The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 20, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1921
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS T5P ::l I f a tflkwai at are made reduce inflamed, swollen s, Sprains, Bruises, Vi til jttJit Soft Ranches; Beats C7R0VED CXTOXB INTERNAT10?CAL SmdaySdiool 7 Lesson7 By REV. P. B. FITZ WATER, D. D., Teacher t English Bible In the Moody E.ble Institute of Chicago.) gl Western Newspaper Union. LESSON FOR OCTOBER 23 at Home Bous.Po!l EvU.Quittor, Fistula and iniectea sores auicklv as it ia a positive antiseptic and germicide. Pleasant to use: does not blister or remove the hair, and you can work the horse. $2.50 per bottle delivered. Book 7 A free. W. F. YOUNG, lac, 310 Temple St., Springfield, Man. PAUL'S LAST JOURNEY TO 1 .. liRmwiiwuy should be used in every home. It makes CCS I I , clothes white as snow and never injures res LESSON TEXT Acts 2rt:l-:. GOLDEN TEXT Let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. Gal. 6:9. REFERENCE MATERIAL. Rom. 16: S-1S. 21-23: II Tim. 4:1?-1 PRIMARY TOPIC How Paul's Friends Showed Their Love. JUNIOR TOPIC Paul and His Friends. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC Paul and His Friends. TOUXO PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC Paul Reviews His Ministry. the dnmtiest fabric At Grocers, 5 cents. its. Never say "Aspirin" without saying "Bayer." WARNING! Unless you see name "Bayer" on tablets, you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians over 21 years and proved safe by milions for Colds Headache Rheumatism Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis . Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain Accept only "Baj er" package which contains proper directions. Handy tin boxes of 12 tablet Bottles of 24 and 100 All druggists. Aoptrla la U trade mark of Barer UannfactDie of MoooaceUcacidester of Salicyllcacld rnroil rf posttivtiv crwovrD Or. iwtt' i lLJtlLl3 niil. 6fc Fr hook. Dr. '."l. bin-T " Co., ?97S MlehiffSB Avibu, Chicago, 111. W. N. U.. Indianapolis, No. 43-1921. In the year ending June 30 last year CI rent Britain built .194 vessels. United States 4.'i0 and Japan 105. The fruits, which may be placed in sny sort of basket or suitable dish, re Sou ire Relief E - v noil I ' r.rHTS Record Rainfall in Panama. When 2.47 inches of rain fell in three minutes at Porto Rello, Panama, during the night of November 29. 1911, it was the heaviest rainfall ever recorded. This rainfall exceeded by 100 per cent the rate measured at Curtea do Arges. Roumania. in July, 1SS9. heretofore held to be the world's record, says U. C. Kadel of the United States weather bureau. So great was the Panama rainfall that all the conditions under which it was measured were carefully examined, in order that there might be n question as to the accuracy of the record. It was found that the circumstances corroborated the testimony sf the recording instruments. When it is remembered that in Hip iONIGHl Tomorrow Alright NR Tablets stop sick headaches, selieve bilious attacks, tone and regulate the eliminative organs, make you feel fine. "Better Tkaa Pffli For Liver Es" V. i R Rcit.AMG I. Paul's Visit to Greece and Miletus C20:l-6l. Two Incidents marked this trip: 1. The Jews laid wait for him (w. 1-5). This plot obliged him to retrace his steps through Macedonia instead of a more rapid sea voyage. 2. Fellowshiping the Disciples at Trons (w. 6-K). He met with them around the table of the Lord and spoke words of encouragement. While preaching here. Eutychus, in a deep sleep, fell from a window and was killed. Paul restored his life, thus giving to the disciples a sign of divine power which was greatly needed at that time. II. Paul's Farewell to the Ephesian Elders (2(:17-3S). His object In this address is to impress uion them their responsibility. 1. Review of his three years' ministry (vv. 1S-21). (1) The spirit of niin:iry (v. 10). He was humble, tender and faithful in spite of the many trials which befell him. (2) The faithfulness of his ministry (vv. 20, 21). He made known unto them everything which was of profit, taught them both in public and in private. He neglected no class, Jews or Greeks. 