The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 18, 1936 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, December 18, 1936
Page 3
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Friday, December 18, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 3 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Founded 1(11 Nebraska Tries Own New Deal Established as The Weekly Clintonian 180 Toe Clinton Plaiodealer absorbed in 1908. laj UtfUlKIU "'Livingston, George L. Carey Editor and Publisher ntered at tbe Postoffice at Clinton, Indiana, as 6eeond Class Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association Sometimes si?'d dream of the little rcta'jrr.M in Kan Francisco where he told h r ibn-A the other CHAPTER XV Tber went down in the elevator, passed the plum and gold doorman. "It anch a aood address. If you only had one of the large, front National Advertising Rr.-praaentalive: GEO. B. DAVID CO. 1900 Wrlelejr Bldg.. Chicago. Ill General Motors Bldg.. Detroit 110 East 42nd St.. Near York 117 Pho Phone 41 He was as attentive as ever. But there was a studied attentivener about it that irritated her, frightened her. He was being sweet to her because he thought he ought to, because . . . because. . . . Sh didn't know why, except that it was no longer because he wanted to. He sent her little presents. Flowers. A book. A small box of some special candy. He was as sweet as ever, but some t ring was lacking. He no lonjrer the time h" spent with her, he no longer gave her his full attention. She knew that he was worried about something, that his mind was constantly upon something or someone else. It was months before ehe w positive that that someone w v Christine. The thing was rid'culous. A Lr -liant, sophisticated young ur;' girl. Then ?ht J wake, cold and clammy with tat. chok?d with shamed tears. She never passed that enrner in San Krancipco without averting her eyes. It was spoiled for her forever. Even Sp?nih Pass was 5noiled. When she was ill and miserable in the Piedmont houe in the early autumn and the first days of the winter, before Donald found the work for her, fh? used to think sometimes of going back. She had Vr allowance. It was more than sufficient for her to live, with a hocFekeepcr. or a chaperon of some sort, in the comfortable old house. But what was there to go back to, with Dad gone and Gene worse THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM v 1. To farther every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. Z. To assist the revival of tbe Indiana coal mining industry, 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemploy- S ment oroblrm. " 4. To beautify Clinton and make H tbe most attractive city 1 1 8Ute capllol ys r $,f's r . I . I r& v. " .?:..iT- Wf!tf , ,, ' v ; ft ' - An-'' - , t 'rtl . i jf , r- . j JJT!; rvir"" " s ,...iir.t. iir4&Ttf "tor ' ti "When I marry an helre-s " "When you marry Adele. Be speciflc" They were getting into the ear now. He was giving more than his usual attention to starting. She watched him narrowly. "Donald, you haven't you haven't seen anyone else?" "Hundreds thousands. We'd better go by the garage and get some more gas. 1 have a call or two to make afterwards, and " "Donald, you've fallen in love with someone elset She thought he turned a bit more ruddy. "You're crazy I" he said shortly. "You have! I can tell the way you deny it." "Nonsense. I don't know anybody. A dde's taken every bit of my time since June." "Well if you'll promise me "111 promise you nothing," he said angrily. And then when her face fell, and she looked at him with reproachful, hurt eyes, he said: "Oh, I'm sorry. Nerves. Upset over a kid I saw this afternoon. Forgive me. Eve. I'll be more hu-iran when I've had some food." of its sue m the state. AUSTRALIA'S BIG RESERVOIR The word comes from Australia that, after 1 7 years of work, the Hume reservoir has been opened, at a cost of nearly thirty million dollars. It is expected, together with other works, comprising many dams and locks, to insure the productivity of hundreds of thousand? of acres, in