The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 18, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, December 18, 1936
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN WEATHER Cloudy tonight and Saturday, snow probable; no decided change In temperature. Kliimld Ta ftUl to R4ve Tour DAILY CLINTONIAN by A: 80 P. M. Ptimm 41 or 117 ami a ropy will be brought to you at omt Clinton, Indiana, Friday, December 18, 1936 vTVtAWA GOES TO PRISON Strikes Tie Up Volume 25 Number 36 FIVE HORDEREOT 2 ARE WOUNDED I -: mJf L . J 1 Or'. J V !'!f -minimum 'imir iiimmin mill rf , V r,i y -rs . - -sJ wmmmmBi Try new deal i The fiat glass industry of the nation was virtually paralyzed as nearly 6 000 workers of the Libby-Owens-Ford Glass Co. plants at Toledo. O.: Shreveport. La., and Charleston. W. Va., went on strike Joining strikers who closed down the five plants of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. More than 4.000 are employed at the Toledo plant where those engaged in the sit-down strike whiled away the time by playing cards and reading, above. Wage increases and seniority rights were among the demands made by strikers. Three Men Suffer Injuries Thursday In Mine Accidents Three men were slightly injured In mine uicldcnts yesterday. Kd Muckcy sustained liiceniilons of ihe sculp at Wnkliy 10 mine. her he l employed. Joe . Truiiko, of South Tenlh street, sustained a mushed bund at Ihe Clliiion foul Company. (Itlio York sustained nil Injured aim when be was hit by an electric grill Iron it I the Clinton Coal Cniii-pany. AIRMEN RENEW TASK TODAY IN WILD COUNTRY Air! Lin.r Still Missing; Last Hop Gone for Lives of 7 Passengers: Snow Hinders Work SHIP MAY HAVE FALLEN IN LAKE KAI-T LAKE CITY, Utah, Dec. IS Airmen bent renewed effort '-O-lay to force the forbidding Wasatch -lountains or I'tah lake waters to livulge the fate of the misping Los ngeIes-Salt Lake airliner, carrying two women and five men passen gers. They have no hope now of find-hg alive any of the seven passen gers cn the luxury liner which dis appeared from the storm-swept air-lanes before dawn last Tuesday. Out they hope to locate the miss ing transport before drifting winter snows bury It to such depths only spring thaws will reveal its grim secret. Know Hindera Search Air officiule claim this is no idle fear as nearly every searching plane Thursday reported brisk ground winds on the south slopes of the rocky canyon and ground crews as serted drifted snow Made progress slow and uncertain. All day yesterday, men afoot and on horseback plodded slowly foot by foot over granite crests as planes (Continued on luge 4) Five Die as Fire Destroys House; Several Injured NEW YORK, Dec. IS Five persons lost their lives in a Are that destroyed a four-story Manhattan rooming house early today. Police said a lighted cigaret caused the Are. Trapped on upper floors by flames, four roomers burned to death while a fifth, August Frank, 43. was killed instantly when he leaped from the top floor to the street below. Those who were burned to death are: Nancy Green, 27, and her sister, Margie, 24, Mrs. Kleanor Dnffield. 28. and her eight-weeks old son. Henry Duffield. The charred bodieg' were taken from the ruins by firemen after the flames were under control. Other tenants made their way to safety after being aroused. Several persons suffered burns when their nfght clothing caught fire as they dashed to safety. Mecca Motorist Is Fined for Passing Halted School Bus John Murphy of Mecca was fined $1 and costs yesterday by J. C. Hayslett, justice of peace, on two charges of passing school buses while unloading children. xHe was arrested on warrants sworn out by Franklin Cheek and Roscoe Call. Motorists are again being warned that they must come to a full stop, regardless of the direction In which they are driving, while school buses are loading or unloading children. After a first offense the motorist's license is liable to be revoked (0 .c?C Cent BTATM U MOVING FOR BIG DINNER TUESDAY NIGHT Reception Committee to 'Greet McNutt Named This Morning; Hayslett to Arrange Entertainment GOVERNOR WILL BE HONOR GUEST Tickets for the annual Clinton football banquet at which Gov. Paul V. McNutt will be an honored guest, Tuesday night, December 22, are going rapidly, members of the general committee reported at a meeting this morning. The banquet will be served In the Christian church at 7 p. m. and the number of tickets will be limited to 300. V A reception committee to greet the governor at the Clinton hotel,. when he arrives in this city, was appointed at this morning's meeting. . It will consist of ,ther following: . Mayor C, M. Zink,' R. B.' Medlock. " president of the Commercial club; Earl Boyd, superintendent of the schools; Earl Talbott, president of the Exchange club, which has taken the lead In sponsoring the event; George L. Carey, secretary of the Commercial club; Dr. R. E. Cordlng-ley. commander of the American Legion; H. M. Caldwell, secretary of the Exchange club and Hersche! Cheek, general chairman for the banquet. GrifMera are Gneeta Nearly 60 high school football players will be guests of