The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 12, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Saturday, December 12, 1936
Page 4
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Page Four The Daily Clintonlart, Clinton, Indian Saturday, December 12, 1936 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN round d 1VU died, Just a few li on rat before, from heart attack. He who laughs last, eh?! , Ignorance of the law applies to society law, hut It also applies to His lawa. You can hurt no one, In other words, without It being a boomerang to you. Established n I'ln' Weekly Cllntonlan 1890 The Clinton I'liiindealcr absorbed lu 1908. George L. Carey Editor and Publisher Bntered at the I'oatofllcG ut Clinton, Indliina, 08 Second Class Matter. Letters qfETV SANTA y CLAPS 0 SYNOPSIS Christie went Into the hall. Adele, Christina Cooper. 1 7 and lovely, pretty, charminulv groomed, hi her hand on the doctor's arm, smil in th daughter of the rich and eccentric Adolphui Cooper, who ing up at him as ahe talked. Member Indtunu Republican Editorial Association National Advertising Representative: (1KO. M. 1IAVII) I'll. tnn WilKli'v Wdg.. Chli-ngn. 1-11J tjpnprnl Mi.t UH , 1 1 tn 1 1 110 Hunt I'Jnd St., New York Christie must have burst upon them moat ungraciously. She cared nothing for them or what they thought of her. It was of the sick Died without a will. But Christie didn't know It, and at that time the wouldn't have cared. She only knew that he was gone forever, and no one would ever, ever take hia place. e Gene sent flowere. Aunt Nettle looked at the eard, smiled tearfully. "Gene Duboia that'a the old man that kept the dairy, I never did feel it waa clean, but poor aouit Think nude nil money In the Klondike, nerer apeahe of the past and hatee cities. While he dreams of the. great thinga he will do for Christie by and by, (he becomea secretly engaged to a childhood Princeton, Iiid., Dec, 7. 1930. Dour Rantu Clans, I am n llllle girl four years old man that ahe was thinking. Momentous! What most Interesting American wnmnn has returned the "snub' given her by a rerlnln Indispensable Mr. fluid win? 1 wonder If aha la rated to piny "Jackie Horner" and hunt a much needed oorner tn nurse nil nchlnc heart! "I want a consultation, or what A.J, J,i!.l' ever you call it I I want you to ret sweetheart. Gene. Duboia, who Phone I I 7 My little liroihpr is two years old Phone 41 oromotlv breaka her heart by for' another doctor to ace my father IMi'iisp Santa, I want yon to bring iota or tnem, tne Destt" she cried In lue a nice doll, and little brother. voice that waa loud and harsh bidding her to speak of their love to anyone. He goes to the city without kidding Chriatle goodbye. Cnnhed at fint by Gene's seeming of him sending to the city for floweri!" wagon. And lots of candy, mils. and went echoing alarmingly down the white halls. Nettie thought that Gene wai old Christie. I'm sure vou're not desertion of her, Chriatle teeia better when aha receives a letter Pete, his father. arid nmngps. Don't fowl my grandpa and grandma Pierce and also John, Dill and Wild Pierce. As 1,miIi a liny A honk Is n friend. I gtlesa Hint's and sentimental Doem from htm. yourself," Adele aaid gently but firmly. And you musn't make any more troeble for poor mother i " Now that Adolphui waa dead, and he would never have to go back to THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM t 1. To further rvery intcrcit of Parke and Vermillion countiea. 2. To aaiiat the revival of Ihe Indiana coal mining Industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County' unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moat attractive city of iti site in the Mate. Aunt Nettie, Adolphui' eecond wife and Chriatie'a late mother' the mountains, ahe thought with love and affection of the "quaint "Troul lei Do you think I'm ao ' vim- your little friends. Alberta Davie I,cp Chambers, Why ao many people treat "em rough. sitter, returna from a trip with her ing to ait and watch my father die. charactera" whom she had nerer bothered to know. to save your mother troublel I want daughtere, laabelle ana Aaeie. Chrittie doee not care for Aunt different doctors I want to CURE Christie aaid nothing, she hadn't, Nor ih 3rd St.. Clinton. Ind., Nettie but triea to bide her feel him I THE STARS SAY the heart. ingt. Aa to the girla, ehe doea not Aunt Nettle had come into the She had the uneasy feelina- of be pretend to like them nor tney ner. 1.. i !ik -'.. 