The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 10, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1936
Page 4
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Page Four The Daily Clinlonian, Clinton, Indiana Thursday, December 10, 1936 NEWPORT CLUB importance on Hie ptihlic interest when del late that 1 am consCi Hi Behind the JcenerTOI CLUB OFFICERS RENOMINATED IN LARGE MEETING Volunteers Enroll Openly for Rebel Forces of Spain thai I tan no loitper dichare this DUKE OF YORK WILL RULE GREAT EMPIRE ROCKED BY MESSAGE (Continued I'Yihii I "ace I in) frlOLLYfco8j f Continued from Pace 1) heavy task with el!liictiy or tali fai 1 ion to mysel! .' MaldHin iiim xpe. Icily liwved im mediate cons idei al inn of the nies sase. II lad lieen a lit ti ipatcd ih house w iiu Id adjourn for a ff-v hours al't- r heaiilm il heforc coin no n In- cl;scussion. s Wlll'lll I ROM E, Oet. f Gripped by fear Mr. William Myers Is Hostess Monday for Members of Literary Society injuni'iis to the pi-opl. have tried tn serve hp Wales and kins and I'lllice ol -iece the last meeting. Thank OfTenM Anntlu r reBolution wan adopled mid s nt to J. O. Rttats, a three fise fultiri By HARRISON CARROLL 1-opyricM, Klftg larr feyadirat. lac. HOLLYWOOD-The Paramount lepal department Rets the unusual assignment of drawins up a defense brief that would have acquitted a man convicted of man happiness nut! prosperity arc tin' for any loss sustained by the U-ness of Slim Summcrville, who was sent home from the "Love Is News" set with a fever of 101. All the big companies now protect themselves by policies on their casts. An insurance doctor has the right to Inspect the actors before the picture starts, but Sum-merville was in his third day in the picture. nniiiter decree member of the rliiU bo F'ni them 20 noundn of fjph f re m Sf . Pet erFbu rg. Fla for t be rih nupijer last nieht. Plans were completed for the innsiant wis, of my heart " Hlflieiilt Itetision At the henlnnini: ol his messuKe. the kinc deelared; "After loim and anxious consider slaughter in the middle of the last SCOTLAND YARD PUTS WATCH ON ANGRY CITIZENS ffnnMnuw -rom Tit 1 NEWPORT. I)M'. 10 The Drill-Wood Literary club held its regular meeting at the home of Mrs. William Myers Monday evening, Pec-ember 7. Member answered to roll call with original thoughts. Following a short bu sines? merlins Mrs. William Harper nave an excellent review of the book. "Hc- ation, 1 am determined to renounce the throne to hieh I succeeded on century. It adda up like this. In the picture, "Souls at Sea", the studio is borrowing a page from the court records of New England. A ship foundered after hitui.g an iceberg and there was not enough room in the lifeboats for all those on board. The women were .taken care of, but there remained the that General Fran'iwo Franco may fail to capture Spain for fascism, Italy today is mobilizing volunteer troops openly for speedy dispatch to the war zone. Wiih the apparent knowledge of the Italian government, at least s.f.nn soldiers have already been sent io battle for the rebels and apa inst the establishment of a Soviet retime in the Mediterranean, i! was authoritatively learned. A larm lest Russia n aid for the leftist loyalists has reached such tremendous proport ions that Gen. Franco M'iTI be unable to capture Madrid, let alone the rest of Spain, has reached a point where public recruiting is now beitip permitted here. Volunteers are beinc enrolled, it was learned, on the highest authori the death of my father and I am now You Asked We and I'm Telling You! Ada Hefflin. Chicago: Errol Klynn first met Lili Damita at a party in Paris aad they met again on shipboard coming to this country. But the third time was the communicant!? this, my linal and ir- rcvocahle decision. I will not enter Into my private -question of which men to save. charm. Lili was lunching with Dolores Del Rio at the Warner foelinirs hnt I hec it should lie ri- in fl'a I .uc with crowrt?. was avniy.