The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 11, 1936 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1936
Page 7
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Page 7 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Friday, December 11, 1936 Aerial Artits's Last Fling ODDS AND ENDS FROM SPORTS OPPONENT FOR LOCAL CAGERS MAX GOMES TO II. S. FOR RIDE; NO DEAL SEEN Schmeling Just Wants to Talk Matter Over With Boxing Commission on Trip to New York NKW YOltK. Dec II -Max Sehmeliitg Kpems to have made tin ocean voyage just for the freli nir. What was slated to he a nnimnt-niis meeting between'tlie New Yolk Whitehill . . . and Hie rest got plenty or tonsil exercise. Giants are dickering Tor either Albany, or Toronto . . . If they get either rliili, they will transfer the franchise to Jersey City . . . and send Travis Johnson over there a:t manager. . , . (Hants also dickering for four minor ea:'iie clubs of lower claHsi-Ination , V a I l'iciiiicli Is slated to maiiai e one of them . . . lull Terrv suv j nil clubs must adopt ihe .li.iiu store Idea In self-defense us il is jiow." says Terrv, Th Yankees. Ileds and Cardinals ban- H. e baseball plaver market conn red and when anvhody Hies lo deal vv.ill Ihcin Hon waul eveivlliini'. but your siiiri. iCI:Sk 1 l?f i:5S-.-' 'i it- 'A ). -rt! ; Wildc.U WiU Try to Even '36 I '10- Record at County Seat Tonight Following Garfield Lou NKW YOltK. Dec. 11- Baseball moguls tnlked millions . . hut wound up trading marbles hut they all llmire they scored at leasl a mural victory over Judne l.amlis In tile Feller case and ilia I vomit! man is slateii for a fat conliucl . . . probably the biggest ever offered a rookie. Itesillls . . . Dodgers ol lei- shaw. F.nt'Msli and MhiiihIi. a 1 ateul , . . rubs got Prey Ciaiils got 1 1 ;t -i I it and t'liio7a Reds rot Virgil Havis I Celln ri . . . Ilraves got Mayo . . .It d Sox got lliggius. thus ailillnc. more ti irpernineut to an already overcrowded prima donnas . . A's pot Werher Senators pot SalvpMin . White Sox pot Thornton Lee . , . , Indians got Two of Vermillion county' Ironical bankvihall Itwnm will bp en In union at the cminly piiI tonight wtirn rilnlon mccn Newport. Paced by Murk, dmiclcyn een-iiT, (hp opcniiniy eager neve bfwn mukliin a nubsltiiitial bid for atten Undefeated Santa Clara Is Expected To Wallop Texans HAN KltANClS('t). Dec. 1 1 The Honied Frogs or Texas Christian arrived here today for iheir intern" -lloiial till loniomiw with the Kama Clara liroiu-o. the mil inn's only major eleven Willi a perfect record. The Texans were greeted villi two Ileum that failed to mm I iholi n- fldi nee. These were; I, The llroueos have lipen pslab-llshed at In lo 0 favorites. "Kven money" Is being uaeinl ihe Texans lose iiy 7 points. 2 - Lawrence inneki Khtw. He' handsome coach of the Ilrom-os. predicted his Imys'wlll move to the sugar Howl at New Orleans on New Year's Day still undefeated and untied. Shaw said: "If my hoys perform tomorrow- a they have in practice all week then their perfect record will remain in tact. And. I think 'liey'll pl;i that way." Santa Clara authorities stated tltcy expected to view tli duel between the iwo all-American hackftald aces. "Slliigin1 Ram" Hausli of the Frocs. and N'ftllo Falasclii of t lie Broncos. Shaw lias warned his play-1!.: not to be cocky- Ho pointed out that in 10.H and lfir, the Hroncns fell before the Fros and they have yet to capture their first vii tory fiom the Texans. tion tliln ypar. Their last pncoun Icr. lunt Friday night, pmled In i Cllntocian Advertising Commands Attention! sinanhliiK S4 10 18 Tlclory over IlillitdalP. Coach SttttPVllle has been work ing hard on the Wildcats the last couple of days to Iron out the flaws which showed Hp in the 22-15 de llnxing Comm4sslon and Si hmelliiK