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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 10, 1936
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n Should Fall to IUy4ve Yoor DAILY CLINTONIAN liy B:0 1. M. Phone -II 01 117 ami a ropy will he THE DAILY CLINTONIAN WEATHER Cloudy and colder tonight; Fil- fair and colder. " ' ! Volume 24 Number 29 Clinton, Indiana, Thursday, December 10, 1936 Price Three Cents li lissish lV rT sal bWPM IB EM 3 ft KING EXCHANGES CROWN FOR LOVE Wins Movie Chance FUNERAL TODAY FOR VICTIM OF VAN SWERINGEN SAGA HEARD IN '1 , Duke of York Will Rule Great Empire Rocked by Message Monarch Leaves Throne for Marriage With VYally; House Informed - i mmm - V few, J J j r A ) jy&Xh If 1 ;ft if-- - ) v ( Klny Edward VIII Official word mjin received! In the lliis of CnmmoiiN today (lint Kin Ktlwiird VIII of ieut Ittilaiti has itbdieulecj his ilit'ont in favor of hi brother, tin duke of lock. AlHve in hhown the first. ioiiiait of lvl-wai'd since Ins uct'tioii. 4 'hosed from among; 75, (MM) entiles fn a wi'ccii lest contest NMHINOi"cd l)J a IlJltiuilHl magazine. Jejuni!' Mat-got I'it'i-j, cihl-'jii--oM Syiarusr, '. V., Kill, nun a (rip lo HoIIjwihhI and u chance at Nfai-flnni, m OFFICERS RENOMINATED IN LARGE MEETING Eleven Initiated on Wednesday Night; Two Resolutions Adopted; Christmas Party Planned , All incumbent officers of the Half fentury club were renominat ed at a meeting of 240 members held last night at the eltrhroom In the .Moiguu basement In South Main street. Tlupy are T. L. McDonald, sage: J. W. Foncannon. first vice-sage; 'A. A. Hess, second vice-gage; David Roberts, prophet-0. P. Sears, scribe: W. M. Leeds. xcheqiier; Wilmot Connor, guard. and lioy steals. Guy Rriggs, E. J. Hays, David Heed and Charles M. Snow, trustees. A conductor is ap-lolnted at the first meeting In Jan- lary by the sage. The following 11 men were Ini tiated last night: Lawrence W. Luce Sr.. Jeff Black, Alex Waugh, Charles Tyler, Claude Newton, J. Wright. Jess Kevins, Alexander Dunn, James Gray, Joe Davis and eorge Wake. A resolution of condolence was adopted (or James C. Gillis and John Chapman, who were both members of the club, and have died Coiiliiljed on Vho 4 TWO SPEAK AT STAFF MEETING Robert Downey of Terre Haute, district WI'A recreation supervisor, and Carl M. Freeze of Terre Haute. Vigo county WI'A lecreation super visor, gave short talks at a meeting of the WI'A recreation and N'VA staff held in the office in South Main street last night. Husl- ness was dtsi ussed after the ad- sses. SENATF INQUIRY Fantastic Storv Unfolds Today as Probe Conf;nues; Two Brother Started as Newsboys HOOSIER SHARES EMPIRE CONTROL WASHINGTON. I)it. 10 A story of two former newsboys, the lute Vuil fiwerfngen brothers, creating a $3. into. 000. OHO railroad empire so colossal and so difficult of management that Wall street barons, after prizing II for dents, finally gave it hack to them with a sigh of relief and at a huge monetary loss, was being told the senate Inquiry Into railroad financing today. The Van Swerlngens, once reputed to be worth $100,000,000. borrowed $30.4 1 M.l 2T, from Wall street hunks, on tup of huge financing in bond issues, from 19 23 to 1932. J. P. Morgan ft Co., the Guaranty Trust company and other financial Institutions purlh-jputcri in these transactions. tankers ;lve t' In 1931, their bubble hurst with I he bankers seizing control of tin vast empire after the Van Swerlng ens defaulted on conditions sur rounding alt 5.000.00(1 bond is sue. Wall street retained a voting control hut fearing a huge white elephant even then immediately turned management of the vast en terprlse back lo the brothers. The setup lu-sted five years until the hankers finally decided to get lid of the entire problem by selling the empire at terrific loss to two mid western friends of the Van Hweringeiis , These friends, George A. Hull of Monde, Ind., and George A. Tonilinson of Cleveland. I m inert I alely retained the Van Sweringens In control of the properties which included more than loo ruilroads and 1,00 other concerns. Mrs. Harrison of Rosedale Dies in County Hospital Mrs. Tillie Harrison, 75, of Rose-dale, formerly a resident of Clinton, died thin morning at the Vermillion Co nit t y hospital, where she underwent a major operation several weeks ago. Prior to moving to Rosedale to in the fiOO block on South Seventh inn ke her home she formerly li vnt Hireet. She has a wide aciiiaintam-c of friends