The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 18, 1936 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1936
Page 7
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Friday, December 18, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clintoiv Indiana Page 7 LOCAL NETTERS LEAVE TO PLAY Is Match Play Most Popular? ' Match, & oafa ' mK play I hadn't boxed fifteen rounds In seven years when I beat Lasky in fifteen at the Garden, I'd only had two fights In 1 yearn when I took Lasky. That two year lay-off won't bother me with, Kclimeling." BRADDOCK HOLDS CONFIDENCE FOR SCHEDULED BOUT EASTERN TEAM CONVENES FOR CHICAGO DRILL 'PARIS TONIGHT And. somehow, I'm beginning In wonder whether it will. 60LFjg BPST" MATCH PtAYKS for Charop Says Schmeling Can't Hit MiUMYAAt. Several Ba.ketball Game Are homa Oil , Burners before entering the cauliflower-ear Industry; Sergeant Kennlson, an ex-marlne grid-der; George Rarnes. former NebrnS' l;a player; Lord Lansdnwn of England, former ICuglish soccer player; A. A. Ilrltl, !i 2-year-old father ol A 1 v 1 1 1 llrllt. Junior light heavyweight chiilll.piilll : Kddle Rogers, ex-back star from t blo Wesleyan mil versily: Count lliaiuberg; (leorgt, l.lgiixki. ami the he:, riled Russian. What about the Arkansas team? Thai's a surprise says Tun 1 Her Hindi, local mat uiogiil ami manaeiT id' the Arkans'is learn, l''ilhiwiiu: a reini't lite gnpplers Would il' I 111 tt In 'let He old score two tc'iri'.'" 1'nlli heavyweight wre-tl'Ts. will he on hand "Just In i ase." Light Practice Scheduled Kelley & Co. at Dyche Stadium Before . Departure Him at He Hit Joe Louis; Records Disclose No Lay-off Trouble Wrestlers Signed To Play All-Star Tilt, on Gridiron LITTLE Itlli'K. Alk., I IS - Booked Over Week-end in Parke-Vermillion Counties Friday ('Union ul Prln. Newport at Cayiiud. t'errysvllle at Dunn. Illuiimiiiiilule ul Tinnier. Monlr.iimii nl M n r i rt 1 1 . Itcnedule ul Mecca, Hal unlay llnrkvllle ul Newport. HoBPdole at Rellmnre. Tins Is one iill stiir football en ,n Hi. "bowl ' colllllllllees overlooked ! li will be staged here Sunday ufi i-rnoon. And II won't be a sissy affair. The game, which will be played CIIII'AIIII, D. I S Twenty-two of the outstanding football players of the east and central wt gathered berH t'Mlay for I heir initial workout tiienilii'is of the all-star east team thai will meet a westprn eleven at Han Francisco on New Year's day. I'nder the tutelage of Andy Kerr of Colgate and Dick Hanley, former Northwestern coach, the east squad was to be Issued equipment nnd engage in ft light practice session at Dyche atadlum before entraining ror Berkeley, Cal., where training luarters will lie established. Kelley Leads Vast Eastern players on the snuad are id n u n .1. w u.sii NEW VHIIK. Dec. II Not lielliK tiluive iiiitisfh a iniiu out of a story. I milked 1 1 j In i lie heavy weight rhiiniiiliin. .laiiiMN J. Hi.nliloi h. In hi-' g) m ;m i iti in ii i HHim; niMiu tmluy ami Hiked llllll nhv imitvIiimIv wii II lltlli' uoiiled allien him being seriously lujiiri'il ln ii. in iinnle Hie iii;i Joriiv vcixliiti. S. Iiiiielinu