The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 16, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1936
Page 6
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) I Page 6 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Wednesday, December 16, 1936 CLASSIFIED ADS INSURGENTS' BIG PUSH ON MADRID GAINS STRENGTH LuFolletto, and Regent Clough Gntes were reported to have demanded Dr. Frank's removal last March. It was reported tho housecleanlng that removed Athletic Director Walter K. Meanwell and Head Football ( o .days O jfrSHOP i: igy" Clinton Social Notes (Continued from Pago 1) Coach plarcnce W. Spears from the campus would Include Dr. .Frank. Dr. Frank denied ho was a candidate for the 0. O. P. nomination, that he sought to be the keynoter al the republican convention, or that he could he blamed for Wisconsin's athletic doldrums. COURT NEWS NKVVI'UKT, Dec. It, Hearing on the petition to modify the divorce decree of Hazel Marie Canaday vs. Ralph Canaday of near Newport, in Vermillion circuit court Tuesday. The cause was continued for judgment. The petition Hied hy deii-nd-ant ulleges the plaintiff was divorced from him on April !, l')2U and given the ruxtorly of tlo-lr minor child. Hat-ham KIten: that sinci-that time plaintiff has married William Collier. That id nee tip' granting of their divorce the child has lived most of the time with Iw-r grandparents. Klmer K. Jotn-s and wife That petit inner has made a 1 -ramrements with the grandparent i to keep the child, and in the event of t he deal h of the grand mot her. Jennie (toss, has agreed to keep (he child Defendant asks that the decree he so modified that (he grandparents be given the custody of the child, and in the event of the death of the grandmother that Jennie Ro:::; be given the custody Ki'HiH'iHco Kninco propnues to do tliu same in .Madrid this year, but tho vigorous loyalist dufeiiHo makes it unlikely. At mid-day the government Issued another -ntuiiiuuiUe telling of the "desperate, renewed" assaults of the rebels, and stating again that the foe had been turned back. The government furred were officially reported successful esper-idlly in the Hoadilla Del Monte region. "The foreign legion lnnrlct several attacks, but. were repeatedly r"-pulsnd and eventually were forced to retire to their original positions after sit fieri rm heavy losses," said the eommuniiiue. Intense cola is holding up operations on the I.'urgos front, it was stated. . Lloyd K. Ileskolt, leader of a C. C. C. Camp 551, tienessee, Idaho, is expected to arrive here soon to spend hiB Christmas vacation at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heskett and daughter, Margaret of Summit Grove. While here he will visit Mr. and Mrs. Mllo Heskett and son of South Sixth street and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fader or South Main street. He Is a brother of Mr. Heskett and Mrs. Fader. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Owens of Terre Haute spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Owen's father. K. B. Potter of Summit Grove. He also visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heskett. MRS. SIMPSON, DUKE PLANNING CIVIL WEDDING Rates for Classified Ads Male Instruction and Paid Notices would like to hear from mechanic-First day of Insertion: 8c for each al'V inclined men In thls'xommu-readlng line (one column line, like nlty who would like to better them-one of these). selves by training spare time for in-Next two days Insertion: the same stallatlon and servicing work on all 8c charge (you get three days at types AIR COND1TIONINO and double the cost of the first day). ELECTRIC REFRIGERATING Next three days insertion: the equipment. Only reliable men with same gc charge (you get a whole fair education should reply. ITtill-week, six dayB, at three times the ties Eng. Inst., write Box 412, Cliii- cost of one Insertion). ton. t34 Each group of three days there- Mack Fare (like this), 10c per FOR RENT line. . two modern rooms; garage. 