The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 20, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1921
Page 2
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.. ; . ., b THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS SENATOR P. C. KNOX. MRS. IIAYDOGK POSTMASTERS HEARHARD1NG Fresident in Speech to Postal Employees Pleads for "Spirit POOR TUBES ARE GREATMD1CAP Standard Makes Mean Safety, Whereas "Bargains" Are Likely to Cause Trouble. SENATOR KNOX IS TAKEN BY DEATH Pennsylvania Statesman Drcps Dead in His Home at Washington. Picked Up on the Road. Keep the engine clean. Plush the nidiutor occasionally. ' Wash the car with a lignt stream and a sponge. Keep spark well advanced and save gas. Test your valve springs for strength. Kvery knock Is a warning. Attend to It. A pint of gasoline can evaporate in 21 hours. Crease the wheel bearings at Intervals. ,Casolinc sold for 6 cents a gallon in ISPS. The first four cylinder car was made In 15X. Investigation shows tbe average car is junked after ruu-ning GO.CKXl miles. IMrt between the brake drums and bands may cause the brakes to squeak. Direct spotlight to the right. Raining? Use tire chains for safety. . s, V tS-f $&V- : ' GUARD AGAINST SLOW LEAKS Cap on End of Valve Helps to Hold Air and Should Be on Tight Washer Likewise Has Important Function to Perform. The well-being of S per cent of a motorist's tire investment depends upon 14 por cent the relation of casing to tube costs. A great part of tire trouble is the direct result of under-intlntion. with the inner tube the offender. Yet the average car owner neither knows the name of his tubes nor the length of their service. Cheap and unbranded tubes handicap any casing. The best is at the mercy of a poor tube. The difference in tubes is tremendous. A standard make inner tube is built of almost pure rubber and has a strength of between one and one and one-half tons per cros section Inch. This means that if the tube stock were I , . . : 1 . cum to a square test piece one inch thick and one inch wide, it would be strong enough to lift front l.tXK) to o.t) pounds. Inferior tubes do not have this strength and are highly compounded. Life Usually Long as Casing. On an average it Is possible to build life into an inner tube only equal to that of the casing. It is false economy to use an old tube in a new casing. Inferior and womout tubes should be quickly discarded. The tube which has delivered full service during the "life of one tire is almost certain to have developed slow leaks. When a tube fails to hold air it is worthless. As a general average in all services it has been found that pressure in a tire properly taken care of and when a Sd tube is used will deci-ease about five pounds in two weeks. When this ratio is greatly exceeded, the tube should be examined without delay before the life of the lire is s:pped. Valve Cap Should Be Tight. It is well to remember that the cap on the end of the valve stem helps to make the tube hold air. Often when the valve inside is leaking, pressure may be retained without a rapid decrease by screwing the cap on tightly. Its function is to assist tho valve, and Its use is imperative. The washer is likewise furnished for a purpose and should be used. It holds the valve stem In proper position also that it cannot pull loose nor v the tube h pinched, and keeps out water. With a standard-make tire, use a standard-make tube. 'Ttargaln" tubes mean tire trouble and ruin the profit and pleasure of motoring. MEW cMfe? To clean a dirty file, dip it in lenzol and scrub with a stilT brush. Twenty-seven states in the Union now have over 100,000 motor vehicles each. " Germany exported 20.000 automo biles of various kinds, and 4,000 motorcycles in 1020. The merits of some of these new vul- ennizers on the market should be in vestigated by the person who lives far from a repair station. During 1020 1.745 automobiles. valued at S2.42o.51S. and automobile parts to the value of $2,798,141 were imported Into Japan. SAVED Fl AN OPERATION Followed Advice of Her Druggist's Wife and Took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Chicago, 111. "I was in bed with a female trouble and inflammation and had four doctors but none of them did me any good. They all sum i wuum uaic i have an operation. A druggist's wiie told me to taKe Liyaia E. Pmkham s Vegetable Compound and 1 1 took 22 bottles, never missing a dose and at the end of that time I was perfectly I well. 