The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 3, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, November 3, 1921
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PAIEMOUNT NEW hi PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO HELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thur sday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-fourth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1921 Number 97 r J D A Hard Nut to Husk ID I TOWN TRUSTEES Black and Gold Defeats Lapel In Red Hot Overtime Contest FELT "UNEASY" U I ITS (OMIH' I ATMOSIMIEIiEAT.MEETING TUES DAY NIGHT INDICATED SOME-THING WAS TO HAPPEN New High School Gymnasium Dedicated In Fitting Style ; ACADEMY SOU AD With One of The Most Exciting and Hardest Fought' r PHD PD V BasketBall Battles Ever Seen On the Local Floor. CAUlK lUlA iKAl I TEAM ROUNDING INTO SHAPE During- the came Fairmount made FOR CLASH Wmi THE ALUMNI FORMER STARS ()z Wilson "Passed the Apple," But Even That Didn't Help Until He j Passed 'Em Again, And Then Presi-! dent Xer. Edwards Was Forced to ! "Lay Down His Cards." When the members of the town i board met Tuesday night for their re-, gular session, it was manifest that j there was something well, nut oxact- ly wrong, but out of the ordinary, in the air. The atmosphere of the council chamber seemed to be charged, or i sur-charged, or something of that ; sort, with something wll for the Nearly One Thousand Spectators Fill Magnificient New Gym to Capacity and Root and Cheer for Fairmour.t President J. J. McEvoy and Superintendent Hamilton Dedicate New Structure With Appropriate Talks. High School Orchestra Plays and Kiwanis Club Sings and Cheers the Black and Gold Boys on to Victory. 12 field goals while Lapel made but i nine. Each team made four from the ! field curing- the last half. However Lapel counted six from the foul line : during; this half. ! Lapel had previously wen from Sum- ' mitville, Westf.eld, and Arcadia and this was their first defeat of the sea- soil ! Annual Alumni Home Coming Game Friday Night to Open Season for the "Fighting Quakers" Twenty-Five Men Now Trying Out For the Regular Squad. Everything is in readiness for the Fans were well pleased with the ig Academy alumni home-coming life of them not one of the members could figure out just what was going to happen. But there was a fcelinn that it was going to happen, what- Ik llliiillL ut, cr J J L bit I. Fairmount dedicated us - of , t be after thg free est new high school gymnasium lues- shootiEg. dur-ng thj first haf wouM 0f charge. day night in a most befitting e nar(i to eat por a time it s5mpy This will mark the sixteenth year, the occasion. All Fairmount turned bewildered the Lapel team. This ' of basket ball at the Academy and ANNOUNCEMENT PARTY around and sort o' waited. N:r.c of them could recall having it contly GIVEN MISS PARKER ROAD TANGLE AFFECTS GRANT prospects pent towards ; i A tV rflcirn buildinc showed that Fairmount has the mak the presei.t jssful seasons in ; ' a -'u ' u ms of a mighty strong team this one of the most SUCC( . read any predictions of a near ap- Popular Fairmount Young Lady Soon ' proach of the end of the world, and To Bcome Bride of Oliver Bitner , there was not enousrh excitement over school. i " " . . , vear. The fact, thst tl-.o Vwn the history of the rootirVr crowd cf nearlv one tnousana . - v , , , . . . , , team has not had a rtract :ico f.-.r r,Parh- The first squad h is been hard at of Elwood this week and being shown, that this is the frartie fans who tnrougnout me Dame -- rival waged on the floor urged the weeks, because of having no floor, practice every evenmc K rnd Geld quintet on to their i boran to show during the second half, much improvement is Kia -na uc.a u . when Lapel made such a startling but owing to the fact hard earned vietoiy oxer u -"Mu, Ffl,ni,mt L first week of real pra ctice many rough the coming election t cutis? my such feeling of foreboding of something impending as the memoon? felt weighing them down so, well, thej iu:-. sat and waited. Thor was r. busi-rti's except the allowing cf a l"t of tl- ii.ts and the t.uv t is not ltn.l.o, n. t by a considerable sigiit, that didn't worry them. basket baa hooters trom tne lapei , - - -....