345 . All classified ads Including memo- Mulberry street. t35 riama and notice of all kinds must be paid In advance except those by . a I I . I J regular customers whose accounts 1x1316 rl6ip TTdnTcU are paid monthly or those from or- ganliatlons whose bills muBt be al- MAN to be(.ome contact man and lowrd before being paid. In the investigator for national organii- laMer case the person asking Uie aon Experience unnecessary, publication of the notice will be held Goofl ppearanee essential. No sell- responslhle for IU payment. Wr,te 750.770 MadiSOn Bldg.. . Milwaukee, Wis. t34 Business Services OliR WORK IS OUR BEST recom- ""C. mendation. See us for any type S PORTvPARADL. of painting or paperhanging. Lowry A. Jji 3 & Simpson, phone 173J. HrtTTwf liOTWsS' FOR SALE (Continued From Page Five) (Continued trora Page 1) ' Behind tfi5oKl CHRIJTMAnVtSrftJ I SEAL ?(rM3l Notion o I N57 H Tubertulosi Jw-vt-fs I Association -founded "cabinet changes may be expected during the parliamentary recess," which begins Friday and ends January 1!). minister, may be transferred. While it was stressed that the possible move baa no connection with th king's abdication. It Is generally known that Duff Cooper and Kir John Simon were the only members Pythian Sisters Meet of the cabinet who favored legisla Death for Mail Theft Theft of mail by postal employees was punishable by death under a 1797 ac t of congress. tion permitting Edwjurd to marry Mrs. Wall. s Simpson. The Daily Express said today that Ancient Troy The circular walls of ancient Troy enclosed five acres. READ THE ADS tTJL. 4 1 IK inwru 'th is ft CHRISTMAS CARDS LUniU While Sl..iii.' Three-plate electric stove with oven I ilkiv or 10 llnx nf VOON PLATE LUNCH 11 First class condition. ileal 720 Mulberry street. . t36 Ul9c Zt 29c Heady to serve it 1 1 A. M. 25c, 35c $15. Oil stove, 431 Elm St. t36 Electric washer, wringer, coats. troduced iib to Man o' War, Gallant Fox. Zev and the rest. "This here stable," he said pointing to an nnpainted stall with burlap bags for sides, "is Man o' War's. He done all right last year. He wasn't the best, but he was fair." Knowing that the real "Big Red," Heatrola range, used only 3 months The regular meeting of the Pythian Sisters was held at the hall on Blackmail street last evening, which was well attended. Following the session a stuff practice was held and gifts were exchanged. During the business meeting the lodge planned to send a basket of fruit to the Pythian home at Lafayette for Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Davidson and Mr. and Mrs. Clem. Crockett and sons. Wayne. Birt and Don, were Sunday dinner guests or Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Manship and family of South Fourth street. I.rXCIIFOX CI,1R MF.F.TS Mrs. V. G. Wright of North Fifth street entertained the Tuesday Luncheon Club at her home yesterday afternoon. Bridge was played al two tables with Mrs. H. M. Ferguson receiving high score prize and Miss Jessie A. Robison. low. Mrs. Ferguson will entertain the 1055 Anderson street. t30 Four-room block house with base Tobaccos for HIM Christmas CANDY the greatest horse ever to come running down the stretch, was roaming ment, located at Newport between C. & E. 1. depot and courthouse. Very reasonable. Inquire at 225 North Tenth street. 138 Gifts that furnish real pleasure during his more thoughtful moods. Investigate his pet smoking hobby, and then make your gift selection from our splendid assortment of smoker's gifts For Sale Coal FOVTtTH VE1X COAL, IMVERBAL, Scan your Christmas shopping Dst . . then stop and remember all those who have a craving for delicious candies of one kind and another. There are quite a few, aren't there? And, remember, too, you will find their favorite confection at your favorite prices here. MIAMI NO. 4, AM) BIjAUK BET TV NO. 5. HARLEV HUFF MAN. PJIO.VE 10. 