'I have never had occasion to take it again as I have been so well. I have a six room flat and do all my work. My two sisters are taking the Compound upon my recommendation and you may publish my letter. It is the gospel truth and I will write to any one who wants a personal letter." Mrs. E. II. Haydock, 6324 St. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago Illinois. Because Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound saved Mrs. Haydock from an operation we cannot claim that all operations may be avoided by it, but many women have escaped operations by the timely use of this old fashioned root and herb medicine. Often trie Case. "On first sight Jack thought Edith a vision." "And on second sight?" "Ills thought underwent revision. Beauty and Health For Women of All Ages Here is Seme Good Advice. South Uend, Ind. "In my young firlhood I became frail and delicate. )r. Pierce's Favorite Proscription regulated and strengthened me as well aa proving excellent as a nervine. I will -always praise this medicine for I know it lenented me at a very critical period and I recommend it to all girLs who are ailing." Mrs. Samuel Romine, Gen. Del. Health is your most valuable asset. It does not. pay to neglect it. Write Tti? to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, in Buffalo, N. Y., and get free confidential medical advice. Ths Beginning of a ficv Ufa Bulgaria and Oriental Europe Produce Hardy Race of People. Do you want to feel from 10 to 30 years younger? lo vou want to know the joy of Perfect Health? I l?ularian Blood Tea, used for centu- ries by the natives of Oriental Kurope. is the most remarkable medicine tor the human family known In the world today. Composed of rare herbs, roots, barks. Feeds, leaves and flowers, just brewed by yourself and taken onne or twice a week assists nature to vitalize, purify and enrich the blood. It will be the beginning of a new life for you. Headache, biliousness, constipation, sour stomach, Ras around the heart will beKin to disappear. Unsightly pimples, blotches and muddy complexions will clear up when your blol is pure. Bulgarian Blood Tea is guaranteed to contain Just pure herbs of marvelous medicinal and curative power gathered from the rich soils of Kurope, Asia and Africa. All drug- stores now keep Bulgarian Blood Tea in stock. Never in the history of medicine has there been discovered a remedy that has given such beneficial results In such a large number of ailments. Distributors of Bulgarian Blood Tea are authorized to return the full purchase price if It does not materially Improve vour health after using the first box. This evidence of faith In the power of Bulgarian Blood Tea Is the guarantee of the Marvel Products Co., who authorize this public announcement. If your dealer cannot supply you, a large familv size package will be sent postpaid and Insured for $1.2S. Address MARVEL PRODUCTS CO. 484 Marvel Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. A good credit Is like a pistol; It's a handy thing to have In time of trouble, but It will get you Into trouble when you don't need It. Tribal dances of the Sioux Indians are said to be demoralizing. Has some one been teaching the red man to toddle and shimmy? The world Is becoming safer In some respects: you never hear now of a lady catching her heel In the ruffle of her dress and falling downstairs. So-called mystery ships have been responsible for elevating the bootlegger to the picturesque dignity of being called a pirate. There Is one thing more to be said In favor of the prophets of good times. They are certain to be right If they keep It up long enough. The Germans say the American cows distributed In Bavaria give much more milk than the German breeds. Haven't the Bavarian farmers plenty of good water? EASY TO KILL RATS and LUCE Br fm c-i- STEARNS tady for U Bttr Than Traps Direction. In 16 Ungu&yes In every buz. ftta Mice. Ooekrotekei, Ant. and W.tertof. StMtra food and property and are earners of iSSSZ. StiA' fltctirie Pott, force, these peat toran from the bonding for water and freab ait. candl. "Money back If It tall," r ;L,',':im5;--"i w 1 I l 4 V of Service. PRAISES RURAL COMMUNITIES Declares They Are the Guaranty of the Perpetuity of the Republic Urges " "Gospel of Uno'erstanding Upon the Country. Washington. Oct. 17 Confidence that the United Slates will be able in the reconstruction poriHl to Imbue the other nations of the earth with a spirit of service and understanding was expressed by President Harding In an address before several thousand postmasters and postal employees who have been in