in Clinton and vicinity. Survivors are two daughters (iladys, at home and Mrs. Mam-he Mason of South Bend, and three sons. John, at home, and Arthur and Kved of near Rosedale. She also leaves to mourn several grandchildren and a host of friends. Funeral arrangements ha,ve not yet heen completed. MINER OFFICIALS LEADING IN VOTE All present dint rict officials and inter national hoard members art leading in the unofficial tabulation of ballots cum by the I'nited Mine Workers of District No. 11 last Tuesday, A second elect ion is usually ne-cesary, for offices must be elected by a majority of votes. This second election is scheduled for January 12. Kuial and official tabulations will begin Monday to determine the winners. AUTO LICENSES ON SALE TODAY IJcense platen for 1937 are on sale today fit the license bureau on Hlackman street, according to Information obtained from Miss Ha Jenkins. All persons wishing to get their plates are asked to brin their lU'.l't poll tax receipts. A. a Minister Engaged for Wedding Will Read Last Rites for Society Girl Killed by Hope Morgan OFFICIALS FEAR FAKED INSANITY KAST I . N S I X ( i . Mich.. Dec. 10 --The white, satin drss she was to have worn at her wedding to a dualling army officer Saturday became a funeral shroud today for Kliz-a belli (Jilt ncr, 2 ft -year-old society girl and daughter of a M ichigan Stale college professor, as a sanity commission sought to determine whether her slayer, Hope Morgan, was insane or a clever actress. Miss Morgan confessed she shot and killed Miss Cillner, Iter life-long frend and college classmaie. Tues day a- the two girls addressed invi tat inns to Kllzabei h's soiled ill wedding. The only explanation Miss Morgan gave .police, they said, for pumping five bullets Into M i t-s (lib tier's body was ' I hnd a ImkJ to kil' somebody a nybody." Talent rncoveced The murder probe took a new tan gent today an authorities learned Miss Morgan was a talented, limn teiir. actress who often appeared in high school and college plays. If the girl is shamming insanity, police declared, a new motive for the crime mav possibly Im1 uncovered. Miss fiiltner will he burled late this afternoon In her wedding dress, and most persons In this cultured college suburb of the state capital were expected to attend the funeral. Hev. N. A. McCtine. who was to hnvp officiated at the wedding, will ead the last rites. Marjorie, Robert Tompkins Allowed To Quit Hospital Robert Tompkins and Miss Marjorie Tompkins, who were injured in a head-on collision near Pimento Saturday morning, have been re leased from St. Anthony hospital in Terre Haute. Mr. Tompkins, who sustained a broken nose and scalp injuries, was released yesterday; and Miss Tompkins, who sustained minor cuts and bruises, was released Monday, Mis6 Rosemary Burke of Terre Haute, the most seriously injured, had three ribs broken and the left side of her face badly lacerated. Martin Hose of Terre Haute, another occupant of the Tompkins car, sustained broken bones in his left arm. He is expected to be released this week. ' CASEY RETURNS FROM FLORIDA Dr. Oil Casey, who apent the past six imunths at Miami, Fla., has returned to Clinton. He will have his offices in the same rooms he formerly occupied at the Clinton hotel. would remain high until another crop was in prospect, and that soybeans would find increased use as an emergency hay crop during the coming year. Factors thought to influence the 1937 prices of forage crop seeds include, first, a much smaller 19li; production of both hay and pasture grasses and legume seeds; secondly, a larger than noniiwil carry-over of grass seeds such as timothy, red top, and bluegrass, but about a normal carry-over of alfalfa seedaud practically no supply of clover seed; and thirdly, a demand for forage crop seeds that is much greater than usual. Fewer livestock were liquidated Edward's Brothers Rally to His Side in Last Hours as King Sl'NNIXCDAI.K, Eng., Dec,, 10 To tnist-shrowded, turreted country mansion the brothers of King Ed ward came sadly and separately to day to be with the monarch in the last hours of his brief reign. The Duke of York, slated to succeed Edward as Albert I, was the hist to arrive. He sat In the rear seat of a royal limousine reading a newspaper as the car turned through a rarely-used side gate of Fort Bel- dere. The "Duke of filoucester was neit lo arrive and the Duke of Kent reached the king's residence five minutes later. Hoth were driving heir own cars. All