'a December 10, 19311. Dear Sanin Clause 1 am a liitle boy ft years old for (.KNUVII VU KIMIII,!' Hy ing an unexpected guest who has stayed too long. Until after the l ne summer passes wiui wsn. lettera arrowing further and fur For Hiiiiday, December lit corridor, too. She put her arm around the violent shaking girl. Her own hysteria had passed, and she waa calm again. "Leave her to me, please, Donald," ehe aaid. "And I OLD ADAGE WINS "Few die and none resign," the old phrase referring lo officeholders, look a tumble when M.iyor William N. MrNair of Pittsburgh recently resigned. The adage, however, gained its ground when, in a few days the eentleman reconsidered and attempted lo withdraw his resigna ChrM-miis I want n gun a car shoes Sunday's horoscope holds portents funeral Aunt Nettie kept to her room. The girls went in and out and maids brought up trays and big mauve yellow and Dink boxes sent ther apart. Gene told her he was tudying nighta and Christie tried to convince heraelf that ehe waa lad he didn't write, for it meant of a rather adverse and iinxlous think, a sedative ' It was then that the understand state of affairs as fur as ordinary on approval. . ing, the friendship that waa more matters are concerned. In these ne was woraing tor tneir ruiure. i Honolulu. Adele met young Di But when Christie went up. a maid who waa dusting in the hall there may be sudden change and dis than Iriendsnip, came to being between Donald Latham and Chris tine. said, "I don't believe I would, Miss. Latham. Shortly after their return, Aunt Nettie auddenly developed a ainua condition. At her lug- ruptions or other neurrenees of. Madame is still prostrated and doc Something about the way he disintegrating nature. tor Baid she wasn't to sea any but the family." talked to her, not "shushing" her, not giving her false hope, just un If TliU Is Your llln Inlay Christie turned and came down derstanding, i 'i nose whose hlrlhday It Is may gee. Ion, Adolphua decides to close the old house and move to Piedmont. Chrittie becomea liatleta and her father, not knowing about Gene, worriet about her. Thinking ' aha needa a change, he aenda her stairs again. Mavbe ahe wasn't "the familv." I know," he said. "I know be anticipate a year of sudden change nd unforeseen events, disruptive cause I'd feel that way, too. I am afraid it won't do much good, but at least we'll know that we did but Aunt Nettie waa certainly all the family ahe had! to a fashionable achool in the eatt and devastating at the start, but cul A wave of aelf-Ditv aweDt over and nnlM. Pies dont forget my 'irnlher filters. Mother and father. Vonr fripnd MI'RL LRU TAYLOR. Dear Santa Clansp I am a little girl D years old for Christmas want a doll, dishps and a crab eet and some candy, nnd oranges and nut". Please don't forgot sister, brother mm her and father. Your iriend At! NHS ANN' T-XYLOR. Dear Santa Clause I am a little hoy 11 years old for Christinas I' want a book cap and fountain ten set candy manges mils dnnt forget my brothers sister, mother and father. Your friend CLYDE TAYLOR. her, bringing a mist of tears to her initialing In progress uud changei everything. And there's always a chance, you know always a chance " Chrittie goea without a word, but her email world crumblee. Shortly after, Adolphua if etricken with pneumonia. Dr. Latham attend! fortunes. eyes, a lump in her throat. If Dad had lived. . So the new doctors came. Four A child horn on this day may be But he waa dead now. and in him. The old man tpeaka of Mi mi of them. Four distinguished men. HI .- j .. 7 - ... talented and capable In many scien death he no longer belonged to her. He belonged to Aunt Nettle, who tion. The courts, however, rule thai the resignation is beyond recall. TAKING' TALK DOESN'T HURT With Germany, Italy and Japan apparently ready to mak? common cause of their own unrest and to match their power against that which may be arrayed to stop their "civilization" of lesser areas, the democratic nations of the world are "taking" a lot of talk in their effort to piovent war. Soviet Russia, however, is not so mild. Its leaders meet challenge with challenge and boasti with more boasting. Foreign Minister Litvinoff, for example, referring to the fascist challenges to 'peace-loving democratic states," hopes that "before long those slntes will stand up to them." When this happens, the wcrld will have another war because Germany, Italy and Japan will never surrender their dreams and become second rate powers voluntarily. So it might be wiser, just now, for democratic nations to "take" the ta'k. hla flrat wife and ber eucceaa aa I ballad linger. Aunt Nettie ia an jvucjr emu tvvnsive, BUUluulg things. Nettle listened arratefully. tific or untried directions, with aci waa prostrated in her room and online tendencies or yearnings lor But the young doctor took Christie out to them. noyed. CHAPTER X could only see the family. He belonged to People. People she had never seen before. People who adventure in strange places. It "I know she'd rather have the truth," he said, and he held her nnoniii annul tnese ana nave an en called and shook hands, and talked hand in his when the eldest of them joyable private life. "Doctor, you must tell him not to tire himself, talking ao much I" ahe had aaid sharply too aharply, and the doctor had smiled. Dr. Latham, to whom ahe had tried ao hard to shook his head and aaid, "I m sorry, my dear. I think two or three dayi jt most." give a different Impression. For Monday, December I I ihe girls took Nettie home. She was worn, and ill. "Really, Adolphua, Dr. Latham will misunderstand I You aeo, my Christie stayed. She sat with her Monday's astrologlcnl forecast Is very happy one, with many signs litter " hands in her lap, looking out of the window, into the dark. of fortuitous and agreeable condi "You've no call to be ashamed of She tried to think, to nlan. to about Adolphua aa if he had been aomeone else. They used words she had never thought of, in connection with him. "Public benefactor . . . charity . . . civic affairs . . . financial power. ..." u .. She clipped out things that were written about him in the papers. Things she had never known. That he waa a director in two banks, that he was one of the founders of the Opera association (Dad, who used to hum "Turkey in the Straw" and "Seeln' Nellie Home"), even that he was a native of Missouri. She had nerer known that. He'd never talked about himself. He'd never even told her atoriea about when he was a little bov. It had your lister I" he had cut In angrily, "She waa a .rood ffirl. Miml waat . , tions, both in the business and private lives. THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live tnimc 01 one little thing that could be done for him, but no thoughts yea, a good girl ... but gay. I kept came. her down too much . . Mebbe If 1 If This Is Vonr liiil Inlay Sometimes she held Adolnhus1 A FRENCH TRAGEDY The French minister of interior, Roger Salengro, committe hadn't taken her up to the moun tains ahe might have lived longer. She had only the little one for com limp, hot hand in hers, sometimes she tried to whisper to him, but he had gone where she could not reach him. Already, she was alone. Ex suicide because of continued attacks by his enemies, charging him pany . . . ehe fretted. But I waa a cept for uene. . . . fool then ; I didn t ace it. A jealoue fool. Well . . . it'a done now. It puts me in mind of the Nettle, you with having deserted to the Germans during the World war, im pugning his patriotism and bravery during those tragic days. It was selfish to want Gene so badly, to think of herself and her There's so many trials a goin' on now. I wonder just what they all mean to you? There are two different kinds, a law as 1 see It. Now there's the liind a law that society enforces. Thai kinda' law takes keer of most waitln lor eomethtn'T" own need for comfort and love, when It worried her ao . . . Dr. Latham, The steady fire of accusation against the political office-holdef been Miml who told the atories, and they were all about Grandma Ged-des' home in Chicago, the big grey stone house that they took Christie to for a while after Mimi died, the bleak grav house with cuDids and Adele'a friend, listening to tboee ner tauier lay dying. When ahe could bear it no longer was maintained by his political enemies, although it was shown that awini atonal. . . . She dldnt have lone- to worry. inor.e wnose Birthday It Is may be prepared for a year in which a sudden turn In the tide of affairs will bring great joy, surprise, gratification nnd culminations of desired objectives. Sudden news from a diBtnnee seeing to actuate this realization, with reactions In an Intriguing or secret friendship or ro-mnnce. A child horn on this day imay have excellent, talents and qualities, with an outstanding, mentality in professional or scientific vocations, It may have a spectacular career and, nt the same time, he noble, generous and gracious. she went downstairs to the telephone booth, put in a long-distance call for him. a court-martial at the time had