The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 31, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS port Hose Basket Ball Fairmount H. S. vs. Lapel H. S. "HsJ REPUBLICAN TICKET For Clerk and Treasurer JOHN R. LITTLE For Trustee, 2nd. Ward JASPER A. FRIEND For Trustee, 3rd. Ward JOHN L. CONRAD For Trustee, 4th. Ward W. HORTON RIBBLE For Trustee, 5th. Ward ROSCOE W. KIRCHER DEMOCRATIC TICKET For Clerk and Treasurer For Trustee, 2nd. Ward S. ALBERT RIGGS For Trustee, 3rd. Ward JOHN A. OSBORN For Trustee, 4th. Ward WILLIAM F. DAVIS For Trustee, 5th. Ward ALBERT MORRIS FISH AND GAME LAWS OF STATE State Department of Conservation Issues Bulletin Defending Regula Issues Bulletin Defending Regulations and Telling When, and What One May Hunt In order that all persons who fish, hunt and trap in Indiana may be correctly informed as to the lawful mears by which fish, game and fur-bearing animals may be taken, and the open season for the taking of "same the fish and game division of the state conservation department, has issued the following bulletin. Persons interested will find it a handy reference. Fish ' Black bass (Closed season April 30 to June 16.) (Not more than 20 when 2 or more fish from a boat.) Length, 10 inches: number per day, 12. Wednesday Night, Nov. 2 Opening Dedication of New Gym For Ladies and Men, direct from the manufacturer, at the store where quality counts. t3 Special Music and Program. Game Called at 8 o'clock. The splendid new gym. should be packed for this opening game. Everyone is interested in the F. H. S. team this year, so don't miss this Big Game. Admission 15c-25c or Season Ticket CONTRACTORS STAND TO LOSE The Bee Hive Cash Store Quality is a Big Factor in STAR BRAND Shoes. STAR BRAND STATE SUPREME COlRT HOLDS STOCKYARDS ACT IN EFFECT SOON RELIEF LAW TO BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL Fifty-Four Stockyards of the Country Come Under Restrictions of New Law Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Parker were guests of Anderson friends Sunday. Bluegills (Closed season April 30 to June 16.) Lergth, any size; number per day, 50. Crappie, length, 6 inches; number per day, 50. Sunfish, length, any size; number per day 50. Rock bass (Goggle-eye), length, 6 inches. Pickerel, length, 12 inches. Pike (Wall-eye), length, 12 inches. Trout, lergth, 7 inches; number per day, 20. George N. Mannfeld, superintendent of the fish and game division, points out that fishing in the lakes is restricted to hook and line. Trot or set lines are prohibited, as are also lines attached to bottles or similar floating devices. Trot lines may be used in stream fishintr. but are restricted to FOR SALE Have An Individual Suit Don't Be a Duplicate Mrs. Emma Miller continues quite ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Owen Curies s. Decision of Hamilton County Circuit Court Upheld by Higher Tribunal Denying Road Contract r.- Relief Sought Decision! of Inu-rest in oraut County. The Indiana Supreme Court has decided that the 1919 so-called corcrac-tors' relief law is unconstitutional. The decision came in the case of the Davis Construction Company against the Boone county commissioners. The Hamilton Circuit Court decided that the law was unconstitutional and the Supreme Court affirmed the decision. The Supreme Court pointed out that the law afforded relief only to con Fifty-four stockyards in almost as many cities throughout the country are to be posted November 1 as coming within the provisions of the packers and stockyards act, which gives the Secretary of Agriculture supervision over all stockyards. - Although the notices already served O. E. Curless went to Swayzee Friday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Rachel Hawkins. Mrs. Addie Winslow was the over night guest of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Kimes W Marion, Wednesday. one to each person; hooks to number FOR SALE Mailing lists. Names and addresses 1,000 Grant county farmers. Up-to-date. Address Box 38, Fairmount, Ind. FOR SALE Cheap. Set of drawing instruments, in good condition. Call Main 1G6, after 5:30 p. m. FOR SALE Cabbage for kraut, three cents a pound. Richard Dillon. CAR LOAD Chestnut size hard coal on