The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 27, 1921 · Page 7
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 7

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1921
Page 7
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J . THE yRMOUNT NEWS . 0 DEPARTMENT VJEF FEET DO COUGHS AND COLDS Until entirely rid of a cough or cold,. look out They are a source of danger. i 1 jlv iVJi: n ju vv t I I t Xffl7! .14 IRS PE-U TktWiU Kmwi faitpK batty Two generations bmre known I'E-KU-NA and ita astonishing success in the relief of catarrhal diseases. The proper medicine to have on hand lor everyday ilia. SOLD EVERYWHERE SOLUTION OF TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS SEEN IN MOTORTRUCK J" fw doses of Pe-ru-ca taken aoon after exposure or first manifestation of trouble will usually break cold or dissipate in a hurry the most persistent cough. TABLETS OR LIQUID CS KEEP IT IN ISonDiairnsiim To purify the blood. To tone the liver. To clean the kidneys. To sweeten the stomach. Take it hot at bedtime for Health, Strength and Long Life. Bulgarian Blood Tea gives you the pure Juices from the Roots, Barks, Leaves. Berries and Flowers gathered from the rich soils of Europe, Asia and Africa. Keep a Box of Bulgarian Blood Tea Always at Hand. Sold at ALL Druggists, or send $1.25 for one large family box, or 3 boxes for $3.15, or G boxes for $5.25. Address Marvel Products Co., 484 Marvel Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. TURKEYS FOR THANKSGIVING Six Weeks In November and Decern, ber Constitute Duration of Market for Big Birds. Prepared by the Caited States repartment cf Agncalfor.) The American public demands turkey for Thanksgiving, and gets It usually If it is humaa'-y possible. On no other festival of the year do the people of this country feel It necessary to have any one kind of meat, tut Thanksgiving without turkey Is like Hamlet without the ghost to most Americans. Many serve turkey at Christinas anil New Year's also, hut after the holiday season Is past the demand for turkeys is usually small. This makes the marketing season for turkeys very short, running as it docs from the middle of November to the latter part of December. In sections whore turkeys are grown ia large numbers, as In Texas, dressing plants have been built by pouUry Farm Truck in This Lead Will Go Directly to Dealer at a Market Fifteen Miles Away and Arrive in Fresh Condition. following points should receive careful consideration: Factors to Be Considered. A careful survey should be made to determine the adequacy of present transportation facilities, the reasonableness of the rates charged, the approximate daily tonnage available for movement in each direction, the character of the roads over which the trucks must be operated, and the general sentiment of the community toward such an association. The distance from market should not be more than 40 miles, and there should be dealers, who buv the birds alive and ! r ' L dress them for the various city mar- tfce thmgs they should consider in eon-kets. In such cases practically all the ! Keclon1 Uth use of motortrucks tnrkev misers sell to these dealers, j ,ihaul ,hoir rroduce to market. THE HOUSE 'iiSr IBflaixodl TTesi To kill colds. To ward off Influenza. To save you from pneumonia. To make you feel years younger. She Couldn't Be Sure. The rather elashily-dressed woman took her fourteen-year-old daughter to the domestic science teacher. "I want her to learn to cook and sew," she said, "so that she can get a husband." For one minute the teacher stared at tho woman. Then a twinkle came Into her eyes. "Oh, I don't know about that being so Mire a way," she laughed. "You see I teach both and I haven't yet obtained a husband." The Rrghl Is Not All. The mayor cf an Indiana city has ruled that n man has n right to chastise his wife. That doesn't alter the situation much, however. A man may have the right, but few have the nerve. Cleveland Haiti PeaW. STRENGTH AND HEALTH Red Blood, Vim, Vigor, Vitality Follow This Advice South Bend, Ind. "I know of no better blood purifier and tonic than Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It is safe ami reliable to be given to even tiny children. I believe my daughter would not 1m? alive to-day had it not been for the 'Golden Medical Discovery which I gave to her (a few drops at a time) when she was so frail it seemed ehe could scarcely live from one day to another. I have three children that have taken the 'Discovery' and they are all healthy and strong voting people." Mrs. Marquess, 1212 3. Carroll St. As soon as you commence to take this "Discovery" you begin to feel its bracing, appetizing effect. Buy it of your druggist, in tablets or liquid. Comfort Baby's Skin With Cuticura Soap And Fragrant Talcum Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum 25c Use It for your daughter' take. She Kam Iiim that wU-ffronmetl an pea ranee that glrU admire. At M grocer. I M.IK. S'.'OO WKKKI.V WITH A SMAI.l. Bt'MMS, lieitaii with $&. Anyona can do I he work. Write (or free booklet, which showi how. RHODES. S21 Pacific St., BROOKLYN. N. T. W. N. U., Indianapolis, No. 44-1921. su ci f m rwtor lfJT$i 3 Only Reasonable Request. ( It was