The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 12, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1936
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Page 6 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Saturday, December 12, 1936 Wabash Sunday-Monday-Tuesday CLASSIFIED APS Rambling Vienna Vienna covers an area nearly as wide as London and is 'the third largest city on the continent of Europe. Grasshopper Also Flyers When sudiciently stimulated by hunger and heat grasshoppers of some species can change from hoppers to flyers. W Mv. Rates for Classified Ads I MOVIES porson of (J lady a George, noted stage actress who made theatre history last season in almost 700 performances of "Personal Appearance" makes her debut at the Wabash theater beginning Sunday in "Valiant is the Word for Carrie." it Fs a gripping story of a woman who finds her resurrection in raising two homeleg waifn to uiuuhoorf and womanhood. A situation h risen In which she Is forced to make a de and Paid Notices SUNDAY l Flret day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like OOLOKIA PENNIES FKOM. HEAVEN' PALACE one of these). MONDAY There's happiness ahead at the Next two days Insertion: the same c charge (you get three days at Palace Theater, where Ding Cros double the cost of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the by'B latest picture, "Pennies From Heaven" fa due at the midnight show same 8c charge (you get a whole week, six days, at three times the tonight and Sunday and Monday. A THEY SAY YOU TOOK MR. DEEDS TO TOWN... WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME? cost ot one insertion). cast that includes Madge 10 vans Each group of three days there . . after, 8c a line. Mailt Face (like this), 10c per Edith Fellows. Donald Meek and Louis Armstrong, famed king of swing works along with Ding in the cision which moans either Jail for her or revelation of what she was In the long dead past. She makes her decision without compunction or rem opto In one of the most ffrlppliiR and compelling motion picture climaxes to reach the screen In yenrs. "Rah, rah, Football. a headlhi-er musical; Fox Movietone news; and a cartoon, "Klko Foils the Fox" are the short subjects. line. film. : : t The Btory concerns a vugulxind . All clawiiried ads Including memo-rlania and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance except those by troubadour who fulls in wilh a little girl and her improvident grandfather and proceeds to take them un der his somewhat patched up wing r $ i 7 1 ? It ' Th lM'gliiniiiK f a friendship which culiiiltiiH es in one of I he most Iih imitic and compel I Iiip; HInihxch ever Ncitfiir!, dhi'lys (ieotgc, John Howard and Arline Jurist ace (he fiatured playeiH in thm gripping inmia of love :uid sacrillce, showing: at llie V;iiuli on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. regular customers whose accounts re paid monthly or tlione from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter rase the person asking Uie publication of the notice will be held responsible for Ha payment. The child is about to he sent to an orphanage and the man to an old people's home wiien the troubadour t x : COLUMBIA FEATURE SUNDAY-MONDAY hits upon a plan to make enough money for all three of thom to live. SWEETHEART, DEEDS P' J? The county, welfare worker hap FOR SALE Clood coal range and heating stove. 647 Walnut street. t33 Model A .1931 Ford coupe in good MAKES YOU SO SNOOTY? pens to be just the type of girl that joel mci e n the troubadour can love. The features are News. Colored condition. 