track. A. A. Ulrey & Co. FOR SALE My residence properties. One 7-room house, corner Madison arAl Sycamore; one 9-room house, corner Second and Mill street. W. L. Swaim. not more than 50, none of whicn snaii be less than one-half inch from point There was a time when Tailor made clothes cost more. That is not true now. We will fit you. Your clothes will reflect your individuality. Arnerican Cassimers for fall, $28.00 and $30.00. "Our responsibility is your guarantee." of hook to shaik. Mr. and Mrs. Lucas returned home Saturday from Indianapolis after a week's visit with Dr. and Mrs. Lucas. tractors who did work on "improved , License to fish necessary if fishing out of your own or adjacent county, except that the wife of a man who has license may fish without one, as may also his children under 18-years of Vernald Moon, wife and son, and Joe Pettit, wife and daughter, of Indianapolis, were the Sunday guests of W. G. Moon and wife. Ribble Bros. (OF COURSE) TAILORS Mrs. Nancy Doherty and daughter Mrs. LeiJa Webb of Bangor, Mich., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Buller and other relatives. highways and bridges under certain sections of one statute" and that it did not offer relief to other contractors for public improvements than ti e certain group of road contractors Then the court ci":d the provis;cn of the state constitution which foj-bids the granting "to any ciu-en rr e'a-s of c'tizens privileges and immunities v'neh upon the Kiii'-e te.T s s'-s-M u-t equally belong to all citizens.". The court said: "Without considering or undertaking to decide whether or not the legislature might have power to relieve contractors for the construction of . FOR SALE One Guernsey cow; fresh Phone 4 on 19, Fowlerton. FOR SALE Rhode Island Red Roosters. Phone 1516 Black. embrace only 54 stockyards, it is estimated at the Department of Agriculture that approximately 70 stockyards throughout the country will be fourAl to come within the provisions of the law. The list of 54 stockyards which will be posted November 1 discloses the interesting fact that Ohio leads in the number of large stockyards having seven; Tennessee is second with four; Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Texas and Washington have three each; several other states have two each. The Department of Agriculture is preparing and will soon distribute tentative regulations governing stockyards, commission men and all other market agencies. These regulations are open to modification upon suggestion of interested concerns and individuals. The department invites suggestions relative to the regulations and is arranging for a series cf meetings at which the proposed regulations will be discussed. Concerns and individuals interested, whether they are engaged in the business or whether they are shippers or stockmen, are in age. Game Birds Prairie Chicken, oper season, Oct. 15 to Nov 1; bag limit, 5. Quail, 5pen season, Nov. 10 to Dec. 20; bag limit, 15. Ruffed Grouse, open season, Nov. 10 to Dec. 20; bag limit, 15. (Not to exceed 45 quail' or ruffed grouse for three or more successive days.) Geese and Brant, open season, Sept. 16 to Dec. 31; bag limit, 8. Ducks, (except wood ducks and PEOPLE Miss Mary Sample, accompanied by her pupil, Roy Johns, spent the weekend with Miss Sample's aunt in Indianapolis and with her brother in ! FRESH GROUND white corn meal at I 2c per pound. Use sweet milk and I baking powder to make corn bread, j Try it. Fairmount Mills. i WANTED ! Connersville. Billie Couch, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Ora Couch, is back in school 1 after a five weeks' absence, he having Glenn Gift has accepted a position as pattern' maker in the Van Loon Pattern shops at Anderson. public works from the threatened cort-sequjences of a shortage of labor and materials, caused by war, by consenting that their contracts should be imposed on the taxpayers (as to which we decide nothing), the question remains whether or not it has the power t enact a statute for the relief only of those contractors who entered into WANTED Fifteen or twenty woodcutters. M. L. Johnson. Phone 260. WANTED To buy hay and straw. M. L. Johnson. Phone 2G0. MISCELLANEOUS been under guarantine for