the dinner being held in tbelr honor as well as in celebration of the mahy Improvements which have marked the past year In this city. Tickets for the dinner went on sale yesterday. They may be secured from any member of the Exchange club or at the Clinton ho tel. The Daily Cllntonian office, the (Continued on Page 4) Committee Gives Hamilton Almost Unanimous Vote CHICAGO, Dec. 18 "I'm gratified, and I'll keep right on working," was the comment today of John D. M. Hamilton, still chairman of the republican national committee, on the vote of confidence tendered him by the national committeemen. By a vote of 74 to 2, the committeemen yesterday refused to accept his proffered resignation following a stormy session during which Congressman Hamilton Fish of New york, led a movement to oust the red haired Hamilton as chairman. The two dessenters were L. W. McCormick of Philadelphia, holding a Georgia proxy, and Mrs. Kather-ine Brown of Ohio. Fish ducked the issue, his vote being recorded a "passed." During the stormy debate preceding the overwhelming vote of confidence in Hamilton's management of the recent campaign. Fish assailed the stand taken by the chairman on the social security act. "We cannot afford to stand pat In a changing world," he aald. "Yon must liberalize your leadership and policies or the republican party dies. "Mr. Hamilton led the fight against the social security act, which drove millions of wage earners out of the republican party. If the word toes out today that the party has 'earned no lesson, the party will perish. . . ." VIRGINIA SHEW AT TERRE HAUTE Vlrelnia Shew, daughter of Mrs. Ruth Shew of Elm atreet, appeared in the Christmas frolic at the Hip-nod rome theater in Terre Haute last night. Virginia, who la one of Miss Ernestine Meyers' talented students, danced with a group of profession al children. COLLISION ON HIGHWAY William Watson of Paris report-d io police yesterday that he collided with John Youeces on road 163. Both cars were slightly dam aged. THK TEMPERATURE By Tbe Clintonian thermometer:, a m.,30; nooo, 40, ee Hnrry llrunelte, m Id west era desperado who pleaded giiilly to kidnaping Trooper V. (Srotty) Turnliiill of the New Jersey Mate police, started today fur the federal iieiiilcntliiry at I,evlsliurR, I'M., to begin Nerving a life sentence. Three carloads of G-men accompanied him. POLICE BAFFLED BY ASPECTS OF SCADUTO DEATH Obscure Poolroom Employe Shot to Death by 1 hree Men Using Quick, Orderly Method of Execution BROTHER ALSO RECENT VICTIM CHICAGO. Dec. IS Police turned to New York's murder and gangster records loday for explanation of the pool room execution of Dominic Siaduto. 24, fugitive from the underworld. Three men who did not attempl to conceal themselves, stood Siaduto against a wall last night, shot him down with the precision of a firing squad, and fled. Police Pu7.lei7 Scudato was not known to Chi cago police and descriptions of his slayers offered nothing to link them with characters known here. Informed that Scaduto came here recently from New York, police derided his slayers trailed him here. They asked New York police for Information. Only promising clue was the statement of Scaduto's aunt. Mrs. Josephine I.amantia. tiiat his brother, Joseph, had been shot to death as he sat in a New York subway station two months ago. Dominick (Continued on Page 4) MISSION PLANS TO SERVE MEAL Plans are beins made to serve a free Christmas dinner to the poor hy the mission of the Rescue Army located at 225 North Main street. Major and Mrs. John O'Neal are the officers in charge and Captain TJer-tha Ubey is' the assistant. The following donations for October and November have been reported: free meals served, 364: hrad given out. 410; articles of clothing. S: shoes 32: and overcoats, 9. Glass Industry in r7 REBEL WARSHIP DROPS 3 SHELLS NEAR II. S. BOAT American Cruiser Almost Hit by Fire Off Spanish Coast; Explanation Demand Is Expected GIJON, Spain, Dec. 18. Spanish rebel shells roaring from the cruiser ICHpana came perilously cloBe to the United States cruiser Erie and nearly involved America In a grave International Incident, officers of the warship said on their arrival here today. Three 305 millimeter shells fell within 300 yards of tbe Erie, the officers said,, while the American ship was cruising off tbe northern Spanish coast. King Stops Shelling As the shells, dropped into the sea, sending up huge geysers, the Erie quickly ran up the Amerlcau colors, and at once the Espana turned tail and steamed off. The officers were at a loss to account for the shooting, pointing out (Continued on Page 4) BASKETS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED Organizations that have Christmas baskets to be distributed to tbe needy are a-sked to communicate with Dale Purcell or call 830, and Ihey will be assisted in the distribution of the baskets. School children have been given tickets to receive a treat at Bogart Memorial park Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. The following organizations have cooperated .with Mr. Purcell in making the treat possible: the Clinton Commercial club. Trl Kappa