The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 16, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1936
Page 4
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The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Wednesday, December 16, 1936 Page Four THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Fouotf'd 111 bandkarialefa also lot of candy, nut and oranges. Your loving friend. EMMA MAY 1NMAV. P. B. Please don't toreei mother and fattier. , E'tatiilebod u Tbe Wfek.y Clintonlaa lsu Til Clinton I'laiodpaler absorbed lu Letters cv SANTA CLAUS George L. Carey.. Editor and Publisher CHAPTER XIII stereo at Hie I'ostoffic at Clinton, Indiana, a Second Cl She tried to stop it- Ehe wss crying noisily she who never cried. li)ve Matter. t , Chrtati bad risen. Very fare-fully sh hd picked up ber gioves to stop, btopl Right swsy But she couldn't stop. The maids, listening outside the and purse. Hefors hs had finished talktnf sbc b4 pushed trie door of th littj room open, walked delib. erately, anhnrriedly, down ths nafl Menitier lndisua republican Editorial Asociatkm National Advertising Representative: GEO. B DA VII) 'J. ln IVriKlry Bldg.. rhti,o. -Ill General Mom ril. r . fvtrnit 110 r.t 4!nd St.. New fork Dear Santa Clan. I an s little bo trf yeart old. For Christ mat I a aiii a aacon. kitty ear. pair ot red too boots, alo lot of randy, nut and orange. Don't forget my oiotber and father. Vour loving friend. JACKIE DOVNK fU'TOHEH to Uis stairs, snd th street. Propl rot in ber srsr. A ear eesrly knocked ber down at a crou- door, heard ber, and someone sent fur the doctor. He must have been surprised to find Christine the patient- II bad conn often for Nettie' headache and Adel' nerve. It wasn't easy to quiet her. It wasn't a simple case of hysterics. &h seemed to be suffering from a sever shock. So he did whst he Her voice rose in a muffled wsil from the pillow. "I'm not crying for him. I'm crying for myself. Because because of a boy!" The lata afternoon cunlfrht filtered throuph the heavy whit vilk curtains. Illumined the girl' gold hiir, the dull lustr f lb ilten coverlet. Her ere were cloned. Th thick light Isshes were heavy on her pink, faintly freckled rheek. bus was ai-most asleep. Tired. Rut strangely at peace. She had told Donald Latham th whole story. She hadn't meant to tell tt. Sh hadn't meant to tell anyone a long a sh lived, but ahea fa wa a in(. A policeman shouted st ber Phone 1 1 7 Phone 4 1 ssvsaelr rrora arross lbs street: "Look wher you re fvirif il'you want to gel killed? ivnr Ban! a I am a little irl -r old I want a blackboard for Ohrietmee and eai wart xbet color book and co-l tit .-rayntiB candy nuts orange and dniH furaw tny little sister Msrrar-et an slie wains a baby doli Ww aiiii a -oliii' bonk and crayons and dmi roraet all my other cousins and iKM.r diiidirts. Voars irviy HtAW'IS MK1K PKABKIKAB. S N I2tb. Fh hurried on. Sh wa walkinr down Market street now, and she could, snd decided to stay with her ttntii feU9S returned home. He sat in the comfortable arm Dear Santa I an a little girl seven year old I asm a doll buggy a baby doll with a snow suit and a pair of pajamas and a Bblrler Temple wig for my dolt and Christmas candy in my Locking. Your friend kancv loi: woon. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM s 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of its size in the state. chair and waited. He n very tired. Perhaps he dozed. When he got up to look at ber agaia b sow kpt her eye on th Ferry dock. It wa fir Bninote pact one If be rot Ui 1:15 bost she'd be Is the boos by 2:S. Tbst's only aa hoar . . . sn hour to keep rsirtr. A a boar, sixty little minute, before she could ret Into her room snd lock tbe door. Don't cry now . . . don't yoa DARK fa sick I Keep r''f hurry, hurry ... don't think, furt walk . . . count the step. Think abont how snsny steps to the ferry twiidmr? Fivs hundred One. two, three, four. Bee . . . y on CA N 'T start crying in the middle at Msrket street! People would think you werscrsry. What would Had say? Yo can't take it. You, a Cooper, whiinperinf like a sick cat! Ouirnt to be ashamed Hear Funis I am a little tirl S yr old. For Ximis please Injun tiie a slate, blacfc-bnard. doll liai lej. a story book, rolling; rin set lot cabin set, a i-weiia-r. a rockinr. ,-bair. cabinet, a ni'w dtess and lot f nuts and candy. Thankitis you lot. Always your Iiiniid, JAN1CTC Ml'KlMK'K. o;t N. tti 11 1 -:ir Runt a I am a little arlrl 5 yrs. old. For Xmai ! would like to ttave a RbiT-l-y Ti-mple doll 8 hike a story bnnk iiinl loiw of fruits nuts and candy. Thaiil;itifc yon very much. Your little friend. ItlOTTY lil'TH KOHKKTSON. of yourself. If yon eas't tak it, yoa ARE dons lor, snd serv you THE STARS SAY lit . Nf n K KKMHLK Fur Thar!, les-titser 1 7 'ery bappy and auipiiou ?jr-uii-st an'ei aj- re d 1 rora this d a y 'e lunar and tupttial apeKiB. Business and finance are under fortunate rule for fair returns, feut there ie need to be cautious atwut petiy dH-pfions or distortions. A secret matter may be forced into the open, with profitable results. But the sires is laid on fiocial, artistic, domestic and jif-fectiotial encasement, and there way be Journeys in this connection. If This Ik Your Bitil.1y Those whose birthday it is may fl n d t neni selves in a f a if! y i i ve 1 and ji feasant year in both busiiief: rirht. too'. Tberel That' better. Show what yo can do when yon make op your mind. You're still Dolph Cooper it Yr? g-iri, even if be i dead. Keep ttunn-ing of that keep thinking of thst. . . . Hundred and forty, hundred and loity-oijo THE UNIVERSE TO CONQUER Alexander, the Great, in year that are (rone, yearned for new world to conquer and there are individual today who are worried at the great progre of human beinfte, fearing lest there be r.ofhmu left for the future to reveal. The universe, however, invite the attention of man. It stupendous sire dwarf the present mentality of men. Astronomers dwell on distance so vast that a row of ciphers mean nothing, a for example when they tell you that the universe ha a positive radius of curvature of only 500 million light years. To clarify this in your thinking remember that a light-year is the distance litfht will travel in a year and tight move 186,000 miles a second. If you have grasped the truth about the positive radius, let us add anotrier tut from the knowledge of the astronomer, who says that trie distance to the outermost nebulae of the universe ie about, three aextfllion miles, or a three, followed by 2 1 ciphers. ' ' '' By the time our readers get these small item in mind we will come back to the subject, especially if the astronomers ere able, rn the meanwhile, to agree on just exactly what the size of the universe is.' Some of them expect this to be revealed by the 2O0-inh telescope now building to carry on the research which now depends upon the 100-inch telescope' at Mount Wilson. California. he saad th boat, with tims to i ml3 Af o ii s and private life. Fina'ie are h- spare. Forty-five minute later aba crept up tbe broad ston stsirs of th Piediuoiit bouse, the wa no longer hurrying. She could not hurry. It seemed to her that ah was hardly moving at ail. "Why, H in Christine, i anything wrong?" Rose, th maid, cried a Christi groped her way past her and up the inner stair. Ruse's role sounded frightened. Christie liked Rose. CluU.