The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 9, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1936
Page 4
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e F I'our The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Wed ncsday, December 0, 1936 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found, -d lilt Wabash Wednesday and Thursday Established a The Weekly Clintonian 1890 Tlie Clinton I'laindealer absorbed in 1908. George L. Carey Editor and Publisher ntered at the Fostofflce at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matter. i . SYNOPSIS And then, tucked away In the en Chrlstbu Cooper, 17 nd lovely, is the daughter of the rich ana eccentric Adolphus Cooper who made nis money in the Klondike - - i Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association National Advertising Represent alive: OKO. B. DAVID CO. Jiinn Wrlsley Bldg., Chicago. 1-1 It Gnneral Motors Klein, Detroit 110 Knst 42nd St., New York never speaks of the past and hates cities. While he dreams of - I guest, who wouldn't say a word against the place, if It killed her. Short, stout, always handsomely gowned in pale silks that never mussed, never seemed to grow dusty nor dingy no matter how higb the thermometer climbed, ahs moved about the big, rambling house on feet that seemed too small for her heavy body, and shoes that must have bean too amall for her pump, high arrhed feet Her white, ringed hands picked un classes and spilled .: a velope, ahs found four lines clipped out of a newspaper: fin tht grty summer gardtn I thall find you. With day-break ant th t'np hillt behind yoit. Thert will is rain-wet rasas; sctr of winjrs; .find down the wood a thruek that wakei and tinge." And seribhled on the mars-ln In the (treat thines he will do to V Christie by and by, (he becomes secretly engaged to childhood aweetheart, Qene Dubois, who v!"," Jr LfBt Phone I I 7 Phone 41 promntly bresks her heart by for bidding her to speak of their love Gene's writlna-, "This la a thin pipe tobacco, newspapers, duaty sofa called Idyll. It h by a poet named Siegfried Saasoon." to anyone, not nsvtng noara trom Gene for few deys end anxious to know If he returned from his fishing trip, Christie, unoer the 7 ' 'StfQ.: ? The words blurred under her cushions, even bones that the dogs dragged in. "I can't ask the serv. ants to do things like that," she said, "It's hard enough to find any that will stay at all, in a place like this" The frequent wrangling between pretext of purchasing cream, goes to his home, Christie Is confused THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM : 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moat attractive city of its tiie in the state. eyes. - Them were the thoughts that were in his heart for her. This au when Gene's mother telle her in one breath that he heat gone and In the verse that he himself would em.." ix VP I "--"r l ' 'A ;3k.i. . r. ...' Joan Bennett, Joel McCrea and F.l'uha Cook, Jr. try to pay for their dinner with two halve of a torn tlioiuand dollar hill, hut can't get it changed in Vniver$al' "Two inaCrowd." the next that he came back. CHAPTER VII They were bark in the glare of THE ONE BIG CHURCH IDEA the yard now, the cool calls closed behind them. plu nib (lie (Icpih of humor. The Soph Chosen Queen "But I thought you said he was GONE I" Madame Dubois looked at the talkative little Cooper girl, and roused herself from her own melen eholy thoughts. "He come home from the mount'm', and he go away Mars arc supported by an except iona I t -asl which i in-hides such popular ceniedians as Henry Ar-mclta. Alison Slupworlh. Nat Pen-(ileion, Reginald Denny, Andy Clyde and !',lisli;i Conk. Jr. Short su hjccls will lie Paramount news. Petty Poop Cartoon entitled "He Human." and latest Paramount Pictorial. to bacrament Now you run long, An idea that seems to have played in