The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 17, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS gat ion of the Red Cross, the announce- l nient continues, as manifested by figures of the fiscal year 1920-1921 when ! the total was approximately SV',iO0,- RED CROSS GIVES ANNUAL BUDGET $19,331,657 Allotted for Current Program of Relief and Service. Everything Electrical Broyles Electric Company 1 19 West Fourth Next to Federal Bakery MARION, INDIANA UW, of which $2,rt92,091 represented the disbursement of National Headquarters while the remainder was the chapters contribution to this field of Red Cross service. j Vast Work for Disabled I Chief among the sub-divisions of . the appropriation for work with ret- erans is that which concerns itself with assistance to disabled men and j women in government hospitals. This ! item of $1,790,000, an increase of more 1 than $"W,OuO over the appropriation ar.TI ST".,O.T.r"J jtTlottotl by The Red Cross for child welfare work In Europe, there remains $S,76o,108 still available, of which it Is estimated that $0,000,000 will be required for this work during the current year. For Red Cross participation in the joint effort to relieve -famine conditions in Russia, for final work In the China famine, for Junior Red Cross and other overseas activities Including the closing of the old- general relief program in Europe $4,97S,000 Is made available. In announcing the national budget, the Red Cross makes It clear that the figures do not include chapter expenditures or place any cash estimate on the invaluable service of volun-teers In chapters. People Generous With Tip. New York likes to refer to its spendthrift millionaires. The head waiter of a magnificent eatery told me that for the bountiful gratuity he preferred the visiting sod-buster to the son of a millionaire. The young man from Hohokus having his annual fling has read so much nbnit huge tips that he thinks anything under a $10 bill will be tossed back at him. The Information volunteered by the head waiter came after a well-known spendthrift had departed with two young ladies. His dinner check came to $2. and he gave the waiter $2 the head-waiter nothing. "And," continued the head waiter, "see that young fellow over there in the green suit with a large Adam's apple. He has been shucking off $o bills to every waiter In the place. And he gave me a half century note. I'm afraid his keeper will be along soon and make us give It back." Exchange. MILLIONS FOR VETERAN AID SB Medical Aid for European Children Will Cost $6,000,-000 This Year. t FOR SAL Base Burners, Soft Coal Stoves, all kinds of Gas Stoves and new wash sinks, white enameled, at $2.50, $3.50 and $4.00. for the same work In last year's budget, will provide those personal services for the disabled and their families which are indispensable to supplement those provided by the government-The director of the Veterans' Bureau has recently expressed his desire that the Red Cross should continue and extend these "humanizing services." Other items of the a;vropt iation f: veterans relief are proportionately in creased. An additional appropriation of $4vKM0 has been made for Rod Cross work in connection with regular Army and Navy hospitals and with the regular Army and Navy. For disaster relief, the Red Cross LEE HALPERIN Phone 187 See Eve as Idealistic Woman. Most Italian women If they had their choice to be anything they wished in iheir sex, would rather be Eve. according to results of a vote recently taken by one of the' Roman papers. The argument advanced for being CARRYING ON SERVICE FOR DISARMED VETERANS OF THE WORLD WAR THAT IS COSTING $10,000,000 A YEAR, THE AMERICAN RED CROSS IS HELPING FULFILL THIS NATION'S OBLIGATION TO ITS DEFENDERS. HELP THE RED CROSS CONTINUE THIS WORK RY ANSWERING THE ANNUAL ROLL CALL NOVEMBER 11-24, 1921. j has set aside for the current twelve mor.ihs an appropriation of $o4.'i.9.6, virtually doubling the appropriation for the same purpose for the fiscal year 1920 1921. Washington. Expenditures totalling $l0,riyc.7 for carrying through its r-rogram of re'.ief and services in the United States and overseas are outlined in the buiget of the American Red Cross for the current fiscal year. This total is more than J5,ftV,W lower thn the expenditure during the last fiscal year, when the disbursements reached $24,492,741, It is an-couneed at National Headquarters in a statement calling attention to the necessity of continued support of the organization by response to the Annual Roll Call, Noven-.ber 11 to 21, If the vital work of the society