The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 14, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, December 14, 1936
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The Daily Clinlonian, Clinton, Indiana Monday, December 14, 1936 Page 2 mi i i m mm tmmrm'' 1 1 n. niui 1 1 iniiu.."i n I I n i iiiii.q , .. , .,. . , cluded Mrs. Oliver Kite, Mis. Sam Pierce, Mrs. Ora Weaver and Mrs. Staeey Pierce and daughter, Rose. The guests were Miss Jennie Pay-ton, Miss Winnie Griffith, Mrs. Ollv- Hot NEWS Flashes RABl j er Davis, Conrad and Larry Kito. William Sllmp and Andrew Johnson. Bunco was played at two tables. Of Those who won prize hwere Mrs. Ora Weaver, bunco; Mrs. Sum Pierce, low) Jennie I'aylon, hlHli. Miss Griffith was a guest. CliS WHAS, WJR. Tl liSDAY Weekly Farm Paper Review THE BEST IDEAS FROM THE BEST FARM PAPERS - WILLARD :00 Leo Kelsman's Orchestr Phil Iluey. NBC W,M AQ, WLW. Iugh with Ken Murray. Radio listen throughout Inn he hroiidiHHl Ht ! : H 0 p. in. Wodtics-world will hear opera broadcast dl- day's premier will nrweiit the Kieat rect from the stui ot New York's University of Noire linme (line chili, famous Metropolitan Opera Houso under the direction of Prof. Jiwcph this season as the Christmas Rift of, Cassasanla. The Notre Oaino hoys the Radio Corporation of America. ' me nationally fnmoiis for their mu-Wlth the announcement by David sic. makhiR a tour eac h year of the Barnoff, president of RCA. of his major Titles of the country. The company's sponsorship of the Sutiir- special orchestra for "The Fireside : HO INSURANCE and Surety Donds Old Une Stock Companies ItOBB c GILMOUR Dependable Insurance Since 1890 , , 141 S. Main St. Phone 18 CBS WBB'M, WHAS. OP S: 30 Fred Astaire: Green's day matinee opera broadcasts, radio Theater" will be directed by Adrian.. Miss Grace Johnson of New Albany, Pa., came Thursday to spend the holiday with her sister, Mrs. Harold R. Holchklsa, 'Mrs. Maud Harwin of Curhon was the Friday guest of her sister. Mrs. Jesse Smith. Mrs. Wllhelmine Gos lull spenl Saturday In Terre Haule. Raymond fiosnell spent Saturday afternoon In Danville. III. MrB. Mort Miller of Salem siienl Friday with her daughter, Mrs. Raymond Gosnell. listeners learned that for the sixth for many years the show conductor consecutive year they will be able to at the Chicago theatre, Join the 3,900 opera house licket C. COLUMDUQ COOPERATIVE STORES holders In hearing the world's lluesl operatic music and singers. In announcing the aeries as "a Christmas Rift to opera's radio audience," Sarnoff explained that the programs would be Inaugurated with the Metropolitan's annual Christmas performance of Humperdluck's "Hansel and Gretel," on ihe afternoon of December 24. This will he offered as a prelude to the fiulurdny matinee broadcasfs which will commence December 2(i and continue throughout Ihe season. REBEL AIR ACE'S PLANE REPORTED IN FIGHT, CRASH (Continued from Page 1) mi rhestra. NBC W(MA(J, WLW. 10:00 Poetic Melodies. CBS WBBM, KMOX, WKINKttlAY 7:00 One Man's Family. NBC WW AQ, W.I.W. S: 30 Community Sing. CBS WBBM, WHAS. fi: 00 Your Hit Parade. NBC jWMAQ. WLW. TitrnsDAY 7:00 Rudy Vallee; Variety Hour. NBC WIMAQ. WLW. Ii:00 Then and Now. CBS WJ3BM, WHAS. 9:30 March of Time. CBS WBBM, WHAS. FRIDAY 7: So Death Valley Days. NBC WENR. WLW. ff:0u Waltz Time. NBC WMAQ. WTAM. !):'!ii Philadelphia Symphony. CCS WBBM, WHAS. SATI-RDAV 7:00 Saturday Night Parly. NBC WMAQ, WLW. S:0ll Floyd Gibbons; Lopez Orchestra. CBS WBBM, WHAS. 9:30 The World Dances. CBS-WHAS. WJR. Kl'XDAY 4:30- Col. Stoopnagle and Budd. NBC WF.NR. 0:30 Head In' South. CBS WBBM, WHAS. 8:00 Manhattan Mcrry-Go-Round. NBC WMAQ, WLW. Tills and That: Bob Burns muy be an Arkansas country Jake, bill there's nothing hayseed about his dress. Ill Hollywood, whero he rubs elbows with Fred Astaire. Smith dallew and other city smoothies. Bob's held to be tho best-dressed man 111 the NBC studio. . . . KGNC of Amarillo, Tex., and WFFA. of Manchester, N. H., are Ihe two newest radio stations to Join tho networks of NBC. They will bring Ihe