The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 27, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, October 27, 1921
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1 FAIEMOUNT NEWS 1 TMJM3 FRtNTED FOR A PURPOSE TO HELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Fortyfourth Year" FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1921 Number 6 STATE OFFICIAL D Looking for an Early Fall ELECTION BOARD MEMBERS NAMED LOCAL POLITICS GETTING WARMER GUEST OF KIWANIS Club Entertains at Sumptions Dinner Served by Congregational Ladies Election beams for the two pro- , eir.cts in Fairmount to serve at the j 1 V V 1 V I I I'll . , , HI V-T 1 I 111 I v v - V V II MEO . v ; '' fa . Kiwanis was host to Secretary of State Ed. Jackson, who was the guest of the club Wednesday nirht at the regular weekly luncheon. While Mr. Jackson, who came to Fairmouit to attend the reunion of ex-service men here that day,and who was the principal speaker on the program of the afternoon, was the guest of honor at THOUSANDS SEE EX-SERVICE MEN IN SHAM BATTLE AFFAIR SPONSORED IJY LEE WINSLOW POST, V. F. W., RIG SUCCESS Large Number of Ex-Service Boys in Uniform Participate in the Program of the Day Secretary of State Ed Jackson Gives Address of the Day Big Crowd Sees Sham Battle. Although the crowd was nut so large as had been anticipated by those ii charge of the event, the reunion of ex-service men and the sham battle held in Fairmount Wednesday under the auspices of Lee Winslow post, V. F. W., was a decided success, anJ the sight of uniformed nieii! who thronged the streets from early forenoon until late at iight gave tyie day's scenes a decidedly martial air. Fair- j the luiAcheon, there were other guests, party committtes and appointed by the town board as follows: Republican Members South Precinct Inspector Orville Wells, Clerk Lee Roberts. Assistant clerk Maude Briles. Judge Mr. Ed Hollingsworth. Sheriff Gas Woods. Poll book holder Frank Little. North Precinct Inspector Getk Mullen, Clerk Bob Winslow. Assistant clerk Lillian Dunbar. Mrs. Olive Wilson. Sheriff Clint Kepler. Poll book holder Esta Sellers, democratic Members South Precinct Judge Fred Hackney. 1 CANDIDATES ON TOWN TICKETS H C STUNG ACTIVELY FOR SCPPORT AT POLLS Republicans to Hold Bis Meeting on Monday Night uv Telhax Hall-Democrats, Enthuse at Meeting on Last Tuesday Night and Hear Marion Attorney Speak. The past week in local polities has been a busy one, with the indications pointing: to still busier times durii'g the days intervening between this and election day on Nov. S. The fight for success of the two town tickets in the field is a warm ot.V, especially under the surface, and each side is using: every argument possible to be put forth to hnluenee voters. The contest is for control ef the town board, and the personnel ef the tickets presented by both the Republicans and Demo-crates is above reproach, and it is a matter of congratu'ation that there are no personalities entering: into the campaigns'. The women are taking an active interest in the campaign, and their vote will bo a factor to be taken among whom was P. II. Wolford, assistant secretary of state, Judge Murray of Muncie, and visitors, from 'Marion, Wabash and other places. The luncheon was served in the Congregational church by the ladies of that church, aiAi Kiwanians unhestiatingly voted them to be real cooks. The menu, consisting of Ftewed ' chicken, gravy, creamed pctatoees, sweet potatoes, dumplings, hot rolls, salads, jellies and cake, was most appetising and to which the Kiwanians did full justice Mr. Jackson gave a most inspiring talk on the essentials of good Marvin j MONTHLY MEETING MISSION SOCIETY Clerks The. Lucas and Wallace. Sheriff Otto FeltoiJ. North Precinct NOTES ACADEMY ' mount business men and citizens gen-J erally showed their welcome to the j boys with elaborate decorations aid ' displays of the Stars and Stripes. t Tlie basket ball scheiiule for the jcitizensYp while Judge Murray and Meets l'5e thr visitors responded with short Judee John Smith. M. E. Church Orcanization Jas. Draper and E. M. Per- ' V" " Clerks 1 talks. Mr. Wolford recalling the days With' Mrs. Claud Huston in Interesting Session nod. Sheriff John Hose. ;ty or district tournaments, as follows: wheii' he was a resident of Fairmount. The