three brothers looked pale and tired. i met KO.MK, Di'i'. Ill King Edward In coiMluctiug Uf-xotiutionB to come uiul live in Southern Italy permanently. t wan reported today in usually de pendable circles. Either Kdward or Mrs. Ernest Simpson- -it could not be definitely ascertained which telegraphed an 'state a;ent in Koine, it was stated. sking him to lease a villa nt Amal- II. SCOTLAND YARD PUTS WATCH ON ANGRY CITIZENS British Authorities Fear Trouble as Excited Populace Packs London Streets After Announcement LONTDONT, Dec. 10. Scotland Yard became a fortress today, its gray courtyards holding hundreds of police reserves ready for possible disorders as Londoners, dazed by the blow of their King's abdication, thronged by the thousands around focal points of the crisis. Electrical tension like that before a Btorm prevailed in Whitehall, around the houses of parliament and Downing street. Crowd Held Hack In the midst of hectic running about and frantic conferences by bri tain's leading statesmen, the jam became so thick at the narrow entrance to Downing street, the world's most famous blind alley, that a police line was stretched across to dam the excited crowd. All police leaves were cancelled. Truckloads of policemen poured into Scotland Yard all morning from outlying districts. London's vast reserves of civilian policemen were ordered to stand in readiness for emergency duty. The full force of mounted police, specially trained Continued on I'ajcft 4 There was an atmosphere of high tension in and around the villa of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Livingston Rogers of New York, her present sanctuary, as news was expected hourly that King Edward, his abdication signed, seated and delivered, has left England for evermore to marry the American woman of bis choice. Airports in the vicinity of Cannes kept constant vigil in anticipation the king might fly to Mrs. Simpson's side, but the weather was bad, with drizzling rain and patchy fogs, and a flight today would be hazardous in the extreme. Mrs. Simpson did not leave the Continued on rage 4 SPEEDY ACTION SEEN IN HOUSE LONDON, Dec. to Abdication of King Kdward In order to marry MrN. Wall In "UaHieJd . Simpson mhn aa-nonnced to (he house of commons tliiN afti-moon. The kJntf'a monu'iilouN decision u'iin announced by lliejtt. Hon. Edward Algernon Pilzroy, Hpcaker of tlie liouw. Accession of the Duke of York at king of Kngluiifl In his Mead wait an nounced by (lie Hneaker Immediately afterward. (Statement Is Final Reading a message handed hkm speaker acquainted the house by Premjer Stanley Baldwin, the speaker ecquainted the house with the King's formal decision to renounce his throne. "My mind is made up," the king said fn his historic message. The king, it was announced, has executed an instrument of abdication, renouncing the throne for him self and his descendants. It was witnessed by his brothers, the dukes of York, Gloucester and Kent. Keen A Best Course "I take my leave," bis Irrevocable message of abdication read, "In he confident hope that tUe.vors I have thought right to follow Is that which is best for stability of the throne and empire and the happiness of my peoples." "Further delay would be most Continued on Pajce 4 Unknown Person Seeking to Block Simpson Divorce LONDON, Dec. 10 On the heels of disclosure an unknown "informer" is attempting to block Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson's final decree of divorce, the king's proctor today eiereised his right to withdraw records of the case from public Inspection. For the first time in a quarter of a century, the proctor's "appearance book" in which the Simpson case is listed was taken from Somerset House. It is now up to the proctor to determine whether he considers the Informers petition sufficient to warrant Its consideration by the divorce court, Collusion Charged The petition seeks to "show cause why the decree nisi should not be made absolute, by reason of the decree having been obtained by collusion, or by reason of the material facts not having been brought before the court. Should the king's proctor decide the Implied charge Is worthy of consideration, the case will be brought publicly before the court with Ihe plalntirf, known In legal terminology as a "common Informer," called to show cause why the decree should not be granted. Should the proctor deem the evidence insufficient, however, the matter will be dropped and nothing made public. LOTTIE PJCKFORD