The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 19, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Saturday, December 19, 1936
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Should Tom Kan lii Ktnire Tow DAILY CLINTONIAN Iy. 5: !I0 P. M. Ilionr 41 or 117 mid a copy will l lu-oui;lit to you at once. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN WEATHER Mostly cloudy tonight and Sunday; rising temperature Sunday; colder Sunday night. INDIANA BTATB LTBW.rr ' irtviptoor a cnm. AwMtm ot Ice Three Cent Clinton, Indiana, Saturday, December 19, 1936 Showdown Looms on Battle Over Prexy Frank Governor London Is Scheduled to Meet F. D. R. Next Week CHINESE ELATED AS TIME HEARS f N M y it yj I j Harold M. WHkle I x 7) I' , " jl Mrs. Jessie Coombs III against the well-known educator. meeting. Dr. Frank, seated beside regent, left, declared he had presenting his resignation. Wilkie's believed to reflect a desire on the part Progressives to eject the Wisconsin his threatening challenge to La power in Wisconsin. Division of regents on the ouster issue indicates bloc holds the necessary votes to president Latest development In the stormy administrative history of University of Wisconsin, where athletic, department heads were fired earlier this year. Involves President Glenn Frank whose ouster Is sought by a faction on the board of regents aligned with Gov. Phil La Follette. A showdown on the issue is expected at the public hearing to be held in January. At a preliminary hearing at Madison, Wis., scenes from which are shown above, Harold M. Wilkie, chairman of the board and leader sf the bloc seeking Frank's ouster. prese seven Wabash Man Under Life Sentence Will Receive New Trial ROCHESTER. Ind.. Dee. 19. Robert Flnkenbinor, 33, Wabash, a "lifer" In the Indiana state prison, was given an early Christmas present yesterday when Judge Robert Miller of Fulton circuit court granted him a new trial. Finkenhi.ier was found guilty by a circuit court jury in May, 1935, of si lying Howard Pete Holcomb, a cellmate in the Wabash county lull. On the night of the murder the youth escaped but was captured later in Paris, Texas. During the trial the defendant sought to prove that Charles Moore, an allegedly insane Inmate of the fail and now dead, committed the crime. WHEAT GOES ON RECORD HIGH ON FOREIGN BUYING Chicago Grain Brokers in Buy Day as Shortage Certainty Causes Sensational Market Action ARGENTINA HAS LARGE VOLUME CHICAGO, Dec. 19 Weary grain broker's clerks, fagged ou from a week of frenzied market ac tivity. looked forward to today'! short session of the grain market. Lights glowed In brokerage offl ces until early today as clerk! caught up with paper work occa sioncd by yesterday's bull markc when wheat prices here and in ex changes throughout the world soared to new highs on foreign buying. MAximilln A'lvance "Wheat futures skyrocketed f cents a bushel on the Chicago and Winnipeg markets, to new high levels for the last seven years. Thf advance was the maximum iiermit-ted for one day under exchange regulations. Liverpool wheat futures closer" 2 to 34 cents up, and the Buenos Aires market was up 214 cents Other grains followed wheat, Chicago rye futures closing H4 to lty cents higher. Soy bean futures advanced 4 cents a bushel, the limit permitted under exchange regulations, closing at $1.8, or 38 eentt above the low point on October 5. Shortage Foreseen Brokers held the frantic efforts o' Importing nations to replenish theii supplies before the shortage causer1 by this year's short crop become acute, for the soaring prices. Unconfirmed reports that Germany had purchased 2,000,000 bush els of Canadian rash wheat In thr past few days, and 365.000 bushel! Continued on Page 6 Varicose Vein Is Bursted; Audience Cancelled by Pope VATICAN CITY, Dec. 19 Bursting of a varicose vein in his para lyzed left leg today compelled Pope Plus to cancel a scheduled Christ mas Eve audience to the college of cardinals. Large blood stains on the pon tiff's Jied led to discovery the vein had burst. Father Gemelli, priest-physician at the Vatican, flew Immediately here from Milan and went Into consultation with Dr. Aminta Milani. the pope's personal doctor. The pontiff himself realised the gravity of his condition and