The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 18, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1936
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

Friday, December 18, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page Four of persons Recused of writing etters to Mrs. Wallla j Yilss Radio of 1937" threatening Three Tied for Honor c si" Simpson. 1 Zealous City Of ficiaUUpset Town By Safety Campaign; 1 50 Persons Fined Each Month; Definite Result (Continued from Page 1) r ? v . ...... Mrs. Simpson Declares Plans Are In Edward's Hand's, Denies Tale Of Disagreement WithExiled King (Continual Trom rvte l lions .in the third person liy tolo-phone from the Villa Lou Viei at Cannes. Cannes and .nonio v,a..u puneo , affirmed that no arresta had been ' made alone the Riviera, but authorities would not repudiate reports that some threatening letters had been traced abroad, and arrests made. Twice-Convicted Girl Refuses to Give Up Struggle (Continued from Page 1) tree and with hopea of gettinR another trial. Last Christmaa day the was under sentence of JS yeara in prison five years more, than ahe received this time and was kept locked in the stuffy Jallhouse for 13 months. opposite ends of Main street and watched motorists. They reported that in three hours of observation they failed to see a single traffic violation. Police records show that an average of 150 persons have been arrested each month for traffic violations. Peace has been made partially with the chamber of commerce CAXNKS. IV.-. IS. The Frenih Siiretp Gi n-rale has receivK) Information from abroad, it a beli.-vmi today, that more than one arreM CUntonlan Advertising Commands Attention J has twen made In foreign countries AIRMEN RENEW TASK TODAY IN WILD COUNTRY (Continued from Fas 1) now. It no longer openly opposes the movement as a body, but individual members still are anions the most vociferous critics. Service stations on the edce of Weatherford report a heavy business. Many of them advertise that they repair lights, brakes and make other mechanical adjustments that X i ffim 3 ,a a v.V i . A ' niimiiT jawMabaaw-aaMij- 4 u I : v vl" - " : ; 7: ; IvirginU Verrlll f f 'Dorls Kerr (Virginia Siroms I j .' f. '-r ' .j A U K v-r .-. r may prevent an arrest. TICKETS MOVING FOR BIG DINNER TUESDAY DINNER 0 1 I 1 (Continued from Page 1) EVERYDAY LOW PRICES Oalt c"'7.aS ifT 15c circled and recircled over the alpine area between Salt Lake and Provo. Today this picture will be repeated. Crew Increases New aircraft from many sections of the west joined in the search. ausmentinR the 17-ship squadron now in the field. AVith this enlarged airforce of nearly 100 men. systematic cover-ape of territory for 23 miles on each side of the radio beam between Mil-fnrd and Salt Lake was planned today, it was announced by Alvin P. Adams, president of Western Air Express. We will attempt to reconstruct the flight of the transport in every detail, taking into account the phy:-ical factors Pilot S. J. Samson likely faced the night of the tragedy." Adams explained. This new procedure gave rise to the theory that possibly the airliner may have crashed in the waters of Utah lake which is directly on the airline course. PkC. 3BLS.25e Catsup Peanut Butter city office or at the (."linton Howlnir alleys. Monday evening will mark the deadline for ticket sales. J. C. Kayslett is in charce of J'o orations and entertainment and will probably he assisted by tbe recrfa-tion division of the Wp.V Mr Tal-bott will act a toastmaMer. Tslt T.ll ' Cam Bar COFFEE Jewel Hot-Dated Lb. Bag 17e 3 49c SUGAR Fine Granulated 10 48c Virginia Slmms. rigrit, for her classic beauty, and Doris Kerr, center, for her shapely modern figure, her measurements being, height, S feet Z inches; weight. 