The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 10, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1921
Page 4
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Hp; THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS I - . . . 1 ft 1 A A 1 F j T , 'he told her she would be considered; Articles are oemg sent to me pnn- I Il iflirniOUflt l6WS jone of the Acuity ot he Pratt'insti-;ter each day as the woik progresses APPRAISERS ASKED FOR HIGH SCHOOL Final Legal Procedure in Consolidation of Township and City High Schools A ccessories H M Published on Mondays and Thursdays A. S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie McL:as Robert?, Associate. tute. son me nign scnooi euiuon oi ine The second orchestra was a gratM Fairmount News. ' success having played for the art ex- j The Annual staff held a meeting hibit Friday evening. Tuesday evening) at 3:15. Miss Edith The per centage of classes havirfe Davis, editor-in-chief, was chairman boufrht season tickets is as follows: of the meeting:. Sophomores, 53 per cent; Juniors, 35 j The Juniors held a meeting Tuesday per cent; Seniors, 25 per cerft; Fresh- evening at 3:15. M m M The school town of Fairmount asks the apponAment of a board of three responsible citizens to act as apprais- Office: Main 265 Res Black SS2-1 TELEPHONES 4 Since the prices of Auto Accessories have 5 men, 17 per cent. Miss Merle Carter had charge of j r T . . . . r i . i j ers for the consolidated high school in that town, in a petition, filed yester day in the circuit court. Owing to the fact that the Academy the English 12 class Tuesday morn-was dismissed Monday afternoon, sev- ' ing. eral of the students visited the high j E. L. Morphet taught French 9 SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One vear $2.00 been greatly lowered, you cannot atrora to oe without some of the more essential ones. Come in and see us if you are in need of Batteries, Spark Plugs, wrenches, grease guns, i The Fairmount school township was 'class Wednesday during the absence M M H tiimed defendant in the action Six months 1 ' school. Three month s ...... -. -7o j The Seniors held a class meeting of Miss Arnold. Mrs. Gil- j The secor'd orchestra will practice Ore vear $3.00 MoiJJay evening at 3:15. The high school in Fairmount is a consolidated school, made so under an t in 1919. According to the provis a Six months 1-65 breath was in charge. 'on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Three months . -90 j plans are progressing nicelv toward 3:10 from now on. All subscriptions payable ctly ! the Fair and Bazzar which the hieh j Mrs. Gilhreath and family were the in advance; paper discour.tmuea at ; - i . . J exciration of subscription time un- school is planning to give this month. ' Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. ns of the act and the contract be Hydrometers and many other articles we carry fust for your benefit. M Don't forget;to speak for your season's supply nj of Denatured Alcohol for your radiators. It is go- ween' the school town and the school I it ownship, the building was to be ap 1p renewal is received prior to ex- ork on the g-vm will be completed and Mrs. Lnanes Millspaugh near, praised by a board of three citizens, piration date. I for the F. H. S.-Gaston game tomor- Matthews. rasi ana me price is going up. selected by the judge of the circuit A large crowd is expected : ! row nic,ht- H ! court. In addition to this, the amount t -a 11 Entered as second-class matter at to atteiKi this game which will be H M H M M M M M M H M M H H N H M M t f ACADEMY NOTES 'of upkeep ot tne Dunning ana omer ier me Act of Congress of March 8, ntVn' Ga?tn hm" tc-q ; mated the II. S. m the district tour i ! expenses relative to the corAiuct cf - i The "Quaker Fighting Five" is in the school were to be determined, an 1 nament last year. . i - f ii . ... i i i m. l. r i l -HIGH SCHOOL NOTES ple jj g 'Vanity team practiced iair conamon ior me game wnn ar- tne town ana lownsmp wt-re uu anait-Monday and Tuesdav eveings at 3:15 ' hiPh scnocl at Warren Friday the expense in proportion to the rAim-preparatorv to the game Friday night, rilght. Woods and Lamm two mem-; ber of students attending from each Miss Mary Louise Arnold, language ! pers f tne squad are on the injured ; during the month of September, 1919. E-IO. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 was , . . . . . c, ,-j and physical training teacher, Sellitk. art instructor of Snortridge , , A urable to meet her classes at the H. list and may not be able to start in j lhe consolidation of the school has the Warren game. This will be the ! been effected and other parts of the first game abroad for the Academy . contract carried out, but the provis- team. j ion for the appraisement of the pro- With every practice the team is ; perty has never been fulfilled, showing improvement. It was thoueht i The petition asks Judge Charles that the floor guard position left open to appoirt the required board of three S. this week owing to illness. j LaVei'a Smiley, Mary Seright, Vada , Downing and Suzanne Barruett were high, school in Indianapolis, last Friday evetrg, was very interesting, as well as instructive. Miss Sellick has seen many of the originals of the pictures which were on exhibit, she hav- among those absent from school Mon- !M .-I NEW LAW FIRM ! by Payne would be hard to fill but ( responsible citizens. Lamm, a new man at the game, is ! showing up well. The back guard FIGURE GASTON ir.r, beei' abroad in connection with "ay-art. Her lecture was very inspiring, Ellis Gift and Emma Davis have re-especially to the art class of the high ' sumed their work at the high school school, who appreciated the talk very after a several weeks absence, much. Convocation was held Wednesday position seems to be well taken care Oren W. Dickey and Alfred Hogston have formed a law partnership and have offices at 417-418 Glass Block, Marion, Ind. FOR A VICTIM of by Brewer, as is the center position Charles Pratt, head cf the Pratt in- morning at S:45. Miss Georgia es- DV R;cn and the forward positions by stitute in Brooklyn, X. Y visited ' er had charge. Mr. Mullins, superin- i Cecil, McCombs and Woods. Scott, a j (Continued from Pasre One) Mice Sni. V's tn,ir mw last wpek tndent of the Summitville schools member of last year's squad is expect- Because her work was such as it is, ! was the speaker. quintet is not certain as yet as the fight for some of the positions on the 1 first team is quite close. The lineup jed to be off of the hospital list in the ! very near future and he should add 1 much defensive strength to the team. ! Edwards, also of last year's team, is T3 Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in the Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. mav denend to a certain exteirt on f Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted ly State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS 'Srclusively Optical back in school and fast recuperating the manner in which 8ome of the men from a long seige cf sickness and , phow up -n the fina, practice but win should be able to start practice Mon- J bably consist of Payne atA1 Hol. a' . . lingsworth as forwards, Olfather at Three Wonderful Clubbing BARGAINS c'Scf lhe trip to barren win oe maae ccnter and Leer and Williams for in the school truck and a number of i the defensive. sxuaents are expecieu to accompan SpeeM interest is attached to the I team. games Friday nig-ht partlv because of j The weekly Wednesday noon prayer the interest the teams partioiPating : meeting was held yesterday, being m . . . ti,,. ntnd, ! t- ... i chargre of the freshman arithmetic ... , will be on Armistice night aiAl a lot of people will be able to be present i class. Allen Stookev acted as leader, We have just made a deal which enables us to offer these two remarkable money-saving opportunities to our readers. Both offers give you a number of real quality publications, at a price that you will probably i.?ver be offered aj'ain. This offer positively expires December 1st, Note the quality of the publications included. If you are already a subscriber to any publication included in the offer you accept, your subscription to it will be extended accordingly. Unless otherwise specified, you get one-year's subscription to each publication. LUXGARDIA is "without a rival" in ordinary or deep-seated Coughs and Colds, difficult breathing, and for the relief of Whooping Cough. The wonderful results following its use will astonish you and make you its lif.