The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 17, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 17, 1936
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WEATHER Cloudy, probably snow or rain beginning tonight or Friday; not much change In temperature. Should leu ffeil to IfUotvs Tour DAILY CLINTONIAN by 5: SO P. M. Phone 41 or 117 anil copy will bo brought to you ut once. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN ' tVPTANA FTATf; LTTllnrr Clinton, Indiana, Thursday, December 17, 19361 mimrtnr .11 PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT BACK FROM SOUTH AMERICA One-Armed Nemesis! DELAYED SEARCH WILL START FOR AIR LINER TODAY . , , 4 , ,,. 'I V 0 J- if Hf ' " ' ' i CHARLESTON. H. C. ftlln Hewitt of the cruder Indianapolis, shown shaking hands with I 'resident Roosevelt after (he arhl. docked ut Charleiton on (he return trip from South America. its Com"). Xewspaper A rehires D1 KtUo, rASUISlS OF 3 COUNTRIES IN HARD BATTLE International Brigade' Fights on Madrid Front Against German, Italian Volunteers HEAVY CASUALTY LIST IN AIR RAID MADRID, Dec. 17 Nazi German fought red German and fascist Italian traded bayonet thrusts with Italian exiles today as alien rebel volunteers met the famed loyalist "International brigade" In the frontline of the furious insurgent battle to throttle Madrid. While the capital dug itself out of the horrible wreckage of a deadly raid by 39 rebel bombing airplanes a record number for the civil war the struggle for strategically vital Boadilla Del Monte, seven miles northwest of Madrid, raged back and forth. Town's Capture Reported Rebel sources asserted the town. capture of which would cut off the loyalist line to the Guadarrama mountains and facilitate encirclement of Madrid, had already fallen. As a result. Gen. Culelpo de Llano, rebel spokesman at Seville, said, Indalecio Prieto, loyalist war minister, was discussing possible surrender of Madrid with President Manuel Azana In Barcelona. Prieto was represented as being anxious to yield the capital In order to avoid further heavy losses. Food Shortage Claimed Gen. De Llano reported a serious food shortage in Madrid, Barcelona. Bilbao, and Santandcr. With Madrid declaring that many Germans and some Italians are Continued on Page Isaac C. Slaven Dies Wednesday; Rites Saturday Isaac C. Slaven, 87, oiea i .... .i. aih atrePt. home at 1411 oum - yesterday at 6 p. m. Mr. Slaven was well Known iu Clinton bavin lived hero tor aooui 25 years. He is survived by the wne. r or-ce: five sons. Sam of Twre Haute, -harles of Staunton, Richard of South Bend. Paul and Allen of Clin-on; one daughter. Mrs. John White ,f route l: 13 grandchildren, and ne sister, Mrs. Martin Williams ot Terre Haute. The body was removed to tne Frist funeral home, where It wilt remain until tomorrow morning, when it will be returned to the residence. Funeral services will be held at 10 a. m. Saturday with Rev. H. H. Wagner officiating. Burial will be In Rhule cemetery near Staunton. Ind. LOCAL PERSONS IN PERFORMANCE Nita Leonard Cooper and a number of other Clinton people are to appear In the Christmas frolic at the Hippodrome theater In Terra Haute tonight and Friday night. Beverly McCracken, Mary Poht and Barbara McCown Of St. Bern ice tre to dance solos. Mrs. Cooper will io a specialty bronse aumber. Other dancers are Donna Church, inda Corado, Mila Steffjr, Frances Ralston. Beverly Anaerson. naxei Anderson. Teresa Murphy. Mabell lames. Evelyn Martin, Marjorie fayton, Dallas Bletto. Marjorie Mr- Xlllan and Frances Trnnao, an ox liuton; Martha Jane Welsh of VIonteiuma and Norma Herricg m Hillsdale. The show is an annual affair and given for charity. LODGE PLANNING FOR INITIATION A meeting of the Moose Lodge will be held at the hall la Blaekmaa itreet tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock: instead of at 7:30 o'clock, the usual time. Initiation will be held. LONGER HOURS SATURDAY, Arrangements hava been made for the Clinton post office to remain open on Saturday. December 19, until p. m. instead of closing at the usual hour of 1 o'clock la order to help care for the heavy Christmas mailing. HOSTAGE LEADER ORDERS NANKING TO HALT TROOPS Show Strength of Government Bombing Planet in Flight! Over Sianfu; Warning Are Dropped COMMISSIONER GAINS RELEASE NANKING, Dec, 17 While 200 over Sfanfu to war planes roared cow Marshal Chang Hsueh-Liang to day, his prisoner. Premier Chiang Kai-Shek,, on Chang's request, sent an emissary to Nanking ordering the government to stop the civil war. But fighting was already under way east of Slaufu as the messenger flew to the capital, and 150,000 Nanking troops rushed westward and a hostile communist army raced towards Sianfu for a world-shaking collision. Hostage Heroines Agent Chiang Ting-Wen, pacification commissioner for Fukien provieiee scene of long communist tluhliui; who had been held as hostage In Sianfu with Generalissimo Chiang telegraphed the