The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 9, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, December 9, 1936
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Should Tea KU to Recurve Tour DAILY CLINTONIAN , ly ft: 80 P. M. 11inn 41 oi 117 and a ropy will be liroitlit to you at once. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN ' WEATHER 'MVA fTAT?! r.'irni' Thursday cloudy, ''"it AiVv're ln temperature. Clinton, Indiana, Wednesday, December 9, 1936 Price Three Cents Volume 25 Number 28 "Why can't I do that?" Driver Is Fined for Passing School Bus; Others Are Warned BALDWIN STATES HOUSE MAY GET LEFTISTS GAIN AT CATALONIA; MADRID WAITS i ii. . ....i . i ..i jji i 1 - fj " f j I . ' "; i Four Civilians Are Injured as Rebels Hit Embassy Plane PARIS. Dec. 9. Riddled by machine-gun bullets reportedly spouting from a German-built airplane in the service of the Spanish rebels, a French embassy airplane was forced down in Guadalajara, Spain, and four civilians Injured, It was confirmed today. Two of those hurt and In hospitals are French newspaper reporters and the other two are employes or the international Red Cross dangerous circumstances that might lead to an international incident. However, no Immediate French protest was contemplated. WORD THURSDAY Persistent Laborite Leader Still Crowding Premier on Issue; Developments Are Expected LAWYER VISITS MRS. SIMPSON LONDON, Deo. 9 Indicating hi exports overnight developments in the constitutional crisis arising from King Edwards' plan to marry Mrs. V'nllia Warlield Simpson. Prime .Minister Stanley Rnlwin told the house of commons today he hopes lo make a new statement tomorrow. The prime minister Inferential!) asked for another, twenly-fonr hours respite before commiilting hinisel: or the government to commons wlie: ('lenient Ttltee. lnhorite lender lithe house asked: Atllee. Again "Can tile prime inin'.slor s:i' whether he is now In a position I' add anything to the statement mad to the house on Monday?'' "I regret," Baldwin replied. "I an not in a position lo tdd anything today hill I hope to make a statement tomorrow." "May I ask." persisted Atllee. "wheider the premier can give ns good hopes of a si.'ilement tomoi row as anxiety Is continuing and in creasing?" "I can assure Mr. Altlee and the house no one realize that more than I do." WAII.Y HH'.H ATTOItN'KV ('ANNUS, France. Dee. fi-I.eailinu lo reports that a dramatic new de cislon Tiuight he made hy Mrs. Walli? Simpson In her romance with King Kdward. one of the attorneys who represented her In her Ipswich divorce fiction, Theodore floddard, today called on her at Villa Lou Vlel, floddard flew hertt.-from Ixindon with another solicitor and Dr. W. Douglas Klrkwood. famous London physician who h playing a mysterious part in today's swift-moving events, hut who Is not. II was stated, here to attend Mrs. Simpson. That floddard will senl a flnnl re-( Com limed on I "age 2) Baptist Churches Conduct Services Sunday. Monday An enjoyable snd profitable series of services were conducted by the Baptist churches of St. Bernlce and Dana on Sunday and Monday of this week. Ouest speakers were President Oliver J. Buswell of Wheaton college, Mrs. Gillespie of Chicago and Rev. R. L. Ryerse of Valparaiso. Mrs. Martha Wilson entertained with several marimba numbers and a quartette composed of Miss Wil-ma Eydman, Tommy and Harold Eydman and Harry Trasky. accompanied by Mrs. Eldman, entertaineJ with several musical selections. The St. Bernlce church is continuing services this week and next with services to begin at 7 p. ni. each evening with the exception of Saturday. Rev. B. Gordon Wray will deliver the sermons this week and Rev. Hubert Verrlll will speak next week. The public Is Invited. PIONEER COUNTY RESIDENT DIES AT ST. BERNICE Mrs. Ariel Ella Helt Succumbs This Morning at Age of 97; Bedfast Since Thanksgiving SERVICES TO BE HELD ON FRIDAY ST. HKItNICE, Dec. 9 Mrs. Ariel Klla Helt, 97, one of the oldest pioneers of Vermillion county, died al her home here this morning. Mrs. Helt had been active untl' Thanksgiving, when she became ill. and lias been bedfast since thai time. She was born in Vermlllioi' county, the daughter of Mr. am' Mrs. Wesley Southard, and has livet' the greater part of her life in thi county. She wns a member of thi Salem M. E. church. She is survived by five daughters Mrs. Lillie Jones of Paris, Mrs Daisy McNorton of Clinton, Mrr Gertrude Rright of Paris and Mrs Mattie McCoy of St. Bernlce; 2f grandchildren; a large number oi great-grandchildren; two great great-grandchildren, and one half brother. Albert Southard of Califor nia. The body was taken to the Frlsl funeral home. Funeral services wil1 be held from the Sugar Grovf church, west of St. Bernlce, Frlda at 10:30 a. m. Burial will he Ir Sugar Grove cemetery. DANA BANK PAYS FINAL DIVIDEND NEWPORT. Dec. 9. George W. Neet, as receiver of the State Bank of Dana, has paid a final dividend to the stockholders of 3 per cent, making a total payment of 90 per cent paid by this bank. The order of approval of the court was entered on Tuesday, Dec. 8. During the receivership 679 claims were filed totaling $165,-076.30. Mr. Neet, who is a resident of Dana, was appointed receiver of the bank on Feb. 4. 