The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 13, 1921 · Page 7
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 7

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1921
Page 7
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS FARM NEWS DEPARTMENT 0 TESTING INCREASES INCOME I CARE AND ACCURACY DEMANDED IN WEIGHING HAY FOR MARKET MA SODIUM FLUORID EFFICIENT Recently Discovered Insecticide for Fowls Is Cheaply and Quickly Applied. " x--.v V. w lib vTsfewT'in . sif ...... ft" I,- Accurate Weights Can Be Obtained Only If the Wagon scales Are in Proper Working Order and the Load Is in Proper Position Upon the Scales. O nparoJ )n the I'r.ito! ?tatts Pepart-lrent of AiioiiUure.) Nothing has given so much satisfaction in getting rid of chicken lice as sodium tluorid. used by poultry specialists in the rir.ted States Department of Agriculture. It kills adults and young lice, including the young which emercre from eggs present at the rime of treatment. Sodium f.uorid can be obtained in two forms known as commercial, and hs chemically pure. Both of these are in the dry state, the first being a dry powder and the second in small crystals, somewhat lumpy. While the -hom!cnlly pure material is effective. It is not so easily applied by the dusting method as the more finely powdered commercial form, and furthermore, it costs more. This materia! is the sodium salt of the chemical element known as fluorin. and hence is a compound very similar to ordinary table salt, which is known chemically as sodium chlerid. In asking for sodimn tluorid. therefore, it Is important that the name, '"tluorid." be carefully stated to the druggist. If the proper methods are followed remarkable control is obtained. One thorough application of sodium tluorid to all fowls will destroy completely all the lice present. It is essential. however, to see that treatment is f thorouch, and that every fowl is treat- (!. It tuny be applied in two forms ) rush of baling operations sufficient as a dry dust and as a dip. In the time is frequently not allowed for the dust form the action of sodium tluorid j scales to come to a balance and there is comparatively slow; hence, if exrm- j may be as much as ten pounds dif-'ned the nert day after treating, or j l'erence between the actual and the -ven two or throe davs later, a few catch weight. Over fifty years ago a young physician practiced widely In Pennsylvania and became famous for his uniform success in the curing of disease. This was Dr. R. V. Pierce who afterwards established himself in Buffalo, N. Y., and placed his "Golden Medical Discovery," in the drug stores of the United Slates. When you feel run-down, out of sorts, blue and despondent try the energizing influence of Golden Medical Discovery in tablet or liquid form. Nearly a million bottles were sold last year. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM nemoTCKDanarnlT-stopsHalrKalllnitl Reatorea Color and Beauty to Gray and Faded HaiJ cop. anq I'nirrifia. mfo Orm. Wkg.l'atcli'1-np.K.T, HINDERCORNS tonws. eio., -ii all laio, ensures comfort to tli fivt. tQHkft walkloe raxv. 15a. by mail or at Drua Cist, li iacoz Chemical Works, tatcbocue. N. X. Monry back without question if HUNT'S GUARANTEED SKIN DISEASE REMEDIES 1 (Hunt' Salve and Soap), fail in the treatment of Itch, Eczema, Kmgworm.Tettcr or other itcb-ine skin diaeases.Try this treat ment at our risk Sold by all reliable drucrista. A. B. Richard Medicine Co Sherman, Xexca Never judge what a woman wuuts to do by the things she does. MOTHER! CLEAN CHILD'S BOWELS WITH CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP Even a sick child loves the "fruity" taste of "California Fig Syrup." If the little tongue is cm ted, or if your child is listless, cross, feverish, full of cold, or has colic, give a teaspoonful to cleanse the liver and bowels. In a few lumrs you can see for yourself how thoroughly it works all the constipation poison, sour bile and waste out of the bowels, and you have a well, playful child again. Millions of mothers keep "California Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea-spc.onful today saves a sick child tomorrow. Ask your druggist for genuine "California Fig Syrup"' which has directions for babies and children of all ages printed on bottle. Mother I You must say "Cnlifornla" or you may get an imitation tig syrup. Advertisement. The upper classes in Japan do im: lrequent the movies. DYED HER BABY'S COAT, A SKIRT AND CURTAINS Each package of "Diamond Dyes'' con-t.iina directions to nimple any woman can dye or tini her old, worn, faded things new. Even if i-he has never dyed before, phe can nut a new, rich color into shabby skirts, uresses, waists, coats, stocking", sweaters, coverings, draperies, hanging, everything. Buy Diamond Dyes no other kind then perfect . home dyeing in guaranteed. Just tell your druggist whether the material you wish to dye is wool or silk, or whether it i linen, cotton, or mixed goods. Diamond Dyes never streak, spot, fade or run. advertisement. When a woman discloses a secret it is always with telling effect. The housewife smiles with satisfaction as she looks at the basket of clear, white clothes' and thanks Red Cross Ball Blue. At grocers, 5c. Advertisement- New York state has about miles of Improved highways. 