The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 12, 1936 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1936
Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 3 Saturday,, December 12, ,1936 t CHURCH NEWS Santa Clans Needn't Fill Her Stocking1. GLINTON SOCIAL NOTES Miscellaneous Shower For Mrs. R. Thomas SOCIAL CALENDAR - Monday Annual Dinner of Outing Club Held .Friday Afternoon Tim anniiHl Christmas dinner of I ho Oiilim dull ai hold y-tT- HII.L CBK.ST COMMIXITY I'KXTKK Rllzalx-tli 1'faiulcr, SiiM i lnH nili nl 9 a. m., Sunday School. 2 I), m. Junior Christian Kn-deavor. 6:30 p. m. Intermediate Christian Kndeavor: Topic: "The linpoit-aiiice of Courage and Kindness." Leader: Agnes Renwlrk. 6:30 p. m. Young people's Christian Kndeavor. Topic: "My Friend the Jew." leader, Anna Custag-na. 7:30 p. m. Church Worship. Rev. H. C. Chapin will prea, h and the choir will sing. The public Is Invited. Next Sunday Is the Christmas ob Woman's Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Ora Doyle, 410 South Fourth street, 2 p. m. Jerusalem Chapter, 254. . E. S. -will hold annual election of officers al a meeting to lie held al the MBKnnlr Hull. 7:30 p. m. ilnjf aftrnotm at lli homn of Mm. 7f: 1'aul FlPicher on Elm street. Dinner was BPrTi-d to the Kuentn at , 4 J uniitl! tallies. Tuesday 1 Immediately rollowinn the hrldae wail played at three ta Mrs. Morgan Thomas, Mrs. Cecil Anstead and Mis. Roy Bozarth entertained with a miscellaneous shower last evening at the Royal clghhor hall on Kim street for Mrs. Richard Thomas, formerly Miss Ietha Mne Anstead. before her recent marriage. Approximately 50 friends and relatives attended. Mian Dorothy Davis entertained with two vocal solos and Elizabeth Birt gave a reading. Games were enloyed throughout the evening. Mrs. Thomas received many nice and useful girts. a Christmas Party of Rebekahs Held Friday The annual Christmas party of the Rebekahs was held last evening in the I. O. O. F. hall on South Main street, which was well llies with high score prize awarded to Mr. Martin Lanzone and travel, Mm. E. C. Boyd. servance In Sunday school and church with a pageant in the Those attending were Meadamea CharleB Walker. William Little, C. M. Zlnk, B. A. Lewin, Everett Helms, Fred Van Horn. Tom Griffiths. J. A. Wright. Cecil Harrison 1 Di lin Then Tan Sororitywill hold its annual Christmas dinner at the Christian church, 7 p. m. Committee In charge Is composed of Miss Thelma Medill. chairman, and ICvo-mae Lewin. Tuesday Bridge Club will hold a Chriaimas dinner at the home of Mrs. Fred Poretr, South Main street, 1 p. m. Mothers club to hold a Christmas party at the home of Mrs. James Edwards, North Fifth street, 2 p. m. Gifts will be exchanged at I'NITKD HltKTHKKN Clll ltCH 10 a. m. Sabbath School. 7 p. m. Preaching Services. Monday night will he our grouji and Cny Southard. The next meeting will be held In Ik meeting. Special music and sing four weeks, the eiact place to he announced' at a later date. ing. Come and enjoy the evening Book Review Given at Circle Meeting Friday Fourteen members of the Friday tiik Assi:ri'LV ok (;oii's CHlltCH Seventh and Vine Streets r&slnr, Isaac (trifrlth 7:30 p. m. Kvenlnis Services. Topic: "What We Believe and Teach." Kverybody welcome. Literary circle met yesterday after noon in the assembly room of the r" '"-C. r j public library for the regular business meeting. Guests were Mrs. Arthur Tombaugh and Mrs. Chapin. During the business session the members decided to send a basket of fruit to the I. O. O. F. home at Greensburg for Christmas. Guests last evening were Mrs. Ethel Taylor, district president. Mrs. William Hall and Mrs. Mollie Cres-ton. all of Rockvllle. Following the business session and exchanging of gifts bunco furnished the entertainment of the evening. Prizes were awarded to .Mrs. Pleas Kelsheimer. high; Mrs. Janet Scott, bunco, and Mtb, Dave Reed, low. During the afternoon a book re " (r JUtu.t; , I " t !F Helen Burgess ' 1 that time. Fortnightly Club will meet at the home of Miss Asnes McGinty on South Sixth Street, 8 p. m. Loyal Hearts Class of the Christian Church will meet at the home of Mrs. Tom Salmond, Walnut street. 