The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 17, 1936 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 17, 1936
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Thursday, December 17, 1936 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 3 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Founded 1811 ehind the Seen Established as Tlie Weekly Cllntonlaa 1890 The CUatoa Platndealer absorbed in 19U8. in i flu., n HOLLYUJOO w CHAPTER XIV, ; Thinars like that didnt happen, Maguire, say this added up to tha above total of miles. , George L. Carey. . Editor and Publisher Bntered at the Postofflce at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Clsss Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association National Advertising; Representative: oEo. b. david co. ' " " 1900 Wrlgley Bide., Chicago, t-tlt Oeneral Motors Bldg., Detroit 110 Kant 42nd St., New York By HARRISON ARROI.L ropyrirht. me, Jilaff PMUures MyadicMfl, lae. looking after him, the ghost of a smile on her delicate, too thin face. She whispered to herself "I love him. I love him. And it isn't because he's a good catch. I'd love him just as much. If he were a nobody. Nobody at all I" Why, it was like something out of a book. Nobody let a girl grow up '. like that wild, and undisciplined - and Innocent aa a fawn In the HOLLYWOOD The story harks "Oh, dearl If you weren't quite so conscientious about paying for things! Well, we'll go somewhere nice, but eheap. After all, I came to see you. I just had to run away. This business of being a grandmother. By the way, Kiilth sent her love, and the babies are fine, but so wearing. And as for that husband of hers " "That perfect son-in-law you oack to something we are all try' Ine to forget, but is so Ironic that It rates, I think, the telling here In the house Christie slept on, dead to the world. Nettie strug For the picture, "Once Over gled out of her tight black clothes, Phone 117 Phone 41 It seemed like a swell Idea at the time, but Alice Fay wants to warn you against trying it. The actress put a few drops of perfume on the light globe at home. In a few minutes, the room was permeated by the scent. Alice was so pleased that, the next day, she tried the same thing on a dressing table mirror at the studio. The globe promptly exploded, eased the new pumps from her swol len feet. The maids eiirgled and gossiped over their afternoon coffee woods. Nobody . . . except old Adolphui Cooper. Donald saw the huge, laathsrr-faced old man, passive, curiously detached from his eager, bustling wife and the fashionably gowned Eirls. Ha saw him in his baggy lack suit and the stiff whit shirt, with the limp, straggling black bow tie and the slow old feet in highly polished congress gaiters, soft as a woman's glove, i He saw him again in a flower-1 banked hospital room, the white ana cake in tne large, airy Kitchen, lsabelle, who had been locked in her room with a "Don't disturb" sign showering her face with glass. Lightly". R-K-O needed a sheaf of lithographed papers, stocks, etc. Lynn Overman, who plays in the film, heard of it arid said: "I've got just what you . want." So, the next day, he brought a bagful) of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM s 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's ..unemployment problem. - on the door all afternoon, moved restlessly from the table where she Luckily for her, and for the "On the Avenue" troupe, she didn't get was copying a German flower print cut. In water color, to the desk where she was pecking at her typewriter, try picxeu out lor yourself," lie laughed, and she laughed, too. "Hhh that's ancient history. He IS splendid, of course. So reliable. And doing well, even in these times. Though, with the country club, and little John's adenoids, and Marceila still under the baby specialist's care Donald, why don't-you do a little of that? Everyone has baby specialists now and it brings in a good steady revenue. "I wish Edith and John didn't live so far away, you could have little Marceila to start Donald, don't laugh at mel Don't forget it was I who started you on your career. Heaven only knows what you'd have been if I hadn't " "Ditch digger!" "No, but seriously. Donald! You 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city We really should pass this item ing to think of an opening for chapter five of the novel she hoped would of its size in the state. on to Bob Ripley. head propped on pillows. An old man, grown garrulous on bis deathbed. He remembered the stories he The other day, Julie Haydon astonish the world. But it was such hard work. And went to the M. G. M. wardrobe stocks that, before the crash, told. Improbable stories about bill everything