-loi.'g friend. Your money back, if you have ever used its equal. Danger lurks where there is a Cousrh or Cold: Conquer it quick lv with LUNGARDIA. Safe for all ages. GO cts. and $1.20 per bottle. Manufactured by Lungar-dia Co. Dallas, Texas. For Sale By f. h. o'yvR r-"V Electrical Work House Wireing and Repair Work Varvin Davis FHONE 352 New locks for the boys lockers have -who otherwise might net get to at-j arrived. This will enable each boy tend. The first game will begin jto have a locker to himself. ! promptly at 7:30. Parker will offici- ', A pep meeting was held Monday ate for both contests so fai's are ' 8 morning for the team for making doubly assured cf fast and interesting such a nood showing hi the Alumni basket ball. j game last Fridav nieht. Talks were ! i jmade by the members cf the team, PT CLUB NO. 12 BIG SUBSCRIPTION OFFER i teachers and yell leader Little. No school was held Monday after- The undersigned, Administrator of the Estate of Louisa Crawford deceas Administrator's Public Sale Ores Kialt Estate ed, hereby gives notice, that bv virtue ! i noon because of the funeral of Mrs. r A. i r i i ' t r': : i f . rptvv'v "M" MotlTerS ntiloarnal I Mary Elliott, the mother of Mrs. Ancil of Grant County indianaj entered in IWinslow, a member of the Academy Estate Xo.'SS57, Probate Record of i board of trustees. Mrs. Elliott's hus- Grant County, IrAliana, it will, as such 4 'band, Isaac Elliott, was also a mem- Administrator, at the Hour of 10 o'clock A. M., on Saturday the 19th, dav of November, 1921, at the CITIZENS R.TATE BANK, Corner of Main and Washington street, Town of Fair-mount. Grant Courfcy, Indiana: and I, the undersigned, Administrator of the estate of Ores Hiatt, deceased, lati of Grant coun:y, Indiana, will sell at the late residence of said Ores Hiatt, 2 miles south of Fairmtunt, Ind., 3 1-4 miles north of Summitville, 1-4 m!?e north cf I. U. T. Traction Stop No. 7 on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29. 1921. Commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., the following property to-wit: 5 HEAD OF HORSFS One black mare, ag- 11, weitrht about 1400; one black mare, age 15, weight, about 1500; orie Bay mare, age 12, weight about 1300; one Bay horse, age 3, weight about 1400; one black mare, ag3 2, draft; one black horse, age 3, draft. 9 HEAD OF CATTLE One J-rsey cow, about 10 years old, fresh in Decem ber of the board for a number of ; years until his death. The Aurora Royal Literary Society ! gave an interesting program Friday ' afternoon. On the program was a from day to day thereafter until sold, offer for sale, at private sale, all of ; parliamentary drill which was open to the interest of said decedent in and Ycu Get ALL. FOUR of Theso f cXi I v 1 JTT L U'l". live a i v v v c. uvi I 1 1 v IV: viiii v V C v v in vimhiv ber, a gpod milker; one red cow, about 11 years old, fresh in April, a good State of Indiana, to-wit: Ixt one: trooa nrosnect: one one bpotted heifer, 2 years old, fr?sh in April, a one knotted heiier. z years old. ir?sh in Anru. a ftlAGASITiLvS and OUR NEWSPAPER jp1 to be ppular and before 5,un No. Ten (10" in Philip's addition to I black cow, 7 years old, giving milk; oni yearling heifer; one yearling steer; i r tt . - 4. ft ! fti : l it had ei.Med many heated discussions Fcr Cr.c Order Now FCR Year Each i . . . i5. t :fti Tne town oi raiimuuiu, uraui v,vu:nv,: uui" f pniis; lanes. arose. A piano duet by Alice Little State of Indiana j32 jjEAD OF HOGS Six Duroc brood sows; 15 feeding shoats; 30 small and Juamta Throckmartm also was on Sa5(i Sale De made subject to ; shoats of weaning age; one Big Type Poland male hog. the program. the approval of the said Court, for II VY AND GRAIN 11 or 12 tons Timothy and Clover