The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 27, 1921 · Page 8
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 8

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1921
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

:,r -vxft- v--''f"r THE PA1RM0 frJlT NEWS Misses Treva and Mary Parker and j Oliver Bitner of Elwood motored to ; Indianapolis Sunday and spen't the I BE PREPARED FOR RAILROAD TIEUP ooirt Hose r WATCH REPUBLICAN TICKET For Clerk and Treasurer JOHN R. LITTLE For Trustee, 2nd. Ward JASPER A. FRIEND For Trustee, 3rd. Ward JOHN L. CONRAD For Trustee, 4th. Ward W. HORTON RIBBLE For Trustee, 5th. Ward ROSCOE W. K1RCHER DEMOCRATIC TICKET For Clerk and Treasurer For Trustee, 2nd. Ward S. ALBERT RIGGS For Trustee, 3rd. Ward JOHN A. OSBORN For Trustee, 4th. Ward WILLIAM F. DAVIS For Trustee, 5th. Ward ALBERT MORRIS j . i Big Strike Appears a Certainty For Ladies and Men, direct from the manufacturer, at the store where quality counts. THE SPOTS The Bee Hive Cash Store Quality is a Big Factor in STAR BRAND Shoes. STAR BRAND YOU WILL BFWISK IF YOU LAY IX YOUR STOCK OF SALT, PEPPER AM) OTHER NECESSITIES FOR BUTCHERING AND OTHER IMMEDIATE NEEDS AT ONCE Large Size Bag of Suit $1.28 Pepper, per pound : 23 Crystal Crackers, 6 pounds caddy (caddy free) per pound. ., 15 Best Rice, 3 pounds for 23 Pan cake Flour, 2 for 2- Sunbeam Flour, real 1.23 Gold Medal Flour 1.23 Rio Coffee, 2 pounds for 33 Sorghum, 5 pounds 65 Good Luck Olio, 2 pounds 56 Rolled Oats, 5 pounds 25 Apricots, 12 cans for 3.00 Peaches, 12 cans for 3.00 BALDWIN ArrLES, PHONE YOUR ORDERS K Christian church market at Swift's Creamery .Station Saturday. Go early Saturday to Christian church market at Swift's Creamery station. Mrs. JetAiie Jones leaves Unlay for Columbus, O., where she will make an extended visit. ' Chicken for Sunday dinner, noodles, ! cake and salads at Christian church , tr.aikct Saturday. ; Mrs. Sarah Briles, who was called . to Winchester on account of the death of her sister, Mrs. Zilpha Hinshaw, , has returnVxt home. " j - . j You'll want some of that Chicken. those noodles, that cake and salad en i sale Saturday at Christian church market. Swift's Creamery station. ! ! The Mayflower Phone 1 1 Bob Lindsay, Prop. FOR SALE Mr. and Mrs. Marion A. McCork-' Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Rheades are hill are the proud parents of a baby j leaving this week for their new home jrirt named Mary-Edith, born Oct. 17. j in Fairmount, where they have pro-jThey are locate! at Holy Cross, pet ty. They have been resident-: of Alaska, where Mr. McCorkhill is in j Carthage for nearly thirty years. -4 Have An Individual Suit Don't Be a Duplicate There a a time hen Tailor made clothes cost more. That not true now. . . We w ill fit j ou. Your clothes ill reflect your individuality. American Cadmers for fall, $28.00 and $30.00. "Dor responsibility is jour prarar.Uf ." Ribble Bros. (OF COURSE) TAILORS fam PEOPLE Mi. beeti tpoi: Mrs. K. H. Parker wh have ;po".i(?i".g s-evcval d:ys in Indian-have aired home. Wrt.' McCerr.iick ar.d daughter Pon e were in Mat ion Tueslar shop- Th.ere v -i be a Hallowe'en party at ?.c vesideccc of Hugh Hereon south cf Fowlertcr Saturday i?.ght. Oct, 2?. It is requested thst the guests come m isquc-vl. Mr. -and Mts. John Schaaf and Mr. nd Mrs. Ycr- Jenkins and son'Atton, snotctx-vl frc:n Wabash and spent the rMar. with Mr. ar.d Mrs. their r.ew son, C. L. Jack Roberts ard K?rmar.. Word has been received by Mrs. Ma Heck frcm Mrs. J. R, Fink of Auburn statitVr that Mr. Fir.k has n taken to a hospital in Chicago, fhcre he will submit to a surgical operation for' an affliction of the sromach. Mr. and Mrs. Fink formerly lived in Faimteunt ar.d are well Ttrkwti in southern Grart county. j i ! 1 i ; ily. day. Born Friday morning to Dr. and Mrs. Ernest B. Couch in their apartments in the Borrey Block, a baby girl. Miss Indus Peiree, bookkeeper for the Ellis Auto Svupply Company, has been absent from her post of duty for several days on account of illness. E. M. Leach, formerly proprietor of the Club Cafe, and Russel UtJ.ler-wood, will leave this week for Florida where they expect to find a location land "ensnare in the restaurant busi-i ness. While in Fairmount attending the Veterans of Secretary of Foreign Wars reunion, State E-d. Jackson and of Indianapolis, were Mr. Kiplii',? 