-- DasKei . . i wnr. spots are stnl to be smoothed out FIVE HIGHWAYS CONSTRUCTED AND TWO TO BE BUILT HIT BY COURT RULING Some Action Expected Soon Which Will Make Some Satisfactory Adjustment of the Twisted State of Contracts So Contractors May Save Themselves Loss. Mr. and Mrs. Everarel Parker ai-noujiced the approaching nuptials of their daughter, Miss Mary Farker, to Oliver Bitner of Elwood, at a charming party at their home on East Jefferson street Tuestlay evening. The Parker home was prettily decorated for the occason, autumn leaves and much further hard which will take hijrh school. The crowd began to gather early in ' the evening and before 7 o'clock the seating capacity of the gym was wed To the guards belongs much credit for keeping down the Lapel score for very few shots were made near the basket. Leer and Williams were both on the job at all times, while PickarJ, replacing Leer towai'd the close of the Xei) Edwards, n resident -f the work. About twenty-five men have beet trying out for the squad ai.Vi out of the twenty-five about sixteen will be carried on the regular squad during lie ;ud ai I chrysanthemums being used with art- , lHan,? just sat anl lookctl at tvt. in a body, the on!y 7:S0 marched :r. j istic enect in tlie reception rooms, Five roads alreadv coi'structed in :i. 1 .. .i.: ...... and wondered if they knew whut th.ey were wondering about, but said r.o- 4 4 1 4 , . ( game, won much praise for the mat- the season vjirtit cuuiuy ami uvo roaas vei un At present there is not a member of built used in the dining room. The center piece on the dining table was a large are said to be affected bv the last year's varsity team trying out t recent decision of the Supreme Court in which he got into the game. To Olfather goes the credit for tossitg in the deciding basket in the over time period. Ihereliv clinchinf the panic white french basket filled with pink llUb vl of Indiana declarmir the Contractors! ji u- n- ward is xit recuperating from a siejre i . T arAl white roses, a gift of Mr. Bi tner. thing, and th?n Oz Wilson passed the apples. Each member took an apple and looked at the preside).1!- ns if his permissioi was nocessury for further action. Then the president '.,k an apple, and nibbled just enou :h to sort r' rlifvp ihe tension. :ind the thers. - . . . i i . for Fairmount. This came at the con- of typhoid fever; 5ccn, a guua, na elusion cf a prettv bit of team work, also been ill, while McOombs aiH Olfather also tossed in three others Baker are ineligible for the team be- the chandelier to the place cards which were also pink and the whole was j softly illuminated by pink candles in,feeli relieved, ate. The Samuel Lear ix,ad in Liberty towi.'ship, the A. P. Griffith road in Van Buren township, the John Flan-nigan road in Fairmount township, and the two county line roads in Rich-lai.Vl township, were all built on new contracts after the contractors had crystal sticks. The same color scheme seats remaining unoccupied were those . in the section which the club had reserved, an I Vng bof?re the time for the referee's whistle starting the fray standing room was at a premium. The . high school orchestra, ui.Mc-r the dirc-c- : tion of Miss ?.o, was stationed r.e-ar the main entrance and while the crowd wa gathering gave a musical program, and accompanied the classes in their songs. As the members of the club, accompanied by their wives, marched r..';- the gym. the orchestra struck up a lively march ar.d r'-aycl while the club with its horns and ether r.cise making contrivances, including lusty lung:, marched around the auliterium to the seats reserved for them. The Kiwanians frcm the field, IlcHnJgsworth and Payne, snappy and clever forwards, None of the members had anv busi- would be hard to beat. Bob registcr-Pavne three ld ur frcm the was also carried out in the dainty luncheon which was served. Piecing of quilt blocks and a hunt for candy hearts were features of the ed the old ones by been released fix the Release Law. cause of having attended a summer school at the University of Illinois. At first it was thought that some of these men would be greatly missed, but men off of last year's second team have been showing up exceedingly well There are about three good men for each position ai'l the exact line-up will rot be known 'till the nitrht of the game. In the forward positions, r,-:i a,, TJ Woods seem to be the evenintr's