The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 10, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1921
Page 3
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1 THE FAIRMOUNT NK1 Abe Lincoln turned to Sarah and said: "This is a growing country. You THIS MAM'S EXPERIENCE MOTHER! CLEAN CHILD'S BOWELS WITH CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP ought to see the cities springing up there In the legislature. I was looking with creat satisfaction at the crop "1 saw him the day h drev tnu the vilJnge," Harry answered. "Hi was expecting to find Ann and taakt good his promise to marry her." "Poor fool! It's a sad story al around." said Abe Lincoln. "He's noi a bad fellow, I reckon, but he broke Ann's heart. Didn't realize what a 'I when Samson came along one day and roll on it. He was like a frost In midsummer." "The seed was sown too early," Samson rejotned. "You and I may live to see all the dreams of Vandalla come true." "And nil ntirlitmnres. too." Said Ewn a sick child lores the '"fruity" taste of "California Fig Syrup." If the little tongue Is coated, or if your child Is listless, cross, feverish, full of cold. tender thing it was. I cant forgive him." In the middle of the afternoon they came in sight of the home of Henry Brings a Ray of Hope to Childless Women Lowell, Mass. " I had anemia from the time I was sixteen years old and was very irregular. If I did any house- cleaning or washing I would faint and MM I r -a" far K ' 1 i E V "V I & i have to be put to bed, my husband thinking every min wr has colic, give a teaspooofiil to j cleanse the liver and howls. In a few hours you can see Tor yourself how 1 thoroughly It werks all the cuistipa-tiou poison, sour bile and waste out of I the bowels, and you have a well, play- I ful child a pi in. j Millions of mothers keep '"California ; Fig Syrup handy. They know a tea- j spoonful today saves a sick child to- i morrow. Ask your druggist for genuine "California Fig Syrup which has directions for babies and children of , 11 ages printed on bottle. Mother! . ute was my last. After reading your text-book for women A STORY OF THE BUILDERS y DEHOCRACT &mMg& ACHELLER, the young statesman. "Yes, we're going to wake up and find a cold morning and not much to eat In the house and the wolf at the door, but we'll live through it. Then the young statesman proposed : "If you are going with Harry. I'll go along and see what they've done on the Illinois and Michigan canal. Some contractors who worked . on the Erie canal will start from Chicago Monday to look the ground over and bid on the construction of bhe southern end of it. I want to talk with them when they come along down the line." "I guess a few days In the saddle would do you good," said Samson. "I reckon it would. I've been ijm I took Lydia EL Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound and 'used the Sanative Brimstcad. "Here's where we stop and feed, and listen to Henry's secre's.' suld Samson. The level fields were cut into squares outlined by wooden stakes. Brlmstead was mowing the grass U his dooryard. He dropped Jils scythe and came to welcome the travelers. "Say, don't you know that you are stnnding in the center of a large and promising city?" he said to Samson. "You are. standing at the corner of Grand n venue and Empire street. In the growing city of El Dorado, near the great water highway of Illinois," Brimstend declaimed. "Where's the growl n'T Samson demanded. Brlmstead came closer and said In n confidential tone: "If you stand right where you are an' listen, you'll hear It growin'." "It sounds a good deal like a turnip growin' in garden." Samson remarked, thoughtfully. "Give it a fair chance," Brlmstead CHAPTER XVI Continued. 