nlop a lurching, lumbering Fifth avenue bus where New York's great middle class does Its love-making, lie was making no prepress, that was evident. Other couples were cuddled up in ench other's arms unabashed, lie and she sat straight and prim. "Ton didn't like olives at first?" he asked. She agreed. "But you like them now." She nodded. "Well." lie pleaded, "certainly you will jrlve meH the same chance that you would an olive." Not He. "Look here, sir !" ominously demanded old Festus Tester, who had been disturbed by queer noises in the night. "Do you play the saxophone?" "No," removing his hat and exposing a very bald head, replied the man who had recently moved in next door. "I lost my hair In the natural course of event-.'' Kansas Citv Star. Torturing Her Husband. Husband (to wife) Where is my hat? Wife On the mangle, dear. Husband What! On the mangle! I wonder what ridiculous thing I shall find It on next? Wife (sweetly) On your head, dea r. Fd I n hu rgh Scot sm a n. DYED HER DRAPERIES, SKIRT AND A SWEATER Each package of "Diamond Dyes" contains directions so pimple that any woman can dye or tint faded, shabby skirts, dresses, waists, coats, sweaters, stockings, hangings, draperies, everything like new. Buy "Diamond Dyes" no other kind then perfect home dyeing is guaranteed, even if you have never dyed before. Tell your druggist whether the material ! you wish to dye is wool or silk, or whether S it is linen, cotton, or mixed goods. Dia- j i i t . i - j f iMnu i)fs never sireaK, fj'wi, iaur, or run. So easy to use. advertisement. Switching Facilities. "Did I understand you to say Senator Snortsworthy has n single track mind?" "You did not. Judging from the number of times the senator has reversed himself on Important questions his mind must resemble a railroad yard." New Statute Needed. "Judge, he stays away from home practically all the time." "That's bad." "Why. I even have to go out to the golf links when I want to ask hlro for money." The Wrong Batch. "I never tasted such queer batter cakes." "Hey, you've fried my home brew." About the most satisfactory He Is saying you had to serve on n jury when it was a baseball game. By trying, we cnn.ensily learn to endure adversity another man's, I mean. Mark Twain. Ignorance Is the Inspiration of all argument. tPrep&rel by the Cnited States Department of Agriculture ) A steadily Increasing number of shippers are looking toward the motortruck for the solution of their transportation problems. Farmers are included in this category, and it may therefore be well to point out, as the J1'-' ltw inwuw. :lT11' 5 e States Per: lt J,rl?aKe ?partment of Agriculture, Is for a farmer to purchase and operate a motortruck solely for his own needs, as the initial Investment, cost of upkeep, and the limited time the truck is likely to be in use make the venture expensive and disproportionate to the convenience se- c,re Where trucks are operated by private individuals for prout the owner of the truck usua'Jy operates between certain points on a fixed schedule. The farmer assumes no risk. He simply pays whatever the rate for cartage may be, and may find the use of this means of transportation an advantage over the railroad or over hauling his produce to market himself by team. At the same time It has often occurred that when the farmer had learned -to depend upon this service, the rates would be raised to a point that the farmer could HI afford to pay, or that another motortruck operator would en- ter the field with the result that both operators w ere compelled to go out of business, leaving the farmer without any truck service at all. One Successful Venture. It may be well to consider the basis upon which a farmer may secure mo-; tortruek transportation at a nominal cost and create a service upon which he can place fuli reliance. There' are several co-operative mo- tortruek associations In existence, of which, perhaps, the Farmers Co-opera-- five company of Hartford county, Maryland, has had the largest measure of success. The1 territory served by the association is a very productive agricultural region. Many of the farm- ers ship milk ro Baltimore, some raise truck crops and others practice gen- farming. The association rates on many com- modities are decidedly loc than those of the railroad. The members say that the saving of time in market-! Ing their produce Is a big advantage-, also. For example, when the farmers hauled their produce to market by wagon they had to start out at iv.'d-i night and did not return hoi.e r itll nine o'clock the next morning. Now, at least eight hours of that t l ie is saved for other work. Rut while the Hartford County com pany has had considerable success, it conditions not been possible had the condition not been favorable for the operation of a co-operative motortruck ! route. This fact should not be dost i GOOD ROADS PNEUMATIC TIRES ARE BEST Offer Greatest Influence in Reducing Impact Force on Surface of Various Roads. Prepared by the Vnited States Department ot Agriculture.) Impact the force resulting when a truck wheel strikes the surface of a road depends largely upon the kind and condition of the tire used on the wheel, the bureau of public roads of the United