The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 7, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1921
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V I H ,n SCHGl IN NEW The Pairniount News Published on Mondays and Thursdays BELL CREUIIORS WILUOSE ALL GOVERNMENT WITH PREFERRED CLAIMS WILL HOLD THE PROPERTY HERE Anclhioir Tops Anchor Tops mean comfortable driving the year round. Why expose yourself to the cold, rain, sleet and snow in an open car when you can have protection from it all. An investment in an Anchor Top is not a lux-ury, but an insurance against sickness and doctor bills. An Anchor Top affords a clear vision on all sides of the occupant, instead of loose, flapping curtains. Don't wait, but prepare for winter now. E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 A. S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie MeLucas Roberts, Associate. Trtrmtnvra Oice: Main 265 TELLFHONES Res Black Sg2i SUBSCRIPTION RATES. K Within Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1.25 Three months T5 (Outside Indiana.) Six months 1 65 i Three months .90 All subscriptions payable strictly m advance; paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. Entered as second-class matter at the postofnee at Fairmount. Ind., under the Act cf Congress of March 8, 1879. MRS. MARY ELLIOTT DIES AT AGE OF SO. Mrs. Mary Elliott, widow of the late Isaac Elliott, died at 11:45 o'clock Friday, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ancil Wir.slow, living two miles itarth cf town, following an acute illness of less than a week. The deceased was about SO years of age and a pioneer resident of the southerr part of Grant county, she and her late husband having rsided in Fairmoiant for many years, the Elliott homestead being located at 309 North Main street She was a prominent member of the Friends church. FAIRMOUNT YOUNG LADY BRIDE OF ANDERSON MAN. Mary L. Ricks, a well-known young ; lady of this city, daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. George Ricks, was utted in marriage to Charles O. Cunise of Anderson, Monday evening, Oct. 31. Rev. O. L. Hull, of the Wesleyan Methodist church, officiating. Their future home will be at Anderson.! where Mr draftsman Works, cunise is employed as , the Mid-west Engine ; . ggXXXXXXXXXXXXXZXXXXXXXZXXBF. Many Investors in Fairmount and Grant County Will Suffer Because of the Fairmount Failure Letter Received From Referee in Bank-rupcy. That the creditors of the Bell Manu- factur"fe company, of whom there are a number in Fairmount and Grant county, are destined to lose the full amount of their claims, has been con firmed by the receipt of formal notices received from Harry C. Sheridan of Frankfort, referee in batAcrupey, in the United States court, for the district of Indiana, in which the information is given that all money com- ing from the sale of the property of ; that company has been taken by the - United States government on a pre- government on a pre ferred claim. The following is a copy of the let tor received from referee Sheridan: In the matter of Bell Mfg. Co., In voluntary bankrupcy: To the creditor of said bankrupt You, and each of you, are hereby notified that the trustee has filed his final report in this cause, and the matter of its approval will come up for hearing at the office of the 'under-sigiJed referee in bankrupcy, Frankfort, Ind., at ten oVlock A. M., Wednesday, November 16, 1921, at which time the ciditors shall show cause, if any, they, or either of them, many have, why said report should not be approved and the trustee discharged from the trust- No dividends have been paid and none will be paid in this cause; all of the assets were used in the paymetJt of the claim of the United States government. Harry C, Sheridan, Referee in Bank- rvntev. t, tsn Manufacturing comnanv and was given a number of contracts by the government. Much time was spent in getting ready, and for some reason the desired production was never attained. After operatiir for several months, Lawrence Cashman, of Marion, was appointed trustee, following tbe filing of a suit by creditors in which bankruptcy was charged. The physical assets, including buildings, machinery ai'd ground, were sold at auction two years ago, at prices , which represented only a small percentage of the original cost. Two creditors, whose claims the govern I ment recognized as mechanic's liens, received checks in full payment of their claims, issued by trustee Cash-mat', a few days ago. George Ramsey, of Lawton, Mich., was the over Sunday guest of relatives, and today is moving his household effects by truck to Lawton, Mich. Misses Addie Leach, Bobbie Weyler and Hazel Leach of Fairmount, Mr. and Mrs. Claud Leach of Gastot?, were guests at Sunday dinner of Mr. atJj Mrs. Hallet Sanders of near Gaston. Mrs. George Ramsey and Mrs. Ed was organteed in Frankfort to manu-at future shells during the late war. New Uniforms Presented to Players by Business Men of The Town the Onecf the many features remarked by the spectators at the Fairmount-Lapel game on the occasion of the opening and dedication of the new high school gymnasium last Wednesday night was the fhJe appearance of the Fairmount players in their handsome new uniforms. The Fairmoutft team came on the floor in entirely new