7:30 p. m. Assistant -hostesses Miss Ruth Richards and Miss Mary Blair. Eaf h member planning to attend Is asked to bring a gilt for the grab bag. Tuesday Bridge Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Mark Lyday on South Third street. 0:30 p. m. Pythian Sisters staTf and officer practice and mock initiation at the hall on Blackman street at 7 p. m. Welcome Class of the Christian Church will meet at the home of view entitled "The Last Puritan" by George Santayanna wag well Kiven by Mrs. E. A. Evans and Mrs. S. C. Stultz. FIRST SI'IRITI'.tl.IST CHI RCH We will have our service Sunday. December 13. at our new location at 326 North Eighth street, i p. m. Rev. Julia Bnnmaii will be with us. Everyone welcome. The next meeting will be held star in films Her flashing smile, which might cause anyone to wish for a Christmas wreath as attractive as the above, is another asset which helped her to fane... Santa Claus doesn't need to bother filling the stock-infr of pretty Helen Eurgesn because nature did such an excellent job that the young lady was recenl'y drafted rom the legitimate stage by Hollywood to Jan. 8, 1937. the place to be an nounced at a later date. FAIRVIEW M. K. CHI'IM H 1 Mrs. Hoy Staats and Miss Lois Shaff spent yesterday in Terre Haute visiting relatives 'and friends. Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Wright of North Fifth Btreet, Mrs. Maria Van Duyn and Miss Bessie Van Duyn of South Fflurth street, will be Sun I O DAYS NEWPORT GROUP HOLDS MEETING Rev. Harold Hotchkiss; pastor. 9:45 a. m. Sunday school. 6:15 Epworth leigue. 7 p. m. Evening service. Rev. Theodore Oroh of Goodwill Industries of the Calvary Methodist church of Terre Haute will present the work of his missionary tomorrow night. ;?, B, H. SELLERS DENTIST . 2 10 i South Main Street ; ( linlun, Indiana Friendship Circle Has All-Day The Italian Greyhound An Italian greyhound is a fancy variety of the true greyhound in miniature. The dogs should tot exceed seven to seven and one-half pounds in weight, and the females five pounds. Symmetry of head and neck is essential to perfection. They range from black through the blues to fawn and even sll white Mrs. Ruth Perona, Elm street, 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Lawrence Shannon will be In charge of the lesRon. and Shirley Earles. the entertainment. Each member is to bring a gift for the gral bag. Clinton Township Home Economic Club will hold an all-day meeting at the home of Mrs. Harry Van Duyn of west of the city. All members planning to attend are to be there at 1 1 a. m. Wednesday Tri Kappa Sorority will hold Christinas party at the home of Mrs, John Gilmour, Elm street. Idle Wile club will hold a Christmas dinner at the home of Mrs. Guy Harrison, South Sixth street, 1 p. m. MKTHODI.ST HI'ICCH Sunday. December 13. 193S. 9:30 a. m Preaching Service. Subject: "The National Iioad." This is our Thank Ofering service for the Woman's Home Missionary Society. There will be music by our choir and organ'et to make this service complete. 10:30 a. m. Sunday School. C:.".o p m. Kpwoilh League 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship. Subject as announced last week. KaranoYfch FUNERAL HOME (Behind tfte f U CHRIJTMAJjVA. Beat in Moon's Rays Moonlight is reflected light from the sun. Rays of the sun falling on the moon set up heat there, which is immediately radiated away into space, because the moon has no atmosphere to hold the heat on its surface. The reflected light reaching the earth as moonlight does set up some heat on the earth, but the amount is so small that it can only be detected by delicate instruments. Theobald Smith demon- Session at Adams Home on Wednesday NEWPORT. Dec. 12 Tlie Friendship circle held an all-day mwlinz at the home of Mrs. Orville Adams Wednesday. Each one took a covered dish for the dinner served at noon. A short business meet ins: w:is held and plans were made for the Christmas srab hat: to he held al ti.c home of Mrs. It. 1. Williams December 22. Members annwernd to roll .all with responses. "A New Jlook 1 Enjoy." The afternoon was sjjni in fjuiltine. Those prewpnt wjrp Vf-.I:tnnjt William Harr, H. S. Hawkins. Fa-be r Park. H. A. Ptokes, Dinar M,-Masters. Paul earmark, Hrlcri Younans, S. J. Brown. D. P. Williams. C. D. WillIaMi. Walter Atnn. (Juy fiosuell. .Melvin We;if hernmn flu est s were Mrs. Tlilcv Park. Scotland. 