The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 20, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1921
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NEWS M VAIMM0UNT PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO HELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-fourth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAyToCTOBER 20, 1921 Number 94 PIGS SELL WELL BUSINESS GIRLS PLAY AT GHOSTS HARVEST FAIR AND DEDICATION POLITICAL POT BEGINS TO BOIL MRS. FANKBONER CALLED BY DEATH Esteemed and Well-Known Fairmount Woman Passes Away Suddenly and Unexpectedly AT ACADEMY SALE Second Annual Event Put on by Duroc Association Attracts Big Crowd Of Buyers The secot.y annual sale of the Grant County Duroc Breeders' association, held in the sales pavilion at Fairmunt I MEMBERS AND GUESTS ENTER-TAIN ED AT GATHERING FULL OF WITCHERY AND FUN EX-SFRVICE MEN ARE COMING HERE EIGHT TO TEN THOUSAND PEO-' PLE EXPECTED IN FAIRMOUNT NEXT WEDNESDAY Local Committee Has Assurances of 2,500 Ex-Service Men in Uniform to Participate in Big Reunion and Sham Battle Coming From All Over the State. CANDIDATES ON ROTH REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC TICKETS NOW HARD AT WORK The suWfn death of Mrs. Eflte f. f n Ci F.mkhoner. HIGH SCHOOL ARRANGING FOR BIG EVENT IN NEW GYM JUST BEFORE THANKSGIVING Will Be in Nature of Old Fashioned County Fair With All of the Attractions Incident to Such an Affair Will Also Publish Another Edition of Fairmount News. 'which occurred Tuesday morning at !her home on South MaiiJ street came ias a shock to her host of friends and Democrats Announce Big; Meeting for Tuesday Night in Telbax Hall In- Academy, last Monday night, proved j to be ona of the best sales of the sea- j All Appear Masked and Costumed Be-fitting the Hallow Yn Season and Games. Contest, Music and Delightful Luncheon Pass Away a Merry Evening. Mrs. ... V - .i t . acquaintances m Fairmount ruhheans YAorkmg Quietly But ........ Ready for Big Round Up. j Fankboner was found dead in bed at J about ? o'clock Tuesday mcrninr by son and exceeded the success of the first sale of the association held at the Academy last year. There was a large crowd of prospective buyers, and all of the listing of fifty head of 'her dauchter, Lois. An examination Sigi.V; oi arproacning vieciion biv: ... , s The students of Fairmount high school are planning an elaborate Har- "Ghosts and goblitk, witches too, Are preparing fates for you." beginning to be seen; candidates are ; ... ... . . . t spring gilts and boars sold well, prires I ranging from $25 to $8.r. Three pigs ' jvest Fair and Dedication Festival to kowmj; decided activity and party i Hut there was nothing creepy or Twenty-five hundred ex-service men in uniform and participating in the big sham battle and events of the day, with from 8,000 to 10,000 visitors in Fairmount is promised for Fair-mouiit on next Wednesday, when the t anK- rt.- be Riven tho latter part of November. from one litter sold for $45, $65 and j $85 respectively. A large number of ! Iiv fact the exact date for the big ! the pigs had been donated to the Ac- time which is expected to attract attention throughout the county is Tuesday afternoon and evening, Nov 2'2 j ademy fuiM, while a number of pigs I big, reunion of ex-service men, under the auspices of the Lee Winslow Post, had been consigned for sale, making Veterans Foreign Wars, is staged Before that time the new part of the c lne workers are busv lavir.g plans and i" piaramu uncanny in th? Hallowe'en masquer- perfoetiug their" organisation. In-Kr Won, Wrs ade given by the Fairmount Business dkations point to an exceedingly busy wnon dverd by her daughter. j Ctirls club in thrir hM on -ry ey-twx weeks, politically. The election! During the night Mrs. Fatkboner nin?. Ghosts their were in p!crrty flit-will come on Tuesday, Nov. S. jnd spoken to her husband, who she tmjr her amJ there, and