convention here. Without referring directly to the wining armament conference, the President declared his conviction that the "'gospel of understanding" would be responsible for whatever of lasting good may be accomplished in the years of rehabilitation and realignment ahead. "Whatever I may have learned to night," the President said. "I knew about postmasters long before I came to the presidency. I used to help pick them in the good old days, and I'm not sure but I named more of them twenty years ago than I do today. "When I was shaking hands with yon yesterday at the White House somehow- the thought came to me of the varied communities you represented. I suppose I'm just a little partial to the groat rural community, because I began my life there. I'm just as proud of the great cities of America as any citizen of ti e republic, but they're just a little different. They show a little more of the passing passion, while out across the groat areas of our republic are the sober, substantial citizens who are the guaranty of the perpetuity of this land. "I take it we art1 not all of one party hero, and I want to say that I'm not averse to postmasters being inter- ! ested in politics. If anyone ever comes to me and says ho is seeking a postmastership and has no party affiliations he's coins to be w-iped off the slate right away. I'd rather have a hard-boiled Democrat than a yellow Republican. "And wheu a man wines to me to i I'Mir ;mw ;inks m 11:11 it;o 00111- pensution is. In also is wipe! otT the merely seeking a place, but the man is worth while who is seeking an opportunity for service, particularly in this present period of change and reconstruction. "I do not speak in a partisan sense or in a sense of criticism of anything that has gone before, but it's no small problem to put our republic on Its feet again and it calls for the service of every man and woman interested in his country. T have sought to preach the gospel of understanding and service, and I venture to say that the greatest things we shall record in the years of reconstruction w ill be due to understanding and service. If we can have that spirit and do these things for our own people it Is not impossible that this republic can point the world to a way to better understanding and to a better order for mankind." THREE DIE IN TRAIN HOLDUP Fifty Armed Bandits, Under Rebel Chief, Rcb Passengers in Mexico and Escape. Mexico City, Oct. 17. Fifty armed men, under the leadership of the rebel Captain Castillo, held up a passenger train from Vera Cruz to Mexico City. near the small station of Stc-ornet seven miles from Puebla. robbed the passengers and escaped with consid erable booty. The bandits made their escape after forcing the passengers to walk Into the village of Signoret. Shots were ex changed and three persons were killed. Whether these were bandits or passengers was not stated in the news of the holdup which reached Mexico City. LAKES-TO-OCEAN WATERWAY Canal Cost Is Set at $252,728,200 by U. S. and Canadian Engineers. Detroit, Mich., Oct. 17. The cost of making the St. Lawrence river between Lake Ontario and Montreal navigable to deep-sea vessels was estimated at $252,782,200 by Cot W. P. Wooten. United States army engineer, and W. A. Bowden, chief engineer of the Canadian department of railways and engineers, who made an lS-tnonths survey of the proposed route. Big Loss in Sugar Mill Fire. Abbeville, La., Oct. 17. The peo ple's Sugar Refinery at Rose Hill was iestroyed by fire, causing $300,000 "oss, A steamboat and several barges anchored at the refinery wharf also were destroyed. Harding May Be Shrine rs Guest. Washington. Oct. 17. President Hai ling told a committee of Shriners that he hoped to accept tnelr Invitation to attend the meeting of the Imperial .ouncll of the order In San Francisco t June. JUST RETURNED FROM EUROPE Stricken With Apcptexy as He Was Walking Frcm ths Library to the Dtnirg Recm for Dinner Died Suddenly. Y 'ashing-ton. Oct. IX Philander Chase Kr.ox, l"ni:od Slates senator from lrnslvar.".a, former attorney general and secretary of state and a dominant f.gurc in the last four lle-public?n administrations, died suddcn-ly in the library of his home here. He v. as in his sixty-ninth year. A stroke of apop cxy as he was vslking from the library to the dining room caused l is death. He had spent a short time in the library prior to preparing fr dinner with Mrs. Knox and his secretary, VW.rren K. Martin. Senator Knox returned to the l"nitod Sl:.Us 0:1 Saturday aboard the J Celtic after