government that In has been reelased. and is now flying to Nanking with a personal letter from Chiang. The missive js believed to con tain the premier's Instructions lha. the punitive expedition headed by General HO Ylng-Chin, the war minister, be delayed and, possibly that Marshall Chang be glvn a chanco to escape. Hansom Rem T. V. Soong, finance minister and money genius of China, Is eipeeted to pledge a huge ransom to Insure Chiang's release. He Is working on behal' of Mme. Chiang, his sister, who also hoped Continued on Page 4 Lewis Movement Gets Test Today In Board Hearing WASHINGTON, Dec. 17. The new industrial union movement headed hy John L. Lewis' commit tee for industrial organisation day came formally to grips to-vith the steel industry. A national labor relations board hearing, convened on labor's complaint that steel executives have interfered with Belf-organiiatlon of workers, provided the battleground. The immediate Hume in dispute was the steel Industry move to postpone hearings until after the Wagner labor relations act constitutionality is decided by the supreme court. Interference Charged Specifically, the steel workers organizing committee, at present the active organizing force of the CIO. charged the I'nited States Steel corporation and its subsidiary, the Carnegie-Illinois Steel corporation, with worker interference in violation of the Wagner act. Along with the organizing committee, the Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel and Tin workers, filed complaint against the steel companies. The Amalgamated if the specific union through which the steel workers organizing committed is carrying on its drive to organize workers along mass, or industrial lines. And so. despite the fact John Lewis is away In Florida, the fact emerged that this hearing was a battle be;weeu the stel industry and lywis hinsclf. For Lewis runs the CIO. the CIO created the organizing committee, and supplied Its money and Its personnel. HOLIDAY PARTY PLANNED FRIDAY A ( liriwtnia party for all NYA and WPA workers will be held tomorrow at 7:3 p. m. at the Colum-hia Center fn North Eighth street. Au entertainment ban been planned and gifts will exchanged. Re-fretfhiuenU will be serred. DEADLINE SET FOR LICENSES There will be no extension on th time (or the use of old auto license plates. Dee. 31 Is the deadline. About 37S plates have been sold to date, which is about equal to the number sold last year at this time. Matt Gardner A former Texas ranger. Matt Gardner. Elyria, O., gasoline station operator, proved he still retained his former prowess when he captured four bandits who attempted to rob his station, wounding one of them seriously Although one-armed. Gardner has captured 19 bandits during the four years he has operated the station, killing one of them in a gun battle. GROVES SHOWS TO STAY HERE DURING WINTER Former Clinton Resident Sets Up Carnival Headquarters in Nichols Building on Main Street Clinton has been selected as the home of the Groves shows and permanent winter headquarters have been established here, according to manager Ed Groves. Mr. Groves m a former resident of this city. He is married to the former Opal Johnson, daughter of Rolen Jonnson, -watchma.i at the Ninth street crossing, Headquarters KKlablislied Space has been rented In the Nichols building. 216 North Main street, and work on the winter quarters will begin about ' Jaunry 15 when craftsmen start building, painting and repairing equipment In readiness for the carnival season. Ap-(Cnnlinucd on Page 4) BIG SLASHES IN STATE WPA LIST INDIANAPOLIS, hid.. D. 17 More than 4. 'too persons will have bevn removed frVi the slate WPA relief rolls hy the end of December. Wayne Cny, mate dire tor, an-nntin'i'd today. Reason given for the dirnisKal were la"k of funds with which to carry on the variouH relief projects. the fart that wmie have found other meant of support; some eligible for social security benefits and others were not suited for their jobs. COLLISION REPORTED One ident was reported to po lice yesterday. Mrs. Irene Turchi of Centenary collided with a car driven hv Forest prall. The cars were sligiitiy damaged. Robert Anderson Is Elected Commander Of Knights Templar Hubert Anderson was elected commander of Clinton oommaii- dery, 4S, Knights Templar, at their annual election last evening dur-!ti the regular business session. Other officers are: Generalissimo, George H. Steen; captain-general, John II. Gilmour; senior warden. Louis Lemstra; jun ior warden. Carl James; treasurer. Dr. W. N. Kelly; recorder, Fred Van Horn; prelate. Cecil Harrison, stan dard bearer, George waimaii, sword hearer, William Nisbet; warder. Max Johnson, and sentinel. Sam Bell. Installation services will be held Jan. 5. Edith Maxwell Is Once More Found Guilty "of Slaying WISE. Va., Dec. 17. A jury of 12 southwest Virginia tradesmen and farmers today found Edith Maxwell eniltv of second degree mur der of her father. Trigg