mask faces Locally the Democratic committee heard up. and when he had asked how j beyond description, but if there was and candidates appear to be showing j h Ml. 5ne had replied that she was j witchery it was tho witchery of hap-the greatest activity at this time, al- , feeling all right. Mr. Fankboner, ! r,-rS!S arKj jollity and guests arM mom-though the Republican committee a?M'who is a member of the firm of the berS( stored into the spirit of the en-candidates are not sitting idly by. It Fairriiount Hardware Company, had 1 tertainment staged by the committee had been planned bv the Democratic ' " sen early to go to the store to epeif in charpe namely: Miss Anna Delph, ! the offering an u.nusuallv eooit nnp. . hiih srhonl hutlrlim will ho rnmnlof. I m . ... here, ...j.- - . i-imir'oa worp nmrio Mnnnav nicriiT. i . I it it Mac PerrA)d returned from Indiana- ea ana in use mis ceieoraiion win consfrnil about thirty animals to next year's sale, for the benefit of the Academy. The next sale at the Academy will be on next Tuesday after- I polis Wednesday night where he se-j cured the positive assurance of Ed. .Jackson, secretary of state, that he j would be here, and Governor McCray oe partly in the nature ot - a house warming as well as taking on something of the style of the old-fashioned county fair with "hot dog" stands, committee to hold a big meeting, in P- .-pnearea ( Miss 1Ia2ol Paylte ami Mrs Lce Rob. , noon when the Grant County Big Type TV.1...U . ...:n -nr gave Mr. Pernod assurance that if it balloon?, fortuiA? tellers, side the wav of a social and lawn event, to siec-pmc, a he had looked into er5u Th? decorations were all of hal- tov . a cm mi v-iiiim in i 1 1 1 nun Ht ... . . ishov.-. minstrels etc a i j was at all possible for him to get h' mmsirus, eic. fne selection of pigs, proceeds from! , ,. A, , , ear?v this week at the home of Albert , ner room, it was out a snon ume iOWe'en suggestion, a color scheme of Morris, on South Mill street, butter that Miss Lcis had gone to her Watfk and toU pmlominatinp. j away from his office on that day he. Miss Edna Gregg, Miss Lenore this sale also going to the Academy Only two of the masques were Ramsey and Miss Jessie Wright have fund. weather conditio?; were such that mother s room aivt touna nor oeaa. this rUn ws alvmdoncd. and instead I ?m months Mrs. FanKner character representations, Mrs. Edgar lllocn vcorking on the plans and already - b- w-otiw will be held on Tues-'' bocn a swffr frtMn organic heart . , ' ' , ,! ' lli 'have a number of mmmittpes f 11 1 : 1 in inavjuvvi rt? rt V'lttif lt illlVlt " " , day nifht in Tclbax hall, irdndir.g a tnnible. bvt Monday she, appear! to Mi?s MaU(lo.prilos as a Wack roammTe, . work and very enthusiastic about the bfck ft !- too, would be "among those present." American Legioi.' and V. F. W. posts all over the state are taking an active interest in the event, and will send their delegations as unfts, the local post already having the assurance that there will be 2,500 mei! in uniform here. Indianapolis ex-service SUNDAY SERVICES . Democrats, aui " nor usual ana upon re- ri.,w. a,il possibilities. As will be noticed. Nov. supper to which aU any others interested are invited, tmrg lor tno n,c t a iown no m- n jn aisjJuisos dijTwult to fathom. ' comes jut a couple of days before This invitation includes the ladies, abdications of an attack of the trou lo. Cins V,ocn arrallsriHi Thanksgiving and therefore is a very s, and it is expevtod that there will ' Heath, hawever, was undoubtedly due whJch Mis?cs Jtur Ruth ; appropriate time for such a gala cele- M. E. CHURCH Church in Action Rally chartered We expect to have the decorating men are coming in special be an unusually largo crowd in at- to r.eait laiRire. Rhlno-onh-iff n-innrc ViVfml bration Victrola r. .' 1. i e .. ; i . . . v. . it . 