The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 3, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS V "and Mrs. Walter Popple, other pruests NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS j at the if epple home were Mr. and Mrs. : Sam Arnold arU son Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moon and FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecrnft, Reporter i son Wayne, spen'fc Monday with Mr. room and Mrs. James Thompson. ; I open stair-way in the sitting Mwas decorated in fodder and crepe -Mr. and Mrs. Milt Jones, Mr. and Git A XT l I nanpr and numokin faces. After all Mrs. Will Trwll r vA A in rrV tor Tort Vi o f Masquerade News Rev. S. S. Staton and Mrs. Alice Se- ij j I a. j CtllM UaU,ll U- M. I , uvv v c .v-uo a , - ivooert uavis ana run- . . . ( i - " ' l r r-y T 1 1 1 Mrs. JJ.1.: iwvm.v- 1 v7, "iivit t-ii- V i FOR SALE rtained a larce number of friends to took dinner with John King and fami- I Mr and Mrs. James Pavne enter- t served consisting of pumpkin pie, j oren Louise, Lucille, Robert and masmiPra.V r-artv Monday evening ly. Rev. Ray Stanton gave an address ! tained at Sundav dinner Rev. Rhoads cake, sandwiches and pop corn to the ; Mam, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jones and FOR . SALE Mailing lists. Names and addresses 1,000 Grarft county farmers. . Up-to-date. Address, Box 38, Fairmount, Ind. FOR SALE Cheap. Set of drawing instruments, in good condition. Call Main 106, after 5:30 p. m. l their hone south of Fowlerton. to a coi.Vention at Griffith Chapel in ' ar.d family and Rev. Monroe Bunday. following guests: Misses Cordia, ! oaugnter I'ean, Mr. aiJd Mrs. Bert jie evenin- was spent in music aiM the afternoon. j George Leach speic Saturday night ; NellU. Deloris and Rose Slam. Marie , iodd and children Marie, Mildred and games Refreshments of sandwiches, Mrs. Leandda Ice has been removed i near " and Aiildred Wood, Dessie Cormany, : Aen, and Mr. and Mrs. James Tygart cake and pie wtre erveti to Mr. and from the Marion hospital to her moth-! Miss Dessie Cormanv entertained ' Versie Couch, Vivian Couch, Effie ! and daughter Gladys atterMed a sur-Mrs Zella Hazelbaker, Mr. and Mrs. crs home in Gas City. Mr. and Mrs. ' the voung folks of this neighborhod ! Bell Couch, Messrs Walter and James Prse party given for John Pearson Virgil Carmony, Mr. and Mrs Ben John Himelick called to see her last j Saturday night at a Hallowe'en party j Cauch, Morgan, Luther arM Ralph j neQ.ho"1ae . f. r-. and Mrs. Cham-Couch. Mr. and Mrs. L E Richards, Thursday and delivered a beautiful ! at her home on the Jonesboro-Muncie Payne, Clifford Couch, Russel kimes, nss at Ma no ri rriday evening, the Xolder Ehvood and family , Allie Slan, bouquet from the M. P. Sundav school. 1 pike. ! Ada Richard, Gladys P.ayne, Clayton i art air being in honor of the birthday Glen Luther, Morgan and Mrs. Mattie Camenter and son Mrs Fffie Pavne who has been ill I Couch. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Courh, Mr. anniversary ot Mr I earson and also Raph Payne, James ana aiier vouch, uscar of Moiiicello, visited Dallas for several davs is improving slowly. : and Mrs. L. Kicnarcis, xvir. ana lurs. Clifford and Clayton Couch, Russel Atkirson and family Thursday and Mrs. Nar "Smith and daughter I Zella Kazelbaker, Mr. and Mrs. Nol- FOR SALE "Qaicke- Yet" ekctric washing machine. Good conditiui.. Sell cheap. 