The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 10, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1936
Page 6
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Fftge 6. The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indian Thursday, December 10, 193Q THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Kouud'.l "Wally" as a Baby With Mother Established aa The Weekly Cltnlonlan 1890 The Clinton I'laindealer abiorbcd In 1U8. SYNOPSIS l Sha hadn't nntirrrf Arinlnhu Chriitine Cooper, 1? and lovely, I watching her. She didn't know that in aaiiRmcr 01 tn rich and .ihe wan I some back to Bear Creek George L. Carey Editor and Publiaher Entered at the Post of fie at Clinton, Indiana, aa 8od Claaa Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Aasoclntlon National Advertising Repreeentalive: fiEO. B. PA VII) CO. linn Wrlcler nidg., Chicago, f-lll General Motors Hlflft., U- :" 11" East i2vi St.. New York They were all an kind. It was as if Aunt Nettie and the girla couldn't do enough for her. now that the waa going away. Aunt Nettie gave her her own hamutoma wardrohs trunk, and supervised the parking. It didn't lake long, there waa to little that wat worth parking. Aunt Nettia'a fare waa a atudy aa tha rummaged eccentric Adolphui Cooper, who Union High next week, for her lal made hit money in tht Klondike, year. !he hadn't known there wert newer tpeakt of tht past and family dincuwiiona about her. She hatet cuirj. While ht dreamt of hadn't noticed that Aunt Nettie tht ereat things ht will do for iiin'l iihr Chritrit by and by, tht become! I It irrmrd that Aunt Nettia had secretly enf afd to a childhood drvrlnprd a danijerout aort of tinuii iwcetheart, Gent Dubois, who trouble. She'd have to be clous to a through closets and bureau drawers, Phone I I 7 Phone 41 prompny oreaat nrr neart dt lor-1 Hoc! or all inixr Kn it h.,1 hnn brought out a row worn eweatert. bidding htr to apetk ol thtir Ipvt divided that thry would take a house o anyone, nm go 10 int cuy I in fiedmont it was juft fortunate PVI K1UUI UIQUini V.nritllt KOOOOVt. that mmi nMina Aunt Nttt bnra w.w.iivif u u .ii rm. rnino' to Ktinrna tor m vomr. ing detertion ol her. (.hnttie Irelt snd for the firat time in fifteen better when tht rtceivet a letter IHE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM: 1. To further every inter! of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To atiiat the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. ycara, the houaa in Spanish Past wouia re rioted. tnd tenemental poem from him. Aunt Nettie, Adolphut' tecond wift and Chriatie'a lata niother'a Ieave tha house leave HERE Oh. dad. how CAN WK? and skirts, nondescript summer dresses, three or four elaborate gowns that looked at though they had never been worn. "It isn't my idea to rush you off thia way. It wat your father. I 1 would have taken you to San Fran-ciaro and outfitted you properly. I haven't meant to neglect you, Chrittie. It't Just that I'm not very strong, and the girla needed ma . . . Christie looked up, surprised, vaguely uncomfortable. "Why, I've been all right. Aunt Nettie I" "You'll have to drest better now. There'a no excuse for a girl in your position Of course there's a uni 4. To beautify Clinton and make it tha moat attractive city Uh, you'll be all right, Christie. titter, return! from a trip with her daughtert, Uabellt and A d 1 1 1 . Chrittie doet not cart for Aunt of its size in the state. u re young, y Seema as if I've been kind of an o Nettie but triea to hidt her feel. I fool keeping you up here this long ingt. Aa to tha girls, tht doet not I Just 'cause I like it myself " "Uad, 1 love it too. We won t go. pretend to like them nor they her. It was aaid that Isabella, the alder. I we II stay. Liad, why ran t Aui I Nettie and the girla go? Then we wat tbout forty, but Chriftit could I be alone again here. We'll get along form, but you'll need other thing. One of the teachers can help you not believe that, tor itabtllt itn t many yeara older than Adelt who ia blond and pretty and alwaya liner" t Alone. Alone with dad. I Aunt Nettie. Gene would come tpeaas ot nerieit at a giri. the house then. And tell him. Ail buy what you need what a tuit-able in New York. It't a very line school, the daughters of tha very, best families . CHAPTER VIII B, "V V.TV 'v Adele waa prettier than ever ainee I ... il..