The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 16, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1936
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Page 5 ' The Daily Cllntonlan, Clinton, Indiana Wednesday, December 16, 1930 Changing the Cubs Officials of Rose ODDS AND ENDS FROM SPORTS TWO IIET TILTS SCHEDULED FOR Bowl Announce All Ducats Are Gone SAN FRANCISCO SATISFIED WITH ALL-STAR TILT FIGURES SHOW WHAT PUT BALL CLUBS ON TOP COUNTY TONIGHT CmwfordtwUIn Do for Coolest Yankee Pkchmfr. No Hirtint, Won Games; Crovc Again Beat Hurler ia Aanerican m Local Gym Cayaan HmI to Hillsdale; Aztecs vs. BloominftUl Two basketball moms ara acbed- uled In Vermillion muni? tonight and another will be fought out i Parke as the tram vara DP for a heavy weekend schedule. NF.VV flUI.KANS. I.a !"' I4 -The Ilium"! i Santa t laia alid the Tigers l l.oiiiM.uia Slate univcrsilt sill play before a reior.; aia-tt' crowd of some i when they meet at Tulaue uniw-i.iiy stadium on New Year's day in the third annual renewal of liiC aurar Bowl Classic. This wag rinitally a-sured today when ofricla! of Ihe Wd-wlnier ?oits AFsoiiatlon announced tbsl Hie very lai-t seat to the rlai--ic had teen sold. The only aiallable seats to th 'ame are now heM by Iinislana I'niveraiiy and Sair.a Clara authorl-les. Reports from 1. S. I". that all if tie sts nia.e.t at feir disposal 'or the pame are ahoul i'ld. No re-orts have been reccjted from tha xest ioa-t. but offi'iaN said Santa '"lara had ben allotted J.50 tickets for Bmnro saiiponeiw. Clintoa will meet the third foe of East. West Games Played for 12 Years, Netting Big Sums for Charity; Kalley on Profram RAN FRANCISCO. Dec H The various bowls Ro.-e. S'igar. Cotton. Sun. t al can keep tbeir glory. San Francisco anti uo part of K. This saa made plain today by Hill Colfman of Chicago, who has returned to his native city to again direct the Shrine's famous east-west all-star charity game here on New Year's day. "There bad been suggestion that we disrard our all-star game in favor of another eaM-west game between two leading college team." Coffman said. "But. we shall nevei switch, because some olher city would grab oar valuable all-star gaBie fi-anchise. "la tbe past 12 years, our all-star game has netted more tbaa S174.-) tor our hospital for crippled children. Our game, bringing together rival ail-American players NKW VOItK. Iee. !. fold fie-iire unusliy make dry reading, but a ludr of tbe offWal American league pllcbiag records, released today, disclose some surprlfing hiahlights on Individual plsyera and reveal the true reason for the collapse of some teams and the suc-r-c of others. These figures show, for Instance, that the Yankees bad tbe bet pitching In the league. Judged by any standard, and indicate that it was Tsnkee pitching, even more than Yankee slugging, that brought 'he team a pennant and a world erles victory. Indians FV-t Ratters Conversely, the figures rhow that although the Indians led all In hitting, th'-ir bighly-praiaed pitching itaff was something of a flop. Finally, the averagea reveal that old fVb Grove was again, aa be wa In 115. the best pitcher In the CHICAGO. Iec. 10 --Off iMaicn hoita Tbe Green Hay Packers, snrhl rfeMilonal football rbampt-on. bae liie greatet. I'.rmard tas-Ina attack la the