The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 13, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS horses, tn silver-mmmted harness drawins enrrinffes that shone so you Tstlsts or Liquid , ! " if Buy It Either Vcy could see your face In them, to quote from Abe again, were on Its streets. The two New Salem men stopped and studied a big sign In front of a large store on which this announce A Man for the Ages A Story of the Builders of Democracy For Coughs, Colds and Catarrh Mr. R. W Mant.n Mn:r .r.nrn frnm Sntrmic Catarrh InvolrJoM ment had been lettered: "Cloths, cassinettes. cass! meres, vel Head. Nose, Throat and Slomachi cUims a complete core. Hia letter la convincing" "For the rt two year I tiTe tfn tronhled wits yitrmle catarrh I several borea of Pa-rn-na tawpts nd thf-y hvo aflrcted a com pic t cure. I o not hesitate to recoaamead p-m-n vet silks, satins, Marseilles waisteoat-ing. fine, calf boots, seal and morocco Mr. Mrt,aT1 t..t I 1 1 . beeo ben-lited by Dr. Hartman s famous medicine in By IRVING BACHELLER tne past liny year. It K r f C n. ..) .:..... 1 Jr . . . t li m K Utm filial, rru.. . and tonins (he nerves that Pe-rn-na is able lo exert euch a soothing, bralior influence upon the mucous nembranea which line the body. It is a wonderfully effecti ve remedy lo restore strenclb after a protracted sickness, the trip or Spanish Influenza. Diarrrtoys Ktep la Hw Hans uib mrjwiISfS V PriceSOCts, (ilmiwi 5-5?--! pumps for gentlemen, crepe lisse, lace veils. Thibet shawls, fine prunella shoes." "Roads like a foreign language to me. said Abe. "Ilow would you like a little Marseilles waistcoating?" Suddenly a man touched his shoulder with a hearty "Howdy, Abe?" It was KM. "the Wandering Jew," as he had been wont to call himself in the days when he carried a uick on the road through IVter's Rlnff and .Clary's Grove and New Salem to Reardstown and back. "LMs is my store,"' said 1111. "Your store!" Abe exclaimed. "Ya, look at do sign." The Jew pointed to his sign-hoard. ed: "You don't think that, do you. AbeT "Nc," sa'd the latter, giving her the advaiuae of every doubt. "John did a foolish thtr-c. but we must not condemn him without a knowledge of the Tacts. The young often do foolih and sicknes would account for hi- silent. Yen go borne and sro to sKnp and stop worrying. Ann You'll get that letter one of these days." A tl.-iv or two later Alv and Harry FaJI and winter brlnr with them INFLIT.NZA, DISTEMFKB, C Ole.HS and COLOH. Ciive your liorae Spohn's Distemper Compound at the flret sign of slcknesa. .Better at 111. rive It as a preventive before ha shows signs of aickneas. "W'OHN'S" acts oqnaity well as preventive or cure. By reason of Its ermlciilal qualities, it hastens recovery by expelllns; the dleease p'rm, abattoir fe-vor and restorlns the appetite. 60 cents and tl.20 per bottto at drue etor"s SPOIIN MEDICAL. COMPANY tiOSllhf, INDIANA went to Sorinsrfield. Their reason for Tip Top of Florida: hliSiet elevation, l,4t lkM, 300 i.nli'n paving, tui2 per capita la-pos'ts; tourists and hoiiiHvkers writ for litcrattir. l.nke Co. C of O.. Tavares. la. the trip lay in s talk between the post master and Jack Kelso the n'ght he In the Wilds. "Was It primeval where you went?" "You hot. Some places you couldn't buy u postcard." Louisville CHAPTER XI Continued. 1.2 ne fi!nf. of that urmrer, Abo came out to the Traylor' wsth a letter in his h"t for Jsarsh. "How's: business: Sasvsson asked. XV:n? to peter out. I reckon." Abe nsweced wi" a sorrowful look. "It will leave I ad'.y ;u debt. I wanted re that would five use A chance for study and I got it. Ry J'-rg! It leeks r.s if I was g.vr.g to have rears of study trying to get over It. Have you rot any work to give me? You know I can split rails shout as fas: as the next mass ar.d I'll take my pay in wheat or -orn."" "Yea nwiy give r.-.e ft'.I the time you can spend eursMo the store," asd Sanson. That evening they ha J a t: k about the nl "!T tussr.r-ss ;-.nd it- relation to the character of K :t"hch f IV.gcs ar.l to sundry infraction-; . f Jaw a:. 