105 pounds: waist. 23 inches; bust. 34 inches; hips, 34 K Inches, and calf 12 Inches. Competition for the nonor of reigning as Miss Radio of 1937" was so keen that Nils T. Granlund. famous showman and presiding judge, was forced to select three comely ether stars. Virginia Vcr- nil. left, was chosen aa the perfect exotic type; Pk. 3 Z:". 25c Soups Raisins Sardines Coffee Milk Lb. Tomilo Qt Muitmrd Counlry Club Coutilry 25$ 3cfi20c Cans ' Club POLICE BAFFLED BY ASPECTS OF SCADUTO DEATH COOPER STUDENT IN PERFORMANCE Cranberry Sauce Franklin's Iian of Vnian The Plan of Union presented by Benjamin Franklin before the Albany congress of 1754 is "considered by historians as the forerunner of the Declaration of of Nita Lreonard Cooper, appeared in the Christmas frolic at the Hippodrome theater iu Terre Haute last pveninc. it was learned today. Another performance will be given Tmnrr PEACHES Rice i. 5c Tk aft Blue Rom J.rk XXXX Suear Avondale Frot (Continued trom rage 1) No. CHRISTMAS SUGGESTIONS 27c Wanda Lee Shew, dance student Cans 10c Country Club 2 No. 2V Cans 29c REBEL WARSHIP DROPS 3 SHELLS NEAR U. S. BOAT came to Chicago immediately after his brother's death. Mrs. I-amantia said. MrtlMKlit l Miinlt r Hard Candy Cut Rock Candy French Creams Chocolates Anon 2i w. 25c 15c l-tb. PQ. Boa OJC i. 21 OAKLEY'S Low Prices KAR0 Blue Label Syrup 10c (Continued from Page 1) With Candr THE TOWN TALK OF IMITATED BY MANY! EQUALLED BY NONE! Mixed Nuts Santa Claus Toys Peanut Brittle English Walnuts B.A15C 2"- 25e 23c BEER lb. 17c Onklcjr SfHTiI ;-lB. BA I-I.b 79c Fruit Cakes Hrr Crura C.k. Fifteen customers were in the : place when the executioners marched in last nijrht. They waved i a sa wed-off shotgun and revolvers ! and herded the customers. Scaduto. j and Cataliuo into a rear room. j Sauto was ordered to step out of the group. He refused. The slayers then ordered Cataliuo and the i customers to stand aside. They j obeyed quickly and Scaduto stood j alone aeainst the wail. j One man raised the shotpun. fif-d , three times. Scaduto fell dad and ! the slayers wheeled! about, stalked out of the place and into their car. i llerli), r.- 4 for SSr ... V 1 0 3 8c Xc-- Twirli-d If lh for ValiiHi.lf .upn 2M7.. IAV COFFEE BREAD SUGAR MIUCE MEAT licst Quality Hulk Kike Home Made 2 29c LETTUCE Iceberg Finest Quality Arizona that obviously the rebel commanders on the Espana could hardly have mistaken the trim Erie, only three years old. for the rusty and decrepit ships still in the service of the loyalists. Observers believed that without taking any action that might be construed as recognition of the insurgents Washington would request an explanation of the shooting. The Espana is Ortfe of Spain's two biggest battleships. Built in 1913, it displaces 15,452 tons and is 435 feet long. She carries eight 12-inch guns and 20 four-inchers, as well as batteries of smaller calibers. Country Club Pure i'aw ;mnnliicl 35-MJ. t U1H BAG S1.25 2 15c l"aurake Fkmr 3 lbs. 29c r resn, ,nsp Solid Heads F A Special Value O ft,...., California Secdleu Oranges Ni,,i.ij,e. siu Medium Siza. Doa. 10c Tangerines Gioveoranev Easily Peeled. Sweet. Juicr VANILLA WAFERS 10c Boa. 25C Doa. lOf Lba. 2& PUfilPKlN PEANUT Butter i 22c STATE CAPITAL FIREMAN KILLED Gulden Sii;ar I'liiiipkin Fanry Boa iJeiicloue or n iekwis, -.,..,a TeiaiSeedleaa Doa. Kr brapetrun Medium si fctra Lame &4 Site, bach Sc f 'risi llrfm n Flakes Hollii-aniui 3 lZ 28c CCRIJ FLAKES THE IDEAL GIFTS J5 Steel Coaster Wagon Only $2.98, or a Beautiful Sessions Electric Clock $1.49 to $2.29. Bj Our Special Pl Harry! 