The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 24, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, October 24, 1921
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FP T. E FAIBMOTOJT NEW TR1XTED FOR A rURTOSE TO nELP FAIRM6UXT GROAV TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-fourth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1921 Number 95 h MARION FEARS CENTER NOW HAS Tj ID MOTOR TRUCKS BALK STRIKE ART EXHIBIT AT HIGH SCHOOL Funeral Notice Later LOSS OF HONOR! A NEW TRUSTEE "WONDER FIVE ROOTERS SET UP A HOWL OVER FAIR-MOUNTS "AUDACITY AUDITORHUNT APPOINTS JAMES S. COR RETT TO TAKE OVER CLIFTON'S OFFICE BIG FLEET OF GASOLINE WAGONS READY TO MOVE FREIGHT IN CASE OF TIEUP Roads of Indiana in Excellent Condition for Hauling of Heavy Traffic and Huge Amount of Tonnage Can Be Moved Throughout the State Each 24 Hours. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THREE DAYS SHOWING OF PICTURES BY FAMOUS ARTISTS Collection of More Than Two Hundred Sketches, Drawings and Photo-graps to be Exhibited Showing Masterpieces From Noted Galleries All Over the World. Fairmovunt people this year are to Evidentlv Fear That Loss of County Tournament Will Force Their Bas- ! ket Ball Team to Play a Square Game Strong Opposition to Marion is Developing. TVe statement made in the last is- t lit the event the state highway de I partment is called upon by Governor Warren T. McCray to mobilize motor j trucks for transporting food stuffs j iue 0f TVe New that Fairmount m- Dcen appomiea o toumj .-i,iwr te-ded to make a strenuous effort to Hunt to the office of trustee for Censure the countv basket ball touna-ter township, to Jill the vacancy element broueht a Vick fall from Ma-; ed by the disarrcaraifce of James rion fans and Marion papers. The j Clifton, for whom a warrant is out on Marion evening parer Friday devoted ' complaint of the exammaters for the h-f a"colur"2 to the ambitions of Fair- ; state board of accountants charging -h1 somewhat at ! misappropriation of funds. Mr. Cor- ana necessities to relieve suiiering inilA"IU11' 13 l" oe neiu unuer tne Indiana occasiorA?d bv a rail t.ieun. a ! pices of Fairmount hich school and 'agat uch impertinence. The in the Marion paper laid great j length fleet of at least 500 big motors will ; wiI1 continue for three successive ev-be available simultaneously and start , enings so that all may have opportun-operating upon a moment's notice 'ty lo become acquainted with the from various parts of the state, Law- master artists as well as many of the rence Lyons, department director, has j master pieces of - art. anrouneed. j The exhibit this year will corsist of "Governor McCray has indicated j two hundred carbon photographs and that in an emergency he will call up- j engravings reproducing many of the on the highway motor transportation j master pieces of the world loaned by department. We can place at least j the Elson Art company of Belmont, -tresS on the fact that Civic hall can ; to be an exceedingly busy man. Mr. j be jammed and packed with several j Corbett states that he is opening up more hundred peorle than would be an entirely new set of books, so that possible hi the new Fairmount high ! affairs of the office under his manage- : school -y-i , and argued from this will in no way be confused with ; that M?"ron was naturally the only . those under Clifton. -p'ace in Grant countv that a basket! W. J. Twiname, of the state board of : ball tournment could be successfully accountants, who has been in Marion, KIWANIS CLUB TO BE HOSTS i REUNION DAY WILL BE BIG ALL ARRANGEMENTS FOR SHAM BATTLE AND GATHERING OF EX-SERYICE MEN MADE Expected That 2,500 Men in Uniform Will Be Here on Wednesday to Participate in the Events of the Day Many Prominent Men Also Coming Members of Lee Winslow post, . r xr : t t ' l i . t-irttiH:5 r uinn ci&, nac .m j vroiii-romnrtc i-,-il rf i-.l f.v -,t ln'ir ' .iv. i.