dyptheria and later making a visit with his grandparents near Matthews while .Mr. and Mrs. William Gregg and son William Jr., of Marion, are the JTuests cf Mr. Gregg's parents, Mr. eider ducks), open season, Sept 16 to Dec. 31; bag limit, 15. Coots, open season, Sept. 16 to Dec. 20; bag. limit, 25. GalliiAiles, open season, Sept. 16 to Dec. 20; bag limit, 25. Plover, open season Sept. 16 to Dec. 20; bag limit, 15. Jacksnipe, open season, Sept. 16 to Dec. 20; bag limit, 25. Yellowlegs, open season, Sept 16 to Dec. 20; bag limit, 15. Rails, open season, Sept. 1 to Nov. 30; bag limit, 6. NOTE: Any person who has hunt- TYPEWRITERS Cleaned, repaired, sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone 1586. Next to Lyric Theatre downstairs. Marion, Ind. contracts with boards of county com- missioners for the construction of highway improvement and bridges, under and pursuant to certain specified sectioi's, twenty-nine in number of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Tablock of Shelby county, and Mrs. Everett Rhoads and little daughter Martha Ellen of Shelbyville were week-end guests of David Jones and family. Mrs. Sallie Hollingsworth was an additional guest at the Jones home for SuiAiay dinner. Mrs. J. E. Franklin of Indianapolis arrived Saturday for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. W. F. Meyer of South Walnut street. FOR QUICK Auto service call W. G. Moon, 601 South Walnut street. Phone 382-2 rings on Red. led three or more days in succession Mrs. Matie Langsdon and Mrs. J. J. McEvoy entertained a company at dinner Sunday in honor of Mrs. Ed. Guinnip and Mrs. George Ramsey, of Lawton, Mich. i TAXI To Marion. W. G. Moon will may have tht to exceed 45 ducks killed by himself in possession. Game Animals Rabbits, open season, April L to Jan. 10: bajr limit, none. Mrs. Martha Caskey and her parents Mr. and Mrs. Adkins, Lew Caskey and family ( Creed Rarber and family and Willis Buchanan and wife spent Sunday at Kokomo where they attended a celebration of the birthday anniversary of Alva Hueston. vited to attend these meetings and participate iiJ the discussion. These meetings will be held, during the two weeks beginning November 7 at the following points: Fort Worth, Kansas City, Denver, Portland, and Chicago. November 1 the department will place representatives in the posted stockyards, such representatives to be designated as livestock market supervisors. Their duty will be not only to supervise the conduct of the stockyard to which they are assigned, but they will have a constructive function, in that they will recommend improvements where available, both in the interest of the stockyard owners ard the shippers; they will also voluntarily serve, if requested, to iron out any difficulties tha may arise between stockyards and shippers. It is the purpose of the Department of Agriculture to administer the act in a constructive manner. make three trial trips each day to Marion for awhile, leaving Washington street at 9 o'clock and running every two hours. Squirrels, open season, Aug. 1 to Dec. 1; bag limit, none. Licenses: Unless especially ex William Eudaly and family will move this week to Fremont, Mich. Beharrell Curless, son of Mr. and frs. O. E. Cuj-less of South Main street, who is attending, school at Ann Arbor, Mich., has been made a member of the UiAversity band, he playing the alto horn. On Saturday the band accompanied the foot ball team to TJrbana, 111., where the Michigan eleven met the U. of I. eleven on the gridiron, the Michigari team defeating the Illinois team 3 to 0. empted by law, every person' over 14-years of age, male or female, must have a license to hunt. Permission of landowner is necessary to hunt. .Mr. and Mrs. Clinton WirAalow left Saturday for West Milton, O., to attend the funeral of Mrs. Winslow's sister, Mrs. William A. Jones, who died Thursday afternoon in a hospital at Columbus, O., where she had submitted to a surgical operation for goitre. Nobel accideiAJy discovered dynamite and made a vast fortune, with which he founded the Nobel prizes. one designated statute, out of many acts which provide for building improved highways, and out of a far greater nuxnber of acts which provide for letting public