Sorority. Delta Theta Tau sorority, American Legion Auxiliary Bus in ess and Professional "Women, club, the Mystery Jesters and a rep resentative of the Bogart estate. pealed to city officials to be more discreet. Tbe drive flourished in the face of this opposition. The chamber of commerce appealed to the county attorney, the state highway commission, and even the citizens. Bert Darnell, Custer county attorney, filed some technical charges, but the safety campaign went on. "We're beginning to get some real results." said Harrie Morrison, police judge. "Weatherford is becoming a model city of safe driving." Ben Smith, chief of police, and Bruce Rainey. constable, also are convinced of the wisdom of the movement. Recently they bid at ( 'onthiued on Page 4) FREED GENERAL DEMANDS PEACE TO SAVE CHIANG Emissary Released bv Rebellious War Lord Warns Nanking of Leader's Danger in Sianfu Cell JAPAN THREAT FACES CHINESE NANKING. Dec. 18. Pleading for a h:ilt In the civil wnr to save the life of Genernlissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, a fellow general who had been held cnplive with him todtiy flew here in a record-breaking trip 'rom Sianfu. Wiih thn fate of a nation almost literally In his hands, den. Chiang Ting-Wen. the emissary, immediately met Ihe courageous Mme. Chiang, wife of the premier, and her broth er. famed T. V. Soong. financial wizard of the Chinese cabinet. Generalissimo Chiang and th other captives of Marshal Chans Hsueh-Llang are all well, said Ting- Wen, hut unless the punitive force of 150,000 already speeding to Si anfu to crush Chang Is recalled, they face execution. China then, he warned, would be plunged Into a long and disruptive ?lvil war that would pave the way for Japan, standing by while China exhausts itself, to step In and grab the whole country. While more than 30,000 communist Chinese troops, supporters of Marshal Chang In his demand that China fight Japan, rushed towards Sianfu to battle the loyalist forces. General Chiang Ting-Wen presented a personal letter signed hy Generalissimo Chiang begging for patience. Many authorities close to the government, however, feared that. with the two armies rushing headlong at each other, and with minor fighting already going on in Shensi province. It was too late. Soong may go to Sianfu to nego tiate a settlement probably Involv ing Marshal Chang'B safety and payment of a large ransom to him. Twice-Convicted Girl Refuses to Give Up Struggle WISE, Va., Dec. 18. Stunned by the Jury's verdict in sentencing her to 20 years for the second degree murder of her father. Trigg Maxwell. Edith Maxwell, 22, was slowly regaining her omposure today, and once more she showed her determination to fight to escape the penitentiary's walls. Soon as the jury of mountain farmers and merchants announced their verdict Charles Henry Smith of defense counsel filed a motion for a reversal of the verdict and a new trial. He argued the school teacher be released under bond until the motion is heard. Judge Ezra Carter agreed, freeing Edith under $15,000 bond until the motion is argued the first Monday in March. Edith and her mother and sister plan to spend the intervening months on a farm near Richmond. While she hoped to be absolved of the crime at this, her second trial, the pretty mountain girl nev ertheless found herself in a some what easier position today that she was this time last year. This Christmas time she will be (Continued on Page 4) with the wedding or regarding the possibility of returning to the United States at some future time with the ex-king as her husband. Furthermore, she said she does not expect to see him at any time within the next few weeks, thus disposing of persistent reports she plans to join him in his Austrian exile, and that she desires more than anything else to remain is quiet and seclusion and out of the limelight. Mrs. Simpson's statement was made in the form of answers to a series of questions submitted to her by this correspondent. Maintaining the position ahe cannot grant interviews, she replied to the ques-(t'untinueil on rage i) BY LAW OFFICER Policeman Held for Molesting Child Gains Revenge on Person Involved in Case SOCIAL WORKER IS AMONG DEAD WQl'KSNK, Ph., Dec IS Shot Ity u (J3-yp:ir-olil policeman mart (Ipticrt hy a riaire for revenKe bemuse of hitt arrest for molesting a lO-ycar-nlrl Rirl, five persons, three nf them women, were dead here today. Escaping momentarilly from A constable who was taking him to jail, the policemar). Martin Sullivan, sped over more than a mile of hilly streets and visited five different homes on his mission of death. He shot and killed the parents of his 21-year-old housekeeper, and mother and brother of the girl he was accused of attacking and a woman social seJvice worker who had in vestigated the rase. Kather'H I trot her Wounded The gh I s father was siiol am' seriously wnuuiled and her hrolhei was grazed by a bullet on tin an kle. Hfs gun empty. Sullivan surrendered fjuietly to the constable Thomas L. Gallagher, and was rushed to jail where detectives aroused at the orgy of killings, had congregated. After his surrender, Sullivan