-- vnnj-iv . .f, so i ill ere rpiirion rmo n:irT'o rn np staged in Fairmount on WedtA?sday J of this week, and all that remains tolof that church serving the supper, make the affair a complete success is the action of the weatherman. Should he be kind enough to give fair weath- J er it is predicted that there win De m Fairmount on that day such a crowd ( as was i.ever seen here before. ord I received from V. F. W Legion men from all and American j over Eastern I Indiana is to the efftf that they are 1 preparing to come in full force, while I arrangements for the "war enuro- ;"00 trucks of from three to five ton capacity each at his disposal immedi- jately aiM can augment this by at least 100 aditional motors within a few days as we are expecting another consignment from the Federal gov- eminent shortly." Mr. Lyons says that Indiana roads . .... were lfover in better condition for; heavy emergency traffic than now. There are less than 25 detours on ap- proximately 3300 miles in the state highway system of roads a condition not equaled in any state in the Uiion where extensive highway development IS in PrOCrOSS. with iir. i.vnns rainira oul iiieil 500 motor trucks available at once, and estimating the average haul would be six miles, these trucks could haiMle 8,000 tons of freight each day. In other words the average capacity per truck is 3-tons, giving tne ouu cars 1500 tons capacity. Estimating! each truck would travel 30 miles each day, this fleet for emergency relief represents a means of handling 45.000 tons of freight if only moved oik mile a day. Tonnage handled would natur- a v be lessened as mileage increased. . ..fv. to euiei nvin.v nami. On the National road betweei In dianapolis and Terre Haute there o two detours On the -a road east OI mis Cliy mere a its uuil imv-ir w.-iv.ui o The Range Line road is open between this city and South Beid, with one detour near Kokomo. The road from here to Columbus, Seymour and Louisville ha3 a bridge detour near Seymour. Between Indianapolis, Lebanon and Chi- i , . . Ti;,r.. cago there are no detours m Indiara, . , .r. t . T-J while on the Michigan road, Indian apolis to Madison via Shelbyville and Greensburg, there is one short detour ! j j I , j j I . WILL ENTERTAIN BIG MEN OF STATE AT MEETING WEDNESDAY EVENING Supper to he Served in Congregational Church Secretary of State Ed. Jackson and Governor M'Cray to Be Guests of the Club With Possibly Others. , The first regular meeting of the -., ; . . . . t.-;..., club since its offi- i muutii. xvimcxius cial untrv intn iha Iviwania wnvlit will ,.1.. ... .. . .. ne iieiii next mi uav ot'iin u jii the Congregational church, the ladies Supper will be served promptly at 6:30 o'clock, and the meeting will last only the regulation hour, so that all win oe over m ampie time ior an iyi- wanians to participate in and cijoy the activities of that evening. And there will be plenty of activi- ties, for next Wednesday is the day of the big soldiers reunion aikl sham battle being sponsored by Loo Wins- low post ot the eterans ot r oreign Kiwanis C1U0 next canesuay evening - iu v- wi w'vv. m ' " ' . Vac arranged to have as its iruests on ' f !t that occasion the prominent men the state who are to be here theiJ. be a guest of the club, as will also Governor McCray, should he be able : to be here as he has informed the members of the Lee Winslow post he intends to be should it be at all possible for him to get away from his omce in me stare nouse at inai time, ru : t .ff - 1 1 i i . . .1 . a; VlllCl UIUIILIIIVUL 1 1 1 v. 1 1 yj . -wilt Otaic vrnvr v . .ii. tu are expeced will also be the guests of the club, and every Kiwaniari is expected to be present promptly. n-i . ? a. t 1 f ' ! ment" for the sham battle anVl all j Wars, and it is expected that there ( survey of the market highways paraphanalia to make the affair real- will be the biggest crowd of visitors of Indiana discloses that trunk lines istic in every way have boon success-! here Fairmount was ever called upon jtto Indianapolis connect with all see-fully completed. It is stated that . to entertain. ' tions of this state an.l without excep-some 2,500 men in uniform will be j Because of this the meeting of the niendid condition and open 'State Board of Examiners Now Going Into Affairs of Roosevelt Srhool Thoroughly and Investigation Expected to Develop Something of a Sensation. - - win, v.. bett assume.! the duties of his office; last week and since has fouiAl himself & s.rucuoti iu i'w'tu iuu.w i IiMiu..apu.o Friday, to mam for several days Mr. Twin- ame has not completed his work here, it is expected that some little time will elapse before this is done. j A remarkable condition of affairs ( the Roosevelt school. Just what . those facts are. it is impossible to t this time. However, it is ..i i j i tnoucnt me invesiig.iixoi.