The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 24, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1921
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE PAIRMOUNT NEWS BOUQUET RAMEK TAL- ' S. Pi O UFA' ALL TOOTH PASTE ( I ff VvSf V i 1 ff -- r . f''j1 r c !i; ff JAK vis ril -r if v nnU. Fr Ul l OS InJ I nrl VJffwTt fS plic and deodorant. Cleans k v ' H 1 rl-iv-K . -ll SS?' V b K If ! and whitcis the teeth. Come ' i - IE IJKVjfeJsf jl feJ $ K Standard Trice. 1 tube... 23c I . i 1" 'J M:ivf 111 rWVfJ N SWl rZj " VVl S:JL.f A t -i This Sale. 2 tubes 2Cc A uo !..-!.. fu:-rcpsratior.wado cf iho f.r.cst Italian Talc, dcub'c I "ci and purified.. Cvr. air. t''.e com'inl per-furio? cf rvso. jasm'i.V. rteli-ctryc s:-i lilac. Stan.tsrd rrie. can....5ftc Tliis Sale. 2 cans 31c S ' ' C! " - J rJ IW A splendid grade of hard 11 . . iSlSC""-. - I JtX W CT I " tJU-7 nulled soap. Does not be- --S2V,,S ---- V Yf J P STJ DTTUh" com, soft and wastef,!. A 1 -v, amgH I -trt 'K'4vJ J IVVV -Ioan. fragrant and absolute- U ' ' ii i ii . Standard Price. 1 cake...l.c This Sale, 2 cakes 16c ' i F - REXALL CREAM OF ALMONDS BOUQUET RAM EG FACE POWDER A real evtlopmer.t in dainty, fa? powder combination, with at illusive, but p-cr-5istt:.'. cdor. The somcthir.jr differer.t. Standard Price. One Box $100 This Sale. Two Boxes Sl.Ot Thursday, Friday and Saturday October 27th, 28th, 29th Practically a liquid Cold Cream, renders the skin ONE CAN OF JAM FOR ONE CENT BALLARDVALE JAM white, soft niJd pliable. Prevents roughness and What is a One-Cent Sale? It is a sale where you buy an item at the rcpular price then another item of the same kind for lc. As an illustration: The fr j. A Fifteen ounces cf deliehtful jam, i -i . i Ka le frors lusciou. full-bodied . ' I t -t'T:f Ocncont crrane?. crown in the You buv a tube at this price, and by payinjr lc more, or 2'V. you pet two standard price of Rexall Tooth Paste is 25c tubes. Everv avticle in this sale is a hisrh-i tubes. Every avticle in this sale is a hiph-class, stamlard piece of merchandise, just the same as we sell you every day chapping. Standard Price, One Bottle 35c This Sale. Two B it ties 36c at repular prices and have scld you for years. ? :an-.iu.3 New York prape district. ."-' "V,J and blackberries. A New Way of Advertising! This saUt was developed by the United Druvr Co.. as an advertising plan. Rather than spend larpe sums of monev in l ,.r."v.,'., ...-. j , 1 ,.. I t t l Ml' I 4 , 1 '! " 1 other ways to convir'e you cf the merit of these poods, they are spending it on this sale in permitting u- to sell you a full-size package of hiph Standard merchandise for lc. It costs money to got new customers, and the loss taken oil this sale will be well spent if the goods please you. ADVERTISED PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE WAR TAX Standard Price. One Can ........21c Tlv!s Sak. Two Cans 23c fPc SENAFU;. RIKKR'S 7 1-2 Ozs. 2 for 61c Rcrrcscv-.i-- and Fic, known by a:l as pleaar.t :aat:ve?. One children will take 200 CUPS OF TEA FOR ONE CENT LIGGETT'S OPEKA TEA Formosa, Oolong, Orange Pekoe, Mixed Black and Green. An Opportunity to Purchase Christmas Gifts at Prices That Will Surely Sound Good to You i . HOUSEHOLD NEEDS AND TOILET GOODS 15c irc Standard Price. 1-2 lb. Packet.. This Sale, To Packets 30c SYMONOS INN CtCOA. 2 for 3lc Made fnm the pure cocoa bean. Unexcelled in quality without rpv adulteration. -Pink Laxative 69c Phrnonhthalein .'UV Symnnd's Inn Beef Cubes. 2 for 31c 30c Half-pounds Svmond's Inn Bak 25c Nailoid Manicure Preparation 2 for 26c 25c Liquid R'Hige 2 for 26c 25c Nasati Sponges 2 for 26c KI.ENZO TAR SHAMPOO SOAP Standard Price. One Cake 2 .2 for 3tc .2 Tor 11c for chap- c Wafers. 