which drought has killed millions of sheep, to assure good crops of fruit and feed and to make possible electricity for power.' .m499fBt5S3H!: When completed the project will have cost around $75,000,-000. We don't know what constitutional problems the Australians had to surpass before going ahead with their development plans but what they have done is indication of what the world is going to do everywhere in the near future. , , She laid her hand on his. Of course. It's so unlike you to snap t me, that's all. Tell me about tbe Hd. The little boy. Is he seriously & I fLW is- "M kM ill?" "Girl. I think shell be all right now. I'm tired, that's all." "Oh a girl. A young girl. Donald, you'redon't get mad again, ea- yoVre not getting interested n Torae new girl? Darling, I'm sure One of tne most Interesting political reforms recently attempted is-due to get under way In Nebraska the first week in January. On that date the first unicameral state legislature will convene, replacing the customary two-house assembly. Senator George Norrls is aw of the original backers of the plan which is expected te maks for greater economy and efficiency in government. dele expects and i ve hoped so "Oh, I'll marry Adele if shell havo nte. This Is only a kid, as I ej,l- child. It's nothing, Eve, stop crbirg me the wrong way, will y;j?" street on Monday evening and were She sailed, leaned back in the THE UPKEEP AFTER A WAR It's not the cost of war so much as the upkeep that works havoc with the nation's monetary plans. For example, there were 280.564 men engaged in the Spanish- united in marriage liy the Rev ear. "All riht. That was all I l- Brandenburg of Norm Liberty wanted, dear yo ir promise. 0 m Ind. THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live American war, of whom 9.599 were casualties. , Today 227,229 was in Terre Miss Amy Didkr Haute Wednesday. veterans are on the pension rolls, drawing about $100,000,000 a Autumn pasted, and winter, and spring cams H7in. Christie, rvho had bci.-n pale and listless alt autumn, and listless and Ported thrcugh thi winter, bloomed rgain. She thonght it was because she busy. Prmald Latham had got hr interested in a day nursery where working mothers left their Patsy, the C'rackerjack man. from Terre Haute, was here Tuesday. year. fWilf' HJIK The Civil war has been over more than sixty years but in 1931 the pensions being paid amounted to some $120,000,000. The World war has been over about eighteen years, so what? Often she'd slip in to talk to him while he was waiting for Adelt Well, pretty soon Christinas will be over. too. That will lake rare of every thine: exrepl New Years. Then we can sit back and devote our entire attention to Japan, China. Mussolini. Hitler, and "Wally Simpson." DhVKMBKK 18, I KM Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Kell babies, fehe worked like a slave, and loved it. Talked about It un than gone? Her best friend, Gladys til even natient Aunt Nettie sighed I'latt, had dropped her (poor enns- Black man street, had tin their din Merely that World war compensation increased from $121,374,000 nnd Adele refused to bear another lKr guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs, word. in 1921 to $690,000,000 in 1932. This doesn't include the bonus Isabelle tried it, too, for a little John Rfjsonetlo. and family and Mr and Mrs. ii. Roy Stultz and family. phile, but soon gave it up. "I can't your be tied down must have freedom rou pot done? money and only a statistician could estimate the cost of a general pension, which many fear will be the next demand of the World war liy the way, have ChriBluias hinting all tie, she never knew that it was just Gladys hurt pride, thinking that sha herself was dropped). And the others were only too ready to take Gladys' side and say, with her, that Christie Cooper was all right so lone: as she and old man Cooper just lived alone, but her head was turned when her Aunt Nettie and her society daughters came, and she was sent away to a ritzy school. to express myself! she said. -.jisK Arminta Spencer. MisB Alice So Christie went alone every day and saw less and less of the iam veteran I J J f TJf JTJIFJg Isgris? aud ; Miss Mabel Hicks, and an ignorant child like Chris' i-What could he see in her, an . really, what could the child se'- i:. him? Why didn't she prefer jom- one her own age, some boy? It was hard to have to tell h : mother. Nettie hated new ideas, especial:;.