The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 15, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, December 15, 1936
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Nhciald lew FWfl to Mrcsre Toot DAILY CLINTONIAN by 8 30 P. M. Hiotic 41 r 7 and a ropy will be liniUKht to you at once. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN WEATHER tVDTANA flTATn T.TB-NT Une tonUlht: Coma, loudy. lfew--.-er ArrTilrsw Dt Volume 25 Number 33 Clinton, Indiana, Tuesday, December 15, 1936 Price Three Cent France, Britain Are Accused Gov. Prepares Defense Changing Into Girl WORLD'S GRAINS Still Seeking Means For Peace in Spain MRS. SIMPSON PLANS TO QUIT SECLUDED LIFE LIFE OF CHIANG SPARED: FRIEND MAKING TERMS STRIKE HIGHEST MARK SINCE '29 I.OXDOX. Iec. 15 Hritain an. Fiawe today went abend, in spite of little ho ie that their plan would he accepted, with determined effort to bring about a trace and plebiscite Report of German Needs Causes Rebellious War Lord Reportedly in warring Spain, Wlly Will Resume Society Role al Eld ward's Urging; Noted Woman Emerges From Villa Twice Sensational Trading as Nations Seek to Get Share Modifies Demands for Quick Military Action Today in Negotiations I lie Aiipio-I fallen schema, it wa ;arnf'd. will be submitted to the Non-intervention Commission of 27 naf'riiiK and lo both side in Spain NO RECORD FOR JAPAN'S PRESS AUSTRIAN TRIP j REPORT DENIED Britain in also expressing, both mwm i ky 'ff - ,A. s' :' -!" J i . - fV- jfA ' -'. - I V DECEMBER CORN ACCUSES RUSSIA i'itiiy ik privately, gratitude fot 'he moral support of the United S'taicft. whb-h London insiders rillCAtJO. Dec. 15. Graf BIXLKTI.V TOKVO, rrc. 13. Itoriiei agency brokers and their clerkn worked Vcltly important. -fl parlv today completing tran- rtionij following yestPrday'ii sen announced today their Shanghai :-orrewpondent reported) Chans; HMirh-l.lang, ousted Manchuria war tion;; trading whrn prices LOYALISTS MAKE reached and cIow?d at (he hlghffit r ANNUS. Prance, liec. 15 K'-ar-ful continued "imprisonment" In the Vila I-ou 'W might tndanger Iier bealtb. (hp duke of Wiiidu-jr todar pleaded by telephone with Mrs. Wallis Warlield HimpKon from Knzesfeid, AuFtria. to resume tlie fecial and athletic activities they formerly enjoyed toeether. A a result. Mrs. Simpson pnn-d to 'fKume her role as one of the world's most famous hostesses and J lord, had pteruted Chlana; Kai-Shek, Tenrralisfcimo of the Nanking gov emment of China. The correypond- ANOTHER CHARGE Th world-wide rimh to bu; -Train. Bet off by the report German illl havp to buy 36.500.000 bushels OF FOREIGN AID - nt, IKMnf-l said, reported Chang or 1red the execution because Chiang refused to declare war against Japan. b"at and an equal amount of -'p and pet-elerated by rumors vpr. mr in the Cbi'-ago pit Fully-Trained Italian, German ipward from 2 to eight cnts i Dec. 15 Generalissi- ushel. bag already becun lo arrant- bridge parties and golfing matches. The former king of Knsland talked with Mrs. Simpson for 15 minutes on the telephone, inquiring about the state of her health So'diers Reported Joining Insurgent Ranks for New Offensive tio Chiang Kai-Shek is "well and in WorM U ido Hiih Tbe I itniulloufi trading in the f'hi .rood spirits" but still under delen- sipo p. ran dtmli'ted in other ion by rebels in Sianfu. bis Austra- REDS CONFIRM niarketK throughout Ihe world with ian adviser. W. h. Donald, advised