The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 24, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS 1 ENJOYABLE SURPRISE ON ITAROI D SMITH. Auburn (Mo.) merchant named Ti.. r i V FARMbro lJ UiNllfc. business and j ine rairmuuni nenb in shipping stock iMi-er.decid 5?. FAIRMOUNT COMPOSER -GAINING RECOGNITION. The Choir Herald, a monthly musi- to a born ' lonered td sen ms stock Ari enjoyable surprise was pertrat-ed on Harold Smith, Tuesday Oct. 18, by Mrs. Smith at his home on South i trader of the neighborhood named , cal publication put out by the Ixjrenz DR. C. L. FEN TON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hoars 8 to 11:30 a. in. 1 to 5 p. m PnMivhci on Mondays and Thursdays A. S. ROBERT, Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. Operative Association Next street. A number of h,; Company at Dayton, O., XVr x- . . ) ' U.n . V . friends were invited m and a fine each issue containing four or more ednesday N.ght Merrnveather. "I U give you 2o cents j chicken supper m serv?d The , pood ait,hemg b , knwn ' F-Wm ,J7:n ;.. r I ff e rtic!e and jacka m j guesta incIuded Mr. and Mrs. Charles ' ers, found its way to the editor's desk firwIT' t KT jCfS ug tv iS Allred, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Allred aiAljlast week. This issue proved to be LC:T f I'?1 "rf! et of slate and lead pencil, worth 1 cent j f , and especially interesting for it contained Office: Main 265 Res, Black SS2-1 TELEPHONES ! Mrs. Carl Allred and family Chares ; a musical number entitled "Soul of j - uitii-tii vjn vnc cciiiii ih utt, - apiece ai ai agreea. iwo men 13, in the rearular moiAhly meeting. ' hired to help check up. Slate pencils SUBSCRIPTION RATES anA 1-ri- n;-,oVofVi Tr nnA Mrs. f Mine" bv Ola Smithnn fiatlaw rf ithin Indiana, j The entertainment for . . j j 1 1 i - v tii; - . j- - -. . t - ' H .It J V . CneWing r4c, T , , - r t H. i Pairmnnnt VrtV 1rK, j : l the evening clothespins, packages of Una T-rvo f -v v' FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Fhone 1921, Route 9, Marion, India.rA Call us at our expense Six months r . " PaFe, Ps ber- George N. Allred and Dora, ! score being the composition of Miss Three monms t i iiiiniPi at :o cent eacn, so wete nuwuwuut: o,;fi, n,a . ntW. An editorial note accom- luuts.ue ... ! umt ana was thoroughly eijo-ed bv ' lues, barrels of sugar and cottee. An . ..... . j! j . as follows: "A strik- --. . n . .. . . . . . rn-.n? was emovea wiin irames auuiuamcs luc One j . :i rresent. Lai-i Claulin. rhairman pirs? wn worth as much as a nttv . . . t should prove effec- Si x months -L, Ar;n t-.V... .. .,..1 . , ...conversation. mg numoer ma Three 1 tive at an evening or other somewhat payable strictly 1 show as a regular minstrel, as well as 'that Merriweather bought the stock All subscriptions - V,r .i miinued at ' .i .-1 . - . . College Ways" a beautitul Musicau miormai service. v,i it somewnat , or just $33.75 h ...... e i or just joo.o in advance pvriration ' .5 . " --.umvr ( u iii.iiiiii men irom ine neien- icr ji.mso.z, less wan , . , . , j .. . . at;c n.,i.. ; rf ihcfTirtion time un- , ... . . '. ' Comedv is heme considered as a nos- emotional treatment. .Miss Oatley is is being considered as a pos it invoiced. Capper's W eekly. . . . . ; lownsnip. less renewal is received prior to ex sible production for the JIusic Depart- to be congratulated upon her growing ! Following the program, F. H. Tip- pirat: n date. ment. The Department gave "Cherry I recognition in the musical world. EVER HAVE FT? j Blossom," a Japanese Musical Comedy i i :pey introduced Mr. L. C fealisburv, En"c-e' as secortd-class matter at , ... the rl strce at Fairmcunt, Ind., un-iC3Un'' Snt of Wells county, who der the Act of Congress of March S, gave a talk on co-operative live-st xk last vear. The nroeram is darned for It always pays to advertise in The IF Yoi Have, ine Maiemcm oi inis tu ,Qf .xru n uxe n.r-t. mas. Miss Cleveland feels that con- ' Fairmount News. Mr. Salisbury spoke from 1879. I shipping. Fairmount Citiren Will Interest You E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Ilahne Drug Store OflW Wr: f M . m.; 1 to 5 AUCTIONEE R S.TOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON Wells county is rea! experience, as J siderable effort will have to be expend Ever have a "low-down" pain in the well organized along this line aid FORMER TEACHER back? I thev are getting big results in the PtUW iNtAKLl liL.liMU shipping of their own live-stock in , eo-f rerative way. 5 ed it the standard set m Cherry Bios-' som is to be maintained, since some of j the best musical talent has been gradu- ' ated from the school. Thelma Gus-tavel, Charles