entertainment, Miss Lenore ness to brir.'g before the board, anil president Edwards was about to call on Clerk Little to present whatever he micrht have for consideration of the beard, and Then Wilson again passed the apples This was the "last straw," ar.d while it broke no camel's back, it. forced Edwards to "lav his cards on the table." With the outbreak of war and the Ramsey winning the prize in the lat-subsequent rise in the prices of mat- , ter by finding the largest number of erials, it was thought unreasonable to ( hearts. Miss Treva Parker, accom-hol 1 the contractors to their pre-war ' panied on the piano by Miss Uva Sai is able bids when confronted by circumstance 1 ycrs, sai.'g "When You Look in the End five from the foul line. Line-up and Summary: F. II. S. 29 L. II. S. 27 Payne Aldred, Lewis H oil i n g s w o r t h W o o d w a rd Forwards Olfather Dickerson Center Leer. J. Pickard Williams Williams Huffman Guards Field goals Woodward, 4; Dickerson, 3: Huffman', 2; Leer, 1; Olfather, 4; Holiingsworth, 4; Payne, 3. Feul followe.1 in their march try tne were best bets, at least till Edwards ls unforseeable by the contractors or school orSeials a:.?d the student body. to resume practice. Cecil, a last Because of this fact i-rai- snm, team star, is showing up l s prove! themselves to good rooter?, and they The Kiwania be "rattling well and is hitting the basket from law was passed releasing the con- and yei:e: the floor. R. Woods, a iraceors irom ineir agreemems ana all angles of their Yell -ang their song veils, under the allowing tneni to make new bids for Ci '.ersr.ip Pi.';.ir. i also showine: srood consider ins- this is his first year at the game. ! the roads. In the case of the above mentioned i- tv:i o i . Tt- i rtt Vrv mpn who are showing- un wen Leader Ted Parker with a vim mat made the stuier.t body of th school sit up and take notice, and outdo themselves in their determination to put Koi4s uivkcinjii, tui, m i-, - - - . , j , r tt., i 'virii Heart of a Rose," and at the conclu- Fearing the boys would ove-cat, he sion of the song, a lovely little pink was forced to call a halt, and explaiii Cupiel impersonated by lone Bell that he had arranged for a "little Breedlove of Indianapolis, descended feed" which would be served soon, the open staircase carrying a bow and And then the atmosphere cleared. The arrow and taking aim, sent tha arrow, "feed" appeared a most delicious which was a lovely pink rose and a! oyster supper, with smokes and every -heart, into the lap of Miss Phyl- thing, and all present sure enjoyed it, lis Cooper, who "Looked in the heart notwithstanding it all carried with it of the rose," and found the anirounce- a feeling of regret, ment which read "Bitner and Parker, j Tuesday night was Mr .Edward's Nov. 24." : iast meeting with the board as its After congratulations the guests presiding officer. Mr. Edwards was found their places at the table and a appointed April 1, 1920 to fill the vac-happy evening was enjoyed by Uva aI.y caused by the death of Jos. A. ward, 0 out of 1; Payne, 5 out of 11. Timer, Hamilton; scorer, Mcrphet; more pep ana m imo iut-n t-.u thrn did their Dads and te referee, Hale; time of halves, 20 minutes. at forwards are Hook, L.. Woods ana """ "!" 1 ; x.. . ... ..x... Smith The center position seems to j township ai.'d the A. E. Ballinger road he between Rich, Lewis and Wright. ! between Jefferson and Monroe town-Rich, of last year's seconds, seems to j ships neither of which have been built have' the advantage so far over hi j the old contracts were annulled and two opponents, but he may find some j new ones made at higher figures. Ill real competition for his position as 1 some cases the increase did not soon as Wricht, a big six-footer who amount to very great sums but in .xWb, over two hundred nounds. be- others, notably the Lear road, the in- older "Kiwanian Kids." It was a merry evening, and a happy evening because of the fun, because of the A CALL TO PRAYER magnificiei'c new gym of which not j onlv Fairmount, but all of Grant coun- Salyers, Mary Maurerfe Holiingsworth, , Roberts, and to serve until his suces- tv may be justly proud, and because! tv0 ,r,cr fYmfoT-ence on Limita-i T-is ai- crease was substantial amounting in Thelma .Catherine Hill, Phyllis Cooper, Velma Briles, Lillian Dunbar, Mrs. A. of the victory