8.00) A stainless steel has been Invented in England. What a fine thing for a nation to make its swords of! Red theories will make little progress In a country that has reamed a profound reverence for red tape. A man more than ordinarily wise is termed a sage. A man who can tell a ripe canteloupe Is an osage. The reason the voice of the people isn't effective Is because no two of them are yelling for the same thing. The keen Joy that fine clothes afford women is unknown to all men except those who wear Sam Browne belts. Some motorists net as If they care no more for the rules of the rond than they do for the Ten Commandments. If every man was filled with a noble desire to do his best for his home town, some of them would move away. However, n man who wants to get married seldom feels called upon to consnlt the best minds of the country. The results of those tests show that the airplane has not knocked out the dreadnought, only made it a bit groggy. Sea captains nre reporting phantom ships off the const. Can some of the vessels stolen by pirates be coming back? China accepts invitation to the disarmament conference. China, in fact, l.s perfectly willing to have them all disarm. W. N. U Indiana poll. No. 42-ltSL IB California Association Is One of Oldest to Continue in Successful Operation. (Prepared by the Vnt',! states Department of Agriculture.) The Ferndale Cow-Testing association in Humboldt county, California, is the largest cow-testing association in the United States. In the organization 100 members, owning from '2 to 150 cows, finished the work last year, and the association tested 4,r4( cows, according to n report compiled by the western office of the dairy division. United States Department of Agriculture. Not only is this the largest cow-testing association, but It Is one of the oldest to continue in successful operation. It was started 12 years ago, and now has a successful breeder as its secretary and manager. The history of this association gives ample evidence of the value of cow-testing associations in developing the dairy industry. The report shows that ,014 cows finished the year's work with an average lactation period of nine and one half months and with an average butterfat production of JVU.OH pounds per cow. There are but few associations, dairy specialists of the department say, that equal this average production, and none that, can approach it in number of cows and height of production. Seventeen herds In the association averaged from 400 to 40.".7fi pounds of butterfat per cow; 15) averaged from 3T0 to 40O pounds ; 38 averaged from 300 to 3T0 pounds; 23 averaged from 2o0 to 300 pounds, and G averaged from 213 to 250 pounds. It Is interesting to note that the six low herds had been on test for the first time and the owners had not had a chance to cull out and breed up their stock. The high cow of the association produced 72S.r pounds of fat; 17 cows In the association produced over (X) pounds of fat : !VS over oOO pounds; 02S Cow-Testing Associations Are of Great Value in Developing Dairy Industry. over 400 pounds, and 1,341 over 300 pounds. The majority of the cows in the association are grade, and their large production is directly traceable to the high-class purebred sires that have been used by the members of the association and to the raising of heifers from the good cows found by the testing association work. In 1009, 5S1 cows In this association finished the year's work with an average production of 251 pounds of fat. Last year, the report shows, the average of 4,014 cows was 334 pounds, a difference of three pounds of fat per cow. Based on the number of cows finishing last year's work, this difference meant a total of 333.162 pounds of fat, which, at the price of 70 cents per pound, the average paid Humboldt county dairymen In 1920, amounts to $233,213. SALT OF GREAT IMPORTANCE Required by Alt Animals and Cow Should Be Given an Ounce or Two Every Day. Salt is required by all animals. The dairy cow requires an ounce or more a day. She should be given all she needs, but should not be forced to take more thamshe wants. It Is best, therefore, to glte only a small quantity on the feed, and to place rock salt in boxes In the yard where she can lick it at will. ONE ADVANTAGE OF DAIRYING After Farmer Has Fed All His Crops and Sold His Produce He Stilt Has Machinery. One of the great advantages of dairying" over steer feeding is that after a farmer has fed all his crops and sold his produce he still has the machinery left for producing fcnore of the same kind, while when the steer Is sold a new' animal or machine must be purchased. COWS FRESHENING IN FALL Largtat Milk Production Will Coma When Prices Are Highest and Labor Cheapest. The cows that freshen in the fall will produce more milk during the year than those that freshen in the spring, and the largest milk production will come when the prices for milk and butterfat are the highest and labor the cheapest. vl xJi BUILDING' FEDERAL COMMISSION URGED Highway Question Concerns Agriculture. Commerce, Military and Social Needs. "National development and the need for o ononiy demand the formation of a highway policy under a federal commission," said (Jeortro M. Graham. member of the highways committee. National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, speaking before the senate committee on post otlices and post roads. "The economic harrier now confronting us is the lack of adequate highways. There is urgent need to build these highways as quickly as possible, and with the