-hiug tbe bannister tightly she turned to reassure her. "I'm all ritt Just a little headache. Going ts go to bed. I'm all right, really" j Rose would have followed, but1 der pood rule, 1ut he alert to -petty deceptions or irregularities. Kome-t hiiife bidden may -come into t he open, with haiJpy resulin. A child bora ibis day nmy tw eiirretir. veraiile and ambitious but gracious, char0ii;u and loud of ttie finer and merrier things hie. as wfl. Ich!' Santa i am a little pirl lets year? old. For 'ln'istinaH I want a iiair of house RlipM-rs, new dress . alocls-itip and f loves also Urts of candy, mils and o ra n y . 1 iu nt forget a 1 ! t lie poor ch j Id rcn alao mot her and fal hT "Volir little f'ieiid JXflMi'niV RFTH J M 4 N . Jieiir Ranta Oluus 1 am a linle three yeitrr fld Fttr 'ln"iHtmaH J want a Kitty car. a nic' doll, and also a pair of house slippers and lots of candy, jiutg and or a npes Don 't forpet my brother and fiistei-H alo mother and father. As evej- your littl friend. J I 'Ji K Y LKE Chrirrie tiad told Donald Lstiham the wfaole rtory mud nam she lept and toercif ally forgot. th telephone ran;. b went to satwer it instead. MOVIES wSKtwtveiBv M'B4e:M " ' Madcap Martha Roye. ihat ultra- that one tftiH weepinjr. Quietly Christie locked the door. She took off her hat and rubbed the place on her forehead where th hat had now, but ttetidiiy. Tw Usun fxiured du-m ber arikeetkii, snd piaab)d to Clinched, fche bad a tremendous feel' the turendy irefM-bed piiivw. YESTERDAYS IHAHMll&M to. iwil J oho Mushett. Sr., uuenri.-d tin-meeting of the Muaotiit- order at Braxil Thursday n.Kht. Mr. MuhIihi berloue in, but had not intended nieeiing of his own lode tor 3 G yearn. There whp an etMeiiuii Ml oiThierB and un oyster huihihi- n;u! Mr, Mushett fifutly enjoyed ihi' ot - llMJ.Otl.. He spok to tier, hut sbc turned her faed swny. It cvmt to her fimdly that 1m wmt taJkint: about her lather. He had bad Adoiphu. in ttiuive wasted daye when eh waa away from him. H had taken care of kim ail that last iug of relief. Almost of triumph, Btie'd got hers, without breaking down. And now that she waa her there wa nothing to do. She had run like a frightened rabbit to its hole. And what for? Because Gene Du-boi eaid. . . . Never mind. What' 'iolent Kaye of the arrwaveii, cometi to town today in "Hideaway Ciil." f'artimouut'e laieat ui.nsicaJ mysiery. and, to 'borrow one of her exprey-cioiis- "Oh. Boy!" "Hideaway irl" pi-eseut ShirU-y Ross aa the atn-active auapect in a Jewel theft, jgh it foj-ned by cir-: ciimaiaiiccn to (juiy the pact of the wife of i'ii m miiirn. a ntranger Khe: illneaa. He iijrht he gimg to teli Pen r Sa ttta I am a little rirl ei-ht years tld For Christ mas 1 want a pair of house slippers, story nook, gloves wee and sympathetic th i nking that eb wept for her father, v oouldnt bear iL b had to Buy aoanething. Sim aaid hc was crying for a boy. One vrd ied to another. She told it aM, and cw that ehe had told it, it lad become ettrieutOy vnreal. Bbe had cned a Httde In the telling, fche was ae aony for the girL But the girl hardly aeented to be herseif. Khe wept M if for smother. And now abe altipt, amd naemf uily forgot. But Donald Latham couldnt forget. He eat oa the atiff iittie whitt velvet chair by the side of Ihe bed and looked at ber, piiik and 4efena-iess in sleep. la the soft right that pexaetrated the drawn shades ail the marks of Bufleriiig and tears were erased. She was just a tired, sleeping child, with flushed cheeks, parted lip, touaeled the difference what he said? What ber somethuir uiat tfhe oidn t know aome last word, aume iaat snea- doe anything matter? Why do you can what a man like tliat says? How could you ever hava thought "It wouldn't tbe fair to want hini be-ik." he was sayine. 