'r . i : 1: i t.',' iv-o t She is survivcat by ner r.visband anvt The following committees for the Ior m,xt oun.iay. ,nws ..u.u iiacuun une, una at.U piano music also formed a part of j unusual program is prepared. cs.un- oiner towns are mawing traiispona- Arai'cemcr.ts ai-e being made to 'one daughter. Miss Lis. a student iif the evening's entertainment. various arrangements have been nouikcd: day school will be at 9:P0. The pastor t,on arrangements. The state cora-tlie after- mission has agreed to furnish motor A delicious lunch consisting of sand- will preach at 10:30. In b.ave cr.e or two good speakers present tV.o Fairmount high schrnd. Tho from out of town, in addition to local funeral was held this. Thursday, after-speakers. The meeting will be callovl r.oon at 2:?0 o'clock from the Ccngre- wrfehes. pick'es, olives, baked beans I'ccoration Mr. waiters, Keginahl noon begini.lng at two o'clock three trucks for the conveyance of the men served arrill, Joe Payne, Charles Pickard, ! rTee and pumpkin pie was adresses will be given by Revs. Moore to the, scene of the sham battle, which ! rf -TincVni-r U'ohrlw rf Clas flftr .1 i . I will V10 st:i!ril at S nVlrtflr in i ln pvpiJ. hI and delivered with the goodnight ' Winslow. Lloyd Loach, Bertha Hay-! Rnrrptt. nf TTnlnn.l. Thpa;MrM,n. ! inr with all of the naraohanalia and prvmptly at 7.30 o'Hock. .gatienal church, Rev. Martin A'l of the candidates on the local Grant, in charge. Interment Democratic ticket will be there, and made in Park cemetery. each will be given an opportunity to j sreak. after beix.'g introduced. 1 will be upon themes of vital interest equipment of modern warfare, and will elusion ot l!e lunch. Uurmg the ev- ' v xa oa.t, ay to the srowing life of the church ' last at least two hours 1 Rhoda f. niw?Mi.s j,-,;fi.,f. crs, i-r-.Mcr:o r.avani 0 at The dress parade will be The pastor will preach in the evening ' ACADEMY NOTES n Hill Ud into the club, with impressive cere- i "elms, Gladys Miller, Clemens at 7:00. Special music will be mven o clock in the afternoon, forming on Ilorteike ' arM -'!ar;Uet i.angai.'. mony. They were Misses 'during tho program. Prayer meeting North Mail.' street and passing in re-,will bo on Wednesday evening instead view before the reviewing stand, Mr. Dean and Vensrtta Lewis. Mrs are Fl 7U I. IIV -V"'.Il VlMIIlllltlVV The Democrats this year d;d not nominate a candidate for town elerk-t re surer, that v'aeo on the ticket bo-vacant, Car.didstos for trustees from each of the wards in which a trustee is to be elected are in the field, and their will appear on Coleman ' Meyers, Myroir' Carter, Joe Pickard, 0r Thursday. We exnect thU to be a which will be at Main and Washing- grr M. Baldwin and Miss wore guests of the club. The second week of football practice was started Monday right and a decided improvement wa shown.-The "battling eleven'" is looking more like a foootball team with each evening H. S. REGULARS Hubert Leer, Carl Leach, Jimmy permanent chai.'ge. All evening ser- ton street.' The parade will be headed Johnson, Harold Comer, Ren Brewer, vices will be at 7:00 instead of 7:30. by the Fairmount band, and with it Russell Wilson, Harry Williams, For- ' On next Monday evening at 7:00 will bo a number of drum and bugle rest Carter and HaroM Underwood. I o'clock we will hold our third Quarter- corps. Mr. Morphet, Roy John and Mildred v Meeting. Dr. W. B. Frceland, Dist. i The afTair promises to be the big-Lyoi.'.s. constitute tho advertising com-'snt. will bo nrosnnt jh.'.I rrln.-t fh. ' srest event of the kii.U ever statred in hoped before o i 1L.p:.-.vcti,vinv.! of practice and it is DEFEAT ALUMNI' C-VCOiKt Alvu lV..Si--, .,. many nn're uajs mtr v.vwu :i be ready for their first game, which 1 -a 1. . 1. ; -.1- .1. . I , Tohn A. Vsl-crr.: fourth ward, William F. Dsvis and fifth ward. Albert Mor-is. Last Game on the Old Gym Floor a'mittee. session. Dr. Freeland will speak up- the state. 