knocks I I in i. ill ueii .In mi :l didn't an swer itiMuediiiiely. In fai l, be dliln'l answer fur so lung I hut 1 t li on ft lit imiyhe be couldn't. In a way, I was right, nl Hint. "Are tbey?" he :;il, al la d. mildly. "H'ya knew, that's one honestly can't answer. Srtntieling oughtn lie the lies! Iimrh I've bad. lie inn'l bent nie . . . He Just ain't got the equipment " How did he (isiire thai? Hadn't Srhinellng knoilie, out .loe Louis Whiskey Special BIG TOM Kentucky Bourbon Pt. Pint Quart for the sake of "sweei charity," will bring together two of the toughest collections of wrestlers ever to assemble In Arkansas and Oklahoma. I Rules? iijn! Don't be silly! i They'll play with ns few as pos- I sible. Vf'l I They don't want lo he bothered with technical handicaps. Some of the outstanding material on the Olduhoma eleven will Include lliinny Martin nnd Peie llalirani. who played pro ball with the Okla ImJAMAZEAJ SAYS GOLW CBS Mode PtV 76 EXOTT PUBLIC- V7CNC fCrA 30c 59c SI. 10 GREGORY'S vNintst& Vine St. RAZEN-- Referee will line a lot of wind looting whistle In Vermillion and Parke counties tonluht na a nnmliei of red-hot rivala get together on the hardwood to do tattle In what wil! y undoubtedly be the usual iplriterl fnshfon. Clinton, however, lenvea Indiana for a crack at the high flying PorlB five. Coach E. W. Eveland'a Tiger are looking like another championship club this year; they lead the Eastern minis league and have wor Ave games with no losses among Ed Ear county teams. last summer al a lime when TODAY'S was supposed to I nbeatable? Sure, but --. "Si linii linis a rliihi hand puncher." he explaliiiil "To have n chance, he had lo bit I.ouis Willi a lilil and iiuhmlv's ever list me JLPIAlsl AS SATURDAY SPECIALS SPORTPARADE, Cat In Ml Iff Workouts l-arry Kelley. Yale's all-American nd; Nestor, Henri. in. tackle. Carnegie Tech; Nat Pierce, guard. Tordham; Carl Hoy, center, and lohn Handrahan, quarterback, Dart-uouth; Clarence Parker. half. Duke; Ken Santbarh. half, and Fred Tiller, guard. Princeton: Ken Re!-vea, ta kle. Colgate; William Kiir-' sh. fullback, aud Frank Murray, alf, Pennsylvania. Bucky Bryan. Tulanc back, Is the 'one southeastern representative. Players from the central west who will compete In the annual shrine benefit game are Steve Reld. guard, and Steve Toth and Pon Geyer, fullbacks. Northwestern; Ed Jankowskl, full. Wisconsin: John Drake, half, Purdue; Charles Ham-rlck, tackle, and Merle Wendl, end, Ohio State; Ed Widseth, tackle, and Bud Svendsen, center. Minnesota, and Ken Nelson, end, Illinois. Meanwhile in the loeal ramp Coach Rtlitevllle Is driving the Wild Willi a right hand punch. In fact, I've never been bit "light' wilh ruts hard In daily practice with at lenllrjli centered on strategy. Hen any punch. Thai's why I've never been knocked out. . . ." , nett, BerrlBford and Phillips appeal LONCWOOD Quart $1.29 Pint 69c Half Pint 39c 6 MONTHS OLD MINT SPRINGS Quart $1.60 Pint ... 