reluctantly agreed to cancellation of the Christmas eve ceremonies. Commenting on the cancellation. a high percentage attached to the Vatican told this correspondent: "To allow the pope to arise now and participate in any functions would be murder." An official version of the new complication stated that a slight hemorrhage followed bursting of the vein. The pope responded rap idly to treatment, a spokesman said and his condition is described as "satisfactory." It was emphasized, however, he must now remain in bed tor many weeks. "If nersons close to the pope suc ceed in keeping him in bed and pre vent him from working." a high authority said, "he may have con siderable life ahead." REBEL BOMBERS AIDED BY FOG IN TODAY'S ATTACK Insurgents' Broadcasting Chief Fills Ether With Reports Red Executions as Civilians Flee SHOTS NEAR U. S. BOAT EXPLAINED MADRID, Dec. 19 Invisible as they hummed above thick fogbanks. several rebel airplanes today dropped bombs on the lower districts of Madrid, inflicting a large number of casualties. With all ground fighting around Madrid suspended by the heavy mist, the insurrectos reopened their radio "offensive" with the charge by "en. Quelpo de Llano in Seville that 25,000 alleged fascists had been executed In Barcelona during the last month. Heavy Losses Reported In battles on other fronts, espe cially the Huesca-Saragossa and Ab-turian sectors, the loyalists have lost 700 dead and 1,300 wounded, and the rebels likewise suffered hea'vy casualties In the last week, it was reported. Choking the Valencia highway, refugees continue to -pour out of the city, and it was estimated that a quarter of a million had left Madrid since November 21, date of the first big rebel attack on the capital. More than 350,000 remaining In Madrid are being fed and sheltered by the city and.the trade Wildtis. Reds claim Victory Positions in the Boadilla del Mon te area, northwest of Madrid, scene Continued on Page 8 Boy Slayer Tells Of Killing Friend' After Argument NEW YORK, Dec, 19 A confes sion by a 13-year-old inmate of the New York state training school for hovs had today revealed the murder of a 10-year-old boy who had been missing from his home here lor three months. John Macarl. whose parents liad sent bim to the training school as incnrrlirihle. confessed, police said, that he killed nis'chum, Francis Xa-vler Laino. by striking him over the head with a piece of lead pipe. The boys had stolen the pipe from an abandoned tenement here following a quarrel. Police found the body stuffed into a small closet In the tenement. Because of the condition of the body, the boy's father, Dr. Frank Laino, an Interne at Jamaica hospital. Jamaica, L. I., was unable to Identify it, but said the clothing re sembled that of his son. John Macari is one of ten children, six girls and four boys, the youngest 18 months old. His father. Philip Macari. 45. is a street-sweeper employed by the1 city. Authorities declared the boy's confession was complete, pointing out that Laino's body was found Just as Macari said It would be. FOUR MOTORISTS ARE ARRESTED Four persons have been arrested in the past two days on chargeB of pasing school busses while children were being loaded or unloaded John Robert Brooks, of Chrisnmn. III., and Burl Hardesty, of Fairview, were each fined tl 4 " by J-,C. Hayslett. justice of peace, yesterday on this charge. The warrant against Brooks was sworn out by Roscoe Call and fhe ne against Hardesty by Conrad Kite. WPA TOOLS STOLEN Government tools were stolen from the WPA project at. the Skid-more gravel pit, north of Clinton, sometime Thursday, according to eports from police headquarters. Two picks, two shovels and two mattocks were taken. PROGRAM IS PLANNED A Christmas treat will be given o the Presbyterian Gunday classes tomorrow morning at the regular Sunday school hour Instead of Thursday evening as had been planned. A short Christmas pro gram will be presented, j WASHINGTON. Dec. 19.