1 estier in their e :er.rr,i;j. S;irsrs it had !e-c'aroH tlul it was v ror g to eil h.shtr. "AW tint kind of thing o;.n he safely left the eotutv.on sen of our fore as thev sat by the letter's fire H the toy .erly. The iok of sadness, w hich all had not oil in his moments of abstraction, deepened and often covered his face with Its veil. That is another way that Nature has of preparing the young. For these the roses have fallen and erdy the thorns remain. They are not lured ; they ivni to Is? driven to their tasks, hut for all, soon cr late, her method changes. On a beautiful morning of Jure, IN4. John McNeil left the village. Abe Lincoln and Harry and Samson and Sarah and .Tack Kelso and his wife stood with the Rutledges in the doeryard of the tavern when lie rode away. He was going back to hs homo in the K&st to return in the su-tssissn and make Ann his bride. The girl wept as if her heart would break whtis lie turned far down the road ard waved his hand to her. ""Oh. :rsy pretty las ! Po yon not hear the birds singing in the meadows;' said Jack Kelso. "Think of the 1 .-.psur.ess all around you and of the greater happsnoss that is coming when he r 'turns. Shame on you!" "I'm afraid hell never come back." Ann sobbed. "Nonsense! Vut get a uiaccot in Niireinher, Jormany, center of the world. side. "I've loon livinc wbiv there was no one to find fault with my parts of speech or with tie parts of my legs ti.Vh were not devntJy cxcre1. said Abo. "The ook d'strie of my lers :t has boe-n withoiu r-preenta-tln In the legislature ef try intellect np to its last session. Then we get some fifty feet long under the cornice, on which they read the legend: "Eli Fred-nberg's Emporium." Abe looked hisn over from head to foot and exclaimed: "My conscience! You look as if you had been fixed up to bo sold to the highest bidder." The hairy, dusty, bow-logged, threadbare peddler lad boon touched by some miraculous hand. The lavish hand of the West bad howered h m-f.ivors on him. They reosnUed in some degree the barbaric pesirl and go'd of the East. lie alowcd with prosierity. IXamonds and ruffled linen and Soot oh plaid and red silk : hi sse ok and a blue band mi I. is ha! and a smooth-shorn face an 1 perfumery wore t! e glittering details thai Mirpunnled the ers n of Eli. "Come in."' urged the tenia 5 proprietor of the Emporium. "I vould like t show you my g o;s and iutrodsieo son to my brndlcr." In the mess's dej as t r,o'i; afier mtioh thoughtful d'sor.ssioi they ueci'.ed sp-o; a suit yf bin- ,i -an ils.-.t hoii.g end the srovernor has approved t! -oMro;riatie5 Ssiddenly we dieov- ered that then v:i no tsn-ssoy in the im-uitrr. Rnt Sainson tra.vlor pevpe, srm Aoe. ! :. re-.redy is e dueatssn. net revivn;:c: S'.owiy the ! bonds of otTered to buy an ixu of the amessr.t of fifteen dollars" peopV w:M have so set down ail the j your brain r.nd let the crows g walk- "I'm glad io hear yets declare in ug over your face. ti-n we II tnke c-.vor of external irui'revo;nems." said a ride in the meadows arid if I don't Kelso. "We've all bvn too tn'--vh . s'M-bed by ir.e?-ral Improvement You're on the right traM. Abe. "You'v. lie only goous wl;uh. sr. vuw ot tn Never say "Aspirin" without saying "Bayer.' vv" -' ' r:l r amount of cloth rpi:red. i:'.!ie v. t!.e KH advi in i ippro; r;an n. 4 Ueu'.s m t i-e logger et ecrsuross scrse That ystssos from sire to sen. Ry and by scrae g-wrath?n v i stride a ! a! Thar, n.ay not cvr.e in a hundred yeas. Sex, or late the majority of the peep e wi'l reaih a r ken-lag with .Tehn Bariey--or;r. If there's too B'.uch against Ivn -they will act. You m ght as we'd try to step a gia-cler by bus'd' a dam in front of it. They hare opened an account w ith flavery. 'x Ry and by t:ey!l cie-Hde Irs fa e." Such was !" faith in the evmuon fo'k Ar.terica whoe way of Jearn-Irg and vl.ose leve e:' the right he knew rs no i ; has ks'.own it. In th?s cxM-.tiC-ctien the New V.i wret in hi e.iary: "He h:s srtrt his hoyho,,! in the Sou !) and his in ti e North. He has studied the Kast ar. I lived In the XYest. He is the pcepJe WARNING! Unless you see name "Bayer" on tablets, you are . not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians over 2 1 years and proved safe by millions for Colds Headache Rheumatism Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis '"i hi ! ?CW- .icrU f& Nvis against it. "Yon are lil-o Eli a;n ;:dy," he s:id. "You pn do pack o; yovr ha Look at use. Iont yt! ! -ar m i-iotMCM say soroot'inc?" "They are vrry e!op.t :.t." said. Ahe. "Veil, .ley nsa'ce a speech. le say 'E!i Frctlenherit ho is n more a ; r devil. Yosi cstnnot sneo.e at hisn onoo atain. Nofer. lie