number of NBC affiliate stations up to 110. . , . Suzy Woods, tho dizzy dame on .lack Pearl's program, is your old friend Mae Qnestel, the Betty Hoop girl of the animated car-Inons. . . . Kd Wynn, the Perfect Fool, has something like I.00H mats and S II 0 hats among sartorial in-operlies. The comedian slill carries on the tradition of changing costumes on each broadcast. . . . Laurence Stalllngs, co-author of "What Price Glory?" and compiler of a book of photographs entitled "The First World's War." will speak on the subject of peace during his guest appearance on the "Magazine of the Air" over CBS Friday from 10:00 to 10:30 a. ni. Feeding Wet Mash Not many years ago every poultryman wno paid any attention to hU flock was feeding wet mash. Then the pendulum swung to dry mnsh so far, In fact, that the merits of wot mash were almost entirely forgotten. A New Hampshire bulletin, reported in Poultry Tribune, points out Ihe fart that wet mash han very definite advantages over dry mash under crtain circumstances. These advantages all center on the fact that hens will eat more wet mash. Kor this reason, the New Hampshire station recommends feeding wet mash under the following conditions: ( 1 ) When the flock Is losing weight or is sick; (2) When It is desired to hurry hens through the molt; (.1) To puh late maturing; puilets; (4) To bring slow-starting, fully-mstured pullets into production; fi) To hold production up during cold spells. Aside from such special case?, the station doc3 not recommend wet mash over dry mash feeding. Pruning Raspberries Fall pruning of raspberries is dangerous, according to WallareV Farmer. No matter how heavy the fall growth of raner, pruning should be delayed until late winter or early spring as fall pruning is likely to start a late growth of tender canes that will result in winter-killing. Electric Brooders for Pigs Oregon State College reports good results from the use of electric brooders for small pigs, according to an article in Breeder's Gazette. The brooders were placed in corners of the farrowing pens and the heat was in use continuously for about 10 days after farrowing. After being placed under the canopy bv hand several times the nigs soon learned to go under of their own accord" and spent most of the time under the brooders when not nursing. Chief advantages were protection against chilling and against injury from clumsy sows. Breeder's Gazette. Making an Ice-Well , North Dakota Agricultural College has recently (iiibliihed a bulletin showing how to make an ice-well for the preservation of perishable foods in summer. The general plan is to dig It ronnd shallow well ttait until the ground is frozen then pour in a few inches Of water each day during tie winter and eventually you have a deep cake of ice at the bottom of the pit. Hoard's Dairyman. Moss in Lawns American Poultry Journal says that moss can be eliminated from lawns by the application of sulfate of ammonia in the spring. The sulfate is either dusted over the moss when the dew is on it Or it is dissolved in water and applied with a sprinkling can. The sulfate not only kills the moss but provides fertilizer for the grass. Beef Sires for Dairy Herds Kentucky Experiment Station takes the stand that it is a mislnke. from every standpoint, to use a beof-type bull in any dairy herd. Heifer calves from such matings will not make profitable dairy cows and steers from such matings will not pay to raise, according to Southern Agriculturist. Cold Weather Eggs Cornell University has discovered that one reason why Ihe egg yield drops in cold spells is because the hens do not eat a normal amount of drv mash. To overcome this tendency, the station recommends feeding n warm, wet mash once a day during very cold weather. Prairie Farmer. Protects Silage Against Freezing A Wisconsin correspondent of Capper's Farmer is sold on painting the outside of his concrete silo to prevent freezing of the silage. His house painter told him that a coat of asphalt and an outer coat of aluminum on top of the asphalt would do the job and the farmer didn