The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 13, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1921
Page 4
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7 THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS i went to w aste in the old or-1 Ti. 12 l ! Hat tha j ial that "-yyw vr 'r W w v v vy us?d, and will be sold at a bargain. ! Can be seen at The News office. ' I IILJ r'liriUIIIIIlT t I 1 1 ' L' ' . - rrl I IIL, I CI 1 1 111 till II I C der before the war. inoujrn our der before the war. Though our M Itime is out of joint, history will say; Published on Mondays and Thursdays ts crHl5t that in cther time in history was such recognition given to A.S.ROBERTS, ! human values. SsShssh Batteries taster and tMunsner. o M Minnie McLvicas Roberts, Associate. MEASURES OF LENGTH There is a very old Greek saying FOR SALE 'that "Man is the mea stare of all Office: Main 265 Res- Black SS2-1 TELEPHONES FOR RENT Two furnished sleeping ' M rooms. Phone 77. j FOR RENT Seven room cottage on ! North Main street. Phone 1038 ! KA Green, Wabash, Ml. j Tl ' things," and it is as true of literal J measures of lei'gth as it is of good and I measures oi leirgrn as it is oi good FOR SALE F.emi-Solid-Condensed Buttermilk. Ideal hog and poultry feed. Orange Prine, Fairmount. Phone 1034 Red. ?tTR5rRIPTION R VTE? (Within Indiana.) evil. One year 2.C0 The "foot" is simply what its name AGENTS WANTED M 1.25 implies the lensrth of a man's foot, in Six months Three months Outside Indiana.) its shoe. The "span (nine inches) is FOR SALE Iarge gas heater in good condition. A dandy. Elmer Flint, Special for Fords-$25.00 with wood box; $30.00 with rubber box. A liberal allowance on your old Batteries. Recharging and Rebuilding. One vear ?3.00 the distance he can reach with out- Six months 1.65 stretched thumb and little fineer. His .90 Three months "hai'd" (four inches wide) is conven- FOR SALE Flour at Mill door, based on price of wheat which has declined 15 cet.ts ditring the past week. Fairmount Flour Mill. AGENT WANTED We want a lady j M or gentleman agent to handle city j r trade in Fairmount and other va- j r4 cant cities. This is a wonderful j opportunity as you will be retailing A the genuine J. R. Watkins Products ! k 2 including Watkins Coeoanut Oil iT ShampoV, Ganla Face Powder, j Fruit Drinks and over 137 other products. Write today for free sample and particulars. The J. R. 1 Watkins Co., Dept. 69, Winona, Minn. , J in advar.ce; rarer uiscountinued at lent for measuring the height of expiration of subscription time un- horses; and the number of "fingers loss renewal is received prior to ex- around a little glass measured liquids riration date. stul remembered. ..yp js a pood long pace, or FOR SALE Carload of Michigan apples on Big Four track. $2.25 ..LT. S.. standard bushel basket. tntetwl as seeor.d-ciass matter at tho j;stErioe frm nose to finger tip. The seaman's "fathom is his height Call Black as he stands hr' the water, or the full FOR SALE Old corn stretch of his arms a convenient. 713. E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. mile, the "mile, the mca M MISCELLANEOUS iir-o for rore. The . , .least.. nr n. M : FOR SALE Spring boars. See Rus- me imrre. w-as a thousand oiouoie t - i j- t n;,,. ,ntb;r,rr P?N Rich or call Black 1031. aces of Roman soldiers marenmg. j It iIT I f-Tf-'iT n r It was natural that all these mea-; FOR SALE Base burner for sale or Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 the postoffice at Fairmount. Ind., under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1ST?. People will not look forward to posterity vho never look backward to their ancestors. Burke. AITO JOYS Self-preservation is the most powerful instinct, one is told. But it is trailed closely by the impulse to acquire an automobile. Ait American automobile manufacturer recently receded a request for price?, from the interior of China. TYPEWRITERS, Cleaned, retired, i fc sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, 'W phone, call. Arnold's Typewriter j 4 Shnn Minna 1 SSfi Mdv I ... ! 