The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 9, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1936
Page 5
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Wednesday, December 9, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page S .J Lju-. v ior ihe Cards . when and if hoinbre is llersi-liel I hut i'eppel-) Martin of the t'anls , . . an oul-llelller. . . . .Moon Miller . . . old Dodper roach . . . was after that Al I tizzy in ever traded. . . Ji'HKH HllillH . , MlOHf Illicit'!)! of pllihi'.rw . . in ii y wind u UiMl till' Htdf'iTH IIH a i-'i;i'll fE7 GYM NOT GOOD LUCK IN LITTLE ACTION SO FAR IN NEW YORK SESSIONS "Haha." . . . f;Vll Hui'lefKli ( r i men j jcuIiik to leuih hih Ifodxer pitrheiM I lie art of dut-iiiK them nfr Miiiielindy nuked him if he ever (dlrhf-d o Hid) Tar lei dm , now owner of Italian dull . "Don't remein-her " Maid Hhi'Iv, "hut if I hr Brc any icaiM on him. I did " . . One Opinion For What If s Worth by Davit J. Walsh bany Job . , . wlilch was after Ii limn Hahe Kiitii . . . hut chances j I IIin-H N.iiU LOCAL OPENER are old Slew-fool llnzz Ai-lett will wind up there us player urn nugi-i . . . hilling tinil and llelilliiK inn; Baseball Chiefs Do Much Talking Purple Eaglet in 22 to 15 Win Her Last Night t CIom Battle in Firet , Two Periods Mo-1 on -it'll j);j it nt I ii w ii irt Cy SI;tJMlcl.;i win Ihim-m .l-idf l.u mli Mill Ii t. ii to i -ta 4iih in I Ii' Keller a-. hul IV;. i ? lite WtHKl. Kuiiny it tin jlidve t'liOilhl dei iitf avuiiiKl owner Hiadley . . and old ul. . . 'J'eriy'K Ial.:i hid In On; . . . nil. i.t-ih.-r and a nil. -Iter f.n HortiNl,)' Xfit I Jul ii-lis- wuntt-d U'tuitly from I in1 ItiHlttWrf . . Iiui r mill 1'lilln rt'fiisfil to nt Mm. OmtgerH an f ni; t up a fiiiir-way rii'nl . . . hut ri h;iv. DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 24'J1 Soulh Main Street ; i llnlun. Indiana . RESERVES LOSE 13-U ENCOUNTER but Nothing More; Phillies Shake Loose to Buy Card Outfielder NEW YORK, Dec. Trades are few . . . conservations many . nt the major league powwows . . , Dizzy Dean and Hub I'eller are mum talked about than ti certain Baltimore belle hut are not so interesting . . . Flash! The Phils actually bought and paid for a bull player In cash . . . sum not stated but inuylie a in tin' hot' Munpo as IhHr t , l mi 'ii . , (In Ihnlt'rT.i reply: trying to reach n dicker over Hollers unil Vnsinlk; I he Ki-iiutors and TIkci-r are still ogling each oilier, Willi NcWmiiiii Hie Sllliposed "llller-est"; The Giants wiinl Mungo from I he Dodgers ami Hie Dodgors want everything except, a percentage of Hie receipts. The Reds have too many catchers; the Cards haven't got enough. Hut If you want to make something nut of It, that's more than the Reils and Cards have decided to do so far. Cllntbna basketball team Went NEW YORK, Dec. V. From a aourre not to he iUflloiied, since It liupMMi to he one of tjtn part leu allegedly "approached," the following represented tint current demands of the St. Louis club In the Mr. D. (Diffident) Dean situation as major league baseball went Into the second and more violent singe of its annual madness today. From the Pittsburgh Pirates (for Desni Pitcher Cy Blanton; Out-fiolder Woody Jeirten; five other players with which to "dress the window" and $150,000 in cash. down in defeat, 22 to 16, before Hi onalaught of Garfield In Hi first net tilt of