States Department of Agriculture reports after a series of extensive investigations on the subject. When roads were built to carry the trafiic of a few years asro the actual weight or speed of the load was only generally considered. Much attention was paid to the question of whether the traffic was equipped with steel or rubber tires, but a definite analysis of the surface and supporting conditions of the road and a determination of destructive forces were not deemed necessary. The transition from horse-drawn to automobile and truck traffic has changed the surface and strength requirements of the road of to-day. When the realization came that this heavy and severe traffic was here to star and that roads would have to be ,blU ocord.n to a very carefu and V traffic it was found necessary to study verv aenniteiv an tne iorces to nmra a road Is subjected. For two years the bureau of public roads has been working on the problem of obtaining the value of the impact forces on roads. Some high points In their report recently made are: , " , " "rM though they be very wide, produce very h!h I"Pm form. , Pneumatic tires offer the greatest Influence n reducing Impact forces. ana wun tneir use tne impact increases only very slightly with the speed of the truck. Cushion tires, that is. tires having a degree of softness and dellection be-j tween solids and pneumatics, offer cor-i responding advantages in reducing im-; pact. Impact increases with the speed of the truck, but it cannot be said to in- Pneumatic Tires Reduce Impact on Surface cf Roads. crease according to any constant ratio or power of the speed. Although heavy unsprung weight may give higher Impact than lighter unsprung weight, it cannot be said that this is the major controlling factor. The relative destructive effect produced by light-weight, high-speed trucks and heavy, slow-moving trucks has not been determined by these tests. They do. however, indicate that equal Impact may be obtained under some conditions. Impact may be as high as seven times the static load on one rear wheel when a solid-ttre truck strikes a 1-Inch obstruction at 16 miles per hour, an average value being about four times. , For pneumatic tires the maximum Impact value Is probably not more than one and three-fourths times the load at one rear wheel, and an average value is not more than one and one-fourth times the load. DIFFERENT PAVEMENT COSTS Figures Given on Various Kinds of Surfacing Used in Test Made In Pennsylvania. The costs of various kinds of surfacing on 3.41 miles of road forming part ofa test road built In 1912-1913 by the bureau of highways, Philadelphia, are now available. Twenty-six sections were laid, of which i six were bituminous macadam mixed method, eight bituminous penetration macadam, five of concrete base with a bituminous top, seven vitrified brick, says Engineering News-Record. Averaging the first cost, interest at 4 per cent for eeven years, and the maintenance, the total cost January 1, 1920, was 11.7738 per square yard for bituminous macadam penetratton sections, as compared with $2.0770 for bituminous mixed method macadam, $3.0006 for concrete, tad $3.5109 for brick. ! . , , ; n n: Lii l . - ha. I , J who often send buyers out into the j country to rather up a drove of several hundred birds by slopping at each farm as they pass, weighing whatever ; turkeys the farmer may have to sell. and adding them to those already eW- ; lecttvl. ' Turkeys to be killel and d.nsseil on j the farm should first bo deprived of i fits1 for :?4 hours bv.t civen rlentv of t fTi--i w:irer in orn'er to clean I the cre-p and intestines of all feed. When re-r.dy to kill, the bird should be Many Turkeys Are Prepared on the Farm for Market. hung up by the feet; no! ding the bird in one hand, a sharp, narrow bladed knife is used to sever the veins in the throat by making a small cut inside the mouth on the right side of the throat, at the base of the skull. After mnkhisr this enr and hleoilinsr hotrirx the knife Is thrust up through the ) groove In the roof of the mouth and Into the brain at the back part of the skull. The bird gives a peculiar equawk. the feathers are loosened by 'a'uiverlng of the muscles, and death is instantaneous. In dry-picking, the feathers should be plucked Immediately, and if the bird has been properly stuck they come out very easily. The tail and large Ming feathers are removed first, after which the body feathers are pulled out. When the turkeys are to be marketed locally or are to be shipped but a short distance, they are cooled to a temperature of about 35 degrees Fahrenheit by hanging in tne open air, provided the weather Is cold enough, otherwise they are plunged Into Ice water and kept there until thoroughly cooled. After cooling they are packed undrawn in boxes or barrels. It is inadvisable for the prodtteer without proper refrigerating facilities to ship dressed turkeys, as losses from improper cooling and from their being exposed to warm weather during tram-sit are liable to occur. Aside from this it Is seldom profitable to ship turkeys any great distance except In carload los; when this is done the turkeys are cooled to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, packed