maximum economy. "Highways should be planned with consideration of their relationship to raiJway and waterway communication. The highway question concerns agriculture, commerce, the military and the social needs of the nation. The roads program is national in scoie and is related to all departments of the government. "Highway policy, therefore." Graham continued, "should bo unified under a federal highway comndssion directly responsible to the chief executive, as is now the policy in state road administration. "Economy will be served by such a measure as roads will be with regard to all the no;is of the nation. It wiJl be possible to pay higher salaries than can now be done under the bureau system. Millions of dollars are to be expended on roads, and It is the high- est economy to secure the ablest brains in the country for the adminis tration of these funds. "Selection of roads of primary in tcrstate importance and concentration of federal funds in conjunction with state funds on these roads is the first step needed. States should be required to meet the federal aid as states rather than passing their responsibilities along to counties as many states do now. In this way, It will be possible to have state policies correJated with the national program. The counties will benefit from the general interstate highway system, and the funds which the counties formerly ued in conjunction with federal aid can be devoted to more specifically local pur poses. 'Maintenance should be provided for by the states In all cases," Graham emphasized. "In order that as the public highways are developed they may Patching State Road. be depended upon as permanent avenues of communication, in order that the original public investment be protected. "States which have been sufficiently progressive to build their share of federal aid are now in a position to develop secondary systems, and are therefore that much ahead In economic development. "A wise highway policy will construct and maintain roads through government forest reservations from federal funds, without calling upon the treasuries In the states wherein these are located. Wherever a state contains large areas of federal lands due modification should be made of the present 50-50 expenditure of federal and state funds." WOMAN AS ROAD CONTRACTOR Manitoba Municipality Awards Con. tract to Elisabeth McCoy to Build Highway. Elizabeth Ann McCoy of Pipestone, Manitoba, has the distinction of being the first woman tn the province to be awarded a contract in construction of roods. She recently secured a contract from the ttod roads board for road building in the Pipestone if rm Accurate weights cannot be obtained on scales that are out of repair. Wagon scales should be inspected frequently by a competent Inspector and care should be taken to see that they are in proper adjustment and balance before weighing any lot or load of hay. Care must be taken also to see that the load is in proper position upon the scales. The load should not bind upon the scale box or building, and if the team exerts any effect upon the load it should be unhitched. When obtaining the tare weight the weigher should be certain that the wagon contains the same equipment as when the gross weight was obtained. A good rule is to remove everything but the necessary equipment from the load before weighing. Keep Bale Check When Loading. If the producer or shipper loads the hay directly into the cars care Is especially necessary to compute the total weight correctly. Loads are frequently distributed in two or more cars .because of the variation in the quality of the hay. If the bales are tagged, a careful record should be kept of the bales placed in each car. If not tagged, the part of the load placed in each car should be weighed separately. A careful check of the total number of bales placed In each car should also be kept so that- the shipper may have the proper data upon which to base a claim should any loss occur w hile the hay Is moving to market. The following suggestions, if followed, will greatly assist in eliminating some of the troubles caused by improper weighing methods: When using tag weights record the actual current weight. Have wagon scales in proper adjustment and balance. See that wagon contains same equipment when weighing both the gross and tare weight. When loading two or more cars keep careful record of hay loaded In each car. Always keep a bale recom. together j with a weight record, of each car. I I Bicarbonate of Soda Useful. Ricarbonate of soda is of great value when placed In the mash or drinking water. It will cleanse the digestive tract of any sour or decayed substances, and keep it In a healthy sweetened condition. No Place for Trees. The chicken yard is generally bare of grass, the soil ig beaten down, caked and solid and is not a very satisfactory place for the average fruit tree. Purebred Stock Best. Scrub stock multiplies just as fast as purebred, but it never gets the right answer. loss. Labor devoted night and morn-Ing to milking and feeding cows and charged to them would be entirely lost If the cows were sold and nothing supplied to fill In the time. The fact that the hogs or the corn crop bring In the most net money during the season Is no reason for assuming thai all the activities of the farm In the future should be devoted solely to hogs or corn. It may be that the keeping of cows Is partly responsible for making