Wise and Thelma ; Fiaiit will be sadly missed in the pres- entation of this type of entertain- ment. Delphi Journal. In the "small," right over the hips? That's the home of backache. If it's caused by weak kidneys, Use Doan's Kidney Pil's. Fairmount people testify to their Mrs. Mattie Charles, Now Living in The meeting did not perfect an or- paniatioit at this time but deferred ... ... .. . action until a special cauea meeting . l ... . r. i Montana With Her Brothers, Sorely Afflicted A letter recently received by Miss Lucie Parrill frcm Mrs. W. D. West-cot, cf Lindei, fa., tells of the serious Rfn-ktion cf her sister, Mrs. Mattie which will be held at East Branch oii-"- bK "ur Welr.esdav night, Oct. 26, at 8 p. m.-case of it: Action will be taken ai this time, as ' MrPr Nf lHe Buck' 212 N- Vine St J. E. Armstrong, chairmen of Van' savs: "MJr back otn ached so il Buren township, will be present to was aU 1 could do to keP I The American army lost about 1,000 men in the battle of Brandywine. Charles, row living with her brothers further explain the merits of the or- naa frequent dizzy spells and my kid-irt Montana. Mrs. Charles, who at ,rritmn li ; rni ; rfeys acted irregularly. I used Doan's Kidney Pills from H. W. Hahne's Broyles Electric Company 110 W. Fourth Marion Have the Largest Stock of Lighting Fixtures in this part of Indiana cr,e was a teacher m the rair- FairmouiA townshin. This is a mat- Where can yon find a house for rent, or where can you find a renter for your house. An ad in the classified column of THE NEWS will find one for you. and in a short time the mcur.t schocls. and J most beloved ter of vit.-il n-nortar;ce tn everv farm- drug store left. Mv back was woman bv all who ki.W her, is now : r. ; .i, -n!hin will he well aches and pains almost totallv blind. The letter to ,v,ti, Avi,ie for an trt attend weU Bnt strc,n? and l couid do my wort Westcct is as Mrs. Parrill from Mrs. follows: work with ease. Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't simnlv ask for a kidnev remedv wet The Fa!rmunt township basket ball team vurr.eved to Gas City Saturday NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR No. 3961. Notice is hereby given, That the undersigned has been appointed Administrator of the estate of Ores Hiatt deceased, late of Fairmount Township, Grant County, Indiana. Said Estate is supposed to be solve n't. GEORGE A. HILDRETH, Administrator CHAS. T. PARKER Attorney. Oct. 24-31-Nov. 7 Linden, Iowa, Oct. 7. 1921. where they were defeated in a rough Doan's Kidney Pills the same that and tumble game with Mill township, Mrs. Buck had. Foster-Milburn Co., plared in Rilev hall, score 11-8. The Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement. US. Mv Pear Friend, Yovr card reached me and u seems -oc9 team showed lack of practice and I YOU CANT BUR AN ADVER-TISEMENT IN THIS PAPER. THE o stransre. nave jusv m'n ui team work but. promised to be a strong Were you out-f-town vesterdav? Call Main 265 and tell them about iL tc-r. Mrs. Charles and contender for countv honors with some NEWS IS READ THROUGH. ir.y s v. ho to vi s.t brothers 1 live in Montana. You -u nil cf her dear friends in rair- practice. The line-up for Fairmount was as follows: H. Simmons, A. ILVsloway, guards; B. Deame, R. Mit- : tank. for;-r.:s; P. Barkdu.I, center. ! A return fame will be played with Mill township at Fairmount in the near future. mourt will be pained to know thnt Mrs. C!iar!es is blind and has been for almost two years. ' They went to Montana and bought a small ranch about six years ago, mv brother lives near them. I ca:V.ct tell the real cause, bat we f 1 AchnniniBsihrator's Sale j FORMING GOOD READING HABITS. j If parents wish their children to form good reading habits they must first form such habits themselves. At.'d there is no better way to do this ' than to bring into the household a periodical that will be of interest to every member of it ; that will supply , 11 I! think the doctor injured one eye in an operation and nervousness and over dcir.jr was too much for the ether. Her address is Lindsay, Haitaver county, Montana. We fear she will never be a' le to see again, it's so terrib'e for one so gxod and useful. With kindest regards to all her inquiring friends, I am Sitirerely yours, Mrs. W. D. Westeot. The administrator of the late Mr. S. Hutner's estate has ordered an immediate sale. This announcement coming as it does at the beginning of the Winter Season, will save THOUSANDS C F DOLLARS for the people in this neighborhood. the best reading for old and young. Among the periodicals of this des- ; i cription The Youth's Companion is 'unique. Not ony does it aim to en-! j tertain