1 rwv re with .iarnn r.seu jiihmm S-i-nV ballots arc homer print Ovl an. Lively t)r.e Proving Metal of This j Donations and program committee . on tho sutiect "The responsibility and cUvtioi time during the next two weeits. will be in the bsr.ds of the car s Team Monday ever.n.g work consisted in to- commissioners and candidates by consists ot Mr. Krouskup, Mrs. Gil- opportunity of the church today." breath, Thelma Hill, Lois Fankboner, ! Dr. Freeland speaks with authority: a ' fvmdame-'-i!c c-o.-i (v'll anl If anv one douSt.l that Dip Fair- r'inn o.nioiis, launnt .'ku'j, i,vMie , come and hear him next Monday at .-rt so While the team . a m. i. a l ket ball ' Wilbern, John Ribble, Edward Kimes, j 7 oVlock. srowevi iroprovement incie sin. s t hJ . . . . . morrow. The Republicans have a complete ticket headed by John R. Little for town elerk-treasurer, and the following candidates for trustee: Second John Joircs, James Ramsey, James C. B. SWEENEY rough snots to bo ' bunch this aro season, their doubts were n an. Lt e . disoolled Velirsda nitrhf when the scrubs were able to hold the regulars , h-h st.h rmlars as nnw lint nn - er,e aiMe u mMU xnv 1 j high school regulars, as now lined v ward. Jas'oer A. Fri DEPENDENT IN ALIENATION SUIT LAYS AC" TO KT, l: T.E. Counsel for Jcseph C Brannum, against whom Oscar M. "evin.ton of : Fairmoui.'t, filed suit ".he Delaware i Superior court a I. Ilur.cic, several days (ago asking $2",000 damages, charg-j ing the alienation of his wife's affec-j tions, believe the case never will be J tried. 'Mr. Brannum is the brother of j Bevington's ex-wife who divorced him 1 in a decree graited last summer by the ! Grant Circuit court, on a charge of nonsupport. Mrs. Bevington is the ; ' . ...... - - " r rieiM; third ward,,?CTU fourth ward, W. ! awrs nd a,e to penetrate the j trampled all over the Alumrfi . tea im, John L. Cor.rad 'line for maiNr gains. in, one of the hardest fought and live- Horton Ribble, and fifth ward, Roscoe Nolder, Moneta Duller and Glenn Huston. According to report quite an interesting program is being arranged for both afterton and evening as well as a very elaborate and interesting series of special numbers. The high school has also arranged to publish another edition of The ! On Thvrsday right the regulars ' y ?ames eVer seen on the old W. Kircher. gym game ' w ere given a real workout by a team . flor The regulars ended the CHRISTIAN CHURCH Sunday school, 0:30 a. m. Communion service, 10:30 a. m. Preaching service, 11:00 a. m. Preaching service, 7:00 p. m. Preaching service both morning and evening will be in charge of Rev. H Clay Boyts of Etna Green. A cordial welcome to all. ' mother of fifteen children', thirteen of Fairmount News, as was done last LITTLE GEORGE OSBORN made up among the ineligibles andjWith a score of 37 as against the 7 to KILLED BY AN AUTOMOBILE. alumni. Among those opposing thetne credit of the Alumni team. The Word has been received here by 1 first team were H. Jones, all-state J iine.up for the high school team was: friends of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Os- college lii.Vman, now one of the main payne'and Hollingsworth, forwards; born of Indian'apolis that their son, : stays with the Gas City Tigers and E. Olfather, ceiAer; Williams and Leer, George, acd 13, was killed last week '.Mac Pernod, formerly a member of F.mrds, with Briles, Bosley, C. Pic-in an auto accident. The little fellow Indiana university football squad. arj j. rickari arta Wilbern injected : - 1 , c stniV bv- an The regulars sprung a real surprise . ;nfn the nmc in the second half. For January and with which the students met with such success. This editiori will be issued on Monday, Nov. 21, the day before the opening of the "Big whom are living. Eight of them are not self-supporting, oi.'e being a cripple. Mr. Brannum aided his sister financially in obtaining her divorce last summer, and he asserts that Bevington's damage suit is filed merely as arf effort to embarrass