709 N. Morton street.. Mrs. Pearson who were recently married, they received several very nice and useful presents, a very delightful evening was spent and dainty refresh Kimes, Rose and Cordia. Nellie and Friday. j Crista has been staying with the i der Underwood, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Deloris Slam. Pauline Boyer, ersie Mr and M Wr AfitVmor- ,( f,'. ))-iitor Mr Pffio Pa0 ' nnlimr Alli Sain and Ger Wood and Couch, Marie, Lva and Mildred ccd, have both been sick for several davs Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little and : Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Richards rOK SALE Young Rig Type male; Dessie Carmony. Effie Bell Couch, are 'better now. ! daughter Zola, spent Sunday with; William Mason and family, Dannie Ada Richards, Gladys PaviAi and l- j Mr. and Mrs. Clavton Dickerson and Miss Artie Frost and Frances Bow- ; Richards, wife and son, attended Sun- also Wyandotte cockrels, Regal ments were served. Other guests pre- i sent were Mr. and Mrs. Pete Pearson j and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pearson and i daughter Beatric of Fowlerton, Mr. ! strain. Phone 150."-Rod. vian Couch. family visited Viroril Leach and fami- 1- in Snmniitrilld lacf Similar man of Marion. 'day school and meeting at esleyan Wessie Lewis is improving fast, church at Fowlerton Sunday. ITe is able to walk around in the house 1 Rusell Underwood left Tuesday with a car.'j or crutches. ' for Florida. ard Mrs. John Kelley and daughter , FOR SALE Cabbage for kraut, three tertair.ed alxut fifty of their friends j Frday Nov. 4, is the day set for the to a masquerade party Saturday ev- j sae cf" household goods and personal ening. The evening was spent in : eects of the late John Dye. W. C. cents a pound. Richard Dillon. Dorothy, Delight and Leonard son of near Lafontaine, Mr. and Mrs. Miss Pauline Curtis and Lucile I Hey Slain was in Alexandria on ! Spence spent Monday night with Ber- ! business Tuesday. uc---' jjii. '"s aw i -r ii serves tuncn. FOR SALE My rcsidonc-e properties. One 7-room house, corner M;.diuon , Earl Cc liner and Miss Lucile Stevens j of Marion. I Mr. and Mrs.' Gern Ball and chil- enjoying the refreshments of pumpkin Mr. M. D. Wood of Peru took dinner ' niece Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Payne and son Paul, took dinner with Joe Roberts pie, doughnuts and coitee. and Mr. Ben with John Leach and family Tuesday. I Miss Pauline Mae arAl Sycamore; one 9-room houe tdrcn Marv, Kenneth and Mildred and Mr. and Mrs. Wood returned to Boston Brewer were present at the Hallowe- j and wife Tuesday. corner Second and Mill street: V. in Fairmount ' Mr. ane Mrs. Mildred Ball all of Ma- on Mrs. Masquerade and Shower Tuesday afternoon. j 'on surprise party L. Swaim. Tuesday afternoon. rion. Mr. snd Mrs. James tcon are visit-., ood. mas- Miss tditn liavens gave a Iley Slain and family, L. E. Rich- Mr. and Mrs. Will Todd spent Mon- Rich querade party to her many friends at 1 ir.f Robert Lindley for a few days. j John Payne was in Marion Satur- 1 , . . . ' l,. T 1 ! T r ..!,-.-nolo .QiviitVi T- -5 11 U home of j Drawhorn and Gale Smith call- her ccui.cry east Fowlerton, Lee fclay. Carmony and wife, ards and Virgil day with their sor.' Ora Todd and wife FOR SALE One Guernsey cow; fresr Phone 4 on 19, Fowlerton. Friday evening. In turn to her kind-' ed or! Miss Madge Smith of Marion j Rev. Monroe Bunday preached S.un-j James Howell and wife, John Williams near Rigdon. 