the minds of religious leaders for centuries revolves nruund the reunion of all ihr Christian churches into one, ureal, big church. It is, apparently, taken for granted that if we can cl all Chris tians into one church we will really have Christianity. We presume to doubt it. The only universal churrh that will ever do this world, or any other, any good is the church that growj in the hearts of men and women. Forms, ceremonies and organizations are insignificant unless they develop Christianity in the character and lives of people. I got plentee work to dor Christie stood stock still In the glaring sun. "To Sacramento! Did you say he went to. Sacramento? what r OK 7 . The tired old woman shook her head aadlv. These American chil Hren who ask questions I What you wear that shawl for, Madame Dubois? Why you keep the little cowe away from their mamas T Why can' Adnenna come out and play? And now why did bene go te Sacra, puests yesterday of Airs. Pearl Arch-ei- of South Sixth street. men to I "Sure, he go to work, what you tinicj" And she went inside, and shut the YESTERDAYS DM 'KM HI :K M, III! I liivitatious were issued tor the wedding at Terre Haute of Miss Mary Caroline Maxwell to Arthur Schell Wright, of Clinton the owning of Dec. 19. Mr. Wrif-'lil is :i son or Mr. and Mrs. John C. Vrislit. of Centenary, and is a Clinton screen door. , t 'SI'MEA pa i ,w I-: Tin-; Ti;it "Hunrji,' showing al the Palace today for tlie last lime, is a picture of life in a nudist colony. It is not a hodgc-podse of news reel shots shuffled together, but real, just as (iil Prown, Record feature writer saw it in the nudist camp at Klysia. He turned nudist himself for the weekend; and told of his experience. There is a story in "Sunra" and you tli and beauty. It is not a sex picture but honest tacts. The picture is for adults only. Added features are the "Murdi of Times" and an Our (Jang comedy. Among tlie school children who are confined to their homes with tlie chicken pox are: Marie Lou Adams. Mary Elizabeth Harrison. Mnr-jorie Ann Connerly and Helen Owen. Next morninar letter came from him. Christie took it up to her room, to read. Before she tore it open she laid the envelope next to ner cneek, knelt by her bed waiting for the first dizzy excitement to pass. Her face was fiery red, her wnoie oooy was snaKing. Being In love seemed to have something to do with getting sick to your stom ach. Fourteen members of the Clinton Itusiness and Professional Women's club went to Sullivan yesterday morning lo an Emblem breakfast given by the Sullivan chapter of the H. & 1. W. clubs. Tweniy-one members had registered for the trip but owing to Ihe illness of Mrs. Ciadys Heaton. state emblem chairman, several who were to accompany her were unable to attend. Christie knelt by her bed, waiting for the first dizsy excitement to pan The letter wasn't very long. Just write some day. Dear Gene ... he just couldn't write that kind of a latter ... She went Apain. hecAiisA she had Mrs. opal Shoelly, who lived ni the home of Principal A. (!. Morris and who graduated from Clinton high school last -yeuit, was down from Wabash, Ind., and tool; Thanksgiving dinner Willi Prlncipa' and Mrs. Morris. She is living tliir year with Supt. and, Mrs. O. ('. I'niM and reports them , liking the city very much. Word that comes from Mr. Pratt Indicates what his friend; here expected to hoar that lie i; making good at his work. misjudged bim. the girls she settled in her low, carefully modulated voice. She never spoke sharply to Christie, she never criticized Adolphus for tucking hli napkin in his vest, or smacking b.a lips over the soup. She just sighed, softly. Christie was ashamed of herself for not liking her. And more ashamed of herself for pretendipi: that she did. m That nisrht Adolohus Cooner ate bacon and eggs and fried bread with more than his usual gusto. He drank two cuds of coffee from the TKOI KSSIOX AL SO 1 . 