the season at 111 new gymnasium here last night Jim Conover'g Purple Eagle . out shot and ouUmarted the local has much as two bucks . . . The mmmum keteera In the last half of the con test to win a decisive, if not smash mam ing victory after a close battl' through tlis first two periods, tea From the Chicago Cubs Outfielder Frank Demaree, Pitcher Bill Lee, ditto five guys from the old wax works; ditto tile $ 1 511.000. From the New York Giants luring cautious play and close floor IV rrkinoiiiMc x J work on Ibe part of both teams , fhr? The Hut crew pd only 7 to 6 lit Outfielder . Mel OU. Pitcher Hal f rJf ) jiii iiinii'r "" I Schumacher, ditto the five, ditto the the half-way mark. Fatal TliM Quarter , dough, Led by M'he and Pauline, tbey You can see, from this, that we nened up in the. third frame to are not quite ourselves around here and I, for one, am willing to forget , garner 10 polpta while the Cats could gain only - two. The two Mr. Dean if Mr. Rickey only will. Meanwhile, one-half of the schools fought on almost even terms in Wie last quarter, witb the Giants-Phils deal for Lnu Chiozzu visitors' edge never seriously threat went through last Viight. and, ac ened. . . On the whole Clinton's perform cording to the plighted word of all concerned, there won't be any other half. This latter was supposed to ance was satisfactory, considering 9th St. Liquor Store 448 North Ninth Street SPECIAL THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SURE-WIN WHISKEY QT. PT. xiPT. $1.25 65c 3S CREAM OF BOURBON WHISKEY QT. PT. izPT. $135 75c 40c COLONEL CHOICE WHISKEY QT. PT. Vx PT. $1.29 69c 37c have Involved Doiph Camilli of the the early stage of the season and His former lack of a good gym In Phils and Hank Leiber and Sam which to practice. ; The Wildcat de Leslie of the Giants. Instead, the fense was for the most part remark 'atter dug up Infielder George Scha ably effective while their attack rein from Memphis and sent him to Philadelphia, with the customary leaves much to be desired. Berrls- ford, Bennett and Phillips turned in top-notch Jobs on the floor, but emoluments, for Cliiozza. The Browns and Indians are still none of the boys could bit the basket a fair number of times in pro 0 (look's way is Nature's way 1 lie good, old fashioned way to lirew leer. You can't Improve Nature . . . short ruts won't do. Above all no sugar Is added. That's why the "sweetish" after taste is absent DANCING portion to their chances. Bands Turn Out More than 1,600 persons attend n Cook's and you set only the ed ibe cage opener, and bands representing the two schools staged a mild tang that good beer should have. Cull for (look's! close struggle for musical honors Clinton had the advantage of a o z a x H Iiome field and one more trombone. Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Yor Favorite Beer On Tap Wine . - Liquor v Mixed DHnks Vermillion Beverage Co. 707 North Ninth Street Phone 680 Between the first and second team games, members of tbe "C" cliia appeared In costumes beyond PT. TWIN SEAL WHISKEY QT. PT. $1.50 80c description and fougbt to a score COOK'S BEER IS 100' UNION MADE less tie in a hitherto unknown form of competition played witb a bas ketball and without benefit of referees. Garfield's B team won the cur THIMBLE THEATRE Starring Popeye By E. C SECAR tain-raiser, 13 to 11. La .Roche. V I MFViVli Rf FrA SOl-T VM KWE,SON,60T A -'OKM.S0U, THKUW-i (Continued on Page 6) Las'fej.:hNDTH6. THE. BUT vJKlNTKE- TWtD TO THfNK Mt fvS' BEGlNE.0 MINUTE I LAID tc ee AV.V. ME UfE'. NtSER'.'