1 ' sures should be adjusted enough to , tnu,e fcr soft coal burnpr Call fit each other three hands in a foot, I 03 Rcd-2 rincs. two srai.j in a cubit, three feet or two cubits in a yard, two yards in a fathom ' FOR SALE Swift & Co. say when Theatre downstairs. Marion, Ind. ; iXAIIXiillXIXIimilir And then, as the need for accuracy corn is hogged down, digested tank- grew, they all got standarized; so that , age must be fed to secure best re- . -. . . . . yard , suits. jarvi s A. A. Ulery & Co. m vii-eat isntam now a icgai is the distance at 62 degrees of temp- erature. between two little lines 01 FOR SALE Best electric washing He was asked to r.-v.e his price for u pluc5 n a certain bron20 bar j a car t-.r.e'y fin:shed and luxuriously . n.,M!is machine on th? market. High priced machine and one that will out wear any of the cheaper makes. This machine is new, never been Sv.-rh measures grew up naturally, and they all varied a little from coun- j try to country, until France stopped urho'stv rwi. complete except motor. No motor wr.s desired. It dee!epovl that the oriental who wished this car lived where gasoline w-ss c-?'y. but eoo!io labor was cheap. Besides, he had no wish to go fast. measuring by the human body altogether and adopted a decimal "metric" 1 svstem. based on the size of the earth. , He prx ivsevl to s:t m his car and steer ,laratvli20vi bv reference to a it leisurely, while pushed it ccrtain bar cf platinum in Paris by from bchn.Vl. wh;ch to tp?t onea motor sticks 1 Report of a yet more peculiar taste But if man has ceased to be thoJ PURE GROUND BONE FERTILIZER None better made for wheat ground. Just a few tons left at $28 PER TON MacDonald Fertiser Compnny Jonesboro, Indiana measure of all thine, why should make one of his earth? The le in automobiles is brought back by a government scientist lately returned from Asia Minor. A r.ative potentate had satisf.exl his lor.g:r.g to possess a car. He wouM ai'l srood of herht-waves are measures t which ceu'd be used in ar.y worl o r rot trust himself in it. No other was permitted to ru' his toy. But he got " a deal of pleasure out of it. aside from t ACADEMY NOTES NOTICE Change of time on the Anderson-Wabash Division, effective Sunday, October 9th, 1921. Ask agent for detailed information. UNION TRACTION CO. OF INDIANA the simple joy of ownership. He had riggr-d the electric cvmip-mer.t f.-r a purple which best suitetl his fancy. He would command an unwary subject to place a fir.ger en a certain spot, ar.d then would five the fub'eet a shock that knocked him eiM for end. Verily, great satisfaction can be cbtair.Ovl frxm a motor tar without sneesling it. At last! The curtains are up. i Football, the greatest game of all, has been resumed at the Academy after being discontinued since 1911. Practice is being held each evening this week and a strong eleven is fast rounding into shape. With fairly " good material a winning team should be developed in a short time. , For the backfield positions Lamb, Rich, Smith, Little and Woods seem ; , to be the best prospects, but with the J NEW VALVES developing of ikw material there no Httmafl values, like ether values. doubt will be manv changes made are being revised upward. Old furni- The sWa vervstronjf as STOCK HAULING To Indianapolis Rate cut to 40c a hundred. Call Phone 211. 