Kiwanis club is rapidly getting Fairmount and the entire southern part of Grant county gave their attention to the soldiers and their gathering here. Early in the forenoon the people from the surroundng country "organi7ed for whatever work the fu- T7 l .U r. inuim ture may have n meeting jcnairmCi,of lhc store for it, the various committees The W. F. M. S. of the M. held its regular monthly with Mrs Claud Huston on ! began to come in, so that by noon the streets were filled with parked auto I uesday Wedne d:y niht completing their committees, planmng for future aftertJjon, Mesdamcs Marino, Couch, mobiles and vehicles of various kinds, while large crowds visited the Newton Allen field, just west of the business I Taylor and Brown acting as assistant Nov. 4 F. A. and Alumni. Nov. 11 F. A. at Warren. Nov. IS F. A. at Greentowif, Nov. 23 Largo at F. A. Dee. 2 F. A. at Elwood. Doe. i Tipton at F. A. Doc. 16 Warren at F. A. Doe. 23 F. A. at Pendleton. Dee. :0 Marion at F. A. Jan. 4 Summitville at F. A, Jan 0 Swaysee at F. A. Jan. 11 F. A. at Marion. JarJ. 13 F. A. at Tipton. into careful consideration. ? . . The Republicans will hold thctr ore ' WORK PROGRESSING s Hp meeting of the campaign' on Mon-joN NEW 'PHONE HOME. lay right in Tebax had and prominent . Work on the new building being , speakers will be present to present erected by the Citizens Telephone, the claims of the candidates on the : Company on Vot Washington street. Republican ticket for recognition at 1 0,,?H4ite The News oiTlce, has been the polls on November S. There will j progressing rapidly durit-V; the past be pleny ef music and refreshments week. The concrete work on the will be served, all interested in the ' foundations and basement walls has) affairs of the city being: invite ! to at- ,ovn completed, and the work of lay- ( tend this meet inc. ai.Vl an especial in- irssr tue concrete blocks fiom which the vitation is extended to the women. , building i beit'g constructed, has be-j The Democrats nred their b:g gun fflin The heavy rains immediately! i hostesses Carrying out the suggestion of Hallowe'en, small pumpkins were used as decorations. The presi-jdent, Mrs Elsie Traster, presided over jthe meeting. Miss Helen Wells was. ' part of town, where the soldier boys i had pitched their paraphanalia and 'were making preparations for the big sham battle, which was to be the fea- HIGH SCHOOL NOTES S. students and I Several of the II program leader anil .Airs. lni Mraos had charge of the devotions. Miss "teachers pleasantly surprisenl Victor Love at a birthday party at his home Monday evening. The evening was spent by music and games. Those ture event of the evening's program. Fred Hannoi and Charles Lambour where here in charge of three regulation army kettles and did themselves proud by dispensing great quantities of army soup to the men in uniform. on the campaign en last Tuesday i following the completion of the exca J present were Uva Salyers, Thelma 20 F. A. at Largo. 21 Elwood at F. A. 27 F. A. at Windfall. 3 F. A. at 10 Greentown at F. A. lo F. A. at Summitville. 21 Windfall at F. A. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Hill T T?.r,,.n A,ni T.-cl night in a big mcefn'g re d sn lelbax val:on for the basement caused con-hall, the meetir.c being: attended by s0i-allo trouble, several bad caveins seme two hundred people, many wom-',n.ire a lot c extra work necessary, en being: in the audience. Musv was ! por SOVeral nights work was continued field gave a decidedly military Lucie Parrill and Mrs. Everett Parker had charge of current events, Miss Parrill tolling of a now M. E. church j built recott'tly in Germany and Mrs. Parker talking on the advancement of the women of tha Orient. Two beau- ' tiful vocal solos were given by Miss Margaret Taylor, Miss Uva Salyers accompanying her on the piano. Miss , appearaiie, with its rows of dog tents thr.njohout the nicht. electric nghts luri.