The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 11, 1936 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1936
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

"I Friday, December 11, 1936 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana' Page 8 CLASSIFIED ADS 'Babe' Frump Is Signed to Coach Clinton Football Team Next Year; Four Seasons as Wildcat Mentor (Continued l'ronl I'age I'lve) REYNAUD SEES JAPANESE WAR INVOLVING U. S. (Continued from Page 1) PAID SWAP ADS pile," Iteynaud suld. Hut it Ik I he rising might of Japan which, lie feels, will bring Europe lo Us senses. "Japan," he declared, "Is In the process or coniiuerlng not only North Clilnu, hul all China. Japanese Influence iiIho cxlonds lo Slam The rm ure oT the llrit'.sh outposts al llongliou:; mid Singapore Is most uncertain. "And what will become of Australia?" "Will Kurope Bouse the danger in time " Heynuiild proceeded to aslt. "Will nations with a few tens of millions population realize the naivete of their dream lo govern n billion Asiatics?" America, Paul Iteynaud figures, will come in, as soon us Kuro-pean nations realize ihe futility of fighting one another. Tin1 common peril from Hie Must may cement their common action. SPFCIAL GUARD IS SET UP FOR MRS. SIMPSON tTontlnueff -rnm 1 coin 1 11 II:. ll he to Ht Kiviorn. and report h WOlllil tfO efttier (o SwitZiT- j i;um or i-nniai h. muii-c pii'i ,i in nun we j i fit Ken in i' nmci' ' jtniT in High Feed Prices Are Expected to Cause Liquidation of Livestock in 1937; Large Canada Importations (Continued from Page 1) diwiinn in vear of a short coin crop they are more than usually Important., Indiana's estimated 19:16 hay production of 1.890,000 tons is 27 per cent less than 19.15 and six per rent less than the 1II2S-.12 five year average. Tho Mocks of old hay on Indiana farms on May 1, 19:111, were 445,000 Ions while on the same dale in llKlfi, they were 217.0110 Ions. The reduction In cattle numbers as a result of the drought occurred largely within the corn belt rather than the range country. Wider margins hetwenn the cosl of feeder cattle and the sale price of fat cattle will be needed by cattle feeders during 1037 in order to overcome the greatly Increased cost of grains. With both corn and liav valued at much higher prices than at the same time lust yeur, and with no good .prospects for any material reduction 111 prices before another i crop, cattle feeders will of necessity have to look to wide margins for proOt. Live cattle Importations, mostly from Canada, have increased during recent years to amount to four per cent of the total domestic slniighler. With the ciirliiilmeni of fanadiriii rrain-fed cattle iulo the Slates 111 JII37 will be no Isir? than that or the past year. Cullle feeders quite generally r'V-ognlze (hot lamest profits from rnl tie well finished come ill years of llich fee,) costs when nlanv feeders attempt to save high priced feed by marketing unfinished entile. Jl Is thought thai l!i::7 will be no exception to Ibis general rule, because the supply of medium prude cattle may be excessive for the demand at timep during the coming year. Theory Exploded; Snow Is Mistake For Frost-Bites "The custom of rubbliiK frostbite wilh snow cannot be too strongly condemned," says a bulletin Issued today by the bureau of publicity of the Indiana State Medical association. "Our Hoosler snow usually is gritty and in the cities often very dirty so that when It Is rubbed into the frostbitten skin It will scratch and cause Injury. II Is much better to use local body hoat or apply gentle warmth to the affected