simons, Layton Nolder, There was a time when Tailor made clothes cost more. That is not tue now. We w ill fit you. Your clothes will reflect your individuality. American Cassimers for fall, S2S.C0 and $30.00. '"Our responsibility is your guarantee." . Mr and Mrs William Walkmack 'hundred miles at the time they were j NOW IS THE TIME TO GET I .ur. ana Jirs. u imam naikmack :r.nnn Prpr.npm siufc diers of the state to revisit the battle field of Gettysurg at the anniversary enpnt. vpt1 wh Hi.Hnt, tjrnea over io me niiwaj (.wu.-.uw - " " O. R. Scott, Jabe Wii.Jslow, Will Jones, Barnaba Bogue, David Jones, George Shields, M. A. Hiatt, Rhinehart Busing, W. A. Beasley and Burl Brewer. Farmers are urged to take advart- memorial, Mr. McMasters, Eph Barth- i foil ot 1,,- v,rv, durii ,t ', sion. In fact all the equipment Gf j olomew, Frank Buck, Newton Beals, to Lansing, 111., where Mr. Walkmack ; department is now receiving from the I age of the extremely low price i holds the position as towerman oil the ! goven.ment is new, with the ' Pennsylvania railroad. ! officials say, that much more result hogs at this time and see ; and Daniel losh were among the rAim-work that only good pure-bred sires are i er to go from Fairmount. Mr.B artho- than ! used for next vear's nie cron bv J. W. ! lomew was a Union soldier and to- will be possible at less expens Fall Plowing Rev. and !w as possible from a creat deal of the Schwab, of the animal husbandry ex- gether they wandered around the bat- 1 .Irs. J. Frank Harblf01 earl ; nt eived from the tension staff of Purdue University. ! field hunting their old positions dur- been engaged m evangeas- , jTCe Even, thoueh the cost is sichtly great- J Z the fray and when they were lo- who have Now is the time to make contracts for Fall Plowing. We are prepared to do - ..... ... t 4 i.1 1 l tic work in Missouri, Karfsas and almost . op- j Ribble Bros. (OF COURSE) TAILORS ecordino- to Mr. Lvons the Indiana , er tor a pure-ored sire, the amount is iiit-niv $2.50 per acre. th!s wrk promptly. n-vr A-rtr,, at this time has negligible and it is false economy to i lbue eacn omtr. wr. jit.uabiers, McMasters Oklahoma, for several weeks are home ; for a short stay. Rev. and Mrs. Harbison are devoting their entire time . to evangelistic work: approximately 600 trucks which will - do without a registered sire at the i states that that was one of the most be ued hi road work. The last con- ' head of the herd, when prices of pure- ; er'joyable trips he has ever taken, and i-nment from JerTersonville will be ' breds and market hogs are so close ; although he foupjit loyally for the equipped with hvdraulic power hoists i together, he points out. j Confederacy, misplaced as that loyal- and dumn bodies before they are in- ; & wasv there is now no more loyal or TRUCKING of All Kinds. Prompt Service. Stock Hauling to Indianapolis, 35c per hundred. M. L. Johnson PEOPLE ! patriotic citizen than iir. iic.iasters troduced into service. 1 Neal Naylor of Rochester, N. Y., r.i d Otto Naylor of Chicago visited , their mother here Thursday between : trains. The Naylor brothers are j former Fairmount men who have en- 1 ou Know CARD OF THANKS We wish to express, to our and neighbors our heartfelt and neighbors our heartfelt one 260 Fairmount, Ind. fronds wno has rounded put his eighty-sixth tirL-c milestoire and is looking forward for ; thanks V AN IRISHMAN L tK WUKKs many more happy returns of the day. j Paddy, after working eight years for , for the manv acts of kindness and ex- Mr Nettie Smith, of Kirkland has gaged in the manufacture of fun.liure orfe firm, asked for an increase in pressjons of sympathy during the ill- Thorntown Serum ARMISTICE DAY WELL ar.d made a success of it. I salary. 'r.ess and death of our husbard and ! "You don't really work for us at sonj Mark Albertson. Especially do Misses Mary and Edith Bevington i all," said the manager, and then pro-:we express our deep appreciation of I Having taken the. agency for 1 Day was generally cele- Serum. I will always have a reeir ca.!cj r.ere by the inness ot H. Carter. W. W. Watk-ns and wife of Laketoi; were cailed here by the illness and ur?ecuent dtath of Maik Albertson. the many floral tributes from friends bratcd here as a holiday, all stores, Sirrk on hand and vou can eet it of me, instead of having to send to the entertained at a slumber party Friday ceeded to prove it by the fo.iowmg eveniirg for Misses Ethel Simons, ' subtractions: Martha Couch and Laura Brown of ! "There are 365 days u! the year, near Fowlerton, who remained in for Yoa sleep 8 hours per day, making 122 and the Order of Eastern Star, mem- offices, barks, and the postoffice clos-bers of the school board, faculty