The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 3, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS The Fairmount Neffs'FAiRAiouNTER visits xixxxxiix; NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ES-' NOTICE BY THE RECEIVER OF TATE BY ADMINISTRATOR j THE TELBAX CORPORATION The undersigned, Administrator of the Estate of Louisa Crawford deeeas- ! TO CREDITORS ed, herebv eives notice, that by virtue r rAit All Persons OLD CHILDHOOD HOME H EC ON OMIZE Published on Mondays and Tharssdars 01 an oraer 01 ine vwram, circuit Holding Claims: Charles Childs Renews Acquaintances ; of Grant Courity, Indiana, entered in ourt, hereby X" ?c XT Tw.V-3ttt mi nrl earh nt von are Home of His Childhood at A . S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie Me Lucas Roberts, Associate Vint On, Io 1 Grant County, IrAiiana, it will, as such ! lAotified that you shall file your claim ! minictTotnr at t Vl O TTnill" et 1 ft . r.f CO 1,1 pV , . Vr ' o . j , . , or claims witn me, as rwcn i Charles Childs, of Fairmount, who ber. SL a7 the cS Corporation or or before the 2nd. day 'spent the summer in Harlan, Iowa, I 7ES FTVTE BANK, Corner cf Main of January 1922, pursuant to an order Ornce: Main 265 Res Black SS2-1 TELEPHONES with bis daughter and husband, Mr. i and Washington street, Town of Fair- j dulv made and entered by the Grant and Mrs. H. E. McCartr.ev, has re- mount. Grant Courier, Indiana : and j Superi0r Court, as in the event any - 4.1 v - u I - j i f rom dav to day thereafter until sold, i . . . . C1 , , v. --xa 2nd dav $2.00 cently beer visiting old friends m ' . ' f nr;to o11 i claim is not filed by the saia zna. aa offer for sale, at private sale, all i of Jarr'aary 1922, the same will not be SUBSCRIPTION RATES. ( Within Indiana.) Ore year Six months Three months (Outside Indiana.) One vear io : .Marsnaiton ana mton, lowa, nis 1 5 home of childhood days. Mr. Childs, Now is the time to let us help you get through the winter with your old boots or rubbers. We apply new soles and heels or repair cuts and breaks in the uppers. Bring them in and let us look them over. If they can be repaired, we can do it. the interest of said decedent in and to the following real estate in Grant considered. O. R. SCOTT, Receiver Telbax Corporation. Nov. 3-10-17. 3 00 iUTit ni iwent visit, had not been in j County, State of Indiana, to-wit: Lot .l.Bo I Vmton since the fall of 1S6S. Con- No. Ten (10) in Philip's addition to Six months H H H M H H M M N H N H M H H M H H M H M M H H M Don't buy your outing flannels until you see what we have to show you and get our prices. The Bee Hive Cash Store. Three months .96 his visit to his old home the j the lownot fairmount, urant County, All subscriptions payable strictly ! Vinton Daily Times contains the fol- i Stte. ,o;Rf u mAa in advance; paper discountinued at'. . . , ;r,f , Sa,d Sale will be made subject to expiration cf subscription time un- I OW1 e read the approval of the said Court, for le renewal is received prior to ex-y Mr. Childs Fairmount friends: not less that; the appraised value of riration date. j After an absence of over half a : said real estate and for cash. Jcentury-55 years to be exact-! CITIZENS STATC BANK , i , i, , , ., -; Administrator. Entered as seccr.c-class matter at Charles Child, a former resident oi ! CHAS.. T. PARKER the postofSce at Fairmount. Ind., un- ; Big Grove township, is iri this vicinity : Atty. for Administrator. tier the Act of Congress ct March 8, ii.,- ,n fVf. 20-2T-Nov. 3. F rn Fllis Aiifn Siinnlv Cn. M and revisiting the scenes of his youth, j As a boy of 13 Mr. Child accom-! panied his parents when they moved ; 1 east. This is his first visit here since j BURNING LEAVES AND TRASH Section 9 of Ordinance lAimber 4 CTODArr nATTCDICC M STORAGE BATTERIES reads as follows! ' that period. When he left Vinton was a stragglii.'g village, covering , It shall be unlawful for any per- ROOSEVELT PORTRAIT ON NEW SECURITY. Postmaster Van Arsdall amAmneed today that the portrait of Theodore Roosevelt will appear for the first time en a government security on the 23 denomination of new issue of Tresurv Savirijrs Certificates which H H X M M LUNGARDIA is "without a rival' in ordinary or deep-seated Cough? and Colds, difficult breathing, and for the relief of Whooping Cough The wonderful results following its use will astonish you and make you its life-loiig friend. Your money back, if you have ever used its equal. Danger lurks where there i a Coueh or Cold: Conquer it ouicklv With LUNGARDIA. Safe for all acres. 