aam- lociay. . . Arnoid licit" r chunky halil-aik. I l the Satloaal l-ague by compicliuz 77 of ITJ aae for I ISi yards al mmt too more than his close riia! Ixiu llutwiu. fnrai-r Alabama end. lauiht il lot gatna totalling il yard . . both set new league records . . . Totether they led the Packers to the top of the league in yards gained through the air. number of paw thrown and complete and total point for eaon. . . . Only time tbe Herber to HutAon combination saa stopped came as Ihe Chicago Bears won the opener st Green Hay. . . . They worked together juM a few minute while the Chicago CardmaU were holding the Pack-era to a scoreless lie after the extern division title already had been tucked away. . . . Too much calicthcnks reportedly raued the severe'pliimp riding with the Chicago Rlarkhawks. Several piayers complained they were given too many back-Wnding eaercisee s bile training for their ( riromns National Hockey Liesgse schednie. . . . The Hawks have won 1. tied 5. and hw-t 7 Kinrey Matuyama. Japanese cueist, blamed hia poorest shot of the m-orld three rtjahton billiard chano-pionFhins on the fact he left out a number shile counting the dia-mond on the cushions in Engiicb. . . . He missed by ix ince. . . . Tbe CLieago White Sox were more purpried than any when Amcricau league official averages chowed M tea -ollcee teams, two sniart graduate manasers wonld want at least twice AMD Jot MMUY, -ntUTED ecvarr aooK-r. 4k- Ajeu itoomaies -fc ns caf aaoMS- tbat much for their whoots. There would he little left for the crippled ehiidr. n and support of oor hos the aeaaon at the new gym when Crawrordmilte come over for both varsity and B team tilta. Because of the Janior claas play at the ya-nasium. the Wildcats couldn't practice Monday, bat they rot in a full period of rehearsal Tuesday and a abort session Saturday morning, roach Stnteville was satisfied yesterday with the progress made by the local Betters aad looked forward with Interest to the encounter tonight with first-ciaas eonpetitiOB. The sasse firs that started agaiast Newport Berriaford. Bennetl. Ber-o. Boastfek sad Phillips will take the floor this evening. Miff Opaostttoa H. T. MeCalloagfc'a Athenians are touted aa oae of tb Umeaeat eowt-binations IB central Indiana this rear. altaoagn ther lot to tbe crack Newcastle oatfit last Friday after boldwg aa early lead ever tbe raflry Trojans. Once more the 'C elub alii fur-irh entertaianarat between game at the local gfm tonight, President Toay FenocJIe aanoancd this morning. Tbs C- H. 8. lettermeB will rood ml a paMie wedding. Hillsdale formers to Cayuga fur the only other county gaaoe tonight, while across tbe fiver Voiney Ward's Mootesvsoa Aztecs will entertain B toenail) x-dale. from all parts of tbe nation, bas weathered the best years of prosperity and the worst of depression. league, and thy Indicate that the pital Is our only objective. The east s'liiad of 12 will he TODAV'S headed ly Kelb-y of Yale, tbe moat and still it lives. -olorf-il figure of the 1S3 season, while Francis of Nebraska will lead tbe west. "Why. In the past, all annual ex-pepsef for Ihe game never topped tiTOOS. And. if we booked two SPORTPARADE, m a senutinnal yongler. Bob Feller, may become another Walter John-con. GcTe wa the hardest man to cmp on in tbe leagvie. He allowed only