- nus ueti- , c 1 open a numoer '-'i ; i. im"!; kivu-rr u ; o thAv.nic i v pvaii - hied r.nd all phases of the construe- ! tion, and materials entered into the ' const rue action were considered. i The accountants will likely make a rer:rt on Mr Clifton's work before their audit is completed. They are examining the records of all the of-' V-rrs md o'dinarily would not make report cf any officer, until all have Vur.f-.Ti evj-nv.iiJ-ed- However, in view of the circumstances it Is the general im- pression an exception will be made in tnis case. Tn -i-H- event, this is the general rvactiee followed over the state. alt'-H ugh the acrour.tai.'cs selves refuse to discuss the matter in any way whatsoever. There is a well authenticated opm- ,-,..,f tV,rt -j.-i'-ntifits. 1 kIt4- i-vvi- "- " lilt i . i v . 1 - v.... T V.'ntl lliace. Will prOe a CII-liO:i. il - ... . . i . u i n-:il Ko a Hie uciiviai uiu it.v.. . .. pace Thp acccuntants examined two hundred witnesses.! ORCHESTRA SCOPES HIT WITH AUDIENCE First Number of Concert Course by Masons and Eastern Star Pronounced Success I A large and most appreciative audience filled the high school auditorium on last Thursday night and was delightfully entertahJed by the Festival Orfhestr the first number in the series of concerts to be given during the fall and winter under the auspices rf tViA Masonic and Eastern Star lodges. The comparjy presented aj program of standard and popular music varied enough to suit the tastes of all, and each number was enthusi astically applauded, the musicians be- obliged to respond to repeated en- chores. These composing the orchestra proved themselves to be musicians of the highest skill, and their playitfe was pronounced to rank with the very best ever heard in Fairmount, and when that is said, much is said. The program of the evening included the beautiful Gondola Melodies, which were decidedly delightful with the per fect rendition given by the musicians. The next number in the course will be the Chicago Concert Players on Nov. 24. INTERM EDI ATE C. E. HOLDS MONTHLY MEETING. The members of the Intermediate Christian Endeavor of the FrierMs church last Thursday evening held their monthly business meeting which was followed by a social session. The meeting was held in the basement of the church and ati apple social was the diversion of the social hour in which games and contests formed a very happy feature of the evening's enter- tainment, and refreshments consist- ing of apple pie, cheese, punch were served. and fruit ! ! have the opportunity to attend an Art Exhibit, the first one to be held in tllis community in maiy years. The Mass. The dates of the exhibit will be Nov. 2, 3, and 4, arAl the pictures be displayed in the high school auditorium and art room. The pro- coeds from the exhibit are to be used purchasing new pictures for the assembly room and the new class rooms- rr-l. ,1 .... nis collection oi pictures wnich lo- cal people will have opportuniy to see is ai unusually large one and contains only the very best reproductions of the masterpieces of art of the different countries and periods. Nearly every ganery and country in the world would i have to be visited to seo the original P'ctures which are here brought to- ; father in one collection. Besides the "'" r"uJ i" e..uiiK an lM- P,incipai scnoois ot art there are ai? a number ot repro.Iuoti. ns of t-uipiure, aicnuociurii and mi- This exhibit is a matter in which everyone in tne community shouul be in. crested. It is a part of the school work to inculcate the qualities cf culture atd refinement in the children through whatever means may be at uijiisai, a. ti me art exploit is only one means of acconi.ili.-h!ng this. The wholesome and refining iiu'unce of pictures of the right sort on the school walls is lAnv recognized as one of the most valuable mean's of securing this end. The funds for purchas ing such pictures, as well as the opportunity to make a selection from a number of is se- lon. The high school art class under the direction of Miss Mary Sample, head of the music aiAI art department, will have charge of the exhibit. For some time the members of the art class have been studying the various great artists and their masterpieces so that each member of the class will be prepared to explain and tell many interesting facts about each picture in the exhibit as well as about its aifd author of each picture as well as some interesting facts about it. Some entertainment will be furnished each evening to supplement the exhibit. This will probably consist of music by the high school orchestras as well as by the choruses possibly in addition to some special art poses atAl groupings. An