. HtWRT, BUT I irbED BUT VJHEN THE TPIE.D - ACK TUWIBE f BIT ON VE.eUT I HELD OFF IT MOCH DORK ME Lift F0WK"bl iOGE-V oEMlNFNTPsU'D- I A0M1T I HELP-T - y ttT VJITH HZ, OOH'T u I i TO TH(VAK ME AN BE61NNEO TO GET OWED 'EM MONEY. i i LET TIN VE KNOW-I DON'T WANT TO r-itHi I iAjrH I tit 7 OkftV I BEEN A HRD MftN, ft COLD FI6HTIN MftN Phillips Is Chosen By Heze Clark for All-Indiana Honors fN' CUP6 r-v J i SEDIMENTAL, I'D Kcu'aK HIAKU VJITH OTHEri jPOPPft 0' THE SOFT ishS FfVA itwV SE OMENTAL", (PQJA;lT,,SEMlNEN.Tr - V" a W -6UT SS, TO KFFP w. 'EM FROM o. 'S VaIITH flf GET TIN' GVJ'; N' G- l Robert "Moose" Phillips was one of the first team tackle choices made this week by Heze Chirk In his ap- LAT ILl ' .tMUSHV, w st V SON nuul selection of mythical all-stat I. I football teams. Fullback Mlshunss received honorable mention from nr"' Clark. Phillips was placed on the second team among the players U4 announced yesterday by Dick Miller, another picker of high school, a-,,-f to.i..,.. ,.... i . By RUSS ' WEST OVER TILLIE THE TOILER I tfAO SOME VM HERE THAT IF A OOG'S IT WOIHD LIKE A CHARM, MAC -HQ2EEET EsvDKrT HArCE A SOOO Louisiana State Gridders Drilling For Santa Clara MASTCP UEAWES SOME OP HS VKtEAKlMd l Copx movaj You 1 VJOM'T Be LOME AU- NISHT AND HEJSE'S "yOUR. COT TOO CAM ) fOXAX H AC GOCO My CCAT DCAaiM Uni9HT V M THE MOPMlMG -jcl SOOO N16HT, I C Hera&EEr BE a i H ! sooo OOG AMD iff h - DOMT DtSTORBk- s f g ? CiAV 'LL LEAsiE I f j0 I rAycoAT Mra if COAT Wll-U EEP AFHREL BSrllMt vmith THC DOd VdHEM HB SOKS AW THE CXJfl V4IU. 65 PEPF&X -JK I NEW ORLEANS. La., Dec. 9. Tbe i Loeislana Biate university's varsity football team went back Into harness today In preparation for the crack Santa Clara Broncos, whom the Bengals meet for the mythical football championship In the annual Sugar Bowl classic here on NVw Yesr's day. Afuir getting their "holiday furloughs" last week the L. S. LV playara weri bark ou the campus willing and anxious for the resumption or the training grind that will gear them up for a crack at the tin-disputed national football crown. Trainer Mike Chambers will start the- U. .8. U. players' work off lightly today. Plenty of running and calisthenics, along with handling, passing and kicking the ball, will lie the order of the workouts for the remainder of the week. wata-aaHMUafcaBl Secref Operative 48 DANN DUNN IS O&N DUNW KEEPS f CAUGHT VER COLD, VUH LITTLE BARNACLE.' WHAT IYI 5HE Vuz HOT, SPVIN' WERE VUH -WELL, J cr'Nn TU' ,TL1- BE ft 6PV'N ON ur I TKIfP fAPP O' VUU I SEND 'H RIGHT IN.' US-CAUGHT VOU'RE U'bUALLV tO QUICK ON 1H' TRIGGER, DOPE, WHV DIDN'T VUH LroE IT THro TIME 7 GEE7 I'M SMART--RIGHT OUT OF THE FRVIN' PAN INTO THE PIRE BUT I LL HOW THCrE BULLIE&--THEV CAN'T BLUFF ME HM-M .... OINCHY 1 A HER RIGHT a, EVE OKI ACS BERT'S WDEOUT AX.ROS LAKE MICHIGAN, ONE OP ACE THEV LABELED VUH RIGHT WHEN THEV CALLED VUH TH' DOPE, LACEV VUM AIN'T GOT A BRAIN IN VER HEAD " OOIN' HERE ASrVWA.V?ff 6ANGVTERS, TAKE HER DOWN AN' LOCK DlCOvrR) LITTLE BA6"b NEAR THE COUNTERFEITING SHIP. BVB RAN AWAV FBOM THAT CRUEL AND OVERBEARING PAJR, MORTIMER AND MATILDA,. HER UP ENJOY THE EVENING i with Fat Wilson TONIGHT GREGORY'S

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