2 for 70c. 73c Hair Brushes 3c Pencil Erasers 25c Zinc Ointment in tubes. 33c Rexall Analgesic Balm. .2 Tor 7c . . 2 for 6c .2 for 2tic . . 2 for36c 26c This Sale. Two (Vkes ing ChiH olate . . 40c Biker's llasol A wonderful preparation ped face and hands. 13c Powder Puffs 23s Riker's Tooth Powder.. 30c Rexall Kidney Pills... FACE POWDERS SYTA A hiph grade imported pro- i for for for duet. A necessity for mi-;j 16c 26c 31c 11c Very similar to an imported pre-pavs-tioit'. Just the thing for all neuralgia pains. 30c Violet Dulce l.vjuid Complexion Powder 2 for 31c 10c Elkav's Washing Compound . 2 for MEDICATED SKIN SOAP Induces a soft, creamy lather; is recommended very hiehly and keeps the skin soft and he.dth.c. If used once, you will not be with-vn't it in y.ur h-iiv.o. Standard Price. One Cake 25c This Sale. To Cakes 26c 30c Rexali Cough Syrup. ...2 for l uiy s dressing tabic, uaeh-c"e, Blanche. Xaturclle aitvl re -e. Standard Price. One Box. 30c This Sate, Two Boxes.. 31c 60c Jaynes Unrated and Carbolated Talcum, an IS 02., can of Special 0c Puretest Baking foda..2 lor 31c 21c 31c 30c Hadley's Face Cream 2 for 31c For softening and beautifying the skin. S1.0J Assorted Chocolates, full pounds 2 for $1.01 50c Rexall Special Ointment. 2 for 51c 25c B.tllarJvule Spices 2 for 26c 50c Syta Rouge 2 for 51c 50c Rikers Violet Cerat 2 for 51c 25c Arivca Salve 2 for 26c 25c Easv Gloss Furniture Polish ! 2 for 26c $1.00 Ifebras Blond and Nerve Tonic 2 for $1.01 $1.00 Ny ill's Sarsapariila Compound 2 for $1.01 25c Cathartic PiPs 2 for 26c 35c Throat t.arple 2 for 36c i 30c Milk of Magnesia, 12 02. Bottle 2 for - Baby Powder 23c Universal Cleaner. . . . Its uses are known. Do we need to sav more than Rikcr make it? Liggett Chew in g Hum ;C ,2 for 6tc 2 fcr 26c .2 for 6c 2 for 26c .2 for 6c .2 for 21c .2 for 6c HARMONY MASSAGE CREAM A delightful rolling massage. t3S II J .!". Tl. -Vi.. 23c Rexall Rubbing Oil. . 3c Mints, assorted fli'!ir. 20c Rexall Violet Talcum. 3c Pen cr Pencil Clips. . . . 2Hc S6c 2'c 16c 51c 23s Elkay's Metal Polish 2 for S3c Cloth Brushes 2 f c r 2-c Javnes. Stomach and Liver PilK 2 for 13c packape Envelopes 2 pkps. 30c Cascade Linen Box Paper 2 for i I leanses a , i nviuuiu,.. jum-s c. the skin soft and smooth. Liberal L", 30c Alma Zoda Face Powder .'.2 f r 31c 35c Bronchial Sahe 2 for :!"c ONE POUND COFFEE for lc Oteka Breakfast Coffee A eurprisinjj blend of eoiTee. tf e acme ef perfection Standard Price tine Pound 43c This Sale TV a Pounds 46c :1d sized package. Standard Price, One Jar This Sale, Two Jars.... 50c SZL,J 51c CUTH HONEY CREAM CARAMELS A full povnd of high grade assorted caramels. Freshly made from" honey, granulated sugar at'd cream. 4 Standard Price, One Pound 50c This Sale, Two Pounds 70c MAXIMUM HOT-WATER BOTTLE The largest selling bottle in the world. The price everywhere is $2.50 each. Full two-quart capacity. This water bottle is guaranteed agaiii'st imperfections. Standard Price. One Bottle $2.30 This Sale, Two Bottles $2.51 W4L CASCADE ENVELOPES Standard Price This Sale MAXIMUM TWO-QUART FOUNTAIN SYRINGE This is one cf the finest Syringes that can be manufactured. The quality is extra fire. This Syritrge is guaranteed against imperfections. Standard Price. One Svringe $2.50 This Sale, Two Syringes $2.51 46c Two A C Four Prrkages Packages .. CASCADE LINEN ASPIRIN TABLETS These are genuine Aspirin Tablets, each containing 5 grains. Made by American's in America. Packed 1 dozen in n box, two dozen in a box, and 100 in a bottle. Standard Price Sale Price 100 69c Two Bottles, 70c 24s 35c Two Boxes, 36c 12s 20 Two Boxes, 21c HARMONY LIQUID SHAMPOO Just the thing you have been lookiig for. A wonderful value of delightfully perfumed, high-grade liquid soap. Once