The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 6, 1976 · Page 18
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 18

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1976
Page 18
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B6 Palm Beach Post, Monday, December 6, 1978 HOROSCOPE 1 SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Make certain you keep agreements made with associates. Use care in the handling of a person who oDDoses vou. CAPRICORN "(Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Be more cooperative with co-workers and make an excellent impression. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb, 19) Put more effort in career work and gain excellent results. Learn to dine in a more leisurely fashion and have better health. PISCES (Feb. 20 to March 20) Make sure you carry through with promises you have made. Any opportunity for advancement should be seized quickly. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) A good day to make contacts that are important to your future advancement. Deepen your relationship with closest tie. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Concentrate on whatever is of cultural nature during spare time. Show others that you are an understanding and sympathetic person. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Go after whatever you want to accomplish today in a very positive manner. Social endeavors can be helpful to your aims. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Study private matters well and don't make them more complicated than they already are. Consult an expert for advice. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Contacting friends and making new ones is fine today and this can lead to fine benefits in the future. Avoid money expenditure now. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) An early start on business matters will pay off handsomely. Study personal aims and figure a sure way to attain them. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Studying all phases of a new project will help you advance in your chosen career. Be careful of one who has an eye on your assets. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Be sure to converse with experts in their fields for the knowledge you need. Showing more affection for mate is wise. SAGITTARIUS J CARROLL RIGHTER' WIZARD OF ID HERMAN BLONDIE THIS IfS'NkJfrr RICHER' 5 COUNT SHEEP it waz, iNEVtrXgLe ' I CAN'T A SLEEP Itrip UN ! VER SCREEN ? ( PU TH'FE&,, GOCO BUPCY... fiH THIFTC'VION EAteONflNPcaHVlME "TH4T SENIg JUMPING OVER A A TEN-3& 7 INTO A PIUUItPN- FENCE PL, B.C. TTJTJTTJJP- de-tente . WHAT V MATICnS LW HAVE P5 "H"BOMS vVilu ee Living m . WHAT'S THE ( THE PENCE WAS J TOO HIGH j-' MATTER? at. A m.' fir iLS.Y 11 PiTiCMm "My wife's on her way up, Gladys; so you're my new secretary and Francine's going (or an early lunch." INSIDE WOODY ALLEN TUMBLEWEEDS 1 weu, men Tut; t?HAf?K dec?-- voo wantumN I Lit MANS.. ) SSI SCRIBBLE CRItSBUfc HI AND LOIS FUNKY WINKERBEAN , v. V nn X FABULOUS AND A Guy LndP? A PICK" UP ANVWHERE FROM A THOUSAND TO FIFTY THOUSAND EVERY PLAY-OFF For Piccr HEV.CKAzy.HOai PLACE AND SAVS THE ABOUT A LAID TIME THEY PLAY. BREAK'S WERE ALL SOLLY THESE PRO GOLFERS TRAVEL FROM ONE SUN-DRENCHED GOLF COURSE THE NEXT. SOLLY THESE I WARDROBES... J PRO GOLFERS V TRAVEL FROM ONE I L SUN - DRENCHED Jrr GOLF COURSE ffADORIN6 TO THE NEXT. 3, A BANS... AGAINST HIM. rv L i I iai I i ri MARY WORTH .... N THE ACREASE IN V WE HAVE 1 EXACTLY.' SO I'P LIKE TO PUT A SHOPP1N6 CENTER u pJi-rt-inuri NO USE THE SUBURBS, LEFT