1931, and has served without compensation. ACCIDENT KILLS FORTY LISBON, Portugal, Dec. 9. Collapse of the floor In a school building at Leiria during a meeting of a Catholic society, today- left 40 dead, mostly women and children, and more than 100 injured. THE TEMPEUATfHE By The Clintonlan thermometer: a. m., 36; noon, 46. QUEZON MOVES TO GIVE AID TO FLOODVICTIMS Thousands in Islands Suffering From Lack of Food, Medical Attention; 1,500 Are Reported Dead MANILA, P. I.. Dec. 9 President Manuel Quezon declared a state of calamity in the typhoon-flood strick Vlto Contrl of Norlh Eighth street, who was arrested on Wed nesday. Dec. 2. for passing a school lius on Croinpton Hill while unload ing children, was tried before .1. C, Hayslett. justice of peace, yesterday ind fined $1 and costs. Haysleit stated today that he has Inee other warrants made out and 10 one arrested on this charge can xpert leniency or dismissal of the ase. It Is a state law that while the us is loading or unloading chll-rin, whether n mr.torist Is driving ehind the bus or toward It. he mist stop. NOTED INVENTOR AMONG DEAD IN PLANE'S CRASH Fifteen Are Killed Near English Airport Today as Luxurious Craft Strikes House After Take-Off ADMIRAL IS ON PASSENGER LIST CROYDON, Eng., Dec. !l -Juan de la Cierva, Spanish inventor of the tittogyro who devoled his- life to per-'ecliou of "crash-proof" nviation, as among fifteen persons killed tony whin a Itoyal Hutch airliner -rushed in flames shortly afler tak-:ng off from fog-bound Croytdon airport. Admiral Solomon Linilniun. who like Cierva was listed as a passenger aboard Hie plane, also was believed killed. Three Survive Some hours after the crash, air line officials could only state that of the entire complement of eighteen aboard the plane,, only the stewardess, a Wireless operator and a German passenger named Walter Sehuberk were alive. The huge airliner, an American-built Douglas luxury plane, took off through the thick mist at 10:50 a. m., hound for Amsterdam, Holland, and Germany. Plane Strikes House A few moments later, a terrific crash was heard. Either the plane failed to gain altitude fast enough or the pilot miscalculated In the heavy fog. and the liner crashed Into an unoccupied house on a suburban road near the airport. Bursting into flames Immediately, the craft set fire to several houses, hut airport attendants, rushing to the scene by motorcycle and on foot, were able to extricate six of those aboard while still alive. Three, however, died later in a hospital. The disaster was one of the worst that has occurred on British soil. SICKNESS MAY CRIPPLE POPE VATICAN CITY. Dec. 9. Pope Plus, although slightly improved in his Illness today, may be a chair-bound Invalid for the remainder of his life. International News Servica learned on high authority. The pontiff, who has led an unusually strenuous life, even through his late seventies, is facing the possibility bravely, and he almost defies the advice of his doctors and aides lo lighten his load of work. mand. rtlimlly iimpected slaughter of h hff p and lam lis for the first eight t months of this year was reported to lie seven per cent below the same period a year ago. However, slaughter supplies of lambs for the remainder of lflltfi were expected to Increase nure than usual. The rea son given for the greater supply of feeder lambs this year as compared with last was that Western lamb numbers were reported to he 15 pel cent larger than a year ago. Wool prices have been consider ably higher during the first eight Expected Major Offensive Still Held Off; Big Movement of Troops Is Seen Today in Northwest REBEL 'CAPITAL IN PERIL TODAY MADRID, Dec. 9. Loyalist Cats- Ionia today Intensified a wide of fensive all along the Aragon front. attacking near Belchlte and Huesca, while Madrid awaited, tensely alert, the second rebel assault on the cap- tal, which insurgent leaders have Ven putting off from day to day. Admitting the big drive westward from Catalonia, the Insurgents at Salamanca declared that the