-t i ..ii Yes, Aunt Nettle." Chriatie I'm sorry ... do yoni Ahe,.hi!d.f?m" j".k frorQ"onolul.u- time. I kind of shut my ey-a to those . iu iw r'.j.j.Z " spells of hera. Sometime! I think mind very much?" I I'd taken Mimi to the city where she It wouldn t helo me to care." the POLICE QUIET PEACE ADVOCATES With the president of the United Stales visiting the Pan American peace conference at Buenos Aires and with the United Sl.iles expected to set an example to the republics on this nidc- of the great oceans, one would expect peace and harmony to reign in Argentina. Surely, one would expect the ladies from this country, in th" Argentine capital to present a huge petition in behalf of the People s Conference in Favor of Peace, to keep the peace. However, if ore expected this, one would be disappointed. News from Buenos Aires tells us of a hot altercation between American feminists, debating a resolution on "equal rights," and "in she bedlam that followed a fist fight ensued between a supporter of protection and a aupporter of equal rights." The combatants wer: separated by force and then a squad of police, which had been on guard outside, came into the hall, where it seemed to be needed, and prevented further personal encounters. said softly. .ne nopeo wouio isst oecauaa it culda had the lighu and music and was the only time there waa any ,11 the liked . . . well, thafa a long Alter Aunt Nt-ttle waa a-one. and the trunk wat locked and rear!v to ....... w. -y back, can't undo that . . . S There waa lot of talk about it. I. ...... i,..t v.;. -,.. . Christie, deep in her own affair, -oj,,.. i a, , ,.an Und jt go, Christie sat down on the edge of her bed, the littie ivory and cane beil. that Adolphus had bought for hei long ago. Kor a long time ahe sat there, looking out throuirh that fu i-i,r """f" nuon- all right. She isn't so young any She didn t know that Una young , Christie. Seemt like she might u Ti j . navs ner way lor a wnne. for whose ay-i rnmii it r-inr m-mimmmiMir in Honolulu, company He expected nroteMs. None came. Just silence. She was they had sacrificed the later, mora leiaurely aailing, would aver have chintz-hung bay window, seeing' nothing, not even the pine tree with the Castillian rose that her mother had planted, nor the blue mountain! beyond. thinking of what be had aaid. It waa to aeldom that he apoke of any part In her own life. Her life now waa Gene. Mrs. Warfield and "Wall)" There was little indication when this photo was taken 40 years ag-of the present Mrs. Walus Warfield Simpson in the anna of fctr mother. Mrs. Alys Montague Warfield. that "Wally" would ont day be tht mot-tr-::cd-about woman in the world. Himi, her mother. Everv day she was waiting on the What say, Christie?' r unny that are didn't care more. . Funny that ahe abould be going roaa wnen oia Mr. seiDy, tne pott- Nothing. I can stand it if you man who drove the route every day, can. Wa esn still eoma home for with bia dusty little mail truck away, without proteating, without fighting. . . . week-enda sometimes, can t we? heaped high with tha groceries and 1 here was another silence. He lit Just numb. It was at the last minute that ahe THE STARS SAY i,ne,," bnabt fro" Mokelumne ai, pipe. it ment outi ,nd ne lit it Hill, for an accommodation, cams I sgain. "No, I'm 'f raid not Won't . . , . , . , I be that good for me. You tee, Cbria STAIIS ay r.-lt.