104 N. 10th. Wil (AIVKTI'KK IX MANHATTAN' '0101 HI A Jean Arthur's captivating charm, so much in evidence as "Mr. Deeds" enamorate and as "The Mrs. Bradford will sparkle anew on the Columbia theater screen starting Sunday when she literally "goes tn town" with .Toel MoCrea in "Adventure in Manhattan," It relates the exciting, escapadee of a prominent detective story author who presumes to predict the theft of various art and jewel treasures. He if assigned to write about theBe crimes-to-be in a series of spe Cartoon and Vitaphone novelty. fiiintiire in loiikiMfi liam Burt. t31 Bteel crib with mattresB, 30x54. $4 Mrs. John Toffolo, Fairview. tSl' REGINALD OWEN THOMAS MITCHELL HERMAN BINS Adapted from th ftory by May Edginton Directed by Edward Ludwig A COLUMBIA PIC1UIE VALIANT IS THE WOHI) FOR CARRIE" WABASH A new and great film star, in the 20c Holly with plenty of berries, per pound. L. W. Hershey. t32 Blackman 905 Child's accordion, street. t31 Horse. Mr. Baldone, Sandytown 131' WILDCATS TAKE CLOSE GAME AT NEWPORT, 23-21 (Continued From I'ae Five) a good location Lunch room i Priced cheap. 227 Mulberry St. Comedy The Three Stooges in "WHOOPS! I'M AN INDIAN!" Movietone News 10c and 15c LAST TIMES TODAY "The Unknown Ranger" with Bob Allen Screen Snapshots - Cartoon "The Story of Steel" cial articles. It is then that he meets Jean Arthur and launches the adventures t hat carry I ho two through every conceivable romantic and melodramatic complication that two young lovers on Broadway could t31 Mack Donnelly, Alfalfa hay. ardsville. get into. For Sale Coal The three stooges in "Whoops. Only 10c I'm an Indian" and Movietone news ,liel McOctt and .lean Arthur drink ea li others health in thai sopliis-UcuIihI coiiiedy "Advent iim in Manhaltan," Mlaleil for the (oltinihia Sunday and Monday. are the added attractions. Night or day. li mile south of Clinton on pavement. Briggs & Louden, phone 64 or 916-4. t33 one-hand toss for a two-pointer In the first minute of play, but the accuracy of Berrisford, Bennett and Bosstick was a thing to behold, and the Wildcats didn't let down for a minute, They couldn't afford to. Clinton's second team lost an exciting game, 22 to 21, to the Newport reserves. Trailing fi to 12 at the half, the Kitens came back with a vengeance and went out in front, 15 to 14, in the third period, but they couldn't pull away and a field goal in the last seconds whipped them. Summary: Wildcats (2) FG FT PF 10c SUN.-MON.-TUE 25c ,1 FOVRTH VEIN COAL, UNIVERSAL, MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK BETTY NO. 5. HARLEY HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. 64tf PREVIEW 11 P. M. ALSO SUN.-MOM. PAID NOTICES Fox Movietone News X "Rah, Rah, Football" Musical Kiko Cartoon i Two acres, 4-room house, barn, poultry house, smoke house, garage, electric lights, fruit. Located i-mile west of Clinton on paved SWING WITH BING IN THE GAYEST FUN-SHOW OF THE NEW SEASON! Berrisford. state highway. Price $1000, 1 cash. Unusual bargain. Write or call C. L. Hartley Sales Auction Co., 672 O f"'- ROMANCE! RHYTHM-M-M! SONGS! SWINGOPATION! Ohio St., Terre Haute, Ind. Phone . trZ ml t31 Crawford-7924. he fought for Bennett, f . Dunn, f Phillips, c . Berto, g . . Bosstick. g Schuman, g Guglielmetti, Sollars, g . Try as jini may, you can't find a H y,..., ii.. i i i mvu a LOVE no man rift that will mean quite so much to your friends as your portrait-it is you. Cashner Studio, t;54 WANTED could ever give her! .959 FG FT PF .300 It) Coal hauling. Call phone 915-12. Andy Johnson. t33 Totals Newport (1 Pearman. f . Newlln, f . . . Laws, f Mack, c Sims, g i 0 0 1 0 0 0 CARRIE, hard, brilliant, gay, who laughed at men and scorned their love, yet who tore , her heart out to save 4 3 3 1 1 3 Salesman to sell Social Security Tax record book. Everyone employing one or more persons is a prospect. Sells for $1.25. Liberal com mission. Schnepp & Barnes, Spring field, Illinois. t31 two lonely kids Jrom A :. For Sale or Trade Van Sickle, g 0 0 2 Guilliams. g 0 0 0 Totals 8 5 8 Referee Hold. Smallest Living Things The smallest living things in the world, one-celled animals or plants called diatomes, must be magnified hundreds of times before it is possible to photograph them. Combination roadster truck for farm equipment. 