-.S;;Ovl l li v I .;t .i.v-. .i. i'.i.r. while the candidates proser ied tl?ir i .avit,c t.Ccn st rune over the site. It tirues, L.oren .aine, iosno u uoen, ; Roy Johns, Kei'neth Johns Victor Love May Salyers, Bertha Hayworth, Miss Sample, Miss Gregg, Miss Ramsey, Mr. Morphet, Mr. Walters and Mr. and Mrs. Ive. The freshmen held a meeting Tues- Feb. 10 and 11 County Tournament , March 3 and 4 District Tournament j Foot bill has been discontinued for' Kmilv C"")mrlts nf M;irinn. s.inorinti'n- claims for support of the votes. The it i,or!0d to have the building inclosed principal speaker of the evening was vcforo SOvei? weather sets in. W. C. Corvell. an attorney of Mariot?. ; . in representation of a battlefield camp, and with armed guards patrolling every approach to the field. I The afternoon program was somewhat delayed because of the late arrival of Ed. Jackson, secretary of , state, who came up from Indianapolis, ' and .who delivered the chief address it hi year because of getting such a tlent of the young people's work of the jlato start and the lack of n'oeessary ,listvjctl, xvas present and gave a talk equipment. 'concerning the rally hour and banquet i The girls will entertain the boys in fof the younir people at the coming t the bic annual HalloweVn party to be ,..k; .k k.. EASTERN STAR INITIATES ; THREE NEW MEM HERS. 'day at 11:30. Edi.U Gregg had charge. SALE TF.LHAX HI ILDING POSTPONED PY CO CUT. Cemplytne with the petition of i Mr. and Mrs. Paul Howard ail Miss .Pickering, Imng near bummitv, e,.Md ,,ext KriJay llipht at the Acad-;4th an(, -th of Xovonlbor in Fair. the Telbav Cor local stockholders of I Plans are being made for a Hallowe-i en party to be given at the II. S. 1 building Monday evening. The committees have been appointed aiM every thing is in fine shape for the event. iwere muiatea into me cnapier oi me o m sn,w.ial nmmm i ' mount. imrmg me social nour tne l i t It.... . . v r r ' - - - tv... tvraticn. Judge R 'u vi (onter of the Eastern Jtar luesilay le r.aslern Jtar 1 uesuaj -;rmr orooarod for the literarv societv . ...t:. i. . , . , ; ' ' nosiesses serveu nomiou-a iviu-mi- mght at the regular meeting of th.which win slart promptly at 8 P. m. ; nwnts wnsi8linir of pumpkin' pie with i of the day before a crowd that filled i Allen' field to its limits. Col Jackson j gave a most inspiring talk on Ameri-j canism and the debt the people owe i to the boys who donned the kahki and I went across to beat the Boche. Other ! speakers of the afternoon were Frof. Otto Hamilton', superintendent of the i Fairmount schools, and Mrs. Stephen- evurt. en ef of the the Grant-Delaware superior yesterday granted an extens three weeks time, for the sale orsram?:uioM. .wit anjcui i.nii-ui " , r ollowiifg the program games will be' whipped cream and coffee. '! people are to be masked to be admitted. The H. S. chorus is planning to give the play "Our Minister's IloiJeymoon" on the meeting ti e new memoers expert- ; playcii and refreshments served, eroed a second initiation' ceremony The weekly Wednesday noon prayer when they were taken to the third flwr'mw;iM was held with a large atten- building owned by the company South Main street this city. SURPRISE PARTY GIVEN TO MRS. ALBERT KELLEY. An afternoon tea, simple and charm as a musical production, in tne nuar, Granfc countv war mother. future. Miss Sample will direct the , businos, houses, banks and the ine snx-M-.oto.ers state imu n o e.viiot tne .Masonic tempie wnere a ?pieo- j jance. Everett Richie was leader submitted s far. are only sufficient to; did pot-luck supper was served in the'an tne subject was "Perservance." cver preferrtHl c'aims. atAl should . dining hall and they were welcomed! pnf. Kittering. head of the depart- ing in all it appointments was tivei play. The fu.U cast has not been ; nosr office closed durinr the afternooi they be accepted by O. K. box tt, the .into tne sivial life of the chapter. menV of music at Marion college, gave receiver, practically nothing would be j Mrs. Stella Buller Kelley, September selected, but it is hoped that it will , from 2 to 4 0clock anJ all the schools bride, at her pretty bungalo home on be announced in a few days. 