4tf the pastures somewhere in old Kentucky, we anxiously waited for Santo open the door. He swung it open and there, quietly munching hay off a sand floor, stood a shaggy-coated little horse, who was not more than a hand higher than a Shetland. He would have looked perfectly at home between the shafts of a pony cart. An investigation revealed that Sam had no' idea that there ever was another Man o' War. He didn't know that all the "great" horses he showed us were just Nassau namesakes. To him they repre CIGARETTES, CIGARS AND TOBACCO PAID NOTICES club at her home on South Fifth street January 12. Cigars in Gift Boxes CIGARS IX CJIKT HO.XKS Kacli Ifcix of IU lli til i"i l!n of : Box Candies I Xmas Governor LaFoIletteof Wisconsin Seeks to Oust Frank, University s President, In Meeting of Board (Continued from Page 1) 4r: 25 i NOTICE, MOOSE! Big special meeting Friday. 8 p. m. Big initiation and eocial meeting. All members urged to attend. J. C. Hayslett, sec'y. t36 Beautiful cedar chest now on display at Doughty's to be given away Friday evening, Dec. 18, at entertainment at Sacred Heart school at 8 p. m. This will be sponsored by Group A Sodality for the benefit of the school. - t35 S2. Si. 2. sented the last word in horseflesh. 5 POUND BOX OF FAMILY QO-CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATES-'O The horses cost the owners an average of J125. and some owners m .25 2." 2o ' 25 25 25 25 stable their mounts at home and drive them down behind a surrey . . 3Hc . .25c , . 2.c One pound (Kl atonal bom of Van Muller rhocolntcs. One pound rhorolate Oram rhivrhw I'ound box Ktackstonc or H,vle Park Chocolates. . . . W2. 12. 2. S2. 2. !2. $l.l: $l.l.'t Sl.i:t l.l )l.i:t i.i: sm.l:i l.l;t fact he was frequently mentioned as a possible "dark horse" candidate for the republican nomination for president. Harold M. Wilkie. chairman of the board and a close friend of Gov. on the days they are scheduled to race. Try as yon may, you can't find a Christmas Boxes of Fine Candies Ia KendiUh Kmerson , 5c San Felice " Ilankahlf ' While Owl ." Vtneello -"V Phillies 5c Ih Ta'ina !U' Havana Kihhons 5: Ienby 5c (arcia Grande 5c William Tenn 5c Cinco 5c ludu' Wright 5c IjA Azora 5c lionalda 5c Hoi Tin 5c Student Irince 5c Creino S for Hk leschler's Monogram. -2 for 5c Kins: Kdward 2 for 5c Manila Stuhs a lor 5c 60c-$1.00-$1.25-$1.50-$2.00-$2.50-$3.OO gift that will mean quite so much to your friends as your portrait-It Is yon. Cashner Studio. t34 For Sale or Trade '0. I at v. .14 1 m : 1 1 St i s 31 n a Si .4 a' i v. .I iff LEGISLATORS TO OUTLINE COURSE AT FRENCH LICK THE ROOT STORE s 319 S. Mam St. Phone 464 S2. 2. 2. 2. 2. iSI. SI. XI. .H2. Combination roadster truck for farm equipment. 1027 N. 7th St. t35 (Continued from Page 1) McLean's "Good" Candy at Popular Prices One wund box Chateau Chocolate 4fk- One pound 1'ecan Iak ,,K One pound Art Top lUtx Candy 1.20 Three pounds Golden Crest Chwolatex HfN Five pounds Mrs. lahiierN Christmas Chocolates $1.25 m a. m m m m ft llll L rib 4 -.-"' , :0 .'1 for IS: .7l ..- .rH it I'M! iiojt or i on $l..- !.!).- Kl.ft.T I.U.1 .SI. 115 Si:t.: S5 h:c H;tc -MauilA HluntK. V,l l'roliicri . . Ihitcb IsMth HolM-rt Hum Cbanccllor . . . UN llc lih KM SS:l x.i. 85 Hr, 85 5 Pound Box of Extra Fine Chocolates for Xmas $2.50 A I'ulina IOc IK Fine Candies I Whitman's Smoking Tobacco ' ' r i M rkM.imi. 7 $1.00-$U5-$1.50f Hi. Ill ni . . .41 .7(1 Kl . . . 14 or. . i $2.00 - $2.50 - $3.00 rrliicr .llH-rr lliil-,-ij;li I'nion l.cHfb-r ...... firanwr Itoiiuh Cm ll;ilf nnil Hair I'XucHoi-lb Sampler .HI Villi Markets CHICAGO. Dec. 16 Livestock: HOGS. 24,000; 10-15C higher: holdovers. 4.000; top, $10.20: bulk $S.7S10.15; heavy. $9.75 a 10.20; medium. $9.6510.15; light. $9.50 rl0.15; light lights. $8.750 9.60; packing sows, $8.75 & 9.65; pigs, $6,110 A S.O0. CATTLE. 8.000: 15-25c higher. Calves. 1.500; steady. Beef steers: good and choice, $10. 00(S 12.50: common and medium. $7.005 10.00: yearlings. $8.50 iff 15.75. Butcher cattle: heifers. $5.00 (fi; 11.50; cows, $4,253-7.00: bulls. $4.2560.25; calves. $5.00(6 11.00; feeder steers. $4.50!S8.25; stocker steers. $ 4.50 & 8.00; stocker cows and heifers. $4.50 6.50. SHEEP, 10.000; steady: medium and choice lambs, 18 501ft 9.00; culls and common. $6.508.00; yearlings. $6.0010 8.00: common and choice ewes. $2.50 & 4.50; feeder lambs, $5.00 8.00. INDIANAPOLIS. Dec. 16. Livestock : HOGS. 5.0OO; holdovers. 