-d in k! r''t k hack or WhitrhitU's p(v- frnm'-nt bttildines. Ei"ruin!, puzzled, and in nom' (Hsrs finery, nt h r rrnu ds Flood about Hih kint-'hiim VhIhc and St. JamtVg PaJare. Kiue Edwrird's In this pmprirenrv n lrinrw- trht i f'hrifJlnmp crab box party to be j ! e)d i.t llin nevt meelinp. Doc. 2?,. Yi h member is to hrinu a iji ut "t in the box; then a prand march will be held and everyone will re-'elve one of the pifts. l even- titeetinp of the club the nr-mb rs whose birthdays are being 'ebb:-nipd are presented with btrth-firv cards and short speeches of 'elicitjttiin are made. Rev, H. H. Wj-rper. in makinp the Kpeech, Raid i hut he was born in Ohio, lived in 'I' and married in IllinoiB; no h i m ide him a Buckeye by birth, i I'oosier .y adoption and a .Sucker mv mnrrinpe. happened to be a" passenger on the ' Brolher studio. Klynn stopped to sinking boat, conducted one of the i speak Rnd tne romance dated from most extraordinary kangaroo courts in history. ! favoritp reuld"?!. e in town, whllf- inenihercd that the hurd.n which constantly rests on the shoulders of a sovereicn is so heavy that it can only he l.orne In circumstances different from those in which 1 now find myself. 1-ast Wish Darryl Zanuck tells me be plans He selected the men whom he Piceadilly in the vicinity of Hyde j yoiind Sing the Wood." by Trycre ulbraiissen. A peneral discussion followed. Mrw. J. C Pitkell entertained with two vocal selections, conipanied by Mrs. Nina A. Thomas. Refreshments were served by the li os t ess. Those present were Mesdanics Mary B. Aikman, William Heeler. C. K. Riiiham. Marcaret Conley. Ella P. Hall. William Harper. H. S. Hawkins, J. X. Jones. Mortimer Lewis. W. G. Parrett. J. 0. Pickell. Nina A Thomtis. M. C. Wippins. and the Misses Bess La n ham. Nancy Lewis. Par corner was jammed outside the dull may residence of the m-xt Kinc ty, at the main recruitinp stations in Rome, at the Palazzo Braschi in the Piazza Navona. nd Queen, the Di;ke and Duchess t York. thought had the j lo 'oow "Lloyds of London" with most right to scries of pictures based on the live. The others history of great business houses, were doomed to j Stories on the "House of Morgan" die, and did and "Bank of England" are already when the vessel in preparation, he declares, went down. This dramatic Here and there In Hollywood. ... episode will be Unless June Lang has to do used in the pic- another picture right away, her ture and Gary , marriage to Vic Orsatti will take Cooper will play place as soon as she finishes her the skipper. ' present assignment. They plan a But, in real honeymoon trip to New York via life, the self- j the canal, or UealirinE. as 1 do. the gravity of this step I can only hope for the un-derstandinc of my peoples in the decision I have taken and the reasons which have led me to take It. "I conceive I am not overlookine the duty that rests on me to place Spangled Gruntrr. a Fih A small fresh water fish widely distributed through the stream uf Australia is named the SpanieJ Orunter The W iU to Victory The victorious mood is needed, for our tasks are tremendous, and to lose confidence is to lose all. Pirandello, Noted Playwright, Dies With Pneumonia Gary Cooper appointed judge, maybe to though hailed ; H a wa i i. . Grace Rheuhy and Mary A. Shin-man. LwlifV A ill Today The repular business and social nieetinp of th? Indies' Aid Society will be held Thursday afternoon at the home cl Rev. and Mrs. C. K Beebee. The officers of the soci:v will he hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stokes were: family spent Sunday with Mr and' as a hero for saving 42 people, was 'June Withers convicted of manslaughter for .has picked MM ROME. Dei. 1" Luigi the famous novelist and playwright, died today of pneumonia at is 5 5 wnicn be received a very light Zanuck's o 1 d sentence. j offices as her Paramount wants Cooper to be n e w dressing the ace of r.i. Pirandello, whose plays are well-known to American audiences, won acquitted in tne story. ( room suite. . . . So smart movie lawyers are Anita Louise's delving into the maritime laws of i latest escort to the day to figure out a defense ! film colony M li tnat would nave saved a man con-! affairs is James We k I i victed of