has clsmh do lad-dor up. Now you lot me soil vj bring yeu hack laughing yeu m r-y call me no prophet." Svv the event passed. Harry travclod about with Abe a good deal that summer, "o'cetioneer-ir.g." as they called it. frvni farm to farm. A1h used to go into the f.ehis. with the men whose favor he sought, and her.d his lone back over a scythe or a cradle and race thorn ptayfrJly soross the field of grain cutting a wider swath than any other and al-w ays holding the lead. Every man wr.s o r; ef breath at the end of bis swath and reeled a few minutes for rec-.s iteration. That gave Abo a chance for his str.totrent of the county's needs rnd his plan of satisfying them. He had met and talked with a ruajerUy of the voters before the campaign cmlcd in his election In August. At odd that summer he had btc-n surveying a now road wi'h Harry Need -os for his helper. In er iiey resuruod their work upon it in the vicinity of New Salem and Abe Vegan to carry the letters in his hat again. Kvery elay Ann was look- Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions. ILtndy tin boxes of 12 tablets Bottles of 24 and 100 All drurrgiaU. Aaplrln i tbe trmd mark of Uajrr MiBBfactur of UoDoaatlcse!t1tr of SalicyllcucW sonset iiipr vat iuaKc a :ood speoi 1; for you." ihout as s:o.v I ssonjet uios tl "ink ar speeoli Maimers can make fortunes. Years teach more than Imoit. As Isaiah says : to cvake r.p h.s t.s'.r.d. "If jou lot me tliotato the I'M asrree." said Ahe. "Veil vat is it?" E1S akod. "I would like my clothos to On ill his eyes r either rvpn-ve after the hear sav m Important to Mothers Kxamine carefully every bottle of CASTOKIA. that famous old remedy for Infants and children, aud see that It ing ef his ears.' Abe has to " n r Cuticura Comforts Baby's Skin When red. rough and itching with hot lnth5 of Cuticura Soap and touches of Cuticura Ointment. Also make use now and then of that exquisitely scented dusting powder. Cuticura Talcum, one of the indispensable Cuticura Toilet Trio. Advert Isement. Rl ot it." In April Abe wrote another addi-css to the voters r.r.r.ouneir.c that he was . Bears the ir.g for l ira a he cause by in the dim Signature of j In Use for Over 30 Years. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria licrht of the ear;y morning on his wsy to work. "Anything for me?" she would ask. "No malt in since I saw yea. Ann." was the usual atsswer. Often he would say: "I'ri afraid not, but hero you take these Jet'ors and look through "em and make sure." Ann would take them in her hands, tren 1 i nc with eaccrness. and run indoors to the candlelight, and look them ever. Always she came l ack with the little bundle of letters very slowly as if her disappointment were a heavy burden. "There'll be one next mail if I have Which Finished It. A clergyman was spending the afternoon at a house in the village where he had preached. After tea he was sitting in the garden with his hostess. Out rushed a little boy holding a rat above his head. "Don't be afraid, mother," ho cried; "he's dead. We beat him and bashed hisn and thumped him until" catching sight of the clergyman, he added In a lowered voice "until God called him home." Toronto Telegram. An American Miss. For a quarter of an hour the master had teen giving examples of the names of rivers which in (Jreek were feminine, when he noticed one boj. blissfully unconscious of the mental edification he was missing, contemplating the beauties of nature through the classroom window. "Jones ! he roared, "give me a feminine river l" The tlrvatuer stirred, and In a flash of inspiration answered: "Sir. tne the Mississippi, sir !" Exchange. gain a can'id.te for a seat in the legdstatutv. lUe that ntenth Harry alke! with hitn to rarrsvi'e where crowd ha 1 rsser.,b'cd to attend a "public saie. At c-ae place there were men in the crowd who knew Harry's t-eeerd in the war. They called on hint for a spe.-ch. He spoke en the reed of the n cans of transportation In Sargamon county with sue'.; Insight and d gt'.ity d convincing candor that beth AI- And the au '.icrce hai'.ed him as a cotr.trg man. Abe and he were oftti sven together those days. In Now Sa'em they were calVl the disappointed lovers. Tt was known there that Abe was very f. ef Ann Rutlcilge. a' he had not. as yet, opetv!y ctftfese.l t any ere not overt "o Ann trero 'seir.g no show of hope for him. Ann was d"vp!y in love with John McNeil the eer.Ir.. e a low tone of voice: 'Th's ;.s lumil.