several weeks spent in j l'ngland. Accompanied bv Mr. Knox he had a hru f vacation, refraining studiously from political discussions and public appearance, although numerous invitations were extended hy ttritish leaders. On his arrival in New York Senator Knox had complained of feeling tired. n spite of that he insisted on coining to Washington for a day or two be- m - . - . . . . vAn ... i lore going to nis nome ;u "eJ j Forge. Va. He was in the senate on ' Tuesdav and Wednesday. He tcld Mr. Martin he felt imuh better. When Mrs. Kr.ox came to rail Mm t dinner the senator rose from his j desk and siarted to follow her from ' the room. He had taken but a few i steps w hen he collapsed suddenly and i sank to the floor. j Senator Knox, long prominent in the nation as attorney general, secretary of state, senator from Pennsylvania, and as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in ivo: v.t-1 - 1 . . I - tained prominence in recent years for his steadfast, opposition to the treaty: of Versailles. He was author of .C.e resolution deviating the state of war i with ttennanv and Austria at an end. ; iiA ...... 1 ization as a sut-simne tor tne icag;:e of Nations which he said "wov.M pre- America fim the results of Kimnean j Intrigue and agression." , Senator Knox's carver in national ; affairs bocan with his appointment as j attorney con oral by President MoKin-tey in Ifvl, serving In that capacity tilso under President Roosevelt until lf01, when he was appointed United States senator from Pennsylvania. He was elected to the senate In 11XV5, and resigned in 10iX to become secretary of fctate In President Taft's cabinet. ILLITERACY SHOWS DECREASE Census Bureau's Figures Give 4,931,-9S5 Compared With 5,516,163 in the Year 1910. Washington. Oct. 15. Illiteracy in the United States decreased from T.7 to 6 per cent in the last decade, ac cording to a preliminary announce ment by the census bureau. The latest census showed 4.fVlt.030 persons of more than ten years unable to write In any language, compared with 5,510,1 GS in 1010. As compared with 1P10. every state, except Connecticut, showed a decrease In Illiteracy, the statement adds. KABER GIRL IS SET FREE Cleveland Woman Found Not Guilty by Jury cf Nine Men and Three Women. Cleveland, O.. Oct. 13. Marian Mc-Arde, twenty-year-old daughter of Mrs, Catherine Kaber. was found not gnl'ty of complicity in the murder plot of Daniel Kaber. her step-father, by a jury. Miss McArdle vcas permitted to leave the courtroom a free girl immediately after the jury reported. The jury of nine men and three women had the case under deliberation for 17 hours. IMMIGRATION1 CHIEF PICKED R. E. Todd Is Chosen by President to Succeed Frederick Wallis at Nev York. Washington, Oct. 13. Robert EL Todd has been selected by Presiden Harding as immigration commissioner "at New York, to succeed Frederick Wallis, who recently resigned. Lcndon Jobless in Riot. London, Oct. 15. Twenty men, who were taking part In a gigantic unemployment demonstration and two policemen were wounded In a pitched battle In Cambridge circus. The police charged the crowd. Great Lakes Recruits Go to Coast. Chicnco, Oct. 15. About 275 naval recruits left the Great Lakes naval training station Friday in a special train for San Francisco, where they will be assigned to ships of the Pacific feet. U ; ! CORRECT ALIGNMENT OF BIG IMPORTANCE Auto Wheels Out of Line Give Short Tire Life. Many Owners Do Not Attempt Task Because cf Lack of Knowledge Easy and Accurate Method Is Shown in Illustration. Lining up the wheels of an automobile is a problem that many motorists do not attempt because they do not know how; but the following method is easy and accurate in every case. Set the car in an open space on an absolutely flat floor. Place two boxes on the floor, one about two feet from the rear right wheel. Now' stretch a string between the two boxes, being careful to keep the siring at an even Automobile Wheels Out cf Alignment Give Short Tire Life. Keep Them Properly Aligned by This Simple Method. distance fr:n the floor. Measure from this string to the front and rear parts of the right front and rear tires. If the distances are not equal, shift the boxes or the steering wheel until they are exactly so. The string will then be exactly parallel to the line of the wheels on that side. Then, with a second pair of boxes and a string, do the same thing on the left side, thereby obtaining another line. When this is accomplished, measure across from one line to the other, making sure that these