today, probably will wind up with all bauds wishing Max a merry .'"ristmas and bon voyage on the return passage which he lias already bunked for next Tuesday. Innocrnt Question Mnx says ho will nsk Hip commission it they are going to keep their word to him that be be given first crack at the title and if there Is anything to the rumors he heard that somebody was trying to sidetrack him in favor of Joe Louis. It lias been rnnutred the commission will ask Mnx to post a $ J.l.tMHt ruarantee he will return to defend his title if he should win it. Many question the commission's leual riifht right to make such a demand. feat by Garfield of Terre Haute SUAJGiAJ' SAM -BAUGH- Be Sure lo Attend the JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "Digging Up the Dirt" Rial - X.V mw. Q-ql toss j t. Tp smiL my A V- . V 8 LAST SAKTX CVW ... . "owwa-nna e.ous MiS UST StcV BOMS OA) j COUSSC GRUJiBOAJ -at the Tuesday night. Id tbe season opener, the Clinton cagera displayed an unhealthy tendency to. got caught riatfootPd. On offense they failed time trier time to follow in after shooting, a practice which no doubt cost them Rpvpral points, Line-up The starting' varsity lineup tonight will probably conairt of Ber-rtsford. Bennett. Phillfpt, Bosntlck and Berto. ' George Dunn, having freed himself front the tangle of In-rlUihflity. will' alio "be in-costume arid on hand. Pearman, Newland, Mack. Rims and Van Sickle are expected to start for the opponents. A large crowd of local fans plan to make the trip, according to the word going around today. One Opinion- HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM MONDAY, DECEMBER 14th For What It s Worth MUHT 8:00 P. M. Hcsei-viMl Sents :(.", Itlc.ichcrs 'iiU- MATl.NFK 2:.tO P. M. i Admisoinn 2.V by Davis J. Walsh So what was scheduled to he a terrific verbal battle today, with attendant law suits, probably will wind up as a love feast. lint even if they should as!; it. Mar probably would waive the point and permit Promoter Mike .Tar-nbs to post the money for him. Mike would have to be assured of getting his monpy hack. Deal Is Off The proposed Braddoek-Louis fight seems to have grown colder than an igloo. Even so, Sehmelinc says he will inform the commission that if Braddock Is ready to flsht I,ouis in February, as reported, he should he equally ready to Tight him. Max says he is prepared to meet Braddock at ony time or place. NEW YORK, Dec. 11. Before leaving for home at the close of the Dance to major league baseball meetings last night. President William Ben-swanger of the Pittsburgh Pirates told me a story which seemed to ex Bowling , Results say that, while the deal is not officially off. we're far enough apart now so (hat it seems unlikely that we'll ever get together. One player he did admit to having been involved in the original dialogue was Arky Vaughn, shortstop, who led the leapue in hitting last year. "We managed to make Branch Rickey modify his views there by eliminating Vaughn." Benawanger plain why the fit. Louis Cardinals still have Dlizy Dean and the Pi rates still have a ball club. He sal-i the Cardinals were asking, in the final showdown, eight hall players. not have done it the best day he ever saw. Neither could Ruth. And Dean, after all, is only a pitcher. We couldn't use him more than some of them admitted stars. He Leo Baxter's Trianon All-Star Orchestra At Dreamland Ballroom, Clnton, Ind. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12th. 8:30 to 12:30 P. M. Admission 25c each said that tbe Cardinals also were asking the sum of $150,000 in cash. He added that he wouldn't estimate tbe asking-price on Dean, in players and money, but that neutral baseball men bad done so at $350,0110. "And that's conservative' he I every third day and. even then. I there were further considerations. j "Why, if we made a deal Iik that, we'd not only concede the pennant elsewhere we might spend the next 15 years trying to recover.'1 So. as I say. the Cardinals still have Diziy Dean and the Pirates mill have a ball club. - explained. "But he immediately demanded the same value in other players. Thus, we originally got him down from seven players to five and now he's back to eight." "Much as we think Dean would individually help the Pirates." said he, in conclusion, "we know that no man can help anything if he's left alone and unsupported. Cobb could NATIOXAI, LRAOUB Exchange. Clab Fletcher ..,..,... lit 126 150 Stftt 112 116 129 Lemstra 117 130 US Cheek Ill 17 125 Heparty 116 94 147 Totals 596 63S 670 Clinton Ire On. Beatty . ... . 125 90 98 Maokie 122 101 139 C. Beveridge 101 117 87 Shannon VM 119 133 W. Beveridge 124 131 127 Handicap 46 46 46 Totals 640 604 630 added. 'l'm not going to tell my business by listing these players. either by price or name. But I will By E. C SECAR THIMBLE THEATRE Starring Popeye 0KfV- UJEUU I V "to BE bH SfJttH. DON'T w P0PPf I GOT TO I SWEfPOThTO kEMN VA, GRAMMAR BE OjOin dovaJN ( HERE, VT IS -SEE-) "VftM" ME,(KNb- I TTtcN fUNNf . " ) I'LL. UOOH IT UP IN THt TOWN" SM'I VAN Indianapolis New Ricauda 135 184 Horney 119 106 C. Schelsky 147 184 Timmerman 137 163 Combs 211 137 OICTION'RV rtN' 150 102 184 159 179 GOIN DOWN TOWN 7 f AVL RiCjHtX I BUT MeVKE PROVE THfcV li 71 IDlDNT KrCW THEV ERF'. e yjfVi SUtHfS WORD to . 0 1 MM Totals 749 774 774 Texaco Oilers Frazier 15 174 153 Stone 112 153 146 R. Griffiths 131 196 171 Gilfoy 92 175 109 Mills 172 152 138 Handicap 74 74 74 STi Jv ; nx.. rf-v i l i i 737 924 790 Totals By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER AVAiAV-VOO M16HT VAJHAT'S "THE MATTB2, IS "THAT POgJUH KiOHAC-OPEM IT ei(3HT I'VE BEEN SHOPPIKkS, Mt, AMD I BOU6HT vour nr j rr . ii iisc it i r -n, , .r- 1 1 too labse. a smhv, ee. uo-a w r ii i-j r iw av k i 7" ii - i m. e i i j xj-t. i i t 1 1 i i - iin i h XMAS NiOVO r i - i i '-r 1 1 . . i r nt irssj;' ci i v - v Cooperative Stores Bondi ... 142 169 162 l.anzone 132 201 225 F. Schelsky 119 136 137 C. Fenoglio 144 176 185 Culnn 132 178 1S9 Handicap 102 102 102 Totals 771 962 920 Diana Sweet Shop Colombo ......... 126 197 168 Murdock 117 206 166 Brazukas 203 181 145 Ave 165 159 163 Benetti 189 138 201 Totals ...... 800 881 833 T. H. Tribune Leeds 101 11 117 V. Anbury 152 132 17 McClung 154 128 18 Cuerri 125 181 l James 166 148 17 Handicap 52 46 46 Totals 749 761 822 fl. Mnrphy Ca- Moore 140 144 141 Taiwo 1S 17 196 Hull 150 138 191 C Schelsky 190 149 14S B. White 165 190 Griffiths 138 Totals 748 703 870 Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN HELLO. COAST GUARD ? T BROLKSUT THIS COMPASS SO I n ACE 6A.RT5 OUTFIT CERTAINLY CAFTAIN JOHN ANDERjOW "?1 I SUSPECT THEV ARE D0IN6 THE aCIUW. COUNTERFEITING SOI WHERE ON THE OTHER SEEN QUIET SINCE I RfcroEO THAT THIS IS DAN DUNN. SECRET 2 COULD TELL TMfc EXACT ORECTIOM THEV TAKE OF COURSE IT' POSSIBLE TMAT THEV'LL CHANGE Tucio rrviociC &.FTER THEV GET RUMPUS WITH GAN6STER CHARLIE nDPBlTIWF 4& CAN I GET SIDE OF THE LAKE MOW THEV FAST MOTOR BOAT RIGHT THE OTHER NIGHT-NO ONE HAfb BEEN OUT OF THE HOUSE EX.CEPT THE Ante Hare CajU System Eight different kind of caste of ants are known to science, but not all of these can be found in any one colony, as certain castes peculiar to one species are- not developed in another. ARE LEAVING IN A SPEED m n i AWVAV 5? THANKS. I'LL BE OUT OF SI&HT-BUT THAT'S A . tt BOAT guards - AH THERE 0 TWO CHANCE I'LL HAVE TO TAKE. K V -.THERE IN A HALF AN muuk- T TOWARDS ri 'M 1TKE LAKE I y tz7 I Tonight - , ft i .Air, i -r .. Fish and Rabbit Fry Dorman's Tavern GOOD MUSrC ' r Plenty of Parkinf Space ICE COLD BEER 5c and 10c

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