111.. Ms. Marion Allen ami Mrs. Roscoe Foos. j strocco two "Backsliding and Side Stepping." Praver meeting Wednesday eve day dinner guests of Mr, and Mrs. Harry Van Duyn of weBt of the city. Meeting Postponed The meeting of the Wakofe club, which was to have been held next Monday evening. haB been postponed until a later date. Rev. A. R. Brown of Terre Haute was in Clinton this morning on a business trip. Mrs. Martha Miller, who has been viBiting at the home of her daughter," Mrs. C. J. Winkleblark of Detroit, for the -past three months, has returned to the home of her other daughter, Mrs. Earl Waters of South Fourth street. a To Attend Reception Among the Clinton women planning to attend a reception at Newcastle this evening and Sunday, which is being given by the Pocahontas lodge, pre Mesdames Henry King, Clifford Vitalie, Grace Squires, Tom McLatchie and Hannah Burton. Oswalt Hutchinson of Lansing. Mich., spent yesterday in Clinton al the borne of his aunt. Mrs. Alii"? Champion of Mulberry Btreet. G. II. Stevenson of South Third street, who has been confined te his home with illness for several days. bocillus - human and fcovinel "ing, 7:30. Thursday BBehind the Seen Put-on in Pl-inls I,oiwif. -r j i e pic-cr i in greater uanti'y in .jiiie j. aits ol plants than in oilers. a m the case of Datura Stramonium or "jimson weed." i e seeds of which are far deadlier than otiier parts of tlie plant. 'HOLLYUJOO 24-Hour FREE Ambulance Service Phone 165 532 S. 4th St. Group B of Young; Woman's sodality of the Sacred Heart church will meet at the home of Miss Al-vira Forte of North Ninth street. This will be a Christmas party, 7:30 p. m. Hi-Tri Circle of Christian Church to meet at the home of Miss Margaret Earlywine on North Water street at 7:30 p. m. Each member is to brinp a gift for missionary box. Happy Hour Club to hold a f'liriKinias party at the home of Mrs. George Kamm, Blackman Btreet. 1 JitiM Deed to Pnpert A loitjl deed to pi.ipeity is where properly is in the nnie of two per By HARRISON CARROLL Coprrigkt, MM, SUBS Feature eradicate, law. HOLLYWOOD These Changing Scenea It is really pitiful to watch Archie Mayo direct Second Highest Summit The summit of Aconcagua, in the Andes, South America, is the world's highest outside the Hirna-'by as A ce Brady's "Call scenes for sons as joint tenants and not tenants : in t ommon. w hich means in eilect ' thai, upon the death of either of the ' j"ml owners, the tilie to the entire ' ptoperty will immediately vest in : f survivor. i Ol titir tj Utl t r Junior Cla-w I'lnj. !, . iul.,1- 14. It a Day". "History Is Made at Sighf. Director Frank Borzage is shooting the scene in which Jean Arthur discovers that Charles Boyer. with whom she has fallen in love, is a head waiter. The set is the interior of a luxurious cafe and the extras sitting around the tables in evening clothes are $15 a day people. Miss Arthur enters the cafe with Colin Clive, who plays her disagreeable husband. Sbe is wearing a black beaded evening gown that is very sophisticated. Bernard Newman designed it for her specially. Together with the cape, it weighs 30 pounds. "It's my first chance at a dress ud role and I'D wear anything, no In jr. this v ar-Brothers she plays i is recuperating nicely. n e r rdm, Friday ftuttery ma- Human Eye Mot Good Mudel Enrly television pioneers tiled, in i ci ude fashion, to Simula e "na-iuies television system," the hu-iian eye but with very poo" results. tron who eats eats and and Mnrif'rn Martha Class nf the Methodist Church will hold its annual Christmas party at the church. 