and ing at 11 o'clock and remaining closed students of the Fairmount high school, until 3 o'clock. At 11 o'clock a can- and those furiishing automobiles at non hi the business part of town com- the funeral. These kindnesses will menced firing salutes. At 11:15 always be held in cherished memory, o'clock the whistle at the waterworks GRETCHEN. ALBERTSON, was blown for several minutes, fol- laboratory, at laboratory prices. GEO. R. FEAR Fairmount Route No. 1 Phone, Swayzee 97M Mrs. Ella Patterson entertained at ciim.'crr Thursday Mrs. Charles Hutch-Irs of Marion, Mrs. George McCaskey the high school basket ball game with : days, which, subtracted frefh 365 days, Matthews and GastoiA After the leaves 243 days. You also have 8 game a number of the students re- '. hours recreation every day, also mak- cf Iridianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Heck and Mrs. Ida Heck. , Roy " paired to the Bevington home where j ing 122 days, leaving a balance of 121 j a very merry evening was spent. days. ' ! "There are 52 Sundays that ycu do not work at all, which deducted leaves J. C. ALBERTSON and FAMILY. j lowed by the tying down of the whis-j tie cord at the plarrt of the Service j Oil company. The church bells of the t town rang continously from 11:30 to! 12 o'clock. 69 days. Our store is closed every FAIRMOUNT UNIT Saturday afternoon, thus gtiving 52 j DEFEATS JEFFERSON, i half holidays, or 26 days more that j The Fairmount township unit bas- FRANK MORGAN I -- - v located at corner cf Sixth .i.-.- Sycrmore streets. Per Auto Repairing and Radiator Soldering . you. do not work, now leaving a oai- ; kefc ba1 five Saturday night defeated j Mrs. Mattie Langsdon, who has been of 43 days. We allow one hour the Jefferson township basketers 30-9 ' 5f. ni ;c wnnr-t imVpJ. t i i- i. ! . . . r . i " - t h the Fairmount hieh school crvmna nal-iie 1R 1sit anr! lpaves a balance of; - rr-n . , . - ; ,smm. ine i.o unit teams pu, up a Roy Heck and wife and MrS- Ida Ben . U:r- VJ III 1. r;r VZZ. ! ame SCraP but the Fant are- Heck were Sunday guests of Phone 106 Give Me a Call. " ; gation naa tne eage on tne jenerson n. , , fo.ji only 13 days. There are 12 legal holi- I ve tnimvrhout the contest. I Dley and family' days during the year that the store is : - closed. This leaves only one day in th year, and that is St. Patrick's Day, : lj. j ai'J of course you are off." Ex. j ) rv M Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller are ; ', moving this week to Alexandria. M K A Mrs. Redding of New Castle is the i v guest of Mrs. Ted Parker. Academy HOG SALE 40 Immuned Big Type 40 Polamd Cluiinias Sows, Boars and Gilts XifiSr Nov. 1 6 At Academy Sales Pavilionn, Faimnoumit 100 Head of Hogs Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hustor and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Taylor motored to Marion Sunday and heard the lecture given in Civic Hall by Dr. James M. Taylor of Taylor University. 50 Milch Cows No v. 1 Ma Eternal vigilance is the price of business success as well a liberty. The store which eases up on its efforts to win rfew trade and retain the old soon finds itself outstripped by! some more enterprising competitor.' At Academy Sales Pavilion, Fairmount, Indiana 1 ff Ijr J TI Consisting mostly of feeders, A few 1UU rleaa Or riOgS extra well bred Duroc Jersey Sows, Sissors and Orion Fancy King strains- Registered and double immuned. Write your advertising with the prime idea of building faith sin your busness. no" matter whether it be J large or small. When people have I faith in you,. your drive for their pat-j ronage becomes much more corivinc-I ing. Edwin Seale entertained the tele r" lUf JI PMirr. Forty head of these are Holsteins, selected OU Jfleaa Ot LOWS by experts from the best milk herds of Wisconsin. Many of these cows are now fresh, others will be by day of sale. Many others close up springers. No better lot of Milch Cows were ever offered for sale in Grant county. Sale to begin at 10 o'clock a. m sharp. Building will be heated if day is cold. .Dinner will be served by the Academy Domestic Science Girls. A. E. RATLIFF and TV JACKSON Liberal terms made known on day of sale. Earl Morris and Lin Wilson, Clerks phone bunch. Friday evennfe at his home on North Vine street complimentary to Miss Mary Parker who is soon to be a bride. Miss Parker was pres-j ented with a cut glass fruit dish. Oys-; ters, fruit salad and cake were served j to the following: Miss Mary Parker, ! Anna IMae Darnell, Blarfche Harsh-ibarger, Hah Peacock, Delight Chris- Poland China Breeders Oren W. Kelsay, Manager I topher, Mary M. Hollingsworth, Garth ( Vinson and JSdwin eaie.

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