was against her. Lynne Overman department to select some costume HE WANTED DEATH WHEN SHE DIED With a sigh she gave it up, turned iards and gambling and dance rU S'rls. And one girl with corn-color ,ir, who sang ballads and was, moat improbable of all, the present to her real comfort, her diary, penned swiftly: jewelry to wear in a picture, She picked up a locket, opened it and cried out in surprise. There are citizens in Vermillion' county who make fun of what were worth more than $200,000. The panic carried them down to' zero, wiping out -Overman's life savings, al except $39,000, which he put into "How can I hope to write? I am only a prisoner, and mother is the Inside were the pictures of her . Mrs. uooper's sister. - He remembered Mrs. Cooner great-grandparents, Charles and embarrassment, her ineffectual at Jailer who won t let me get away to learn anything about life. Here I sit, day after day, trying to write. make fun of my suggestions, but no one will ever care for your future as I do. I have worked. The stupid people I've been nice to. Just so studying. Heading. Working till that Ill-fated New York bank which failed. Overman sold the worthless stocks to the R-K-0 property department. He received, for the lot, 15. Gertrude Lightfoot, who died in Richmond, Va., years ago. The actress has similiar pictures in a family album at home. No one knows where the duplicates came from. my head swims, but without inspira tempts to stop the old man s stark, sometimes bawdy and always fascinating reminiscences. - He was still sitting there, his brow wrinkled, trying to reconcile the whole highly colored, impossible situation with the young, sleeping they'd go to you oh, don't deny it. Donald. It's the Erskines and thf Caldwells and the van Sickles, and the Coopers that have keDt vou iro- tion. Oh, the deadly monotony, the emptiness of our pampered, sheltered lives. The four of va, mother ing in that pretty suite of offices, and you must admit that thev came who is too old to care about anything but comforts and food, and girl and the white, modern Chinese room, when Mettle came in. they call love affairs and take pleasure in believing that romantic attachment is nothing but the dream of young fools and imaginative; authors. . It. is possible that they are right but how would they account for the story that comes from Oklahoma, where, it seems a young lofficer took his own life, only requesting that his ashes be strewn on the grave of his sweetheart? After waiting to see if she "were blive" he decided to see "what is on the other side of this life" and took the final step, shooting himself. Some will assert that he had lost his mind, others that this concern ovef the lost lady was abnormal and still others will believe that romance lives in the, heart of a man, unable and not caring to kVe after his sweetheart has passed over the last span of life. cnnstie ana Adele and 1 who have been so sheltered we don't know what real life might irive us. if we She wore expensive mourning and the narrow black Dumps over Here and there in Hollywood. . Graham Baker's pais will be glad to hear he is out of the oxygen tent and will pull through his at" tack of pneumonia. . . . The newly weds, Grace Durkln and Bill Henry, are off to Vancouver to meet his mother, who had to return from Separation looms for the Henry ondas, but only briefly. The actor's socialite bride, the former Frances Seymour Brokaw, flew east to attend the wedding of her .slater, Marjorie Seymour, to Elling - which her silken instep bulged, must only had the freedom to get it be out of friendship in the beginning, though you HAVE done wonders, just as I knew you would. By the way, how's Adele? She is a swe?t child, even if her mother is a social climbing fool " "She's fine. She'll also be ven have been tight, for she limped, fore It s too later" looked warm and tired. Beside her. Adele. tall and wil Donald Latham turned the kev ton Hunt Montgomery. Fonda had to go to Victorvllle for location on in the lock of his apartment, and wealthy one day. That's the Doint lowy in her soft gray and large, flatterinc hat, was picture. paused, a faint furrow forming; be "Slim", ao a couldn't attend the you wanted to make, wasn't it, Eve ? affair. - tome on, get the beautiful new hat Both hastened to the bed, with soft cries. Both had eyes only for tween ms eyes. "Hello, darling!" a voice called from within. "You're surprised. Honolulu via Canada. . . . Grace and Henry will make a honeymoon out of the trip. . , . The late bach elor establishment of Henry Fonda and James Stewart is to be the scene of a combination housewarm-ing and wedding reception, Doris Dudley and her the man beside toe bed. On Nettie's face was the