The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 17, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1936
Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Thi'Tsdny,- December -17, 1936 Pugc 6 profesalouul basketball team, play at ST. BERNICE SCHOOL NEWS Honor Students In Second Period Announced Today spent Tuesday in Terre Haute. Mrs. Gertie Silkwood and family spent Saturday evening at the home of Mr- and Mrs. Russel Ncidllnger. Louise Malnnowskl of tho Veterans hor.pita! at Dayton. O,, still remains, the same. Gary, spent the week end with bis mother, Mrs. (J. Silkwood. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hlacketer and family Hpent Sunday In Mecca with Mr. and Mrs. Elua marketer nnd family. Mr. unci Mrs. ;ier( "hort and sons FROM FAIRVIEW cence, Mildred nnnucclil and Mnx-Ine llnzartli. 7-11 Mnnor ltoll: John Spclrs, John Polisi'k and Billy Vaatbltidnr. Honorable, Mpiillnn: Kill Hi Zorzl, Max Youimins. Hetty Wright, Va-lpria Valento, Kdward Htntevlllp, Wllnia Smith, Sara he 1 Honk, Ariics Kenwirk, Ann UppiI, llella O'Hrail.i-vlrh, Theresa Mnphy, Mary C. Fiillnian, Mildred Clark, Geoine ("henall. Henna Alroln, Herman Frl-go. Calvin Phillips, Verna Hlaven and furl Zaniherlettl. I iii ii i iii i a i ii i mi i a . '. ... ... . . A jiLS.'kl - .... m I Trade In Your Old Tires 1 "v5Tr5T Terre Haute Monday night. The eleventh year hlBtory class observed Indiana Day December: 11 with an Informal program. Members of the Class made reports on subjects related to the history of the state and sang the state song, with more patriotism than harmony, Lee Brown and Fred Williams were in Terre Haute looking for Santa Clans Saturday, A new game, box hockey, has been added to the noon sports program. A tournament In the new Bport is now underway, with Ted DeRolt act-'Ing as manager. Parent-Teacher Jv(eting will be held at the high school building Thursday, Decemiber 17. At this mpetlng Mrs. Council will announce the winners of the hlntikets to bp given away by the home economics department. The home-roming for all gradu ates of St. Bernice will be held here Friday, December 18 . Students in vite the graduates to come to spend the day renewing old acquaintances. In order to gel a free ticket to the Klngmnn basketball game here Fri day night, the graduates must nt-tend a pep session at 2:30 p. m. Fri day. The first semester of school ends December 23. The students start their second semester work January 4. Patrons of City Library Enjoying Many New Books Following is a list of new books recently received at the public library, according to an announcement made today by Miss Esther Buhner. Fiction "Yang and Yin." by Alice Tis-dale: "Level Crossing," by Phyllis Bottome; "Sand Castle." by Janet Beith; "Candle Indoors," by Helen Hull: "Murder in Mesopotamia," by Agatha Christie; "Great Laughter," by Fannie Hurst; "Golden Wedding," Anne Parrish; "No Hero . This." by Warwick Deeping; "But Beauty Vanishes," by Richard Blak-cr; "I Am the Fox," by Winifred Van Eften: "Kingdom of the Cactus." by Charles Alden Seltzer, and "Covote. Gulch," bv Peter Field. Xon Fiction ..."Live rUniie and Like It," by Mnr-Jorle , Hljljs; "Genuine Antique JTiu nitnre,""by ' Arthur De Bles; "Old Pewter, Brass. Copper and Sheffield j Plate." by N. II. Moore: "T'e Pi""- tiral liook of Chlnaware," hy H. I. I Eherlein ''Thp Schoolhniisp in the! Foothills," by Ella Enslow, and "Seeing. America." by James Gilchrist I.awsou. - 1 PULL THROUGH MUD, MUCK or SNOW WITHOUT CHAINS " Following Is a lint nt hmmr sin-ileum III lilt" I'llnt mi nuhll.' schools Kir Hit seriiiul nix wmiUs nr I hp first Hi'ini'Minr: IIKill SOI. Mil. lllVOIt ItOI.I. 1 .' Until Helen Cinder, V.i.'lnia C.ili'-in ii n, ItiMty .l-:in CuiiniiiKham. Knth-erln,. Klllnll. SvlvUi Man (leller, Irene (li-riiim, MarKiirel f : innot 1 1, t'vuthlu tllnvanliil, Cull Murl Hen-nl Alflli'dn lloltnii, Itnoueiie IIiikK. MiiiKiii'i'l .leiinlnss. Ilulsy .tones, (Write .limes, Wnki'tli'lil