art exhibit is a big educational factor in any community. It is only one of several big things being put across by the students of the local high school this year, but this, like the other undertakings, is something deserving of the interest and support of everyone in the community and everyone should make it a point to be present at least one of the evenings on which the exhibit is being held. Detailed announcement regarding the program for the evenings during the exhibit will be made later. EDUCATIONAL DAY AT LITTLE RIDGE. Next Sunday will be Educational Day at Little Ridge church, and plans are being made for a day of unusual interest. Rev. Enos Harvey of Nob- lesville will speak at the morning ser vice, and people who once taught in Liberty township will have charge of the day's program, which will begirf with Sunday school at 9:45. Teachers of the township, Academy and high school graduates, colleges and university students will be recognized in a special way. All are invited. held. The Marion writer, r.ovevi,; foU ci,,- .- dvir-o- ar.vth-.Tr snout uitabilitv in the way of equipmen. 3; e mn.'h Ixv-sted Maon Civic hall as ; the' new Fairmount gym. The fact; of the matter i that the rew Fair- ; ,.-u-t rich school gym., will be bet- j . to accommodate ail me , jwd-r.t far,? who will attci:-i a io rniintv tournament than ar. iacAv t :-.vthing Ma- - " i a.-.tVay- fact to be Tl 4'-.A f 1 1 K.tM V i - - v i . - - - - - . ; !,--5;m tr-t at tne taKt-' i'--0 - rtrf-sent time. ..fv- ,5,. to pe Con- siderable doubt of Marions -Wonder Wine- r.ble W secure the use of Civic hall at all. Should they fail to .u;. w.,-; wHl bo entirely r.f tv runnh.'c. and not in a posi- .. .. . i nsdei-ed for T-ATI TO et-: il?.- v sav nothing of a ' " " 's the county meet district meet. nothtr tlvng that may be worry ;r- the Marion" tans may V V be the fact that Fairmount fans are not the ordy who are pu'lir.g for a change of location for the county touvnameic. The tactics of Marions "Wonder Five" to win by fair means or foul, are so well known over the county that thoe ; ct-r-AT-.o-- r.-orvositioi' to Marion as er.- titlel to any recognition long the lir.e in t-c"-.- ... , not be fairy usel. .. -j-. - ...... Fiirl'iunt may possibly r.t be the 1 " - . 4. ii, aK ior me cjiuj HJU1.....1.V..., is developing such a strong opposoa . to Marion that the poxver t j tb.e fixing of f-me av.d place vid ft. .a teat mere are ; other than those of Marion. Fairmount high school this year will have a basket ball five that will make all opponents sit up and take notice. The decisive victory of the team over the Alumni last Wednesday night was a revelation as to the material Coach Walters has to pick his winning five from this year, and it has been remarked by those who are in a positioiJ to know basket ball players when they have a chance to see them in action, and who are not attached to the high school faculty or team, that the high school this year will have a team that will be able to give them all a run for their money, not only for county aiAI district honors, but should be in the running for the state championship. And that's what the Fairmount fans are pulling for the state champioifehip. W. C. T. U. MEETS WITH LEORA BOGUE. The W. C. T. y. met Friday afternoon in regular sessiot at the home of Miss Leora Bogue with sixteen members present. In the absence of the president, Mrs. Ed. Hollingsworth, ftfrs. Ora E. Winslow, vice president, n resided. It was voted at this meet ing to change the hour of meeting from 2:30 p. m. to 2 p. m. In addition to the regular routine program of the society, reports of the state convention recently held at Elkhart were giv- en Mrs. Emma Mittank and Mrs Mary Dicks who represented the local TTrKon at the convention. These re ports were very complete and proved both an uplift and an incentive to the Fairmount Union. Charles Dean afld family of Hartford City spent Sunday with David Jones and family. Their daughter, who has been spending her vacation .tkom ac tV.o TMft of Miss Francis " Jones returned home with them. rt - and iuts, say ' . Tti a ! 11 ; j. 1 in RiDlev courfty near Versailles. The., , & ; m xvipivy vuu. , be on hands which will mve the name ine C1UD anticipates some real ive;Tj:- , ... . , , , times at these weekly luncheons, which . . . x , . . . a;; a . . . . - . . , ! ing into Ohio is m fine condition, as will now be a regular part of the club's . . T , . nr.