manslaughter in an j Bush. . . li mi und Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. rion Allen and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Adams family spent Sunday with Mr. Mrs. Orville Adams. Kavid Aslmrj in Hospital liavid Asnpury, son of Mr. actual case more than 90 years don't know ago. j which scene it Anita Louise and the Nohel prize ffir literature in "Six Characters in Search of an Author." and "As You Like Me" are probably the most fanuuis of his works. Pirandello was taken ill Sunday niorniiiE of influenza, which developed into pneumonia. His illness and decline came with amazing suddenness, and his death in the early hours of this mornint: came as a distinct sho'-k to his friends. CHRISTMAS HOLDS SWAY AT PENNEY'S! Penney's has gone HOLIDAY SPIRITED in a bisr way! Now you can afford to buy much better gifts than you'd planned . . . gifts for all the family and still within your budget! And best of all, when you shop at Penney's, you know there'll be no after-Christmas bills! Come in today . . . there's still time to shop leisurely for Christmas! Open Evenings Starting Mon., Dec. 14 ORESS CLOVES 1 was, but Robert Wynne Gibson's story of a door- Taylor directed Gerta Garbo and man at the exclusive Del Monte' Jessie Ralph in one shot for hotel is convulsing her pals. The j "Camille". Just for the fun of it. actress and several friends drove I . . . And Gene Raymond's sword-up to the California-Stanford game : fish, the one he caught last spring, in Wynne s car and a trailer. On ! has finally arrived from Florida, the way, they stopped at the Del It occupies a place of honor in the Monte hoteL As the trailer pulled j Raymond dining room. up in front of the swank hostelry, Wynne got out She was smartly Today's Puzzle: What former dressed and wore a green orchid. ! actress, now married to a Los The startled doorman took one ! Angeles society man, dashed off look at her and blurted out: i to Reno recently to get a divorce, "How blase!" j but changed her mind after three days ? Incidentally, the hubby had Insurance companies stand to to pav 1,500 she had lost at the reimburse Twentieth Century-Fox tables. Mrs. V. N. Ashury is a patient in the Vermillion County hospital. Clinton. Wayne Russell left Sunday tnr Indianapolis, where he has a position. Elizabeth Ann Swayne of Danville. III., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. William Harger Saturday and Sunday. Fred Knauer and Sherman McCain of Indianapolis, and Sylvia (Trace Thompson were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Russell and family. Fur Lined for Warmth! Only his son. Landi. was at Piran dello's bedside when death came. The playwriiiht requested crema tion. with the simplest of funeral Genuine domestic capeskin witfe full clipped rabbit fur lining Adjustable strap wrt- Value i services and no flowers. Men s Gifts VATICAN ISSUES 'BETTER' REPORT CONTRIBUTIONS STILL COME IN ON POPE TODAY Sword Thieves Were Menace In the Sevemeenth and early Eighteenth centuries London had to cope with "tail-drawers," sneak thieves who snatched "gentlemen's swords from Wieir sides at the turning of a corner or in a crowd." Styles He's Sure to Like! (Continued trom rage 1) Two more contributions hav heeii maoV to t he Hed Cross. . They are from the TeamMers ;ind Truck Silk or Wool Comfort and Smartness in These New Topcoats - $E475 Full belt styles and half belts, too. Fellows, they are marvelous values! Dr. J. L. Saunders Is a patient in the Tnion hospital at Terre Haute. KH-iety Meet The Woman's Home Missionary Society met Tuesday evening with sirs. Lon Barry as hostess. The aevntionts were in charge of Mrs Kern Hollingsworth and the lesson. 'Appreciation of the Prince of Peace," was given by Mrs. B. R. Nix-en. Miss Mary A. Shipman. supply SCARFS ers tinint! ana Kappa Kappa Kappa poroiily. ?5 eaeli. : cooperation, and has stated that litis willing to tollow our advice." In spite of these official statements, however, some anxiety was expressed in church cirdes jest the 7?