85c Half Pint 45c 12 MONTHS OLD "Yes," said I. brightly. "Bui to have a firm grip by now on first you've been out too long.' ' By HKXKV MI.KMOKK team positions, but Berto, Bosstlck, loo lone;' The man acted ai NEW YORK, Dec. IS -Dnn'l nay Dunn and Ciugllemettl are still fight any attention til that "New York' iug It out for the guard berths. Bos- slick and Berto will probably start dateline, because I'm not iliere as I write this but in the club car of a train stalled somewhere between Sa though he wasn't hearing rightly. ". . . Layoffs dnn'l mean anything lo me. I hadn't had a glove on In ten months when I substituted on the Baer-Carnera card. But I knocked out Corn fiiiffln. didn't I? against Paris tnnlght. In rehearsals the diminutive Dunn, playing his last year on the Clinton squad, has been exhibiting ability which should vannah and Washington. I aked Frankie Erisch. of the St OLD AMERICAN Quart $1.69 Pint 90c 20 MONTHS OLD SILVER DOLLAR Quart ..... $1.75 Pint ..... . . 95c Half Pint . . 50c 18 MONTHS OLD win him a chance against the Tigers. Louis Cardinal Frisches, who is my traveling companion, to try and de "Lemon trees, maybe," he said Then Willi a laugh: "I didn't mean that. He's a screwball, sure enough, and as big ti headache as a manager ever had, but dammit he can pitch. You know, Dizzy has no business losing even so much as one game a year. I mean that. He ought to. win every game he pitches In the National league. Hubbell's the only guy with any right to beat him, and Dizzy, If he made up his mind, could lick Huh every time out. And that's saying something, for that Hiibbell is one of the best I ever laid my eyes on." "Why does Dizzy lose games?" t asked. "Is ft because he hasn't a j Newport is booked for two tilts p-Tonight termine our aproximate location 1ml he gave up after three prolonged stares from t lie window revealed nothing more illuminating than a self, rt's this way. Most pitchers. If a batter Jilts a certain kind of a ball, will do their best to keep from giving (he hitter that kind of a ball. But not Dizzy, and it isn't because he doesn't .(know the hitters. He knows the weaknesses of the National hitlers as well as anyone. But he doesn't like to pitch to . their weaknesses. He likes to show off iiy throwing the kind they like. He this week-end. They journey to Ca-Cuga tonight and entertain ville Saturday. Rosedale also hits the road, with stops at Mecca this evening and Bellmore tomorrow. Dana awaits Perrysvllle, Blooming-dale goes to. Tangier and Marshall will play host to the Montezuma Aztecs. . . . brace of razorback Iioks. a patch of pine trees, and a barefoot i-d Fish and Rabbit Fry Dorman's. Tavern GOOD MUSIC I tried to open the dipcuspion of DIANA'S , LIQUOR BEER WINE TRY OUR MIXED DRINKS baseball very tactfully. winning spirit? "Xo, not that," Frisch answered. "He likes lo win all right I think "Guess you're mighty glad Rickey Plenty of Parking Space ICE COLD BEER 5c and 10c doesn't like to admft that any kind of ball he throws isn't good enough to get any .hitler out." couldn't get rid of Dean, eh? Pitchers like Dizzy don't grow on trees.'1 It's because he's so stuck on bim- THIMBLE THEATRE . Starring Popeye By E. C SECAR Bowling Results V WELL.F SE DON'T rrYvjyr-vorc I I VE DO HEAR IT, I 0H.1 SEE -VA MEANS WELL. IF V OON'T HEAR IT NOW W POPtve. oo voo RePiut. HEfXR SOMETHING? j- PlXlLrXTED LIKE 6ftRV WAb IN THfXT M0VIM' HtfSR IT, MPMBc IT'S JUS IN ME HtftD-MMBE IBC N0T A, THIN6-V tirlTIM Willi OTFll d JWWll WILL Dt-4-rtU3t A IT'5 C0MIN NEARER-S JOS' SAlO I OlO SO PITCHER - ARF! ARF! NO VA fNT LOSIN' HE WOULDN'T THINK VER MIND- SURE, .HE WAS 60IU NATIONAL LEAGUE O. C. Mumhy Co. HEARS IT, TOO- s i Or. rr. i i Moore 181 174 160 SORE .