1 day and Sunday evening at Pleasant ! attended the Ora Hazelbaker funeral i ness a surprise shower was given n j Monday evening. vhich Miss Edith and Stewart Mur- Littfe Herbert Craw, who was , Grove. held Wednesday. FOR SALE Rhode Man 1 Red Roosters. Phone 151G Black. Mr. aifd Mrs. Dan Pavne and daugh- ! Hubert Craw son of Mr. and Mrs. ray were the recipients of many nice j hrousrht home from the Grant county NEW MULBERRY presents. About fcrtv persons were hosr.nal last t nday is lmprovm g ter Gladys, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wood Willy Craw, who underwent an opera- j and son Fred, Mr. ai.'d Mrs. Charles ' tion for appendicitis is improving Oi. , mcelv. presei.w to enjoy the guess:ng and ,Tohn Himelick and family took Mi FOR SALE Canaries, females singers. Mrs. S. E. Haislev. on. Mr. and lrs. eiyoc L.ean ana.mcely. Mr nrH ATrc v-itnr w;ict, -o d.nnerwith Mr. and Mrs. uien Keeaer, j ttta Wood, marked and visited diner-; Miss Cordia blain was iw indianapo- j saturav i.crhf and Sundav euests of masks and games. Refreshments of pressed chicken sandwiches, pumpkin pie, doughnuts and hot coffee were served. ncrtn ex .Manor;, tasi omma. ent nomes 01 me neijiiiu"rinm, unaii.v us aturaav S Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wilson and j at the home of Mrs. Ann; Mrs. Annis McCoy of Fowlerton; Mr. and Mrs. Oren Kirkwood stoppmy Hamilton and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Holland FRESH GROUND white corn mel rd 2c per pound. Use sweet milk unt baking powder to make corn brta.i. Try it. Fairmount Miiis. were afternoon guests Nottingham i Favr-e where they popped pop com 1 spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. j p 4 1V V , . Davis ;and all enjoyed a fine time. joe Tobin of Fairmount. iAWT. n ! M's? Zola Little was present at the1 Mis. Bessie Couch is staying with , 01;lrs-frns" Miss Myrtle took Sunday dinner with Frank ank Davis Monday. , and family. surprise party eiven in hoTror of Mrs. WANTED Bert McCormick and family of la- j Jirs. ume aiu), .ur. a Mi-Fontaine. Mrs. McCormick is ill. lery Carter Misses Cora and Carrie . ! Kiby were Sunday dinner guests of .. r- ' Limon Carter arid family. Mr. and Mrs. Oren Kirkwood called oii Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Kirkwood Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith, Lee Draw-horn and Gale Smith attended a box supper near Elwood Friday night. Mr Drawhorn had the sale of boxes. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Murray took Sundav dinner with Mrs. Murray's ii i John T,yons died very suddenly ! i Thursday at the home of his brother LITTLE RIDGE Baptist Church Service The Fowlerton Primitive Baptist church held their regular preaching service Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Elder C. I. Goble in charge. Eight churches of the same faith aiAl order were represented, a large crowd w?! 'n attnd?nce. The local union of tr-e Fowlerton W. C. T. U. were given a cordial invitation to attend the anniversary meeting of the North Back Creek Ut'.on to an all day session Wednesday. Mrs. Fliza'-ie'h Sr.nlov, who is state President is to give the address. Nancy ood Monday night, . Harrold Leach attended the "Fresh- j man Party" of Summitville, Monday nisrht given at the home of Edith Mobley. Miss Hattie Leach and Basil Underwood srent Sunday with Miss Marg-arette Kever of trear Swayzee. Bei niece Robertson entertained at WANTED Fifteen cr twenty woodcutters. M. L. Johnson. Phone 20. WANTED To buy hay and straw. M. L. Johnson. Phone 2G0. " ; Hudson Lyons. Being Educational Day at this place Willy Robins is back again pump-last Sabbath, Sunday school and jng ol on the Wide's lease, church serv ices were well attended. TA j-ch is the e-uest of her mother. Mrs. Wheat or at the home of ) Eveeett Hitt south of Fairmount. her home Monday night a Hallowe'en Mr. Edward Caldwell of Marion hav- j mothe" this Week Mrs. Elitabeth WANTED New ear corn at market price. A. A. Ulrey & Co. ri;.:'c;s .'iuui t .;u.,va-j jiarij' nuiijiuseu ui inc iicmihicu ui ing Cliarge Ol iiie o jjt-iuiii; aim j.