J.l rnns per nine-Inning game aad the only pitcher in the league to allow les than three runs a game. Feller was rwoad with aa earned ran average of J.J4. It Is worthy of note that tbe Tankees place four Murphy. Pearson. Maloce and "Happy Zlolidays Follis" a- I I inaaas ClEI Say. ft WHk Very 0 lumbering Zefce Bonura led tbe cir ing a aiesta on tbe shady side of the By HENRT MXKMORB NAESAV. Bahamas. Dec. 1. cuit's f net basemen with a fieldicz law tomnd-lhp sates to 19 CIIICUGO Raffing in tbe first Bine, all of whom yielded less than four runs 5 Witb Man a War. Exterminator, average of -99. and scored more putoat. more agists and accepted Other Holidty Bargain Fares Erprher m cents a mile, round trip, to points Sooth, Southeast, West, and SoaaJrweat. Callaat For. Zot. Flying Ebony. more chances than any otber firt Black Gold aad a boat of otbers al a game. Tfce ranking ten arc ' In order. Grove. Feller. Marphy. Allen flfc- acker In the league. . . . TV-s ready here and in traiaiag. the Nas-saa racing season, wbi'h osens at pite bis !S ostting marl. Zeke only Indian to make the grade). Ap- 6 Moutaga Park late tiis montb. pleton. Bridges. Pearson. Valoiie. was dialed for a ride. . I: Stere Mc-vner. stboolboy third base- stables when we arrived, showed a commendable lack of reseataaeat at being amakened during working bottis. and assigned one of tbe island's leading jockeys to show us about. Tbe jtrey ft am Christmas. I think be said hia name waa wac owe of tbe top Jjekfys last year despite bis ratber tender aee of eight. More mat are bow. and stronger in toe bands, be is espected to become Earl Sande of Nassau tbis year. It was Sam, his black face framed Ruffing and Ktiley. the aged Ath promises to be tbe most stM-eessfu! ia all Its loag history of four years. Travcl the safe ' viy, ia comfortable railway coaches, with every oonve-nienjce and plenty of room. Biaa from tbe Coafs. Ieague. comes through as advertised. Tab the Hen BoawdTiip f ia Cvaches A visit to tbe track today re 0 vealed enucaal bustle and burry for as a real challenger for 137. letic rookie. Amoflg other laterecting highlights were these: Ferrfll for tbe second successive year was the workhorse of tbem all." He pitched Vasaas. JCo fewer tbaa f'm r aatiws were chopping tbe bibisess bashes wbicb tbreateoed to esvelop tJ 11 lnoinga. RenaedT was tbe ! by a flopped straw bat. and tbe seat 0 grandstand in a blanket of red. bating, a lick or two at tbe mile track. Tickets on sale December 1 to Jrmiary I. 30-day Inaiit from dale of sale. Gift So"eioa Send your folk a ronod-trip ticket at these low holiday rates. - Far SvdkKs. cc m Uw Tick Afrm er Pkosa No. 4. CHICAGO AND EASTEBN ILLINOIS RAILWAY DAN PESAVENTO EXPERT Watch Repairing 457 North Eighth Street MAX ARRIVES TALKS, LEAVES NEW VOBK. Dee. IC Planing to ret sua here is February for aa exbiajtioa tewr prior ta hat aeavr-weitat cbataratonslias icht with James Braooork ia June. Max SehmeHvi sailed aboard tbe Bremen early today for Ills satire Ger-iiuiar. Before departing, ftcaatelicg conferred with Mike Jaeefea who with the Kadiaos Sgnare Garden txiipvt-atioa is prouooUac; tbe title boat., tentatively set for Jtine 1 at New York, &atuors were cnnvBl. however, that tbe match miebt be held at tb Ol.vnpie sladluas la Berlia wbl'-h and yanking tip