16 and knew not quite how to behave himself an exaggeration In which You must say "California" er you may pet an imitation ng syrup. there was no small amount of truth. "He has not yet accomplished much -V In ISCUi the middle frontier had en tered upon a singular phase of Its de cloyed on house- air and oratory and future creatness. The prairie wind and your pessimism will straighten me up." Harry rode to the village that after Wash, and have never felt better than' I have the last two years. I can work, eat, sleep, and feel as strong as can be. Doctors told me I could never have children I was too weak but after taking Vegetable Compound it strengthened me so I gave birth to an eight pound boy. I was well all the time, did all my work up to the last day, and had a natural birth. Everybody who knew me was surprised, and when they ask me what made me strong I tell them with great pleasure, ' I took Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound and never felt better in my life. ' Use this testimonial at anytime." Mrs. Elizabeth -Smart, 142 W. Sixth St., Lowell, Mass. This experience of Mrs. Smart is surely a strong recommendation for Lydia E. Pinkham'8 Vegetable Compound. It is only one of a great rr?ny similar cases. noon to get ''Colonel" and Mrs. Lukins to come out to the farm and stay with i In the legislature. I don't think that he will ufitil some big issue comes along. 'I'm not much of a hand at hunting squirrels, he said to me the other day. 'Wait till I see a hear.' The ' people of Vandalla and Springfield ; have never seen him yet. They don't know him as I do. Pnt they all re-i sin-net him just for his good-fellowship, honesty and decency. I cue? that every fellow with a foul mouth hates himself for it and envies the man who isn't like him. They begin to see his skill as a politician, which has shown itself in the passage of a bill removing the capital to Spring-tUid. Abe Lincoln was the man who Other People's Property. "Ti c charge is burglary, remarked the judge. Your honor. said the hard-faced prt'rer. "Pin a 'himu.n lly an when cV oops nabbed me I wn just prar tloln me profession." "Fm. What's a 'human lly?" "Dat's a fellow what climbs up do iddes of build n's without any ropes or ladders, jut umu his hands an foot." "I soo. but even if yon aro a 'human fly. y,x' rtr Mt expected to carry off tmything valuable you happen to Rnd wf!cr yen get above the ground floor." IV rot I pulmm A ge-1 lere. Id. Sarah while no and Samson were velopment. Immigrants from the East and "South and from overseas had been pouring into it. The summer before the lake ami river steamers had been crowded with them, and their wagons had come in long processions out of the Fast. Chicago had In-gun its phe-pomenal growth, A fronr.ied specula tion in town lets had been undl'f Vay in that community since the autumn of v. It was spreading through the state. Imaginary cities were laid out on ti e lonely prairies and all the corner lots sohl to eager buyers and paid for with promises. Millions of conver away. j went on. "Two cellars have been luc over there in the pasture. One is for the town hall and .the other for the unlverlty which the Methodists ar going to build. A railroad has been surveyed and is expected this sum user. Every corner lot ha been sol.? and paid Tor, half and hr' notes." "The brokers U". Chicago got th. cash and you got tho tK-tos?" "You've said It. I've ot a drawer full of notes." sational, protnissoi v dollars, based put H through. Fut he has not yet un-coverrJ his best talents. Mark my GREEN'S AUGUST FLOWER upon the gold at the foot of the tain- '"1 hew, were changing hands day by day. The legislature, with an empty treas Josiah, now a sturdy boy of thirteen, stood in the dooryard. holding the two saddle ponies frm Nebraska which Samson had bought of a drover. Hot soy, a handsome young miss almost tif-teeu years old, stood beside him. Sarah, whose face hud begun to show the wear of years full of loneliness and hard work, was packing the saddle-bags, now nearly filled, with extra socks and shirts and doughnuts and bread and butter. They met Abe Lincoln at the tavern, where he was waiting on a big horse which he had borrowed for the trip from James Kutiodge. Without delay, the three men set out on the notth road in perfect weather. From ury behind it. voted twelve millions for river improvements and imaginary railroads and canals, for which neither surveys nor estimates had been mad. U Tomorrow Alright to serve the dream-built cities of the speculator. If Mr. Lincoln had had more experience in the getting and use of dollars and more acquaintance with "And you've quit fariuln'?" "Say. I'll tell ye the land has gone up so It wouldn't pay. Peasley an' I cal'ale that we're goin to git rich this summer soUin lots." "Wake up. man. You're drenmln'." said Samson. Henry came close to Samson ami said in a confidential tone: "Say. mebbe the whole