-iK di-r. 1U ... I.J .KK IS KIMIil.K came alive. Tha last minute wiM tha ear waiting, and Adolphus in his black auit and "boiled" ehirt lighting a cigar. iuv iw.c wrt. .n. gw a ne, tou won't be near enough." ter. But aha hoped, every day. I "I won't!" uena Just aun t a leLter writer. I mm- t- i. - "Christie time to start!" She put on her hat closed the It Jielped her to write. She could oow Takeiteasyl I guest I kinds pour out her heart to him, and aend fet things elide where you've been A bJm, ftr trnp. concerned. I couldn't seem to make small traveling bag that the had got for Cbrietmas and never expected YESTERDAYS hl.crMMAl 10, lull Mrs. Hurhara Walkt-r and ton, iialph, and bis hride. returned ednefcday from a trip that look in Foley, Ala., where, ihcy aw the Clearwatt'iB family. Mr. and Mrs. William .Stewart and I, on Hlair and family, and 'hi h wound up after a vint with relatives at Altamont. Kan, They visited New Orleans. Houston and Calvestou. Texas, and other point, and, in all, enjoyed a fine trip. l or -riilu, Jvmlxr 11 A day of notahJe oi urrences may he looked for. according; to tii' planetary operations of major significance. Thorn may he a hreukin;: up of lone stagnant and fruMralin;: conditions to luafc" av for definjie A FLOOD OF DIVIDENDS Stockholders of American corporations are experiencing a new kind of flood one of dividends, extra, special and regular that is without equal in the history of the United States. Financial sources state that the peak for last month will probably pass $800,000,000 when final figures are known and that this exceeds December. 1930, when the previous record was set at not quite $600,000,000. Several causes are advanced for this phenomenal flow of dividends to investors in corporate stock, but the stream of each from corporate treasuries is inspired for the most part by a desire to es to use so soon. xx uiun s leei wmj aooui. iet- op mJ mioS yoU WM gettm' growed ters. Well, watn t that mora proof up. But lately yon been lookin' that he loved her, when he wrote, peaked and off your oata. and I been Wilkinson. Aunt Nettie's chs:.(. oiten a ne did, and didnt et amy takin' more stock in what your Aunt ataa iteC tan into aT T I . ... . . feur. took the little bag and put it in the car with the other thingr. Aunt Nettie and the girlt atood in a line on the veranda. The dors rnn :" ; ,. . I nettle earn. .If?kinr b,ck mt. ? '"'rd' "I don't care WHAT ahe ha to ai un lumntr h noma waa iuu syi" she broke in passionately. "I around the car, wagging their tail. Christie knelt in the dust to put her arm tight around old Letty'i neck. iJSr i .1.1 .u . . . I belong to you, not to herl I'm going The otIt things that stood out to stay with you I I'm not going clearly in her mind were tha hour; l.y to any school, ii thafa what id !H apeiu. in ner room, atoopea I yog mean. I Look out for sour DRESS You'ra RUINING IT!" Adeie over um old I maple table i near the Ha put hit heavy, veined hand window, writing, and the houra that I over hera. screamed from tha veranda. Kitz-ii'iald iendB Fun- liit and Janie ii Terre JIaule . ana spent reading and reading "i'Te thought it all out This 10- Better ret in. t-ettin' late." -al!;d ( day". Ijropr'i and suc-fF. at culiniu-li'n of itatiii"". perseverance, industry and riicadfjiHtiK'Krs during lhe indium of depression and cryMalliza-lioii. KJdern may vow to lhe rescue, or a ljj:al document may prove helpful, but bo alert against deception. . . If TU'ts h Your Hilt i nitty Thote whim' birthday it in may anticipate a yar of delivery from stagnat iiig, d jM Hsiij and j i ijk-traling rondit jonn. w,th affairs taking- H definite move in fie direclicji Adolphus aaid. He had hit big ax-ld watch in hit hand. -m, in. "aTi elety busmena doesn t mean any-that he had written to her. She thing. Cities-well, I've seen a lot knew them ell b heart In their of cities. Yes, society too. Money very emptiness she found console, talks. If I'd wanted I eould have Goodbye, arood luck!" IaatMvLa called. ii. in uieir swus