0 irow Many Objects In This Piclure Begin WHfi the Letter "S"? there is much material in this department, with Wright, Scott, Harshbarg-er, the Irwin twins and Norton having the edge. No doubt old-time football fai.'s will remember the wonderful teams that represented the Actdemy in former years, especially during 190S, v09, 10, and "11. During these four years the Academy was defeated but once and then by Elwood by the close score of 6-5. Only one or two games will be ture is set -ng almost at vngtnai prices and middle-aged mou and crip-p'e-d men are discovering in themselves cr.susrerte I soc'nl w-orth. W!;o t'.oes not remember the olden days before the w ar one thinks of them already as days in the far past w hen the middle-aged worker was regarded as one ready for the shelf? His plight was the problem of sociolo-p;sts a .1 1 eevnom sts. What was to be dore with hin or for him was a favorite topic of sociological discus-"" sion. Isaac Malone Yt;-? above jMrture contains a number of objects beginning: with tho letter "S." Just take a pond looV-at Ihe picture there are all sorts of things that besin with the lotter "S" -like b.iw, saddle, cack. etc. Xcl.iinjr is hidden: ycu don't have to turn tho picture Upside down Make a list of all the ob-in t-5 ill the picture, the names of which herein with the letter "S." Have the whole family Join in st e who can find the most. lon't miss any. Fifteen cash prizes will be awarded for the fifteen best !i:;is of words submitted. The answer having the largest and nearest correct list of visible objects :-Vovt this i uire startine with the lettr "S." will be awarded first prlp; ftrrond beat, serond prfxe, oto. scheduled this vear because of the CASH PRIZES' When he applied for a job the gray ?tarU t,.; beini? to t foot- Mi hts temples spoke against him and baU back h? school a?a5n, and h pre- WlnnlnK Annvrera M ill Hooelve ('aak lrlaea Ar-rorrtlm tn the Tnhle Itelnwt Trlee If NO Prlee If l) K Trtae If TWO he was turned down for a your.ger pare for next season, when a regular schedule will be made out. Possibly ; one of the games this year will be Stibaerltlon fhorlitlon Snh.Hilion r-..n. But today he is no longer a "prob-: lem." He has beet.' taken off the shelf and restored to usefulness. A survey . .... ... . . : played with Marion, the Academy s old rival. YOfNU AMI Old. JOIN IV TIIK 1 IN TVo tl:ci, SMr nr-uinoes to1ay a most Intorestinar and 'ffliiCut pt?le ?atte a ptifrle that is rtifforont ami a srr. ?. in which all con participate from the tn(0!t v(-.i . to p-randfather and tsreat eranitma. It really t not a p'.irslo at all. for all the objects have been made i rffrHy plain, with no attempt to disguise or hide in. None are so small bnt tbat the poorest eyesiebt i-an see thetn; it is a test of sklH. Your ability to find -S-Words' determines the prie.e you win. Kieht after supper this evening, p-atber ali the members of your together; frive each of them a pencil and a sheet of paper and see who can find the most "S-Vords." ou'H he surprised to find how larpe a list of words you i-an e-et after a few minutes studv. Pit down S"W and trv tt then, send In ronr l'st and try for the hip prises. COSTS NOTHIMi Tl TY It rests ncthinir to take part, and you do not have to pond in a single subscription to win