sandspurs frcrm tbe wildest; be walked It 7. Hogsett and Caldwell were ther most danger-oas men to facie aa each hit IS batters. Allen's 1J wild pitches put htm rm top fa that department. of bis skimpy pasta rein forced with a canvas patch, who barefootedly id us through the staMes and is-Cuastiswe4 Paate 9) clabbouse laws. The track (ore-timD. wbo was nereotutlly o j r ii- THIMBLE THEATRE By E. C SECAR Starring Popeye 1 srnTN-Two SEWRS VJ ri OOHT MtWH X VsVfVS "Sj Y SOt, wJWfsTS TO TU- fAETAWOMfSHJ r a&o i r TC fcfcFORt ITb lOO UfsTt THCT OUC'T UPON A TIME NOT VER rAOTHER- WELL,ACErJ MONTb f7 Viitaw I fVFTER I MET THIS VJOMW ( S SSSH XI I FOOtO CXJT SCKttVN:- 7 LISTEH -f 00 VE tWONfTTEtCfe-K, V A "E3 I VE WOULDN'T BEUEVE 'fK, T? A IT SOT-1 CHANGED 3 Uihr-S FROM A MAM TO Aj ' J LE4MME SfV NOW 50FT-1 HA.D nt oHrXRt OF FIGHTS LKE AiJL SAJ3RMEH- BUT WAS HOOMrVH THEN- rXE, UP TO THE. TWME I WAS lias a seating capacity for MO. 006 persons. i THAT VER MCfTBER A KtND- I 6J VJAS AS j000 A THiBTPr-SEVEW fS EVER LIVED ,ywio r i I n I ""W- MIDDLEWE1GTS BATTLE TONIGHT WE NOW eia?it 4urt r?Krt'id o iring uj s vhhilwip for fh? oi1d title and J it elf to end iti fctiockout viJi i? atgtM) Untight at the HhpedrDr. when ol 1 Kre if e n. of Hroo tyi-sud Hurry BalMtm f New York moot in a l(t-rouud bout. Both priiH-ipcilc extreiupJ? jcood puiiclKrs. vrtb bettiuf about v?a ju tbe Mtit-aS? aad owe or tire other wjiflfN to fiii.Fb on th ffctf-,. Eddie Bab? Kit-ko of rsynrufi. nr- urdiig; to iaua wilt ffi the win nr, u. tilt fmal Mirw-Wor w ill Htniu-rt FrM(lr Rtwle of Tacsotua. Wmh.. for the title, . By RUSS WESTOVER TILL1E THE TOILER vajElU, IF WE -THaST'S I'M OOtWcS TO TVAE S PROBavSLVjian. i noFE rTT) H AKfT tT-5 MAC VOO CWSI C3ET IClTy fOUJ AMD fSOJeJA. BE VJ ME FOOUD VOur MIND OFH &OCO .1 f ' tCUOaJ.euT THE e2EF- I g&lj fCXvlC MAJsJ SAJD HE I "THAT'S Wf3 J I fceJEVM HOW FELT, SO jFT, EiV55S j He LET MB TaVKE THVS Zy C -AJ I OOE lJMXMisJE SHOVUS5 EC3 '-rvF9 oF . . . DO5 -THaST DOS PO aT SEE IP TMty FCtCfcJD UP My SEt p Doe By 1 1 iWf. eveiMiKaS a, aMMtlE VsjvrV DROPCWBfM yznj TTII AKiy CHAfsiCH THE VAOUSB THtS esjeuiwa DANCING ho" c? ' o z o z Dor man's Tavern Cooal Orchcafcra Yaar Faworitc Beer Oa Ta Winas 1 injnara Missed Drtnks fr asw- i m 1 nte. .as' a-i n 1 I Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN Turb TD LaxE TO T OH THAT'S T VEh. t f WE'U. TEO. f lT CT faO'v '(G-Tt-f WMtT Tl WA-YT TO GO BXls- TO THE mow VCT WH!!r WE. PtC3 IP UERE WE ARE T tTTCTavtrf Siew. tjj .vau -. . 1 II '- - f , . ,e L AmZ ACE ftAST. ThEW GO IN AXOi Uuar av se-w, . w aa-. . , pwia. .j" i id I T UTMW Til 1 RX7 II C'V Ct rW 1H f. 3 BaVH LA' . ' t tt VOL! WOJT 6ET fl WT WE I kEEW I &0T - MJJf,: fj J 5?fc."Cu -c- S-ORi IJMC- furtw HUST BE CaVJaWT tKJ ANOTHER I WAVE &BVLD I VETvV feWftlUl. 1 Btosvox I I I k - T ' " . 7 I aaitr .a' TaaCDir -.i-l if aal STORM LHC6 TW4J JL-C ".r-aj T--i. --fc, ' - PLACE VJ iA; to do wrrw i-s 'TaT -aVl .-a.;af-fset!T)ll4. aVl AlaUrF UniveruL Indiana OiE. MrVrrt. y-VOLW UVEAS' I TO 6UTM.V ut owviv. I ' ' ' ' - f f " y .-, if v' . . laQ irifnixC riS. ib ' DAIICE Plenty of Cold Beer FISH FEY EVERY SATURDAY i:SHT f a-a rrnrrr r yvf i -rs itw f a I a" " 111 ,-T-v-i-rt' i-M "-51 r-T " e- t ! f i,.-'. aL-aw 'W.c-aT .

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