1027 N. 7lh St t35 MarEcefs CHICAGO, Dec. 12. Livestock: 111 i iri..l,i uimfr-r' - - irr-Ti. , ij " A'P1 Suitor prwih j "Cob and Thatch" "Cob and thatch" is a composition of clay (marl or chalk), gravel and straw used in sections of England, notably the southwest, for the building of walls. HOGS. 6. BOO; steady; holdovers r.oO; top, tl0.25; bulk, $9.75 10.20; heavy, $9.7510.25; medi The ttnif came when Came knew no tnmfict uas loo great ij U brought happiness to fhene luw she lored. um. $9.S0(Fr. 10.25; light, $!.50 wife-) M L-. uioi I f-r"tr ' t c ' " KtfTif ;a :f...,r 1 irswt. 10.00: light lights. $9.oo9.75 packing sows ,9.0Uiji)3.(j5; pigs, LEGAL NOTICES 1 6.00 9.00. CATTLE. 600; steady. Calves "VALIANT IS THE WORD FOR CARRIE" WESLEY RUGGLES ' A For amount Pictur 1H0; steady. Beef steers: good and choice. f 10..00 US 12.50 ; common and medium, 17.00(10.00; year lings, J8.SU 12.75. Butcher cat GLADYS GEORGE ARLINE JUDGE JOHN HOWARD DUDtf DIGGES HARM CARIY ISABfl JEWill tie: belters. 5. 00 11.60; cows. f $4.25(5 7. U0; hulls, $4. 25&6. 25; You Can't Miss It! ONLY 10c-25c SMASH TUNES calves. $5 00 (p 11.00; feeder steers. $4.50 8.25: Blocker steers. $4.60 (f'8.00; stocker cows and heifers. TONITE NOTICE OF KIXAI, KKTTLEMEXT OF ESTATE Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of John S. Wright, deceased, to appear in Vermillion Circuit Court, held at Newport, Indiana, on the 6th day of January, 1937. and show cause, If any, why the Final Settlement Accounts with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirB are notified to then and there make proofs of heirship, and receive their distributive shares. Witness, the Clerk of said Court, this loth day of December. 1936. EVEItETT E. HHOADES. Clerk Vermillion Circuit Court. 1212-19-2636 4.5O6.50. "OH SUSANNA GENE AUTRY SHEEP, 500; steady: medium in and choice lambs, $S. 50(9. 25 culls and common. $6.50 Ifr 8.00 yearlings. $6.00ft8.00; common in TONITE LAST TIMES "Darkest Africa" BINGO CLYDE BEATTY CARTOON AND COMEDY JOHN WAYNE and NAN CRAY in X "THE SEA SPOILERS" "Ace Drummond" Popeye Cartoon I "Going Places" ! and choice ewes. $2.504.00; feed cr lambs, I5.00&8.00. Dec. 12. Wheal CHICAGO, opened to e higher today, re By Brandon Walsh A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND Corn was to 'sic off and Oats V4 to y, c off. WHEAT: Dec.. 127: May. 123H-44; July. 10994. CORN: (new) Dec.. 107-H; May, 102VS; July, 98-; (oldi May, 100(-14. OATS: Dec, 48-; May, 46 i; July, 44. oon feu unoWS'wjd? ltMltlH",, Santa CuuS nseos -2J THOU&AMOS OF 0 o fni slWoS sJ w ( serous RFWPfeS too rtS VHEW! THAT'S WHAT 00 A UMOOFP SiEiGHS-Cf'NMB? MUST HAVE lfIM-(t AAAKES "WEAA MY MvlD-f" ttto WAV To VlSrt SANTA CIMS.ABS PEli6HTP to V-Hcm THEY me 4Rtvi JUSrirVTiME L CAW- f laoovs I roa ? cow. MERE 1 xrJOW 15 CEAW rOAAE THE .1 CiOUPSJ 1 Jonquil and Narcissus . The name jonquil is often hardy narcissus. They are really a distinct species, distinguished by nearly round, rush-like foliage and small golden-yellow, medium to short-cupped flowers, usually borne more than one on a stem, and Lave a more marked fragrance than most other types. Daffodil is a common name applied to any kind of narcissus, but which correctly refers to several of the hardy type, especially the larger, single flowered trumpet sort It is not the same as a jonquil. n grin &C T ims mi

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