the hogs so profitable, or that the growing of wheat, clover, or other crops In rotation with com makes the latter crop much more profitable than It would have been tf grown alone. Similar conditions will be met with on nil farms, and. therefore, no sudden changes should be made on the basis of what a single year's accounts may Indicate. AH angles of the en terprlse should be taken into consld- eratlon. . Cost of U. S. Truck Abroad. An American one-ton motortrtick, seeing In the Tolled States for $l.f05 costs 21.000 francs In rtelgtum. j j I J 1 j i j (Prpard by the t'nitrd States Department of Agriculture.) A great deal of 1 rouble and monetary loss sustained by producers and shippers in marketing hay has been found by the bureau of markets and crop estimates. United States Department of Agriculture, to be due to careless weighing. Weighing by the Bale. In several sections of the country it is the custom to weigh bay by the bale at the time for baling and to note he weight upon a tag made of cardboard or other convenient material attached to the bale beneath one of the bale ties. When weighing by this method great care should be taken to weigh the hay accurately. During the Special care should also be taken in writing the correct weight upon the tag, say the bureau's specialists. It is the common practice in some sec-lions to use only numbers ending in 0 or 5 in recording the weight, and to give or take from the actual weight a sufficient amount to make a number with such an ending. For example, the weight of a bale weighing G7 pounds is written as 63 pounds and that of one weighing GS pounds as 70 pounds. The tendency, however, is "to take" more frequently than "to give," so that it is a better practice to state the actual weight upon the tag. Another, practice which is often charged back to the producer in lower prices or in weight claims, disproportionate to the actual loss, is the use at a much later date of tag weights placed upon the hay at the time of baling. Unless hay has been thoroughly cured and has been in the mow or stack for a considerable time there is likely to be a loss in weight while hay is in storage after baling, due to additional loss of mois ture. Each purchaser desires, and has a risht to obtain, the actual quantity of hay for which he pays. If bales are short of the weight specific-i upon the tags there are grounds for a claim, either In the form of a price concession or of a weight claim. either case the adjustment of the !alm Is likely to be less economical to 'e producer than the actual rewolghing of the hay. The producer or shipper should be prepared to prove tl ' the weight of the hay at the time cn sale Is correct and as Indicated upon the tag. Careless weighing on wagon scales causes as much difficulty as careless weighing by any other method. One of the principal causes of unsatisfactory weights upon wagon scales is lack of proper care of the scales and of the necessary attention to keep them in repair and m good working order. CAREFULLY CONSIDER DIVERS ENTERPRISES Hasty Conclusions Should Be Cautiously Avoided. No Reason for Assuming AH Activities of Farm Should Be Devoted to One Big Money Crop-Study All Angles. PrparA by the tn!e State Department et JMrrtcttr. ) In making use of the results of a year's cost accounts for the purpose of perfecting the organisation of the farm, hastv conclusions shc.uld not be drawn. Sometimes a positive. decrease In woUts may ensue tf an enterprise he dropped, because, taken alone. It has failed to pay. Cows, for Instance, may not be showing a net profit, hut tf all the rows were sold there might he no other way of using tip the roughage and It would become dead 1 j lk-c may he found, but the material j persists, and after four or five days all j lice disappear. It kills, too. all lice emerging from eges on the feathers. For Ixst result.- small amounts of the material sliuld be placed or. different parts of the infested fowls. Specialists have found what they cal! the " pinch method" to be entirely effective asrainst lice, and to have the advantage of economy of time and material. The material is placed in an open vessel on a table, the fowl Is held by the wings or legs in one hand, while with the other hand a small pinch of chemical is placed among the feathers next to the skin in this way: One pinch on the head. "one on the neck, two on the back, one on the hrea!. one below the vent, one on the tail, one on either tlrgh. and one scattered on the underside of each wing spread. Each pinch can be distributed somewhat by pushing the Dusting With Sodium Fluorid an Effective Viay to Rid Poultry of Lice. thumb and frr.gers among the feathers s the. material is released. It is advisable when dusting to hold the chickens over a large shallow pan, as In this way the amount of material xlinarily lost Is recovered. The material may be applied with a shaker, but this method has disadvantages when" compared with the pinch method. The material Is shakeu Into the feathers with one hand while the feathers are cpenext with the other. A second person Is needed to hold and torn the fowl. In this method the amount of sodium fluorid Msed may be reduced by adding some finely powdered material such as road dust or flour. Fowl should be turned Into -the oieti as fast as dusted to prevent possible Injury from breata-log the dnst. , ft- . I A;

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