and inform boys and girls in! their teens, as its name suggests, but to there is not a pace in it that parents CAMPAIGN TO INCREASE CONSUMPTION OF MILK. Special county-wide campaigns can pass over with iiMifference. The 52 issues of 1922 will b? crowd- Sale Began Thursday, the 2 increase consumption of r.iik ar.a dairy products, which will reach ints a large number cf Indiana counties will be waged during the next few months by workers from the Agricultural Extension Department of Purdue University in co-operation with oil with serial stories, short stories, editorials, pmtry, facts and fun. Subscribe now and receive: , l I. The Youth's Companion 52 issues j in 1922. county asrents ana various civic organ-i . . . 5..,- " w f tWe h al- 2- All the remaimng issues of 1921. The Companion Home Calendar for All we can say is WATCH THE MARION PAPERS for the complete announcement. In this sale we have been authorized to sell itat. ij 11 - . i;v. v. - . . -v- ... t - ready been held in Elkhart county. 3 Mere than 12,000 people, or an aver-; age of S4 persons, at each place, at- j tended the meetings in Elkhart eoun- ty. , j Lecturers are sent into the city ; 1922. All for $2.50. Or include McCall's Magazine, the monthly authority on fashions. Both publication, only 3.00. THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, 25. 79c Blue Bandana Handkerchiefs, 6 for StifePs Shadow Striped Overalls, with bib Overcoats for $10.00 schools to speak on milk and its food Underwear at cost and even Less Black, brown and white Socks, pair 9c value and to illustrate the points in Commonwealth Ave. & St. Paul St., various ways for the pupils. They ( Boston, Mass. also, appear before local civic clubs, New Subscriptions Received at this vomen's organizations, etc., and carry ; OiTioe. the message of better health through j , use of milk. Some of the other places LETTER LIST where the campaigrte are scheduled Letters remaining in the nostoffice during the coming months are Hunt-: as advertised for October 18, 1921, Wgton, Shelby and Vigo counties. Men's Suits at a fraction of their worth and Boy's Clothing at sensational reductions. These are hut a few of the many Administrator Prices. Everything must be sold. Our prices have been reduced, bringing immense savings to the public. FARMERS SHORT COURSE AT PURDUE JAN. 9TOH. The annual Farmers SJiort Course will be held at Purdue University at 1 which if not called for in two weeks will be sei;"- to the dad letter office: L. O. Crawford. J. J. Davidson. H. J. Douglas. Mr Feltis. A. H. Gibson. Floyd Hamilton. Geo. Miles. A. M. Thompson. A. Wir'gham. Lafayette, Jan. 9 to 14, according bo announcement by Dean J. H. Skinner, cf the College of Agriculture. The short course is the occasion for a big U aStore Will Be Open Evenings Mrs. Laura E. Cleas. Mrs. Knte Tavis Mis L lith F-kilou. Mrs. Eirly Havmcr. Miss Op.V terry. W. P. VAN ARSDALL, P. M. round-up cf the agricultural f orces in Indiana, including the state corn 1 f how, meetings of many livestock j breed associations, and for hui&reds i of farmers and their wives to make j a annual trip to Purdue University-to keep in touch with university affairs ! For a few days, at least, the store will be open evenings so that the workingman and everyone else can get a chance to buy these WONDERFUL BARGAINS.. NEVER in the HISTORY OF MARION has there been such' wonderful opportunities to save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. the and activities and the work of Agricultural Experiment Station. NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS 9 TUESDAY'S HOG SALE j NOT ACADEMY BENEFIT. The News was in error last Thurs- j day in stating that the big sale ot Big Type Poland China hogs to be i held at the Fairmourfc Academy Ttxes- Correspondence to insure publi cation in Thursday's issue must LOOK FOR THE BIG SIGNS !Rnit QoftMini Co, dav afternoon was for the benefit of! hereafter reach The News office not later than Wednesday noon. This is made necessary because of the much increased amount of work on publication days occasioned by the largety increases circulation Northeast Corner Square Marion, Indiana the Academy fund. This sale is the annual sale of the Grant County Big Typt Poland association, but the following sale at a date in the rfear fiv ture will te for the Academy fund, and for this sale there kare been a large - trumbor of dorHms, which insures an Bering of real merit, and which k ex-reeted to rt a vc'!!y ?w ftr the of The News. Correspondence reaching The News ofSce later than Wednesday noon, and not publish ed In Thursday Issue will appear ra Monday's Issue.

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