area by wrapping the whole hand or foot in wool. "A study of frost-bites anionic, tha New York Cily traffic policemen, snow shovelers and otln-r outdoor workers brought out the fact that frost-bite victims did net seem to realize the need of woolen mittens and socks. Many of the iridium wore two pairs of socks of two pairs of gloves which must result in constriction of feet and fingers and predisposes to frost-bite. One pair of well-filling gloves, or preferably mittens, will protect hands much better than a tight-fitting double pair. Shoes that fit one pair of socks may he too snug with two pairs. In preventing trost-bite, fit of gloves and footwear is more important than thickness." EDWARD RETIRES TO PRIVATE LIFE; YORK IS KING OF ENGLAND (Continued from Page 1) Hiilisli history to utidicute voluntarily Hie only one to renounce throne ami sceptre bncnuse otherwise lie could not injury Ihe woman he loves. It was announced by Sir Thomas Insklp. altorney general, that Edward will be under no compulsion to go into exile, though he is reported to have promised his mother. Queen Mary, he will never again set foot on British soil. "Can the attorney general state," asked Will Thorne, a laborite M. P.. MEUOW eight ttS i'T," tc , f .W'- VaV A tC ' I ' The mayor of (amies received of- i kr Vtu n tt- SpJ " J final messages from Paris saying T --m.f ' .-flrj t the mobile guards in his district ? ' ' X would be increased immediately. ? -l mtil''' X Ciinrils are still watching Villa X jtix& jriaffl!! f".-rN le Hoc. ,he property or I.o,d Choi- tVSS LjL V'i mondelev. where il has been report- urr-WmtHO- .fV 'i V-?- t ''"'Mwar is.oslay. ?" 4 tJ fsft 1 I Yfc A .V X1 ti 1 r V Christianity. Succrw. J u. 0? 'fs, f ' " V Christianity's old and original sue- V ' ' V lM 'w'i ' J."' X 11)24 Ford coupe for what have you? Floyd Jones, Hillsdale. t30 Chief Justice Marshall's Shrine The former home of Chief Justice John Marshall, 5 East Marshall street, Richmond. Va., is preserved as a shrine in which are kept many of Justice Marshall's belongings-books. letters, etc. It is also he headquarters of the Society for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. Indian Belief The early Ohio Indians believed that all the timber in forests was planted through the activities of the squirrels. The nuts which the little animals buried in the ground for future food would, according to belief, grow into trees if left undisturbed long enough. British Walnut Furniture Kare Walnut was freely used for furniture making in Italy, France and Spain during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries, but it was scarce in England. The Ant Lion The ant lion is the larval form of a winged insect. It digs its pit, waits concealed until an ant or other small insect falls in, then throws sand on the head of the victim so it can't get out. "Doubling in Brass" The expression "doubling in the brass" originated with productions whose opening in a town was advertised with a brass band parading the streets. An actor who joined the outfit on parade was said to be "doubling in the brass." It is used for an actor who also plays a musical instrument or contributes some other talent as part of his regular performance. Many Nerve Threads in Spine More than 17,000 nerve threads in the marrow of the human spine have been classified and their diameters, some as small as 0.001 millimeter, measured. Michigan Dunes differ European sand dunes were formed ona stable shoreline; Michigan's on a coast line that fluctuated during the various stages of the glacial drift. Best Kind of Nobility If a