- j . I likewise is the Indianapolis to Mart- program of activities, and matters). .,, , . . t. tnj;,n w T i j i. mj- l msville highway. Irr fact Indiana now pertaining to the welfare and building 1 . . . . . ... j T has eight main market highways in of a bigger and greater Fairmount . , m . anv ,! here to navtieinnte m the event's vt i 1 --- - -- . I I - t it i . uic dim mili juvniiii-ri.t m-cn f i-H-vm nvt.i- tViA ctate will nli- li Vii-p . . v . . . v.-w. . ..... - " tary of state. The Grant County Red Cross will b? o emergpncy tent on the battlefield, aecordiife to announce ment made by Miss Lillian Baker, in charge of the county headquarters in Marion. REPUBLICANS WILL HAVE BIG MEETING Announcement Made for Gathering of Clans at Telbax, Hall on Next Monday Night Fairmount Republicans intend to make .the last week of the local cam paign a lively one, and to start things off the committee has announced a big meetirfe to be held in Telbax hall on next Monday night, Oct. 31, at which there will be an abundance of music and "good things to eat, in addition to speeches by several promin-eiA; speakers as well as local speakers. Candidates are getting busy and all have been actively at woi-k looking after their interests during the oast week, and indications are that the time between now arAd the day of election will see some of the hardest work done known in a local campaign for a long time. "Issues" are not being talked much, but it is said that there are "issues" and the fight for victory at the polls will be fought to a fir.'ish. The fact that the women have an equal voice with the men in the coming election makes figuring on the result something of an uncertainty as compared with former years. ! NEW WrATER LINE FOR HENLEY AVENUE. Street Commissioner Isaac Malone is in charge of the laying of a two inch water line, which commences on Henley avenue, goes west to the alley in the rear of Mill street, then travels north several blocks, completing the j circuit. This new line, it is thought j will greatly improve the service in that part of town. ' i i 1 t 1 will at all times have the active co- ' operation and assistance of the club, Kiwanis emblems are appearing on the windows of the stores the pro- prietors of which are Kiwaris members. FORMER FAIRMOUNTERS DO WrELL IN CALIFORNIA. Mrs. Sherman E. Kirk, of Porter- ville, Cal., sends to The News a copy of the Porterville Daily (Messenger, a special edition consisting, of 24 pages in which the merchants of the city unite in advertising a three days merchandising offering of exceptional values. The idea was orginated by the newspaper, the merchants joining in and aiding in putting over the biggest trade event ht the history of the city. Among the advertisers is noted traffic demand that may arise. According to highway officials it is difficult to estimate the number of motor trucks in this state available in case of a railroad tieup. "The excellence of Indiana highways has created a peculiar situation in that there is not a day passes but we receive inquiries from owners wishing hauling contracts," Mr. Lyons says. "I believe that many hundreds of trucks are available for transporting emergency freight upon short notice providing conditions demand such ac- itton. I am positive that our state hie-hwavs are in condition to care for this potential heavy traffic. ENTERTAINED FOR GUESTS FROM CHICAGO. on South Factory street in honor of Mrr arAl Mrs. Rudolph Thum of Chicago, the following: Mr. and Mrs. ( Harry Nestleroad and children of I Swayzee, Mrs. Olive Sutton of Marion, ; Miss Florence Jones and Mr. Hatfield, jof Marionj Mrs. Opal Bilbee of War- jren, Mr. and Mrs. Ruth PlarA:k and children, Mrs. Louis Henley and dau- ghter Marie and Osborne and Hazel Rush. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served at a late hour. the Kirk Millinery shop, "the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Rush enter-exclusive styles." Mrs. Kirk writes i tained Tuesday evening at their home that they have moved their store into a new and prominent location giving them much more room than they formerly had, enabling them to make a much better showing of their stock. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk are well known in Fairmount, their former home. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Christopher .were the Sunday guests of Mrs. Chris- j topher's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I Bell and family.

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