-ign j r.c- rucst of Miss Mary Ueeren. ! the Academy. the Rev. Enos Harvev of Noblesvule, i The Mulberry school gave a mas querade social Monday evenirg. Mr. ant Mr. Chester tarr and. The body of Will Sapp, formerly of superintendent of Western 1 early! family ar.d Herscholl Camenter of thi neighborhood, was broueht from Iectir'r preached the sermon. Ministerial Meeting. Rev. Eimer Meyers and wife entertained the M. P." Ministerial associa Anderson were bunday dmrfer guests ; Alabama to bummitviMe for burial i temperance program was given WANTED To vaccir.ntc your hoj- with Thorntown serum. Call 18Di Black. H. D. Wilson. WANTED Corn shuAers at onc:. ' Call Clinf Jay, Phone 2-!:ir.-Rcd. Wednesday. Funeral services held in the Methodist church. last were tion of Grant ccu;y to dvr.ner Tu of Dallas Atkinson and family. Miss Dessie Carmony gave a mas-cuei-a1" party at her home north of town Saturday night. L. E. R'chaVd.s ?r.d wife, Frank croodly number enjoyed the evening. The house was decorated with jack-o-lanterns and forest, leaves. Refreshments of pop corn, candy and apples were served to about fifty guests. The Kingsley W. C. T. U. served :it the Carter Bros., sale clearir.'g a neat itie sum. day. the dir.n- r was seved at tr parsonage and the meeting and busi- ness session in the afternoon. Those i i r f 3 ..;f. V ! at the opening session of bunday school in memory of World's Temperance Sunday. Praver meeting will be held thi-Thursday evening at the church. Mr. E. E. Stuckey leader. Mr. Loren Caldwell of Earlhnm roiloe was a week-end gu?st of his COUNTY LINE i rox terrier. w:te ar.f vt- lew : Ford ar.d family of MarioT. Rny Lewis rtresenx wt-ie. rt-. uicvii n;m -inr i Swtotser. Rev. Hetrick. wife and ' f,,n,;iv of Matthows. Verlie Couch daughter of MePnat, Rev. Harper and : . j family ?nd Walter Couch spent j Mr. and Mrs. Ab Couch entertairJed in Miss Edith Havens was cahing ilus vicinity Friday. ears, female; answer: to i unc- cf Tina. Wears small collar with 1920 tag. Return to L. M. Buller, .".01) South Walr.'ut street. Caldwell. , T " . ' "i M i in i r ; 'ii i r A I Mill 11 x.nrrt-- ii in nor p nun v I t-; i . r l mil v i I v b-ro. Rev. Coons and wite oi rierpsT. war Matthew s Richard. Mr. ?nd Mrs. Frank Ford ! mv and Mrs. A. E. RatlifT ent er- d d . Rev. Burgess and wue of Mier, Kev. i Miss Martha Couch spent Sunday ! Prd familv cf Marion. Mr. and Mrs. i tained for Sunday dinner, Mr. an Teltoe and wife of Gi-.lin, Mr. Krai .i, Miss Laura Brown near Fair- HaV Lewis and family of Matthews. 1 Mr M Hiatt of Fairmoent an MISCELLANEOUS iriir. 5!i;.- r.T tirTTm. rc . .-vi- i mccit Mr. and Mrs. Miles Rush of Rigdon. ar.'d wife and Mrs. Lva Part- br-iv'-1 ridge. j Cordi and Fdr.'a Slain were in In-idianapolis last Saturday. Royalty in a Freight Yard. I.ioiitennnt Commander Hugo Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ford and baby of Matiot, Mr. and Mrs. Verlie Couch and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Couch and baby. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Payne had as their euests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. W, Mis? Ala Richard, uussei ivimes. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Carmony and CWis Carmony took S.unday dinner with James Howell Zella Hazelbaker, Mr. and Mrs. Frank FOR QUICK Auto service call W. G. Moon, 601 South Walnut strrtt. Phone 382-2 rings on Red. TYPEWRITERS, cTelm nairtJ. sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone InSfi. N?xt to Lyrir Theatre downstairs. Marion, lnd. locals and Personals Mrs. James Cra-"r and little granddaughter Dris Rogers, and Mrs. Elizabeth Thorn visited Mr. and Mrs. Andrew White and family in Muncie, Saturday. Mr. a"! Mrs. Frank Ford of En;d Miss Rhoda Helms was an over . Pavne and son Paul. . Afternoon niht guet of M;ss lartha Conch. t guests were Mr. ari Mrs. D. E. Rich-Rev. Elmer Meyers and wife and ards and son. Mrs. Elizabeth Thorn took SurJay i Mr ar!( Mr. Virgil Carmonv and Russel Okla, ai,j Mrs. Cora Karres and eh,!- j dinrier w:th Arthur Jones and family. Miss Ada Richards and Mr. -en James, v libs and Sylvester of i l . c?ol ! r.'im cr-nt Snntr -itb Mr Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wright enter-a;iVd Rev. and Mrs. Enos Harvey of Noblesville and Charles White for dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wright enter- ; fined for dinner Mr. and Mrs. John Lee and son Robert last Sabbath. Mrs. Etta Doherty is sick at her home with phneumorIa and leakage ; of the heart, Mr. C. S. Wright, who has been con- ; ined to his home by a fall is able to it up a part of the time. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Caldwell entertained for Sunday dinner Mr. Edward Caldwell of Marion. Mrs. Lester Kiroes and sot's Gerald and Wayne of Fairmount and Mr. Loren Caldwell of Earlham college. The farmers of this community are quite busiy engaged in marketing theie beet crop and husking corn. and Marion were Saturday night guests of : . ' t t- j a f ; 1 i will TAXI To Marion. V. G. Mrs. James Howell of North Fowler- Moon ir in their lodee rooms Monday t, Lj. rom aim lam". I -v Refreshments of sandwiches. Aivtn tora retumea rome c.uui- - . v- a c-.i make three trial trips ouch day to Marion for awhile, leaving Wash-ingtor street at 9 o'clock and running every two hours. KwhU-r in the World's Work says: Our nearest neighbors in a squalid out-l'ieight yard where we took uf quarters in Nnvorossisk were the former president of the Vladikavkaz railroad, the best system in Russia, who, with his children and grandchildren, occupied one small eoah. The lrand Ducliess Marie Pavlova with members of her former suite and their families, iilso had a single coach, while her son, the Grand Duke Audrey, with Ids son of oddly indefinite parentage ami said son's nioilKT, a famous ballerina in her day. likewise lived for months in a tiny railroad coach on the opposite ! side of our mudhole. The grand ' duchess was a charming lady, nor did the terror of her situation and the utter squalor of our surroundings take one whit from her delightful sense of ! humor and her quality of une grande ' dame. ! ton. Mr. and Mrs. William Mason and :- soi.'- were in Marion Monday. ! Miss Gladys Pavne spent last week ' ivHVi hpr ?5ster. Mr. r.nd Mrs. Nolder UrdTwood of Little Ridse. Several from here witnessed the j sham battle at Fairmount Wednesday ; evening. Ur- after a two weeks visit with rela- Vdng "serviced will be MS; Ralph Pearson and ,t !!no-hter Beatre took Sunday chm.r ; n'?fV K; ;M KS rf ?, 0 p-ith Mr and "Mrs. J. X. Gibon and : Robert Lmdey and wife snout Sun-daughter Pauline, west of Fairmount. day evening with Mr. and Mrs. S. B. ifr. and Mrs. Pter Pearson, Mr. j I each, and Mrs. Ralnh PaT-son and daueh- . Mr. ad Mrs. Stewart of Indianapo- W. W. P " r-r: in Ar.derson Fri AUCTIONEE R STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. ; Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 19 ! Fowlerton. ! C. W. DICKERSON i-5on t5-t! ii Virvrtor of Mr. Jrhn Pear- tn xctr V-pt.U with ATt- nrirl ATr Clvdf '. .' . ... in ' ii, . ., ,r , t-, , tt i Uar.;..e hu rrros and w.4e were Partridge. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hug- COMMUNITY ITEMS son. Surrmitvillo Tuesday afternoon. i' II Mr. Warren Haislev and Miss Pau- ; p-;ns cf Maricn. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar! Hariev i? j.r- nd family havs line Gibson were Sunday evening ' .fro and Mr. J. W. Jones were also' moved fr-r- Alvn crre farm to the miocte -if Mr si.l Mrs. Rslnh Pearson. iSnridnT- irrr-r rii.-t : Basil Underwd f. asil unde-:-d he is work- m. .:rvr T t, nf rrl C 7 ; " . . . tarra, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Runyai living south of Hackleman entertained at supper Friday evening for Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moon and sons Floyd and Wavr.e. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Swayzee were Sturdav - i . rht guests , Martha For(i and sons Paul ary clay. j Bess,e Thursday vl-nr!r, V itT.n sPent Monday evening in Hartford; with her sister, Mrs. Zella Hazel- Famous Grove Disappearing. Mexican children gathering firewood ire slowly wininc out a clump of cot- Mfln and Mr. and Mrs. Lon Moon DR. C, L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Pcstoffice Hours 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. Zella Hazelhaker has recovered from Mr. and Mrs. Bert Todd and children j t on wood trees northwest of Juarez, an attack of the mumps. Marie, Mildred and Xen, attended the Gamble and daughter Fay, of Hunt- Th! Fowlerton Christian Endeavor hrn were Saturday dinner guests ! er.tertamed the M. P. membership to of Elder Ford and family. i , a,aeo""ad?l ? the home of Mrs. Fen Wood of Boston, ind., arer.ce Monday night, Tit tV, wAV-nd wifh her narents. ! Mrs. Cinthy Mann visited Jennie -t"-"" . " - . 1 i t i. c- ,....j : I :..4. Li1 !i o.ii'aruiix. t f ui;:i; aim Mr. and Mrs. John Leach Marina oucn attended a party at Sunday school convention at Antiocn o Te which has been known as? the high school Monday evening. . Sundav afternoon a large crowd was ' f;;ove ,w.ase it was there Mr. ar?d Mrs Ben Couch attended present and a splendid program was; J - FrLuisco I. Mndem ngreed meeting at Foylerton Sundav. : givn. ' ",' . i,,t, ,....,1 Mies Gladys Payne and Mis, Ada Mrs. Anna Kimbrough and son , to a senes of anmsUces which pre, -RichanJs Sve a Youse Plr?v It tSe Walter returned reoerMy from a most j 1 the end of his evolution. Appro, - - rr arj jrs y Ridhards immovable automobile trip to Michigan I mately 2,r trees marked the histori'al Monday evening. The ' parlor was ! where they had spent a week visiting s,,ot in inn. Today, it is said, less Tr. "Eastes moved his personal he- longings to Gaston last week where j he will spei'J the winter with his Mr. and Mrs. Charley Bragg and little daughter of Jay county visited with Mr. and Mrs. James Craig Sunday. Mrs. Ollie Duling accompanied Rev. Ray star.ton and family of Yorktown, FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER . FA KM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indian Call in at our expenee daughter. Harrold visited tne r 1 r j . 