Klrkinan. Violet l.awBuii. Frederick Mackel, Josephine- Mni-rliikii. Virginia Morini Curl Ylimei-. Mnry l'ulisek, (Vsiva Hrnrtii, Virginia Shew, Roseniarln Slnrni, Mary Kiiclini, Theodore Tlinltiaa, Mary Tnffolo. HurlKirn V-Iti'l, Anna Walemik, Susan White. , WrlKht. :i A' II or (' llnse HeiiKllutll, Rosemary Dnnzn-rn, Frances Klllntl, Natalie Ferro, Carl Frnnl., Mnrnld Frist, Herbert Hall. Mary Jnnlk. Frank Kamm. Mabel Kcclnii, Mary ('ntlieriuo Luce. ,1 ii I la Marcluko, 1,1'niia MrCartcr, f'lulre McDonald. Knthryii Newcnnie. Irene Pi'iirml. Ilpli'tia IVrnnii. Charlotte Push, Mary Helen rtnlieit. Evelyn Hnillsh, Unliprt Ki'linmun, HPhJiimln Hnllurs. .Inlin ViiIpiiIp. Mona Van Lieu. Martha Wehsler. J 2 IVm I KlUaheth Helen Hht. Harry Cole-1 . ... man. Brenur.i Collettp, Until cms- by, Mury Huvid. .Mary t)e,a FriRo. William Ilesler. Mary Marcinko, Petty Martin. Hubert Miller Winona Mifarter. Orace Nowllng. Clara flraoe Paine, Evelyn Payne. Maty Pesavento, Mary Rodish. Roll- ert Shew, ltena Sllotlo. Elizabeth Simpson. Harry Stuats, Thelnia Stein. Mary Ann Strlngfellow Lnry- ellon ToutiVv. Friinces Trnnko. (Ira Max Wellman, Jean Kyle. Mnry Young, Betty 8-A Antoinette Balma, Jean Rae nnd Hale Honor Roll Martha White. Onraffa. Honorable Mention: Tommy Weir, Margaret Tborbnrn. Yolando Conlrl, Beiilah Bonucorsl and Violet Kelsheimer. 8-11 Honor Roll: Wanetta Helms. Honorablp Mention: Rose Apa. Mary Louise PaniiPtte, Ilinijaniin Jones, Kathryn Brooks, Virginia Bailing. . Yvpnne AvpnnttI, ..MaJ'tlia. Voto, Norma CoHla. Ilpssie Harden. Freddie Hill, Martha Huugerford, Anna Mestek. lenr Stevenson, Dorothy DauKhprty, lalene Thomas. Frpd Hope and ,lams Staats. 7-A Honor Roll: Elaine Collette, Martha Halaey. j Honorable Mint Ion: Beulah Pro- I SlMi SURE Latest and best for passenger cars and trucks. Prices start at A (I:ihai. 1-1! Honor Roll: Marilyn Crawford. Honorable Mention: Violet Jean Anderson, Jim'iny Fisher, Joe l'vrona, Billy Pollom. Donald Wayne Ruliy, Walter Staats, Billy Straw. Jackie Lee Strlngfellow, Bobby Stwalley and Carolyn Whltcomb. 1- A Honorable Mention: Myra. Jpan (liitfilh, Sally Lee Cosan and Karl Pine. ll-B Honorablp Mention: llevei-'y Anderson, Hainonaloe (Hover, Roberta Howard. Donald Roy James and Marion Roll. 2- A Honorable Mention: Clamle James. Kenneth Miller, llorolhy CroRsley, llel.-n An.lerson anil Kli".-jiheth Ann Wallace. n-ll Honor Roll: -Virginia LnnK. J Hnnorabln Mention: Jerry Suite-1 vllle. llenrv Pullen. Vimel Newl.ind. j Pat Mcfnrtor. Niles Knjander, Billy j .Tunie;. Johnnie Crahani. Hi. -kie , Cl'.ver. Kenneth and Barbara , Ilelllley 3-A Honorable Mention: Max 11 r... , 1 -!., ...... .. A.n "" .......... 4-11 Honor Roll: Belly Davis. Bet- tv Oliver. Robert Paine and Margaret Piani. Honorable Ment'on: Shirley coltrcll, Kintaoetn nam. Heverely mccracKen. l.nuise Miner. 'Horia Osmon. Madalvon Puih. Jaii,ie Reeder and Hillin Salmond. 4-A Honorable Mention: Charles Baird. Ethel Pierce and Ruth Ann Dowfly. r.-n llnnornble Afention Richard Auer, Dorothy Morrtpon. Jean Robertson and Wanda Shew. 5-A Honorable Mention: Clara Harden. li-B Honor Roll: Charles Dale Bosstick. Norton A. fhapin and Virginia Province. Honorable Mention: Hetty June Earlywine. Dorotbv Fl tcber. Sally Ann Haiti. Unlt'li Reed. Alice Trnnko nnd Rosemary Wright. t!-A Honorable Mention: Billy Craft, Maybelle James nnd Joy Mc-Klnney. (il.KM)AI.K i . .. 1-H Honorable Mention: ..Marion Antnnlni, Carol .1. Anderson. IOiiie Marrelli. Minnie Mjlano, Anita Rho-dlghiern, Lawrence Stewart and Kenneth Wake. 1-A-; Honor Boll: James Ferrara. Honorable Menlion: dene Dozzani and Rose Mary Pesaetti. Honorable Mention: Dorothy 1 H. J. Schrader & Co. 300 South Main St. Phone 11 Mr. Lackey, accompanied by Mr. Aikmau, attended the Christinas nkeetiiiK of the county music teachers at the homo of County Siiperin-tenrt.'il Mitchell Monday night. Cnarh WrltiTit, Fred Williams. Hill Yoiiuk. Junior (ilnss and Bob llartsimk saw the New York Celtics. MaiM'llo. Pearlle Mlnetti Lerneda Siarins. 