Maxwell. The Jury fixed Edith's penalty at 20 years In prison. The Jury had been formally deliberating the case since 9 a. m. It was the second time that the youthful Edith had been found guilty of the murder of her father. The first time the jury recommended a 25-year sentence in prison. The vt-dlct and trial were set aside by Virginia's supreme court of appeals. The state charged Edith killed (Ointinued on Tage 4) THREE KILLED IN RAILROAD WRECK CASTL.EBEKRY, Ala., Inc. 17 Two enp inters and a firemen werp iiihiantly killed today when two era. k trains of the Lxtuiuville and Nanhville railroad collided head on at a aiding near here. Crashing head-oa, the engine were completely demolished. Plowing over the tracks and into s water tank, officials exprensed the opinion that the water flowing from the hurnred tank prevented the out-hreak of flamed. Second Skeleton Fog, Storms Still Cover Secret of Rig Plane Missing Since Tuesday; Outlook Is Pessimistic HOPE FADES FOR LIVES OF SEVEN SALT LAKE CITY. Hah. Dee. 17 Thwarted for IS hours hy dense fog and storms, searchers today prepared to comb the snow-hanked cliffs souih of Salt Lake City hy land and air In the belief that thev hold the peer,?! if the missing Los Angeles-to-Silt Lake Western Air-Express liner with seven persons aboard. The airliner disappeared early Tuesday a few minutes before It was due to land at the Salt Lake airport. Tragedy Is Feared Expectations of finding the Ill- fated ship anything but twisted wreckage. Its occupants dead or maimed, dwindled as hours passed without any tangible clue to its exact location and with no word reaching mountain settlements which mieht have been near the supposed crash. Hopes faded that Pilot S. 1. Sam son may nave successfully maneu vered his craft to a safe landing in some Isolated spot In the rugged terrain and his passengers secured refuge in a deserted prospector's cabin. Officials Not Confident "You may say It is the general opinion of officials concerned that the plane occupants have perished," said A. E. Oblan. Las Vegas. Nev., spokesman for Western Air Express. "If they have not died from the crash they have died from expo- Continued on Page 4 Bandit's Injured " Wife in Trenton ' For Arraignment TRENTON, N. J , Dec. 17 Still suffering from the bullet wound re ceived in the New York City gun battle In which her bandit husband, Harry Brunette, was captured, Mrs. Airline Lebeau Brunette was brought here today to face federal kidnaping charges. She was to be arraigned before I'nited State commissioner Marvin A. Spaulding, charged with participating with her husband and Merle Vandenbush in the abduction of State Trooper William A. Turbull. Mrs. Brunette, according to department of Justice officials, has confessed to the kidnaping charge. In the meantime. Brunette, closely guarded at the Mercer county jail, was held to await ' further action'' by (he federal authorities, who will seek formal indictments under the Lindbergh Inter-state kidnaping act, which provides a life penalty. His total bail on federal charges In New Jersey and New York now totals $200,000. G-men who captured Brunette have questioned him at length regarding his criminal activities with his pal. Vandenbush. and there were predictions today the latter might he taken into custody within 4 hours, partly due to information which Brunette has furnished. sion to England rouiiocled with the priiuale's broadcast Besides turning his hack on (he Church of Ehgland by planning a civil wedding, the duke of Windsor hones later to reply to the archbishop, but feels that he cannot now in his present position. Because of that fact, however, he Is said to have asked King George to nse the influence of the crown to prevent any further unanswerable criticism. The house of commons met tody in crackling tension, with leaders bulling about the lobbies trying to squelch a move to bring up the archbishop's speech In parliament. Today's ftrder paper called for a debate on the government-operated Coutlnwd on I'sge 4 DEFENSE BEGINS WORK TODAY IN TRIAL OF HICKS Indianapolis Authorities! Flying West for Another Accused in 'Head and Hands' Miller Killing BKOOKVILLE, Illd., Dec. 17-Introdurtion of defense tcstimon. began in the murder trial of Hebei L. Hicks today while two state po liremen flew toward San Krancisci to obtain Krank Gore Williams, 38 also under Indictment for the slay ing of Harry A. Miller, retired Cin cinnati. O., fire captain. Word of Williams' capture In Sat Francisco was received late yester day just as the prosecution was com pleting Its case against Hicks, accus ed of plotting the "head and hands kiting and hiring three mea to com mit the crime. Two Other Held John Joseph Poholsky, 35. ant William Kuhlrnan. 