suits, consisting of gold colored sweaters, with black pants, a stripe of gold braid running down the outside seam, and the word "Fairmom.V in black on the sweaters. This was worn during the first half of the game, but as the Lapel players also wore gold sweaters and black pants, the Fairmount team changed uniforms for the second half. The IjSOel im?forYl wtoi-o vrv cimilgr to those of the home laJ except5on that the sweaterg of the r i i,-. uj u uiu j v i J -1 t a iiciki x uivau vuitviv uiivi running around the body of the garment. When the teams came on the floor for the second half the boys had changed and wort brand new white sweaters, with letters and numbers in black. It.' both uniforms they made a handsome appearance and their entry to the gym both at the opening of the game and for the second half was loudly cheered by the big crowd. The uniforms for the team were presented to them by the business men of the city, a popular subscription having beetT taken with which to buy the outfits. The Fairmount High School basket ball team is getting all set for the second home game in the new gym, on Friday night, Nov. 11 and Armis tice night, by the way the Black and Gold quintet will meet the strong Gaston squad on the local floor. This will undoubtedly prove to be a game of unusual interest and a large turnout is expected for this contest. Gaston is the team that eliminated the F. H. S. squad in the semi-finals of the district last year, consequently the locals, are out for revenge. According to re ports the Gaston team is goirhr strong again this year so the coming contest will undoubtedly be close and hard fought. Fans are now assured that Fairmount has the material for a winning squad and are quite pleased with the showing beinVr made. So everyone is pulling for another victory Friday night. ALL WRONG The Mistake is Made by Many Fair-mount Cititens Look for the cause of backache. To be cured you must krfow the cause. It it's weak kidneys you must set the kidneys working right. A Fairmount resident tells you how. Mrs. Kiah Winslow, 503 E. Washington St., says: "My kidneys acted irreguJarly and I had pains through my back and sorerfess through my kidneys. My ankles and feet were swollen, too. Doan's Kidney Pills, purchasd at H. W. Hahne's Drug Store relieved the trouble. I gladly recommend them." (Sstatement giv- low added: "My former recommendation holds good. Doan's have put I my kidneys in a healthy condition. Price 60c. at all dealers. Don't 'simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's Kidney Pills the same that Mrs. Winslow had. Foster-Milburn Co. Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement, Frank McDonald of Cleveland, O., sperJt a very enjoyable day in Fair-mount Saturday, greeting old friends whom he had not seen in twenty years, he was the over night guest of Ves Smithson of N. Sycamore street. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Rush of Rigdon etJtertained as Sunday priests at dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. S. White, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Wilson, Dan and Salona Jane Wilson of Indianapolis, Mrs. Mattie Payne arM Mr and Mrs. J. H. Wilson of Fair-mount. By Qrte Sughroe kLVi 1 IES s. fell e Ileaston spent Sunday ith relatives near Radley. A. W. Kelsay has returned from an i extended visit in Kansas City. Miss Belle Kelsay has returned from Bunker Hill after a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Noah Henegar were the Sunday guests of friends it Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. Mort Seright and daughter Mary, spent Sunday with relatives in Tipton. OUTWITTING THE BOND THIEF Wall Street Bankers Have Devised Some Novel Method ot Camouflaging Securities. Many runners In Wall Street are adopting novel methods of their own to safeguard the securities given in their care for delivery. In some Instances firms have made suggestions and rules for "en nmu tinging' the handling of stocks nnd bonds outside of their offices. One broker's house hns all securities pinned Inside newspapers nnd one of Its runners apparently walks around with a single newspnier under his arm which hns attached to Its papes tnslde valuahle bonds nnd stocks. Yet nnother firm hns hired former policemen to handle Its deliveries of stock. Another firm hns presented Its runners with suits, the vests of which have large Inside pockets which are nut-toned nnd In these the securities nre carried and must be on pain of dismissal. One wet day recently a special messenger of a large brokerage house carried two Liberty bonds of $."0,000 apiece nnd three of $10,000 each pinned Inside a closed umbrella. Wall Street Journal. Eastern Women Advancing. Feet fit for feats, both as to shape and shoes are no longer confined to men nor yet to the women of the western world, says a bulletin from the national hoard of the Y. W. C A. In the recent Olympic races of the Far Eat. held in Shanghai. 