him. Holtzman and Coleman of Muncie, attorneys for Mr. Brannum, authoriz Fair,' and will be on sale "on the automobile truck. The family spent! by holding their heavy opponents tothe Alumni the line-up was: Craig, grounds. The edition issued by the one rear on the v. v. .noon iarm i i 1 WESLEYAN CHURCH F.unday school, 9:30 a. m. Preachirte, 10:30 a. m. Young people's meeting, 6 p. m. Educational Rally by the Y. M. W. B. at the Wesleyan Back Creek church at 7 p. m. Prof y McDowell of Marion college will address the young people at this meeting. ef town aiM had many friends in the defense for gairfe. They showed by thbrtrhood and in Fairmount. The far the most and best football of any students last January consisted of 14 pages, but the comirg edition is expected to be at least 16 pages. With . . .... his time during tne season. Kicn at ixki- little hoc attended school near and Delph, forwards; Ramsey, center; Lyons and Parker, guards, with Lewis, Swift arM Mann, subs. Wednesday night's game was the last that will ever be played on the old gym floor, as workmen will Friday begin tearing up the floor preparatory to remodeling the auditorium. The ed the following statement: back and Brokshire at half-back broke the experience in newspaper publishing gained by the students with their Mid-week prayer meeting, Tuesday, first effort they hope to be able to through the line for many long gains. At the present time the line seems to be the weak part of the tearn atM much improvement will have to be 7:30 p. m. "Mr. Bevington abaidoned his wife and these children and the only part taken by our client in the matter was that of a brother in assisting her in keepirfe these children together and supporting them." country home and was a general favorite with his school mates as vras also the case with his Sunday school class mates in the FrietMs church. The members of his Sunday school class wrote a letter of sympathy to the parents. make the coming edition even better than their first. Those desiring ex A Christian welcome to all. J. J. COLEMAN, Pastor. new gym will be in readiness for the made here before any game is played. first game of the regular season, and wherf ttis is opened Fairmount will The gym floor is nearly finished and tra copies of this edition will do well to place their orders early, as the previous edition was exhausted before all could be supplied. should be ready for use by the first of next week. have the second largest gym in the county, and by all odds the best in all appointments and equipment. With CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH S,unday school, 9:30 a. m. Evening service, 7:30 p. m. Sermon aubject, "The Christian and Dr. L. D. Holliday reported to Prof. FAIRMOUNT FEDERATION this new gym Fairmount fans are de termirfcd to go after the county tour Purviance that a report of absolute negative had been returned to him TEAM WILL PLAY MILL. the Devil." A lively game of basket ball is Everybody welcome. nament for Fairmount, and then the MRS. SCOTT HOSTESS TO LADIES AID SOCIETY. The Ladies Aid society of the M. E. church met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. R. Scott, Mrs. Edith Bevington, president, presiding. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Lenore Edwards arAl Mrs. George Shields. The society was in receipt of a letter from the Ladies Aid socie from the cultures taken for diphtheria scheduled for Saturday night at Riley district tournament. FAIRMOUNT CHILDREN ESCAPE FROM ALLIGATORS. The two small children of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Cox, now near Maitland, Fla accord it ?g to word just received here, recently had a narrow escape from death by a large alligator. The children were playing near the edge of a large lake a short distance from their home, when workmen saw a large alligator leave the lake and pur some few days ago. hall it Gas City when the Fairmount There will