The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 14, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1936
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Monday, December 14, 193G Page 6 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Hoosier Agriculture Enters Era FINE, SENTENCE ARE SUSPENDED CLASSIFIED APS BARON'S CASTLE HOUSES FORMER KING OF BRITAIN Institution Asks For Old Articles To Be Reclaimed MOVIES PENNIES FROM HEAVEN' PALACE There Is revelry and dancing In the streets In the vicinity of the Palace Theatre, and for a very good reason. Columbia brought a picture called "Pennies from Heaven'- there yesterday. The story deals with an ex-con-vict, played by Ring Crosby, who becomes a troubadour anxious to deliver a letter from a condemned murderer in prison to the family of the man he killed. The family proves to consist of Patsy (Edith Fellows) and Cramp (Donald Meek). Ring takes them In charge and tries to keep the child nut of an orphanage and the man out of a home for the aged. In do-ing so he crosws trails with Susan (Madge Evans) a welfare worker. From then the picture Is hilarious Stripped of Gems y - tf- 1 ! "; .,--'' 'fa jf I ' I (I 1 Of Higher Prices;Purdue Experts Propose Plan for New Conditions (Coutlnued from Page 1) islnd rattle and hogs. g. where possible, provisions ihould h made for making neces sary repairs to buildings and fences. 9. Take advantage of credit fa cilities to refinance debts af lower rales of interest and to arrange for payment on the amortization or budeet plan. 10. Keen informed reRardinK the economic problems of agriculture and national programs designed to improve agricultural conditions. 11. Through the facilities of the agricultural extension service make Inci eased use of the results of sci entific research in the production and marketing ol nuulity products and (n making adjustments lo meet present and prospective conditions. WOMAN'S BODY FOUND IN SACK I'APK MAY COURT HOUSK, N. .1. Dec. 14 Police today sought the identity of a woman, believed to have been jnurdered, whose charred and blackened skeleton, wrapped in a burlap sack, was found in a woods live miles from here. Reports that an airplane had boon seen flying low over (he vicinity led police to the belief that the woman had been killed elsewhere, the body burned and the skeleton brought here by air for concealment. Footprints of a man near th spot where the skeleton was discovered indicated some attempt to bury the remains had been made before the body was discovered by two men hunting rabbits. QUAKE AT CALLANDER TORONTO. Ont.. Dec. 14 Re ports that a slight earthquake shock had been felt at Callander, Ont,. home of the Dionne quintupletes, reached here today. Asphalt from Oil More asphalt is produced from crude oil than from any other source. Rock of Gibraltar History It is believed that the Rock of Gibraltar was connected with Africa in the Pliocene period. The rock was known to the ancients, who spoke of it as the Pillars of Hercules. During the Middle Ages it was held by the Spaniards. In 1704 it was captured by a combined Dutch and English force and eventually taken possession of for the English crown by the British admiral. The treaty of Utrecht (1713) ceded it to Great Britain. The most important event in its subsequent history is the famous siege of three years, seven months, twelve days, from 1779 to 1783 by the Spaniards. (Continued from Page 1 ) at the station by Sir Watford Kelby. the Hritish minister. A few moments later be drove away in th Baron Rothschild's cur. He arrived at the cuH!le shortly before midnight. Members of hie party said that durins the train trip Edward Ment most of t be time in bis compartment thinking. Me read hut liltlf and appeared highly strung and AMAU DECLARES JAPANESE WILL NOT START WAR (Continued lrom rage 1) pa ik u. a rid t his, t hey declared, in-flui'iiced Marshal Chang lo a'tion. A muu declared only rneayer reports and rumors recardinK tlte Chinese revolt were reaching the Tokyo representative in Sliensi. He said Japan would follow a "wait