t believe him. So the painter tried to prove it by painting only one side of the silo. . The result was that silage froze three times as thick on the unpainted side an on the painted side. It did not take that farmer long to decide to have the paint job finished but he says it will not work without the aluminum over the asphalt. Columbus. Reds Push Drive Although most of Ihe troops iu Ihe north weie snowbound, Ihe government pushed lis drive on Burgos, the rebel capital, on laud, where possible, and in the air, while tho Madrid front was occupied only with occasional artillery bombardments and airplane attacks of a harassing nature. Five government bombers and eight pursuit ships raided Insurgent airdromes near Vltorla over the weekend destroying lauding fields, shooting down two rebel pursuit ships and losing one bomber. The loyalist forces continued their march in the Villa Real sector today. The Basque militia was reported to have gained four kilometers (2J miles) southwest of Villa Real, which Is held by the rebels, completing an encircling operation which 'has placed insurgent defenders ill a difficult position. Grade Allen is convinced thai bells have more fun than anybody on New Year's Kve. so with this world-startling idea in mind, Gracie intends to dedicate her program on .Wednesday, December 16, to bells, beautiful bells. George Burns can see no reason why this outrage should be perpetrated on listeners of the nation-wide CBS network, but to date he has found no way of convincing Grade of the error of her ways, firacie has become so In-fuBed with the bell idea she has suggested Tony Martin, tenor, sing the "Bell Song" from "I-aknie." Henry King; and his orchestra haven't escaped front the Allen Influence either and she thinks It would be grand If he woud play "Blue BeHs of Scotland" as a special Grade salute to Crina. WINDOW GLASS Glass Cloth i Cello-Glass . 0 Putty, Paints, etc. STEVENSON LUMBER CO. FAIRVIEW TROOP HOLDS BANQUET EDWARD, WALLY AWAIT MEETING NEW YEAR'S EVE , Barton Iteese Pogue, the HooslrV poet who is heard Saturday nights on Boss Johnson's "II. F. D. Hour" over WLW, is featured in a now series of Sunday afternoon programs of "Choral Echoes." Presenting Ihe WI.W Cathedral Choir, augmented by the Crosley Radio Corporation Glee Club, composed of factory workers, "Choral Kchoes" has he-come one of radio's most popular Sunday afternoon features. The choir, numbering 60 voices In all. is directed by Grace Clauve Raine. vocal director of WLW and W.SAI. In the new series, broadcast over WLW from 4:30 to 5:00 p. m. Pogue wilt rea'd poetry written especially for the program while familiar church hymns will be sung by the choir. (Continued from Page 1) An all-Negro variety program featuring Such heudllners as Chic Webb and his orchestra, Ellu Fitzgerald and Charles Lynton, vocalists; the Pour Ink Spots and the Juanita Hall Choir is now heard over NBC each Friday at 9:30 p. m. The new show, titled Good Time Society, will feature situation comedy, with a plot carried forward from' week to week. Juano Hernandez, noted Negro writer. Is writing the script and occupies the chief role of Potentate Jones, head men of the society. remain at the villa until New Year's, corrobating belief Mrs. Simpson Scouts of 61 Celebrate First Anniversary at M. E. Church Friday FAIRVIEW. Bee. 14 Boy Scout Troop 61 of Falrvlew celebrated their first Anniversary with a banquet Friday. December 11, in the Falrvicw M. B. Church basement at plans to rorha'iii' ner'e" 'two weeks RAYNES-FRAZIER Farm Hardware of All Kinds 323 South Main Phone 33 Applying Rock Phosphate more. Scotland Yard detectives will probably leave tomorrow, although one or two men will he left behind. It was nof disclosed whether the guards are being partially maintained because of reports of threatening letters being received by Mri Simpson. Rogers last night flatly denied these reports. I 7 p. m. After the banquet songs I were sun .by all and a film of scout I pictures was shown by James Molter ' ef Terre Haute. PROGRAM WIH1,IGHTS MONDAY' 7:00 Fibber