loyalist attacks were "without result," while rebel aircraft successfully bombed leftist airdromeB. Bnnros In Danger Anxietv over loyalist advances rrom near Bilbao, giving the leftists -ontrol of the Burgos railroad and outting them wathfci striking dis tance of the rebel "capital" itself, was bared today in a report over the Insurgent Corunna radio that he "nationalist" government would ihortly be transferred to Sala manca. Lovalist airnlaneB, reconnolterlng tver the rebel lines in the vicinity of Madrid today, reported major roon movements In the vicinity of Pozuelo, six miles northwest of the aDital. Indicating that the "big nish" may come from that quarter. Eerie calm all along the Imme diate Madrid front substantiated he belief that the Insurgent on- daught is Imminent. Red Air Attack Fifteen bombing planes followed the loyalist scout craft, dropping explosives on Insurgent positions, and machine-gunning their lines. Rebels retaliated with a swoop on Alcala de Henares, killing seven. ind wounding 60. and dropping a bomb on Toledo bridge, leading In to Madrid. Two dangerous Internation Inci dents were reported today. Seven French civilian subjects being evacuated from Spain were injured (Continued on Page 3) Jackson Assumes Control of Local Garage Business A change in management of one of Clinton's best-known garages wns announced (today, with Lawrence Jackson taking over full control of the Perero & Jackson Motor Company, which will be known as the Jackson Motor Company in the future. Mr. Perero's plans for the future are indefinite, but be will remain with the company until spring. Vern Axtell will also be associated with Mr. Jackson as superintendent of the parts and service department. There will be no changes In the policy of the company. The Dodge and Plymouth agencies will be retained and the same prompt and courteous service will continue. The business was established tinder the name of Helms ft Perero In 1931, with Mr. Perero later buying out the interest of Mr. Helms. Mr. Jackson joined Mr. Perero In November. 1934. good view of the monster. Some of the witnesses report the "monster" is about 18 feet long, but Charles A. Harris of Knoiville, owner of the quarry, refused to estimate its length. "If I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't have believed "It existed," he said. Description of the alleged "monster" indicates it may be a huge catfish, and Harris believes It may be "Old Joe," a catfish as "long as a log and with a head the siie of a wash-tuh," which reputedly made its borne in Clinch river before construction of the dam. However, Dr. Edwin B. Powers, University of Tennessee loologlst. is (Continued on Page 8) Archer Twins Will Be Heard Saturday Over Radii? Station Wall and Wayland Archer, belter known ns the Archer twins, the seven-year-old children of Dr. and Mrs Odell An-hor of Hazel lllufr. will broadcast Saturday at 10:30 a. m. from slallon YVItOYV in Terre Haute. The twins are a popular pair in ('Union having enlerlalned at several affairs here. Sketch of Junior Play at Schools' Assemblies Today , A sketch of Hie junior class plnv. 'lilgflng I'p the Dirt." win given Hits morning at tin llor and Junior high school general assemblies At Hie senior high school Myron Waters, accompanied al the piano by Mr. Mct'ool, played a tubs solo. Virginia Shew presented s song and lap dance number: she was accompanied at the ni" no by ltahii"l llealon. Clyde Mitchell, county superintendent, gave a short tulk entitled "Make the Most of an Opportunity." Mr. Ktulotllle played Hie piano, and singing hy llio assembly was enjoyed. At the junior high school assembly Volando Contrl enicrlulncd wllh a guitar and singing solo. Louis-. ietfries. accompanied at the piano by Ceorge Ann Slover, tap danced. A reading was given by F.liznhcih Mirt, and Kalhryn Maden and llor otby Fader presented a bowery dance. They were accompanied hy Ceorge Ann Slover. An accordion solo was given hy Martha Volo. Ilev. H. C. Chapin of the Presby terian church spoko. RECITAL HEARD AT CHURCH HERE Before a Iare crowd l:tnt niuhl the pupils of Herbert I). Itnulsltuw. music instructor, were presented in a recital at the Baptist church. In a recent edition of Hie Clinto iiinii itjMteiireti hip nitinefl or the pu pils who participated on the program. Chopping 05s 'till hrustnrttf CI POLICE PLAN TO GIVE MURDERESS SANITY HEARING Student Who Killed Friend Feels No Remorse, Remains Calm; Presents Puzzle to Criminologists EAST LANSING, Mich.. l)ec. !l Police today planned a sanity hearing for Hope Morgan. 