and see" policy and that foreign office officials were to confer this afternoon with war office and naval representatives on the best course of action. READ THE ADS Ohio Girl Cefs Quick Results With Par 16 A letter from Ohio reads, "It is now a little over two months since our 12-year-old daughter started eatine Par 1G. Ordinarily every winter she has heen greatly trou bled with COLDS, and one winter my wile had to take her to Arizona because of ASTHMA. This year she has had only one COIvD and she got over that in nice shape. For the laat six years her doctor and dentist have been prescribing CAL- CM'M and other 'bone and body building elements to strengthen her teeth and general health, but It Is only since they started her on Par 16 that we can see any real im provement. Her fingernails have always been so brittle and cracked so easily until she started eating Par IB. since which time they have become perfectly normal and tough." - Possibly you also have a son or a daughter who is troubled with COLDS, who has BAD TEETH, whose FINGERNAILS CBACK EASILY, or who Is in BAD HEALTH. Then try Par 16 for 60 days and see if there Is not a very decided and remarkable Improvement. Par 16 Balanced Minerals are for sale at drug stores, and at grocery stores wherever Par 16 Mineralized Bread and PLUS 16 candy are sold. Get a Jar today. KEEP VP TO PAR WITH PAR 10 Anyone having cast-off shoes, clothing, furniture, old glnssware and metal articles for which they have no further UBe and who would like to give these articles to the Goodwill Industries at Terre Haute is asked to telephone 632-M and they will he called for and taken there. Nothing is too far gone but that they can reclaim It; even old pictures are salvaged for the glass in them and old tin cans are valuable for the solder they contain. Their new building at Terre Haute is made of brick, glass and other materials coming from abandoned buildings donuted to the Terre Haute unit, which lc one of two-score similar units located In important cities throughout the country. Rev. Theodore Grob, Swiss born pastor of the mission and superin tendent of the unit, gave up a $3,000 per year job In Cleveland several years ago to assume the responsibilities at Terre Haute. The idea of having needy persons work for the cash or articles they need, and thereby retain their morale and self respect, soon captured the fancy of many Terre Haute people. One of these men, connected with a coal firm, has donated 35 fifty-ton carloads of coal to the Goodwill Industries during the past seven years. About 60 persona are given work daily at the unit after they take part In religious service at the mission which forms a part of the work and untold good has been accomplished in this direction. Last night Rev. Grob spoke at the Fairvlew M. E. church In the absence of Rev. Hotchklss. who is conducting services at Center church, and dwelt at length upon the Importance of the unemployed people retaining their self respect, something they are not encouraged to do under our present system of relief to the needy. Rev. Grob stated "the saddest part about the depression is not the lost opportunities for making money. By far the most heart rending result Is the trail of broken humanity in depression's wake; people broken spiritually as well as financially." COURT IS ASKED TO RECONSIDER VITAL DECISION (Continued from Page 1) hearing and reargument before a full bench in such cases, hut this court has expressly stated that different considerations apply In respect of rehearing and reargument following equal division of opinion in cases Involving Important constitutional questions." Attorneys for the New York firm said that while the decision binds the parties in the New York case, it does not settle principles of law. Clintonian Advertising Command! Attention! FINAL TONITE PALACE Rate for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). NAY turn riuvii Insertion: the same Ic charge (you got three days at double the coot of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole week, six days, at