29c 4lliS N- 21 Cans Extra Faner Lb. -JJit CaL Emperora 3dt 20c Iliillieaiiua Fancy Miehinao Lsa. C. INTMANAPOLIS. Dec. 18. One i city fireman was killed instantly and another was injured perhaps fatally when a ladder wagon en i (V1ILK FIVE MURDERED, 2 ARE WOUNDED BY LAW OFFICER Grapes Celery Carrots Eta. WeU Kleached Bnjncb 5c la P-i-p. Tender GARDEN FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Apples, fancy box 2 lbs. 15c Clinton's Most Complete Market BEEF IS THE BUY route to a fire was in collision with a truck of the Indianapolis Light & Power Co. at a downtown street Intersection early today. John Hart was killed and Albert Ruhiish was taken to the City hospital in a critical condition. Tender STEAK (In Oranges, Florida, dz. 19c, 25c, 33c Grapes, Tokay 3 lbs. 25c Cranberries qt. 23c Grapefruit, marsh seedless, 3 - 10c Apples, eating, cooking. 5 lbs. 25c Tangerines, size 176. . . .doz. 15c Cauliflower head 19c to 25c Head Lettuce, size 60 5c Carrots bunch 5c Celery 3 stalks 10c Leaf Lettuce 2 lbs. 15c Mangoes. . 3 for 10c Oranges, Calif., .doz. 19c 25c 33c CHUCK ROAST (Continued from Page 1) inquired: "W.hat'8 the matter with you? You look at me as if I was insane!" These were the dead: Joseph Benda. 50, father of Sullivan's housekeeper: Helen Benda. 5 2. his wife: Mary Vukelja. 4 8. who accused Sullivan of mistreating her daughter; Milan Vukelja, 23. her son: Mrs. Laura Clawson Bacon, 58, a divorced social worker who investigated the charges against POPE PLANS AUDIENCE CTT7 A TT VATICAN CITY. Iec. IS Giving j the lie to reports published abroad ; that he had suffered a relapse. Pope j Pius today from his sick tied issued i formal invilaiions to a solemn ! rhristniHs eve audipi-e. W vr iwW w Pound POT ROAST Lb. 11c OLEO Eatmore Brand 2 Lbs. 27C 17c MATCHES S boxes . . . . CREAM CANDY, pure, fresh. .. .2 lb. 25c HARD MIXED, pure sugar candy . 2 lbs. 23c All Fined and Plastic Candy. ... .2 lbs. 27c STICK CANDY 2-lb. pkg. 19c PECANS, laree paper shells lb. 22 Jc CREAM NUTS, extra large lb. 19c English Walnuts, large budded lb. 21c 10 discount to churches, schools and lodges on $5.00 purchase or more. CHOICE VEAL XhlAS CAIIDY AND HUTS v; a i PEPPER, pure 7f rround, pound ... w STEAKS Heies an Basy ay Knox Gelatin, 4 f 'V ROASTS lb 14 ruit flavor, 3 pkgs. CHOPS J ll-nli-itn ,11). 175c To Pay For The APRICOTS lb. 14c i "In tit Mtiirs PEACHES PRUNES ft 3 lbs.20c RAISINS b. 11c S;inl;t lam 4rU-7 Sir- XMASB KiKtu-n fljwvn. First Vuali All-run1" FLOUR BREAST tor STEW lb. 10c RolledRibRoastl?1 No Bone or Waste Pound ,. PORK SPECIAL Fresh PICniCG ib.ijc PORK STEAK ib.20c FRESH SIDE lb. 17vc MUTTON Gift sr 73c jii.ii. ii.u;. . . 3f You Would Like to Buy! UNION LEADER TOBAiCCO ST c es fir a-f? f 3" & j a Sr IlKi I Ml.. T1X 59c QUALITY INSPECTED MEATS HAMS Sugar Cured Skinned Hams, surplus fat removed, average weight 14 to 18 lbs., one-half or whole ham lb. 181c BEEF Fresh ground, no cereal added lb. 1 0c BACON Machine sliced, no rind or waste, .lb. 22lc BRAINS Selected pork or calf lb. 10c BACON Sugar cured, Boston style .lb. 15c Breast for roast or stew lb. 81c VEAL Steak -lb. 2c Cutlets or Minute Steak, no bone. .Ib. 17c FRESH FISH Whiting or Jack Salmon. . .lb. S,c STEAK Choice Sirloin lb. 1 5c LARD Pure hog lard, U. S. inspected. . . .lb. 131c CHEESE Full cream lb. 19lc SAUSAGE Fresh sausage, made from pork Quality fine lb. 12ic lb. 17! STEAKS LEG O' FIUTTOH CHOPS STEW or BOIL Just step in nd Ulk with us. We will r- -r range a loan up to $300 to fit your need quickly and easily. Pay cash for your purchases and repay iu in easy monthly installments. -r . J It- c 3 lbs:25c ?- FISH CATFISH STEAKS Ib. 19c CATFISH FILLETS lb. 19c Boneless HADDOCK lb. 16c Fresh Oysters Solid pl 25c We rewire tin rivht f limit qiuintile. Irfc-es utjct ut mark i -I rliane Security Loan Co. 121i South Main Street Clinton, Indiana OAKLEY'S For Lower Food Prices!

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