aaick, on. 1 ra fond of you, even if you did try to make a fashionable physician out of me." "Try 1 1 flatter myself I succeeded. Now, Donny, sweet, don't look cross. I don't know whv vou don't want calculating suspicion of the lady shopper who's afraid the stock has aren't you?" "Very I How are you. Eve? How did you get here?" He smiled, went to the little table where his mail The married life of the Harpo Marxes is as daffy as you might expect. Pending the completion of . been picked over be tore she arrived. fashionable practice! You don't lay, was lost in it, almost at once. Hlo mnfW ahn VmA tDlit him "And tnmx of you watting here, and your office full of people! Now , their house, Susan Fleming has been living at home while Harpo what IS the matter with our Chris and not without a struggle, to cai ONE LITTLE HITCH An important Japanese industry is engaged in fishing along the fnr In a trratv between Japan and stayed on at the hotel. Now, her By her given name, watched new husband, Jack Jenkins, are living in the house and are throwing the party. . . . Connie Bennett was a house guest of tine? I conldn t believe it when the maid told me as we came in the with an indulgent smile. however, he has managed to get the bedroom furnished in the new place, so he is moving into the otherwise chairlesa and bedless door I" "iteally, I could shake you at times, Donald I Did you ask me a Russia signed some years ago and which expiyss very shortly. "Christie's never been sick a day in her life," Adele said. She went close to Donald, and put her hand question, and do you want to hear establishment. Susan will take over Harpo'a hotel quarters. As the answer, or don t your want to starve, do you? And you know, darling, you owe so much money " She looked anxiously at her tall, thin son. He took things too hard. Why couldn't he marry a nice rich girl like Adele now, and make things so much easier for everyone? Why did he waste so much time at dimes, and county hospitals? "Donny, you do like Adele?" "Oh, yes. She's a lovely girl," he said heartily. Too heartily. She scrutinized his lean, nunhnrnf the Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitneys. i as, suieiy. I'm listening ' "With oh ear. Reallv. I dont on ms sleeve, smiling up at turn, brightly, provocatively. He smiled back at her, put his Diplomatic representatives of the two nations were about to s"gn an agreement extending the fishing rights of the Japanese for another period of eight years when the news come out of Berlin that f.nMnv anA lannn harl Iticrneri A treatV BffainSt Russia. The Rus he puts it: "She is gradually catching up with me." That was Natalie Draper with nana on ners, aosently. "Oh. she's ail rurht azam. A know why the girls all want to cast themselves at your feet. Certainly you're the moat indifferent, bad-mannered creature. You havent Tom Brown Constance i Bennett a mild case of hysterica. Trying to be a LITTLE too brave. She she again at the even said that you were glad to polo game. sians thereupon refused to sign. see mei ' had a real shock. Mr. Cooper's death. He was so well when she left, von remember. Touching the And Paula Stone is taking flying lessons from boy friend Dennis Moore, who is a pilot. face, his straight heavy brows, his thick, light brown hair brushed back from the broad ruddy forehead. It was a face you couldn't read very easily. And he said so way they cared for each other. I another envelope with his strong, delicate ringers. "You know I'm always glad to see vou. Eve. How The Japanese foreign minister was severely criticised in Japan for allowing such a misfortune to take place Why hadn't he concluded the fishing treaty first? However, the minister had a perfect defense. If the Russians didn't agree, he said, the Japs would You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Ralph Lord, Los Angeles: It does sound strange, but I am assured that, when Mary Maguire talked from Hollywood to Brisbane, Australia, her voice did travel 28,000 miles. The connection had to be relayed to New York, to London, to China, to Sidney, to Brisbane. Mary's dad, Michael 1 ve been rather upset myself " "You're just too chicken-hearted Today's Puizle: What well- little. to be a doctor! Adele smiled. Donny, don't vou owe vour own known actress had plenty of luck recently? Her suicide attempt "Uft, nol You don t know my mother just a little more of vour long are you going to stay?" She glanced at her pretty, still youthful reflection in the mirror behind him, patted her bright brown hair, smiled more warmly. "As long as you'll aaulre me worst siae "I always brine- out the best in failed, and it didn't even make the papers. continue as they had been doing without a treaty. ' you! I love itl Mother, now the confidence?" she burst out impulsively. He had his hat and gloves in his hand. Oh dear, so good looking, and already so distinguished ! If t.hpv year, with important and ambitious around, and be sweet to mel WILL you put down that stupid magazine and listen to me?" crisis is past, ana jjonald says the patient will recover, aren't you going to see that we get a cocktail? 