two are equal distances from the wheels. Do the same at the rear. If these two measurements agree exactly, the wheels are in alignment. Popular Science Monthly. TO AVOID MAGNETO TROUBLE Remove Distributor Cover Once a Month and Wipe Out Also Clean Breaker Points. While the magneto only needs two drops of oil In each bearing every thousand miles it Is well to remove the distributor cover once a month and wipe out with a cloth dipped in gasoline. At the same time pass a piece of double-ought sand-paper between the breaker points to remove any corrosion that may be forming. This will put off magneto troubles almost indefinitely. . - Phiiander Chase Kn.x. Cnited States senator from IVnnsylvnida. fonuer att'-mey pvinral ar.d secrttary of slate and dominant figure in the last four publican administrations, who died Midiieaiv at his home in Washington. GIANTS WIN THE TITLE McGravvs Men Are Champions of Baseball VVcrld. Capture Final Game of Series Score cf 1 to 0 25,000 Fans Witness Battle. by New York, Oct. lo. This year's world's baseball t .... championship . has Tb.ev won it when they defeated the Yankees, 1 to 0, in the eighth game of the series, A crowd of 2o,t0 watched the contest. This is one ball game in the struggle for The world's title that will go down in history as having been won without the aid of a base hit, as the lone ran counted by the Ciants in the first inning of the game was scored without a base hit. The tallv that gave tl lA.lrtrt-'o lw IwTA.M WOC , - U'Ul L11!1V VillU t' Oil' -'V' lVckinpaugh. captain of the ankee ..i.-n " " . -:'- L:,ve lrot of the giants rcd the winning tally. H uh George '" the war m tho ,irf ,l,n- ning. Dave waited tor a base on balls. r ric u laiiPti 10 aMiuiou.v au umi ivj :he production of he victory ami j though the Yankees declared he was struck out on a curve ball that from the ircs loarcl to be a good smko' KtI,-v Allowed this with a ii:iip mvuiuicr iii;it i ecKiiip;uis;ii ni-lowed to slip out of his hands and through his legs to left field, Pancroft legcing it from second base with the run that brought in the victory. This victory gives the National league its third championship In seven years and is the first world's banner Manager Metlraw has won since he piloted the Ciants to victory over the Athletics in 100o. ARBUCKLE TO BE TRIED NOV. 7 Filni Star Pleads Not Guilty to Manslaughter Charge in San Francisco. A San Francisco, Oct. 15. Roscoe (-Fatty") Arbuckle, motion picture star, entered a plea here of not guilty to the charge of manslaughter filed against him in connection with the death of Miss Virginia Rappe, Chicago film actress. Arbuckle's trial was set for Novemler 7. Arbuckle later appeared before the United States commissioner for arraignment on a charge of possessing liquor illegally. LLOYD GEORGE TO SEE U. S. British Premier Prepares to Attend the Armament Conference at Washington. tendon. Oct. 15. Prime Minister Lloyd George Is preparing to go to Washington to attend the impending conference on limitation of armaments and Far Eastern questions, and it is understood that, unless unforeseen difficulties arise, be will ho there for the opening session. CORN TO BE USED FOR FUEL Price of 25 Cents Causes Decision by Minnesota Town Farmers Refuse Lew Rate. WindYmi. Minn.. Oct. 15. With corn at 25 cents a bushel, the town of Wlndom will use It for fuel at the municipal power plant. It was declared. Many farmers have announced an intention to burn corn instead of coal this winter. China Fights for Heme Rale. Washington, Oct, 17. China wtll battle at the disarmament conference to shake off the domination of her economic system by other powers It was announced by Feng Hon Huang, who Is here to arrange details. War Claims $300,000,000. Washington, Oct. 17. The United States court of claims has reeon vened, with cases Involving approximately $300,000,000 arising ont of the country's activities daring the World war on the docket- CALIFORNIAN CONSTRUCTS MOST COMPLETE HOME ON CAR WHEELS Jw mm m j "i m i " 1 Mr. R. E. Jeffrey and His '"home" . rvucomouut nlu tar, R. E. Jeffrey of Piedmont, Cat., arrived recently at Yellowstone Park with one of the most complete homes on wheels ever seen In that vicinity. The body ts built of fiber board, and the house contains every known modern convenience, with the exception of a bath. Mr. Jeffrey is no mean housekeeper and declares he Is having the time of his life Jogln? around where-ever fancy dictates. U. 8. Ooreraaaent bays It-

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