-o Ahntham Lino. In. ahout the s;.iuo lor.cth arid hroadth that I am. Eo ih-n't want to scare or astonish any-hotly. Ho don't want to hok like a ho-r-rar or a millionaire. Just put h:n: down f;r a hard-workinc man of puv! intont'ons who is hadly in tleht. ' That ended ail argument. Tito suit of Idne jeans was ordered a:id thv moa-sun-s taken. s tl"y were svhn;t lo go Eli said: "I forjrot to io'l you lot I haf sooti I.issi Kelso tie odder day in St. Loui. I haf seen her osi ilo st'eet. Slie ha been like a queen so gr-md! Do hat am! pown from I'aris and sh.e so proud! Itnt sh.e Io.d; rot so happy like she usit to he. I r;o.;k to her. Oh my. she vas clad and o surpriod. Site tolt mo dot she vosdd like to come for a visit but her husl an l he does mt vam her to go tlere--nefer sjr-ln. My Jobber tolt me dot Mr. H;c--rs is pit drunk efery day. she t'ink tie phsce no jcootl. "Poor child:" said Abo. "Em afraid she's in trosdde. IJer paresits have ho-gnn to suspect that something is wnusg. They have never be-n iuvi'.od to go down there and visit the girl. I reckon we'd better ray nothing io any one of what wo have hoard, at present." They reached New Sa!em in iht middle of t! o night and went into Ilut-ledge"s barn and lay down on thtf haymow between two bnfialo hides until morning. do isfc: conti:;l"kd.) The Reason. "I hoar Charlie's on his feet again." "Yes. the poor boy, his creditors took his car." Some rock crystals have as many as "00 different sides. to write it myself, Abe said v.e moruinir in October as he went o?u To Harry Needles, who v;-.s with him that morning, he said: "I wonder why that fellow don't write to Ann. I couJdsi't believe that he has been foolirg her, but now I d u.'t kitow what to 'think ef him. I n-. Iri r.J sue. ran. Forceful. "Terence," said Mrs. Mulcahey, who had been (lipping into Shakespeare, "this writer says there do bo sermons in stones." "Oi dinnaw about that," replied Terence cautiously, "but uiany's tlie toime Oi'vo known n brickbat to houtd a folno argymint." Boston Transrrlpt. tfair had reached the stase- of f i wti 'ior what has happened to the 4 follow.' The mote cricket has curious inole-llke hands admirably adapted for tlisruing. The mr.'J stage was late that eve-is inc. As it had not cour at nine Mr. Hill went hosts e and left Abo in the store to wait for his mash The stage arrived si few minutes later. Abo examined the little bundle of letters and newspapers which the driver had left The Man Who Said: Tlw proof of the pudding The Jew Pointed to His Siir.tscarci. been thinking of the public ear nn l too little ef the public eye. Wo must show o;ne respect for both." "Sometimes I think that comely dress ought to co with comely diction," sard. Abo. "Rut that' a thing yeu can't learn In books. There's no grammarian of tlse language of dross. Then I'm so big and awkward. It's a rather hopeless problem." "You're in good company," Kelso assttrvd him. "Nature guards her bos' men with some sort of singularity, trot attractive t- others. Often she make- them odious with corveit or deformity or durubress or garrulity. Oante was stsch a poor talk r that no one would ever ask "him to dinner. If it had not been so I presume Ids nv.ise would have boon sadly crippled by indigestion. If yen had beefs gr.ovl dancer and a lady's favorite. I wonder if yon would have stud'ed Kirkham and Rums and Shakespeare and Rlackstone ard Stark ie. and the science of surveying and been elected to the legislature. I wonder if you could even have whipped Jack Armstrong. "Or have enjoyed the friendship of Rill Perry and acqulrod a national debt, or have saved my imperiled country In the war with Rlack Hawk," Abe laughed. In the matter of dross the postmaster had great confidence In the taste and knowledge of his young friend. Harry Needles, whose neat appearance Abe regarded with serious admiral iois. So lse nkod Harry to go with him en his now mission and help to choose the poods and direct the tailoring, for it seemed to him a highly important enterprise. "Our appropriation Is only fifteen dollars," said Abe as they cause in sight of "the big village" on a warsn bright day iate in October. "Of course. I can't exiect to make myself loofc like the President of the United States with such a