1 I Kit' C VI CM HI A Showing at the Columbia for the last time tonight fs "Professional Soldier' with Victor McLaftlen and Freddie Bartholomew. McLaglen is hired to kidnap Freddie, who (portrays the Tart of a prince, but becomes so attached to him that he risks his life to save that of the prince. He shows the boy how to be n "reji'lar feller" by teaching him to box and play baseball and football and other boys' games. "Barnyard Amateurs." and the l:lth episode of the nerial. "Th" Clutching Hand" are added .Miss Lilly Crane of Terre Haute is visiting at the home of her niece. Mit-a Zoe Sharp, In South Fourth street. Miss Sharp'B father is in very poor health. flower-bordered pint-size cup that he used only when Aunt Nettie was away. "Your aunt and the e-irls'll be arettino- hank RbIhtv k Charlie Meyer was in Terre Haute Wednesday. glancing at Christie without any change of expression. "Seems they caught a boat earlier than they expected to. I guess they run out of two aneets of wmte, ruled paper. "Dear Christie , , Well, you will be surprised to see I am back In civilisation. My uncle did not get that job, so I got a break, and here I am back at the gaa pump, and miss you already. Now, Christie, I want a letter from you and I want to know how you are, and if you still remember me (Ha. hal). Well, Christie, I am not mueh of a letter writer, I would rather see you, but I will do my best to let yon know how I am from time to time and until I can see you; The reason I did not say goodbye was because I left the earns night I got home and I did not care to go to Platta to sea you. You know why. i I am looking for a better ing here and have hopes. You know what I mean. I will now close, with love from Yours sincerely, GNB F. DUBOIB, ' Gen. Del, Sacramento." As she read, the tears rolled iteadily down her cheeks, blistering the paper. She did not know that she was weeping. She only knew that the words she needed weren't there. With the girls she felt more a ease. She didn't have to pretend t . like them, and they didn't pretend to like her. They didn't pretend t ; like Spanish Pass and the hous". either, "Why anyone ever PICKED this wilderness to live in, is somethinp I've never been able to understand no matter how often it'a been explained to me," Isabella would drawl in her slow, soft voice that was sp like her mother's. Isabella waa the elder sister. She had Soft dark hrnnm hoi nJ money, or ?ot too much not and Marie Fearing First sophomore to win the honor at the University of Arkansas at Fayettevllle is pretty Marie Fearing- of Camden, Ark., who reigns as "Queen of the Campus". Queen Fearing is five feet seven inches tall, weighs 118 pounds, and ha brown eyes and black hair. She is an expert dancer, swimmer and equestrienne. ' ukelele. 'T any rate, I gotta go meet em. 1 don't s'pose you care to come along?" "Oh I do!" she cried no naovrl DKCEMIJKR 0, IW-W James F. Haymaker, Howard Baumgardner and Fred Nora are a'uiiong the cash prize winners in the cream contest tor lilue Valley boys and girls, which came to a close .recently. Close to 5,000 boys and girls in seventeen states took part In the contest. that she surprised, and vaguely trig-uienea nerseii. 'i ao want to MOVIES 'TWO tX A mow IT WAJMJiH A new screen team, Joan Brnnnii and Jool McCrea, refreshing in their new comedy and delightful in their romantic moments, will star in Universal 's "Two in a Crowd' at the Wabash today and Thursday. When the story opens, the two halves of a torn thousand dollar hill brinjr the pair together. Their escapades on Now Year's eve lead lo further hilarious developments that i won't be left home alone again 1" smoofh creamy skin like her mother. She waa old. Christie didn't know how old. but Mrs. Piatt said h. And SO Aunt Nettie and the rirlo came back, and soon they were al