iaffled scientists are studying th trange case of Paul Smith (above 7-year-old boy in the Scranton, Pa, ail whom nature is gradually trans-orming into a pirl. All the boy's eatures have softened and his roica piion of Canada, where the REBEL ATTACK Mme. Chiang Kai-shek by telephone Urfkets were loged for a holiday. today. On thp rhiraco Board of Trade Governor Charles 11. Smith of Vermont, is shown as he conferred with his attorney, Fred Gleason (right), following his release on 13,000 bail after being arraigned on a misprision charge. The Vermont governor is accused of "covering up" a tZW.WJO defalcation by a former bookkeeper of toe Marble Savings Bank during the 1S32 banking crisis. The bookkeeper pleaded guilty. and training her against continued confinement within the houw. Mrs. Kircpson has been out only twice for short automobile rides since she arrived at the v.lla of Mr. and Mrs. Herman I.. Rogers of New Vork. Acting on the ex-king's advice, she is eipected to pend some time in the open air this afternoon. has modulated. Vav and Julv wheat closed at their -MAORI I), ix. 15 Charging (hat iV reoe's hare been "reinforced by maximum rain of fire renin, while fully trained foreign soldiers,' 'A-piuiior heat closed up 6'4 cenH leftist government communique to CHRISTMAS SEAL fl.tfi'i. Keren cents above the ?3 high, fn the Minneapolis mar- day confirmed that a strong insur possibly playing a round of golf on I gent attack has opened northwest ol Thieves Break Into Rosenblatt's; Take kef DremlKr wheat closed at $1.35 Madrid with the aim of completely SALE IS OPENED Cash, Suits, Coats '"-pi"' o 11.35 H. a gain of 4 cents for he day and a gain of 50 cents from he low of 85 eehUi per bushel earll- GIRL-SLAYER OF COLLEGE FRIEND HANGS HERSELF j i we foreign soldiers, it g tni-offieiaJy alleged, are main! of Jtal- FOR COMMUNITY r this year. PEIPIXG. Dec. 15 Witt a swift-moving rescue battalion of loyal Van king troops almost at the gates -f rebel Sianfu, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek Is alive and unharmed today, and a flying mediary has Marshal Chang Hsueh-LIang's new terms. Tbe revelation that Chiang is well ?ame first from himself. In a telegram to Mme. Chiang, and then from W. L. Donald, the generalissimo's newBpapermjgui-ad visor, who 1ahed from Nanking to negotiate with Chang. Donald returned as far as Loyang today, but could not fly through to Vankfng due to a terrific rainstorm. His message, however, bu been . More than flOO io cash and ?-1 ian and German origin. Liverpool wheat futures soared more than four cents a bushel. I Immediately after opening their bijp drive to fill the jtap in the Merle Cariin Heads City Drive the nearby Moujins course. The Villa Iu Viei resumed an almost normal aspect today. Mrs. Rogers spent the morning in the garden under the watchful eye of a Scotland Yard detective while Rogers paused the time in his photographic laboratory. He is well-known as an amateur cameraman. At his usual press conference this afternoon. Sogers took occasion to deny reports he and Mrs. Rogers planned to leave shortly to permit proximately 1 suits and coats were jstoleia K'foBO Kwnjblalt'B clotii'mst atore Sunday uibt or -arly Monday Buenos Aires futures closed 6 Madrid iee wall Che rebels cap ents higher. Hundreds of Letters Are Mailed to Help Halt Tuberculosis tured Broadilia Del Monte, aword- OtlWr Grains Follow