1.20O girls and young women took part. Of these 'J0O were from Japan nnd the Philippine inlands, nnd tbe' rest from China, being Shanghai girls. The Shanghai delegation wns selected and trained for the events by the Young Women's Christian association of Shanghai. "It Is within the last six years that this activity In the land of little bound foot hns developed." writes Miss Florence Brown of Rochester. N. Y., who Is at present In Shanghai for the Y. W. C. A. "In 10ir, when the last Olympic games were held," she says, "the only girls who look part were n few Filipino girls, who formed a baseball team." Hit Desires. The manager of the Indiana Masonic home overheard a group of small boys from the home discussing what they desired to be when they grew to be men. One insisted he would be a Mason, another a Shriner and nnother had ambition to be n NolJe of the Mystic Shrine, but five year-old Jack, drum nvtjor in the home band, said: "No, I do not want to be any of those." "What," the others replied, "don't want to be a Shriner or Mason or Noble: why, what do you want to be?" He drew himself up and replied proudly. "Well, Ml tell you what. I want to be a popentate." Indianapolis News. Small Orphan Traveled Far. Her baggage consisting of two let-tecs, dealing with her father's war record, three-year-old Wlnntfred Josephine McKinley passed through Port Arthur. Ontario, recently on the Canadian Pacific on the way to her uncle's home In Swift Current, Saskatchewan. From her faraway home in Glasgow. Scotland, to the Canadian West, more than 4.0tR miles, the little orphan had only the kindly direction of train nnd steamship officials to guide her. Superiority of Oil Over Ceal. The amafclng Increase In the ue of oil for fuel Is not surprising when It is considered that weight for weight and with proper burners the oil gives 50 per cent more steam than coal. It is easier than coal to handle, It obviates dust and dirt, makes little smokeand no ashes and can be lighted lntnntlv and controlled absolutely. fcorc vr -(vv OtA,vn ucm GrUttLUGS tUM tUAU Gm vte tvv wost V tvAx 05T ASOOU feVtfc sew a& v rvw Kf MrUI Q5 t ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED FORMER FAIRMOUNT GIRL. Word has been received here of the engagement and approachirg mar-rih; ;-f Miss Virginia Frantz, daughter of Mr. an. Mrs. John H., cf Egypt. Miss.,a nd formerly of this place, to Mr. E. L. Ferbus of Egypt, Miss. The wedding to take place some time in December. The young couple will resite on Mr. Fcrbus' farm, three miles from town. UNABLE TO TELL MOTIVE FOR ACT. Apparently in the best of health, Mrs. Mary Dennigan, living on North VitJe street, attempted to commit suicide Saturday morning at her home by taking poison. Dr. Harry Aldrich was called and administered an antidote. She will recover. Mrs. Dennigans motive is not ki.Wn. Her husband, .Toe Penmsran, is employed by the Union Traction Company, mother of four children. She is the Mr. and Mrs Charles S. S. White, Mr. and Mrs. H D Wilson, Dan and Salona a'? Wilson of Indianapolis, spent Saturday night as guests of Mr. ar.d Mrs. J. H. Wilson. a .tiMNmMinMM.i it i n tw i Mr. and Mrs. 0 Wilson were Sunday guests of the latter's mother, Mrs. Thurja Rittenhouse. Kys Tested, (ilasses Fitted by 8tnte Kegistered OITOMKTKISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS TSTrlusively Optical tj iVfr T-o Electrical Work House Wireing and Repair Work Marvin Dei vis PHONE 352 Where can you find a house for rent, or where can you find a renter for your house. An ad in the classified column of THE NEWS will find one for you. hovj s csau va PfcooActN Commas uke au. 9VA9 ff For evsry day In tht week. U n For tmy room. For gontral ji II housoeleanlng. II fZhs Solid Caks JI No Wasto jy oa NEW LAW FIRM Oren W. Dickey and Alfred Hogston have formed a law partnership and have offices at 417-418 Glass Block, Marion, Ind. Fall Plowing Now is the time to make contracts for Fall Plowing. We are prepared to do this work promptly.. .$2.50 per acre. TRUCKING of All Kinds. Prompt Service. Stock Hauling to Indianapolis, 35c per hundred. M. L. Johnson Phone 260 Fairmount, Ind. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT" ADMINISTRATOR OF No. 39G1. Notice is hereby given, That the undersigned has been appointed Administrator of the estate of Ores Hiatt deceased, late of Fairmount Township, Grant County, Indiana. Said Estate is supposed to be solve! it. GEORGE A. HILDRETII, Administrator CHAS. T. PARKER Attorney. Oct. 24-31-Nov. 7 Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in the Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. Modern Methods Sanitary Steam Pressing and a power driven plant, which passed inspection of the state official, granting us permit No. 5. Your patronage will be appreciated. C. E. BROWN Fairmount "Ota West ta Illinois tusvtr vxooi cova HSUTCC hoc comet ncrcu pjktfr cy tucsa MM NOYCES' VUWO ertk wfi J Guntftp, who have been making anjen February 2, 1916.) extended visit with relatives, have re- j 0n November 22. 1920. Mrs. Wirfe- MUSIC LOVERS Y 4 . 1 turned to their homes in Lawton, Mich. nm mttm wnmn mi i 1 mjd toas 3 Are cordially invited to attend a recital to be given by the pupils of the Marion School of Music, at the First Methodist Church, Fairmount, Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. The Program will consist of piano, clarinet, cornet and trombone solos, readings and ensemble numbers. No admission will be charged. yiw-!iiwwiMjwMtWiiiMimwmi'WmMHHwtfMiwiiiiwiitwwmitwtwi M1CRIE THE PRINTER'S DEVIL SO NOVjttE. rA AVUVJOtS? ouap tUOU&VT NOV Fovea. tux RfcwswEa aw? ) 3

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