is to be effectively carried on. Outstanding among the items of the domestic budget Is the a jropriation of &U52."hj for work Iti behalf of the disabled ex-service man and his family. This appropriation represents the amount al'.oted to this work from National Headquarters only and does not take Into consideration the millions being spent In chapter for relief of the World War veteran. It More than ?2.OO0,0OO Is provide! for ! Eve was that she, of all women, had I no competition. Her husband wns j never away from home and there was j no other woman on whom he might j at an alluring glance. ! Those who did not choose to be Eve -hivo for the most part to be Mary Masrdatcn. because, after being allowed to enjoy all the sins of the world, she was forgiven and after- ' wan! became a saint, thereby enjoying all Joys of heaven. j service and assistance to the 't.iSHJ Red Cross chapters by the national organization. Helping Destitute Children Other items of the domestic budsret include $40."U5 for miscellaneous activities. Including contributions restricted for special purposes and $7C?S-6X for management. Each of these Items represents large reductions over similar appropriations of the previous year. From a fund of $10,000,000, $T,000,-O0O of which was contributed through SAYS WAR HELPED RELIGION Big Fight Made Soldiers Better Men, Is Assertion Made by Man Who Knows Them. Is In the chapter that the greater amount is spoilt in meeting this oHi- j the European Relief Council campaign 1 no American soMior came our -. the war with more religion than he went in. according to Rev. Henry Russell Talbot, canon of the National catl.edral at Washington, who arises n dotVnd the dughbov from the libel FOR SALE j FOR SALE Semi-Solid-Condensed Buttermilk. Ideal ho? and poultry feed. Orantre Frine, Fairmount. Phone 1031 Red. FOR SALE "Favorite" hard coal burner and "Florence" soft coal that the "war ruined him. "(to is a bettor man for having been In the army." asserts the canon, referring to the veteran, the tars and S;r:;cs states. Cann T:.lbot was senior chaplain of the First division of the American ex-Iteditionary forces. In a communication to national headquarters of the American legion at Indianapolis lie COMBINATION SALE Duroc Pure Breds Live Stock and Farm Implements I will offer at public sale on the Himelick Stock Faim, two miles south of Fowlerton, six and one-half miles southeast of Fairmount, ard four miles west of Matthews, on Monday, October 24, 1921 Commencing- at 10 a. m., the following:, in addition to the biff effering of pure bred Duroc hogs, which will start, at 1 p. m., rain or shine, under tent. CATTLE Seven' spring calves, grade Shorthorn; one full-blood Si.-t-horn cow with calf by side; one full-blood Shorthorr cow, fresh by day of sale. HOGS Fifty-one head of pure-bred Duroc hogs, consisting mostly of fall yearlings; spring boars of February and, March litters and thirty-eight head of spring gilts, the best from more than twenty litters. Every ai'.mal guaranteed to be a breeder, if given proper care. If you are interested write for catalogue. HORSES One Bay Mare, six years old, weight about 17.0 Hs , sound good worker, an individual hard to beat; one team of gray mares, seven and eight years old, weight about 3200 lbs., sound, good workers, real brood mares, safe in foal and season paid, colts by side now; two spriife draft colts, extra good Percheron bred. CHICKENS About 3 dozen riee Orphington pullets, April hatch; four' Orphington cockrels. About 2 dozen fine full-blooded White Leghorn cockrels of good laying strains. SHEEP Six nice February buck lambs; twelve head of breeding ewes, three and four year olds. FARM TOOLS One Cutaway double disc; one Oliver high lift sulky breaking plow; one Dutch Uncle orre-row cultivator; one Weber wagon in good repair; one little Dutchman sulky breaking, plow, almost new; one hay tedder in good repair. TERMS Three, six and nine months at 8 per cent from date, approved security. Refreshments on grounds JNO. W. HIMELICK AUCTIONEERS COLS. GILLISPIE BROS., COLUMBIA CITY, IND.; COL. FRANK RELFE, FAIRMOUNT, IND.; COL. CLAYTON DICKERSON, FAIRMOUNT, IND. CLERK EARL ALLEN. burner in pood condition. Ray Van-Xess, 2 1-2 miles north and one mile west of Fairmout't. FOR SALE Large pas heater in good condition. A dandy. Elmer Flint. admits the American, as he saw him in Fram e, was "uncommonly timid in , the exercise of his religion. He was frightened at his own religious shadow or he might have leen grossly ignor PUBLIC STOCK SALE The undersigned will sell at Tublie Auction on their fatm. three miles southeast of Fairmount and three miles southwest of Fowlerton, Ind.. on Thursday, Oct. 20th The following personal property, to-wit; 34 Head of Pure Bred Scotch Topped and Bates Breeding Cattle 34 Head of Cows and Heifers. 