1 rT. nui water Sure Relief quire wire, crepe paper and colored sealing wax for making them. Wads of cotton, wool batting or crepe paper, j rolled into the right size and fastened to a wire stem, are covered with melted sealing wax. which is dripped over them as it melts. They are twirled alout to round them, the shape controlled while the wax is pliable, and dipped in water to cool them. Stems are made by winding the wire with strips of green crepe paper or tissue paper. The grapes are made in green, red and rurr.le bunches in the natural color tones. The small apples require two or three colors. After the apple is made in one color, and cooled, it is wiped dry and bits of other colors droupped on it and blended in over the small alcohol or ether Came used for melting the wax. Taper roses, shown in the basket at the right, are made in several ways. Those pictured of pink crepe paper are merely narrow strips, rolled at the edge and wound about the end of a wire stem. They are fastened to the stem with tie" wire and set in milli FOR INDIGESTION he f a ! fx artificial fruits .mors, used in decorative SIMK and Is! Girls!! ! United States 0.25 inch of rain in firnishjeffs. 1; frowinj:, it is worth j while to learn how these pretty things Get five minutes is considered excessive, the magnitude of the Porto Hollo downpour can bo imagined. 25c. Box. Save Your Hair With Cuticura Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum 25c. Meet Enough. "They say a man's heart is reached through his stomach." True Praise. "I don't believe she liked your "Then I suppose a girl should be crc- i jelly." quettish." Louisville Courier-Journal. ' "Why not? She praised it very highly." are made. Ti e work, like other fancy-work, is more of a recreation than a task and rt bits of finery for the house within reach of every one. besides allowing refreshing changes. In the group of small furnishings pictured above there are two baskets made of paper rope or.e filled with fruit and one with flowers, both of them as lovely as those the shops have to offer. At the bottom of the group a little telephone record book Is shown, made of black oilcloth and decorated with flowers, painted on with either oil paints or sealing wax. and above it cardboard and tin boxes lacquered and decorated in the same way. Birds Do Valuable Work. The total number of insect-eating birds in the United States is estimated at more than 4,500,000.000. Each bird may destroy as many as 100 insects a day. It is said that "freaks" can earn "I know that, but I notice she didn't anywhere from S23 to $.0O a week, ask you for the recipe." Detroit Free according to their novelty. Press. nery foliage or in foliage bought with the paper. Black lacquer is used for covering the tin powder and rouge box, and colored wax for simulating ribbon and flowers ion them, and the telephone book is merely a length of black oilcloth folded and painted on one side. A black silk cord binds its leaves to the cover and serves to suspend it. A SIMPLE ONE-PIECE FROCK f? He was impartial in all his ministry, j (3) The theme of his ministry (v. 21). Ilepentance and faith. This is the pre eminent note in the message of true ministers today. 2. The present state of things (vv. 22-27). Having reviewed his ministry, he now points out the present state of tilings. (1) His immediate purpose was to go to Jerusalem (v. 22). (2) Iw-nds and afflictions were ljing across his path (v. 23). Despite these he went forward with undaunted courage. He knew that God was leading him, so he went forward. (3) His fixed purpose (v. 24). He was determined to complete his ministry at whatever cost even giving up his life. (4) His consciousness of obligation discharged (w. 25-27). Knowing that they should see his face no more, he called them to record that he had not shunned to declare the whole counsel of God; therefore was free from the blood of all men. 3. His charge to the elders (vv. 2S-3T.).- (1) The ground of (v. 2S). The flock for which they must care was purchased by the precious blood of Jesus, and they had received their commission from the Lord. (2) The impending evils (vv. 20, 30). False teachers would arise from their own number. Grievous wolves would devour the flock. The most deadly foes of the church are those ministers and Sunday school teachers who are unfaithful to their trust. (3) Incentives tf faithfulness (vv. 31-35). His own example of watching night and day for three ywurs is held tip before them; his iinseltlsii servb-e. laboring with his own hands night and day that he might he free from suspicion of selfishness. III. Paul Tarrying Seven Days at 1 Mystery Can you-name it ? i 4 n -t frf - - f MM 1 ; -jth II n ' .-" , - f v s s --v. - - J; .5 I .J7 C..