2- A Honorable Mention: Pelorea Frigo. .'! H Honor Roll: Cbnrles C.runoe. Honorable Mention: F.stber Klllno-ja and Annie (iultiano, 3- A rionorable Mention: Bertha Vnndervoorde. 4- B Honor Roll: Kenneth Rlgonl. Honorable Mention: Charles Anto- nlni, Harold Clark, Reno Foley. James Spendal and Ponald O'Brado- Vil'll. 4-A Honorable Mention: PegRy Srott and Pntricia Tbiesz. .IB Honornble Mention: Margaret Balma and Olga fontri. r.-B Honorable Mention: Joe Ro-nucihi and Esther Ounnoe. li-A Honorable Mention: Tommy Jnrei and F.imene Skoff. SCH TH SCHtMM, 1-It Honorable Mention: Bobby Butts. F.thel McCarty. Jack Fisher. Wanda Fisher. Martha Jardine. Ted Merean. Palty Ann Nolan and Billy Rln Hon. 1-A Honorablp Mention Anne Hil'.;bes and Joan I.owry. 2-n Honorable Mention, Anna Ba-bich. James Da ii'-iherty. Rose Mary .Tonen. liny Mansbip nnd Nancy Wood. 2- A Honorable Mention: Norma Ruth Henry. 3- B Honorable Mention: Eileen Donald and Mary Ellen Payton. 3- A Honor Roll: Edgar Moser. Ruby Peck and Norma Jean Weir. Honorable Mention: Betty Falls. John Ferguson. Juanita Foster. Leonard Hawortb. Donald Helm and Elmer McCarthy. 4- 1? Honorable Mention: Sophia fah'eli. Ova Falls. Bettv Ruth Gr'a-. Nathan Hartnian. Darrol Knhns, Edgar Mofer and Jack Sutton. 4A Honorable Mention: Sammy f'!r"v. Donald Halsey nnd Martlia Pa'ne. T- Honora-blo Mention: Naomi Fall.i, Woyiio Kispert, Sally Williams nod Clvde Winkler. R-n Honorable Mention: Dorothy Anderson, Harold Baysinger. Catb-'prine fervo and Evplyn Kelsheimer. - 6-R Honor Roll: Evelyn' Clough. c.',;,.0.. Moser and Ruth Ann Wood. Honorablp Mpntion: Barbara Bur-an, Lucille Hayslett, Patty John-"on, flenrge Kyle,; Fred Staats nnd Lorraine Connor. C-V Honorable ' Mention: June r'irrnniTpr. Dorothy Duchene and T,T"crBn ..Payton. HER EYES? you can Have Proper Lighting tt Low Cost I.E.S.Upproted by th Illuminating Engineers'Society) lamps are now inexpensive, and avail able in many attractive new designs. See them at oar show room or at your favorite store, io bridge, table and floor models. Look for the I.E.S. cer tificate tag it identifies the lamp you bay as a genuinely scientific lighting appliance. - -: Family From Cleveland, Ohio, Establishes Residence on Kibby Street ? Fairvlew, Dec. 17 Mrs. Everett pates and family have moved from Cleveland, O., to Kibby street In Fairvlew. Mr. and Mrs. Lps I'sclman and family of Handy-town wore Sunday guests of Charles I'selman and family. Mr. nnd Mrs. John McWethy and family of Indianapolis pre Sunday guests of bis brother. Cecil McWethy and Mrs. MoWethy. Misses Bernice McNaugbt and Marie Johnson of Terre Haute, were Monday afternoon guests of Miss Wilna Eller and attended the class play. Mrs. Jesse Nevlns spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nevins of Terre Haute. Miss Missouri Thomas of West York, Illinois, was the Tuesday guesi of Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Thomas Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Sampson of Terre Haute, were Tuesday gue-tf: of Mrs Everott Pates and family Mrs; Lillian Hayworth of Clinton is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Kerr. Mrs. Mary Newklrk is r.nondin- a fpw days in Newport w't'i hp-daughter, Mrs. M. IT. Neal. Leslie Foster and Willhm K-"-" were callers In Newport Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Cal Smith snent Sunday with their daughter. Mrs Gerald Kelley. or Hazel Blufr. Mrs. William Eller and Mrs Cal pmlth snent Friday with Mrs. Mary Mowkirk. Mrs. Russ.1! Neidlin"-er and sn Jerrv snout Tnesdav with Mrs. Gertie Silkwnod and rami'v. Joe Silkwood. who is erip'-d n 43 n STORE OPEN EVERY EVENING UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Vj Jii m it m In Time for Chmtmiis! HANDBAGS o a .9 What grand gltta Oie-o will make! Choose from a large collection of feathers in pourh and envelope styles. 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