- iof Alf M. Landon or Kansas will pay his respects In President Roosevelt. Ihe man who defeated hi in for the presidency, on Monday morning, Ihe White Housn revealed today. The defeated republican candidate for president will be In Washington to attend the annual gridiron dinner, and will take advan-'age of the occasion to vIbII briefly with the president. He has an ap-lolnlment for 11 a. m. Monduy at the W hlle House. The meeting will he the first he-ween the two since they met dur-ng the campaign at a drought re-lef conference between Mr. Ronse-clt and governors of midwestern itates. Z, CUBA'S POLITICAL HEAD, FACING OUSTER 3atista Gains Support of Many Representatives in Move Begun to Impeach President SUGAR TAX BILL CAUSES TROUBLE HAVANA, Dec. 19 Col, Fu.Ren- do Tiatista's bitter and determined fiplit to dominate Cuba sped towards its culmination today in an attempt impeach President Miguel Mari ano fjomez,, the first constitutionally elected president since the fall of AiiRiisto Machado in August, With the sugar Lax bill which Batista sponsored and Gomez prom ises to veto passed overwhelmingly by the house of representatives in a turbulent 2 a. m. session, pro-Ba tista representatives said afterwards they had more than the 108 signatures of members necessary to start Mister proceedings. Vuick Avium lrotniMe1 These signatures will be present- id to the house parliamentary com mittee before noon, it was affirmed by Rep. Jesus Portocarrero, Should the house approve the im peachment. It would then pass to the senate, which sits in judgment the same procedure as followed in the United States in the unsuccessful attempt to remove President John son. Batistia's followers won their first major tilt when they passed the sugar tax for support of army schools In spite of the Gomez supporters, who contested every step for more than seven hours, braving the army's wrath by hurling charges of Fascism, and -unconstitutionality. But 106 voted for the measure. A near riot broke out in the house when Rep. Jose Antonio Pas-cual, a supporter of the tax bill, shouted a slur on the president. Gomez supporters rushed towards him. but were stopped hy other rep- Omtinueil on I'agn fl Duke of Windsor Hears Broadcast Concerning King VIENNA. Dec. IS Aloue in a room In Castle Knzeefeld. the Duke of Windsor today tuned in on Lou-dou and heard htralds ceremonious ly announce that on May 12, when he would have been crowned king, his brother George will be enthroned in his place. The fluke does not seem to be grieving over his decision to quit Hie limine, however, and his deep affection for the members of the royal family was shown today when he telephoned a friend in London, axklng him to buy Christmas pres ents in Windsor's name for Ihe roy al household. A special Christmas surprise was said to be planned for 10-year-old Princess Elizabeth, the helr-pre-suinptlve to the throne, of whom the duke is very fond. The duke spent tne early part of today playing nine-pins, and before the broadcast he fode horseback around the neighborhood of Ihe cas tle. Following complaints from the duke that news cameramen were "raiding" the castle with flying expeditions to Enap pictures, the Austrian government stationed two police airplanes near the castle to keep off photographers. TO FREE CHIANG Japan Fears Outcome of Nanking Compromise With Rebellious War Lord; Release Is Gained by Yen SOLDIERS HALT CHANG ADVANCE NANKING. Dec. l'J. PoHslbilltJ that' a hitch has developed In ar rniigenicnts for Ihe release of Pre mler Chiang Kai-Shek was seen to day when hla brother-in-law. T. v Soong. finance minister, suddiinlj left by air for Slanfu. NANKING. Dec. 19. China went wild with 1oy today when two gov ernnienl airplanes winged westward to Sianrn to take Premier Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek out of the clutches of rebellious Marshal Chang Hsueh-Llang. But Japan, seeing in his release a compromise between the t'hlnw government and anil-Japanese Mar shal Chang, who kidnaped Chiang to force a war on Japan, warned Nanking that any stiffening of China's attitude against Nippon might Involve grave risks. Japan Watches Closely The Japanese government-eon-trolled Domei news agency circulated the announcement that Hachlro Arita, foreign minister, told the Chinese ambassador, Hsu ShihYing in Tokyo that Japan regards the reported Chiang-Chang compromise "with grave concern." Coolies employed by the British-American Tobacco company in Shanghai started the celebration by setting off huge quantities of firecrackers, creating a tremendous din as the fete spread