10 Head of Bulls and Calves 10 HEAD OF MULES Cons isting of two span of three year olds, green broke; one span of two year olds: two spans of one year olds, One bay horse, five years old. sound and a grod worker. TERMS Cash or note for three to six months at eight per cent interest. Anyone not personally known to us; please bring bank reference. ant of the content nnd practice of his FOR SALE Flour at Mill door, based religion. j on price of wheat which has de- Rut. as the First division's senior I cijnc4 15 cetits during the past chaplain, the canon wns in charge of j wcek Fa5rmount Flour Min. all the private lelongings of the 1,MW Americans killed in the ten days tight- FOR SALE Ten very nice Barred J. A. Smalley, Rock cockrels. Mrs. Phone 716 Black. corn. Call Black FOR SALE Old 713. ing in the Argonne, and in nine out of , every ten of the men's kits found a I crucifix, scapular, prnyerbook or testa- ' ment. "And in those days." Canon ; Talbot writes, "the First division was I not carrying anything It did not deem ! essential." "There was a kind of collectivism which outruns the ordinary standards of honesty,' declares the canon, "but underneath there was Implicit. If not explicit, reverence for the Son of ; Man." ! FOR SALE Spring boars. See Russell Rich or call Black 1031. FOR SALE Best electric washing machine on th? market. High pric- j ed machine and one that will out j wear any of the cheaper makes. This machine is new, never been j REVEAL THEIR ARMY TRAINING us?d, and will be sold at a bargain Can be seen at The News office. FOR RENT FOR RENT Seven room cottage on North Main street. Phone 1038 Green, Wabash. News Want Ads. Bring Quick Results. AGENTS WANTED Ex-Service Men Instinctively Line Up j When a Crowd It Waiting to j Be Served. Army training still manifests Itself ; In civilian life, and former soldiers j automatically fall into line when they ' must wait to be served. In the army j the men spent a great deal of their j time waiting In line for mess, drawing stuff from the supply sergeant and a j dozen other purposes, j The old army training revealed It-j self strongly during the recent hot Domestic Science Girls from Fairmount Academy will serve lunch on the grounds. W. 0. Leach & Sons Auctioneers: Col. Purl Dean, Puckett & Son, Clayton Dickerson and Lew Caskey. Robt. A. Morris, Clerk i 5 AGENT WANTED We want a lady or gentleman agent to liandle city trade in Fairmount and other vacant cities. This is a wonderful opportunity as you will be retailing, the genuine J. R. Watkins Products including Watkins Cocoanut Oil Shampoo, Garda Face Powder, Fruit Drinks and over 137 other products. Write today for free sample and particulars. The J. R. Watkins Co., Dept. 69, Winona, Minn. "5F spell at the Brooklyn Central Y. M. C. A., when apparently most of the 10.t members sought to take advantage of the swimming pool. Crowds of young men stormed the locker rooms each evening. The ex-service men set the example by lining up and taking their turns to reach the jrnte. As each elevator disembarked Its load the former soldiers automatically went to the rear. Younger men who had not had this training and sought to edge In far up the line were promptly pulled out and sent to their station. No ex-service man who has stood In line to draw a pair of socks or get a mess kit full of "slum" will permit anyone to get ahead of him. Reduced Rates to Indianapolis I. O. R, M .& Daughters of Pocahontas Convention. School Teachers State Convention. Dates of Sale Oct. lTth to 22nd. Return Limit Oct. 28. EXTREMELY LOW FARE TO ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Via Clover Leaf R. R Date of Sale Oct. 22nd. Return Limit, Oct. 24th. MISCELLANEOUS RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment TYPEWRITERS. Cleaned, repaired, sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone 1586. Next to Lytic Theatre downstairs. Marion, Ind. 9 It ASK AGENT FOR PARTICULARS Union Traction Co. of Indiana S&SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSiSSSSSSg: i v., Well, Look Who's Heref By Ckarlts Sughroe MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL f uAt GUN WfM,N11tf Qosv. oummo Should Jifo Je5T c,uio W -i I WAUVOV.-A gfegl , "SoUuT. Atf NA CME pA tW AM OR MOV -?ti! CMIE UA,TM. I PC S00- . feg . is , i ) - :

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