60 cts. and $1.20 per bottle. Manufactured by Lungar-dia Co. Dallas, Texas. For Sale By f. h. o'ywR Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline,' Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 nearly as much ground in a way as son or persons to kindle or cause to be it does now, but it was in truth strag- - kindled anv fire for the purpose of glmg. loday the returnee: pioneer burniRfir any shavings or other com i:nas a compact ciiy a oeauiuui city, seed on sale toward the end bustible matter, it any street, alley or will be r of the r The wnoi'v unlike the town he knew as a calender yea boy. open lot, m said Town, at any other , , . ... 'time in anv swh nlace or olaces with- r.ew issue of Treasury Savings Certi- a feature of the utlfied a feature of the mined fkates will be v,nuas owr.ea ana uvea oh me . - - v;ij; News Want Ads. Bring Quick Results. government savings plan which is P'e more recently the property of" """"" 6- r.ow bcinc developed by the secretary ",John Clifton, in Big Grove town-! of the treasure and the postmaster shiP- -e of the family's nearest; general and will be announced later neighbors was the Robert Young ; in greater detail. The new plai,will ( family, then occupying the place more ! combine to the best possible advant-' ref entl5" the property cf George age the facilities of the treasury and MuJear. j the postal savings system, and is de- j Mr. Child has been out to the Min-sigr.ated to promote popular saving ear place, visiting Ed Eggleston, and he has been out to tread the paths he knew as a boy, and to feast his eyes ' on the landscape so familiar to him as i a youngster. Tis onlv those who : and investment in government securities. The securities offered will have a wide popular appeal and will be placed on sale throughout the country in convenient form. It is regarded as particularly appropriate that the Roosevelt portrait should appear on a have had similar experiences that can ! in' any measure realize the profound i impression the scenes familiar in j security of this character, and on' the childhood have on the traveler follow- 1 denomination which will be most- mg his return to the old home after available to the general public. OFTEN MOW j an absence of many years. i After leaving here the Childs went FORMER FAIRMOUXTER to New York, later to England and i following- a residence of a number of years in the old country, they returned to America. The visiting member of j the family is r.ov a resident of Indiana j not many miles from Marion. j Charles Child came here on purpose to look up old friends of the family. He found but verv few of them livirg. Robert Young and wife,. their nearest ; neighbors, have passed to the Great j IN FLORIDA STORM. W. C. Rush, who recently went to St. Petersburg, Florida, to spend the winter writes concerning the forwarding of The Fairmount News to his r.ew address and states that seon after their arrival they witnessed one of the worst storms ever known in ths.t vicinity. Two large electric piers were completely destroyed and also the railroad pier, while thousands of dollars worth of damage was done to the residential and business part of the city, with some loss of life. ; Beyond. It was his hope to meet George Palmer and the son Willis, the j former one of Vinton's oldest men. I But he finds upon arrival here that the ; Palmers are away. Charles Child is 68 years old. He has the appearance of a retired mer chant or professional man. His per- j sonality is pleasing and in view of ; his early life near here and his visit ! BANQUET ICE CREAM What a delicious dish to anticipate! What a happy closing to a well cooked dii.'.ier; a welcome refreshment to friends who call in the afternoon. And Banquet Ice Cream is a wholesome, nourishing food. It is made in a modern sanitary plant. Made by experienced makers of cream. You should demand Bai'quet, "The Cream of Creams." You should eat it often. Its -delieiou.3ness makes it a luxury tut its nutritious valse makes it an every necessity. Get a brick today. Advertisement. back to the old home after so many years, one finds him especially esting. He who has never revisited the FILM FANS of FAIRMOUNT Does a picture take your heart by storm? How often does a photo, play capture an entire community and cause you to see it two, three, even four times? SELDOM, INDEED; few, indeed, are genuinely convincing dramas or romances coming into our lives, and many are the promises