three times the cost of one Insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. Hlack Face (Ilk this), 10c per line. ah i-..ri.. ads i ,1,-1 nil ini? memo rlams and notices of all kinds must br paid in advance except uio " rraular customers whose account ... nM mnnthlv or those from or- nn..i..uinH uhrMA hills must be al a kofwA )ui,i(r iiald. In tlte jirweu " n ' - latter case the person asking wie publication Ol ine nuucu wi" rwponmoie tt im pynn-n. FOR SALE Two 9x12 rugs, 17 and M; short leather bed duolold, i; oaa hrorv luhlo. ti. Mrs. Harold Ruby 'jut smith sixth street. t34 r'nnii coal r a nee and heating stove 647 Walnut street. t33 Holly with plenty of berries. 20c per pouna. 1j. w . ncnucj. Alfalfa hay. Mack Donnelly, Shep-ardsville. t32 For Sale Coal Night or day. li mile south of Clinton on pavement. Briggs i Louden, phone 64 or S16-4. tJJ i.vil m il vkik COAI.I. UNIVERSAL MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK RRTTV NO. 5. HAKLEY HVFF MAN. PHONE 10. 64tf PAID NOTICES Try as you may, you can't find a gift that will mean quite so mucn to your friends as your portrait It is you. C'ashncr Studio, t34 WANTED Coal hauling. Call Andy Johnson, phone 915-12. t.33 For Sale or Trade Combination roadster truck for farm equipment. 1027 N. 7th St t35 Male Instruction Would like to hoar from mechanic ally inclined men in this commu nity who would like to better them selves by training spare time for In stullation and servicing work on all types AIR CONDITIONING and ELECTRIC REFRIGERATING equipment. Only reliable men with fair education should reply. Utili ties Eng. Inst., write Box 412, Clinton. t34 LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION" Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Vermillion County, State of Indi ana, administrator of the estate of Clara S. Morey, late of Vermillion County, deceased. Said estate is supposed lo he solvent. BENJAMIN F. MOREY, administrator. December 5, 193C. 127-14-2136 DIVA ON HONEYMOON NEW YORK, Dec. 14 Rosa Pon-si llc, opera star, and her husband. Carle A. Jackson, son of Mayor Howard W. Jackson of Baltimore, were honeymooning today In Canada following their marriage here. The ceremony took place at Mls3 I'onselle's Riverside Drive apartment. She was given away by her father, Antonio Ponzillo, aid the ceremony was performed by Salva-tnre A. Cotillo, supreme court jus-tice. ittJH COLUMBIA Last Timet Tonight E-schol Brown of Elm street, who was arrested Saturdayton charges of assault and battery, wan tried before Mayor C. M. Zink in city court yes lerday nnd fined $10 and costs an'i sentenced to !I0 days at the staff penal farm. Both sentence and tin" were suspended. Constipation IT constipation (autmi yni Gai. In-6fg(itiin, H';ttdii' heB, Had Slnitp, Pimply SkiQ, te-1 fjui' k rhef with ADLE-BIKA. ThoroiiKh in action yot n-tit-f y prn'lf and unfe. Trial Sizes on sale at Powell's While they last HI'KCIAL I'm; Adv. N7 PCKOi THE PCTURE S 10c MON- TUE. 25c MEAIiT IS THI ivc:d ran CAP. P.I r A Paramount Pictur with GLADYS GEORGE ARLINE JUDGE JOHN HOWARD and HARRY CAREY Produced and Dlraet.d by WESLEY RUGGLES Musical Ncmh HiliKin Wednesday and Thursday The One and Only MARTHA RAYE with Itolil. Ciiiiiiiiiiigs ii Khirley Row. "HIDEAWAY GIRL" Brandon Walsh V MOV" Zukw prtMntt to the very end. Added features are News, colored cartoon and a Vitaphone novelty. 'VALIANT IS THE MORI) FOR CARRIE' WABASH "Valiant Is the Word for Carrie" is the story of Carrie Snyder (Gladys Georgel, a woman frowned upon by "respectable" residents of a small Louisiana town, and her friendship with a small boy, She takes the boy together with an or phan girl, and brings them up as her own. The years pass and she be comes a successful operator of a dry cleaning husinesB. A situation arises which leads to Carrie's arrest. The children know nothing of her past. To go through with a trial would mean that the whole story of her forme career would he paraded before them. What waB her decision?" "Rah, Rah, Football." Fox Movietone News and a cartoon "Kiko Foils the Fox" are the short subjects. 