acquitted him in his absence and not o' the wrong doin's that you and I That night Adolphua went Into the sleep coma, the doctor called it yellow rosea frescoed on the draw ing room ceiling, and a white bear skin rug the children Weren't allowed to play with. They couldn't locate him. so she withstanding the chamber of deputies, political enemies included. could ever do. Hut, friends, there's even anoth Irom which he waa to rouae only hung up and hurried, conscience- once again. stricken, back to the sickroom. had voted overwhelmingly its faith in his integrity. The only story Dad had ever told er kind o' law thai lakes keer of They aent for Chriatie then. She L here was no change. Toward midnight she went down The personal attacks, according to the suicide note left by the her wasn't a story at all. "I'll tell you a story about Johnny McGorry, and now my story's be- came by plane. A fragile, wnite-faced airf in a amart New York stairs again, sent him a telegram sking him to come. She was costume, and dark circles under her eyea. incredible, the change that a fun. I'll tell you another about ohnny's brother, and now my story's done " little ashamed of her weakness, but be waa her only friend, he could not few abort weeka had made. ran her now. and he wouldn't, when Mot a word about himself, and the She eat by the old nun's bed, In an agony of waiting, for hours that he knew. things that all these strangers knew. All that night she aat by the win Mow little she had known him, to whom ahe had been so close. knew no measure. He lay like a log, surrounded by nurses, hot-house flowen, a nearly hysterical Nettie, and her two dutiful, reluctant dow, and just before morning when her eyea had closed from weariness, the nurse spoke. "I think he'll know Hip ivronr.i I've just mentioned, 'n then some. Probably all of you are acquainted wilb the Kddie Cantor and Dave Kieedniun Dial. Well there's Hip oilier kind o' law. People bad packed the court room to bear, what promised lo lie, a inirlhiiil court proceeding because belli men concerned were known as iiikesli'i-s. And Ihen the Croat Law took things in His hands and Dave Kreiilniau diil not appear for proceedings- the case was dismissed whb the sad news Hint DRve had And now he was far away. She tried to find him. where he minister, was responsible for ihe premature death of his wife, goaded into desperation by what she considered the injustice of the charges. Tired with his duties and unable to bear up under the .train upon his sensitive nature, Minister Salengro sat in his apartment in Lille, of which he was mayor, turned on the gas, and died It is a pathetic feature of public life that those in it must allow themselves to be slandered and misrepresented by unscrupulous opponents. A public officer can not notice every scurrilous attack. The only defense available is that which an intelligent, sensible body of citizens offers, a refusal to believe every idle word of gossip. you now, Miss Cooper." Light had come back to the glazed. lay in the undertakers chapel, and low-voiced strangers to whom ha YESTERDAYS DKCKMBRB la, 1038 Clinton high i BChool' football team. Wubasli Valley champions, nig Tea conference champions, stale champions, closed their victorious season last nfeht, in company with nearly BOO fans, with unseeing eyes. The dying man sat seemed to belong now, ushered her up in bad. "Still with ua, eh, baby?" He showed no surprise that she in. 'Une of the daughters." a sad faced man said to another sad faced man, as he took her arm. She shook herself free. "His should be there. Maybe he had forgotten that she had been away. "Dad dad, darling, I'll stay with you alwaya I'll" "There, there take it easy, take it easy " daughters. And none of them did he know. The doctor came and went. When he came, Adele roused hereelf from her bored turning of the pages of a magazine. She followed him into the hall, asking him questiona. Nettie aaid, "Dr. Latham, Adele'a friend, la a very dletinguished physician. We are very fortunate to have him." "He'e not doing much I" "Christie! Nobody could do more! Besides, your father's age ia against him. I'm sure that if anything anything could be done" their feet under the banquet table, daughter! Hia only daughter I" the said fiercely. Knnte Rockne, the derisive Dane. But it was no use. The man who coach of Notre Dame football team slept in the flower covered casket The light went out, he sank back the nurse'a arms, and lust as the Sunrise? was a stranger, too. A stranger who rlimaxed the evening With an ad rat thin velinw Miinlicrht Hlnnti.d xaintiy, neartbreakmgly resembled dress- in which he stressed the value tirough the window, with Donald Aaoipnua. Aaoipnus was gone. Latham on one side and Christie on I (To Ba Cnntinn. ii of football training to the high the other, he died. I omnUM. uu. nu mum w-iiau. in. school and college youths of the day I'My im.