state Is dreamin an' the shrinkinc timidity of larce sums. he would have tried to dissipate these illusions of grandeur. Fut he went with the crowd, every member of which had a like inexperience. wortf, some day Lincoln will be a big man. "The death of his sweetheait has agvnl and sobered him. When we are together he often sits looking down with a sad face. For a while not a word out of him. Suddenly he will begin saving things, the effect of which will go with me .to my grave, although I cannot call back the words and place them as he did. He is what I would call a groat captain of words. Seem? as if I heard the band playing while they marched by me as well dressed and stepping as proud and regular as the Foston ttuanls. In seme great battle between Uight and Wn r.g you w ill hear from him. I hepe It may be the battle between Slavery and Freedom, although at present he thinks they must avoid coming to a clinch. In my opinion it cannot be done. I expect to live to e? the fight and to take part In It." lite in the session of lSotMSoT the prophetic truth of these words began ro reveal itself. A bill was- being put through the legislature denouncing the ye.nn in us sleep pout wnais an seh. ols an' factories an' ni'Jls an' rail In the midst of the session Samson Travlor arrived in Yandalia on his Ladies Keep Your Skin Clear, Sweet, Healthy With Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Talcum The Remedy With a Record of Fifty-Five Years of Surpassing Excellence. All who suffer with nervous dyspepsia, sour stomach, const Ipat ion. -indigestion, torpid liver. dizziness, headaches, com Ins up of food, wind on stomach, palpitation and other indications of digestive disorder, will find t?reens August Flower an effective and most efficient remedy. For fifty-five years this moiloir.o has been successfully used In millions of households all over the civilised world. Be-cause of its remarkable merit and widespread popularity f? recti's August Flower can be found today wherever medicines are sold. Advertisement. Sleeping Sickiess Thief. The case of a boy who Nvanw a thief after an attack of encephalitis letharsia (sleeping sickness) is de-scrilHHl in the Lancet. London Fug-land.) When eleven years old he remained in a state of stupor and lethargy for five weeks. He had been a normal. Intelligent, and docile child. After his Illness he showed uncontrollable criminal tendencies. ha leen com ieted for theft on several occasions, and is regarded by the police as an incorrigible thief. Ills intelligence dcs net seem to le impaired. visit to Mr. Lincoln. "I have sold my farm." said Samson $1 T ft to his old friend the evening vf his 'Pid you got a j.tod price 7" Mr. Lin coln askeu. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM 'All that mv conscience would allow BamoTrr Hanaro tf -S t npr U&irKailind Restores Color and I Beauty to Gray and Faded Haiii me to take," said Samson. "The man offered me three dollars an acre In txT. ana si.iiuki omjrcwia. cash and ten dollars In notes. Ye compromised on seven dollars, all HINDERCORNS Rimowt OnTOS, Callouses, eta., stnpa all pain, ensures comfort to tlie frrt, make walking fnv. lftu. by mail r at Druv rlsta, Htsoos Ctaemieal Works, fatcooirae, M. X. cash." prowth of abolition sentiment and its fccttvity in organired societies and. up "What are you going to do now that roads. We're bavin a good time, anyway." This reminded Abe Lincoln of th story r "There was a man in Pope county who came hone one evening jind sat down in the middle of the barn floor and began to sing. His wife nsktv him: " 'Are you drunk or crazy or a fooir "I don't know what youd call It. but I know I ain't got a darn hit to spare, he anv.wored, with a whoop of Joy." "You're all goin' to roll out o' bod and hit the tloor with a bump." said Samson. Brlmstead declared In his usuk! tone of confidence: "The worst part o beln' n fool Is lonesomeness. I was the only one In Flea valley. Now I shall be in the company ot a governor an' dor.ens o' well known statesmen. You'll be the only lonesome man in Illinois." "I sometimes fear that he will or you have sold out?" i holding the right of property in slaves. Suddenlv Lincoln had come to a fork "I was thinking of going up to Taze well county." tn the road. Popularity, the urge of "Why don't you go to the growing