-unpleasant ones. It was so hard to stir her to action. There was talk that led nowhere, and tears on both sides. B-it Nettie's eyes were open now and sh watched, furtively. Of course, Chrirrtic didn't know. When Nettie told her that she'd have to spend the rest of the year before returning to school in the fall in a manner more fitting a young girl of her age and position, she was annoyed but not surprised. tea'-n at tne fiendale school, were ily. And if she still cried herself to sleep occasionally no one knew or cared. She told herself that she no longer loved Gene, that she had never hostseti yefcttrday for delithtfu There aren't so many more shopping days till Chris mas, so be suk-in Tt;ad -all of tonight's f'lintouian Advertisements. You're sure to find a bargain if you do! Just how much Donald helped Christmas Junctvoii at the school. and how much she came to depend year, with strange mew influences enleiiug Hie affairs m'th fortuitous consequences. Employment and fi (Hiests were: Misses Lena Phil him and his friendship she hardly knew. lips. Jewel Franklin, Annabel I: Certainly she wasn t in love wun ton. Dorothy Boa pp. Virgil LVBol him then. Nor did she dream of his and Mrs. Alma Follz, all teachers being m love with her. He was Adele's friend. He and Adeie went Olondaie. and Miss Isabel Gauld everywhere together. YESTERDAYS 1K4 KMHKJE IK, 1111 Mesdanies Km est Johnson, Harry Moore, Frank Rohner, and Harve Knight were iu Terre Haute music supervisor of school, Mis Often shed see Adele, m some Ruth K re iter, art supervisor and loved him. That it was just a childish infatuation and a sickening, sad mistake. But, though she could persuade herself that she was well out of it and never wanted to see him again, she couldn't forget him. He haunted her. He taunted her in her sleep. He was so closely associated with all her dear memories of home and the dead Adolphus. When she thought of Spanish Pass she thought of the dusty red road and the old dairy, with big Pete Dubois in patched jeans and little Madame Dubois in her petticoats and shawls. She'd dream of the new, lovely costume, starting out THE STARS SAY By OEKEVIEVE KKMW.E Vor Kalurdaj, Ihaxmha lU According to the auspicious jo-sitions of Luna, this should be a (lay of ery lucrative occurrences. In employment tbere is promise ol favors or preferment from superiors. Finances are under promising signs for increases, and personal popularity and prestige are enhanced under tbe same sign. If This Ik Your Birthday Those whose birthday it Is may find themselves launched in a very pleasant, profitable aud enjoyable th him for an evening of dancing nance may be advanced, and personal popularity and power are apt to be enhanced, but be wary of petty spiles, criticism aud vexations. A child boru on this day may be clever, practical, ambitious aud fond of detail, aud, wbile amiable and companionable, it may be aggravating or exasperating because of trivial teasing. It will be popular will) companions aud employers. Robert Anderson, or theater going. Often, while he was waiting for Adele, she'd slip into the drawing room to talk to .jis8 Anna i'eiimau. who is em him. Clothes were oroered lor her. i-he was sent to a dancing class, a riding class. Evening parties and young men resulted. But the odd attachment between Donald and the girl persisted. Now Nettie was really worried. Worried and indignant. "Well, don't bother me with it please." IsabeHe said. "I'm sick o hearing about it. I have my own problems, though I can asu e you they're not love affairs. And if you want my advice, Adele would ?'