throughout nationalist China. Soldiers Pause The punitive expedition of 150,-no soldiers sent to "get" Chang was halted, at Generalissimo Chi ang's orders, pending ills release. Terms of the deal giving the premier his liberty were reached in negotiations by Gen. Yen Hsi-Shan. war lord of Shansi province who guaranteed Chang Hsueh-Llang's personal safety. Chiang must be delivered up today, however, said Ho Ying-Chin, war minister, "or our troops will Continued on Page 0 Mrs. Luna Howell Of Numa Dies at County Hospital Mrs. Luna Howell, 55. of Numa. died at noon today at the Vermillion County hospital where she had been since Thursday night. She is survived by one daughter. Mrs. Freida Raney of Clinton; one son, Arthur Howell of Numa; the mother, Mrs. Klinabelh Morgan, who made her home with Mrs. Howell, and one brother, Manuel Halt ol Vincennea. Funnral services will be held Monay afternoon and burial will be in Riverside cemetery. The body will remain at the Frist funeral home pending more definite funeral arrangements. WORKERS HAVE HOLIDAY PARTY A Christmas parly was given lust night for the NYA and WI'A re-creation workers at the Columbia center in South Eighth street Dancing to the music or the WI'A band, under the direction of Paul Fidlar. was enjoyed, and contest were held with prizes awarded Ui Homer lfey. Kenneth Allen and Edward Shannon. Christmas gillN were exchanged and refreshments served. TWO CARS DAMAGED Noah Adams of Fairview collided with a car on l'S-41 near Atherton last evening. The person with whom he collided was from Terre H;mie and his name was not learned. Both cars were badl damaged. CLEAN WALKS REQUJRED All perss occupying property in Clinton are reauired by city ordi nance to shovel snow from the side walks, according to Mark Lyday and President Glenn Frank Police Follow Brady Report Leading to Winchester Today INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 19. Stale police concentrated near Winchester, Ind.. today following a report yesterday that Alfred Grady, fugitive murder suspect accused of the Carthage State Bank robbery Thursday, ate lunch at a restaurant there. The restaurant owner told police that two of three men. who came in togothrfT resembled Brady and James Dolbover, also identified a:? one or the 'Carthage bandits. One of the men -was wearing slippers, police were informed. Officials Expect Big Slash Soon in WPA Work Relief WASHINGTON, Dec. 19. Dc. 19. x further slash of 20 per cent WPA's work relief program, al ready cut more than 7.5 per cent since Nov. 1, was anticipated today hy officials on the basis of President Roosevelt's statement yesterday that congress would be asked for a deficiency work-relief appropriation of approximately $500,- 000.000. That amount, according to WI'A reports, would provide employment for an average of only 1,904, 76i persons to the end of the fiscal year, June 30, at the present cost per man per month. "WPA's employment rolls totaled 2.384.204 on Dec. 5, the latest fig ure available. That was a slanh of 7.5 per cent since Nov. 1. Further reduction was ordered by Administrator Harry L. Hopkins. notwithstanding protests by Mayor Florello Laguardia of New York, both as mayor of that city and as president of the l S. conference of mayors, and numerous protests hy governors and other officials. While Hopkins has declared re peatedly that no one In need would suffer, and that anvone actually in need who was cut off work relief would be restored, cold figures of his statisticians showed that a ffiOO.- Owo.OOu deficiency fund would necessitate a cut of more than 4 75,- 000 iM-rsons from the rolls. DR. I. D. WHITE RESUMES WORK I. D. White, M. D , who has been in Chicago for thf past week taking, a post-graduate course In nonsurgical treatment of rupture, has resumed his dutir-s at his office in South Main street. 