-M. H ft Aaf,h) Here is another new Royal Cake, so delicious and appetizing that we have been unable to give it a name that does justice to its unusual qualities. It can be made 'just right only with Royal Baking Powder. Will you make it and name it? $500 for tKeCvBest Names Tyre (21 :l-fi). His point of destination was Jerusalem. He was pressing onward thither with all speed, but on account of the unloading of the ship he was obliged to wait at Tyre for seven days. During this delay he searched out the disciples who lived in that city. While here certain disciples said that Paul should not go to Jerusalem. The information which these disciples received by the Spirit was doubtless the same as that given to Agabus (w. 10, 11). Agabus told exactly what the Spirit said, which sets right what the Tyrian disciples seemed to say. The same Spirit which showed to these disciples that suffering awaited Paul, revealed unto him the same suffering and sent him forward into it. IV. Paul Tarrying in Philip's House (vv. 7-f4). Resuming their journey, they paused briefly at Ptolemais to greet the brethren there, after which they went to Caesarea. Here they took up their abode with Philip, who had so successfully wrought in the early days of the church. - V. Paul at Jerusalem (vv. 15-17). The brethren at Jerusalem gladly received them. Paul's lodging place was with an old disciple. How to make it Use level measurements for all materials 3 cup shortening l'A cups sugar Grated rind of li orange 1 "88 and 1 yolk 2 cups flour 4 teaspoons Royal Baking Powder 1 cup milk 1 squares (1W ozs.) of unsweetened chocolate (melted) ii teaspoon salt on almost any of the fashionable colors or black will not fail to be approved by women of conservative and elegant taste. In this model the embroidery is not applied directly to the frock but in separate pieces of material which are set on. In the bodice they are loose at the bottom, allowing the narrow girdle of the fabric in the dress to slip through them, and In the skirt they form pockets as well as adornments. This dress Is made of dark blue velours with satin vest to match, but it would be effective in any of the fashionable suitings or in velvet. For the name selected as best, we will pay $250. For the second, third, fourth, and fifth choice, we will pay $100, $75, $50, and $25 respectively. Anyone may enter the contest, but only one name from each person will be considered. All names must be received by December 15th, 1921. In case of ties, the full amount of the prize will be given to each tying contestant. Do not send your cake. Simply send the name you suggest, with your own name and address, to the ROYAL BAKING POWDER COMPANY 153 William Street, New York NOW that rashion's devotees insist upon the very simplest lines In frocks for daytime wear, the ingenuity of designers is put to the test. Their resourcefulness must save these frocks from becoming monotonous by making the mst of their decoration, and they have called upon all sources for inspiration. This saving grace of decoration has been considerably overdone sometimes one must know where to leave off but this Is the exception and not the rule In the new models presented for winter wear. Among them appears the handsome and faultless dress shown in the picture above, which may be taken as a .representative of the best interpretations of the mode. Its lines could 'hardly be less simple or more becom-ilng and its decoration Is everything that could be wished. Beads and silk fare used for a design which recalls the motifs used by American Indians "m their wonderful bead work, but Is carried out in only one .color, beige. with steel beads. This combination Cream shortening. Add sugar and grated orange rind. Add beaten egg yolks. Sift together flout' salt and Royal Baking PowdA and add alternately with the milk; lastly fold in one beaten egg white. Divide batter into two parts. To one part add the chocolate. Put by tablespoonfuls, alternating dark and light batter, into three greased layer cake pans. Bake in moderate oven 20 minutes. FILLING AND ICING 3 tablespoons melted butter 2 tablespoons orange juice 3 cups confectioner's sugar 1 egg white ( Powdered sugar may be used but 3 squares (3 oxs.) does not make as smooth icing) unsweetened chocolate Grated rind of Vt orange and pulp of 1 orange Put butter, sugar, orange juice and rind into bowL Cut pulp from orange, removing skin and seeds, and add. Beat all together until smooth. Fold in beaten egg white. Spread this icing on layer used for top of cake. While icing is soft, sprinkle with unsweetened chocolat; shaved in fine pieces with sharp knife (use ii square). To remaining icing add Vi squares unsweetened chocolate which has been melted. Spread this thickly between layers and on aides of cake. Give Crops Plant Food. We must feed our crops all they need of each of the plant food elements, except what experiment has shown we may safely depend on the soil and air to furnish. .' i I coanbGMT n vstbn tovsr.a uniow, Make Cheapest Ration. Silage and alfalfa hay make the cheapest ratiotf obtainable for feeding a dairy cow. One giving less than a To Remove Peach Stains. Wet with cold water, then cover the 2 j slain with cream of tartar and place in j the sun, then wash In the usual way and the stain will disappear. gallon and a hlf of milk daily needs nothing else. sssssssssssssssssZsal I.,

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