Hope Morgan Dies Before Sanity-Test Is Completed; Earlier Apparent Attempt at Suicide Foiled As the nations of the world inj? to the Seville broadcast of Gea. Queipo de Uano. chief rebH epokefe- rushed in a mad panic to fill their Official &a.e of Christmas seab man. heat bins, other grains followed for the prevention of tuherculosii LA.VSINO, M'k-h., Jec. 15 Hope raoruiui;- The Uiieree gained eutraof-e Khroub the iiatii door, mbich enx ti (be ffurisaw r-ooj. hy reajovinr Ibe binjEns. Jobia pay ton. fireman at (he buildiuje. e aaid to bare found iv'fc'U-C' ''Jujj "tse!o fce atne to work Monday a( m. Further x1eul f loss hai cot. !bvea diwiorered. I began yesterdsy accordinn to Merle wheat's spectacular sky-rocketing. Bye lumped five to six cents a bu TALA ERA fe LA P.KIXA transmitted by telegram to Kan- Cariin, city chairman, who U work Spaan. Dec. IS WJlft tiie capture of shel, barley four cents, corn mora 'ving. and it is reported that Mar ing under Eaton J. Dudley of New Mi's. Simpson and her aumt. Mrs. D. B. Mcn-ymaa, h.o is coining here from Loodoa. to occupy the rills alone. Mrs. Siinjoa. he eald. has sent a wire to Mrs. Merrymaa uig-oMtiiiur-l on fge H) than three cents, oats u mucli as shal Chang's demands for Immedi port, county ehairman. Boadilla Del Monte In their thrns to encircle Madrid, tbe fnarxent j Morv. 25-3'-eaT-old coJJeV-bred "jmpulB-e eJarer' vf br itst irJ frjeud, today icoimiited nuieide by haii(?ii!f: herself in jail -e31 'iia a u.wotse made from 1h-t isiJlc jaajaiiia.Ss police anuuunw d iire. Mis MorKaa bad ibM;'ii hvd in it be 2 cents and soybeans Z to 4 The national drire lean two ate war on Japan, his ostensible (Con tinned oa Pace 0) Continued on Pae 6 now "bold an uusiiterrupted Sine on weeks ago, but the tale did not start In Clinton until the Red Cross drfvf tbe west side of capiial." ft wai Btate4 a nationalist hea!tniarter. Lighting Program Roosevelt Comes bad ended, m that the two would not be confused. The Christ mat seal sale and the Ked Cross drive Aitaif-kj wei? a' so rarrse! out a l i Villa Viciwia and ViHanoeva, it wa I On Monday Night Juniors Present 2 Performances Of Play Monday Agreement Today Ends Almost All Strike Trouble assorted, aud aJI positions Uop m-hich tfae teftieU might aaunp are for two entirely different Back to Arrange New Deal Course At Crompton Hill causes. countr-attat kg Lave now beer cleaned up. Over 521 letters. ea-b con tain in? seals amounting to $1, hare been Approximately 30 people at- lutffoaua tfouxily jjail at Kant lausmtt w n last T u fda y a f t-riiooij ben nhe was lakeu iuto eurtody for slay-' ia Miss iClitabib jil1jir. 5, iier 1 ifeJoc tc f r j en fl n rj -o ese b u in . Mias -Oihiier's dlh -disrupted 3b er plariB lo mitarry a daubing arnjy officer laKl Rattiiday. Fearn 1ha1 Miss Morran would "M-tetllpi tiUM-ide were expressed tiy p'j- liw yesterday when a pearJ-.haid'UMj '. finder nail lile was found in her -ell. I WASHINGTON. Dee. 1$. Presi sent to residents of Clinton. If on MX PHAM'l.SCO. Sw., 15 A is unable to purchase all the seals money covering the number pur ' ';.en1 lemeii ' a Krvemj emit," re-a-efaed dent Roosevelt returns to the capital tonight for a busy period of charting tbe second phase of the teisded tbe Christmas tree ligbtine proi? ra in at the Crom pton Hill xhool rc-ucds last night, which wae sp-yntsored by Ihe Paren t-Terr Iter aso iation. While the tree wae being