a prlae. If your ana is awarded first prine bv the Judges, you will win SCP.. but if you wctttd like to win more than 120, we are n-.aU'n? special cash prie offers during this Hie Ad-vi vtbinft and Hooster Campaign whereby you can win bijr -r r-sh prttes by sendlngf In one or two subscriptions to The Star- Broyles Electric Company 119 W. Fourth Marion Have the Latest Stcck of Lighting Fixtures in this part of Indiana """Wai-l',,,','-'M',i,,l'M ex w-n taas ,n nv nf.r , , J. T. Zimmerman, representing vg a c.sciose sucn aos as ims mserrevi are rnt, la eent. are iotit. I at rne i&o.oo sr.tio.oo Un4 Price .... I T..OO NO.OO SIKU.IK) aH I'rlee .... 12.00 &0.00 IOO.OO 4th ITlae .... I a. on 40.00 mo.oo Mb Prlee .... H.OO .H.VOO 70.00 fttb Prla .... T.oo HO.OO 7th Prlee .... & Mk IV la .... .0 20.00 4O.00 Pth Prlae .... S.OO 1B.OO .tO.OO loth Prlae ... 3.00 R.OO 10.00 llth Pilee ... 3.00 IV.OO IO.WO 13th Prlae ... a.00 K.00 10.00 13th Ptlae ... l.OO K.M IO.OO 14th Prlae ... 2.00 ft.oo lo.oo lth Prlae ... 2.00 R.OO IO.M by an industrial concern in a certam morn5r? the . j large n . itor5al staff cf thp Qu?el cf the Hill- .MiLut-Av, :-u t . di?cu?s5ng plans for this year's In Good Health annual We w-ant to talk to you. You can Work ct?the gym floor is nearly make good, rant you? We havt? . . . . t. ... . lT TIIK K-KIT Or A T1R KOIl ANT PRI7.K nrrKHRD thk rri.i. oi !T ok mm PltlXK Wlt.t. BR PA1I TO KAt'll TIKI) PAR T1CIPAWT. faith in you and have positions , n ' htar futuw The floor W been suitable for mer? cf your apt- and ; varni?hed and waxed, and we wiling to give yeu a trial.. , . . iS ... n. ; OCSGDUE THESE ROLES A ma:.' is as young as he feels. SPRINT OUT AND SEE USl Or this: AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY CU at my expense. Phone 2. on. 1 Flettm. C. W. DtCRERSON I Will VT 111 uur- ti l v luv v.-....44ft. I basket ball season. : Miss Sarah Leach, after a year's ; absence etitered school Monday morn- WANTED ONE-ARMED OR ONE-LEGGED inl ST'ff Sl no boartn oon dridinf the wnnr f. Canldat rn r imM tn anwro)r h tlo. bt only on rft wfll bo twithlM to nnr on hnttaoboM: nor fll pHoa be aartlo1 to moro thn one of nr (trt outride of bo fumilv. whoro " or more have beon work" ln torethor. t. All anrer will re ee(e the e-no mft' tlon. r eorl"" of irhPthof er not a mbwr-rirtton foe Thn Mnoo fJ(r i . nt !n . rhore will be three ntomnrtont 1)rea. harln i IT. Li. L. IlClliaay, iovbi iif ami . ' . , 'officer, spent Tuesday afternoon at To operate an elevator; good steady ., ... . the Academy taking cultures of all . k 3 Ibe students for the prevention of Man-powr shortage is responsible j n . for this reclamation of human mater-! Uiphthtr' non voa enn yjin sooo If your answer to tha "S-Worrt" Picture lliaale wins FIItsT prlae and you hvt sent in no aubacrtp-tiona to The Muncie Star, you will win 920. Hftwever, if your answer wlna FIRST prime and you have sent in ONR yearly subacription to The Muncie Star, tnew or renewal), you will win (ISO. Or. If your answer la awarded FIRST pri by the judftea and you have sent In TWO yearlv aub-scrlptions ttwo now or NKW and one renewal), you will receive $500 Inatead of 20. ttow's that for a liberal offer? Rut look! We will Rive etra amount on all prlsea In the aame manner. If your answer la qualified by TWO yearly subscriptions ttwo new or one NKW and on re-newal) and you win second prire. von will receive $200 and so on down. tSe third column In prine list a bove, ) tt takes but TWO subscriptions (two new or one NKW and one renewal) to qualify for the lUt? $500 Kl-'WARO. AltJ.l'TKI.Y! Two subsorlntions is the no r-o'neot(on w(h The Ptaf who J1e the Mwrcj sl?oMted a n l .wer' ---o it tti 1. Aft mati, r'H r rxt trho la ot an Stat-, tt- a wimf et n i-.!i5- family, my s(h-w:t n arytrir. It rst fpsiT-tr try. t. AM answers vnwwt h tnaittd by ttctolMpr Sth. 111. K-rittr-n rit rn M xt h rarf oy nt worts cam-Vtrfi roimv!illn'v; 1. t. ciir; a 1 '1 n Mfd ( .,,. iff rKt hn ffrfr If dpnlr snrpat-ntp !hft. P!h I:corirry trfll 1 ctMtntrJ. not Iyt-hirn;- -. ro'v.ptwml or nfwlrt 'Rroril. iplthf t?