-o wi - Tasso 145 157 145 Boll 154 164 165 C. Schelsky 146 192 127 B. White 168 161 186 r v'U- l v Handicap 60 60 60 Totals 854 908 843 Diana Sweet Shop Colombo 172 170 155 Murdock 155 150 148 Brazukas 168 241 171 Ave 191 169 216 Benettl 148 170 157 Totals 834 900 847 is TILLIE THE TOILER By RUSS WESTOVER Tibune-tilar Leeda 118 113 105 V. Asbury 154 169 143 McClung 203 160 145 SOH , I Was "THIMK HOUi HAPPY THE AFRAID OF OVA1MER. IS THAT, MES 7tU SY THE OF THE VdirE-HAie.EO TERRIER HAS TUR-ViED UF AT .y V Cuerri 147 166 144 C. James 184 175 168 SOIM6 To BE" I I a r eETTlkiei I S'PCE -TlU-lfS PEEVED L UWDEESTAMD, MAC HUL ANSER)k f MEII, AMVUAV I fVS, VOE Cjsi AT ME FOR. KlOT T4vKlNe j COME OM IM AMD THE 'PHOJE.i7 'yE yco S AL.WAVS FlMD HB2. TO L-UMCH BoT VOHEM I HAME DIMNQ2. WVW M0THB2- 2rzA LITTLE FELLAH SOMEONE TO I SAW My SHEEP DOS IM J US TlL-UE't-L. SET ' I nM VZTTv? m tv rjTJ F,u- "WE VOID THAT LIMOUSINH I LIT S 10VH2. T lt jkIAa Vl IN OUR. HEARTS OUT FOE IT, BOT r?3S-L h ' "I ' TO Vn X I 'F LOOK. Before i JV U fLM ' jUA Mj-2?h uS , could set rfU&?l i kx ia cm$Hf JzxWv ' Totals 806 773 701 C"xtMTatlr Stores "THE POUUO? VfS, THE DOS VUUl BE" HERE.VAlHeTM Bondi 130 126 153 Berrisford 138 115 128 F.Sehelsky ....... 147 158 Feoojslio 106 188 124 n He combs UNDER - STAND , Otiinn 155 160 136 Handicap 6 6 Totals 64 742 704 IndlaiuxdU News Rlrauda 144 132 146 Horney 85 130 194 Tiaimtriuan 181 147 154 nuiun 148 121 114 Comix 10 189 147 Totals 748 729 755 rlliit'Ml Ire 4'o. W. Bererldre 118 126 127 Heveridne 148 117 147 Knott 102 18!! H DANN DUNN Secret Operative 48 WHAT?? x HEY. GIMP THERE'S WH-WHAT ! T OKE AN' IF HE S A WRONG, 1HI CGAVT LINE 16 CEBTA.INLY DESERTEO-I GUCSS CMASiNG ACE 6ART ACROSS THE LAKE WAS FOOLISHNESS HM-M " .SOMEONE PROWLINV WHERE 7 A FRESH FCX3T PRINT IN we cant take NO CHANCES I'LL HANDLE THIS HERE TOMMY GUN AN' YUH CARRY LK1 Sl IU r&OOV Markie 72 104 125 Shannon Ill 93 l'-'2 Handicap 72 72 72 AROUND THE KINO O' GUV WE'LL LET r" -TI I JUST AS DAN SEES THE this damp sand J 111 BEACH FROM NOW ON MOT A SIGN OF ANVOfsnT J I. 1 HIM HAVE Liik. lj Acr Totals 623 694 73J V I I 1 TUhT Br-in . A 1 rd I BETTER BE P v AROUND HERE IT i-r I Is. TELLTALE FOOTPRINT, ACE BART'S LOOKOUTS, fitrliaagr Club Ftitt 114 141 Fletcher 1(13 108 F. Van Horn 140 ... Hegarty 159 f'tieek 200 194 4.emBtra J39 1(4 Handicap 18 10 ToUlB 714 766 Texw Ollenft Fraxier 125 210 Kamm 170 122 Stone Ill 133 T. Griffith 144 200 Mills 16S 144 113 93 153 159 167 10 695 129 107 145 153 130 FROM THEIR SAFE REFLKSE BEHIND A PILE OP ROCKS, SEE HIM ' mm mi -ha : i i Tbtala 735 810 (64

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