25, to determine why the brilliant psychology student, suddenly transformed Into a tigress' killer, pumped live bullets into the body of her chum, Miss Kllz-abeth Glltner, 25, daughter of a Michigan State college professor, three days before Miss owner's scheduled society wedding. "I had an insane lust to kill somebody anybody" was the only explanation Miss Morgan could give, police said, as she calmly confessed to the crime. She had been dominated by homicidal impulses for a year, she said. Murderess Held Miss Morgan, comely and mild-mannered, who turned to social set-(Continued on Page 2) ROAD 63 TO BE CLOSED SUNDAY Stale Highway No. 63 north or Clinton will he closed through Sunday while a WI'A crew tunnels the mnin line of the north side sanitary sewer under the highway. The detour goes from Vine street to Ninth, then north on Ninth to the Falrview school sind east on Fourth street in Fairview-lo Road 113. The sewer, which has been under construction since lale last summer, is finished from the river as far as the edge of Clinton. TRUCK ORIVER INJURED W. Vance of Mattoon. 111., sustained a badly injured finger this morning while loading coal on a truck at the Universal mine. He was giyen first aid at the mine, and was then able to return to his lionu?. - SPARKS CAUSE FIRE A run was made by the local fire department to the home of James Shelton at 1205 North Kiglith street yesterday at 4:35 p. m. A small fire had been caused hy flyincr sparks, but no damage was donrv The home is owned by Paul Peperak. en areas today in a radio message from shipboard en route to Hong Kong. , The proclamation was for the pur pose of preventing profiteering in I he affected regions by prohibiting merchants from increasing prices of foods! ii ffs. Mure than 20.00 residents of the deluged Cat-avail valley were report ed in various slages of starvation and demlulion, while the toll of dentil was reported appalling, esti-males ranging upward from 1,500. Itelief Arrives Three arniv airplanes sped into Hie Luzon provinces at dawn today Willi medicines, relief workers and six doclors on a combination mission of mercy and aerial survey of the dis aster, extent of which is not fully known. 1 'W , strong northeast monsoon was believed responsible for the slow re- (t'oiillniiiHl on Page 2) ITALY SUFFERS QUAKES TODAY IIOMK. Dec. 9 Many buildings were destroyed when five distinct eiiiihqu.ike shocks rocked the Italian provinces of Anrona and Nacer-ale todny. Mosi damage was done at Cal-dinol.i, but severe shocks were felt also at Fahrlano. Cnmerlno and To-leni I110. Inhabitants rushed to the streefs in panic. No deaths were reported in first advices. FORMER LOCAL MINISTER DIES Funeral services were held this afternoon at 1 p. m. for Rev. A. C. Hi andeiihurg of Covington, according to Information obtained here by Mrs. Uatph Campbell of South Main street ibis morning. He had been ill for several weeks. Prior to moving to Covington he was minister of the local Methodist church in Iflor and had a wide ac- rjuuiuianco of friends in Clinton :iml surrounding territory. Sea Monster Reported in Norris Lake; Witness Says Animal Might Be Catfish; Professor Doubts It Greater Supply of Feeder Lambs Expected in 1 937; Heavy Storage Holdings Effecting Poultry Prices KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 9 Tennesseans today were wondering whether the one-time reported inhabitant of Loch Ness in Scotland had moved into Norris lake, created near here recently by the construction of the huge Norris dam. For like all good lakes, Norris lake now has its own sea monster," and quite a number of deep-sea Wal-tonians are planning special expeditions to the lake to And out what It Is all about. Rumors of a huge monster floating around in the lake have been rife for some time, but the rumors have gained respectability with the report of a school teacher, a stone quarry owner and several workers in the quarry that they have had a (KiIiior'N Nl: TIiIh is I In mi-omj in a writ's of nix articlc-H on "The Outlook for linliunn Agriculture in IW.17." The oulliHik for wool, nlieep, poultry, onl dairy tixliHis it covered in loduys article. Field crops and forage Needs wilt bo diHcumted In the next ankle.) LAFAYETTE, Ind., Dec. 9 Indications pofnt to a preater supply of feenVr lambs than last year and higher dairy prices for at least the first half of 1937, while the present poultry and egg situation seems to be characterized by heavy storage holdings of poultry meat, a less favorable feeding ration than a year ago, hut an improving consumer de months of 1936 than during the corresponding months of 1935. Milk production per cow during (Continued on Pnge ti)

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