man be imbued with a generous mind, that is the best kind of nobility. Tuns of Barnacles Carried Ocean vessels must go into dry-dock every six or eight months because of barnacles, 50 to 300 tons of the pests collecting on the hull every year. Popular Mechanics Magazine. Our Powers of Usefulness Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires, but according to our powers. COLUMBIA Friday and Saturday "THE UNKNOWN RANGER" with BOB ALLEN MARTHA TIBBITT Screen Snapshots Cartoon "In My Gondola" in Technicolor "THE STORY OF STEEL" From Ore to Manufactured Product ONLY 10c Sunday and Monday cess was won nv wartti-nearie-i ana x YW N-V S n . ' aH 1 ' -mr-i.H.r i? ; .;rrr x "whether there is any truth in rn- 5 W Jvl .fmt.Xi:tm, MwJ i ports the king is being compelled to j-.l r.m.r--r,ff??l xZZ'. I ieave the country." fit lj J's V -tTl "There is no truth whatever 111 f) I ft ?, Jr 'tV, -'' ' V 1 t the suggestion." inskip replied. fA 'tfX ft & "''S ll WAIFS OF WAR IN SPAIN WILL GO TO FRANCE (Coutlnued from Page 1) nl'ler ihe war is over if we are able to locate any of their relatives. "Tho; e u ii fort unateH who have no one in the worlil will he given the utmost care, and we will do all v. can to make iheni happy in Ibeir new lioiie- in Kiance. Hut this Is going lo lie a i-ad t'hrillltas for all SnauMi children. " I ti'l"! 1'reii, h in w, a foreii'il eti'ld who is adopted by a French fani'lv I nines a i liieii when be or "h" rea- hes Ihe legal ace. Al pres- 'lil. litis. llOttever. does lint apply for for, i-jii children in French or-elianai:'s, hut we are campaigning for the palace of a law which would ,i!hi jxv this right lo occu-tiani-; of orphanage." Plants I'everish When Ailing Plants develop fever when they aren't fieling well, expei iinenls BEST,! Brandon Walsh through the years of 19:11-54. Two or those years Clinton was acclaimed slate high school champion. Ileyond Frump's appointment bh athletic director, the coaching setup tor the next school yeur is Indefinite. Raymond ( Tubby I Tro-baugh, presi i.t foolhall coach. Is known to have received iwo offers worth coiiKideriil Ion. anil be Is expected to accept one of Iheni. t Tubby proved himself a popular teacher in his two years here, acid bis ninny friends both ill Ihe school and In town would be sorry lo see hiin go. Mr. Frump has worked as an assistant football coach at Ohio Wos-leyull during I lie latt two grid cam paigns. Banana in Near Fast 82 A. I. The banana was known in Mesopotamia as early as H25 A. U. ' SING'S By ' F0UI2 PKFECT 'in ONE 7 Tu.i.iiwo ; W0jfj 10c FRI.-SAT. 25c l j r x rP ';J : oaom.u.170 r i i,j i iw? .,." COFFEE U 49c ; Mcjc Hf . '.Ncf t Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days Insertion: the same 8c charge (you got three days at double the cost of the first day). Next three days insertion: the some 8c charge (you get a whole week, six days, at three times the cost of one insertion). Each group of three days there-afler. 8c a Hue. Illark liuo (like this), 10c per Hue. . All classified ads including memo-rlaniH and notices of all klnda must bo paid in advance except those by regular customer whose accounts re paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must bo allowed before belli paid. In Oio luuer case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held 'Hponslhlo for Its payment. FOR SALE Sti-el crih with mattress, 30x54. $4 Mrs. John Toffolo. Fairview. t31" Holly with plenty of berries. 20c per pound. L. W. Hershey. 132 Child's accordion. 905 Blackmail street. t31 Jlorse. Mr. Baldone, Sandytown, Lunch room in good location. Priced cheap. 