many friends, the counsel of wealth and power, ami public opinion, the ca I and prosperous town of Springfield?" Mr. Lincoln asked. "The capitol will f good politics pointed in one direc tion and the crowd went that way. I No Poser. "How long have you been indisposed, my poor fellow?" asked a fair visitor at :i hospital of a bis nejrro who was strapped np In bed with an injured baek. "Ids ain't no pose tall, miss." answered t"ne patient in tones of disgust. "Dis am merely de eareless manner in whieh doni forgetful doe-tors went nwav and lei" ine yestiddy." be there, and so will I. It Is coins to w-as a stampede. Lincoln stood alone at the coiner. The crowd beckoned but in vain. One man came back and Joined him. It was Pan Stone, who was not a candidate for re-election, ilis political career was ended. There were three words on the s-igu-hoard Every department of 'housekeeping needs Red Bross Ball Blue. Equally poofl for kitehen towels, table linen, sheets and pillowcases, etc. pointing toward the perilous and lone be a big city. Men who are to make history will live in Springfield. You must come and help. I shall need your friendship, your wisdom and your sympathy. I shall want to sit often hy your fireside. You'll find a good school there for the children. If you'll think of it seriously I'll try to got you Into the public service." "We need you plenty," Samson answered. "We kind o think o' you as one o the family. Til talk it over with Sarah rnd see. Xever mind the job. If l keep you behavin yourself, it'll be job enough. Anyway. I guess we can ly road that Lincoln propose I to fol joy the loneliness of wisdom. salt! Honest Al e. "In some parts of the state every fanner owns bis own private city," Samson declared. "I hope Ilem F.rin.stead does as well raising cUb, low. They were the words Justice and Human Uichts. Lincoln and Pan Shave With Cuticura Soap And double your rasor efficiency as well as promote skin purity, skin comfort and skin health. No rang, no slimy soap, no germs, no waste. no Irritation even when shaved twice dally. One soap for all uses shavinsr bat,hinsr and shampooing. Advertisement Hew Ceuid She He'p It? "Hew did this va-e cot broken. Mary?" "It fell otf the pode-tal. ma'am. "How did yoj upset the pedestal"" "I never t-, c-ed It. The chair hump d info it. ma'am." "Ar.d did yen puh the ehair?" -I did net. ma'am. It was the table eVro that. A1 I did was to pe.h the sofa up aca'rt the table. An good-tie- knov. s -an"t -v what's a pi:i' to happen that far o.T!" Rod Cross Fall Flue is the finest product of its kind in the world. Every woman who has used it knows this statement to be true. "I've Been Cloyed on House Air and Oratory and Future Grer.tness.w the hill's edge they could loo!; over a wooded plain running far to the east. As they rode on, the young statesman repeated a long passage from one of the sermons of Ir. William Fllery tone took that road in a protest, do rlaring that they "heboved the institu tion of slavery was founded u;on in I'.istiee and bad policy." Lincoln had followed his conscience, ir.stead of the ! Channiug on the "Instability of Human Affairs.' crowd. Tough on the Babies. A paragraph worthy of publication in "Whiz. Bug" appeared recently in the (Jenesee (Idaho) News. It was in the nature of a "paid local"" inserted by the members of the Jenesee medical fraternity. I'mler the caption, "Eight Monihs Warning." appeared the following: "After October 1 all babies C. O. I. Signed. W. M. Eitlen. M. D.. II. Bouse. M. !. Pullman (Wash.) Herald. a he did raising grain. lie was a very successful farmer." "I knew you'd make fun o' me but when yon ensue again you'll see the towers an steeples." said Brimstone'. 'lut up your horses and eonie into the house ami see the first Ifdy of EI Dorado." Mrs. Brlr.istcnd had their dinner ce.okir.g before the horses were cared At twer.ty-e.ght years of age he ha safeiy pa -sod the great danger point tn his career. The deitaration at Ie "I wish that I had your memory," Samson remarked. "My memory is like a piece of metal." said the voting legislator. "Learning Is not easy for me. It's rather slow work like encraving with eatur, the speeches against !mglas, the miracle of turning 4 ..) beasts n!o 4.rU men. the sublime utter nce at Gettysburg, the wise parables, manage to get along." "I've bad a talk with Stuart and have sotv.e god news for Harry and IVm." said young Mr. Lincoln. "Stuart thinks she can get a divorce under the l:;w of lS'JT. I suppose they are siili interested in each other?" "He's like most of the Yankees. O'.uc 1 e gets set, it's hard to change him. The Kelsos have moved to Chi-caco. and I don't know how IVm stands. If Harry knows, he hasn't .