228; 160 lbs. up, 15c higher than Tuesday's best time; underweights 10c higher; 160-180 lbs., $10.25: 180-200 lbs.. $10.30: 200-225 lbs.. $111.35: 225-250 lbs., $10 40; 250-275 lbs.. $10.30: 275-30(1 lbs.. $10.25: 30(1-325 lbs.. $9.95: S2:-350 lbs.. $9.85; 350-400 lbs.. $9.75; 150-160 lbs.. $9.75: 140-150 lln.. $9.50; 130-140 lbs.. $9.25; 120-130 able victories. The election gave him a predominately democratic legislature. In the senate there will be 3S democrats to 12 republicans. In the house the margin is even greater, there being 72 democrats and 28 republicans. The amicable settlement of appointment of a new attorney general has strengthened Townsend's legislative hand. In a legislative scsfIoii the attorney general is called upon to guess the constitutionality of laws in advance of passage. A recalcitrant attorney general would be a thorn in any administration's side. But now that the office Is appointive instead of elective, and since Omcr Stokes Jackson, of Greenfield, democratic state chairman, and an ardent party worker, has been named. Townsend has the odds in his favor. With great adroitness Townsend is paving the way frir a peaceful next-ion of the assembly. His current gross income tax gathering gave advance opportunity to the foes of that important state revenue raising measure to object in advance and prevented the possible tying up of a session with that issue. The French Lick conference will afford an opportunity for d'-mocrats to get together and safeguard against scrapping among themselves when the session begins. Your Gift 'to the Whole Family! G. E. RADIO Modfl A-75 List Price $100.00 You Save 45.05 Bulk Xmas CANDIES Mil kinils. YllMiilc Mix 'u( llxk Ilrokrn ( brisluias Mix, 5l rill"! lb Ulc lb 12Je lb ."h- and 2 Ibn. 25c t llh- H I tic Ill 1(X- lb 24c ft K : if. f.. Cigarettes in Gift Cartons i hum-Is, Turkics, t hcstcrfields arnl Old (.olils. On. f 'JAM. WI.2- Kims. SiikN, Tareyiorit, I nliinas, I'liiltp Morris. cin or 'JiM. S.:H CameS, I.iH kien and Old Golds box of 50. IMpe 50c, fK.iH( m.rvH ami :l.5 l,tKhter $) (K ii sn.r FINEST OLD DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED WHISKIES 54.95 Sale Price All lillifl Cndy Cream, Gum himI CImk-oIbIc Mix 1 'ImicoIhIc I'n'alll llrofi?. Opera Curls Hartl 4 'anfl l!aiulMw- Cbipv Harit Camly l-rencb I'rcani lliui iUmn Itultcr CrtHiii Clii-islmas l-'iurcM Chocolate Pippin Santa Clauv Chocolate Santa, laruc cellophatie tvrapHtl ( 'andy ( 'aites, f;iant hi.c . n me m nc ca-i lc The elft tbat will Rive enjoyment all the year 'round! Three reception hande ... American and Foreicn reception ... Seven all-metal tubes for perfect performance. Choope tomorrow! Pay Weekly or Monthly on the Eay Club Plan! GIU.IS SI'KCIAL IIICISTMAS MIX Oram. .u.,is, lirKolate kis Hard I'andy A: (iMH-olate i rcaniM ft ! l Sparklet Syphon $3.98 I A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND By Brandon Walsh ' AlA&ir f 5 - TWEV FLY OVEK TLiSTto IftU siy WAI L . WMFrNl THBY BE1TV PQkSJING vmuafi IT) Wi2iT A LETe Oil iJ ft.i MIOICWS AND r pub' V -&- CakiTA ClauS -7v REfiD 1 TME CHILD S HEART Sf e i -nifAA ' 9; 110-120 IbB.. $8.75; 100-110 Tiis . $8.60: packing bows. 10c-15c hither, bulk $8.85(6 9.50. top $9 75. CATTLE, 1.000: calves. 600; run mostly Bhe stock: sprinkling of steers, mostly lower grades: all classes around steady: early steer bulk. $7.009.25; most heifers. $8 down to $6; beef cows. $4i5fi 7.75: cutter grades. $3.25 IS. 4.00: sausage bulls. $5.60 down: vealers steady to 50c lower, bulk better grades. $11.00 11.50. SHEEP. 700: entire lambs run natives; market steady: top. $8.75; mo6t sales around $8.50; slaughter sheep steady: good and choice fat ewes. $2.75 3.25: top, $3.50. CHICAGO. Dec. 16 Further realizing and Belling on easiness at Liverpool unsettled the grain list here at the opening today. Wheat was to lc off. Corn Vz to c off and oats li to off. WHEAT: Dec. 1324-133; May. 128 4-129; July. 116S.-V CORN': (new) Dec.. 107,: May. 103H-S: July. 100-lot4; (old) Mav. 101.: July. 97-97 OATS: May, 50-60H: July. 45 U- v?U3' TT "-i- - jr tlBS WHEN SANTA OAUS TO BWf3 n w on f -mi eas JL J BEAUTIFUL. V If TO THEM B Vj i.rfrzG' euioe to i ml.

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