227 Mulberry St. 5-niom inodi'in home, aleeping porch, garage. Iwaled in block Kim street. Pi ice $1400 for quick sale. Write or call: C. 1. Hartley Soles ft Auction Co., C72 Ohio St., Terie Haute, Phone Craw-ford-724. l Gas range, trap drum outfit. ll"a-soiiahle. .Mrs. II. Hell, 1115 South Fifth street. '30 Alfalfa hay. Mack Donnelly, Sli'-P- ardsville. tS2 For Sale Coal Night or day. 11 mile south of Clinton on pavement. liriggs k Louden, phone 54 or 91G-4. t3Z POI'lil'lf VKISCOAL, I N1VKISSAI,, MIAMI NO. 4, AM) lll.ACK HKTTV NO. 5. HAIU.KY HUFFMAN, I'HO.NK 10. ' PAID NOTICES 'J'wo acres. 4-room house, barn. poultry house, smoke house, garage, electric lights, fruit. Located l-mile west of Clinton on paved state highway. Price $1(100, I cash. Vnusual bargain. Write or call C. L. Hartley Sales & Auction Co., C72 Ohio St.. Terre Haute, lnd. Phone Crawford-7924. t:il Try as you may, you cun't find a irifl thai will mean quite no inucii to your friends as jour portrait it Is you. ( ashner hi unio. i-vt We wish to thank our many friends and neighbors for their many acts of kindness In our recent bereavement in the loss of our husband and father, also to those who Bent the beautiful floral offerings, donors of cars, minister, undertakers and the Masons and anyone who assisted in any way. Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson and family t29 WANTED Coal hauling. Call Andy Johnson, phone 915-12. t33 Experienced, licensed beauty operator. Call at 252 Blackman St. t30 For Sale or Trade Combination roadster truck for (arm equipment. 1027 N. 7lh St tsr. READ THE ADS TpALACJU FINAL TON1TE Cam FRANKLIN 0. (00SEVEIT and Written Fr LIBERTY MAGAZINE By 4 llffBII AUTHORS! -i;tr-Laicl Newt 1iiicai ItVvii t Hai'tMHic Act BING OROSBY 'PENNIES FROM HEAVEN' Opens Saturday 11 P. M. 4 il FURNESS J ,-' f. ft tMMttUS JgH? V ; : '; f lit if 4 . -' Wit W 3 . . .Ji I i RKlfti, . .-safe. y - ': ? : f I i Bokar Coffee 21c Red Circle 2 39c APRICOTS Br-nd 2 ci 29c UTTLE KERNEL CQFiN 2 ?5c P-KUT BUTTER 2 23c GRAPEFRUIT Can 10c IONA FLOUR 24-Ib. bag 69c SUGAR 25-lb. bag $1.19 PANCAKE FL0UR raw 2 pk 19c CAKE FLOUR "a!1 27c Catsup 3 is. 25c Jello Pk 5c Soup v5"-- 3 51 25c Raisins tit 29c Upton's Tea ST Ub 22c Dog Food 4 c- 19c Cookies JZXL " 19c Gold Dust 17c lnim Trswt c.n 13c Silver Dust 2"-25c CRISCO , v"gew'b! Sr" 19c WHITE BREAD ThNtA&p 2lu8c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES HEAD LETTUCE head Sc TANGERINES, 210 size 2 doz. 25c GRAPEFRUIT, Texas seedless each 3c Potatoes, U. S. No. 1 .peck 33c, bag $2.15 HF.-MAN DYNAMITE, IN !f; ; V J i i TT-J ) Jl J I f X A RED-BLOODED SAGA ? JSJ,JAjil MVJ-L X OF THE COAST GUARD! X H f fTVT''rf' ' JOHM WAYNE f UJcGAjiJJ j X 'SPOILERS I ''$wmi. :vi'' j ! with Nan GRY Fuzzy KNIGHT X ' u i. " William BAKEWELL t.., r- ,,mMMmn.mxm!!sMi.f,,r,m, .mm..,. w f Geor9t IRVING -Harry WORTH i J'" $ etti $ i - It "Ace Drummond" jSS O ? "GoingPl.ce," t sjhi&JY n'" cr Sh' t Popeye Cartoon j llTT0S X Sunday, Monday & Tuesday f " I "VALIANT IS THE WORD . Preview Saturday FOR CARRIE" 13) Q I 1 O IIP. M. also I ;ladvs (ieoiK.- John Howard i d 1 Cm m I c J Ii I Ariine judue J " " w w Sunday-Monday J m mmW'"',,,,, t 'MW M J I ' A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND MI1UCW. TWO HJiMCk-'fP " TWCfF wiiOk'EP4ND pou oi Toy ve Lti-' -Evrcr Toy taT , ...... .... - rtrt ..,r I if OWE IMVtKi-ti-i OF? Hb to be with 2rr2gSTri5L I MSS"4S -J-d-S ZZb J I - A ' r:1 stop 7 H6Bs; ( wouto AcruiLr SHAVE J vVOUI.0 ACTUAL SHASE .2 rr I " .,-. wm.. - i i nj-f-i i " - 1

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