talked of the killings with little more emotion than If he were discussing a baseball game. Xo Remorw "I know I'm going to the electric chair, but I'm not sorry," he told District .Attorney Andrew T. Park. : As detctives looked at him in amazement, he became restless and (Continued on Paice 4)' Widow Witnesses Hanging Today of Husband's Slayer FULTON, Mo., Dec. 18. With the widow of the man he murdered looking on. George McKeever, cold-fared Iowa hank robber went to his death shortly after daybreak today on a makeshift gallows In an old barn near the county Jail here. Stolid and unquavering to the end. McKeevef was dropped through the trap at 7:34 a. m. Eleven minutes later, at 7:45. he wan pronounced officially dead. Mrs. Alice Booth, widow of Srgt. Den Booth of the Missouri state highway patrol, whom McKeever shot to death, and Mrs. Roger Wilson, widow of Sheriff Roger Wilson of Boone county who was killed by McKeever's companion when the officers stopped the two gunmen for questioning June 14, 1933, were among the spectators at the execution. Mrs. Booth had wanted her 11-year-old daughter, Owanna, and her son. Wesley. 12, to witness the banging, but Sheriff Harris Wells ruled that out. " When McKeever negotiated the final step he stood quietly, hands folded and fingers entwined, outlined clearly to the crowd of about 200 spectators by the glare of four large electric light bulbs. Looking directly at the spectators. McKeever in a low but clear voice, which was easily audible in ihe hushed silence, declared: "Well, folks, all that 1 have to say Is that I ask forgiveness for any injury that I have done anyone." RITES SATURDAY FOR MRS. CARSO Funeral services for Mrs. Louis Carso. 45. who died Bt her home at 1002 North Ninth street yesterday morning, will be held tomorrow from the residence at 8:30 a. m followed by services at the Sacred Heart church at 9 s. m. Burial will be in Walnut Grove cemetery. NEW SIGNALS AT RAIL CROSSINGS New flasher signals hae been installed at the railroad crossings on road 43. north of Clinton, and on Crompton bill and near the Collet! home near Cayuga. American Legion9 8 Auxiliary Prepares For Holiday Party During the meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary held last night plans were raade for a Christmas party to be held next Monday evening at the Royal Neighbor hall on Kim street, 7:30 oVIock. This party (s Tor ail children of ex-service men and a program has been arranged for the affair. During the business meeting the members voted to contribute $T to the community tree fund. Wounds Fatal to 1 Negro Shot in Poaching Battle NEW ORLEANS. La.. Dec. IS. One negro was killed and four others were wounded near here today in a pitched gun battle between five negroes and five white men over alleged poaching on trapping lands. One of the negroes, identified as Levi Oreen, 30, died In Charity hospital here soon after the shooting. Another, identified as George Ford, was said to be in a critical condition. The white men. headed by Sherwood C. Larkin. said ihey fired only after the negroes had opened fire on them. The white men said tfiey were guarding the trapping lands after reports of alleged poaching. They warned the negroes not to give any trouble. Larkin said. As Larkin was talking to the negroes, the car in which they were riding sped away, the negroes opening fire as they fled. . The white men returned the fire, he said, and the negroes' car swerved and plunged into a ditch. Three of the negroes stumbled from the car. but the other two were so seriously injured they were unable to leave the automobile. Zealous City Officials Upset Town By Safety Campaign; 150 Persons Fined Each Month; Definite Result Mrs. Simpson Declares Plans Are In Edward's Hands, Denies Report Of Disagreement With Exiled King lei $ va $ a a a a' a a a 'a WEATHER FORD. Okla., Dec. IS There's turmoil in this town of 2.500 population, and it appears that more upheavals are due. It Btarted when three city offi cials decided to do more than advo cate a safety campaign on public highways they set about carrying it out. In the four months that have passed after the warnings were is sued notifying citizens a safety drive was to be opened several hundred persons have been arrested and fined for traffic offenses. No one paid much attention to the drive at first. But as It gained momentum the citizenry became aroused. The chamber of com merce, alarmed by protests, ap LONDON. Dee. 18. In an exclusive, authorized statement to International News Service at her temporary residence in Cannes, Mrs. Wal-lis Warfield Simpson today disclosed her future rests entirely in the hands of the man who gave up the throne of England for love of her. At the same time, she took occasion to deny reports she had disagreed with former King Edward of England over their wedding plans particularly that she wishes an elaborate marriage ceremony while he d sires a quiet, civil marriage only. At present, she said, she is not in a position to make any plans for the future itber in connection ajj. 'tilt -Christmas

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