-aid a word to us about it." "I'm interested in that little romance." said the legislator. "It's our duty to tio what we can to secure the happiness of these young lovers. Tell the second inat:cural. ti e innumerable icts of mercy, ail of which lifted bin According to a medical man. fast living shortens our lives. According to the coroner's records, fast flivving has tho same effect. mto undying fame, were now possible. Ssfcty First! sher was called to the tele- Henceforth he was to cv forward with for. "Weil, what do you tlnnlc ot Henry's plans" she asked. "I l:ke the f:mn better." "So ,lo I." the woman declared. "It-it the men around here have gone vrnzy with dreams of sudden wealth." "I've only n word of advice about It. If those Chicago men sell any more of your land make them take the notes and you take the monpy. Where l Annabel :" "Te.'ehing the school at Hopcvlale. " the growing approval of his own spiri Mr. Ha phone. 'I si;. ; and the favor of tJod. asked a feminine voice. this are vow coins down our street Another conference on the limitation of armaments might be held by the pistol makers, who should limit their output to those licensed to carry such weapons. BOOK THREE Harry to come over here. I want to talk with him." CHAPTER XVII. "We're goins up to Chicago to see j morning In. your meter ear?" "Xo," replied the astonished man. But why do yon ask?" th. that's all right!" came in relieved tones tver the wire. "I only wanted to know If it would be safe to send my little girl round the corner for a spool of thread." French opposition to duelling, on the ground that the country needs the lives of all its lighters, would be better understood if French- duels had ever been fatal. , a tool. I tut when a Using is onc,e printed on my memory it seems to stay there. It doesn't rub out. When I run across a great Idea, well expressed. I like to pat it on the wall of my mind where I can live with it. In this way every man can have his own little art pillory and be in the company of great men." They forded a crook in deep water, where a bridge had been washed nvvay. As they came out dripping on ,th farther shore. Lincoln remarked : "The thing to do in fording a deep stream is to keep watch n your hcrse's ears. As long as you can see em you're all right." "Mr. Lincoln, I'm sorry you got into a hole." said Samson. "I don't mind that, but while we're traveling together, please don't call me 'Mr. Lincoln. I don't think I've done anything to deserve such lack of ro-spect." Samson answered : "If you're nice to us. I don't know hut we'll call ye 'Abe again, just for a few days. You can't expect us to go too far with a man who associates with judges and generals and governorsand such trash. Wherein Young Mr. Lincoln Betrays of Two Highly Important Subjects. There were two subjects of which sir. Lincoln had little understanding. They were women ami finance. Until hey had rightly appraised the value f . his friendship, women had been wont to regard him with a riant curiosity. He had been aware of this, and for years had avoided women, save those of old acquaintance. When be lived at the tavern in the village, often In the old buccaneer days the pirates often wrote It "red ruin," so that they could spell It backward and show a certain grim relation. It might fittingly be spelled that way n6w. THE OGONTZ RUBBER CO. 434 Guardian Building, Cleveland, Ohio are manufacturers and joblers of . a very tine line of household necessities and give exclusive agencies to live wires. A postal card will bring details. Advertisement. the Kelsos," said Sainton. "Olad you are. Some rich feller uj there by the name of Davis has fallen In love with Bim an' he don't give hrr any peace. lie left here Inst night goin' north. Owns a lot o land In Tarewell county an wears a diamond In his shirt as big as your thumb nail. Bim has been teaching school In Chicago this winter. It must be wonderful place. Every one has loads of money. The