TO THERE?"ANP THAT'S WHERE YOU COME INTO THE J THE SCHOOL SYSTEM FDR AN ATHLETIC I FOR IT SINCE I WE BUILT ' THE - ' ; crossword r-i- WHAT WAY? PONALP TO PUT IT Y J-sm PELEVAN, PIAINLXWR. VA fTS 3 REAL ESTATE CRAWFORP, 11 DEVELOPER, I NEEP YOUR JlVYi, I HAS COME YJ. TmI ' PICTURE, MR. CRAWFORP.' FIELP. IS TOO valuable; o a p- J: n i TO LIE IPLE.' bridge 4 23 Favorite 24 Narrow inlet 25 East coast cape 26 Capek opus 27 Revolver 28 French season 29 A weight, in India 31 Female swan 34 Aromatic roots talk 35 American playwright 36 Role for Marie Dressier 37 A dye 39 Foundations 40 Sharp pain 41 Source of poi 42 Preposition 43 Populated place 44 Wife of Geraint 45 Early Persian 46 Prophet 48 Floral garland Famous Hand CATFISH 43 Certain 2 Capital of bicycles Latvia 47 Hybrid 3 Soon fruits 4 Tattered 49 Arrow 5 Ixives to poison excess 50 Comedian 6 Toward the Johnson mouth 51 Lamb's 7 Managed mother 8 Common 52 French dog's name novelist 9 Tennis 53 Lout strokes 54 Those in 10 Prussian office river 55 River to 11 Poet's word the Baltic 17 Put on DOWN weight 1 Med. school 19 Card game subj. II Denary V ICS V (VVMIirtl MITT TA AH'LLTAICE YA INTA TOWM s BEHAVE LIKE SOME Jto meet some women- If luP'ae GOIWS TO MEET INEXPERIENCEDKO UWMETANEET60M& East dealer. East-West vulnerable. NORTH K 9 8 4 3 2 A7 2 3 A 9 6 WEST EAST Q J105 VQ 9 6 5 VKJ843 854 J2 J 7 5 3 2 K10 8 SOUTH A7 6 V10 A K Q 10 9 7 6 Q4 The bidding: i i ii r, 1 t nunAucif i i PURTr 0AL.S, UEOTcWAWT... ! WOMEN J3-g -- - i r i rsrpsH y jf-Mir V 1 1 u ' ,. -ir l u ii m " a LV 1 ' I V,M ' ACROSS 1 Moroccan tree S Beetle 8 Scheme 12 Historic ship 13 Money of account 14 Part 15 Excited If Palpable 18 Snarled 20 Genus of geese 21 Dawn goddess 22 Spasmodic twitch 23 Museum in Madrid it Revokes, in bridge 30 One (Ger.) 31 Play on words 32 Indian 33 Moroccan seaport 3C Forty-niner 38 Hostelry 39 Storage 40 Smart Avg. solution time: 27 min PAVE SWAM cpfE e;r:i:cj;l4e A,KI N IN I CKlT AT DEAD lS AT flsA USH EZ3i FjcflowE:K55i have worked out well had the spades been divided 2-2, but they were divided 3-1 and South went down one. North could have saved the situation had he used the grand slam force convention. At the point when South responded five hearts, showing two aces, North should have bid six clubs. This would have by-passed the Blackwood bid of five notrump directed at kings, and hence would have served as an inquiry about South's trump holding (spades had already been agreed upon as the trump suit). South would respond six spades denying possession of the A-Q, with which he would bid seven spades and the bidding would have ended right there. All of which proves that in the proper setting the grand slam force is a highly effective convention. At the second table, with the U..S. North-South, the bidding started exactly the same way. But over South's four spade bid, North, completely disregarding Blackwood and the grand slam force as though he had never heard of either of them, went directly to six spades, which closed the auction. Highly unscientific, you might say, but nevertheless highly effective. North made twelve tricks, chalked up a slam, and went on to the next hand. I win, tails you lose. East South West North Pass 1 Pass 1 Pass 3 Pass 3 Pass 4 Pass 4 NT Pass 5 Dble 5 NT Pass 7 jffiA Hij ' J j, niiCino ""V1" STEVE CANYON 'tSCnX i FR0M Tf ff ttAS THE ONLY ANP AT N.5HT W JEALOUS TC COL. CANON, I HOPE Mft Jffl LOOK ON YOUR ROLE IN VVHCH I SET THE TWO SUARPS JV CANCEL EACH OTHER YOU hNOH HOW TOFLV q ?yKtTWVTr FACE I S0E55 WOULP ATTRACT OF THE PICTATORS WtWlJ1-'-;! 