27. the other twe accused of the murder, are held li the Franklin county Jail here await ing trial. Kuhlrnan, returned Tuesday fol lowing arrest in Portland, Ore., dur ing a theater robbery, was the con eluding prosecution witness. Mutilation Alleged Poholsky allegedly severed thi head and hands from Miller's body The torso was found in a culver (Continued on Page 4) FILM ACTRESS IN ELOPEMENT HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 17 Surpri ing friends in the film colony. Gai, Patrick, popular actress, and Robert Cobb, head of a chain of restau rants, admitted today they had eloped to Tijuana and were marriec' yestet day. The romance of more than twfT years culminated ye3terday when Miss Patrick returned from a per sonal appearance tour. Cobb per suaded her to forget the problem of unpacking her luggage long enough u peed across the border. THE TKMPEIUTCRE By The Clintonian thermometer: a. m., 40; noon. 42. Is Discovered by the ground might have caved iu oi him. At one time this section wai for several years a reudevous foi tramps and drunkards who du caves for their living quarters. number of less innocent and mon undesirable persons also frequent the place, and many are the legend: of violence and dark deeds that have grown out of the fact. The skeleton dug up Wedueuda: bad been about 30 feet underground and only a few yards from wher bones were discovered earlier, but no connection can be established be tween the two. It is possible, ac cordlug lo one man who saw the lat est gruesome exhibit, that the top nf ihe man's head had been blown (Continued oa I'lMf 4) LIMITED TICKET SALE OPENS FOR ANNUAL BANQUET Football Players to Be Honored on Festive Nif?ht Observing Clinton's Many Civic Improvements Tickets for the annual football banquet and celebration of progress in Clinton during the past year are now on sale, and the number will be held strictly to 300, Herwhel Cheek, chairman of the general committee, announced this morning. Gov. Paul V. McNutt will be the guest of honor at the banquet which will be held In the Christian church at 7 p. m., Tuesday, Dec. 22. Members of the Exchange club are sponsoring the event, csoneration with the Clinton Commercial club and other local groups. Club Selling Tickets Tickets are being sold by all members of the Exchange club and may be secured at the Clinton hotel, Clinton bowling alleys, the city offices and the Daily Clintonian, Mr, Cheek said. Nearly 65 high school football players will be guests at the dinner. Governor McNutt has positively assured the committee that be will attend and the banquet will serve (CVnidnucd on Page 4) Mrs. Rose Carso Dies Here Today Following Illness Airs. Rose Carso, 43, of 1002 North Ninth street, died at Hie residence this morning after an jUneae of about four months. She is survived by the husband. Louis: one daughter. Jennie; Sve sous. Joe. Sam. George and Louis. Jr., at home, and Tony of Wyoming; three sisters. Mrs. Anton Arcamo of Clinton. Mrs. Sebastian Maurice of Chicago, and another in Italy; and one brother. Nick Faso, of Clinton. The body was taken to the Karan-ovhh funeral home pending funeral arrangements. BULLETIN I AILIHAt.l. Ind.. !. Thr.-e mea, one believed I4J he Alfred Itrad) . jui used of killing au lu-llmuafHilii. iK.licelllMB. robbed Ibc Carthage Wale llank of appruxi-malel l.a.V luday. and e-a-d in hall or shotgun lug. Male police Kaid Hie tr a Bu k eduu and lieene plale. were Hie mine a (how ued in the liold-up l ttn Kurtli Madloon bank lam nionlli. Howard Henley, cadiler of Hie Caiiliaee bank. Identified a picture of llrady, who slifM and slugged lie-way oul of Ihr firwnhVId jMil wo month, ago with two eouqtunions. "3. aga. till Christmas Edward Reported Asking King to Silence Critics; Speech Made by Archbishop May Reach Parliament WPA Workers at Gravel Pit; More Rumors of Violence Brought Ou Another skeleton of a human body was found yesterday, almost two years from the date that the lirst was discovered, hy WPA workers in the gravel pit north of Clinton, west of Road 63. Dr. I. D. Wbite. coroner, was out of town so the approximate age of the bones and other details could not lie learned. The bones, only parts of which were present, appeared to be that of a large man. A jaw bone was found, but the skull was missing The teefb were taken hy some of the men as souvenirs. The Brst ekeleton uucovered was In a sitting position when discovered and the bones had1 been burled about tweniy years. It is believed that LOMMIN. Dec 17. Willie an In-luenza epidem.c spread through lie royal family today, the duke of Windsor was reported to have sped t message to his brother and successor pleading with the new king o silence the archbishop of Canterbury and other persistent critics of he ex-ruler. Baron Brownlow. close friend of Hjth Mjs. Wallis Simpson and for-ner King Edward, is on his way from the king's retreat. Caetie En-esfeld. Austria, to London, according to the Dally Express. The baron, who dashed from Mrs. Simpson's sanctuary in Cannes to Euzesfeld just after the archbishop commented on Edward's "social circles." was believed to be on a mis I

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