'l -iT I Mise Goldie r jiiiiiuuiu. i ivin lana onu creue paper a i hi aiso me i .. " . . . , Kad'ev scnooi I? riaay snernoon. Heat rice MaTt (Misses Sarah and than half this number survive the raids of the children sent to search for fuel. The grove won its name in 1911 when Madero led his troops against the Juarez retteral garrison, which remained loyal to President Porflrio Diaz. The commander of the garrison and Madero arranged several armistices wnder the trees of the grove. 8-S8 ! f oent. Monday night with Miss Doro- j thv Wimmer. JMr. ana iirs. iveveire omiui ui Maurice Warner, President Earl Allen, Cashier E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store OfTW h-r-.r f n m.; 1 tc sorJ Charles Edward, spent Monday with Leath Smith and family near Fowlerton. Rev. Dora Perry of Phlox will preach at the Radley church next Sunday morning and evening. Mrs. William Mart and children Sarah. Everett and Charles attended i f i FOWLERTON BANK Oil as Leprosy Cure. So -successful has Dr. P. Hooper ?een the Fiji islands in the treatment of leprosy with chaulmoogra oil, a surprise partv- given ior xur. ana home j that Te reports to the Journal of Trop Save Your Money Mrs. Clarence Mart at their near Leisure Tuesday evening Responsibility Over $250,000 General Banking Business All Kinds of Insurance ical Medicine and Hyciene (London) Electrical Work House Wireing and Repafr Work Marvin Octxis PHONE 352 Mrs. Benbow living near Jones -fimt in the years 1TV18 and 1919 23 pa- Chanel is seriously ill with phneu -I monia. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sm'th and chil- i dren Frarfcis, Paul and Forest were '-uests at, dinner Sunday of James Ty- j gart and family. i Mrs. Vemie Hilton und son Frank, ! fients were discharged on parole, of whom one returned, and he now has :fx more apparently cured and ready for discharge.' "Doctor Hooper believes that all oases of skin leprosy and some of the nodnlar form can he cured by intra- A thrifty community spells good business and prosperity. Don't live up your income. Save a part. Your deposits with us are guaranteed with more than $250,000 personal liabilities. Make this bank your snent Sunday with Mrs. Hilton at Haekleman. l -nrawular injections of chaulmoojrra Mr. an'J Mrs. James Thompson and , ure or failure depending largely rtar-nter Irene motoreoi to muncie ; upon how early the treatment begins. Simday and snent tne aay witn jvirs. Whitinper and family. If 5 INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS f All He Could S. A shanonK". red-faced lawyer was cross-examining a witness as to his sobriety. "You were seen," he be-san, "entering the Spread Eagle a woon as the doors were open or soon afterward? Te,, replied the witness, "but not to drink." m "What object had you in view then?" asked the lawyer. "The only object I had in view, sir, 3 T went in was yourself coming out." -Pitt.vl.ursh ChronlcieTelegrrph. Mrs. Ida Lewis of Fairmount snent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Ellen Smith. Mrs. Ollie Collins snert Monday evening: with Mrs. Wilbur Wimmer. . Miss Maud Kimbrough spent Mon-dav night with Miss Maud Briles of Fairmount. Mf. and Mrs. Ralnh Howell and family entertained Monday and Monday rght for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snow and son Robert, and (Mrs. Clara B. Harris of Battle Creek, Mich., and JH Clinton Hall of Wyoming. M. and Mrs. Will Tod vnd d" v-Bc-ha, motored to Marion Sunday and were guests at dicker cf Mr. Eyes Tested, Glaases Fii ted by State Registered OFrOMETllISTS Dr. C. C. PARIS and Dr. EMIL FARB "STelasirely Optical n FOWLERTON BANK, Fovlerton, Ind V

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