'He was an friends in iliis city, where they will live. !H i:m km; Ui. iwn JOlliK Jjt'lIlHU a. Ill I lie ClihtOU of the American Legion, has been appointed 10 t;tl;e charfe of the liftli dimrict American Legion junior haHe,all toMcni-y fur 1!1'N, it wan announced today. Las' yea r t he Ian ford Cubs, led by Marparet f;islu. the onl Ktrl in tbe nathm wide i,Hjj"ti tourney, n- liexed I he Htule title. Til 18 colllitl)' year t he legion hun UiHbarred all jirls from entering ihe tourney, fin-eludinp ftlariiret. .Mr. and AIih. (. A. Hoi met; have returned to I heir home, in RncJivilU' after visit tu since last Tuewday wit h their randciiildreu. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Lambert, of Kurka atreet. Mr, and Mrs. Lambert accompanied them to Uockviile yis-ttjrday and upent (lie day will) Mrs, Lambert's parent a, M i . and M rs. Frank Overpeck. old, old ntan. If he had lived he would nave been an invaua, ana roc liieeta iu ber lipht. l,ove lietween the two hliiom until the tell-tole wouldn't wairt that fur him. He would have hated it bo. It's a blem- jewela are found on Wins Ro and itur when a man who has been ac 'uniminga f reluctantly forced to tive and ae vital as your father can 0 that way, without a lunr ilineua, turn her over to the police. All the O. in to n furnished wig of ti Ham; tit Hfiit in i tinted into Terre Hunt' Ltt,e of Elks, VttduHi:ty. Frutii R, Miller, H. U. JMke. J. Ciari Smith, Dr. J. J), While. B. F. Ruymv it tid Fred KeyUold. It. iL. Aniernmn K O. HsrlHH, TwUe Huttun. (;hoi;. W. 'UipKiiiH and NViliiuin Bimiihm weut down with thp lot-ul ruiididiti's, niftkiiig the (rip in Higgim''. i!:ir luit'8 and AmernLun'H vara. golden bead. real eiilviite are brouf lit to book witiiout having to euner iieipiess-neae. - - Come, now, yoa mufnt cry fehe was Xra. Aoolpnua Ceoopefs pieoe. fehe was the exotic, fastidi before the final fude-out, however ing at the City Hospital in lnriianap-oiia. is sp'lUiili a lew dy with bet parents, ftir, and Mrs. Jatnes Filer of Fairview. ftfrs. James Blower und "Mrs. Carl Newhouwr eiHei'Lained Friday with a miscellunwous shower in honor of M rs. JDain M iller at t he Newhous-er borne. "Bridge was played and prists awarded to .Miss Cora Oilben-son. hiah; and Mrs. Miller, low Mr. Miller recently announced b-r niHrriape which had been kept secret tor nearly two years. She was formerly Miss Thelnia LaFlaute. ous AdeJe'a stepsister. She had iust any snore. He woman? want u. Here take my handkerchief-' that you cans lur nuai uieap, cummoD bh was t-iy unoootrollably now. Felt aick again. That wa because she wa tired. Zl to bed, and rest a while. Ms just lie down m minote. . . . She lay m top of the bad, with her coat on, waiting for the dizziness to pass. Tn rasm spun giddily, and she watched it with mild interest. Ehe might be sick from excitement and the strain of trying to net as though -nothing had happened, but tlssnk goodness shs waa taking it calmly. Not tear. ... One or two gathered in the corners of her eyes, burning and smarting, fine brushed them away. Others feu. It wa silly to cry this wsy, when she reslly didnt feel the slightest amotion and had made up ber mind not to let herself care. A sub tore itself out of her throat. - and the whole stiry is set to ntti elr. he pushed it away. Buried her corns from