-year-o!d pope's failure to leave Ills bed for more than a few minutes Water Sometime? Is Igniter Water is an excellent fire extinguisher but when united with natural gas it becomes an igniter of fires that change oil and as wells into seething volcanoes. TWO LODGED IN NEWPORT CELLS wireidrj. gave a report on the Christmas Iwxes sent awav. One "Townclad" Suits $ .75 Kreii A Ik ire and Kalph Koatman 19 box was sent to the Hammond Clin- 25( of Sht pardsvill were lind $ and I1AM1KKI(( HUM H . cois hy Major t". M . Zmk in it cu rt yesterday n ititnxi-a m mi eliure, Thy v. v t;i i;n I o the county jail in N'-u;nrt tor 1 r. d;t Men's Corduroy Sh epskin Lined Coats $790 W'oinhino Collars indicated no real improvement in the paralytic condition of his legs. Private Vatican sources confirmed the off') ial announcement, saying the poje is suffering from uremia and aggravated varicose conditions in his legs, hut his illness is not now causing serinus alarm While hjR room was b-ing aired, the pope was wheeled into his p-i-vate chapel, where he meditated for five minutes, then was returned to his bed. For a Very Particular Man All Wool ROBES Ionization Ionization is the modern theory of electric conduction that an electric current consists of the motion of minute particles of matter which are charged positively and negatively, the motion of the oppositely charged particles being in opposite directions. These charged particles are called 10ns, and they are in no case identical with molecules; in fact, it rarely happens that a molecule as such is charged. The formation of these ions is called wllfll ih-y v. ere ujihMc lo ply tiif fin-. Th" mtm- nH-(".-h'il Tin-sda- . Hinduism a Culture ' Hinduism is not the name of a I'' at Hammond, one to the Campbell setlement. Gary, and one to the Browning home at Camden. S. C. A social hour followed and refreshments were served at the dining table. A pretty Christmas tree centered the table and other Christmas decorations were used in the Imme Members present were Mesdames Margaret Conley. Fern Hollincs-worth. Laura Reid. Mortimer Lewis. B R Nixon. C. K Beebee anrt ,,,,, Misses Blanche Eegleston. Mary A. Shipman and Nancy Lewis. The cuests were Mrs. Saim Stewart- Mrs. H. C. Sawyer. Mrs. ;v Harry and da lie liter Manila and Mrs Reed of Hymera. religion, but of a spiritual ciilture C41H which the lndvArv3n; evnh 4- Penney's Toyland " Hie - 19c IH.ks (pi AD TVI'KW KITl:itsIl'0 v.. New Counter of PRETTY v.: SBsBlBBVBSbiiSKBSfli Make Him Happy With "Topflight" SHIRTS New Line of Fancy Round MIRRORS $1.00 j PICTURES You W ill Find I lundreds of Valuable Gifts for Mother, Dad, and all the Little Kiddies of the family at Very Reasonable MEN'S SOCKS 'ri MH'haniral All Niwv. I i to . $1.00 Fancy Silk 98c $2.95 98c Kliirl)- Tfttipli IHHAX Mrs. Simpson Waiting at Cannes For News From London; Watch is If: Kept for Possible Arrival of Kin? and Rayon. 0 Slr-ainlini! Ever welcome1 Mercerized top, heel and toe with double sole and hijrh spliceH heel for wear! (iwi I .nolens I'allfrnii' I'rf-nhrunk. Fast Colors. k ! All i..l KW FATKItS . $2.98 He Likes Towncraft I.Icn'c CMrts The Perfect Gift! HOUSE SLIPPERS (Continued from Page 1) villa during the morning. Lord Brown low. pent lenuui-in-wain n;; t the kinc and present yuardian o: the monarch's tuture um. n-ii'iunced tber would he a ri--e in ference at 1 p. m.. at w hn t; 1 i t 1 -Home important annnuin enn 11' pected. Its nature was pmtilfinat teal. it was t lioueht likely Iord Unw :! low mipnt iJiwumc t h rnattrr 11 r uppermost in Mrs. Simpson V m md the reports from London thai fnrts are beinp madp to hUn k her absolute divorce decree, a step that would at leapt delay hr ni a rr ia into the king. Prices at Tombaugh's. Such as Hosiery, . Towels, Cloves, Scarfs, Stocking Caps and Underwear; Mirrors, Granite and Aluminum Stew-ers, Percolators and Kettles of All kinds: Coffee Pots and Pails, all sizes, both granite and galvanized, larye assortment of Steel Fry Pans, Cooking Pots, Roasters, Bread Pans. We are also featuring a lare line of Bird Seed and Bird Cages from 89c to $2.89, all colors with stands to match. 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