HEbtei. community aioeiue chased and part of the seals should alter 2 iiourB of eontin uoub -cod-i'ereuree, todav bj-oke be Klrike be returned to Miss Cariin. v deal. His desk is piled high with work. More fnan erer b-efore very on md manv important decisions await his attention. wa efijo)el and the 1VPA baud is urged to buy tlje seals twause lr played several select ions. Congress is onlr three weeks Men;! tens of the tree oommittee way. a new congress whose demo James Inman Dies Today; Funeral to Be Held Thursday James Ilium. T4. Ifls Suatb slrt. a well kuuwa j-et;jon1 of Clmtyii. ditvd tjiis rfMrn5u; ai hvmv loHowiug u illm-ss of serera tnouths' duration. tbree sous. Hotuer aud Sam Intoau o) rjict'B and "bes1r of Bentou Harbor. 'Mivii.; three da -Killers. Mrs. l.inie Holler of Terre Haute. Mrs. Lrfjcille J:btons of Paris aud were. Messrs. John t'zo Tony Fe- cratic majorities ar so overwhelm noJiu, Norral By num. Oeorpe De- It was reninvwd but hfiin time during 1be nitht the r irl fashioned Die urf)he from hT prijamas. uardK etttcri'ir hr eil thir RUSSFJJ. RITES ON WEDNESDAY POSTOFFICE TO ing as to be embarrassing. A final "Discing Vp 1tie LUin,'' a Uire-1 Jla.v, wan 3jre.ber1i.Hd by Hie jun-ina- elans .of the local liifcti aehool Jast nifcht at 1he new ym fcefure au ap-prwiatire audiem. A maljuot wats : i al 2:30 m. Tbe first i peiii'd uiffc Keutiili A tidi f we ( playftd by .I'm-' Hi (u:k i and il-!ill Ivmniin tJ'ratih Kytimi). a 1 lie j-fnu It of an eucouiite'r v ii b a fsk u nii . wit tmut kli t"1'ii--ri I Hoi li int Ttn-y were Fp ti ding 1 heir vai-at innx iti ,-w M-xi;o belpinc an old prof?s Mor, arrhaeolojciM. Jtwph Wwhli played the pari of Hie professor. To couiplicale mat lei n old nwHH.l hear! vi tlte piolehsot , t'at h-'rine ZinrrA i and a roup ul A-oiU-t ivti, whom be a iliap'ToiiUtE on a (rip, arrived on 1 he wene. Th-parte of 1 be eirle were played by f'aiup. Jesse Thomas and frank okav must be gives on tbe budeet. CHANGE HOURS with everv -utencf of the eiecotive 5 ii and Mesdames Harry Dowdy. JfohH Kaster, Odell Archer and Alma establishment striving for more Be.atje of ih ufual Chrintma Moonejr Foltr. funds. His message to the new ron- A Christ mas program has bfu gress oa (he state of the nation re planti-d by the rhool for Toeaday. Jmdlwk wliicb 'hats enpipd west r.oattl ebtppinp for i day;. of steams-hip wim-paniet and un I ie-ensd heafannj; uu-ioti nieu. ta'Hini; 1h- ' fundaineutal issu'-n" whieii tn-gui'ht paralysis to a ' .nrifi.nti(i indusiry O'-i0b-r 9, removed nearly all barriers to r-sutrjp-! ion tf. Var-ittr whipping -iti a day. and nifbt-lotiR r-otiU'reir' wlm h lar-i'd t(J itiP early hours of this rooming. A f h o u h 1 h re was ij o ,f 1 h ia 1 atinoutioeT!i-iit of results it was learned 1 hat a ' gentlemen's agree-riieuf waa icachod on ojwration of dispute whieh lid up shipping from utMon birjpg halls major w.w in the A 1 a f a to 1W e k m o . a w a ge i n f re.a se of belwwB i 5 and flteroenl. and preferential btrittg of aeamf ti, , The hiring hall Kelt lenient, it waa understfod, provided tiiat the unioriB, while keeping ioiHrn1 -of ihe bal1n. would aire-- 1 furnish :'D- mains to be written. Until the tenor Iec. ti. at 7 p. m The pro pram of that metaage Is seen congress rush, th Jov-al offi'" will re Biiain open Saturdjiy un'H 5 p. m int-;td of. lofsmE at the cuMon-ar; hour of 1 o'ccfe. according to at announment niad' tin-day by Mrs Hleo Krekler. (njmitt will tee Mdamei Harry es will be i-H li p. tn. for ,larne; resid'-nee 4if Mr. WhhV.otnb. Kifbt'li "t. Mr. KuhwN Funeral wtv; Wed uesda?