embodied in the announcement tha't a really great picture has arrived. BUT SUCH A PICTURE HAS ARRIVED! A picture of absorbing romance, of genuine thrills, of throbbing pathos and wholesome sentiment. A picture that every man, woman and child in Fair-mount will want to see will see again, many times. It is "OVER THE HILL," a picture that will live as long as the homely virtues CDntinue to exist. It will live as long as the love of a Mother for her bairns. Dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers in the world, it will do its share toward. making the world a better place in which to live. IT'S A WONDERFUL PLAY. The one big Film Evsnt of the Season. And picture fans will find new appeal, new inspirations, new thrills to delight their eyes and hearts. AND IF YOU WILL NOT BE THE FIRST to see this play, you will not be one of the last, because your friends will tell you about it. They will urge you to attend. They will drag you bodily, because we can't and we know that you will come again and again and again to see "OVER THE HILL" Starting Sunday. ARRANGE NOW TO SEE IT scenes of his boyhood after years 1 - : 3 : - i. . ! of the thrill that comes when memory j un j x lii v i ijioj laii iicius J X- lung ago. The rooms in the old house seem to echo with the sound of moth- LETTER LIST er's voice, long stilled; and about the Letters remaining in the postoffice old t31 and the lots nearby the eyes as advertised on November 1, 1921, plainly see the form of father, so en-which if not called for in two weeks ) "rgetic then, now forever resting be-will be sen1, to the daad letter office: jside the last abiding place of mother. i Trees we knew as sapiins are shelter-! Steve Frazier. Virgil Liard. Wm. Logan. R. C. Plunkett. A. W. Roush. Mrs. Etta Weaver. Edward Tiary. W. P. VAN ARSDALL, P. M. i in the kitchen roof and the orchard ; which seemed so big and beautiful to i boyish eyes, is now but a small and straggly confer of the farm. Faint cheer to him who comes to see j the old home place and town; ' But through it all there is a thrill ! That none but he car understand ; Mrs. Mattie Langsdon is very ill at her home on South Main street. When eyes grown dim with passing years behold again those scenes of hallowed memory, That none but he can fully ooini Big Days In a heavy fog there is danger of collisiorJ between x ships because the uniform signals used merely indicate As we left llatsue, Japan, by steamer, an agriculturist cn board the vessel told me of the custom of giving holidays to oxen arAl horses. The villagers carefully brush their animals, decorate them., and lead them to pasture, where, tethered to rings attached, to a long, rope, "they may graze together pleasantly." J. W. Robertson Scott, in London Daily Telegraph. : their presence, and tell nothing of j their course or direction. A sea cap tain of long experience, rAw has debited a system which overcomes this difficulty, says Popular Mechanics. Four signal horns of different tones STARTING SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6th Performances Start 1:303:305:307:309:30 MATINEES, 28c and 33c. Reserved Seats 33c. Phone now for your reserved Seats. EVENINGS 33c and 50c. Reserved Seats 50c. Seats now on sale at Luna Lite Box Office. Phone 1596. Lena Lite Theatre, Marion, ind. are used, two sirens, a shrill whistle, jand a steam gong, all of which are operated by foot levers. Each of NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS these correspoiAls to one quadrant of the compass and it operated only when the ship's course lies in that general direction. The four divisions of the quadrant itself are indicated by varying the signals, as for example, orte long blast, a-long and a short, a or!g and two short, and two long. A recording mechanism is connected to the signal equipment and serves as eviderfce in case of subsequent question as to the handling of the ship. Correspondence to iasure publication in Thursday's issue must hereafter reach The News office not later than Wednesday noon. This is made necessary because of the much increased amount of work on publication days occasioned by the largely increased circulation of The New. Correspondence reaching The News office later than Wednesday noon, and not published in Thursday issue will appear ia Monday's issue. Large quantities of ordinary house cat pelts were bought for export to LJ i ii . i Germany at the recent anrftial fur ! auction in New York city.

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