sum. but I want to j with him. Then he took a paper and i sat down to read in the firelight. USED SYSTEM OF HIS OWN is in the eating" was only half through He started a good pudding-proof, but he didn't finish it. There's a lot of trouble in the world from puddings that taste good but don't do good. They "eat" well, but that ends the recommendation. fx I "Ahlle he was thus ongr.ged the door poned softly and Ann Uutlodge entered. The postmaster was tsot aware of her presence until she touched his arm. "Flea so give me a letter," she said. "Sit down. Ana," said he. very gently, as he placed a chair in the fire-glow. She took It, turning toward him with, a look of fear and hope. Then he added : Tin sorry, but the truth is It didn't come. It is terrible, Ann. that I have to help In this breaking of your hearl thr.t is going on. I seem to be the head of the hasssmer that hits you so hard, but the handle is in other huts-Is. Honestly, Ann, I wish I could do (he suffering for you every bit of It and give your poor heart a rest. Hasn't he written you this summer:" "Not since July tenth," she answered. Then she confided to Abe that her lover told her before he weist away that his name was not McNeil hut MoNamar; that he had channe l his name to keep clear of his fatal! v until he had made a success; that he had goue Kast to got his father Professor Refused to Allow ''Proper Spelling to Weish at All Heavily Upon Him. Of course "enough" spells "miff" and yet "calf" is not spelled "caugh." School boys, seasoned business men. not to mention school teachers, often find the spelling of the English language a bit troublesome. Hut here Is a one-time university professor and now eminent scientist who not only admits that spelling "gts him rattled. but goes so far as -to invent his own form of spelling, which exactly follows out the sound of the worth Hence we find such sentences as these in a recently issued volume by the anthropological department of the university museum : "Ilia hair wa stil black." "The two ritings when they wer dou. ov course wer imt alike." "Some paragrafs ov hix own wer dropt." "I say as nearly ax possible he-caur. " The author of the volume, which t the translation of a legend of the Kerchi Indians of (luatesaala, is Robert Burkitt, an Englishman. To Make a Cashmere Shawl. It takes three men six month, to make a cashmere shawl, which requires ten goats' fleeces. Sanitariums are full of pudding-eaters who stopped thetest at taste and forgot to inquire whether their food gave the body what it needed until the body rebelled. Grape-Nuts is a food' that tastes good and does good. The proof of Grape-Nuts begins in the eating and goes on through the splendid service which Grape-Nuts renders as a real food. Grape-Nuts is the perfected goodness of wheat and malted barley -delicious to taste, easy to digest, and exceptionally rich in nourishment for body and brain. look like a respectable eitiren of the United States, if that is possible, n; give the eld Abe aisd fifteen dollars to boot fer a new one and we'll soe what comos eu it. Springfield had been rapidly thang foj The Girl Wept as If Her Heart Would Break. cess, f an ep-esi discussion of plasms, of fend affection expressing itself in caresses qttite IndifTetvnt to ridicule. For Ann It had been like warm sunlight on the growing rose. She was neater in dress, lovelier in form and color, more graceful In movement and sweeter-voiced than ever she had been. It Is the old way that Nature has of preparing the young to come out upon the stage ef real life and to act in Its tovhi scenes. Abe manfully gave fttem tils best wishes and whea he Ii&e of Atn It was done very tcn- and mother and bring them hack with hint; lastly she eatue to the thing that worried her most the suspicion of her father and mother that John was not honest. 'They say that ho probably had a wife when he came here that that Is why he dotTt write to me. Then after a little silence she plead Usg. It was still small and crude, but some of the best standards of oivlJira-lion had been set up is that cosunum-ity. Ffindlios of wealth ami culture in tlse Eust bad sent their sons and a share of thedr capita! to this little metropolis of the land of plenty to gf into business. Handsome, well-groomed "There's a Reason" for Grape-Nuts

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