'N KU55MN fW tSflTHE 5lRL FR1ENP S I V$T HAVE THE LEAST PRIVATE REP- BUILT Mufod&wfflmtiS&L rffMM iCSdS OF STEVES SLACK Sr FCOLEP YOU ATTENTION IN LAIRPlANE..y mW'CmMWt NAPAC HZJDAZE DPFNDSll-uAKFS ClTOTUACa J. I ;G SDR I Oil 1. 0;N,AJ P.DE 5.E AIII.VEbllJTBSI HE RUVERYUSORE 12 6 puzzle. Answer to Saturday's Opening lead - five of hearts. This deal occurred in a match between Argentina and the United States. At the first table, with Argentina North-South, the bidding went as shown. North's five notrump bid was a continuation of Blackwood and asked for kings. At the same time, it guaranteed that the partnership had all four aces. Strongly Influenced by his powerful suit, South ignored his partner's inquiry for kings and bid seven diamonds. This would Tomorrow: Heads HAGAR THE HORRIBLE iWonIdep IF TRADE-IMS SO THIS 16 MoW yuLf f 1 J WHAT PO $L) 1 I2 h lg; I4 I7 Ha l l" I" 1 prs rr dm. Hi 2i 2A 25 W 24 1 28 29 WM WM mm mm 3J J is 3k n m i -J 1 AO 41 42 pi 4) 44 4S 44 '"W w Wt fflsi N 11 ii 11 il -I M J T A CRYPT0QUIPS Saturday's Cryptoqulp: MULTIPLE-CHOICE PUZZLES MAY ANNOY MATHEMATICIANS. Today's Cryptoqulp clue: A equals C WTS OHKCMFL OHKCMFS WFALFIW JB JHS BTKAFIW TV's 'Cat on Hot Tin Doesnt Match Film at 10 p.m. on Channel 2, when Soviet exile ballet star Mikhail Baryshnikov teams with three ballerinas from the American Ballet Theatre in a 60-minute "Wolf Trap" special. The dancing is, of course, superb. Yet despite the artistry of the three women Gelsey Kirkland, Maryine Van Hamel and Marianna Tcherkassky they do appear unequal to partner Baryshnikov's prodigious talents. His movements are so fluid they genuinely shout out to be recognized as poetry in motion. The only minus in the whole program is the playing of the orchestra, which is Tennessee Williams' classic, prize-winning drama, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," probes the smoldering family relationships on a Mississippi plantation. The entire play reeks of an elemental earthiness. It is as if the members of the family were harvested in the fields rather than reared at home. If there is one ingredient quite definitely missing from the script, it is any form of sophistication. Raw issues and raw solutions are the essence of this mighty tale, which can be seen tonight on Channels 5 and 7 at 9. Therefore, it is not easy to understand why anyone would consider Sir Lawrence Olivier ideal for the very salty, American role of Big Daddy Pollitt, an outspoken cotton grower. It's not that he lacks any degree of capability, simply an acknowledgement that no one can do everything. Being a brilliant actor, he does manage a creditable characterization. But alas, on his shoulder sits the overwhelming presence of the big screen's biggest Big Daddy of them all, Burl Ives. The same criticism can be leveled at the casting of Natalie Wood as Maggie the Cat, and her husband, Robert Wagner, as the whisky-soaked Brick. Compared to the bitterness and longing Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman expressed in the movie, they would have been better suited to playing Oscar Wilde's comedy of manners, "The Importance of Being Earnest." In other words it just wasn't convincing, and how could it be since the parts demand dimension not present in the Wagners' repertoire. Probably the most successful casting was that of Maureen Stapleton as Big Mama. Despite the shortcomings, and there are many in this production, it will take a good program to beat it out of first place. For dance lovers there is a special treat 9 Alan Jenkins w T

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