used, always u.sed. Standard Price, One Bottle 50c Sale Price. Two Bottles 51c if I GOOD FORM HAIR NETS This net is of the highest quality and carefully selected. Standard Price i5c This Sale 5:,: 16c One pound ii a pack-ape. We also have envelopes to match. If it is tro? that the good taste of a person is expressed by the quality of their stationery, then your taste will be established with your COM M U N IT Y S I LVERWA R E PAR PLATE GUARANTEED FOR TEN YEARS 32c Teaspoons, 2 for 33c 65c Tablespoons, 2 for 66c 63c Forks, 2 for 66c 60c Sugar Shells 2 for 61c 83c Embrossed Medium Knives, 2 for 86c 80c Salad Fcrks, 2 for 81c ONE-CENT SALE SPECIALS friend?. The texture and quality of Cascade is known from coast to coast-Standard Ttice, One Pound .....50c Sale Price, TVo Pounds .....51c NIAGARA FLASHLIGHTS Non-short circuit inr, baby miners, tubular, equipped with heavy nickle plated trimmings, silver parabolic reflector, plant atd convex lens, batery and a genuine Mazda lamp bulb. Standard Price, One for $L50 Sale Price, Two for $1.51 LORD BALTIMORE LINEN An excellent grade of paper for persons de-pirine. a hich- PEANUT BUTTER A Symond's Inn product, rich and meaty. Two jars and you will want more. Standard Price, One Jar 40c This S-le, Two Jars 41c class box of 35c Violet Dulce Rouge, 2 for 36c 25c Shampoo Crystals 2 for 26c 25c Cold Cream, in tubes 2 for 26c 30c Rexall Shaving Cream, 2 for 31c 75c Medallion Linen Writing Paper 2 for 76c 10c Envelopes, 2 pkgs., for 11c 35c Symond's Inn Vanilla Extract 2 for 36c 40c Symond's Inn Lemon Extract 2 for 41c 25c No. 6 Disinfectant, 2 for 26c 50c No. 6 Disinfectant, 2 for 51c 25c Fluid Extract Cascara Sograda, 2 for 26c 50c Camphorated Oil. 2 for 51c 35c Tincture Arnica, 2 for 36c $1.00 Castor Oil. 2 for $1.01 15c Cream of Tartar, 2 for 16c 20c Rochelle Salts, 2 for 21e 50c Rhinitis Tablets 2 for 51c 15c Soda Mine Tablets, 2 for 16c $1.25 Witch Hael 2 for $1.26 10c Lavender Flowers, 2 for 11c 35c Hinkle Cascara Compound 2 for 36c 50c Gran. Eff. Soda Phosphate, 2 for 51c 25c Alkaline Antiseptic Tablets, 2 for 26c 50c Rikers Eve-Lo, 2 for 51c 10c Carryall Bags, 2 for 11c 25c Charcoal Tablets, v 2 for26c 60c Compound Mustard Ointment, .2 for 61c 25c Foot Powder 2 for 26c 25c Grippe Pills 2 f of 26c 23c Lax. Aspirin Cold Tablets 2 for 26c 50c Leepfrine, 2 for 51c 30c Penetrating Liniment, 2 for 31c 15c Tickle Stopper. 2 for 16c 15c Toothache Stopper .2 for 16c 30c Cold Cream 2 for 31c 30tj Camphorated Cold Cream 2 for 31c 30c Hadley's Face Cream 2 for 31c 50c Shaving Lotion, 2 for 51c $1.25 Peptona, RikerV. ....2 for $1.26 23c Kleneo Liquid Antiseptic, 2 for 26c 15c Adhesive Tape, 2 for 16c 40c Adhesive Tape, 2 fol $2.00 Bouquet Ramee Perfume, 2 for $2.01 23c Violet Dulce Soap 2 for 26c $1.00 Truftor Violet Toilet Water, 2 for $L0t $1.00 Trufloor Rose Toilet Water, 2 for $1.01 $1.00 Twflor Lilac Toilet Water, 2 for $1.01 $1.00 JIYuflor Clover Toilet Water, 2 for $1.01 25c Violet Dulce Talcum, 2 for 26c stationary. In white, pink blue atAI buff 60c Standard Price, One Box. This Sale, To Boxes. 61c ARBUTUS COMPLEXION CREAM Unexcelled as a protection to the skin and a base for powder. Standard Price, One Package 60c This Sale, Two Packages 61c BUY TOOTH BRUSHES NOW VIOLET DULCB FACE POWDER 1 tHTE I A tight, fluffy powder perfumed with odor of fresh Stoire THie Faoinieeir Bra violets. White, Flesh and An imported lot of bone handled brushes, assorted shapes and backs. Bristles that will give you service. Standard Price, One Brush 35c This Sale, Two Brushes 36c Brunette. Xen H. Edwards, Manager The Rexall Store Fairmount Standard Price, One Box .50 Tl!- Cle TVrrt RllIM SlC . IllS jmi. - LL- FT

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