. ahead further and faster if she ployed in Detroit, Mich., in spending i of Cordinia She never knew how much more Jolinti ie Slevenso visited his brother, tbe holidays with her parents, Mr, Angus, Sunday interested and happy he was with her. How he relaxed into a quiet, and Mrs. James Penman, here. earv naturalness tnat was ail too Sieve Kravetts of Atlierton, and rvho hat foreign to him these days. She just knew that he was the only persnn she could really talk to, and she Miss Katherine Little, been ill at her home Mn READ THE ADS Miss J'earl WffH.-of Clinton, went to th1 lioine of Mr. B. Mills on Nebeker p Sal ur- looked for him with eagerness to to return to school to- flower-dotted slope to the icy little creek where the watercress grew and the little brownish frogs lived on the rocks. And then she'd see Gene, his dark head, his liquid black eyes, his flashing smile. For a little while she'd be happy and young again, and then she'd hear him s&yinsr: "You must be crazy we can't pet ..rriArll" on4 rir.nrr irnnlrl lui day was able day. wouldn't run after him quite so much." "Please Isabel!-. Try to be fcclr-ful. I'm really worried. It is yuur sister's happiness." (To Be Continued) King rwtuM Srn'tlcate. 1PJ4 rtaxt? tell him every little problem in con-rfp'-tion w ith th nursery, every little joke, everything that interested her. But Adele knew. She knew, and suffered J It wasn't that he neglected her. Mrs. Virgil Hatfl'-ld and iiahy aick within her- ' daughter. Harhara Klkn, have re (timed to their home in South H.nd Ind., after sounding the past few wf.ks wilh Mrs. H;.l.flld'n parents ii. ihr:! Richards. George ll.iye., living li;i- jon and Sleph-n Morris Cai! Sher- lrry ed in trie ac' ton. Some Kre-it Su,p hoi,-conredy. "Freh from the I" also on the evening's progr Jiev. and Mrs. Benjamin Rist of and' pari n .South Fifth stieet. aid pre- and to l l'iji' Ul'-M dan its the pr'fy heroine and Kv-yn Brent is the beauUftil. uimernpu-ous villained. Tbe aetion is las' ltd (lie plot inile -; able. itnslej- Kea'.on or ffis you some 'Mixed Magic." shown a Ions wit h John King, as "Ace Iiruiiimoud " MOVIES Va-:. Wiih. Oil' !, 'Hip.! 'iU .ill--: MISTLi: INMKKKLLV AT THK VAtMlZ DAN PESAVENTO EXPERT Watch Repairing 457 North Eighth Strert Ja"k Haljy giveg the best screen i J'ui'mance of his career In this THK uun KUni i;v VI' THK OKI MKU This bang-ti p wet.rru Im ,-pn. amusing slapstick fane about a so- 'iiilly iiM-lined barber who irn person ated a wealthy playboy and crashes rlie 4on as a house gueyt. His awk wainneas and general tendency to HOBBY HORSES get hiuiM'f iiiiu t rroiblp contribute to (he !iiHiiy iaughs. Arthur Treach er doe one of iiis funny butler role it S2.25 with Robert McWyfJe, Mourns Owa ft i"v. Kd ward Hmphv and Raymond Wtibiiru uddm- ' the eniiiedy with It. ''ty Knrness .tnr( Hasina I -a wren carrying olf leading feminine hon v. ors. A Traveitalk. newsr-el and special musical b'-t are short subjects worthy of not3. f Coaster Wagons 'e are leatunnt; a very large assortment o: 'A In K Kiet lt (l and IsreM 59c to $6.45 I oys. especidlly in Scooters, Tricycles, Hob by Horses. Table and Chair Srts. Black-fici'd- in four sizes. Musiral Toys, 7 o ifis, lrums Blorks nd many other trih I oilrl Articles. V'r have the largest and te assor(nirtt in several years. You will find sr. lr :r:-i- Sireaiiiliiift TRICYCLES H01MirV; 4 ASKIIV KKTI'KVS AT THfc UAJIAMI Clarence K .Vu I ford's hard-fighf iug western hero tamis a roaring mining luwn of th old wst almost single-handed in his latest adven-( tires hh "Hopalong Cassidy Re. i urns;." Blond William Boyd is Hopalong, of course, aided and abe-t "d by Willi am Ja t: ney . Jr.. C ru n t mo-. conipl no ft ow prices, and a full rnuntT of I here a'e Cradles, Hit:h hntr. slrcanilined Tai:: it vry fflls. priced up to $4 93. $2.98 to4.95 Willow Rockers and Chairs in red und oak finishes. . Do Your Shopping Today, As Many Desirable Items Will Soon Be Gone. m T l'& Table and Chair Sets $3.43 i3t (2A 1kciX villi Scooters, large size, with brake. .$2.25 TOMBAUGH'S DR. B. H, SELLERS 5c and 10c Store DENTIST 249 South Main Street ClUituo, Indiana !

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