McGee and Molly. NBC WMAQ, WTAM. 8:00 Lux Radio Theatre. CBS WBBM. WHAS. 9:00 Contented Program. NBC WMAQ. WTAM 10:15 Ozzie Nelson's Orchestra. "The Fireside Theatre." radio's newest variety program, makes Its bow to AVON listeners Wednesday evening. "The Fireside Theatre" will be heard each week, presenting a different type of program for each performance for the radio audience and the 600 guests assembled In the audience studio. The program will WANTED Country Mixed Iron $5.00 and up a TON Rags and Mattresses A. DOMES Water Street Phone 267 An Iowa correspondent of Capper's farmer says tnat applying cock phosphate and then plowing it under is the wrong method because it places the phosphate so far underground that it does not become available for a long time. He applies it to the land after it is plowed and then works it in with the disk thus getting results within six weeks after application. Plowing Up Grasshoppers Fall plowing is the best method of destroying grasshopper eggs, according to Prairie Farmer. The location of the eggs can be determined by skimming off -inch of sod or soil with a spade. Usually they will be found in sod or weeds, but the Mexicanus hoppers lay all over the rield. Deep plowing will be more effective than shallow and it will work better in heavy soil than in sand. Feeding Bees Never under any circumstances buy honey to feed your bees. American Foul Brood is so' widely spread that no bee-keeper can afford to take a chance. If winter feeding is necessary, use a syrup composed of two parts of granulated sugar dissolved in one part of boiling water. It is both cheaper and safer than foreign honey. Southern Agriculturist. Third-Year Clover Contrary U common belief, red clover is a perennial instead of a biennial crop and unless the stand has been reduced by insects or disease it, is not through at the end of the second year. For this reason Illinois Experiment Station advises against plowing undr good old stands of red clover particularly this year when clover seed promises to soar out of sight in price Prairie Farmer. A Christmas Gift . . . . . . That will save you time and money for years to come! A New ... The ceremonies were held by Rev. Hotehkiss and James Molter. The Scout members were James Smith, Charles Metis. Jr., Raymond Shepherd Raymond Akers, Raymond Gross Anthony and Charles McCon-nell Jr., Allen Crane, Ross and Glenn Clark, Joseph Miller, Steve Vargo. Golden Beaty, William Ma-lanowski, Robert Shew and Donald Roberts. 7he new members were Clayton Hayes and Howard Bates. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Smith. Mrs. Maud Harwin of Carbon. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Beaty and son, Mrs. Rose Vargo, Mrs. Edwin Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Munson. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Simpson. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Shew, Shell Turbey-vllle. .Mrs. Loietta Akers. Mrs. Anna Miller. Mn. Anna Shepherd. Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Crane, Rev. and Mrs. Harold HntchkiFR. Charles Metz, Sr and Mies Grace Johnson. 'lul Meelint; Mrs. Andrew Johnson entertained ilm Neighbor Cluh nt her home Friday. December 11. Those present In NOAYS Behind frteX oStf SEAL -.yjggl anotorvum wvwjJ.vj I GENERAL I HAVE YOU SEEN ( The New Oldsmobilc For 1937 Special Prices on Used Cars Soard MOTOR SALES 137 East Elm Street What's the Girl Doing in This Ad??... ELECTRIC VASIIER While the Supply LasU We Will Give ABSOLUTELY FREE 2d Boxes of eiinso And One New Well, Nothing, to Tell the Truth About It BUT SANTA CLAUS HIMSELF 'ft Clintonian Job Printing Bears The Union Label 1 I ELECTRIC IRON Would Be Proud of Our Display of Christmas Gifts! X, Twenty counter filled to overflowing with beautiful gifU for every member of the family at reasonable price. Clinton's largest and finest (election of toys. All the old favorites and hundreds of new hems. Wearing apparel, gifts to brighten the home, pretty and useful gift of every description. 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