'dismissed in honor of the occasion so South Mill street Tuesday afternoon. , Friday i.lght the H. S. team plays j that thg pupjs might have an' oppor-The hours were from two until five. ' Jonesboro at Jonesboro. ' tunity to attend the afternoon pro- a very interesting talk during exercises Wednesday morning. left thrvnigh xhich stockholders might ,SCGAR BEET FARMERS realise even a part ef their original HARVESTING CROP. Mrs. Ed Hollingsworth assisted in Miss Edith Davis has Deen eiecteu dispelling hospitality while Mrs. Law- as editor-in-chief of the annual. The SUNDAY SERVICES investment. j T,e weather during the past An ergantiation of stockholders has j week has given the sugar beet farm-been perfected and the buildir mayors an opportunity to make good be taken over and held by this organi-1 headway with the harvesting of the gram. Following the afternoon program at. the field, a big parade was given by the uniformed men, and Red Cross rence Buller and Mrs. Will Jones pre t other members of the staff have not been selected so far. Work has begun in earrfest for the girls, headed by the Fairmount band, t.un'ii ui.iu imsi u isiiic 5 ii m . crop vl Wrla J'lWlUvVU uu? ifwjii. sided at the tea table. In order to lessen formality, numbers for partners were drawn after which slips on which were typed guessing games. II. S. edition of the Fairmount News J af ter which the soldiers returned to old for something like its real value, i atAJ thev have been making the most CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Sunday school, 9:30 a.m. EvctAng service, 7:30 p. m. Subject: "Religion and Happineses." which is to be printed November 21 the one a romatke and the other his of it. A large number of men from Fairmount have been employed to top and pile the beets instead of waiting Stewart Bosley and Frederick Edwards were absent from school OLD TIME TEACHERS TO BE AT LITTLE RIDGE. torical, were passed which afforded much interest and amusement. live in the One ef the features of the program I for the foreigners who Miss Leora Bogue and Mrs. Lea New locks have been provided for portable houses throughout the field McTurnan, with Miss Pearl Boiler at. the basket ball boys lockers in the to complete the job. Everybody welcome. WES LEY AN CHURCH Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Class meeting, 10:30 a. m. Youir people's meeting, 6:30 p. m. Preaching by pastor, 7 p. m. Mid-week prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m. the piano, rendered several beautiful j basemeiA. This gives each boy a sep vocal selections. Tea was then pour ed, after which Mrs. Kelley was pre to be RivetJ at Little Ridge church on next Sunday on the occasion of Education Day, will be the presence of Ed Caldwell and J. A. Gauntt who taugkt the first terms of school ever held at Little Ridge. Rev. Enos Harvey of Noblesville will preach in the morning, ami the program of service will be in charge of the people who once taught in Liberty township. Teachers of the township. Academy setted with two beautiful presents as a mark of the esteem r.d love in which Tuesday. CANCER PREVENTION PROGRAM IS PLANNED. National Cancer Prevention Week will be observed in IiMiana the week of October SO. Before the school children and In the churches and in the theaters, five minute talks will be the grounds for mess and to make preparations for the '-sham battle, which was staged at 8 o'clock before a crowd estimated at between 4,000 arAl 5,000 people. The battle was truly realistic, put" on with a liberal display of fireworks. A camp quartered in "pup" tents on the east side of the field, was attacked by an invading, force, approaching from the west. Bugle calls together with warning shots from seiJtries soon put the entire contingent in action, the "battle" waging fierce-ful for a half hour, when stretcher bearers and ambulance workers came upon-the field and carried away the wounded to the emergency hospitals, where Red Cross nurses arAl surgeons took charge. The affair was one of the first of the kind given in the state and the success attending, the efforts of Lee she is held. You are cordially, invited to worship with us. J. J. COLEMAN, Pastor. arate locker for his basket bail outnt. The basket ball boys uniforms have arrived and everything is all set for the Lapel-Fairmount game Nov. 2, on the local floor. Coach Clyde Walters and the members of, the team feel prety confident over this game, as he and the boys attended the S.ummit-ville-Lapel game' a few rights ago at summitville. Each boy watched his particular position and player. Riven. Th talks will be ptven by the local physicians and laymen. Those present were Mrs. Eliza Kelley, Mrs, Harley K. Fritz, Mrs. Lea McTurnan, Mary E. Ellis, Rebecca Hardwick, Mary J. Roberts, Mrs. Tony Payne, Mrs. John Dare, Mrs. Volley Cox, Mrs. Fred Haisley, Mrs. Clinton