DoLniug-nrw- ,bmi you op in the front line. Oh 'Goodbye, dear. Try to adait cape the new corporation surplus tax. passed at the last session of congress and applicable to operations for the present calendar year. We do not claim to be any authority upon such matters but we carefully read the debate that accompanied the pascage of the surplus tax bill in congress and it seemed to us, then, as it appears now, that the tax is essentially just. There are, apparently, a few corrections that might be made in the interest of corporations in special circumstance and the supposition is that they will be made. The essence of the situation, however, is that the amendments ,uayn ana as ewer, o o-t eocld . . . Junior League, pie- MifB Marie IlarriHon enteiLained at dinner ThanbKuivin; day for Fred i'orter of Indianap'iliH, MtHft Anna Hmitli and Oscar White of yourself Ant Nettie aaid. "YouTl be back in the afternoon tomorrow, Adolphus?" - nwuii( nires in tne paper new today ... nothing new, because "Dad, I never heard yon talk like wa are apart! Aa ever that meant that I" "I love you I miaa you I adore "You never heard me talk that Towards evenintr. Nettie. All right, boy, you can start." Christie waa half out of her a!. "Dad, could I just Just say goodbye, once more . . . tha horset '. . i . . . , . much. Gettm' gallulout in my old Tha chatter of her coualna, Iatv g. Tanyrate, I kept you her. and Adele, and their comings stead. Away from cltiea, tweet and JMIhk Kthel Doughty has been Hlfii'lnii; severar days risitiug Mluv Hazel Iooley of Terre Haute. Fraid not, Chrietie." Tha car waa crawlintr alorf tht fhould come from friends of the present act. not its enemies. raw w uu rinxaoi raoun I sale no more to her than the chatter of She drew in her breath, audibly, tha aenranta who, bond by the "What say. Christie?" driveway now. "Aunt Nettie wfTl von niuu of progrefcn and a jsiahinzalion of fortune. Elderly people ((r SiiHiitu-i ions may intervene ;:i these mat -lerti. bw, in- a fen to fraud. Ki-ienj'H. f on! UKio') or treachery. A child lioni on tin day may he ' teady. iiei'hevpi i n lt and depnda hie. v.iih a fair aniotijit of hlirewdm; a nd huKjjjenB j ti dement . country and no moviee, came and "NothingI didn't aay anything pleaaa watch tha Chinaman? Be gives chicken bones to the dogs, aadi he doesn't like tha eata. and J.. htne, the black eat'a going to her. ittens, I alwaya warm tha milk fo.i her" ; Stop, Look, Listen "You got to pay attention." said Uncle Eben, "and be careful how I has a friend who slopped, looked and listened ar' got hi! by a locomotive jes' de same. What he wa, lustenin' to was de band in a parade." DK( i;iiti;i: io. f'linton hit'h w-hool placed two men on the tiint all-Ktat foot hall team picked hy Uick Miller. 1'nitcd I'icks foot ha U authority, f'liff "SJarsh named (lie hest (juarter in the date and Hoy f'oan wa deit'tiated as one of the premier Hoosier Egrs Cooked by Friction Tiie first method of crooking eggs was that emp.oyed by Egyptian shepherds, who cooked them without fire The eggs were placed in a slmg which was turned so rapidly lhat friction healed them w Hie right degree. Aunt Nettie waa noddina h- Piatt waa gone, too. Even the bit- Her head wat turned from him. ter, veiled alluaiona of Gladye' mo- And his from her. He lit hit pipe, mar were lost on her. that had gone out again. When he Life was waiting for the postman, turned to her again hit face was ,Jowrdj "id of August the expressionlete, aa it so often waa. letters grew further apart. Gene He said, "I told you. Your aunts waa studying nlrhU. fie waa tak- health settled it. I'm fixin' to send ing course in iijstrating and de- you to school in the East, Christie, tign, and another In cartooning, Countin' on you to go without a from a eorrespondenee achooL She fuss . . . That right'" head, all three women Wat a waving, from tha veranda. READ THE ADS Take it eaav." Adolnhna said. If I can tret alone