1 1 guests of Andrew Weyler and fam- j Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lucas, who have been the guests of Dr. and Mrs. j Carl Lucas of Indian'apolis returned home Sunday, the doctor and his wife accompanying them, and spending the day with them and Dr. and Mrs. L. D. Holliday. Mrs. Will Lewis, who speiA Sunday with friends in -Marion, reports her disappointment on that day to find the home of Gus Hartman stricken with diphtheria, little Mildred being the victim. There will be a Hallowe'en masquerade for members of the Cot&rregation- al church at the homee of Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers on Walnut street this evening. The atTair is under the management of the ladies of the church. Mrs. Emma Miller is quite ill at ' her home on South Main street. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Owen Curloss and Mrs. Mil- ler had expected to move to their tkw home which is about completed the first of next week, but on account of the illness cf Mrs. Miller, the moving will be postponed until her recovery. coming here from Shelhyville. Fair- 'mount will find them most agreeable I people. Carthage Citizen. j , ... , .vrs. t lorence nannoiomew, on tasi Wednesday cvenit.'g, entertained her class of bovs of the Baptist church - . , ... at supper at her home. Alter tms bounteous feast, the hilarious merry- makers p!aved games and sang sonsrs j , . ; , ' ana entoveu every mir.uie oi me even- finjv. Those preset.V were Virgil and i .Tlm ITrt- nr?irl iibl Ivan tvoiin. v . Vnrri) tAilrv Arkermr. How- I . ..., . ' ard Wilson. Charles Troon, James - . . Mcr.ahat'. Misses Mable Ackerman, j Ha2cl Thompson and Mrs. Florence Bartholamew. masquerade party at their country home Moiwlav evemnsr. Games atM music formed an enjoyabe part of th entertainment and rcfresjiments were served to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Frairk Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin j Hancock, Mr. atil Mrs. James Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Morton Buller, Mr. and Mrs. George Hasty and family, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Davis ami family, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Brookshire and family. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Carey and family, Mr. at.vl Mrs. John Underwood, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kierstead, Mr. and Mrs. Hanley Thomas, Miss Pauline Underwood, Miss Tutes Buller, and Miss Olive Thomas. SUGGESTIVE READING. ou will hear it said that such and such a magazine prints suggestive stories, meaning that they present ocrrupting ideas in an attractive dress. But there is a suggestiven?ss also of quite a different sort the suggestive-m?3s that quicken the re-i tec's sense ci duty, stimulates ambition gives courage to face adversity, fortifies against yielding, easily to temptation. It is this kind of suggestiveness that you will find orJ almost every page of The Youth's Companion. Which of these two kinds of suggestiveness would you wish to have exert an influence in your family life ? The 52 issues of 1922 will be crowd ed with serial stories, short stories, editorials, poetry, facts and fun. Subscribe now arAl receive: 1. The Youth's Companion 52 issues in 1922. 2. All the remaining issues of 1921. 3. The Companion Home CaletAlar for 1922. All for $2.50. 4. Or include McCall's Magaiine, the monthly authority on fashions. Both publication, only $3.00. THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, Commonwealth Ave. & St. Paul St., Boston, Mass, I New Subscriptions Received at this; it to f 7 -A WATCH THE SPOTS CELERY OYSTERS NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE BY ADMINISTRATOR The undersitri.