settled again in the house at Span- laii runs. Attractive Appearance Solid muscles and good general health are at the root of good posture and sound physical vitality, and these in turn are the basis for attractive appearance and force of personality. Drooping shoulders, sallow complexion, dull eye: or a fish hand shake never won a job must be pretty near forty, but this didn't seem likely because she wasn't very many yeara older than Adele who was blonde and pretty and alwaya spoke of herself as a girl. Settled. No. that wasn't h word. Aunt Nettie had never settled Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Aiide.-mn and daughter of Terre Haute and Mr. and Mrs. Oather Daniels an. I son of West Elm street were the Letters jjfSTV SANTA uie oia crown nouse that Adol-us and Christie loved. She was (To Be Continued) Owrrtefct llll. Kin. ruUM Sridlnl. In permanent guest. A gentle, tactful ot friends for any one. of dishes, a bicycle, a doll, a baby buggy and lots of randy, oranges But His Soul Goes Marching On! and nuts. And done forget my sis ters, brothers and mother and fa Dear Sanla, ther. Your friend. ROSE MARY TROHPKIl I am S years old. Hut I do not 4 22 N. 4th St. want mueh for Xrnati. I want Iil lie doll and elolhes for my big dull, some dislies. My biK doll'b name is Marv. She Ikih enrl:;. I want four . J fv . or live' hook and o baking set, winr randy and nuts and hoiuc erayons. Yourn truly, OAKOUJKA'N ORIKKIN. 1253 Eighth atreet. THE STARS SAY ity ;j;xj;vii;k jj;mjuj; l-oi- Y'hurt fltiy, OnTinbrr 10 Au eventful uud un'MivrufjIe . iU it f oi(;( iibI. from tlio nivdoutiiiav' luuur twpuclti. Thi'id niuy be t;il dun, vurpriHijig and ijilr.KiiIui; twl-ventui'dH whirl, limy fill i rely Huw:1 the currmit uIuiik. Thin muy h-ud to i'vo.Hh JiddH of rudi-uvnr tuid tutw UOSINJSS 1 ( ftJi-z. V i mart faC&Mmtv ($4 1 U L A I D hiLurcBta uud ttHHovluti'i, Then Jh prints d stationery:;. upf to he UHK'li ttrllvlty nd uiu. unxli'iy n-KurttihK tinuni'OM. If TIiiH Jh Voiii' ItJilhiluy TIiohh whohe'lliduy II Ik air mi the rvf of i i'ur of mutd' n uud Dear Santa. J am a Iil lie boy li years old. Koi ChrlHlnias 1 want inlenwime niiinia!. parade. Irai-her, a eamn far. And some oranges, and apples. iiuIk. Don't forget my niolher, father, sia and brother. Yours truly. DONAU) WEST. ' North Water SI. Dear Kalila. I inn a Huh' girl X years old. Koi I'liriMtiliiK 1 uand u mow Bull, a M-1 nf dlNli'f. a doll, a new dress, a baby buggy. And lots of randy, oi-Hiiges. and inns. And done forget my two brolhers for they are good boys and done forget my mother JSQ SHEETS ;'-; 5p ENVELOPES j Kill pritilllll 1' VI HI. M ill) ill. I' li mi h rhiK of u, iilrlKulnit mid udvonlurotiH nut urn. TImw tntiy J uuho abrupt I'ltuiuu In all pin tin unit IntiMHHtH, und bills intw IjukI ntnH und 80 lal t-ontm t. A rblld born on thin day may hr active, enterprising: and enerfcetb . possessing unusual Uluiilw, It may INCLUOINft fRINTINS .... WITH HUE. MOWN OX RED INK. 0OUILE SHEETS OR HAT SHEETS IN HUE, ftt. VvKITI OR TAN APE. ' ' and falln-r. Your frb'iid. HETTY WEST. :112 North Water St travel far and achieve fume through novel discoveries or research. i SAME COI.ORJ . , , Af Eft AHO JtNKl i W SHEETS AMP 60 ENVELOPES l. Dear Santa Clans, I am a liltle boy , years old. For CliiiKtnias I want a trackter. a ear. a mirkey mouse set. a new pair of high tops. And lots of randy, or-age and nuts. And done forget my sislrrs. mother, tather and brothers. Your iriend. JUNIOR TROSPER. 422 N. 4th St. VISIT US AT LAMOR CAFE At Our Present Location for ' Real Good Food! Plate Lunches, Dinners and Genuine Italian Food. Managed by our chef, Mr. Alfier .-Or Daily Clintonian i F ' " K SUt ANDREI . . . RyTEX i PERSOrAt CHRISTMAS CARDS Dear Santa. I am a liille girl 11 years old. For rhrisinias. i want a snow suit, a set

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