- at 2 H. huaiiell at 1h and Mrs llacty and M u Itte- i-y m Mrs. Kftima Burton of Blanford. id Dowdy, ehairmau; Eaton Meyers. ill do little. Sew Fswrs Due Important personnel changes in J5rud liildieu, fire ereat-iraudctiil ores, aua (o siMers. Mrs. Barrel died at t b-' Verm i county bos- Meltoo of Terre Hau1 aud Mrs his cabinet and throughout tbe departments have beesi under consid CLASSES POSTPONED Anton sTVwu. John fXinkley. Martha U'ehster. Bruner K.Jteonrn3. RaJph Carrel aud Hardie Harrison. On W?dnday. Iec. It. SaoU Claus will visit the arfeool and gire ea-Ja ehild a Christ bu treat. flatiuaii Hall of Oiliuiie. Ind pit ii I Monday tTiorn-inr H-. H. fhai-in. the Presbyterian hm r-li eration for weeks, aad a number of inister tf will hav rutiera serriies will Ik tieJd derisions are in the Immediate off- All classes Bpotisored by the Vermillion rootjty recreation program Thursday at p. n. at tbe reeideu ng. with Rev. H. Ii. Warner offiiatki and srbeduJ-Hj for 5 o'rloek this eve One of Mr. Roosevelt's earl? con Burial will be in tbe Biverside wsne-' rhart;f' of the ai-rvieea. The body will be taken i Oi r-s-id'iiee froin the Frist funeral urn this afieritfifin at 4 p m. Burial M ill be in he KiviTbide eenicfery. ning will he post pooe-d d ue to the b-oi1er banquet which is to te beld tery. ferences will be with tbe chairman of toe democratic national commit THK TEMiram ilB Hy The CliotoniaB thermometer: K a. di , 3; coon. 42- at the FTeytTUn church. ployere iih aeamen ask for. tee. J'ost master General James A. Marca-t'Pt Croaby. 3ean Dal Saaso. Io iita1 J)alla and Vioiel Janhtut The (jart of a villiain whk played hy hcrt Stiard and Wayne Katnni had tlie role of a tiberiff. Jam Mount. h !; eom plpted the Jiat of priti' ipa In ii I he rlui pMrtMie'n jieplievr. Minor parU were played by Jl. Mae Rawlwr, Joutae 1'lnvV., Mary t'artat. .leaneMe flaw ley, Hilda How-di'ii, Jj'Miia K! ul ler and Kvalyn 1-lux-fonl. freraldiite Wood and Katharine Uaw-ann were the student direr-torn. The play wan direi-it-d by Mrs. re eil MrWfftty. TWO ACCIDENTS (otuiniiesl oa Page ARE REPORTED PWA PROJECTS One eideiit was reported to fim FACING DELAYS IKle yesterday and another ttiti- Fcrmer King of England 'Regrefs' Archbishop s Attack on Circle of Friends, Prepares to Make Reply Veteran Naval Engineer Forming Syndicate to Salvage Cargoes of Many Ships Sunken in Great Lakes mcirniiur. Hoxuer MitrlieM ot Kainiea' v WAJ-HIXGTO.V, Dec. IS Fiftv- oae of PWA's power projects faced iwrted this moroitir tiat he ndenoite delays today as a result driving south on Kinth wreet and in inasinr a left tors on lforzaii of tbe supreme court's action fn or DETROIT, iMa. 15 A syndicate dering new hearings fa the Duke ied uuder the waters of Aojerka't tujghtieEt 'haJn of lake. "troel. Le eollided m-ith Joe Konfam- CHANGES MADE IN PEACE PACT Power Company feat case. aim of RuraJ Eoute S. Both car to w.wcr vaJuable Eunken cargoes buried in the eilt at the bottom of the Crmt Litkec with Bimon Lake were damaged Clere Jonec rejiorted Monday that he mas dririur tutgt oa Blaratnai! Vetera n su baiariiie in ventor and The projects involve PWA allotments totaling 1. 