DIES WEDNESDAY HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 10 Lottie Pickford, 41, siar of the silent films and sister of iMary Pickford, died lute last night at her Brentwood Heights home, following a heart attack three days ago. It was announced today. Miss Pickford, wife of John William Locke, actor, passed away quietly, with her sister, husband and daughter, Owynne Pickford, recently adopled by Mary Pickford, at her bedside. Marlene Dietrich's Automobile Is Seen At Edward's Home SI'N'XIXCDAf.K. Dec. 10 An automobile believed to belong; to Mar-Icik' Dietrich, film star, stopped at tiie gates of Fort Delvedere, King Kd wa i d 'a count ry ret reat. today, and Ihe chauffeur banded a letter to detectives giiardhiir the entrance. Montezuma Man Dies Today from Blood Poisoning MONTKZL'MA, Dec. 10. Lawrence Wheeler, a well known Montezuma resident, died this morning at (he St. Elizabeth hospital in Danville, 111., where he had been a patient for several days. Hlood poisoning was the cause of his death as t lie result of a splinter in his hand. Survivors are the widow, Mary; his father, X. Wheder; four sisters, Mrs. Lula Morgan of Montezuma. Mrs. Caroline Knapt of Kock-ville, Mrs. Lena Mcf'rory of Oregon and Mrs. Inez Kent of Florid, and a brother, Ered Wheeler of Terre Haute, formerly of Clinton. Funeral arrangements have not yet bteu completed. THE I KMI'Elt.lTI ItK The Ciintonian tliermomuter: m., 4; noon, 4ti. VATICAN ISSUES 'BETTER' REPORT ON POPE TODAY Doctor Encouraged : Pontiff Allowed to Leave Bed for Moment; Churchmen Still Worried VATICAN CITY, Dec. 10. "The pope is better," was the heartening statement today in a brief official ommuni(ue from the Vatican. "He was permitted to get up for i moment, heavily wrapped in blan kets, while his room was aired." Dr. Amaui Milaui expressed satis faction at the pontiff's condition. and especially over his willingness to accept suggestions of his physi cians. "I finally convinced his holiness that he must remain in bed," the doctor said. "He is giving us every (Continued on Vnw 4) Samuel Coffin is Fatally Stricken At Advanced Age MONTEI'M A. Dec. 10 Samuel Coffin. 83. died this morning at the home of his daughter. -Mrs. EfHe Davis of Hillsdale, following an Illness of several months duration. Death was attributed to complication of diseases. Mr. Coffin was born March VI. 185 3, the eon of Hubert and Iiena Coffin at Annapolis. Mr. Coffin had lived his enlire life ill Montezuma and for Ihe last several years had been caretaker of the Oakland cemetery, He was .1 member of the Masonic and Odd Kellows lodges. Survivors besides the daughter already mentioned are two sons. Hubert of Indianapolis and John of Montezuma. The body was taken to Ihe Itrown funeral home and laler will b' taken to the home of his son John at Montezuma. Funeral services are not completed at this time, although burial will be at Ihe Oakland cemetery. Prices on Forage Crop Seed Are Mrs. Simpson Waiting at Cannes For News From London; Watch Is Kept for Possible Arrival of King Expected to Stay Relatively High Next Year; Imports Holding Corn ( l,lilor Note: 'I bis is Hie third in a M't-iej of nix tirl fries on "The Outlook for Indiana Agr-culi lire in f !;"." The outlook for forage crop weds uiul grain ciop is presented in IimIh'h Jllii 4lC.) KAFAYKTTK. hid., Dec. l) Forage crop seed prices were expected to continue relatively high through lit 37, according to outlook information release,! today by (lie farm management department of Purdue university. Imports were expected to check any large advances in corn prices, while considerable wheat was u i it-i pa ted to b substituted for corn in livestock rations. Special-ihts thought the price of good oats CANNES, Dec. lu. Mrs. Herman L. lingers, host prig of Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson at the Villa IvOu Viei. ihsued a statement today declaring iherH is not the "remotest ciiaiice" nl King Edward joining Mrs. Simpson at the villa. "Nut only will he not come to the villa." said Mrs. lingers, "but he will not come to the Riviera at all. "We do not know what Ills def III lie plans are.' .' $ CANNES, France, Dec. 10 Reit-h-ss and bewildered, Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson stood by In the Villa Lou Viei mi a hill overlooking Cannes today while history was mude for the ake of her love. 13 SH i Chopping aga 'till hru;hnfc3 (Continued on Tutte it) AHA

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