The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 10, 1936 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1936
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Th .rsJay, December 10, 1936 The Dally Clintoniari, Clinton, Indiana Page 8 "England's New King and Queen? Football Forget-Me-Nots of 1936 CLASSIFIED APS Rates for Classified Ads Male Help Wanted Is V- nfZAMATiC and Paid Notices I must employ at once a man living in small town or on farm. Permanent work. Must be satisfied with earning $75 a month at first. White M, Box 442, Clinton. t2il First day of Insertion: go for esch reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days Insertion: the same a ohnrtra rvnn pnt three days at Winters Bowlers Lose Last Night To Ice Company Toppling 2.0"6 pi"', H'e Clinton Ice Company s howlers triumphed over the Winters drug store team from Newport last night and won Hi selves some shirts perhaps. Max Johnson, manager of the ice plant, burled with the hoys last nirlil ami luhl tl lie would buy the shirts II Ihey were I'.mmI enough In merit Miine. Me also mi 111 at one point liming I he play that if they iltiln'l whip the Willlef" crew, he'd buy tin i:u cm- iiiutfn Instead of shirts, which is possibly the reason they came Ihroimh Willi Unit 725 in the rinnhio i i,o iMint of the first day) For Sale or Trade Next three days insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole week, six days, at three times the ,ut nf one insertion). Combination roadster truck for farm equipment. 1027 N. 7lh Ht. tar. Each group of three days there 'fc Marshall after, 8c a line. Itlauk I'We (Ilk this), 10c per LOST line. . All rlfuuilfleil 1" tnrludliin memo-rlams will ihhIm-ii of all klmls muni u. i,l in Milvanre eivit Ihoae by Spotted hound with name Charles Ames on collur. Keturn to George Berrlsford, 850 Walnut St. t29 regular rurtomrin whose accounts are nnld mommy or inone inm r- Salesmen Wanted Ions whom dhi mum i......,.i iuf,iM helnir naid. In Uie Inner um the prrmm anklng the luliliiallon of the notice will be held third game. The HockvHIe All-Stars lost their mim t . la S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v with the Indianapolis N..-s kei'lers by nearly 2iMi maples. I'.ill Cuinhs. with bis fantastic Jump ih livery, h-ii the way with an liggre-1'nte or r,24. Summary: 1Mb reHiiilhl for Hs iw-yiiient. FOR SALE MAN WANTED for nearby Kaw-lelgh route. Write Immediately. Rawleigh Co., Dept. INK-79-SAC, Freeport, III., or see F. B. Crawford, 125 N. 4th St., Clinton, Ind. m.h PAID SWAP ADS Of (S34T-- . " , Valcs sour , T jBrf Child's accordion. 05 Blackman iw o Larry rv 'Union ee Co. Honill 140 Shannon I'm Johnson 141 W. lleveiidge .... 135 C. Schelsky 150 street. J Horse. Mr. Ualdone, Sandytown t31' US 1011 13H 1 5 II 135 152 106 128 0 0 170 -UHO k-rsTMis Bteoup v , 1 WTtCT BV SCOBIMS AT LtAST OUC s'W tZliCSlW LI U LJLJt F y.": 1924 Ford coupe for what have you? Floyd Jones, Hillsdale. . t30 Lunch room in Rood location. 7 25 Priced cheap. 227 Mulberry M. tSl 6-room modern home, sleeping porch, garage. Located in 600 hlock Elm street. Price $1400 for Possible next rulers of Crcat Britain, the Duke and Duchess of York, are shown as they attended recent ceremonies at Edinburgh, Scotland, after they had been presented with the "freedom of the city" Hillsdale High School Items WANTED TO BUY Piano. Must be reasonable. Call Crompton Hill school. t2! LEGAL NOTICES 156 81 1 20 145 154 Totals 705 646 Total Pins Winters llniK Montgomery 172 141 S. Asbury 98 107 Burroughs 95 106 Stewart 151 154 II. While 142 158 Totals 658 666 Total Pins quick sale. Write or call: c l, Hartley Sales & Auction Co., 67: Ohio St., Terre Haute, Phone Craw ford-7924. 131 I Bogs and Swamps Defined A bog is not a swamp and a swamp is not a bog, according to Dr. E. M. Gress, Pennsylvania botanist. A swamp is watered by a surface stream, and a bog by cold springs usually from below. In the case of the swamp the water overflows the land, whereas a bog results from vegetation encroaching upon or overgrowing the water, says Capitol News. Sometimes the matted vegetation of a quaking bog is capable of sustaining great weight. Large reservoirs of cold, pure water are to be found 11180 i:.ia riiiK. trun drum outfit. Rea- unniililR. Mrs. H. Bell, 1111 South Fifth street. t30 Alfalfa hay. Mack Donnelly, Shep- A Powerful Human 1 Story of the People ItiM'kville All-fitarx Tolin 135 134 llohson 117 110 Browning 121 211 Mi Clung 105 123 .lames 168 156 109 711 148 155 1C6 urdsville. Player piano with cabluet and 107 music rolls. Albert Davis, Hill. t29 For Sale Coal Night or day. 11 mile south of Totals 646 734 Toiul I'ins Indianapolis News Combs 105 11 Norton 121 127 Timmernian 168 i:2 llorney 13" 112 Ricauda 134 . 