-ed, Administrator of the Estate of Louisa Crawford dn j ed, hereby gives notice, that by virtue ef an order of the Grant Circuit Court, of Grant County, Indiana, entered in Estate No. 3857, Probate Record of Grant County, IiAiiana, it will, as such Administrator, at the Hour of 10 o'clock A. M., on Saturday the 19th, day of November, 11)21, at the CITIZENS 3TATE BANK, Corner of Main and Washington street, Town of Fair-mount, Grant County, Indiana; and from day to day thereafter until sold. otfer for sale, at private sale, all of he intprest of sai,j decedent in and to the following real estate in Grant County, State of Indiana, to-wit: Lot No. Ten (10) in Philip's addition to To wn of Fairmount, Grant County, State of Indiana, Sait, Sale wiU be m.uJe subject u the approval of the said Court, for not less that the appraised value et said real estate and for cash. r'TTT'7 IT tO OT TIT IHVf . Administrator, CITAS,. T. PARKER . Attv. for Administrator. .Oct. 20-27-No 3. AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON STOCK HAULING j To Indianapolis Rate cut to 40c a hundred. Call Phone 211. Isaac Malone Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by State Registered . OPTOMETRISTS ' Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS inclusively Optical Next to federal Bakery INDIiflA charge of a radio stat ioir. F wi'.l learn with regret of the death of Miss Vira Moon which; , 0 . . ,. . s in?M i-i .tu-ilV V r Mi M.n i . x n 1 i t tr.e n.ete m v . ninn ami ous : N Brown and has visited in Fairmout.'t on numerous oc- for .'" " . . . .. , '- Wunv.ngton, Ohio, to attend the fun- era!. Mr; Iva Bivwn, 21 years old, died Sundav at her home near Roll. She S is snvviv,i 1- her husband, earents,. .. ! and ene brotner, ail residing near Koll. No funeral anr.gemet?i.s have been made, but the services will "be private. Shu -a c Vwirn Fairmount. and for ! ! i t SEE EXHAUSTION OF RADIUM Many Authorities Believe There Will Be None Remaining in About Twenty-Five Years. Some authorities predict that, 2." years from now, there will be no radium left in the world. By that time, is claimed, all available ores of this wonderful mineral will have boon used "P- I The so-called radium emanations are ' supposed to bo electrified particle j though just what these particles are , nobody knows. They do not seem to be IdentlfinlJe as any kind of matter, j But after leing given oiT, they cease j be electrically charged ami assume j the form of helium. j Here Is a case altogether extraordinary. In which one element Is actually transmuted into another element a phenomenon which has hitherto been thought impossible. Helium was first discovered in the ; sun. It was later found In our own j atmosphere, which contains a minute j percentage of It.. Natural gas rnm some wells in Texas ami elsewhere yields considerable quantities of it o much in certain Instances that, be-Imr nonlnt'ammalvle. It renders the gas loss useful as fuel. Is it to be Imagined that all of the existing helium was originally derived front radium? Nobody can answer that quoMion. V.'nat He Wanted. A little Washington boy whs oMninir i at a friend's house with his mother not so very long ago when charlotte rushes in pajHr eollars were no of the features of the dessert. The Huffy j delicacies tasted very touch like ! "more" to the hungry little eh:p. j Is there anything else you'll ' have, dear?" asked the hostess. sol!eitusly. j 'Yes, ma'am," eagerly assented the j rl.ild. "I want another of them pretty j little Charlie Kossos." One of the noveau riche women with : whieh Washington ahounds said at a ., wltU .5 ...w.. .i . ...... - qm-ntial air, that really her neuritis ; getting so had slio was at her j Vid : she'd tried everything ex-a ohlrep-itrlok ! IVd any of us xU,: ,v!lt h: anv tiutn in too ministrations oi hiropa' ricks? It is not at all tnfreouent to hear the Hotel Raleigh in Washington spoken of seriously as the "Hotel Rail-edge," or Hurler's candy place a Hulyer's." An innocent local dame boasts of the bed of scarlet "saliva" that bloomed in her garden all through the j autumn. Washington Star. Forgers Use New Method. An original touch in forgery is reported by the Paris correspondent of the London Daily Mail. Making forged notes dirty in order that they might look real Is said to have been the method adopted by four men who have Just been arrested at Limoges on a charge of counterfeiting the small brown one-frnnc notes (nominally lOd.) which