'ADVENTI'ltK IN MANHATTAN' COLI'MIHA "Adventure In Manhattan" with Jean Arthur and Joel McCrea Is showing at the Columbia for the last time todnight. Jean Arthur appears as a Broadway actress, who In the course of her engaging romance with McCrea, brings him all manner of woes In his crime detection efforts. Reginald Owen Is seen as the polished continental criminal genius who hides behind the mask of a theatrical producer in order to commit the Intricate thefts without arousing suspicion. Added attractions are the three stooges In "Whoops, I'm an Indian" and Movietone News. Markets INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 14. Livestock: HOGS. 11,000; holdovers, 42; steady to 10c lower; 160-180 lbs., $10.20; 180-200 lbs., 10.25; 225-2"i0 lbs.. $10.35; M0-275 lbs.. $10.25; 275-300 lhs., $10.20: 300-325 lbs.. $10.05; 325-350 lbs., $9.95; 350-400 lbs., $9.85; 150-160 lbs., $9.75; 140-150 lbs., $9.50; 130-140 lbs., $9.25; 120-130 lbs., $9.00; 110-120 lbs.. $8.75; 100-110 lbs., $8.50; packing sows, $8.85 9.60. CATTLE. 1.601); calves, 500; steady; bulk Bteets and yearlings. $7.5fl 9.25; few heifers, $10; bulk heifers, $6.00 iv 8.50 ; cows. $4.25 (&5.00; cutters, $3.25S40O; veal-ers. 50c lower. $11.50 down. SHEEP. 5.000; native lambs 25c-50c lower; bulk better grades around $8.50. CHICAGO, Dec. 14 Wheat rocketed at the opening today under heavy buying, December showing a gain of 4c In the first few minutes. It reached $1.33 14 a bushel, the highest in many years. Other wheat options advanced 2 VI to 2c In the most active open ing in some time. Corn also wast In demand aiw advanced k to lc. WHEAT Dec, 1 32-133 ; . May, 126W-127; July, 114-U5. CORN: Dec, 107V4-108; May, 103'A-; J'y. 10014-; (old) May, 101 V4- ; July, 97. OATS: Dec. 49; May, 49 Vi- ; July. 45. Gypsy Kose Lee Something new in "strip" acts was staged when robbers relieved Gypsy Rose Lee. who soared from burlesque to Follies fame, of $25,-000 in gems. She is shown here as she appeared in New York court to testify against the thugs. CHRISTMAS TREE FOR COMMUNITY AT BOGART PARK (Continued rrom rge 1) tree was decorated by Floyd Wil-Ifameon, Albert Foster, Louib Voca-tore and Joe Abner. (.'onrert Today The tree will be lighted each evening from 5:30 until 1 o'clock until after the Christmas season. To-nij-'lit a band concert will be given by the W'PA band from 5:30 until C o'clock. On Wednesday, December 23, a treat will be given to tJ00 children, and a program of carol singing will be enjoyed. Violet, Symbol of Humility Violet has always been the symbol of humility and secrecy, because it grows in sequestered places. Traces of Iron Age An ancient temple stood at a place called Ai, some nine miles north of Jerusalem, 1,000 years before Abraham erected an altar there after reaching Canaat. on his way from Ur of the Chaidees, (Genesis 12:8). Ai was apparently a walled city in Canaanite times, but remains show traces of the Iron (or Israelite) age and also of the Bronze age. Admission z J0c-25c 8m Madaa Evans Rolling down the open road with a guitar and a yen for a gal who done him wrong! JUST ARRIVED ! ! A CARLOAD OF... L SWING WITH BINC IN THE GAYEST FUN-SHOW OF THE NEW SEASON! I -. -i Jl I i A Christmas uirt o For All the Family I Our Quantity Purchase Will Save You Money BUY NOW PAY NEXT YEAR At Radio's Home: csnon BEOS. Terms to Suit You. 224 Blackman Street Extra Vitaphone Act Cartoon in color. Latest News 5 Smash Tunes! O By A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND ifitX SPfNOWS rue NIGHT WAMCi.WrllTC, REEcr aouv. terry g, billy ARE ALL PU 7 torotLowreTe, II I IW I Im V I I ytA 'A -v TI I. ' ) SY' ' H I lk aw TKOUSA10 ASP I ENTfigEP A FALLWa-Off Lg3 Vfvi) 0r-JI Q7YZF) ' & J-7j1 pahK tne-wau- cohiest with a doi&j fctjeiSaj esse T 'am. ,,W(w.' I! F7 Vl,'JjfI -! C JSY we'S booncnS (sErecr m& mams? mars '&bi&wns..Ti ' l) pJ1 TUBS CLEVEfl ilTTif GUIDE, id see moge The Three Stooges in "Whoops, I'm an Indiana" Movietone Newt 10c and 15c IN TbVLAHO. ru-J

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