150 Totals 718 712 Total Pins .'. Parent-Teacher Association will meet Tuesday evening. Mrs, Fred Jefferies, formerly a state officer of the association and the wife of Judge Jefferies of Telle Haute, will be the speaker of the evening. The Juniors will also present the broud-citst they gave Monday afternoon over WBOW. If you want an entertaining evening December Hi, come to the junior class pluy, "Honeymoon Inn." Reserved seats are :!0 cents and 15 centH. General admission is 25 cents and 15 cents. Poster painting is now in progress in art class. It was rumored that Russell Brown had quit school but It was all a farce. He is hack to school and has resumed his old position on the basketball team. The grades are practicing on the Christmas operetta, "Susannas Christmas Auction" to he presented Wednesday, December 23, at 1:30 p. m. in the gym. Everybody Is Clinton on pavement. Briggs tc Louden, phone 54 or 916-4. t33 XOTK'H TO ItlDDKKS Klectric Light W iring Notice is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners of Vermillion County, State of Indiana, will receive sealed bids up to the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon on the 21st day of December, 1936, at the County Auditor's office, Newport, Indiana, for the following: Rewiring the old part of the County Infirmary and rewiring or repairing- the residence portion of the County Jail. Each bidder must bid on material, labor, etc., as of specifications now on file in County Auditor's office. Newport, Indiana. Each bid must he accompanied by a bond or hid bond in the amount of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), to the approval of the Board of Commissioners. The board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Given' this 7th day of December, 1936, by the Board of Commissioners, Vermillion County, Indiana. C. B. COOI'ER, Auditor Vermillion County, Indiana. 1210-1736 hor good coal phone 797-W. Otf POI'KTH VK1NOOAL, IMVKKHAI;, MIAMI NO. 4, AM) BLACK Highest Point in I). S. Mount Everest is 2!), 141 feet above sea level, and the highest point in continental United States is Mount Whitney in Inyo-Tulare county. California, 14,4116 feet above sea level. Skirts Dictated Chair Styles Enormous skirls, known as farthingales, worn by ladies of the Seventeenth century, dictated the style of chairs of that period. A True Life A noble part of every true life is to learn to undo what has been wrongly done. RKTTV NO. 5. HAKLBY HLFF- MAN. PHONE 10. 4tf PAID NOTICES Squirts Blood from Eyes' An Australian" lizard, which is an almost exact duplicate of the horned "toad," has a peculiar and unexplained habit of squirting blood from his eyes when under the stress of some violent emotion, like fear or anger. This stunt has no apparent effect on the eve Two acres, 4-room house, barn. poultry house, smoke house, garage, electric lights, fruit. Located J-mile west of Clinton on paved slate highway. Price $10110. 1 cush. Inusual bargain. Write or call C. I. Hmllev KuleB & Auction Co.. 672 : Ohio St., Terre Haute, Ind. Phone Crawford-7924. I rj-i .V WILC0X0N l t , V FURNESS i W fh-Mt ii) A REPUBLIC If rtfi IN MEMORIAM A Corvette The term corvette is applied to a (lush-deck vessel, ship or bark rigged, having only one tier of guns, either on the urper or mnir Heck 111. loving remembrance of our dear mother who passed away six years ago, Dec. 8. Since the sad First Professor of Geography The first professor of geography in 8 college in the United States was Arnold Henry Cuyot, appointed by Princeton university in 'B54. day has come Happy home, we once enjoyed How sweet the memory still. But death has left a loneliness, This world can never fill. How often do we tread the path That leads us to the grave Where rests the one we love so well But whom we could not save. - Mansinne Family. t29 Conceived by Markets CHICAGO, Dec. 10. Livestock: HOGS. 33,000; 6-lOc lower; holdovers. 