are In circulation in Paris owing to the shortage of silver ones. After printing off bundles of notes of a face value of T,O00, the men. it Is stated, burled them In the ground for A fortnight. The notes then had n crumpled and dirty appearance as If they bd been a long time In use. and were readily accepted. In some cases the forged notes were accepted In bundles of 50 at local banks. Whistle Easy to Play. "So simple that even a child can use It" is a phrase commonly seeu and heard these days, and which Is applied with ease to a new whistle instrument, described with Illustration In Popular Mechanics Magaiine. By pulling and pushing a lever attached on the Inside of Its barrel to a small piston, the tones of the whistle are caused to change. This lever terminates on the outside In a triangular-shaped flnger-plece running through a slotted plate. Markings representative of musical tones appear on the plate, and as the triangular lever moves into place before the markings, a corre-snondlnfflv pitched musical tone Issues from the whistle. I Florida's Entry Into Union. One hundred yenrs ago the Stars and Stripes supplanted the flag of Spain In Florida, which became a part of the tTnlted States. The sum paid Spain. Including the payments to claimants for damages, was ?6.4$n,T(W for a twrrltorv that Included 59.2l3 square miles. Miami Herald. seme time resided en the Muncie pike, Mr- ami Mrs- naRV Tas ?n" .TK.,.T.rirt tM.w.T.Utained at a delightful Halloween FOR SALE Mailing lists. Names and addresses 1,000 Grant county farmers. Up-to-date. Address Box 38. Fairmount, Ind. FOR SALE Cheap. Set of drawing instruments, in good condition. Call Main ll. after 5:30 p. m. FOR SALE "Quicker Yet" electric . . . . - , i-,- washing machine. Good condit.oi. Sell cheap. TOO N. Morton street. FRESH GROUND white corn meal at -c per pound. Use sweet milk and; baking powder. Try it. Fairmount j Mills. . LOST LOST Black plush scarf between Ma it; street and school building. Celestine Flanagan. LOST Bunch of keys on oval shape key ring. A. L. Mendenhall. WANTED WANTED Music students. Piano,, Graduate of Houghton "'"minary and i Combs Conservatory, Philadelphia. Phone .392-2. Carrie N. Coleman, Wesleyan Parsonage. MISCELLANEOUS WANTED Rugs to weave. 50c a yard. Anna Parker, 426 North Rush street. Phone 355. TYPEWRITERS Clean-d, repaired, sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter ' Shop, Phone 1586. Next to Lyric Theatre downstairs. Marion, Ind. FOR QUICK Auto service call W. G. Moon, 601 South Walnut street. Phone 382-2 rings on Red. CARD OF THANKS 'We wish in this manner to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the maty kind friends and neighbors who so graciously gave sympathy and kuAily offices during the long illness and at the death and funeral of wife and daughter, Mrs. B. C. Reid, and also for the many beautiful floral tributes received as tokeiJs of love and esteem. B. C. REID. GEO. E. CLEVELAND AND FAMILY. . , j i ' ; ; une Mrs. Clinton Winslow has retunted from Columbus, O., where she was called by the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. William A. Jones of West ,Mil- ton, O., who had been taken to Colum bus for a surgical operation for goitre. The operation, which was performed Monday was more serious than the average operation of that kind, but Mrs. Winslow has received word that it was stressful and that the? patient is getting along fine. Paimttimiff I j Big Moeey Savieg Prices ob amid Paper Hamgimig On contracts made within the next thirty days I will make a decid ed: cot in prices on paper hanging and interior decorating, such as Tiffany., cr anjl class of interior work. Big reduction. Ask for prices. Paper hanging, for tap work, 18 cents a roll. Hew yeur auto? Have it painted now while the prices will save rou big money. Autos painted for $8, $12, $13, $20, or $25, depending on the cendition of the car ( I guarantee all my work.. .Don't pay me until you are satisfied. REMEMBER 30 Days only at these prices. Everything Electrical Broyles Electric Company V I I 119 Weit Fourth MARION, 316 Eaot Wcchinijton Strcst Office. i - ...--.. v

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