7:30 p. m. At that time mystery pals will be revealed. eata. Mayo, wbo used to be one r ' a of Hollywood - ,,.t, Brdv men. baa fat Miss Evelyn Swaiiu of Indianapolis is visiting at the hnim-s ii friends here in Clinton. Miss Marjorie and Robert Tompkins of Elm street, who sustained injuries in an automobile accident several days ago. are getting along nicely. Miss Tom.pkins resumed her duties at the South School Friday. matter how uncomfortable it is." Jean tells me. Men ita Ants' Houses j So gigantic are some of tlie ant- hills built by the white ants in tlie Belgian Congo that the natives clear ; out the builders and use the lulls j as i.ouses. These hills are olien j oer 30 feet hih, very solid and i Looking at her in It, yon don't blame her. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Birmingham of Evanston. III., are spending the ww k end with ' Mrs. Birmingham's parents. Mr .and Mrs. Joseph Wis-niewski of Sycamore street. The extras on "Swing High, strong to resist tropical storms. Be Sure to Attend the JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "Digging Up the Dirt" at the HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM MONDAY. DECEMBER 14th Swing Low" are not (IS a day people, but they seem to have a lot more fun. The early part of it jour tirkeiw fir Junior t'a PI), le4-em.Hr 14. tlT1 A Reporter in Hollywood this new Cardie Lombard-Fred MacMurray picture takes plaoe in Panama and on this particular day, Director Mitchell Lelaen Is shooting in a can Una or bar. The set is full of Mexican and ether Latin-American extras. A rumba band goes right on playing whether the camera is on U or not.. Two dancers finally yield to the exhortations of the crowd and swivel into the rumba. But this Dr. G. R. McGUIRE Chiropractor I-raf Service Palmer Graduate. Btaikinaa hlrt-rt (.HT H:4Mt I . M. TIM K P. M. pounds and is still uonaemned to dried up toast, unbuttered vegetables and all the unpalatable things that go on reducing menus. Today, he looks on with a sort of resignation aa Alice nibbles on sandwich after sandwich. He even retakes the scene several times. If it is tougn on him, it also gets tough on Alice. When the last take is over, she makes a face and pushes the sandwich plate as far away as possible. Mayo regards her mournfully. "What's the matter?" he aaks. "Don't you like our Warner Brothers food Then he turns to an assistant director. "Make a note. After this, please have Miss Brady's scenes catered by the Brown Derby." Mr. Boyer, of course, is also in the scene. When you first see him. he is making crepes suxette for two extras, who are supposed to be patrons of the cafe. The making of crepes suxette being a delicate business fit you don't believe it. try it. Uke I onoe did), Mr. Boyer first has to have instructions. On the set to teach him is Maurice, who Hollywood stay-up-lalers know from the Trocadero. Jean Arthur and I watch Boyer rehearse the scene. y.,rtVieV" .W. W '1 - W yv Jf i , I W illinium I V - J -t fi rumba will never get into the picture. It is the dance aa they do it in the hotter native cafes in Havana. The audience climbs up on chairs and on to tbe bar to watch. They shout comments Carole .Lombard in Spanish. As the dance reaches its sensuous climax, an i corner of assistant yells from Dance to Leo Baxters Trianon All-Star Orchestra At Dreamland Ballroom, Clnton, Ind. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12th. 8:30 to 12:30 P. M. Admission 25c each "-'."'I -t - She is probably kidding, but she vows she has never eaten crepes B use tie. After watching poor Boyer struggle through his business (and very deftly he does it, too), she laughs and aays. "I'd rather have a half-pound of chocolate fudge any day." the set. "Quiet! We are going to shoot over here." The male dancer, a Negro boy from Cuba, steps gunning to the bar. Automatically, be reaches out for a filled glass and takes a dnnk. The grin is wiped off his face He had forgotten It at just the colored water they use in Uie movies. Dorothy Kilgallen, flying reporter, is shown with Tyrone Power, screen actor, at a famous Hollywood restaurant. Dorothy won fama in her round-ths-world flight and new is ready te fulfill a movn contract. Fur the Walter W anger picture,

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