an excluarv school in the east, and this large, luxurious, carefully decorated room in th Cooper house waa hers. poor, distorted face in the sodden hhiirt subject are Paramount Kewn; "V Drivers." a timely safely He looked at the white lantu. with its delicate pleated aiik shade. pillow. Uad, so Lately dead, and she so forgetful of hira. Kot even able to keep her tuind on what Doctor Latham was saying, fco wrapped up in her own seifisb rrief . And now taking sympathy she didn't de-' film: "FiKluini; Murlin" with flrunt lund Rice: and "Sailor Shorty. " i Paramount convdy. At tne lacquered modern furniture At the thick pile of the lemon Lawrence Crumley and Mis L'-;i!) Jarsley, of Clinton were itmrried Ot Trre 'Haute. Saturday eveniii" Hot h you peop le have m,i n colored Chinese rug. He put hM serve nana over nib eyes, and dciat;d tt Miss Crace Kller, who is in train 'I know how mu'.-h you meant to couldn't be true. To Be Contained) each other, but really, it isn't right iur you to' J KAKl.V TO Har "DlJXJflt Cliarlie Ruaarlee appear ai an in An Uncivil War at Home efictual, sleepwalking seller of Action m ftecestta'-y "You can't huDe to sit uuiet for Cauued Coal Caesl ac Candles Carnted coai w as used as candles in fcome pattb of England end aiao itj the south of Scotland, years fco. ever and be butis'ied." aid Uir.-ie Eben. "Even alter you hat; ftyi a 4,ath Sow -el-al ftaa T-;t? OoLh of Uld Tesiament lame is Tei-ul-Suli tKiay. Kelict, V'.idow . W idov er vo:d rex-t mtajib a Widow or a Widower. square tneaj vuu to mme around and fh hune.-v fob anuther one." industry auJ tVrobperitt Prosue: ity'a niit hand is Caeambers Old Cucuinbej-s are known to have grown 3.0WJ years ago and it ie believed their original home was ndra . ApponiailoK Fotoflice .in.c:e K'as once Appomattox dustry. and h-t leii hand tt. I'u; cah-'d ftirr!'n'ir pluas even in bi latest fui'ce with .Mary bolund "Eurty to Bed." uliuw-111? at tilt Columbia for the last tiui tonipht. The pictuie tnves the inimitable Buland Kuiudet team the moat oriKinal plot they have played in their many successful teaming Charlie is Chester Bea.tty, uiuuse-mnn and clerk for Xti years in tin-; offices of the Matchless Kyc Company. eiiKaed for 2tl of those years to Tessie 'Weeks, his "Gibson Cir!" sweetheart. A secret sorrow discussed mysteriously by Chemer hu deferred their wedding. Cartoon in color. "Birds in Love" and Chapter 14 of 4hc 'Clutchin-Maud" are the added attractions. dBaaaAAAAaaaaaaaaaaeeeaooeoflteeeeoeeoeoeoo T l"J O GOLDFISE-3! In a Beautiful Modernistic Bowl, Seaweed and Rainbow Oiip! a Only o e THErE'ETOiMR To Love and Live and Let Live WW Vwli o a The Bibb- says thm 'nuin i n , ftejii and IVaiMul Hirufiur " Th('--lorf it m ttiirprisiug to find tluii i iii.Mi t-wiit't w H wM as a eiow, nt KlueH a w s doj.-. or :i wet! iij, nuii uuiniu.K. Bui wh H j ai 'til Hi.t it in tittl s ey-- Th' "N'fw Im-a" hits it-.n cnu- j fixed on wry IiuikI. Ai l-asr th- money, that wus anprovriai rt lot j rMif. wn nt ie! sp-n :il htnn- ii 4Mtt nan t-(ttiilry. f'lio! SjIMMOIl Wil T ill to (!al. H wa t w-niy -hours ov i due whi I int beatri :t report. I hope. (;"fl wiiliti. tf isn't a major ea'asiropii- A Real 50c Value With the Purchase of a 10c Box of Fish Food and $1.00 in Trade You Are Entitled to th? Goldfith and Bowl! WHILE THEY LAST Watch Our Friday Advertisemmt in The Clintonian for Man)' Money Savin? Values! COLUMBUS COOPERATIVE STORES A child who 'laughs hn n ret' hurt 1s a crons between dotike and an -.ephau4 Um. and Hfp i toeoeaeeeocccacctjececeaoooeeaeeeoeaooooo

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