-wq-IP' gff I. HllMIOji.! mj.H.i l "MM I H ) . ..II 1 L1 ". . " I l L 'I.ISUS. Jig 1 Jff Ml Jl I' I'HU'I'H I HI I L J ' 9 ' .1 ' ' V' v - - -I ' , 'T - ' -t c , Coach Spike Kelly ond assistant coach -."Tiny" Pierce gave short talks. Real Estate TRANSFERS Mr. and Mrs. J. II. floodman of Hope tor Future ' My neighbor !Ii Hat is held in (ji eat respect." said Hi Ho, the sage of Chinatown. "He pretends he can produce a rabbit at will and his ucqtiuuilances cling to the hope that he will o-e day invite them to dinner." nlother Shirton's Real Name Tradition states that the maiden name of the reputed sorceress. Mother Shipton, was Ursula Scuthill, Sowtliiel or Southiel. When about twenty-four years old she married a builder of York, Tobias Shipton. South Main street are the parents W'lllard ltobbins to Collnll Hu n-' of a baby hoy born yesterday morning In the Vermillion county hos pilal.- - for Orphans S .VW V, .il-17-lu; liO a. $1. Indiana and Illinois Coal Corpor ation to Clinton Coal Company pi NU'li 13-14-1(1; (i a. $00. Churchill Raps Baldwin's Stand Mrs. Ada iNeldllnppf. Mrs. Dnt Wheaton. Mrs. Grace Squires. Mr Ma Somes and Mrs. Lillian Wilson !eiit yesterday in Terre Haute Edward Rasper et ux lo Mikolis .1 Purmalls et ux l.tis acres in ti l l 10; $500.. 1 Charles A. Ilrown et ux lo Wil liam O. Cut-tis et ux part M 1 block 32 original plat of Clinton. $1. Wabash Heal Hstnle Corpornllnii to Julia J. Iteed Im 2".;: in lllggius Mr. and Mrs. O. 8. Zell. of Pittsburgh, Penn., arrived in Clinton early today to visit Mrs. Cell's par-piiIh. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Salishurv of South Fourth street. Mr. Zelt nlans tn leave tonight for Vnshvilln Tenn . where he Is tn he for a couple of weeks. He expects to return here for Christ mas. rd add. to Clinton. $1. James Hartman et al by Karl B " -ar m ..i. Smith, Bheriff, to Y'. A. Johnson ,r: acres in .28-18-10; $1.!)70.H4. Oristofor Colombo Lodge No. K7 by Earl Smith, sheriff, to Murcello Itondi, assignee of Pete Voto, re- eiver N'inth Street State Bank. Lot 0 in Matthewa Park 2nd add. to Mr. and .Mrs. Owen Hutson and children. Veda Mn, and Junior, spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. John Steffey and fiimily of near the Powder Mill. " 1 1 ft t i ': ( f ..' T ' ' K X ,-i - v LiV at'itf, Jt .'1,as.'' -im i-. iarsw i ,L.. 4 Sir Powmdl" ?yf ! Winston Churchill li JA.rT;1rl , , I,,. fiiss.,.i1i,,issa SjBa'-ff 7 i Clinton. $2,619.89. Delbert O. Taylor et ux to Charles Nolan, part lot ?, In block 111 In original plat of Clinton. , Lewis Toby et ux to Henry Truman part SW'4 10-1 !-; a. M Anuel Sykes to Mrs. n. ft. Pei'r-pn. part lot 1 in W. M. Collett's add. tn nurpne. $r-0. William 1 C''Me. liquidatin" agent for The Dnnf cavlngn nnd Loan Association to Man Allen. Lots 20 and 21 In Mlnek S original plat of nana. $!!no. Janet Tispnt Collet! to James Morgan land in 18-17-9: Jl. Anna Wiltermood to Ralph Fort-npr et ux part lot 41 in Zener's add. to Newport. 1"5. S 4 - "Compensation of Metals" The term ."compensation of metals" refers to an arrangement of aiderent metals of varying expansivities so that the effect of lerr-pei ature changes on the whole is compensated for. Thus a "compensation bar" or strip is constructed of parts of different metals so that its length does not vary with temperature, and a "compensation balance" is a wheel in a tiniepieca so constructed of different metals that variations of tem-fcrature produce jich changes in its mean rim diameter as to offset the changes produced in the hair spi u.g; and so on. ' intematonal Jllustruu-d JVeios Kattw-VoitiidphitTo 1 One of the central figures in the constitutional crisis provoked by ttie friendship of King Edward VI1J for Mrs. Wailia Simpson Is Winston Churchill who has championed the king In his desire to marry Mrs. Simpson. Churchill, shown in this radio-soundphoto talking with Col. Sir Assheton Pownall. left, was booed when he rose to speak in the house of commons, a demonstration believed due to members' disapproval of Churchill s tactics and not because of parliament's hostility to the king.

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