0?ag till Christmas f ) general charges At. the same Mrs. Jessie Coombs, no Intention of charges were of Ijl Follette prexy because of Follette political the board of the anti-Frank aiect the -rWcrsitv SEARCHERS FAIL TO FIND SECOND MISSING AIRSHIP Hundreds of Volunteers Have no Success in Combing West Country for Two Transports SPOKANK, Wash., Dec. 19 Searching parties were being organized today to comb the heavlly-wooded area 35 miles southeast of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, for the Northwest airlines plane which disappeared en route from Missoula to Spokane. A woodcutter reported he heard a call for help but did not investigate, believing it might have been made hy an" animal, because he was unaware at the time the airplane was missing. At the same time an aerial armada was prepared to take off at dawn for a systematic search of the area between Elk river and Potlach. Idaho., assisted by scores of mounted men. MorXT.-HN KKAH4H CONTISIKS SALT LA K K CITY. Ctah.. Dee. lit Search tor the missing luxury liner of the Western Air Express Unfs and its seven occupants widened today as fliers and ground searchers who previously centered their efforts in a lno-square-mile area south of here spread out over central and southern t'tali and Into eastern Nevada. Friends of the missing pilot. S. J. Samson and of the co-pilot William Bogen, and Stewardess Gladys Witt among the aviators of the Inter-mountain area, as well as government and company officials charged with the responsibility of locating the plane became desperate as ap-Continued on Page II Half Century Club Making Plans for Christmas Party Elu borate preparations are being nuido by In Half Century club for the Christmas party to be held In conjunction with the regular meet ing on Wednesday, December 23. The following committee has been appointed for the party: J. E. Pur-cell. A. A- Hess and John Foster, The three-quarter century de gree will be conferred upou Ralph Campltcll and James Gray, and sev eral candidates will be Initiated. A feature of the party will be Christmas grab box, into which each member is to deposit a gift on which his nane has been written. After the business session the club members will march around the room and each will receive a gift from the grab box. He will then find the person from whom he received the gift and exchange greetings with him. Music and singing will also be CLINTON'S 1937 COOK BOOK GOES ON SALE TODAY New Volume Contains 350 Rec ipes Contributed oy women of Community: Strictly Local Product Housewives began looking for change today as copies went on sale ot the- Clinton cook book, pub lished bv the Woman's Furnishing society of the Presbyterian church. Fifteen hundred copies or me honk will be svailable to those who are interested in gaining possession of the 350 recipes contained there in. More than 20" contributors have divulged their cooking secrets to make up the 80 pages, which are bound in an attractive, durable cover, giving rise to the suggestion that the hooks would make desir able Christmas gifts. Local Product The"l937 cook book Is strictly a Clinton product: the recipes were contributed by Clinton women, the advertisers are Clinton business firms, it was published by the Clin ton churchwonien and printed by the local newspaper's union print-ine Dlant. Members of the women's society have expressed gratitude for the cooperation of both merchants and contributors in making possible the manufacture of the volume. Each of the Presbyterian women has couies of the cook book for sale, and It may also he purchased at the following business houses: Mor gan's drug store. Wedlock s jewelry store. Rosenblatt's clothing store and The Daily Clintonian. THE TKMI'KRATIHE By The Clintonian thermometer: 8 a. m., 28; noon, 32. Former Resident Dies at Detroit Friday Morning Mr. Ji'nnir riarknon or Itroit. fnrtnurly of Clinton and l imorsal. died at hfr home Friday morning after being 111 for thp past few weeks. TtvJ cause of hr death was not stated. Survivors are the husband James; six sons. James Jr., Adam William. Robert and Joseph, all of Detroit, and John of Chester. III.; three daURhters. Mrs. Frank Rhoade, Mrs. Ray Kennedy and Miss AnfMi f'lnrkHon. all of Detroit; two sisters. Mrs. Jessie Crai's of Uni versal and one whose name was not obtained, livinp in Scotland and a brother living In Canada. The body will be brought here to Clinton Sunday morning and will be taken to the Frist funeral home un til definite funeral arrangements will be completed. The services will be held next Tuesday, the exact time and place to be announced in Monday's edition of The Clintonian

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