without rou I ha Iv-b. Captain-elect Tony SunaJia. Clin-t'oi lack le, made the second team v did Chi'k Hhaniioii. end. Mickey Limited Flight guest tha live stock H have to They'll be all right sure they will " (To Be Continued.) ral'ltal. ltM. Das taMaaa Waavau. W eoia neraeii ana waa glad when he After a little ir.nCe she said, aidnt write. It meant that instead I "That s right. Dad." Jf TT?". ? k7' work-1 He puffed hi? pipe, hit face tig far their future. again turned from hsrs. 1y 'one, Ijfire v another man Mint has one ar f'-fi as i;uard. on the third Pope Pius XI Stricken id ir Ha Cri Mr. r - tt vh" U u;:h tin I '-lit :- of Clyde and i:i ha Co.ii', Jr. i'aranifuji!! .Wi;-,. a iJi'f'y w,j ait'iMii uiikH ! Human' 'anil Mi" lat'jt J'ai amount i'l'lortal arc til" sliorti,. hh;h n.M'rt' j (til t mi;m JHt aim; itifd ii " h': n ''.iinday. Thf ii nai'M i tutrotby Am ha-. I" Mv:; Vietnr Aiider:;ni Mr;;. Cu'tir l.oudu. Mrs. Vf. M rteynold:- and Mm. rnl CJrich spent yesterday In luilianap'iliF, Tin ills i:.iuij m ivu" liou in, HIJI1- U lii-;.it jiiia 'llijjli T'--tlif WalMi Ii II. I,, 1 .ML 11. W.mhI and l a'llii;: I nt witli Hnau r'ini''V .-. (,i '.'oiinaii r'ol'T, Helfii ItohiTt M' V. .id in i lie I O. N'i' hul: . who ii. u Htudent at Culver Military Academy al Culver. J iid.. lias arrived home to spend the '''.ri-'nias jiolidiivH with hip parents. n;!)l li.l; :'! I in'. I. In. Ii 'J'ile jii"tur-''tilu lln' ail Iflida r.ineil Mr and Mrw U". IJ NicholK. of wiii'iiii;' uj. ' -t . Mi k. NjcIioIh re ram ftuni tlte academv ) rum ami i v.h.-i alt Ii; '( I IMJ I u watrllulit la ..p. if ' ' , '- ' I - A y I a " - - ' .-i-,--f I " lift '',, r' ' .V"- " r i I 7" " ji ly I M v yv " niian" ' " In. in a fri'e-lui lJunlev . a- c an under-!, ' nip Hint t he school war week njtilier tins year for triuu- vaca'ion on aitunt irjeihir jf flu. II 1.1 t 'iin p:i n , Clni JJi eji VH, La Im Irstim iM. sd Mrb ' I all ibo pWiiuuK Tin fjlfii lias ii nut' .t-UHHi.c j, to tlio vry rom luwMiii "Touring ibo V.'..rid ' sport rwl, and "Jii-t I'lain fr'ulky 'om-'dy aro the add'd U-aturew. ;kv "THK J'K!-illfr:KTtS MVhTi PAJ.A' K THKATEU MOVIES TWO IN A HOH J THJ.A1XU "Two in a Crowd," ih tin hurt of iK luro tLal will l;ave a arni. Lap-y, tuinlin lijw, "way down ,-. p in Kid' ol ou. IaughU'r and love ripplt- aud pai kJ' all lliroueh ihn lively L'liivcrsal otf'Tiiii; wlncfa i biiow iuj; at thf V abufcli tou iy lit fur (lifr last tioie. J'juu HeuufV, aiid Joel M-C);a ar4-id-rally hlarr-d a a mirtli-provokint pair of KWr-tnarti iu thii rollirkiti? roou drama. Thy firt m-et whn -acii of thorn findB balf of a torn thousand do liar bill. This leadt to liiiur-ual ' omiiHcatious whii thpy 'i)in,)'ii- (heir rifftourr) to j??t 8 ra-o Uno out f spawn. T!i- tiiipffiiny tnt iiK'hidfi Ali-snii S) ipwir!!i Hfiiry ArniHta. Uoa-niatd It-nny. sl I'eiidietou. Andy "Tht I'residi'iit's MyHU'iy" :Aiu-iiik at the yaluo tonight and f r-day. In a Htory roii-iv'd by ft (; dent lioosevelt. and uiitl'-n J ti . world-famous auihoit. viih Homy U'ikoxon. Butty Furm-. Sidiii-; iilackiner and Evelyn Hniit pliyin-tbo leading parts. Thf story eonru Jame Itli-ke. a millionair-'. plii.'ed b.i iii-oiur who tired of lif- and dijrust'-d wi'h iiumanity hih un tat ill fu! wtn-t)lay?d hy Evelyn I out. aiirl Irndly iu ne-d of a aat ion, murnys to V;trtiin?tfn in an effort to thwart t no puHii. of the 1rad Hill an impending iteue that would tost hn This is one of the latest pictures of Pope Pius XI who is reported sert-ouiily stricken with paralysis, atican doctors say that his condition has made it impossibie for htm to walk. millions if buccesHfulty ; Many C. S. fcpeal Cti The picture moves fast to ' So many United blaics aperial -iid. coins were struck in earlier days r!l-tlt( pasfc-d. lit' vry Add.-il i that James Siunvdin. director m i the mint in ltu. wrote a ittvjt ou ' ( ai: t J iiii; Uicm-

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