hay; 100 shocks of THIS EXCPPTICKAU OFFER IS COOP FOR A SHORT TltffE CULT Subscript: or. 5 raz.f be new or renewal. All renewal sui-critn .as will be extended for one Tear from present date of expiration. iv t n-.r.AV.AT- f tv.; not less thar. the appraised value ot i corn and fodder; about bUU bushals ot. corn lit crio, good quality; :ioU or c$UU essie Lewis, a member oi this gaid real estate and foT CBsh bushels of oats. A few bushels of wheat. ar's senior class, who has been ill ; CITIZENS STATE BANK, FARMING IMPLEMENTS John Deere corn planter; stock cutter; 7-foot j year Administrator, i binder; five hole drill; harrow; two walking breaking plows; Oliver 12-inch CHAS,. T. PARKER j gang breaking plow; John Deere sulky plow; 5-hoe disc drill; Deering mower; i for the past several months, from a severe attack of blood poison, visited ; school Tuesday afternoon. Lewis was ;a member of last year's basket squad disc harrow; 2-row cultivator; single row cultivator; steel rollers; Here Are Two that are Exceptional Attv. for Administrator. Oct. 20-27. Nov. 3-10. jaiil expects to re-enter school in a , NOTICE BY THE RECEIVER OF few days. hay loader; hay tedder; end gate seeder; Weber wagon and box; hg rack; gravel bed; buggy, good; buggy, old, double shovel; garden plow; lawn mower; lifting jack; tool grinder; spring wagon; eight metal chicken coons; New Cypress water tank; binder twine; crosscut saw; grain sacks; 3 to 4 tons hard coal: 40 rods 32-inch hog fence; pair boat runners; fanning mill; scoop shovel ard forks; 14-foot ladder; hay rope and fork; six A hog houses; set brass mounted team harness; set team harness; set buggy harness; some other harness; horse blanket: fence posts; 80 rods barbed wire; cream seperator. ArAd other articles not herein mentioned. Some potatoes; some canned fruit; 100 pounds lard; 8 dozen hens; some ; THE TELBAX CORPORATION j TO CREDITORS iTo The Creditors and All Persons CLUB XO. 14 Fairmount News (Twice a-week) Pictorial Review (9 months) Twice-A -Week Globe-Democrat. The Pathfinder (Wkly.) Good Stories (Mthly.) Regular Value, $6.00 Our Spec'tl Price, $3.50 CLUB NO. 13 Fairmount News fTwice-a-week) Tice-A-Week Globe-Democrat Christian Ilcrald (Wkly.) McCairs Magazine (Mthly.) Heme Circle (Mthly.) Regular Valu, $5.75 Our Special Trice. $3X0 You and each of you are hereby FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indiana ' Call ns at oar expena totified that you shall file your claim vounsr chickens. or claims with me, as receiver of said 'HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE- Base burner; soft coal burn- i Corporation orf or before the 2nd. day or; kitchen range; one rug 12x12, good; other rugs 9x12; small rugp; orte nf Jannarv 1922 nursuant to an order linoleum lzxio, gooa; oea sieaas; Deaaing; oea springs; mattress; organ; rocking chairs; dining chairs; couch; stands; tables; kitchen cabiret; sewing Bring or, send acceptance of your choice without delay to The Fairmount Nevs duly made and entered by the Grant Superior Court, as in the event any claim is not filed by the said 2nd. day of JarAiary 1922, the same will not be considered. O. R. SCOTT, Receiver Telbax Corporation. CHIROPRACTORS McAtee and McAtee Office Hours: Fairmount Summitville 2 to 5 arid Tuesday, Thurs- machine; cupboards; ward-robe; dishes; pans; skillets; washing machine; rineer and other articles too rAjmerous to mention. TERMS OF SALE All sums of $10.00 and over, a credit of six months will be given with 6b interest. Lunch served bv Ladies Aid of Brethren Church at Summitville. GEORGE A. HILDRETH, ADMINISTRATOR. CHAS. T. PARKER, Attorney for Administrator. PURL DEAN. Auctioneer. V. A. SELBY, Clerk. Legal Advert isemert Nov. 11, 18, 25. INDIANA FAIRMOUNT )7 to 8 p. m. day and Friday. 8 to 11 a. m. JjSj Phone 280 jNov. 3-10-17. , EL The Ok Home Town Meets Its Waterloo By Charles Sughroe MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL . - t 1 r- 1 I I oont nop go eA.u' w ousMoiAEjliPf MENU NftWM. (SCOWS TWKrfBl . I! d. cr icviOVJ IJnT"- " i r T y ' I

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