2,000; top. $10.00; bulk, $9.509.90; heavy, $9.50(310.00; medium, $9.6510.00; light, $9.25 9.86; light lights, $8.759.50; packing sows, $8.50 9. DO; pigs, $6.00 8.75. CATTLE, 7.000; steady. Calves. 1.500; steady. Beef steers: good and choice, $10.0012.60; common and medium, $7.00 10.00; yearlings, $8.601'2.75. Butcher cattle: heifers, $5.0011.60; cows, $4.257.00; bulls, $4.256.25; calves, $5.0011.00; feeder steers, $4.508.00; stocker steers. $4.60 7.75; stocker cows and heifers, $4. 5(1 fCO. 50. SHEEP. 10,000; steady: medium and choice lambs, $8.509.00; culls and common, $6.508.00; yearlings, $6.00 8.00; common and choice ewes, $2.504.50; feeder lambs, $S.O08.00. ,. iinnfi niEB msp r 4a.l ASK US WHY If." ? A ! V, j NOTICE! AH water consumers who received deliiuiuent notices for Dec. YOU OFT 30 MOW MILES Wn 10 are notified that unless required : : FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT and Written For LIBERTY MAGAZINE by 6 Famous AUTHORS! a mi V iiayment Is made by that date, serv run ruvK munc r or pfCKcr ire will 1k discontinued without further notice. Clinton Water L'tilily. 7HEBfC7UR& MAKM6 THV CHANGE NOWL t29 Try as you may, you can't, find a TONIGHT 10c 25c irlft that will mean quite so niucn to your friends ax your portrait YOU'll LAUGH I YOU'll CRY I YCU'll BREAM MUCH -AND ENJOY IT A LOT I it is you. Cashner Ktuitio. l.wT Get your tickets for Junior Class IMay, December 14. t2U 10AN5JRJOl I W BENNETT MCREA Rupert Hughes, Samuel Hopkins Adams, Anthony Abbot, Rita Weinian, S. S. Van Dine and John Erskine. The powerful, human story of a tuition al the ero"s roads. I p to the iniiiule as a radio news lln-li. Kiui-ou-, Ihi'ill-p.u'ked, romantic ent-r-laiiiu t. I'hiyed by brilliant cast. COLUMBIA Thursday Only "HIGH TENSION" Ir a SC--r Trade In Your Old Tires i - u- We wish to thank our many friends and neighbors for their many acts of kindness In our recent bereavement In the loss of our husband and father, also to those who sent the beautiful floral offerings, donors of cars, minister, undertakers and the Masons and anyone who assisted in any way. Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson and fam-I ly. t29 WANTED TONITE AND J0c FRI. 25c alace Paramount New Betty Boop Cartoon Paramount Pictorial with BRIAN DONLEVY GLENDA FARRELL Comedy "JUST PLAIN FOLKS" Sport Reel "Touring the Sport World" 10c and 15c H. J. Schrader & Co. 300 So. Main . . Phone 11 I'HIDW AND HATl'ltKAV John Wayne and Nan Cray in "SEA SPOILERS" "Ace IrriiniiiHiiiil" kiiiI t'oiiMily Goal hauling. Call Andy Johnson, phone 816-12. t33 Experienced, licensed beauty operator. Call at 252 Blackman St. t30 flood used kitchen cabinet. Inquire 227 Ash street. t28 READ THE CLINTONIAN CLASSIFIADS READ THE ADS Brandon Walsh By A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND UlJli-avJ'TW Saiow- ha h..' MARBLE - A HO HO ! WHY, 7H1 MOUNTAIN IS 3UST A tLn.J rA TUP I CTTERS WAT L1UB CHILVPSrl I (Or COURSE, 1 KN0WWHF EVcCV ) y-? r cwtP'S tT-f cam be founo- J -cSW IU BtTCHA 1lE I i f OBDtSEO Ofi OP MY S Jr -- I iETTER I WRoTf I j..-, CAOfilEB-PiGBONS To SlMSy 'c 1 TO SANTA CtAUS J rnK l&TEKS TO MZ J 1 , - ' I ,s 'WAY DOWWAT A:-c I AT ONCE, HEREI I THEWfrrovtoF Wly-lV ' -wepitE. Wf S': x ;i JMw 4 1 tubyll never c :i -f ! ww. Igf - n AND &Wk7jr-,Va CHiEFtEtTfR , A . h Cyf SEND TO SANTA CIAU& HELP 15 MILES OF jl.ID.JEY TUBES To Flush out Adds and OtW ! Poisonous Waste Doctor! my your aidDeya contain 15 Mils! of tiny tubas or tulf which helu to punfy Iba 1 Uood and aaap you Withy. Wet people paaa about 3 pinU a day or about 3 pouoda ol waale. frequent or acanty paaaaiea with amarlma and burning ahowa there may be something ' wrong with your Iddneya or bladder. Aji of acida or pouona in your blood, -when due to functional Ldney duordera, may be the beginning ol nagging backache, rheumatic name, lumbago, leg pain., loaa ol pep and nefgyTgetting up night., swelling, pumnaaa under the ayea, headacbee and dizcineaa. Don't waitl Aelt your druggiet lor Umj PUU, used aucoaaalully by milhona lor over 4U yeara They give happy rebel and will help the 15 Milea ol kidoay lubaa Suah out pouoooua jaata liona out Uoud. tiat Uumu a ftua. WiSH rlU. "THE tlTTiE BrfS AO GlSh.5 IAl TelE Vt1.0 Cxd.0 BE MlTH THEM W TbyiAMD -ESPKlALLV the fOOHSM i.lTTiE OtlLPRfN WHO SA.7 THERE IS" moSanTA CiAUS. 7ft ' lMf T HjMT CCAIlT.Flia. 1 WrMtTf tVOtWTAVN! IT IT "RiSS -C CUAUI r V iWtii"iiliJ'J''liiiii.-rrifif

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