11 A mhh. 111 I It's a very interesting medical Talk About unrest! Wherever you stop to think, even, it makes your brain feel like a crawling mass of some well-known army pests. just had some more money, so that she could live here with him, here in a larger apartment one of the front ones and not have to h Nettie dropped the coverlet she journal. Didn't you tell me that my work must alwavs come first? Baa Been carefully straightening, moved obediently toward the door. THE HOME TOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live It seems to me that I remember " mother-in-law in John Field's "Sorry. Not during working "Of course, darlmar. But after your mother thafs understood al nours, jnrs. cooper, no, 1 really Contentment can only be found in your own heart. must go, Adeie. reopie to see " She followed him down to the ways! Will you take me somewhere nice to dinner? I thoueht once of undertakings moving toward successful culminations through high-pressure activities and bold strokes. Finances are favored, but petty outlets should be guarded. . There may be gain through lands or as a reward for industry and aplicatlon. A child born on this day may be industrious, enterprising, hold and adventurous, but constructive and practical. It will win the support of influential persons and be personally popular and trusted. . door, deiayine his nro&rress. With - China standing on the household! "Come along with you!" He took her by the arm, pushed her out of the door, and into the large, deep carpeted hallway leading to the elevators. "You NEVER answer the questions I want you to answer! Oh, Donny, I really don't want you to marry. No mother ever wanted her THE STARS SAY , By. (JENEVIKVE KEMBIJi For Friday, December If According .to the lunar transits, this ! to be a particularly lively day, with all tbiogs moving constructively at a very high pressure. The forces and faculties will be under very exhilarating stimuli, and the spirit of Initiative may reach into rather important projects and undertakings. .Real possessions aud employment should flourish. If This In Your Birthday Those whose birthday it is may anticipate a very lively and streniioim cooking something, but the kitchen things didn't look very clean. . . . Oh, not dirty, but one wonders about a furnished place who used them He who has never loved, haB lived. He really had stayed too long. "Really, I'm in a hurry!" That sounded unnecessarily brusque, and he was about to say side or a crumbling Wall, Spain on tbe top of a blazing inferno, England adjusting her monocle after a before " He was pulling change out of his pocxet. "Two dollars, two fiftv. sometmng to soften it, but to his surprise and embarrassment she smued up at him mistily, said: "I know. I'm thoughtless, some severeshakedown and America offering an olive branch, I wonder if Ger Well, this election being definitely over, the newspapers can Btart throwing roses instead of "political hash." two elghtv, and five dollars that I really ought to give the garage man. We can't go anywhere verv excitiner many and Italy are thinking of Rus times. But l really care too much sia and Dante (the Italian writer) on two eigniy-nve "Oh. dear. I brought mv dinner READ THE ADS' son to " "All right, Eve darling I won't." "But you must! That's just what I mean. For your own good oh. dear, now we can't talk any more. You always push me into some pub-lie place when I want to have heart to heart talk with you I" He grinned at lar. (To Be Continued) K1ji Futunt EjsdlekU. 1914 to try to keep you from your work. "Goodbye 1" he said, gruffly. There was a lump In his throat. He ran down the stairs, started his ear noisily, rounded the curve dress, and I have a new hat and I thought" "Very well. The nran man skull at unnecessary speed. wait. Hell orobablv starve, alom "Gee. I'm glad I live in ta United Statssl" Adele stood in the opea doorway, with all bis seven children " 1 YESTERDAYS DBTKMRKR 17, 1911 The' Vermillion county miners examining board has issued certificates for 20G3 niijiers, during the past eight months, according to figures given out by Treasurer Prank Madison of the board, this week. Miss Raynes expects to return New York about January 7. Since none of these are duplicates, it is estimated that this is about the number of miners in the