be no school or Thursday township Farmers Federation team and Friday of this week as all the FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15 a. m. Preaching, 10:30 a. m. Junior Mission Band 3 p. m. W. F.'M. SOCIETY TO MEET WITH MRS. CLAUD HUSTON. will meet the Mill township Federation team. Both teams are said to be teachers will attend the annual . teachers convention in Indianapolis. New locks for the boys lockers On next Tuesday afternoon the W. F. M. S. will meet with Mrs. Claud in excellent shape for a lively contest and a large crowd is expected to witness the battle. have been ordered arM will be here j sue a small dog owned by the little chaps. Tho dog ran directy to the Hustorf on Buckeye street. The host ess will be assisted by Mesdames Ma Intermediate Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m. . ' Young people's group, 6:30 p. m. Preaching, 7 p. m. S. ADELBERT WOOD, Pastor. ' Miss Leora Bogue, Ass't Pastor. ty of the M. E. church in San Pedro, Cal., asking for contributions for a fund for a church and community house which they are plannirg to build for the soldiers and sailors stationed at San Pedro. An interesting feature in connection with the renuest i th fact that Mrs. Bevirg- children. The workmen succeeded in in a short time. It is planned to give every boy in school a locker for his own use. Very clever were the costumes of rine, Couch, Taylor and Brown. The snatching the children from the path of the alligator just in time, and after the fourteen masqueradefs who called devotional topic will be The God of Nations. Miss Helen Wells will be on Miss Marcille Brookshire Tuesday evetSng. After music and games a ward killed the reptile which was an unusually big: one. E. M. Leach, formerly proprietor program leader and the subject of the lesson will be The Kingdom and the J. D. Wood and wife of Pittsburgh, ..g ao who ia the Pacific weiner and marshmallow roast was of The Club Cafe, will leave the first Pa., are visiting their parents, Rev. fl happens to be stationed at San enjoyed by the following young folks: Nations, chapter 1 embracing a study and Mrs. S. Adelbert Wood. of both Japat) and Korea. Current Miss Edith Wright, Wilbur Elling-wood, Pearl and Berniece Ellingwood, of next week for Fort Lauderdale and other points along the east coast of Florida, making the trip in his automobile. Mrs. Leach has accepted a Pedro for the winter. Possibly the fact that ""Our Joe" as the ladies called,!, him was there, had its influence, for events will be in charge of Mesdames Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wilson of Con Wm. Parrill, Everett Parker and A barn on the Charles Dean farm, southwest of towrf, was consumed by fire Tuesday afternoon. A considerable quantity ot baled straw was also consumed. Mr. Dean feels that this is tough luck as it Is the second barn that has burned on the farm since the Olive Thomas, Wilbur Brookshire, Lola Voorhis. Alberta Hanger, Alva verse. Mrs. Frank Roseboom of Alex- j a number of contributions were taken Charles Adams. The president earn- positlotl in the- cloak and sul depart and Elfie Corwin, Leslie Davis. Clarice andria, Mrs. Sallie Heaston arid her After the woric of the meetirg was ment in the Strauss Dry goods store estly requests that the ladies be pre- and Lavelda Rigsbee, ClaretJbe . Ev- guest, Mrs. Harry Raridan of Tulsa, ! over the hostesses served refresh-erett, Gaylor Bousman and Marcille Okla., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. 'ments consisting of gingerbread with Brookshire. . Burr Vinson at Summitville Sunday. J whipped cream and coffee. pared with the mystery box questions, although it is not imperative that they be committed to memory. at Marion art! will be with that company until a,ter the holidays, beginning her work', the first of next week. Dean family came iiAo possession of It. X .'i r)

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