construction work by contract. "We think that this question must be answered in the negative." "The war ended more than four months before the statute was enacted and the date prior to which the contracts must have been entered into was almost two years past," the court's opinion said." But of the many persoiJs having contracts to do grading, ditching and concrete work on highways and elsewhere in the state of Indiana, who were affected in .the same way and substantially in the same degree as those persons aiAl firms, by the increased cost of labor, teams, railroad freights, lumber, sand, gravel, broken stone and cement, but who did not have contracts to build highways under Sections 62 to 90 of the particular statute, but who took contracts under those sections, but performed them (at whatever loss) before this stbtute was eracted. None could possibly bring, themselves within the statute or obtain relief under it." The value of borax as a preservative was discovered by a traveler in Yellowstone park. He found the body of a horse wonderfully preserved. It was lying in borax dust, and so a discovery which has been of boundless use in industry was Fur-Bearing Animals Beaver, no open season. Otter, tio open season. Fox, open season, Nov. 10 to Feb 10. Oppossum, open season, Nov. 10 to Feb. 10. Raccoon, open season, Nov. 10 to Feb. 10. Skunk, open season, Nov. 10 to Feb. 10. ' . Muskrat, open season, Nov. 10 to Feb. 10. . Mink, open season!, Nov. 10 to Feb. 10. NOTE: Written permission of landowner or tenant required to trap. Big Money Savimig Mrs. Marie Neal and Mrs. Jennie Trader have returned home after a brief visit with Mrs. Gary Brown in Summitville. UUH1C Prices on Painting and Paper Haegimg Fall Plow inn The ladies of the Christian church held another of their successful markets Saturday in the room at Swift's Cream Station, many of their delec The Women's Misisonary Society of the Wesleyan church will meet Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Archer on Eighth street. table viands being sold before taken from the baskets. The Fairmount Rebekahs will have work at their lodge, room on Wednesday" night of this week. After initiation they will serve refreshments consisting of chicken, bread and butter saiidwiches, pumpkin pie and coffee. A full attendance is desired. On contracts made within the next thirty days I will make a decided cut in prices on paper hanging and interior decorating, such as Tiffany, or anjt class of interior . work. Big reduction. Ask for prices. Paper hanging, for lap work. If cents a roll. How's your auto? Have it painted now while the prices will save yon big money. Autos painted for $8, $12, $15, $20, or $25, depending on the condition of the car I guarantee all my work.. .Don't pay me until yon are satisfied. REMEMBER 30 Days only at these prices. George Wintfingham, of Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kimes and daughters, Martha and Mary, of Marion, and Mrs. Otto Mall and son of Indianapolis, were Sunday guests of Mrs.Addie Winslow. Now is the time to make contracts for Fall Plowing. We are prepared to do this work promptly. $2.50 per acre. Tsliwtfv ' Kind. Prompt Service. 1 rUClLlIlg Stock Hauling to Indianapolis, 35c per hundred. M. L. JOHNSON Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kelly entertained Sunday in IteiJor of the birth- Ldays of Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Lawrence The Liberty township unit of the Grant county Agricultural Association at their October meeting elected a board of directors as follows: Claude Julian, Orville Hasty, Charles Carey, Alva Johnson, and Emory Williams. The board of directors have named George Fear as shipping manager. Any one having stock for sale will notify George Fear or the township Bailer arid Rufus Green. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Buller and sons Lea and Dhe, Mr. and IMrs. Lawrence Buller, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Green, Mrs. Nancy Doherty, Mrs. Lena Webb, of Bangor, Mich., Mrs. Catherine Bui- 316 East Wachincton Street Fairmount, Indiana Phone 260 ; chairman Woody Clark. j ler, Mary McGinnea and B. F. Buller.

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