stores an houses are as thick as the hair on a dog's back some of 'em as big ns all outdoors.' Abe Lincoln and Harry entered with their host and the travelers sat down to a luncheon of pudding and milk and doughnuts and pie. "How far do you call It to the sycamore woods?" Lincoln asked as they rose from the table. "About thirty mile, said Brim-stearl. "We must he off if we are to get there before dark. the young statesman deela-e'i (TO BE CONTINTJtVD.) A wife charges In her bill for divorce that her husband, while at home, whistled constantly, and you have to, agree with her that there Isn't much satisfaction In having the last whistle. A Leader. Blackstcne He's a man of affairs. Webster Yes; his wife is suing for divorce. CHAPTER XVIII. In Which Mr. Lincoln, Samson and Harry Take a Long Ride Together and the Latter Visit the Flourishing Little City of Chicago. Mr. Liu win had brought the papers which Harry was to take to Fini. and made baste to deliver them. The boy was eager to be off on his mission. The fields were sown. The new buyer was coining to take possession in two weeks. Samson and Harry had finished their work in New Salem. "Wait till tomorrow and maybe Fll go with ye." said Samson. "I'm anxious to take a look at that little mushroom city of Chicago." "And buy n few corner lots?" Abe asked, with a smile. "No; I'll vvsit till next year. They'll le cheaper then. I believe In Chicago. lts place! right on the waterway to the north and east, with good country on three sides and transportation on the other. It can go into partnership with Steam Power right away and begin to do business. Your grain ami pork can go straight from there to Albany and. New Yrrk and Boston and Baltimore without being rehandled. When railroads come if they ever do Steam I'ower will be shoving grain anil meat and passengers Into. Chicago from every point o. the compass. he had gone without a meal rather than expose himself to the eyes of strange women. The reason for this was well understood by those who knew hlm. The young man. was an exceedingly sensitive human being. No doubt he had sviSTerod more than any one knew fron. Ill-concealed ridicule, but he had betn able to Uvar it with composure in his callow youth. Later Statisticians admit that there Is a scarcity of gold, thus proving that even a statistician is human and shares the common lot. A Student's Wish. "History repeats itself." "Well, 1 wish arithmetic would sum Itself up- Seasons on big game are being shortened, doubtless because of the shortened supply of big game. Men who own electric plants are satisfied with light harvests, If yon keep It np. you're hound to lose standing In our community." . "I know Fve changed," said Abe. "I've grown older s;n-e Ann died years ago hut I don't want you fellows to throw me ov?r. Fm cn the same level that yon are and 1 intend to stay there. It's a fool not'on that men go up some heavenly stairway to another plane when they begin to do things worth while. That's a kind of feudalistlc twaddle. The wise man keeps Ms feet on the ground ard lifts his nilnd as high as possible. The higher be 1'fts It. the more respect he will have for the common folk. Have etther of you seen McNamar since he sot 'rtj?" , . IIRM Hm&S' s 1 1 Si i A woman's ability as a debater is not to be Judged by her powers as a logician, but by the results of the controversy. She never loses. nothing roused his anger like an attempt to ridicule him. Two women In- had regarded with treat tenderness his foster mother, the second wife of Thomas Lincoln, and Ann Rutledge. Others had been to him, mostly, delightful but inscrutable beings. The company of women aBd of dollars had been equally unfamiliar te him. He had said more thau aoce It. bis jcarg manhood that he felt t NifSht II II Morning Sauffriere Eruption. On April J0. 1S13. the Vlncentian SnnfTrlere burst forth In all Its fury opening a circular chasm over half a mile In diameter and nearly .00 fel deep. So nwful was the discharge that Bnrbadoes. 101 mile: away, was thickly covered with the tcnlc dnaC eepYour Eyfes K Every man pat to work helps to make a place for some other man. Employment Is contagious, but Idle,, ness Is infectious and deadly. far frM C) Car 'SDbaritAiftS lr. the presence of either. I .x

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