whole of Mrs. Earl Turner of South Fourth street entertained tbe members of the Alpha Bridge club yesterday afternoon at her home. Guests of the club were Miss Hessie Van Duyn, Mrs. W. M. Leeds, Mrs. Cecil Harrison. Mrs, Archie Carmichael, Mrs. the local field, minus, possible the &A or so belonging to Cayuga. in this production. Shirley Rons, Robert Clinimings, Monroe Owsley, Louis Da Pron and Ed Bropliy are concerned in the story, The plot seems rather confuslug but is sure to entertain you. An intended bride has her precious jewels stolen by another girl dressed as a bride. The police chase the wrong girl, who gets herself engaged to the wrong niitn, etc. Intermingled with the mystery and comedy are the melodic of "Two Birdies I'p a Tree." "What Is Love?" and "Dancing Into My Heart." "Sailor Shorty," a Grantlond" Rice Sportlight about the "Fighting Mar- i 7 DAYS 1 Behind trCSir It is announced, Wednesday, that the Scotch Uaptiet quartette Is to L. J. Lemstra, Mrs. Tom Lewis, Mrs. J. N. Frist aud Mrs. Guy Southard. Prizes in bridge were awarded to Mrs. William Kae. club; and .Miss Van Duyn, guet. The next meet sing two numbers before the "Dinner Pall Man's" lecture at tbe Methodist church. Thursday night and ing of the club is to be at the home of Mrs. H. M. Caldwell. one number afterward. Adam Weir. John Dawson. Jack Tliomp and Samuel Robertson compose tbe liu" and "We Drivers," a timely safety lilm, are other treats. o( DilpsxoraJ held firir ivv quartette nnd the numbers chosen for the Chautauqua entertainment are "Darkies' Cradle Song" and "There Was an Old Woman" and "Good Night. Beloved." Chrntmot Seal Sol Flower Thrives in Harm Lava The Chilean berry flower, Mmilla Blanca, thrives and blossoms in warm lava. Collier's Weekly : WARe ; P.IT.Vjl ' ',1 KMv. in Pact ' 1 FIGHT US" . : i - 4ffi tt&y-? DtXTOIBER 17, I0S8 Charles Hughes, of Rothbury. .Mich., is visiting ar tbe home' of bis sister, Mrs. R. J. Collier, and Mr. Collier, in South Fourth street. MOVIES tM hocks to kill' AT SHE XLirMHlA You will thoroughly enjoy this picture, which is a fast-moving combination of mystery, romance and terror with several moments of good fun thrown In for good measure. Douglas Fowley. cast as the last of the big public enemies. Isabel Jewell as his sweetheart. Gloria Stuart as an innocent victim. Brian Don-levy out to get bis man. Warren Hy-mer as the villain's henchman and Btepin Fetchit doing as Utile as possible all comprise a line list of characters. Action takes place mostly on a epeeding express train. "The Chokes on You" is the comedy while the Sport Heel deals with "Plane Devils." MR. iMKIU:l.I..V AT THE PALACE You'll laugh aud laugh at the hilarious farce about an ambitious barber who palms himself off as a rich playboy on some social snobs. Jack Haley, the conuc with tbe wistful face, carries on the impersonation and falls in love with the wealthy daughter ( Bety Furness). The plot, which is of minor importance, has to do with a newly-invented car that will run on practically no fuel at all. The grand climax comes when the butler gets under the hood and peddles the car about to show how "economical" It ig. Arthur Treacher is funny as the capable butler. Rosina Lawrence. Ed Bro-lhy. Robert McWade and Frank Lawton add to the general confusion. A newsreel, Traveltalk and musical act are short features. For Oaly Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stultz and family were the dinner guests ot Mr. and Mrs, Frank T. Kelt in Blackman street yesterday. 'WithiA M M MSDICWS f Lieut. George MacXair. of Ft. Crocket, Galveston. Texas, has arrived home to spend the Christmas holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mac.Vair of South Fourth street. titer tekukt Old sun mo cum yon will 1J -!fc ft MW 1MBOO. It will ortr pol too inm tarn ir-le ra you 9r evoa Jtuw mm there Eiar pra o ihould tbormigtjjy Urn aula Vmlt. 'HIDEAWAY GIRL' AT THE WABASH Martha Rave, the exuberant and slightly mad songstress and comedienne who appeared on the screen in "The Big Broadcast of 1"3?." goes romping alons for your amusement ThiM buuu jm 1cm Sable d apiMDdtaftta. rbeousUiM. neuritis and ottur Uiiunu t Old cblel U ft proven tofttnut tor oumif pa:o in imi, BMfc, kftok. hlpa stut last tTU OB AOM Will ftwip ft ftlcfc ItOBkftQfa. Ja- t-S:UiO anr! bitMttlag. iotciJls pharmacy ii buuth Main Ktre Miss Alfred Jo Raynes. who is a student at Columbia university and also at a school of interior decorating in New York City, is spending the holidays with her mother, Mrs. A J. Raynes in South Fifth street. Forma ti on of Basel all League The National Baseb all league was formed in 1876 and the American league in 190J.

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