4.60. Iti ia loans and crania. With funds pledged bv tbe sponsors, construction totaling I21.MC in value is being beld up pending tbe new hearings. treasure hunter, as the prime mover, is being formed here. and as he attem-jted to aas Dana Lake, famous Oie world over for wrirht, i,o was also driving east. Writ'bt turned into a driveaar. Both ears a ere slightly damaged. the undersea craft be has built and He mas particularly ieteresttsd in the 55 ships which turtled to the bottom of the tireat Lakes in the 5toroa of November 18 23. The majority cf thetn. carrying copper, lumber, and coal, could be recovered, be thought. H:s immediate interest, bowerer. lay in a ship which nailed from the upper Mit-higan peninsula years ago with a cargo of pjre -pper and never rewbed its dstmatios. j 1 belier? the fimt Cr-at Lake! VJKNNA, iMH . 1 o liwy Inn and ilincBn curtwd t ht iJuKf-" of V'i(idMir'n tcuiar a-t ivit -today. A luw-ljai-inj: mint forced ranee liat iou of a ol hue fiim1 meitt. but t lit- vx-kui? was aide to take a short walk altout th- rriunds ol the ("atiiU- Ennesf ld. VIETO.-A. !. K- "The Duke of W'iiidaor t- royal aiifr flurtd loday over the dou hie retiu Ke atTmiuihi-eted publicly by the A rch bishop oT f'atiterbury. it was learned, and the es-kine and ex-temporal bead of the ehurcfa of tnrihiid jflan a reply. W'iiil- Lord firtrwulow ijitirnate friend of itoth Edward and Mr V 'a Iht- Simpson, sped back lo Can tint, wit ii wiiii- ituporti nt nieHe io ft.r his adventurous -escursiocs to pJ'wious to ly Uilepbowe or tele-rrapfa. tbe duke at in Eitiveb-feld fiiatle and stewed over the remark-ul the white-haired rriiuate. Edard diw-UKred the arebbtfch-op'e radio eiteech and Btateinetrt in the htiuae of lords with hie hoBt. the Baroo Eupene de Hut tiwbild, aii-tujuerry, the Hon. Pier L&xh, and othr rltme friends, mem here: of the "6chloH" household They aid the exiled prine particularly "'regrets" raiitriiury'e refr-eiiee t the former kinr's "aorial circles." He was repreaented re-:adiiu tint- a an unmarran,) affront to his friend to whH h be must reply, as he fels the primate jcave thetn no ehance for a eouie-back-CMiUiHied ob Page C, SPEAKER IS SCHEDULED the bottom of tbe sea. conferred lu Detroit with a, group of bu Bines B I E-NOS AIHK. lnr. 2 -- He-rant, due to sudden objertiotiH from ArgMntina. a new draft of tlit all-American neutruliiy treaty will U prcwcntHd to the pea'-e co.ilert-i.f- neutrality wnunittH today with in-Mroiiwu firmly tiopiti that 1 bit time it will be d?!iiiiuly pabHd "Tlie chauites nuide were mure a (j u?8t ion of form t iian u list an. said Sumner TVelle. a,itiiant X'nit-d itatr-i- acreta ry of tax a t . "1 would not rail Uieni tiuij- Russell Hippensteel. M D.. of Piidiaiiapolis will be tbe principal 9 men intereMed in reveriBg the enormous wealth buried beneath the take maters. speaker at tbe meeting of tbe Parke-Vermillion Medical aasocia Tbe 7 0-y ear-old naval archit-s-r-t ship we will go after is tbe old Pe-wab.c. sunk in Lake En in and engiti-er. who built the JSrst Bustiiin. Austrian, and Italian sub- 4ttT8 till till vvga 4 J h tion to be held at the Vermillion county hospital Wednesday. Dec ii. His subject will be "General Pediatric Problems." The meeting had t-een scheduled for Dec. l, but with a cargo of pure copper from the upper penjiisuia." he said "Twenty tnarin-s in pre-war days, was full of enthut-iasm over tbe treasure bar-. Coaujjioed oa Page 4 -

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