of the Black and Gold, j tim of Armament brings to all Chris- so has been plaving a good game and the case of the last mentioned road to Immediately after the Kiwanis club tian people a priceless opportunity. ; may get into part of the game Friday j about $36,000. The authority for had been seated and let loose of its To aU gocd citizens indeed, and to all ' ,Aght. The guarding no doubt will these increases has now been removed first outburst of noise Principal E. L. lovers of humanity, it is a time cf chal- t be done by Lamm, Brewer and Harsh- ! h7 action of the Supreme Court in a S. Roberts, Marcille Wright, Marie Morris, Blanch Harshbarger, Hah Peacock, Fay Peirce, Valma Ruth Cooper, Grace Carter, Anna Mae Dar-nall, Myrtle Wright, Waneeta Weaver, Lenore Ramsey, Treva Parker. Morphet made annouicements as to . but surjremely to hn4- -a-hich twn of the three no!test case recently oeiore it- the sale of season tickets and the art tn h have seen in jesus Christ oi.'e knows as all three have been putting up a neat scrap. Lamm, a senior, seems to be the find of the season. exhibit to be given by the schools Fri- ; a revelation of love and brotherhood day and Saturday, and then J. J. Mc- ' ag the tnje way Q life To hear con-Evoy, president cf the school board, " - - witness everywhere is our i Like Woods he never tried out for the sor should be elected and qualiled. That successor will be elected Tuesday and will have qualitfied before the next meeting of the board, so Tuesday night was Mr. Edwards' farewell. During Mr. Edwards' term as president of the board many things have been accomplished for the improvement of Fairmount, ai.'d the board has made a record of which it, and the town, may well feel proud. Mr. Edwards has proved to be a most excellent presiding, officer, never hesitating to even neglect his private business when necessary for the interests of the towr, and it was with a sincere feeling of regret that the members Thesday realized that that meeting would be the last over which he would preside. spoke briefly of the improvements priveiege anj our duty in the present team until the present season, but it Action is expected soon by those close to the road situation which will make some satisfactory adjustment concerning the twisted state of the contracts for road work already done and awaiting building. Officials think it improbable that contractors and bond purchasers who entered into agreements in good faith under the Release Law will be allowed to suffer by the decision of the court. made to the school buildings, and par- ; crisis. When we remember that j seems as though he will make up for j i ticularly, the new gym. SuperinterJ- j nty-three per cent of all federal . iost time. He has been playing at dent Otto Hamilton m an appropriate expense js caused by war; when we floor guard and his dashing style of to building talk dedicated the new remember that war releases every play, will no doubt start in the game school school the athletic uses of the and . unh0iv ambition known to the human Friday night. The back guard posi- then, after the two teams had appear- mind. when we remember that war tion is beimr held down by "Biff Brew SURPRISE MASQUERADE GIVEN FOR MRS. SALYERS. One of the merriest of this season's Hallowe'en parties was the surprise masquerade which was given Mrs. C. L. Salyers by a number of her friends. The guests came in fantastic costumes, many of them very clever, and rfothing short of magic would have enabled otfe to guess the identity of each one. There were ghosts, goblins, witches and all their kind present, who nothwithstanding their elfin tenderfcies, were not averse to do justice to the splendid lunch which was served. ed and indulged in practice for a few creates bitterness and hate that poi-jer." Brewer weighs 215 pounds and is TAYLOR UNIVERSITY minutes aiAI the students and specta the moral atmosphere; and when ' six feet two inches tall. He was sons member of last year's second team. ' EXPERIENCING REVIVAL tors had almost exhausted themselves remember that this is the first time A gracious revival has been in pro with their yells and songs referee - , th worlrs history that such a con- Harshbarger, floor guard on the seconds last year, promises to give both gress at Taylor University during the Hale, of Anderson, blew the whistl