Winslow, Mrs. A. S. Roberts, Mrs. L. E. Nolder, Afrs. Mortoii Bul 'The National Cancer Protection FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15 a. m. Preaching, 10:30 a. m. Junir Mission BatM, 3 p. m. Week is being conducted by the Na and high school graduates, college and university students will be recognised In sprcial way. The propram will bejrtn with 5ut.'day school at 9:45, and from that hour the morning will be one of interest and up lift to all who attend. tkmal American Society for Control of Cancer, which is division of the Intermediate Christian Endeavor, ler. Mrs. Glen HenleyM Mrs. . L. D. ! American Medical Association. ZOLA VOORHIS GIVEN PLEASANT SURPRISE. Miss Zola Voorhis and Alberta Hanirer were very pleasantly sur 5 p. m. Young people's group, 6:30 p. m Preaching, 7 p. m. A cordial welcome to all. It. S. ART EXHIBIT ATTRACTING INTEREST. Holliday, Mrs. M. A. Hiatt, Cornelia McCombs, Mrs. Bessie Morris, Mrs. Lee Roberts, Rosia C Parker, Leora A. Bogue, Pearl Buller, Dora E. Adams, Mrs. L. M. Buller, Mrs. Wm. M. Jones, Winslow post is a cause for congratulation to the members of the local post who worked enthusiastically and hard for the success attained. prised last Friday night when a crowd of young folks, masked, gathered at S. ADELBERT WOOD, Pastor. BIRTHDAY SURPRISE GIVEN MRS. BEVINGTON. Mrs. Edith Bevington was pleasantly surprised at her home on South Mill 'Miss Voorhis home. All enjoyed the The announcement that aif art exhibit will be given at the high school Miss Leora Bogue, Ass't Pastor. Nov. 2, 3 and 4, has attracted much j Mrs. E. M. Hollingsworth, Mrs. Ella Winsow, Miss Margaret Wells, Mrs. Edith Bevington. street Tuesday evening by about interest among those who take inter-est in art. The pictures to be shown are loatfed to the school by the Elson Art Publication Co., of Belmont, Mass., and contains only the very best repre M. E. CHURCH Services for next Sunday as follows: Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Morning sermon, 10:30 a. m. Christian Endeeavor Ul the afternoon beginning at 2 o'clock. Rev. evening playing games. Refreshments of apples and fudge were served. Those present were as follows: Misses Olive Thomas, Marcille Brook -shire, Elsie Carwin, Zola Voorhis, Alberta Hanger, Berniece and Pearl Ellin gwood, Messrs Wilbur Brookshire, Wilbur Ellingwood, Clyde Prine, Chester Kierstead, Clarer&e Everett, Mrs. Jennie Jones, of West Washington street, who leaves today for an extended visit in Columbus and other Ohio cities, was the honor guest at a sentations of the masterpieces of art HOUSE CLEANING DAY AT THE M. E. CHURCH The interior decoration of the MjjE. church is completed and it is requested that all ladies of the church come to the church on Friday to give it a good cleaning. It is suggested that those who cannot come for the en-' tire day, come for a half day or what-ever time they can spare and that those who will give the whole day to the work, bring with them their lunch. thirty of her friends who came to wish her many bappy returts of the day, tt being the antversary of her birth. The guests brought well filled baskets from which a delicious pot-luck supper was spread. Mrs. Bevtngton was down town during the afternoon and was tirveigled to staying rather later than usual at Mrs. Ell Pattersons Art Store and her surprise was complete upon returning to find her home cleverly arranged surprise party which of different countries and differeifc Edgar Moore and Rev. Maurice Bar-periods. A more extended notice will rett will speak. The pastor will appear in Monday's issue. - preach again in the evenirfc. Rev. R. was held at the home of Mrs. Mark, Leslie Davis, Gaylor Bowsmen, Alva Parker on West Washington street : Carwin. Others present were Mr .3 H. Wehrley, who has been announced Miss Lillian Dunbar was miest at! for Sunday evenimr will sneak one Wednesday evening. The affair was andMrs, M. K. Voorhis, Mr. and Mrs. the Weyler home at dinner Wednes week later. Everybody invited to all .in the nature of a masquerade and, Verlin Gaddis, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ev these services, C B. SWE2NEY. 'the spirit of Hallowe'en was manifest, erett and Mrs. Walter Carwin. day evening. in charge of her friends.

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