-i s"c-(nr or iMwral. bt 'or1' th ylrsl th (ont?ar mil not b rd'Clnl vioif vrrmi. r. Wr! of t Mr: - ustM only crrc, ottti ihoneh o to .l.iy(e-ati tliffr. ot otpol. Tl w obtFot rn b rjr;:l nly onro; ho--f. fv jvrt of obltMpt nisiv a!o b ow. Ot- lsrr-t sni rmr oorr-ot Hxt of w Irf of r iho oV'ot shown 'n ho -5-lrV !",! bi?(n rl h ltt.r "S" wM b etM 'lrt f"''- N.tnMn. or n.Hine nairo o.l of h oi!(o a-nn'O n-tt1 DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffiee Hawtt 8 le U:3ft tn. I U S f a FRANK RELFE n NOTICE Having bought the Bowman Piekard blacksmith shop on West Washington street t will hereafter W found in the r.ew location instead of my eld maximum, one of Which Is to ho a NKW auhsrrther. shop trn South Walnut street, where t j Your own subscription will count or a subacription Ill count or a subacription J ite, .lust write on the order started and it will atart I io Finn m some tuture flat when you want the paper t rtivvaol ereo to eo-teot the .loriion of the Itl-ltErX K9 fitlHl MB- rliis ye i. The fle till meet en vloesltv N'tivnmtwf fth, fit. e1 tho an. novnop-iorf of the t-rie winnoM en1 oorfot-t t ,f trnhh w'.ll be rhMshot in The ftar as nirkly thre aftof a po'bto. 11. StiViwftWkfMI (bl new ae t-onean fcr mH we rre1ee will be nrfenbeH. Hntftrr. Its tionllfyltwf toe be ?Soe Wwwa H-nl. noe NFW hreli)Hiii mwt Im tent In. A new h--relbee l one nwh no bee reeelyt fh f UT el nee fonbee IMk, will be glad bo se all v&f old customers, as well as new bnes. t FRAKK ray. promptly on mat Hate. - AUCTIOKEKR V M rirTioi natk! pataih r in aiia axcr FARM AND STtCK SALISS U A SPECIALTY By CarTtee ae Avewt. nally Only ......... ,M.14 tf yo waat the "undev Star alao, aend 14.U additional far each auharrlv By Mail. Itakily Only M OO tf iu want the "Kunaay tar" ala. eond IS.Ra ad dftlonwl for each aurarrtp t fr.O t none i?zit nouie p niwni iiminii Call as at mt ereftae neea will mi ha Mltm iit MAIL la Him-I or la Vnr towns With farrier or arra t er Iro. Ev? Testeil. (i lasses Fit-tvl hv StMe tvegistrevl orroMKTiusT8 Di. C C FARIS and Dr. EM1L PARIS Ctttusltttt 0pKcl W. C Rush who has been spending some time in Sear rove, H. C while enroute bo St. Petershurg, Fla writes i that he is having a fine time in North Carolina. He states that irame abounds It the woods and that he killed 'twelve squtrVets at Jourteerl shot, a ! feat that . is a eredlt to most aty him-rwi. Mr. Rush also trntemp!ated much pleasure frrm an etssttn hunt which was (oft Ms e&tfa Were Rtiwckl bniita Tbl offer oppllea to rural routr patrons, as well as subscribers Hvin In eltl., and lira I tVUUlC towns. If you ar already-receivina Tha jstar, your subscription will be extend.! from CtlKtki-tKI-ft Its rSnt expiration. Send In a NtRW subscription with your own renewal. ,r two --'-'-'- iko tuNrnpiienst ano quauiy tor tow oift pruc. This is an easy way to earn E. B. COUCH DRKTtST Ku ttf nha Dt (Sim C: ttzni I to lit:) ldiIUI muncie, INOIAfSIA TOE ryKKBDE STAK tvtaj for th CUUL ft V

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