in boxes or barrels, and shipped In refrigerator cars. YOUNG FOWLS BEST LAYERS Seldom Pay to Keep Hens for Lay-Ing After They Are Past Two Years ef Age. There are people whoxhave the right variety of fowls, who house and feed I hem properly, and yet who can-cot obtain eggs early in the winter because their fowls are too old. It Is seldom that It pays to keep hens for laying after they are two and a half years old; not that they will .not give a profit, but because younger fowls will give a greater profit. r f r i i ; ; j s i ' i ' ' ? , : i j I : " ' rant reasonably constant operation of i the trucks throughout the year. j It having been concluded that the co-operative enterprise will be a de cided advantage, only men who have demonstrated their business ability In j handling their private affairs and who j exercise a good Influence among the members of the community should be j selected as directors. The secretary ' should be a man with energy, tact, ' business ability, and a hieh apprecia- : tlon of the farmer's Interests. The ! capitalization of the association should j be larce enough to permit the issuance of enouch stock to pay for the trucks In cash, to assure a sufficient amount . ms . of cash on hand as working capital, and to have enough unissued stock to provide for future sound extension of the business, as well as a depreciation fund to replace worn-out equipment. Make Service the Watchword. The trucks should be selected only after a thorough and unbiased consideration of the various makes. Records of performance, of cost of operation and maintenance, furnished by actual operators of trucks rather than by agents of truck manufacturers, should be carefully considered In the light of present and prospective needs of the association. In employing operators merit should be the sole consideration. Itates should be based on a careful analysis of complete, adequate and accurate Information regarding costs. Accounting methods should be simple but sufficiently comprehensive to show the exact financial status of the association at all times. In determining matters of policy the interests cf the members as a whole rather than as Individuals must be considered. Service must be the watchword. And to make the association a real success, each member must feel that It is his association. Encouraging Exercise. Induce exercise by feeding all grain In dry clear straw litter, six to eight Inches deep. The common straws, in otder of their desirability, are wheat, oats, barley, rye, buckwheat. Shredded or cut corn stalks, shavings or leaves may be used where straw Is not available. Better Prices for Eggs. Eggs that are gathered often, kept In most cases distribution of the market news is done by means of special news releases to the daily and weekly newspapers and the farm journal press. In one Instance the market Information Is distributed by means of mimeographed reports mailed direct to farmers and dther agricultural Interests. In Pennsylvania the work of distribution is facilitated by eight reporters located In Important market centers, who supplement the national news with local Information regarding supply, demand and prices. The marked increased appreciation of the value of agricultural market news and its wider' distribution through dally and weekly reports is la a large measure due to the pro- Igresslve program adopted by the Ka-. 1 . r CAA- , . , nouai Aisoeiaiion oi oiaie aiarKenng Officials, Xvhich believes that one of the prerequisites of Improvement In the nation's machinery for marketing agricultural products is a national and local market news service that wilt give producers accurate reports as speedily as possible after the market ing transactions taue place. i . i 5 sight of; and for the benefit of those clean and cool, and are candled and contemplating the establishment of co- j graded bring better prices at tlfe mar-operative motortruck associations the 1 ket than the "just eggs kind. Keep the Children Well ! During these days many children are complaining of headache, feverishness, stomach troubles, and irregular bowels. If mothers only knew what MOTHER CRAY'S SWEET POWDERS for CHILDREN Will do for children no family would ever be without them. These nowders are so STATE BUREAUS GET . QUICK INFORMATION Connected With Washington Office by Telegraph. At Each Point State Officials Are Able to Listen In on Market News Messages Being Transmitted to the Offices. Four state marketing bureaus are now connected with the Washington office of the bureau of markets and crop estimates. United States Department of Agriculture by telegraph wire. "Drops"' from the Federal leased-wlre system extend Into the state bureau offices at Trenton, I. J. ; Lancaster and Harrisburg, Pa. Madison, WIs and Lincoln, Neb., and at each point the stale officials are able to 'listen In on the market news messages being sent to and from the various branch offices f the federal bureau. easy nu picaam iu mivc auu tmr-tiva in thir action that fnr 30 years mothers have used them 7Tfi and told others about them. Sold byy rtrnmrictft VrVWhri A M. 1 De Not Accept kmy Satotltnte tor MOTHER GRAY'S SWEET POWCDtS.

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