ference has ever been called, and that Lamm and Brewer a fight for thePast week and many student3 have and the fight was on. those gathering are calling for the Lapel started, scoring a free throw, j prayers of all Christians, it is surely Fairmount made the first field goal, a I f: f orinortvimtv. This confer- guarding positions. Harshbarger is!ma(le a ennite consecration ol tneir a valnahlp mpmWr for th tarr, ! life to the service of God. President car) rday either hack miard o t,A I Taylor has been present for nearly clever shot by Leer. Lapel marched i ence should become the morning of a J I 1 i i J J 1 to the ironi ior a nve point ieaa DUt i ! new epoch. Let us pray that it may ; floor. Other men showing, up well atevery eic WHERE YOU VOTE by clever, snappy team work Fair :k , mnvmPT.t toward a Warless ! o-uards are Hook. Ratliff and WnVht I as Deen ioni w ""i"" .1. . k. ; - ... the call of Th Alnmni smiad mad engagements. The Rev. Maurice E i i ti. . r x r c mount again came w u.c irvin. is to w M j response to 13 at end of the first half. lil nan,in aT,d of the Feder- former stars. i nracticm i ; Barrett, University Pastor, has assist MISSIONARY SOCIETY MEETS WITH MRS. HI ATT. An unusually irfteresting session of the Missionary Society of the Friends church was held Monday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs M. A. Hiatt on South Main street. The home mission lesson was taken up which embraced survey and mission's and reports were given of the home mission work of three stations in the United States, viz: Southland Institute, the Indian work, including the seven tribes, in Iowa, KarJsas and Oklahoma, and the work among the mountaineers in Tennessee. Following the missionary program, a social time ensued in which the husbands of the Fairmount's lead was increased to al of the Churches of Christ will pt,t a strong team against the' President Taylor ir this meeting 7S minis U V IHC Illiuuit 4iiv imuiiu ; ft ; .1, i i nann P (IT k'lirhtinn niiolrm " k - ... in Amenta, mc viuisnau f i 'suu$ muanuo and pastors from neighboring, cities have been present at several services. On Wednesday morning the Rev.. Dr. Ellsworth, pastor of the First Methodist church of Marion, delivered a half when Lapel took advantage of an . Fairmount are going to meet next opportunity for another rally and . Sunday at the Christian Church at aided by a series of nne fouls tied 2;30 m for arf hour of united pray- After the game eats will be served to everyone and following this speeches will be made. There are two voting precincts in the town of Fairmount for the election Tuesday, the voting place for the south precinct being iri the office of O. R. Scott, next door to The News office on West Washington street, and the voting place for the north precinct being in the rear room of the town hall, corner of West WashiHg-ton and Mill street. All persons liv- er. All of the singers of the various the score, z an just uciuic ure whistle blew. John sermon of great power on the subject Mrs. John Buller and Mrs. J churches are expected "to be present the five ! Simon were in Summitville Wednes- of "Personal Evargelism. Amid intense excitement day to attend the funeral of William and help in the singing. Fairmourrt; Ministrial Association. J. J. Coleman, Pres. C. B. Sweeney, Sec. Sapp who died in Alabama, the body If you want aiJ inferior grade of ing. south of Washington street will i ladies were guests at a merry Hal- minute overtime play began. A nifty field goal by Olfather put Fairmount two points to the good and sewed up the game, as Lapel was - not able to register again. Score, Fairmount, 29; : Lapel, 27. being shipped back to Summitville for, rubber foot-wear we cannot do you vote in the south precinct, and all liv-jlowe'en party, games, corftests , etc., burial. The funeral was held in the ! any good. But if you want the 6est . ing north of Washingtor street will j being the order of the evening,, while M. E. church, Rev. George Winfrey in ; we can fill your order. The Bee Hive vote at the town hall. The center of j refreshments consisting of home made charge. I Cash Store. Washington street is the dividing candy and apples were served. ; .-line. ' . i v i Mrs. Emma Miller continues quite ill at her home on South Main street.

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